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Nikki: It's good to see you. You look great.

Mike: So do you. Sorry, do we know each other?

Nikki: It's me -- Nikki Munson.

Mike: Hal's kid?

Nikki: Have I changed that much?

Mike: You look -- I mean, you look incredible.

Nikki: I'll take that as a yes and a compliment.

Mike: No, no, no. I owe you a hug. I'm sorry I didn't recognize you, Nikki. It's good to see you again.

Paul: You think he sleeps a lot now, wait till he's a teenager. Okay, what's wrong?

Rosanna: I spoke to Phyllis after she got back from running her errands.

Paul: Yeah?

Rosanna: She said she never moved Cabot from the nursery.

Paul: And you believe her?

Rosanna: Well, I don't think she would lie about something like this.

Paul: Well, maybe she forgot. I mean, I know that that's a stretch, but it could be.

Rosanna: This is not like a set of keys. People don't forget where they put a baby. We both know Cabot didn't come down here by himself.

Paul: All right, when was the last time Phyllis saw Cabot?

Rosanna: She said she checked on him while he was taking a nap.

Paul: I still think there has to be some kind of logical explanation.

Rosanna: When was the last time anything logical happened to me?

Paul: Okay, Rosanna -- look, he's here. He's fine. He's safe. Look at him. He looks very logical to me. I mean, come on, you look at Cabot you wouldn't think anything happened to him at all.

Jordan: Something happened to Cabot while I was gone?

Rosanna: No, nothing happened. It was just a figure of speech.

Jordan: Well, if that figure of speech has something to do with my son, I want to know what it is. And don't bother lying, Rosanna. Just tell me what happened to Cabot.

Jack: Oh, get this. Starziak's got beachfront in Florida.

Holden: Crime pays.

Jack: Not its taxes. Check this out.

Holden: He owes that much?

Jack: Yeah, that's just this year.

Holden: What about Starziak other contacts?

Jack: Those legitimate businessmen? Two of them are in the federal pen, the rest should be.

Holden: What about that right there?

Jack: I must have missed this one. It probably got buried. Holden, I think we've got something. Guess who's a slumlord right here in Oakdale?

Holden: Where?

Jack: Down by the riverfront. Check that out. At least four of those tenements are deeded to one Kenneth C. Starziak. Mycek, get me some coverage, at least two teams. We're going hunting.

Holden: You think this is where he has Molly?

Jack: Don't get your hopes up, Holden.

Holden: Yeah, but it makes sense, right?

Jack: Hey, listen, if we're lucky, we'll find Molly. And if we're luckier, we'll find her alive.

Announcer: The role of Molly McKinnon is now being played by Christina Chambers.

Rocco: Honey, Iím home. Miss me?

Molly: What do you want?

Rocco: I was hopin' you'd be a little more friendly.

Molly: Just let me go, okay?

Rocco: I've been thinkin' about what you said, you know, last time -- about how you'd do anything to get out.

Molly: I meant it. I'll do anything.

Rocco: I like that in a woman. I like that a lot.

Margo: Did you lose something, my friend?

Jessica: I don't understand.

Margo: Yes, you do. Unless you want me to take this down and run it for prints.

Jessica: Margo, this is ridiculous.

Margo: Odd -- yes. Sick -- absolutely, but --

Jessica: You know, I'm not going to stand here and be grilled about something so --

Margo: So you? Don't even bother trying to mount a defense, Jessica. I've seen you use this a hundred times. And being the good lawyer you are, you argued this little gem right into the trash can. Seems you were the woman that Tom saw with Doc last night. And you didn't want anyone to know, not even me. Oh, especially me.

Paul: Cabot's fine. He had a little fever, that's all. It turned itself around.

Rosanna: Yes, he was a little warm after his morning nap, so we took him to a pediatrician.

Paul: And he was fine by the time we got back here.

Jordan: Well, what was wrong with him?

Rosanna: Nothing. I thought maybe he had a little cold, but they checked him out and said that he was fine.

Paul: Just teething probably.

Jordan: He would run a fever from that?

Paul: Yes, Jordan, you need to take yourself out of worst-case scenario mode.

Jordan: I guess Iím just still a little hyper when it comes to Cabot.

Rosanna: Yes, well, I understand completely.

Paul: Which is why, Rosanna, you probably should have called Jordan from the pediatrician's office.

Rosanna: You're right. You're absolutely right. I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: Why didn't you?

Rosanna: Well, like I said, I thought he was fine.

Jordan: It's okay. He is fine. That's all that matters.

Paul: Exactly.

Jordan: Feels cool to me now, so --

Paul: Well, he's a kid, Jordan. Things change from one minute to the next.

Jordan: You feel better, buddy, huh? You doin' okay?

Jennifer: One would think that he wasn't sick at all.

