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[Carly crying]

Hal: Cry, Carly -- cry till you have no more tears left.

Carly: He's here. Hal, please -- please tell me he's here.

Hal: He's --

Carly: I can't do this. I can't live without him.

Hal: I don't know if I can live without my best friend. And I know that you want to jump in that river right now, but we have to keep on living, Carly. And Jack will help us. He'll help you, he'll help me, he'll help Parker, and he'll help Sage. He will.

Carly: They need him. They need him, I need him. I need him!

Hal: He'll give you strength --

Carly: No, no, he is my strength, Hal. I can't --

Hal: I know you, Carly. You're one of the toughest women that I know --

Carly: No, not without him. I'm not, I'm not!

Hal: Listen to me -- you're a Mom now! You have two wonderful kids. You have to be strong for them now, Carly. Your tears -- your tears will scare them. They need you to be strong now. They need to feel safe, now more than ever.

Carly: I don't want to scare my kids.

Hal: I know you donít. Now Parker's -- he's old enough. He'll understand.

Carly: He loves him so much. How am I gonna tell him that he's gone now?

Hal: I'll come with you. We'll tell him together. And I'll stay -- I'll stay as long as it takes, okay? Come on.

Carly: I can't leave him here.

Hal: Carly, honey, look at me. You're not leaving him here. Jack's somewhere far, far away, and he's in no pain. But he will help Parker, and he'll help you. And he'll help me. I don't know how. And don't ask me about god's plan or why any of this is fair, Carly, because I don't know. There's only one thing that I know. We have to go talk to our little boy, and we have to make him understand that life is damn unfair sometimes. And we have to make him understand that somehow, Jack will live in him as he will live in the rest of us that love him. And we have to make him understand what we believe -- that good men, men like Jack Snyder, they never leave their families behind, not even in death.

Emma: How's that movie -- Parker? Parker? Parker?

Parker: Jack, don't worry! I'm here. I'll help you!

Sierra: Please, tell me what's bothering you.

Alan: A million things are bothering me.

Sierra: I'm not sure I have enough time to hear the whole list.

Alan: Sierra, I want what you want -- to take Lucy home to Montega.

Sierra: That's what has you so upset?

Alan: We should be there by now. Lucy will be safe. And we'll be a family.

Sierra: I want that, too.

Alan: We're still practically on our honeymoon, you know.

Sierra: But instead, we're camped out here at Mother's waiting to get started on the rest of our lives.

Alan: I'm sorry. I'm not complaining. I'm just dreaming of the day we're sitting out on the lanai, watching the palm trees sway in the island breeze again.

Sierra: And hearing the surf?

Alan: You in my arms.

Sierra: Well, I'm in your arms now. Maybe if we close our eyes, we can hear the surf and imagine the palm trees.

Alan: Hmm. No, I don't want to close my eyes. 'Cause if I did, I'd miss the most beautiful view in the world.

Wade: Who is it?

Dusty: Engineering. You got a problem with your compressor.

Wade: My what?

Dusty: Air conditioning.

Wade: Air's fine. Get lost.

Dusty: You remember me? You remember me? Huh? I'm the guy you beat up at Metro. Stay there. I remember you. You got a great sucker punch.

Wade: Get off me!

Dusty: You want me to buy you a drink first? Get off of you. Who hired you to kidnap the Lucy?

Wade: Nobody!

Dusty: Nobody? You did it on your own?

Wade: I swear.

Dusty: No, you swear? You're too stupid. Get up. Get up! Who hired you, huh? You're gonna be spittin' out your teeth with your stupid answers. Who's pulling the strings?! Talk to me, I'll think about letting you live!

Wade: Okay, okay, okay. I'll tell you who paid us to snatch the girl. Just -- just get off of me!

Rosanna: I won't let anything happen to you, sweetie. You are my sun and my moon, my stars. I won't let anything hurt you, okay? Ever again.

Phyllis: If you don't need me anymore this evening, Ms. Cabot, I'll be --

Rosanna: Actually, Phyllis, I'd like you to bathe Cabot and put him down for the night.

Phyllis: But Mr. Sinclair said he was going to bathe --

Rosanna: Yes, well, his plans have changed. So if you don't mind, I'd appreciate you doing it. Also, I'd like you to stay in the room next to Cabot, just in case he needs anything during the night.

