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Ben: You're sorry? What's she apologizing to me for?

Jessica: She'll have to tell you that herself.

Ben: Hey. You feeling okay?

Jessica: I've had better days. I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach.

Margo: Well, that makes two of us.

Ben: You look like you've been crying.

Jessica: Margo and I had one of those -- private conversations that got a little emotional. When two people have been friends as long as we have, sometimes you say some things that you wish you could just take back.

Ben: I think I'm gonna let you two work this out on your own, you don't need me interfering here. Besides, I think I've heard enough of peoples' personal business for the day. So if you ladies will excuse me, there's a hot shower waiting for me upstairs.

Margo: You know what? Ben, no. I think there's something you should definitely stay and hear --

Jessica: Margo, please --

Margo: Let's just get this out in the open. Do you want to tell him? Or shall I?

Lucy: Dusty, you saved my life. I know you, and I know you didn't shoot that kidnapper.

Dusty: Well, I tried explaining to Hal and Nikki. It got me nowhere.

Lucy: Well, then let me help prove that you're being set up. All we need to do is figure out who the shooter actually was.

[Dusty remembering]

Dusty: Tell me who did this to you. Go ahead. Come on, come on. Try, try. It's your last chance to do the right thing, do the right thing. Who shot you? Who set this up? Who set it up?

Don: Lucy's -- father.

Dusty: There is no "we" on this, you understand? Let me worry about things.

Lucy: If you think that I'm just gonna accept that and walk out the door, then you don't know the first thing about me. There has to be something I can do for you!

Dusty: There is something you can do.

Lucy: Well, name it.

Dusty: I want you to go home.

Lucy: If you tell me to go home and be safe and be careful one more time, I might start screaming. So what is it going to be?

Dusty: What, are you threatening me now?

Lucy: If I have to.

Dusty: You have to play it safe, you hear me? And when it comes to trusting people -- anybody -- don't do it out of habit. Do it out of instinct. Do you hear me? It's real important.

Lucy: Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Dusty: You gotta promise me. 'Cause there's another kidnapper out there.

Lucy: And a killer.

Craig: So I sell "The Intruder," my share of Metro -- that takes time. Where do I get $2 million in two days?

Lily: Oh, Sierra! I'm so glad you're here.

Sierra: Me too. I've never felt so in the dark in my life.

Jennifer: Did we blow a fuse or something?

Carly: Maybe it's a blackout --

[Talking over each other]

Jack: Did somebody hit a switch by accident?

Paul: This isn't somebody's idea of a sick joke --

[All talking at once]

Jordan: Any matches?

Walker: Try the top drawer of the desk.

Rosanna: I want to know how this happened!

Jordan: Just try to stay calm.

Rosanna: I'll be calm when the lights are on.

Jack: I'll call the front desk, see if it's just us or the whole building.

Rosanna: Jordan? I don't hear Cabot!

Jordan: What?

Rosanna: Cabot?

Paul: Cabot's fine.

Rosanna: Cabot? Cabot's gone!

Barbara: Can you please check Jenniferís room?

Walker: Sure. But I doubt I'll find him in there.

Rosanna: Where's my baby! What happened to him?

Jennifer: How could someone have gotten in here?

Jack: The department's sending a team over. We'll get to the bottom of it.

Carly: They'll find him, Rosanna. They'll find him.

Rosanna: Well, who took him? Where could he be?

Jennifer: Rosanna -- could I get you a drink?

Rosanna: No, I don't need a drink! I need my baby!

Carly: Jack, did they seal off the building?

Jack: I called downstairs to alert security.

Jennifer: He couldn't have gotten very far by now.

Jordan: You're positive that no one came in or out of the suite?

Sean: They would've had to go through me first.

Jordan: You were standing here the whole time?

Sean: Never left.

Jordan: The other exit. The one through Jenniferís room!

Paul: Jordan, nobody cares how they came in here. What we want to know is where Cabot is now!

Jack: Who are you?

Hotel security chief: Chief of security for the Lakeview.

Jack: Detective Jack Snyder.

Hotel security chief: I've got all my guys on alert. We're locking the place down as fast as we can.

