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Margo: I just came from Bay City, the hotel. You were with Doc that night.

Jessica: No.

Margo: Don't even bother lying to me, Jessica, because I know that it was you. I have proof. Someone saw you. How could you?

Jessica: It's not what you think.

Margo: Oh, Jessica, you lied to me! You lied to Ben!

Jessica: I did it for you.

[Margo scoffs]

Jordan: Hey, I'm your father. You know what that means? It means that I belong to you, just like you belong to me. I love you, Cabot. Hey.

Jennifer: Hi. Hey, there buddy.

Jordan: Hey, look who it is, Cabot. It's Jennifer. Looks like she's a little early though. Your birthday's not until tomorrow.

Jennifer: Sorry. I couldn't wait. I took off the collar and the bow. But he's still pretty cute. Isn't he, buddy? What do you think? Will he do until you can find a real puppy someday when you're old enough? Come here to me. Hello. Come here. Come here. You sweet boy. What are you thinking?

Jordan: You are so good with him, you know that?

Jennifer: Well, it helps that I'm crazy about his father. What? Do you have a lollipop? What is that?

Jordan: I couldn't wait. Open it.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: I can't help it. When you tell me the kids are at Emmaís, we have the whole evening to ourselves, a man gets ideas.

Carly: So why doesn't the man pay the check and bring the woman home?

Jack: A whole evening, just you and me.

Rosanna: And me.

Carly: Rosanna.

Rosanna: Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt. I know this is a lot to ask but I need you tonight, both of you.

Carly: What's going on?

Rosanna: Barbara is having a dinner party.

Jack: Not a chance in hell.

Carly: As much as we would love to spend the evening with Barbara Ryan, we do have another plan in mind.

Rosanna: Well, this is not for me. It's for Cabot.

Carly: Cabot? What does Barbara have to do with him?

Rosanna: I'm not sure yet. I'm afraid for my child.

Walker: Stop. Relax. Wow. This is going to be a beautiful dinner party. The place looks beautiful, the food is gonna be great, and you're my girl.

Barbara: Your girl?

Walker: Yes, ma'am.

Barbara: You know, you certainly know how to wind your way into a girl's heart, don't you.

Walker: Or maybe I just know how to calm her down before a dinner party. Let's just take a deep breath. Yes, it's going to be a huge success.

Barbara: Obviously you have not done your homework. My parties usually go from bad to worse.

Walker: Really?

Barbara: Uh-huh.

Walker: What could go wrong?

[Barbara remembering]

Barbara: Stop playing games with me, all right? I've just came from Fairwinds. I've heard about Cabot being mysteriously picked up and moved about. How are you doing that?

James: Barbara, how many times do I have to tell you? Stay in the moment. Enjoy the ride. Besides, if we all knew what was going to happen next, well, life would hardly be worth living?

Walker: Barbara? Did Paul say something?

Barbara: No, no. I mean, he hasn't exactly been supportive, but he has accepted my position and I have accepted his. He has moved in with his brother's wife, and that's his business. [Knock on door] And that would be them and they're early. How rude.

Walker: Its okay, you're ready. You're ready.

Barbara: Yeah, I hope so. You're early, honey. Who's your friend?

Paul: This is Sean. He's going to have a little look around.

Barbara: Well, that's very thoughtful of you, Paul, but I can really handle a little dinner party without an extra caterer around.

Paul: Sean is security. He's here to make sure that whatever madness you have planned doesn't happen.

Nikki: And ballistics is sure about this? The bullet that killed Don Creel came from Dusty's gun?

Dusty: Ballistics is wrong.

Hal: Ballistics checked it twice.

Nikki: But then -- I don't understand.

Hal: Because you've made an assumption, Nikki. That Dusty's telling the truth.

Dusty: Oh, I am telling the truth.

Hal: You were standing over Creel with the gun that killed him in your hand.

Dusty: Why don't you do a paraffin test? It wasn't me. I called you. I told you I was going back to my club and grabbin' my gun. Why would I call you if I was going to shoot this guy? Besides, we all know who did it.

Lucy: Dusty? What's going on?