Phyllis: Of course. Is everything all right?

Rosanna: Yes, everything's fine. Thank you, Phyllis. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Here, thank you. Good night, sweetie. I love you. Okay, hold him this way. And Phyllis, I'd appreciate it if you don't interrupt me this evening, okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Rosanna: Hello?

Paul: Hey. I was just about to give up.

Rosanna: Sorry, I've been busy.

Paul: Phyllis take the night off?

Rosanna: No, she's with the baby.

Paul: Okay. Everything all right?

Rosanna: Everything's fine.

Paul: Great. Then maybe now we can stop talking to each other like we're in a '50s sitcom.

Rosanna: I hope so. How's Barbara?

Paul: She's all right. I miss you. I miss Cabot, too.

Rosanna: We miss you, too.

Paul: Well, maybe I should fly home.

Rosanna: No. I'm in the middle of pulling things together for a board meeting. This place is a mess. I'll be up half the night just trying to get ready for it.

Paul: I could help you to relax maybe --

Rosanna: That's very sweet of you, but I'd never get anything done. Listen, I'm sorry I can't talk. I have to call the financial people back, you know?

Paul: All right. Well, don't work too hard, okay? Take some time to relax. I don't want you too tense when I get back.

Rosanna: I won't be. Listen, I have to go.

Paul: Okay. Bye.

Rosanna: Good-bye, Paul.

Jordan: Hi. Sorry, I thought Paul was in New York.

Rosanna: He is.

Jordan: Oh. Are you expecting someone else?

Rosanna: No, he's already here.

Paul: I'll be right with you. I have to get my wallet.

Jennifer: Don't bother.

Barbara: Don't argue.

Paul: Argue about what?

Jennifer: She doesn't want us to come.

Paul: To the consultation? Why not?

Barbara: I just want to find out what I'm dealing with before I share it with my family.

Jennifer: And I offered to wait outside the office --

Barbara: Honey, I'll come right back after the appointment.

Paul: Well, can we at least drive you there?

Barbara: No, it's not necessary at all. I have a driver coming to get me.

Paul: Right, so a stranger's gonna drive you there, and you're gonna see the doctor -- who's a stranger -- and then the stranger's gonna drive you back home? Why are we here? Why did you drag me and Jen all the way to New York?

Rosanna: What's wrong?

Jordan: Nothing. I'm just trying to figure out what this is all about.

Rosanna: Trying to figure out why I might want to relax an evening at home?

Jordan: With me?

Rosanna: This is where we live.

Jordan: Yes, we live here. But we -- we don't relax here, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Well, maybe we should.

[Rosanna remembering.]

Rosanna: What do you want me to do?

James: Forget about an annulment. Take some responsibility. And consummate your marriage.

Rosanna: Maybe we need a little civility in the middle of this nightmare.

Jordan: Maybe I should go check on Cabot.

Rosanna: No, no, Cabotís fine. Cabot's fine, I just put him down. He was exhausted. Poor little thing didn't get a nap today. Come on, sit down. Enjoy the lost art of doing absolutely nothing.

[Rosanna remembering.]

Paul: I love you.

Rosanna: I'm sorry, I can't do this. It's not right.

Hal: Why don't you sit down? I'll get you something.

Carly: No, no, I'm fine. Just don't leave me.

Emma: Parker, don't you ever scare me -- oh, Carly -- Carly, thank God you're home.

Hal: What's wrong, Emma?

Emma: It's Parker. I looked everywhere for him. I can't find him. He's gone!

Parker: Jack? Where are you?

Sierra: Peter, what are you doing here?

Alan: Why aren't you with Lucy?

Bodyguard: I was -- at the Lakeview. I went to get the car, and when I got back, she was gone.

Sierra: Gone where?

Bodyguard: I don't know. I've looked everywhere.

Dusty: Did you rob a bank?

Wade: I got lucky at the tables.

Dusty: Your luck just ran out. I just want a name, brother. Who hired you to kidnap Lucy?

Wade: Does it really matter? The girl's home safe, bill's been paid. You want a cut? Here, I owe ya. Take it to the clubs. Go to Mexico, better yet. They got women down there? They'll do anything.

Dusty: I don't want your money!

Wade: You're crazy, man.