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: Want me to get that?

Rosanna: No, um, Phyllis will get it.

Jordan: So Jen and I were thinking about taking him for a little walk in the park.

Rosanna: Oh, that's a good idea. It's a beautiful day for it.

Jennifer: If you're sure he's up to it.

Rosanna: Yes, I think a little fresh air will do him good.

Barbara: Hello, family --

Rosanna: Oh, Barbara. Hello, what a surprise.

Barbara: Yes, I just had the sudden urge to visit my children.

Jennifer: Mother, we work together, live together. Don't you think that visiting is overkill?

Barbara: Come on, don't be cross with me now. I'm sorry, Rosanna, if I didn't call before I arrived.

Paul: You know, I think I speak for everybody when I say you probably should have.

Barbara: Well, then next time I will stand on ceremony. Well, so, how is that little guy over there?

Jordan: Apparently he's recovering from a fever.

Walker: Really? Would you like me to take a look at him? I have my bag in the car.

Rosanna: No, that's okay. He's been checked out. He's fine.

Barbara: And actually, we did not stop to make a house call. Did we?

Paul: Why are you here?

Barbara: Well, I'm here with news. An invitation, actually.

Rosanna: Really? What kind of invitation?

Barbara: A peace offering of sorts. I know that I have not been a fan of this little commune --

Paul: Nobody here is waiting for your approval. You know what Mom, why don't we have this conversation some other time, some other place.

Barbara: No, no, no, no. I am not leaving here until all of you hear me out. I apologize for giving all of you a hard time. It's just that my worries got out of control. And, Rosanna, you as a mother know that sometimes when you're fearful of the safety of your child, it can drive you --

Paul: You said something about an invitation?

Barbara: Well, as you know, Walker and I have been seeing each other.

Paul: Oh my stars. Is there a point to any of this?

[Jennifer scoffs]

Jennifer: Don't look at me. I left my Barbara Ryan decoder ring at home.

[Barbara laughing]

Barbara: If you two would stop teasing me, I think you'd be very happy to hear what I have to say.

Tom: Hey, Dad.

Bob: Hey, didn't we just have lunch?

Tom: Yeah, I forgot something.

Bob: Runs in the family.

Tom: Well, I wanted to say thank you.

Bob: For buying you lunch?

Tom: Well, not exactly.

Bob: Well, you're welcome, if it means that we can do this before another year goes by and you buy next time.

Tom: Yeah, this has nothing to do with lunch.

Bob: Then it has to do with Margo.

Tom: Yeah, you've been telling me along that I need to give Margo the benefit of the doubt, so I wanted you to know that Iím gettin' there.

Bob: Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Tom: Margo swears there was only one kiss between her and Doc, so I believe her.

Bob: Good. Then you guys talked things out?

Tom: Well, it wasn't exactly that healthy.

Bob: What do you mean?

Tom: Well, I'm not proud to admit it, but I followed Doc Reese last night. He took his car out to the Snyder Pond and I figured he was going out there to meet Margo. But he was there with another woman.

Bob: Take my advice, forget Doc Reese.

Tom: I'm trying.

Bob: Take your wife out to lunch, plan a trip, send her flowers for no reason at all. Fall in love with Margo again and she'll be in love with you again.

Tom: That's easy to say, Dad.

Bob: Marriage? Easy? You're bombarded every day with things you have to do. You have to do your job, you have to raise your kid, you have pay your bills. You turn on the television and everybody seems to be living high on the hog, and you've been left out. Doc Reese is like those people on television. It's not real. That guy's not even in your league.

Tom: He's in the big leagues, Dad. Football hero.

Bob: Is it heroic to make your living playing a game?

Tom: Well, you probably want to ask all those women out there that are falling all over this guy.

Bob: Listen to me, you're a good husband and a good father. That's a real hero to me.

Tom: If I am, Dad, it's because of you. I couldn't have gotten through this without you.

Bob: Okay, son you know, you and Margo make time for each other and everything's going to work out.

Tom: Well, let's hope. But I have a hunch the only thing I proved last night is that somewhere out there, some other woman is lying to the man she loves.

Dr. Schiller: Oh, Ben, I'm glad I ran into you. Do you have a moment to stop by my office?

Ben: Oh, well, I'm late for a consult, and then I am meeting my beautiful pregnant wife.

Dr. Schiller: Okay.

Ben: Anything wrong?

Dr. Schiller: No, not really. Just the opposite. Um, Ben, Iíve been studying the results of your second sperm analysis. And I compared it with the baseline study.

Ben: Right, and --

Dr. Schiller: Well, obviously, it's not an issue now, given the good news of Jessicaís pregnancy, but, um -- Ben, your sperm count is abnormally low. Statistically it should almost be impossible for you to father a child.