Jack: Good. When you've sealed off all the exits, I want all employees accounted for. We're on high alert. A baby's been abducted.

Rosanna: I can't go through this again. I can't lose Cabot again.

Jordan: I hate standing around like this. There has to be something that I can do.

Rosanna: Why did we come here? We knew it wasn't safe!

Paul: It'll be all right. We'll find him.

Cop #1: Detective Snyder?

Jack: You got all the exits sealed off?

Cop #1: They're sealed now, but it took some time.

Jack: Somebody could've gotten out? I want you working with Sal. He's head of security here at the hotel. Get the house detectives and some officers and coordinate a search.

Cop #2: Floor by floor?

Jack: Room by room, inch by inch. Anybody have a recent photo of Cabot?

Rosanna: I do. I have it here. I took this picture of him in the last week.

Jack: We'll make copies. Here. Fan out. Search the lobby, lounge, dining area -- small containers where a baby could be hidden, laundry baskets, duffle bags. Let's go. Everybody got that?

Carly: It's going to be okay. They will find him.

Rosanna: What if they don't? What if I've changed my life and married a stranger, everything -- all for nothing. All to lose the one thing I did it for?

Carly: Whoever took him couldn't have gotten very far. He'll be back, Rosanna. He will.

Barbara: I just can't believe that this has happened!

Rosanna: What do you mean? You're the one who orchestrated this whole celebration. Admit it! You're the one that organized this. Maybe you did it so you could take Cabot!

Barbara: Rosanna, I know that you're upset right now --

Rosanna: Oh, you don't have the faintest idea!

Barbara: But to accuse me?

Rosanna: Well, then, tell me -- where is he?!

Walker: I was holding Barbaraís hand the whole time the lights were out. She never left my side. She's just as upset as everyone else.

Carly: She's great at looking upset. We've all seen it, believe me.

Walker: You know, what happened in the past is irrelevant.

Paul: Somebody get this guy an owner's manual.

Barbara: You know, after everything we've that been through these last months, I thought the two of you would at least know how much I have changed!

Jordan: Barbara, if you know anything about what just happened, now's the time to tell us --

Barbara: I am as horrified as everybody else over Cabotís disappearance! I want to help here!

Rosanna: Then tell me where he is.

[All yelling]

Rosanna: Or I will rip out your heart with my bare hands! What did you do with my baby?! You tell me where he is!

Barbara: Get here off of me!

[All yelling]

Jessica: Do you really hate me that much?

Margo: Oh, so you don't want to talk? Well I'd be happy to do the honors, because someone really should. Don't you think?

Ben: Okay, okay, Margo, enough. Nobody has to tell me anything. I think I already know what this is all about.

Margo: No, I honestly don't think you do Ben. Because you wouldn't believe what an expert your wife is at keeping secrets.

Ben: Well, nobody's keeping secrets from anybody anymore. Everything is all out in the open.

Margo: What? What is?

Ben: Why don't we just keep the past in the past? I think what's probably best for everybody is if we just move on with our lives and forgive each other.

Margo: You actually don't have a clue as to what's going on, do you? You don't deserve him.

Ben: Wait, Margo. Wait a minute! Margo!

Jessica: Just let her go! She's been through a lot today.

Ben: Because of Doc Reese, right?

Jessica: Doc? What makes you say that?

Ben: I just ran into him over at the Country Club. And from what I heard, Margo is not the only woman he's been messing with.

Jessica: Well, I can't say I'm surprised to hear that.

Ben: Sounds like he dumped one of the waitresses over at the club. And you wouldn't believe the late-night performance that she put on.

Jessica: Really? What happened?

Ben: She went off, talking about how Margo and Doc had been seen in the steam room, of all places. Everybody in the club could hear it.

Jessica: God, this is a nightmare.

Ben: And Doc is trying to keep it together. And she's yelling about his affair with the married police officer, and he's yelling here for her to stop -- and the next thing, the manager comes out, fires the girl on the spot.

Jessica: I have to go.

Ben: You have to -- wait -- go? Go where?

Jessica: I love you. I'll explain later, I promise.