Craig: Why, Wade, Wade, Wade. What a surprise. What brings you to the neighborhood?

Wade: Nice little place you got here. Quaint.

Craig: Why are you here, Wade?

Wade: I was looking for my partner. You remember Don?

Craig: Sure, Don. Who could forget Don? I haven't seen him.

Wade: And you probably wonít. Being that he's dead.

Craig: Don is dead?

Wade: I'd work on that. Lying? You're not very good at it.

Craig: Not according to my ex-wives. Wade, I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Wade: He wasn't my friend, he was my partner. And you killed him.

Craig: Me?

Wade: Now, you gotta pay.

Dusty: Lucy, what are you doing here? I told you not to come down here.

Lucy: You're in trouble.

Dusty: I'm fine. Where's the rent-a-cop who's watching you?

Lucy: He's outside. What is all this about somebody being killed? Was it Don Creel?

Hal: Why would you say that, Lucy?

Lucy: Because he's dangerous and because Dusty was going to meet him --

Dusty: You're not doin' me any favors here, Lucy.

Lucy: You can't possibly believe Dusty had anything to do with that. He'd never kill someone -- not unless it was self defense.

Hal: Lucy, would you wait outside for a minute. I need to speak to Donovan alone.

Lucy: No.

Dusty: It's okay.

Lucy: Let me get you a lawyer.

Dusty: No lawyers. I did nothing. It's okay.

Hal: So, Lucy Montgomery can testify that you were heading off to see Don Creel?

Dusty: Yeah, to see him. Why would I shoot a guy who could clear my name? Her father -- her father is the reason this whole mess occurred.

Hal: So you say.

Dusty: Yes, I do. Craig Montgomery hired Creel to kidnap his own daughter. He admitted it to me before he died. Craig shot him.

Nikki: The bullet that killed Don Creel came from Dusty's gun.

Lucy: The one he keeps at the club?

Nikki: You knew he had a gun?

Lucy: Well, he told me had one there just in case the place was ever robbed. The only reason he brought it up was because while we were hiding out, he said that he wished he had it just in case he needed to -- defend himself. The point is, a lot of people knew the gun was there. Anybody could've gotten their hands on it.

Nikki: We're taking that into consideration.

Lucy: You have another suspect? I heard Dusty say he knew who did it.

Nikki: There's someone else we're looking at.

Lucy: Who?

Craig: Now, wade, I didn't kill Don.

[Phone rings]

Wade: Yeah? No. Later. Now, Montgomery, I want the money you were supposed to give Don.

[Knock on door]

Lily: Craig, its Lily. We need to talk.

Jennifer: Plane tickets? Where are we going?

Jordan: Anywhere you want. As soon as we're sure that it's okay to leave Cabot for a couple of days, which may take a little while --

Jennifer: Jordan, we can't leave Cabot until we know what Stenbeck wants, and why he keeps making him disappear.

Jordan: I don't care what he wants, Cabot is none of his business. But you're right, we need to stabilize the situation and I need to resolve things with Rosanna and work out a custody agreement -- but I don't want to talk about that right now. I got you these tickets because I want you to know how much you mean to me, Jennifer. I wish I could just take you away right now and show you how much I love you.

Jennifer: Hey, you don't have to prove anything to me.

Jordan: Yes, I do.

Carly: I thought you had that stroller sent from London?

Rosanna: I did. This was the same make, the same model -- different baby.

Jack: So it would look like a coincidence.

Rosanna: And after the other day, when Cabot practically teleported himself from the nursery into the living room -- I mean, a baby just doesn't crawl out of his crib, into his stroller and down a flight of stairs. Somebody moved him. Paul thinks that it's James and I happen to agree with him. Which is where you come in. And this party tonight.

Carly: At Barbaraís. You think that she has something to do with this?

Jack: With James in the picture? You can't rule it out.

Rosanna: And even if she doesn't, it's a perfect opportunity, with all of us assembled?

Carly: Well, don't go.

Rosanna: I've given that some thought. But I can't stay at Fairwinds holed up forever. And James has proven that he can get in the house. We have to face this head on. I've spoken to Jordan and Jennifer, and Paul, and they all agree -- we're going to take precautions, but we're going to move on with our lives.