Dusty: I'm crazy! And sick and tired of you, Wade. Tell me something I want to hear before this gun accidentally goes off in my hand. Tell me -- you and Creed were on somebody's payroll. Give me a name!

Wade: All right, all right. Just put that down, and I'll tell you.

Dusty: Talk!

Wade: It was --

Dusty: What are you doing here?

Lucy: You knocked him out!

Dusty: Get out of here!

Lucy: Well, he was gonna tell you who hired --

Dusty: Go on, get out! Now! Get out.

Lucy: Why are you yelling at me? Why didn't you let him tell you who hired him?!

Sierra: I told you not to let her out of your sight. Your apologies will not bring Lucy back, nor keep her safe. Now you go out there and you find her, do you understand me? You go talk to people at the Lakeview. You go to Metro, you go to Java, you go anywhere you can to find her, do you understand?

Alan: Sierra, she's all right.

Sierra: You don't know that!

Alan: Sweetheart, Lucyís smart and resourceful. My guess is she gave the bodyguard the slip.

Sierra: Then where is she?

Alan: I don't know, let's make the rounds. She could be at Lily's with the kids or Craigís. Come on, let's go.

Lucy: He was about to tell you who hired him to kidnap me --

Dusty: Until you showed up. I told you to stay home.

Lucy: He didn't even see me.

Dusty: And I don't want him to. Now get outta here!

Lucy: Not till you tell me the truth. Why didn't you let him talk?

Dusty: Hey, get outta my life! You hear me? Get out of here. I don't want you, Lucy. Do you understand that? I don't want you, Lucy! Now get out! How you feeling? It's called payback.

Wade: I was tellin' the truth.

Dusty: Yeah, well, you tell it to the FBI.

Carly: Nothing's missing from his room.

Hal: I canvassed some of the neighbors.

Carly: Did you try Tommyís house?

Hal: First thing. No one's seen him. I've got units out, I called for an Amber Alert.

Emma: Thank you, Louise.

Carly: What did she say?

Emma: Mrs. Perrini says she hasn't seen him since this morning.

Carly: Hal, I'm scared.

Hal: It's all right. We'll find him. Emma, how long has it been?

Emma: Well, I -- I was in the kitchen for about five minutes. And I came in, and he wasn't here. I looked upstairs, I looked out -- and then you came home -- I guess it's been about 20 minutes, a half an hour --

Hal: Okay, he couldn't have gotten that far.

Emma: I'm gonna call Holden.

Hal: Good idea. Carly, I'm gonna need something of Parkerís. A pair of pajamas, a shirt -- anything to help with the search. Carly, I need you to stay focused now, for Parker. Now, can you get me something?

Carly: Hal? He wouldn't do it, would he? God wouldn't take my little boy from me, too.

Barbara: I need you here for your support.

Paul: How can we support you if we're cooped up in a hotel room?

Barbara: But if you're in that office, I'm gonna be worried about you and how you're gonna react to what Dr. Jones has to say.

Paul: We can handle whatever he has to say.

Jennifer: Absolutely.

Barbara: I know this is hard for you, because you're not parents. But I'm not trying to interfere in your lives. I just don't know how to stop protecting you.

Jennifer: Okay, okay, Mom. We get it.

Barbara: No, you donít. Not completely. I just know it's gonna be a lot easier on me knowing that you're here.

Paul: I guess that's all that matters. It's all gonna be fine, all right? Call us as soon as you're done with the doctor.

Barbara: Okay. I will.

Paul: All right.

Barbara: Thank you.

Driver: Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: Yes?

Driver: I'm from room service. Where would you like to go?

Barbara: Well, it is such a gorgeous evening. I think a ride through Central Park would be lovely.

Driver: Shall we?

Paul: Yeah, I tried him at home, I tried his cell, now I'm trying his paging service. If he's in the hospital -- what are you doing?

Jennifer: We can't call Walker. Mom has a right to do this her way.

Paul: Mom has a right to do whatever she wants. I reserve the right to not believe her.

Jennifer: You think she's lying?

Paul: She's up to something. I'm not gonna sit around and wait for another Barbara Ryan grand finale. If we're not here for Mom's health, then we're here because of you or me, maybe even Jordan and Rosanna.

Rosanna: I know they say everybody has a price. Well, I guess now I know mine.

Jordan: Rosanna, why don't you just tell me what this is all about, the candles and the champagne.