Ben: Jess Ė

Lucy: Okay, the first thing I'm gonna need is money.

Dusty: "We"? "We"? What do "we" need money for?

Lucy: Your defense.

Dusty: Lucy, I wanna tell you this right now. I will never take money from you, so forget it.

Lucy: Look, I have been through this kind of thing before -- with my father. He was arrested for crimes he didn't commit, so I know what has to be done. You need a lawyer. A good one -- not some public defender fresh out of law school. And good lawyers cost money. You're gonna have to hire witnesses, and private detectives --

Dusty: Come on, listen to you. Listen to you.

Lucy: Yeah, that's right, listen to me. I know what I'm talking about. If the cops try to pin this murder on you, they are gonna have the best attorney money can buy. I promise you.

Dusty: Forget it.

Lucy: Save your breath. I'm not taking no for an answer. So, you were saying?

Dusty: If I find myself stuck here after tonight, yeah, you can help me out.

Lucy: That's all I needed to hear. It's time I helped you out for a change.

[Craig remembering]

Wade: You got a watch? You and me, we've got a date in 48 hours. You bring my $2 million. Or else I'm gonna have to break those ribs.

Craig: There's a way. Rosanna? No. Lily? No. Lucinda? No. [Knock on door] Sierra!

Sierra: Hello, Craig.

Craig: You're here. Just in time.

Sierra: I got here just in time for what?

Craig: Well, Lucy will be so happy to see you.

Sierra: Is she all right?

Craig: Yeah, she's --

Sierra: Lily told me that everything was fine.

Craig: No, no, she's fine. She's fine. It's just that she does need both of us now, more than ever. Come in, come in. Sorry about the mess.

Sierra: Well, I'm dying to see her. Is everything okay? How is she?

Craig: Oh, yes, yes, yes. She's fine. She's fine, and I have some ideas about how to keep her that way. Lily, I was hoping to speak to your sister privately.

Lily: Hmm? Don't mind me.

Sierra: You're acting awfully strange. What's this about?

Craig: Well, I've been going over the kidnapping, about how it happened, who could have been behind it. And I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but --

Alan: There's my beautiful wife.

Sierra: Alan!

Alan: Oh, you don't know how good it is to see you.

Sierra: I've missed you and Lucy so much!

Lucy: I should get home before my family finds out I'm here and goes crazy.

Dusty: What's the rush? You're at a police station. They got cops everywhere. And besides, you're with me.

Lucy: Oh, yeah, like that's gonna do me a lot of good.

Dusty: Hey, promise me you'll be careful.

Lucy: Between my bodyguard and my grandmother, I'm the safest person you're ever gonna meet.

Dusty: Be careful of who you trust, okay?

Lucy: Are you forgetting how long it took for me to trust you? I'm fine. Stop worrying about me and start worrying about how you're gonna get out of here.

Dusty: I think I can do both.

Lucy: There's a way to prove to the cops that you didn't shoot Don Creel. All you have to do is remember what it is.

Margo: Oh! How? How did you find me?

Jessica: Picked you up on my radar. Read your mind.

Margo: Oh, really? So what am I thinking right now, Jessica? What do you want?

Jessica: First of all, I just wanted to thank you for not saying anything.

Margo: Why? I didn't do it for you, I did it for Ben.

Jessica: Well, whatever your reasons were, you did the right thing.

Margo: What I did? What I did is I kissed a guy a couple of times. And I took a few stupid chances. But I did not go to bed with him, I did not break my marriage vows. I did not lie to a friend, I did not get pregnant. You know, I'm taking the heat for it, and you come out smelling like a rose.

Jessica: Margo, I never intended to hurt Ben. I love him very much.

Margo: You love him very much. You made a fool of Ben. You're married to the man and you're carrying another man's child. You know, for someone who's an expert at the law, you certainly have a very twisted concept of what's right and wrong.

Jessica: Wait a minute, Margo, wait. There's something else. It's important.

Margo: I'm really not interested.

Jessica: Well, you'd better get interested if you want to save your marriage. Ben was at the Groves tonight.

Margo: And?