Carly: That's much easier said than done.

Rosanna: Paul has got a security guard to be at the party. But, I would feel so much safer if you two were there with me.

Jack: I'll call the station, let them know where I'll be. Make sure there's a patrol car in the vicinity in case we have any problems.

Rosanna: Thank you so much. It means so much to me. I promise, Paul and I will watch your kids some night --

Jack: Yes, you will.

Carly: Paul and I?

Rosanna: Paul is a wonderful man. I know you don't approve.

Carly: No, no, no. It's not about me approving. I just wonder -- I realize that it's not his fault, but James is his father.

Rosanna: And Jordanís father. And Cabotís grandfather. I know, it's a mess.

Carly: Well, we'll get through it.

Rosanna: Thank you for that.

Carly: For what?

Rosanna: I know how much James has made you suffer. How much he scares you. Thank you for standing by me.

Carly: You're my sister. I'll always stand by you.

Rosanna: Hey, maybe this time we'll stop him for good.

Barbara: I have been completely honest with you about my feelings. I think this liaison with your brother's wife is courting disaster. I have asked you to stay out of it. And, no, you've provoked your father. I have nothing to do with this, Paul, and yet, you blame me.

Paul: Oh, so James does have some kind of a plan?

Barbara: Of course he has a plan. How can you be so naive? He manipulated this marriage between Rosanna and Jordan for a reason. Did you really think that he was going to stand by and let you undo everything he's worked so hard to accomplish? You said yourself, that he's been moving Cabot around the house without you even knowing it. He can do whatever he pleases. And the sooner you realize that, the better.

Paul: All the more reason to let Sean look around.

Barbara: And if I refuse?

Paul: Then have a nice dinner party all by yourself.

Walker: Okay, you know what? Okay. Everybody, let's just relax, all right? Nobody wants to ruin the evening, here, okay? Your mother worked very hard at putting this all together. So, let's just agree we're in this together, okay? Now, Barbara has nothing to hide. And we understand that some people are nervous and would feel better if -- what's your name?

Sean: Sean.

Walker: Sean. Walker Daniels. I have heard that James, given half a chance, can ruin an evening. So, I'd appreciate it if you make sure this evening goes off without a hitch.

Sean: Not a problem.

Walker: Good. Barbara, if it's okay with you, Paul and I will give Sean a tour.

Barbara: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Barbara: Hello?

James: How's my favorite hostess?

Barbara: James?

James: And has our darling son arrived with his security guard?

Barbara: How do you know about that?

James: Never underestimate me, Barbara.

Barbara: You have something planned, don't you? Tell me about it, I can't stand this.

James: Darling, I thought you always loved a mystery.

Barbara: So you do have something planned for tonight? James?

James: Yes. And I'd love to confide in you, only --

Barbara: Only what? Stop teasing me.

James: That's not what you said on those long, hot, steamy afternoons in Singapore.

Barbara: I'm hanging up, now.

James: Now who's teasing whom?

Barbara: Just tell me what you want, James, I have company here.

James: I'll be happy to tell you, darling. But, you see, I'm going to need a little favor. Hmm? How 'bout that? Tit for tat.

Barbara: So there is a catch?

James: Barbara, there is no free lunch. Now, do you want me to describe the floor show, or would you prefer to remain in the dark?

Barbara: I'd prefer that you went away.

James: I can't abandon my family.

Barbara: Do you enjoy being hated? Despised?

James: Better than being ignored. Now, are you going to help me? It'll make things so much easier.

Barbara: No, I'm not involved in any of this.

James: Oh, yes, you are. You are very much involved, Barbara. You want my help. You want me to keep your children away from Rosanna, Jordan and little Cabot. You'd never lift a finger to help me. Well, however, you did arrange the party -- gathering them all together? Very convenient.

Barbara: Not for me. Paul already thinks that I'm involved in what's happening to Cabot.

James: Of course he does. You're his mother.

Barbara: James, is this really necessary?

James: You want Paul and Jennifer to remain safe? Of course you do. And besides, darling. It's going to be so much fun. Now, you think of me because I'm going to be thinking of you.