Jessica: So it's my compact. I never said it wasn't. Doc asked me to meet him.

Margo: At night? At the Snyder Pond?

Jessica: I'm sorry. What part about that is against the law, detective?

Margo: What, the Lakeview wasn't open? There were no restaurants open? It couldn't wait till morning?

Jessica: Hey, I wanted to meet Doc in town, but he is so freaked out about these accusations. I mean, and after Tom went after him, can you blame him? He's a little paranoid.

Margo: Are we talking about the same Doc Reese?

Jessica: The man has an endorsement contract in the pipeline, okay? He's concerned about his image. He can't afford any more bad publicity.

Margo: So you met him secretly on a deserted road, a woman, alone.

Jessica: What is this? I mean, are you jealous?

Margo: No, Jessica, Iím angry. I have told you everything about me and Doc. Whereas you, suddenly this friendship is beginning to look real one-sided.

Jessica: That is so untrue.

Margo: Then why wouldn't you come out and just tell me about your rendezvous?

Jessica: It wasn't a "rendezvous."

Margo: Okay, so if I talked to Ben about this business meeting with you and Doc in the car, he'll know all about it?

Jessica: Ben isn't interested in contract reviews.

Margo: Well, that's gotta be a neat trick signing those under the dashboard light. You know what this is beginning to sound like? This is beginning to sound like you're operating under the theory that if we just say it enough I'll believe it and then it'll be true.

Jessica: You know what? What I can't understand is why you're making such a federal case out of this.

Margo: Because, Jessica, when I told you that I thought that Doc was seeing somebody else, why didn't you just tell me it was you?

Jessica: He wasn't seeing me, not in that way.

Margo: Then why didn't you fess up to the compact when I was talking to you on the phone? Why did you make sure that Tom threw it away in the trash? Why did you break your neck to get over here to make sure that I didn't find it. I'm a cop, Jessica. This isn't adding up for me. In fact, Iím starting to draw some very scary conclusions.

Jessica: You are drawing all the wrong conclusions, Margo.

Margo: You are my best friend, Jessica. We tell each other things we don't even tell our husbands. And you can sit there and you can deny it all you want, but I think I know exactly what's going on between you and Doc Reese.

Rocco: Are you hungry?

Molly: No.

Rocco: I brought you some lunch. You like what I brought yesterday?

Molly: Yeah, it was fine. I guess I haven't really thanked you for it.

Rocco: Maybe you want to show me --

Molly: Maybe I do. You know you have really nice eyes. Is there anyplace else we could go? I mean, this building's gotta be full of rooms.

Rocco: Six full floors.

Molly: Well, why don't we find ourselves one you know, anything's gotta be more comfortable than this place.

Rocco: Close your eyes, it's a palace.

Molly: My imagination's not that good.

Rocco: Mine is. Next time I'll bring a blanket, I promise. Maybe even a bottle of wine. You tell me what you like and I'll deliver.


Henry: Look what I hijacked on my way back from the "little boy's" room.

Mike: Oh, thanks, Henry.

Henry: Certainly.

Nikki: Sorry, I don't have any cash for a tip.

Henry: Tip?

Nikki: Oh, never mind, I'll get a credit card.

Henry: Oh, wait, wait a second. No, no, no, you misunderstand. As much as I love servicing beautiful women, it's not my line of work, so --

Nikki: Do I know you?

Henry: Yes, yes you do. We butted heads, literally, back at the police station.

Nikki: I remember. You're the guy with all the parking tickets.

Mike: Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't introduce you guys. Nikki Munson, this is Henry Coleman. Henry's a good friend of mine.

Henry: Munson? As in chief of detectives Hal Munson?

Mike: Hal's daughter.

Henry: Wow, I never realized Hal was so prolific.

Mike: She's been out of Oakdale for a few years.

Henry: Well, drink up, Miss Munson. That "Cosmo" thing was citron infused.

Nikki: Why not? Technically, Iím not on duty.

Henry: Well, technically, neither am I. To new friends.

Mike: And old friends.

Nikki: So catch me up on all the news. What's been going on around here?

Mike: You first. What brings you back?

Nikki: Work.

Henry: Work? Oh, I didn't know B.R.O. was hiring new supermodels.

Nikki: I'm not a model. I'm here to talk with Craig Montgomery. Do you know him?

Henry: I know him.

Mike: What do you want with Craig?

Nikki: Sorry. I can't really say.

Mike: Be careful. That guy plays by his own rules. And when he gets caught, he cries, blames everybody else.

Nikki: Sounds like a prince.

Henry: Of darkness.

Nikki: Sounds like you really like this guy.

Mike: I wouldn't trust him with my pocket change.

Henry: Yeah. Craig is part Machiavellian, part the Donald and the rest is a bunch of hot air.