Jessica: And he told me that Doc and Jill got into a huge argument, and she threw a tantrum and totally went off.

Margo: What? What happened?

Jessica: What happened was, she announced to everyone within earshot that you and Doc were having an affair.

[Margo sighs]

Rosanna: I still think your mother had something to do with this.

Carly: Well, if that turns out to be true, you ought to attack her again and finish the job.

Paul: Look, I don't know who did do this, but it seems to me there's a pattern here. Two other times Cabotís gone missing, and both times he's turned up safe and sound.

Rosanna: But he's been gone so long. And we've looked everywhere.

Jordan: What happens if this was an actual kidnapping? Isn't there's usually a ransom?

Rosanna: I'll pay anything! Anything, as long as he's safe.

Jordan: Look, Rosanna, don't worry about today, okay? Think about tomorrow. Cabot's birthday. He's gonna be one year old, with a fistful of cake. He's gonna ignore all the toys that he got he's gonna be playing with the cardboard box.

Rosanna: I've dreamed of that birthday for so long. Why is this happening to us?

Paul: Mom?

Barbara: Yes, honey?

Paul: Did you have anything to do with what happened here tonight?

Barbara: Paul, I swear on my life, I've already told everyone --

Paul: Yeah, I know what you said to everyone else. But this is just me now. Look, I feel like a few months ago, I almost lost you because of secrets. You were too scared to tell everybody that you were sick. You were frightened and kept secrets. And when you got a second chance, you said you that you were gonna change your life. And I really thought that that's what this evening was about. A new openness, some kind of a new beginning for you.

Barbara: It is.

Paul: You got this great guy in your life. I mean, Walker really seems to like you. And business is going good. Jennifer's happy, I'm -- I'm even happy. I mean, it took a lot to get everybody here, Mom. So don't blow this. If you've gotten yourself into something you don't know how to get out of, if you feel like you're in too deep, I'm here to help you, okay? I mean, we're family, right?

Barbara: Yes. Yes, we are.

Paul: So if you suspect anything or if you suspect anybody, you need to tell me. Things happen. I'll understand. You -- you can undo this. Whatever it is that's happened, you can make it right. So, Mom, you got anything to tell me?

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Whose phone is that?

Rosanna: Oh my God! It's mine!

Jack: Hey, stay calm.

Rosanna: Hello? Hello, is anybody there?

Phyllis: Miss Cabot, it's Phyllis.

Rosanna: Phyllis? What's going on?

Jordan: The housekeeper?

Rosanna: Is there a problem?

Phyllis: I need to speak with you about Cabot.

Rosanna: What about Cabot? What do you know?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Lucy: I need your help.

Sierra: Anything. Anything at all.

Lucy: It's Dusty. I need you to help me help him.

Rosanna: He's trying to prove that none of us can protect Cabot, that he gave him to us and how he can take him away whenever he wants. We have to do something. We have to stop him.

Rosanna: Phyllis, what's going on? Did someone contact you about Cabot?

Phyllis: I thought you'd taken him with you?

Rosanna: We did.

Phyllis: Then -- why is he here?

Rosanna: Cabot! You found him? He's there?

Jordan: Thank God!

Paul: Cabot's at Fairwinds?

Rosanna: Oh, my God. This is a miracle!

Jennifer: How could he have gotten back at Fairwinds?

Jack: Phyllis, this is Detective Jack Snyder. Can you see the baby from where you are? Good. Okay. I want you to do something for me. Go over to him, pick him up, and don't let him go until we get there. We're on our way.

Jack: We need you to go through your story one more time for the record. Would you take Phyllis' statement for me?

Cop #3: Sure thing, Detective.

Jack: How's the little guy doing?

Rosanna: He seems fine. Jordan called Chris Hughes, though, to come over and check him out. Just to be sure.

Jack: Good. Now we just figure out now, how this little baby, one day shy of his first birthday, traveled all the way across town.

Paul: Well, we might not know how, but we definitely know who.

Jack: We do?

Paul: Oh, come on. James is the only person in the world who could do this! Big party, a million people, the lights go out, baby disappears, no one sees a thing. And the clown outfit - its vintage Stenbeck.