Rosanna: Isn't it obvious?

Jordan: Well, yes and no.

Rosanna: It's about my price. It's about what I have to do if I want my child to call me Mommy for the rest of my life and keep the promises that I made to him. If I want that, I have to seduce you.

Jordan: Rosanna, Jennifer is no threat to you. I've already told you that I would never take Cabot away from you --

Rosanna: Life takes things away from you, Jordan. Sometimes without bothering to ask. I just came from Carlyís. Jack is missing, he's possibly dead --

Jordan: God, that's horrible --

Rosanna: And Carly feels like she just wants to die right now, right alongside him. And do you know how I know that? Because that's how I felt when Cabot was missing. And I can't go through that again, Jordan. I wonít.

Jordan: Rosanna, he is perfectly fine. He's upstairs asleep.

Rosanna: You're not listening to me! We don't get to fall in love with other people. We have to do what we're told and cherish what we get to keep!

Jordan Rosanna, you don't have to sleep with me to keep Cabot.

Rosanna: James doesn't want Paul and Jennifer in our lives.

Jordan: To hell with James.

Rosanna: God, to hell with you!

Jordan: No, he doesnít -- he can't force us to be together, Rosanna!

Rosanna: Yes, he can! Look at this -- he set up this whole scenario. Don't you realize, every time he has taken Cabot away from us? It's been a warning. He told me I have to make love to you or the next time he's gonna take Cabot for good.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Parker: Jack! I brought you something! Jack!

Carly: Parker! Where are you!

Hal: Parker!

Carly: Hal, his bike.

Lucy: I'm not leaving, Dusty. Stop trying.

Lucy: It's okay. You're all right. I cleaned up the cuts, but I still think you should go to the hospital. They could get infected.

Dusty: Where's Wade?

Lucy: Hasn't been back.

Dusty: I gotta find him.

Lucy: You are in no shape to go looking for him.

Dusty: Where's the money?

Lucy: He left most of it. I saw him take off through the lobby --

Dusty: Okay, then he hasn't gone far.

Lucy: You move, I will call 911. You wanna explain this to the cops?

Dusty: I had him. I had him.

Lucy: You still didn't answer my question before. Why did you knock him out?

Dusty: I had to.

Lucy: Because?

Dusty: 'Cause I don't want you to get hurt, that's why.

Lucy: I want to help.

Dusty: You want to help? Go home. Please, Lucy? Do it -- do it for me.

Jordan: Look, just tell me what happened.

Rosanna: When you took Cabot to go see James at the prison, he slipped a note inside Cabotís clothing. I found it later.

Jordan: What -- what did the note say?

Rosanna: It said he wanted me to come see him at the prison.

Jordan: And when you went, he ordered you to seduce me? Come on. Rosanna, this is absurd.

Rosanna: I know what I heard.

Jordan: Well, what did you hear exactly?

Rosanna: No annulment. Consummate the marriage, or else the next time he has someone grab our son, it will be the last.

Jordan: Okay, let's say that we consummate the marriage. What would that possibly give James?

Rosanna: Power.

Jordan: Do you mind if I ask how he would know whether we did it or not?

Rosanna: You know, Paul and Jennifer are in New York --

Jordan: Right, for Barbara.

Rosanna: Barbara's in on it. She's terrified of James. She lied to get Jennifer and Paul out of town. And I know Paul is wonderful. I know he'd probably lay down his life for Cabot. But I doubt even that would stop James from trying to take our son!

Jordan: Then look, he -- he will never hurt my son.

Rosanna: What if he did this to you? What if he made you disappear, hmm? What if all those years ago, your mother defied James, and he put you in an orphanage? She could still be out there wondering where you are! Do you want to go through that for the next 20 years, wondering about your son? I don't! Defy James, it could happen. I think you might be living proof.

Paul: Yeah, I'll let you know as soon as I know anything. Walker, I'll be in touch. Thanks a lot.

Jennifer: You had no right to go behind Mom's back.

Paul: She gave up her rights as soon as she walked out of that door alone. And just so you know, if she's had some kind of recurrence, its news to Walker.

Jennifer: Paul, she said she hadn't told him anything yet.

Paul: She told him that she came here to New York on B.R.O. business.

Jennifer: You know, it is not fair to judge her. This is her health, Paul, her life! People don't lie about tumors.