Barbara: James? James? [Doorbell rings] Hello, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Hello. Oh, look, aren't you pretty? Is that one of Carly's?

Jennifer: No, actually, it's one of yours, and I love it, too.

Jordan: Thanks for having us, Barbara.

Barbara: Of course. And look at baby Cabot, all dressed up for a night on the town.

Jennifer: It's his first birthday tomorrow.

Barbara: Oh, imagine that. One year old.

Jennifer: Oh?

Jordan: Who's that?

Barbara: Your brother deemed it necessary to hire a security guard for the night. They've been showing him around.

Jennifer: Oh, well that's a good idea.

Barbara: Excuse me. Rosanna, so good of you to come. Please come on in.

Rosanna: Thank you so much for the invitation. I hope you don't mind, I brought Carly and Jack.

Carly: Hi.

Barbara: Of course not. I'll just set two extra places at the table.

Rosanna: I apologize for the inconvenience, but considering the circumstances, the recent attempts on Cabot, I thought it would be wise to have Jack here.

Barbara: And I'm sure you know Paul hired a security guard for the night.

Rosanna: Yes, well, I still feel more comfortable having Jack and Carly here.

Barbara: Rosanna, this is a family affair.

Rosanna: I understand that. And Carly is my sister, and Jack is my brother-in-law. So, I appreciate you making them feel welcome.

Carly: It will give us a chance to catch up, Barbara. I have some really great ideas for the resort line.

Barbara: Of course. Of course you're welcome. I'm sorry, it just took me by surprise.

Rosanna: Thank you, Barbara.

Jack: Barbara?

Barbara: I have to talk to the chef --

Jack: Just so we're on the same page -- if anything happens tonight, anything at all to my wife, or my sister-in-law or that child? I'll bring you down.

Ben: I would like to set up a dinner for my wife. Something special.

Jill: That sounds wonderful, Dr. Harris. Why don't you take a look at the menu and the wine list? And I'll be right back with you. Looking for me?

Doc: You crossed the line.

Jill: Can't blame a girl for going after what she wants.

Doc: That letter you sent my boss? Implying that I had an affair with her daughter-in-law? That could cost me my job.

Jill: Should've thought of that before you turned me down.

Doc: You open that mouth of yours one more time and you're going to regret it.

Jill: Mmm, I can hardly wait. Dr. Harris? Have you heard the latest? Rumor has it that Dr. Death is having a very steamy affair with a redhead in law enforcement. In fact, they were caught in the steam room right here at the Country Club --

Doc: Hey, you watch your mouth.

Jill: I guess all that time in front of the camera must have increased his appetite for attention.

Doc: Listen, listen, I warned you, all right? I warned you.

Jill: What are you going to do, Doc? Call the cops? I'm sure your lady love, Detective Margo Hughes, will come running.

Manager: What is going on here?

Doc: I'm afraid one of your guests has lost control of himself.

Manager: It was your voice I heard, Jill, from my office.

Jill: I was provoked.

Manager: That is enough. Get your things, you're fired.

Jill: What?

Manager: I want you off the premises or I'm calling security. I'm terribly sorry, gentlemen.

Margo: So, did you get your story straight? You were in there long enough to write a novel.

Jessica: There's no story, okay? Yes, I went to see Doc. Because of you. Because you had this bizarre strategy that you couldn't even justify yourself. Remember that? You were going to sleep with Doc so that you wouldn't think about him anymore. I knew you were just going to dig yourself in deeper, and that Tom would find out. And you know how tom reacted when he heard about that stupid kiss. So I tried to reason with you, but you wouldn't listen to me, so yes, I went to see Doc to plead with him, to beg him to leave you alone.

Margo: And what happened?

Jessica: What happened? I told him that he was on the verge of ruining your life, of destroying your marriage. And he started this whole situation and it was up to him to end it.

Margo: And then, what happened?

Jessica: I don't know, he heard me, I guess. I got to him, I got through to him. Which is why nothing happened when you arrived.