Jack: We all have our suspicions. And there's plenty of circumstantial evidence. What we're missing, Paul is proof. Now, I've got my guys going through this place and the grounds with a fine-toothed comb --

Paul: You can search all you want, but you're not gonna find anything James doesn't want you to find.

Jack: I'm sorry, Paul, but I need more than a supposition to move on this.

Rosanna: What are you saying? There's nothing you can do?

Walker: Any news from your husband?

Carly: Just a two-second phone call to make sure everybody's okay.

Walker: Does he have any idea how Cabot made it back to Fairwinds?

Carly: Your guess is as good as mine. Although I think my guess might be closer to the mark.

Walker: Barbara is not a viable suspect. You can't seriously think she had anything to do with this.

Carly: I know that we don't know each other very well, and I hope you can take this advice in the spirit in which it's given, but don't be too angry at people for asking questions.

Walker: I don't hear any questions, only accusations.

Carly: That's because most of us here tonight have more firsthand knowledge of Barbara Ryan than we care to. I happen to be glad that she's got you in her corner, but people have a nasty way of disappearing when they aren't a part of her plan. Remind me sometime to tell you what she had done to me.

Walker: Maybe you didn't get the point of this little party. I happen to care very much about Barbara.

Carly: That's good. Everybody needs somebody to care about them. And you must have a very big heart.

Walker: I don't dwell on people's history or judge them on mistakes they've made in the past.

Carly: That's good, too. Don't dwell on the past. Just don't be blind to it, either.

Jack: I'll leave some officers outside and have a cruiser do a drive-by every half-hour just in case.

Jordan: Thank you, Jack.

Rosanna: The first thing I want to do is get him out of this grotesque costume.

Jordan: Okay. I'm gonna take him upstairs, give him a quick bath and get him changed for when Chris Hughes drops by.

Jack: Do me a favor though.

Jennifer: What is it?

Jack: You got a bag? Yeah, I know it's a long shot, but I'm gonna have that outfit checked out by the lab. See if there's any evidence of where it came from or who dressed him in it.

Jordan: Sure thing.

Jack: Thanks. I'll drop by in the morning to pick up the clothes. In the meantime, don't hesitate to call if you need anything, okay, if you remember anything.

Paul: Thanks for everything, Jack.

Jack: You take care of her.

Rosanna: You know why he's doing this, don't you? He's trying to prove that none of us can protect Cabot, that he gave him to us and now he can take him away whenever he wants. We have to do something. We have to stop him.

Margo: This is incredible. You sleep with the guy, and I'm outed?

Jessica: I know. I know it's wrong, on so many levels. If there's anything I can do to help --

Margo: No, please, Jessica. Don't help me anymore. And if you think warning me about this rabid little waitress at our country club gets you off the hook for what you've done to me, it doesnít.

Jessica: What I did was not premeditated. It was not something I sought out, okay? I did not go to Bay City Hotel to sleep with Doc. I went there out of concern for you.

Margo: Oh, well, you just keep telling yourself that. In fact, you tell that to Ben.

Jessica: Margo, wait a minute. Now, we have both made mistakes here. We are both trying to save our marriages.

Margo: So?

Jessica: So who do we turn to but each other? We have been through so much, and I know you hate me right now. I hate myself for what I did. But how can I lose my best friend at the time when I need her the most? Can't we find a way to help each other?

Hal: Lucy, do you have a few minutes?

Lucy: Um, you know, I was just heading home --

Hal: Just to answer some questions. It won't take too long.

Dusty: I'll talk to you soon.

Nikki: Did you tell Lucy that you suspect her father as the shooter?

Dusty: No, but Lucy got me thinking about what could clear this whole thing up.

Nikki: What is it?

Dusty: The medical examiner called Creel's time of death. I coulda done that. I was there. The guy died in my arms.

Nikki: Right --

Dusty: Right. We gotta find out the exact time Creel was shot, 'cause when that gun was fired, I wasn't there.

Sierra: I'm here to see Lucy. And if she's at the police station, then that's where I need to be. Come with me, Alan.