Paul: Hey, according to Walker, Mom had her follow up visit. She had an MRI, she had blood work done, she had a complete physical. And she got a clean bill of health. No sign of this tumor coming back. So Jen, still interested in playing fair? - Commander Kai! - Hi!

Lucy: If I leave, who's gonna take care of you?

Dusty: I -- I can take care -- of myself.

Lucy: You have a real funny way of saying thank you.

Dusty: Thank you.

Lucy: You're welcome. And I'm staying.

[Cell phone rings]

Dusty: Answer that.

Lucy: No.

Dusty: Why not?

Lucy: Because I know who it is.

Dusty: You ran out on your parents?

Lucy: I don't need their permission to do anything. What are you doing? Don't answer --

Dusty: Donovan.

Sierra: Dusty?

Dusty: Yeah. I'm glad you called.

Sierra: Is Lucy with you?

Dusty: Yeah, she's right here. Hold on a sec. Talk to her.

Lucy: I don't want to talk to her.

Dusty: She'll be right there. Hold on a sec. Take it. Take it. If I get locked up for obstruction, we don't get Wade. You want that? Do you want that? Take it.

Lucy: Hi, Mom.

Sierra: Lucy, thank God you're all right. Where are you?

Lucy: It's really not important.

Sierra: You know, you had us scared out of our minds. Your bodyguard said that you snuck out on him. I was so terrified that they had taken you.

Lucy: I'm fine, Mom. Really, I know what I'm doing.

Sierra: Listen, where are you, Luce? Alan and I are gonna come get you right now.

Lucy: I'm with Dusty. And everything is under control. I just need you to trust me, okay? I will be home tomorrow -- the day after, latest. I love you, bye.

Dusty: Call her back and tell her where you are.

Lucy: You said it yourself. She'll just call the police, and what will that accomplish? If we're gonna go after Wade, you need time to get stronger.

Dusty: Call her back, and tell her that you're on your way home.

Lucy: No, because I'm not. And she'll just keep calling. And this way, we'll both have some peace, and you can get stronger.

Dusty: As soon as I can get out of here, I'm gone.

Lucy: We both are. You can't get rid of me, Dusty. Stop trying.

Jordan: All these years, I just assumed my mother was dead.

Rosanna: Well, if she's not, you're all she's thought about. And I know that feeling. It's a living hell.

Jordan: Rosanna, having sex just because James ordered it is sick. I mean, not that -- you're a beautiful woman.

Rosanna: I know what you're saying. Thank you very much. I know, and I don't want to sleep with you either. But I don't know what else to do. So if you have some other suggestions, I would really love to hear them, because losing Cabot is not an option.

Jennifer: Maybe Mom started having vision problems since those tests. I mean, we don't have all the facts, Paul.

Paul: No, just enough facts to make it interesting. Look, you love Mom. I know that. I love her, too, but something is not right here. You sense it, too. I can tell. Look, Jen, isn't it better to know everything up front than to wait for the worst to happen? 'Cause with Mom, the worst always does happen.

Barbara: I'm back. I hope you two weren't worried the whole time I was gone.

Hal: Thank you. This will help.

Carly: Do you think he's all right, Hal?

Hal: We've got a dozen units out there already. We'll find him.

Carly: I can't just sit here. I'm going to look myself.

Hal: Carly, I called the hospital. No children have been brought in.

Carly: Thank God.

Hal: But time is precious. Margo's called in every available officer. We'll use the house to coordinate the search. We'll find him, Carly.

Emma: Hal? Hal, it's gone. Parker's bike is gone.

Hal: Are you sure?

Emma: Yes. Yes, it was in the driveway earlier, and I put it in the garage myself. It's gone.

Hal: Carly, run out and see if anything else is missing. I'll call in about the bike. He couldn't have gotten far.

Emma: Oh, I feel so terrible about this.

Hal: We'll find him, Emma. We'll find him. Margo, listen. We know that parker left on his bike. It is black with a red and yellow design on it. It's got a 15-inch wheel, and it's got a reflector on the back. We don't know which way he headed, just add it to the alert and make sure they call it in, whether they find it with Parker or without him.

Carly: Hal! He took his inner tube. We just bought it for the community pool.

Hal: Emma, did Parker overhear anything about Jack and the river?