Margo: I know what happened after I arrived. I want to know what happened when you arrived, because if, as you say, you were just talking, why did you find it necessary to hide? I know that it was you in the bathroom. I know that you were hiding in the bathroom. Hiding! So, I want to know, why? And I want to hear you say it.

Jessica: Because, I didn't want you to know that I had been there. Because I didn't want you to be upset with me for interfering.

Margo: Oh, Jess --

Jessica: Look, Margo, the important thing is that you didn't sleep with him. It would have ruined everything, and I just couldn't stand around and watch that happen.

Margo: Oh, so you slept with him for me?

Jessica: No.

Margo: Jessica, the bed was rumpled, the maid saw you leaving the room shortly after I left. She said you were flustered, you were flushed, that your clothing was disheveled, that your hair was a mess --

Jessica: Margo, please --

Margo: Would you just admit that you slept with him!

Jessica: Just stop it! Stop interrogating me.

Margo: Well, stop lying to me! I'm your best friend! You owe me an answer!

Jessica: Fine! I slept with him! Are you happy?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns."

Wade: Give me my money, or else I find your little girl, and I tell her that you paid Don to kidnap her and then you murdered him. Are we clear?

Margo: You lied to me. You're lying to yourself, because this child that you're carrying? It's Doc's.

Hal: The gun was registered in your name, Donovan.

Dusty: My gun? Craig must have used it, he knew where it was. He met Creel on the roof, he popped him in the chest, he put it back.

Hal: And you don't think the timing is a problem?

Dusty: A problem?

Hal: Mm-hmm.

Dusty: No. Why don't you put one of your boys on the roof, let him run down the stairs, drive over to the club -- ten minutes, tops.

Hal: Yeah, unless he hits traffic or something --

Dusty: Why would I shoot Creel? Why would Creel tell me that Craig shot him? The guy was dying. Hal, why would he lie to me?

Hal: You said it yourself, you're on the hook. It might make sense to get rid of Creel and blame the whole thing on Montgomery.

Dusty: That's not what's going down here, and you know it.

Hal: Well, I'm gonna have to hold you until I take a look at all the other possibilities.

Dusty: You make sure that Lucy stays safe, and you don't let her father go anywhere near her.

[Knocking on door]

Lily: Craig!

Craig: Just a minute, Lily. Wade, you need to get out of sight.

Wade: I don't know. I think I might want to meet Lily. Snyder, right? That's the one with all the money?

Craig: Wade, get out of sight.

Wade: I'll be listening, Montgomery.

Craig: I'm sorry about that, honey.

Lily: That's okay. Sierra called.

Craig: You didn't tell her --

Lily: She already knew. She's on her way. Meanwhile, I went back to the house and Lucy is gone.

Craig: What?

Lily: She's fine. She's at the police station with Dusty.

Craig: Dusty?

Lily: He's being questioned in the murder of Lucyís kidnapper. I just thought you'd want to know that they're both there.

Craig: Yes, well, thank you. Look, why don't you get home in case they call back or something. I'll be up as soon as I can, okay?

Lily: All right, all right.

Craig: Yeah, thanks. Yeah.

Wade: Lily Walsh Snyder -- nice to have rich friends with cute kids. Wouldn't want anything to happen to them. I want my money.

Craig: Eh?

Wade: Where's the rest of it?

Craig: Huh? Oh, come on, Wade. This is all I could come up with, huh?

Wade: You got a problem. The price just went up.

Margo: You slept with him?

Jessica: It was an accident.

Margo: Oh, I'm sorry. You accidentally made love to him?

Jessica: It was not love, okay? It had nothing to do with love. It was -- it was frustration. It was anger. I went over there and we argued. I was furious and he grabbed me -- I don't know, I guess we just took it out on each other. I can't explain it, Margo, but it was humiliating and I'm so ashamed. And it only happened once, that once.

Margo: You know what's really sad, Jessica? That this sounds so much like your first encounter with Marshall.

Jessica: How could you say that to me?

Margo: How could you do this to me? I told you everything. I told you every shameful detail. I told you my dreams. I told you my fantasies. I told you all the sordid details about the gym. And then you turn around and sleep with the guy?