Craig: Sierra, I think she needs both her parents at a time like this.

Alan: Craig's right. Lucy might be more comfortable if it's just the two of you.

Sierra: Don't be silly. You are part of the family now.

Alan: I'm sure she has a lot to talk to you about, and she doesn't need me hanging around.

Sierra: Are you sure?

Alan: I'll meet you back at Lucindaís. I gotta go.

Sierra: I'll see you then.

Alan: She looks great, doesn't she? No matter what happens, Sierra's always so -- in control. Great in a crisis.

Lily: I thought you'd want to go to the police station.

Alan: Well, as I said, I'm trying to think about what Lucy would want.

Lily: I know, but you're newlyweds. You've been apart such a long time. I know when I was first married, I couldn't bear a minute without my husband.

Alan: Well, I'll bet that there wasn't a teenaged child involved.

Lily: You do have a point there. You do have a point. I'm sure Lucy wouldn't have minded.

Alan: Well, she just had her world turned on its ear. I'm sure she doesn't want a stranger in the audience when she hashes through all that.

Lily: Can I get you something? A drink? Do you want a drink?

Alan: Why, do I look like I could use one?

Lily: Yes, actually, you do. You know, you do seem a little jumpy.

Alan: Well, we've all been worried. But hopefully, now that Lucyís home and Sierra's back, we'll be able to put this unpleasantness behind us and maybe forget it ever happened.

Jordan: Look at him, Jen. It's like nothing ever happened.

Jennifer: But it did. Jordan, we're gonna have to talk about this eventually.

Jordan: Jen -- about what?

Jennifer: About the man who was responsible for all this.

Jordan: You heard what Jack said. There just isn't enough proof to implicate Stenbeck.

Jennifer: Because James made sure there wouldn't be! This is exactly the kind of thing --

Jordan: I know everyone is saying that this is one of Stenbeck's games. But why would the man go through all this trouble to reunite me with my son, just to turn around and pull something like this?

Jennifer: Because Stenbeck gets a kick out of showing everyone who's boss, okay? It's his way of proving that you may have this child now, but it's only because he's allowing you to, and he will always have the power.

Jordan: When we were at Java and Cabot disappeared? I told myself that it was because I wasn't prepared, because my guard was down. But tonight everything was in place. I was on guard, I was in control, and I still -- I couldn't protect my son! There was nothing I could do to keep him safe!

Rosanna: James is angry. All the time and energy he expended in arranging a marriage between Jordan and me, and now the whole thing is falling apart.

Paul: James is just gonna have to learn that he can't control the human heart.

Rosanna: We have to think this over.

Paul: Think what over?

Rosanna: James is sending us a message. We can't just ignore it. I think you should move out.

Paul: No. I'm not gonna move out. [Doorbell rings] Look, if we let James think that what he does affects us, then he wins. And James likes to win. You give him a taste of winning, he gonna wanna win all the time.

Rosanna: I don't know. "Ignore him and he'll go away"? That might work for bullies, but this is James Stenbeck.

Phyllis: Pardon me, but there's someone at the door.

Paul: Is it the police?

[Horn honks]

Clown: Hey! What are you --?

Paul: Who are you?

Clown: I brought the balloons.

Paul: Who sent you?

Clown: The loony baloney. The I.D.'s around my neck. These are for you! Look, I don't want any trouble!

Paul: Man, I'm sorry. I -- we -- I've had a really rough day. Take this. Take it all. I'm really, really sorry. Well?

Rosanna: They're from James.

Hal: Did Dusty tell you that he was going after Don Creel?

Lucy: Yeah. But he just wanted to talk to him. He wanted to find out who he was working for. Who set up the kidnapping?

Hal: Do you have any idea how that guy wound up dead on that rooftop?

Lucy: No. But I know Dusty had nothing to do with it.

Hal: And how do you know that?

Lucy: Dusty just wanted information. That's all. He'd never kill anyone!

Hal: Even though he took a gun with him?

Lucy: He didn't use it!

Hal: The victim was found with a bullet from the gun that Dusty was carrying, Lucy.

Lucy: Well, there just has to be another explanation, then.