Emma: No, I don't think -- Lily and I were talking about it earlier, but we stopped as soon as he came into the room.

Carly: Oh, God, Hal -- you don't think he overheard?

Emma: Oh, God.

Parker: Jack, I brought something! Jack?

Craig: Lullaby, its Daddy. Please, return my call. It's important. I love you so much -- I don't care where you are or why you had to leave, but please, please return my call and let me know you're all right. All right? I love you so much, baby. Answer your phone.

Wade: Yeah.

Craig: This is Craig Montgomery.

Wade: Hey, hey, moneybags. I just left your old friend, Donovan.

Craig: You saw Dusty?

Wade: Yeah. I opened him up like a '94 merlot.

Craig: Where's Lucy?

Wade: I give up. Where is she?

Craig: Don't play games.

Wade: Hey, you called me, dirt bag.

Craig: Is she with Dusty?

Wade: I caught a glimpse of her in Reno. If you ask me, she's got it bad. My guess, she and your partner are shackin' up.

Craig: Shut your filthy mouth.

Wade: You want to shut it, Montgomery? I'll give you your chance. I'm coming after you. I'll see you in Oakdale.

Sierra: Lucky Lady. Yeah, I got that. No, thank you. You've helped me so much. All right, bye-bye. Well, his manager at the Metro said that Dusty is at a hotel in Reno called the Lucky Lady.

Alan: What's he doing in Reno, and why is Lucy with him?

Sierra: I have no idea, but I intend to find out.

Lucy: See, I'm good for something.

Dusty: I never said you werenít.

Lucy: You just want me to leave.

Dusty: For your own --

Lucy: Good. Yeah, I know. Okay, yeah, I'll go. If you let me call you a doctor.

Dusty: No doctors.

Lucy: No cops, no doctors, no me. Got it.

Dusty: I got to get this jerk, you understand?

Lucy: Dusty, when we were in the warehouse, you took care of me the whole time. I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there. Now it's my turn to take care of you. So, please, let me.

Barbara: You know how doctors are, they won't give you any real results until they take tests and more tests -- in fact, I've got to go back in tomorrow.

Paul: To the hospital?

Barbara: No, no. He's going to do the tests in his office.

Jennifer: Well, you must be exhausted.

Barbara: Yeah, I am a little bit. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Paul: You sure you're going to be able to sleep? Aren't you jumpy about tomorrow?

Barbara: Well, a little bit, yeah. It's so much easier coming back here to the two of you, instead of coming back to an empty room. I love you both so much. So, good night. Good night.

Paul: So, can we come tomorrow?

Barbara: We'll talk about it in the morning, okay? Sweet dreams.

Jennifer: Just say it, Paul.

Paul: "We'll talk about it in the morning." I'll lay odds she doesn't let us go with her.

Jennifer: That doesn't mean that she's lying.

Paul: No, it doesnít. You know, it's good that you give her the benefit of the doubt. One of us should.

Jennifer: Paul, you know she never makes things easy. She's scared. I can see it.

Paul: Scared of what? Look, if she is on the level about all of this and I'm wrong, I don't want to make anything worse. So I'll keep my doubts to myself. But, from now on, I'm watching every move that Barbara makes.

Jordan: Well, he's down for the count.

Rosanna: Good.

Jordan: Phyllis wanted to know if you wanted her to stay by the nursery for the rest of the night.

Rosanna: I'll talk to her.

Jordan: Rosanna, maybe I am naive. Maybe you're right and I don't know what we're up against -- not the way Paul does. But I won't let James Stenbeck control my family. I won't let him use my son as some kind of pawn.

Rosanna: He already has. That's the reality. And now we're going against his wishes.

Jordan: Rosanna, you were honest with me tonight and that's wonderful. So let me ask you something. Do you trust me?

Rosanna: Yes, you're a good man.

Jordan: And I know that you love Cabot more than you love your own life. So do I. That's more powerful than any of Stenbeck's plots or schemes. We can beat him, Rosanna. If we work together, we can end this once and for all.

Carly: Parker! Where are you?

Hal: Parker!

Carly: Hal, his bike --

Hal: Oh, my God. Parker!

Carly: Parker!


Carly/Hal: Parker!

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Molly: Please let me out. No, no, stop!


Lily: Craig! Craig!

Carly: Parker Joe! You answer your mother right now! Tell me where you are!

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