Jessica: In that moment, it wasn't about you. It had nothing to do with you.

Margo: Then why did you hide, huh? Why? Was it -- was it, possibly, you were ashamed? Was it possible that you knew that you were doing something wrong? I wanted him, and you knew it. And that it was wrong thing to do. That possibly I was risking my marriage. That was my business. But you were supposed to be my best friend, Jessica. You're supposed to be the one person I could trust.

Jessica: Margo, look -- we have both made mistakes here, okay? I mean, we're married. We have families to consider. And we got sidetracked, right? We got compromised, but that's all over now. And I am so sorry that I didn't tell you what happened -- it's difficult to try to tell something like that to someone you care about. I mean, you should know that. You know how you felt when you tried to tell Tom. But the important thing is that it's all over now.

Margo: No, it's -- it's not all over, is it?

Barbara: What are you accusing me of, Jack?

Jack: I'm just putting you on notice, Barbara. I know all about Cabot and these vanishing acts that no one can explain.

Barbara: I have nothing to do with that.

Jack: You don't want to bring Paul and Jennifer in on this mess with Rosanna and Jordan. One phone call to James --

Barbara: I have not asked James to do anything.

Jack: All I'm just telling you is, if anything goes wrong, I'll subpoena your phone records. I'll interview everybody at the prison. I'll make the connections. And you'll take the fall. But thanks for the invite. The food looks great.

Paul: So Sean says the place is clean. He checked out the alarm system, and he'll be right over there. And with all of us keeping an eye on Cabot --

Jennifer: And Jack's here. I mean, I'm glad he came.

Rosanna: Jack wanted to be here. He's his uncle.

Paul: Anyway, I think everything's going to be fine.

Jennifer: You know, James might not even try anything tonight.

Jordan: No, he'll try something. He won't be able to resist.

Walker: How're you doing?

Barbara: You know, this night is supposed to be lovely, beautiful, about the two of us celebrating us. And we've got Paul here with the security guard, and then Rosanna brings Jack and Carly.

Walker: Breathe. [Barbara sighs] Yes, yes. Everything's going to be fine.

Barbara: Yeah, sure. Look at them. They're just waiting for a disaster to happen.

Walker: Well then let's give them something else to think about. Okay?

Barbara: Okay.

Walker: Everybody, we would like to thank you all for coming tonight. Tonight is a very special night for the two of us. Before I came to Oakdale, I never imagined myself feeling at home. But I love the town and the people. But, I'm especially fond of one of its leading lights. I have so much respect for this woman. It is not easy facing death and taking care of everything else around you at the same time. So, we are here to celebrate because life is short, people. And we must appreciate every minute we're given. So, if you will indulge me, I would like to propose a toast to Barbara Ryan. To Barbara Ryan and her brand new life.

[Glasses clink]

Doc: I'm sorry about that, man. Jill and I, we had a misunderstanding, so to speak. You know how it is -- you smile at one girl, another girl gets upset about it. Anyway, Jill thought she'd found a way to pay me back -- but, I mean, come on. You gotta know that's all lies, all of it. I mean, the Jill situation is my fault --

Ben: Well, on the fault part, we agree.

Doc: Anyway, I'm sure I can -- count on you.

Ben: To be discreet? Don't you think it's a little late for that? Tom already knows. By now, half the club has heard. It's a small town, Doc. News travels fast.

Doc: Damn, damn, damn. I swore I was going to keep it simple this time.

Ben: What, by limiting yourself to married women?

Doc: No, man --

Ben: News flash, Doc -- when you make a sport out of going after other men's wives, it's not just the women who get angry.

Jessica: This is just something that Ben brought home.

Margo: You're pregnant. If Ben hadn't told me, I still wouldn't know.

Jessica: Margo, we've been through this. I would have told you myself, but with everything that was going on with Doc and you and this Jill girl, the time was never right.

Margo: Then why aren't you happy, Jess?

Jessica: I am happy.

Margo: No, you're not. You're miserable.

Jessica: Well, maybe -- it's because the first thing you did when you walked in my house tonight was call me a liar.