Hal: Look, Lucy, I know you feel the need to protect him --

Lucy: I'm not. I'm telling the truth. Dusty called Nikki and told her to meet him up on that roof. Why would he do that if he was planning on committing a murder? It doesn't make sense, Hal. You know that, I know that, and Dusty knows that. The other kidnapper is still out there, and so is the real killer.

Sierra: Lucy!

Lucy: Mom!

Sierra: Lucy, I missed you so much!

Lucy: You're here!

Sierra: I was half out of my mind the whole time you were gone!

Lucy: Oh I'm so glad you're here. I need your help.

Sierra: Anything. Anything at all.

Lucy: It's Dusty. I need you to help me help him.

Nikki: I don't know if this is gonna tell us anything, but I will check with the M.E.'s office about your theory in the morning.

Cop #4: I'm here to take the prisoner to his cell.

Craig: Well, look, Lucy, you're finally home. Dusty's not your problem. I think it's time for you to start worrying about yourself.

Lucy: I wish you guys would stop treating me like I'm going to shatter. I'm fine. But the only reason I'm okay is because of Dusty.

Sierra: You know, I am dying to hear all about it. And to meet Dusty in person and thank him for everything he did for you. But it's late.

Hal: Your mother's right. There's nothing more you can do here tonight.

Sierra: Let's go home and we'll just see how things look in the morning.

Craig: Let's get out of here.

Lucy: Dusty!

Cop #4: Come on. Let's keep moving, Donovan.

Dusty: Yeah, you're not gonna get away with this, Montgomery. Not this time.

Jessica: Margo! We have been friends half our lives. Probably every good memory I have somehow includes you. Come on, we know each other's secrets. The good ones, the bad ones. The ones we wish we could forget. And you're going to throw our friendship away over some guy who has been nothing but bad news for us? In order to survive this, we have to stay together.

Margo: You know, I feel like I'm seeing you for the first time, Jessica. And I don't like what I see. I don't like it at all. So, you're on your own.

Jessica: Margo!

Jack: If either of you can think of anything else about tonight that might help solve this thing --

Walker: We'll call you.

Jack: Thanks. Hey. I thought you'd gone home already.

Carly: I knew you'd come back here.

Jack: Let's go home. Get rid of the sitter and watch Sage and Parker sleep.

Walker: Hey. I gotta ask you a question.

Barbara: Oh, please donít.

Walker: You didn't have anything to do with Cabotís disappearance, did you?

Barbara: Are you accusing me, too?

Walker: It's just a question.

Barbara: Well, if that's what you think of me, here's the door.

Walker: You sure that's what you want? 'Cause if I walk out that door, it's for good. I'm not some employee or child, you can hurl ultimatums at.

Barbara: I'm sorry. It's just -- tonight has been some night.

Walker: After a night like tonight, you don't need to be alone.

Jennifer: What happened tonight is not your fault, Jordan.

Jordan: When I held him for the first time, when I knew he was my son, I knew that I would walk through the fires of hell to protect him. The love that I felt, right then and there was -- it was all-consuming. I knew that if I had to, I would die for him. I mean it, Jen. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him, including give up my life. But tonight, there was nothing I could do.

Jennifer: The important thing is that he's back. He's home and he's fine and he's gonna stay that way.

Jordan: I think I finally understand how Rosanna must have felt when Cabot was taken away. How she would stoop to anything. Lying, bribing -- worse. Just to get Cabot back. I understand now, because -- because I would do the same. I would do anything to keep my son safe.

Paul: "Pity I won't be able to see my grandson on his first birthday. Take good care of him."

Rosanna: We have to find a way to stop him. I don't care what we have to do, we have to find a way to get him out of our lives.

Paul: We will. Together we will do that. I promise you, Rosanna. I promise.

Tomorrow on "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: Craig Montgomery is gonna get away with two crimes. Murdering Don Creel, and setting up the kidnapping for his own daughter.

Lily: Trust me! If you get in any deeper with this guy, you will be making the biggest mistake of your life.

Paul: I'm gonna get him to stop threatening your family.

Rosanna: You think that will work?

Paul: Count on it.

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