Margo: 'Cause you lied to me. And you're lying to yourself, because this child that you're carrying -- it's Doc's.

Lucy: How's Dusty? Can I see him? Please, it'll just take a minute.

Hal: Okay.

Lucy: Thank you.

Hal: But just for one minute, Lucy. And I'll be right outside.

Nikki: I don't think that was such a good idea.

Hal: What can she say?

Nikki: It's not what she can say to him, it's what he can say to her -- her father is a murderer.

Lucy: Are you okay?

Dusty: I'm fine.

Lucy: Nikki said that the bullet that killed Creel came from your gun.

Dusty: Yeah. You believe it?

Lucy: What, that you killed somebody? No, of course not. Somebody must have set you up.

Dusty: Yeah, that's the theory.

Lucy: So who killed Creel? Do you know?

Wade: Now your debt is double. You owe me $2 million.

Craig: I can't get you that kind of money, Wade.

Wade: Yeah, you have friends that do. With cute kids. You got a watch?

Craig: You want my watch?

Wade: Take a look at it. You and me -- we got a date in 48 hours. You bring my $2 million, or else I'm going to have to break those ribs.

Craig: Wade, I can't get you that kind of money.

Wade: Craig, Craig -- pay attention to me. You get me my money. Get me my money, or else I find your little girl, and I tell her that you paid Don to kidnap her and then you murdered him. Are we clear? Clear? Good.

Jill: You cost me my job.

Doc: What?

Jill: You heard me.

Doc: You're off your damn rocker, you realize that, don't you? Get the hell out of my way, Jill.

Jill: Not now, not ever. You are going to be sorry that you ever met me.

Doc: I'm already sorry.

Jill: Not nearly sorry enough. But don't worry, I'm working on it.

Jessica: This is Benís baby. We moved heaven and earth to make this happen, you know that. I took the shots, we followed the schedule --

Margo: Yes, but you didn't conceive, nothing happened, right? Because I got all the phone calls, you crying and my telling you that everything was going to be find and that you would conceive --

Jessica: And we did. And it is fine.

Margo: It is far from fine, Jessica. And you know it. It's just a bunch of "ifs." What if it wasn't your problem, what if all this time, it was Benís problem?

Jessica: Ben is fine --

Margo: Then why hadn't you conceived? You told me yourself, you did everything short of standing on your head to make sure that this baby got here. And then poof -- you have sex with Doc one night and immediately you're pregnant.

Jessica: That is just a coincidence.

Margo: You don't believe that any more than I do. So, you're less than one month along here, there's no way you had any time to do a paternity test. So there's no way you can know for sure, is there?

Jessica: If you're asking me if I took a test? No, of course not.

Margo: No, and you don't plan to, do you? Because you're just going to keep on pretending. You're going to go on lying to me and to yourself and to your husband --

Jessica: Margo, this is an innocent child.

Margo: That man loves you so much. And Ben Harris does not deserve to be played for a fool.

Jessica: And I love him. Just as much as you love Tom. And okay, I made a mistake, it happened. And if I have to go to my grave with my doubts and my fears, so be it. Because my husband does not deserve any more pain.

Margo: So, you're going to make this man raise a child that's not his own? And you're not going to tell him the truth? Jessica -- you are so much more selfish than I ever realized.

Jessica: This is Ben Harris' child. It is completely possible.

Margo: Yeah. It's not real likely, is it?

Jessica: Margo, please --

Margo: Oh, God, please don't talk to me.

Jessica: Margo --

Margo: Ben? I'm so sorry.

Barbara: Thank you, Walker. And to all of you, too. Because I really do feel like I have another chance at life.

Jennifer: You do, Mom.

Barbara: Thanks, honey. And now, I have a toast of my own. To the man who is making all of my dreams come true.

[Rosanna screams]

Tomorrow, on "As the World Turns" --

Rosanna: Cabot? Cabot's gone.

Dusty: Promise me you'll be careful.

Lucy: Between my bodyguard and my grandmother, I'm the safest person you're ever going to meet.

Dusty: Be careful who you trust.

Craig: Sierra.

Sierra: Hello, Craig.

Craig: You're here. Just in time.

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