Nikki: Sounds like you know him pretty well. I'll consider myself warned, Harry.

Henry: Henry. Yes -- [clears throat] you know, I know all the names -- "a" list, "b" list -- I go way back with Craig. So if you need any help, you know, you can come to me.

Mike: You mentioned being on duty. What are you doing these days?

Nikki: Well --

Henry: Besides just making the room that much more attractive.

Nikki: Actually, I'm a special agent for the IRS.

Barbara: Well, my how he's grown.

Rosanna: Barbara, Cabot hasn't been feeling well, so if you don't mind --

Paul: If you don't mind, cut to the chase.

Barbara: All right. I'm having a dinner party. I'd like my children to come, along with their friends. That would be Rosanna and Jordan.

Paul: What's the occasion?

Barbara: Well, as you know, Walker and I have been seeing each other. And it used to be customary for couples to introduce themselves in a social setting.

Jennifer: In 1850.

Walker: There's an ulterior motive.

Paul: There's always an ulterior motive.

Barbara: Yes, but not a bad one. I know I have been acting badly lately. And I just wanted to do something to prove to you that I am going to live my own life and I want you to live yours without interference from me.

Jennifer: We've heard that one before.

Barbara: I know I have been unreasonable. But Rosanna, you know -- sometimes a mother can be irrational about things -- say things, do things that she might regret -- but we always know when we've pushed too far, right?

Paul: With you, that would be a first.

Walker: Your mother is worried about you. And she has good reason. We all agree that James Stenbeck is the bad guy, not Barbara.

Paul: This time.

Barbara: I just want you to come to dinner. That's all. Can you please think about it?

Jennifer: Okay, we'll think about it.

Jordan: But right now, we're taking Cabot to the park.

Rosanna: Oh. Right. How long will you be?

Jordan: An hour, maybe a little more.

Rosanna: Okay, well, take his little jacket and keep your eyes on him, okay?

Jennifer: We've got it.

Jordan: Okay. See you later.

Barbara: Have fun.

Jennifer: We'll look both ways before we cross the street.

Rosanna: Walker, can I get you a glass of iced tea?

Walker: Yes, yes. Yes. That would be great. So how are things going around here?

Rosanna: Oh, never boring.

Walker: Is that a good thing?

Rosanna: Some days.

Barbara: Paul, you know -- you know I react to things on my instinct. It was that instinct that kept you away from your father when you were a child. But you're not a child anymore. You're a grown man who can make his own decisions, deal with things on his own terms.

Paul: And you deal with things by throwing dinner parties.

Barbara: I'm trying very hard not to criticize your choices.

Paul: Oh, you kill me. You -- you're mea culpas and then the reversal. You kill me.

Barbara: You know, I -- I just want to make peace with my children. That's all. And when I see Cabot, he reminds me so much of when you were a little boy. How is he, anyway? Is he all right?

Paul: Why wouldn't he be all right?

Barbara: Well, Rosanna said he wasn't feeling well.

Paul: He's fine. Why your sudden interest in Cabot?

Barbara: It's not -- it's not sudden. You know, not every question is a challenge, Paul. I'll let you know about details, all right? Okay.

Rosanna: Barbara, would you like some iced tea?

Barbara: Thank you very much.

Rosanna: Please help yourself. Walker really worked me over. Did Barbara get you to agree to go to this little family soiree?

Paul: She got me to think about it.

Rosanna: Well, that's one for her. What's wrong?

Paul: Something just clicked. I think I just solved our little mystery.

[Molly screaming]

Rocco: You're dead! You've eaten your last meal, bright eyes.

[Molly gagging]

Rocco: You want a piece of this? Come on, hero. Winner takes all.

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Jessica: But I would hate to see our relationship fall apart over some womanizing ex-jock.

Jennifer: Oh, my God!

Jordan: Jen, what is it? What's wrong?

Jennifer: It's Cabot!

Jack: Freeze! Get up. Against the wall. I'll take it from here, Holden. Now! Spread 'em!

[Molly whimpering]

Holden: Can you stand up?

Molly: I'm glad you got here when you did.

Holden: I gotta get you to a hospital.

Molly: No, I'm fine.

Holden: You need to be checked out.

Molly: I don't want to go to a hospital. Please, please -- oh, God, please just hold me. Please just hold me as tight as you can.

Ben: Do you have any idea what caused the low sperm count?

Dr. Schiller: No, none of the tests showed a systemic cause.

Ben: Probably a faulty study.

Dr. Schiller: You know, we could do further tests, but why put you through that when Jessica is pregnant and you have so much to celebrate.

Ben: Yes.

Dr. Schiller: Ben, we don't, um, traffic in the supernatural around here, but this pregnancy is a true miracle.

Ben: And that's exactly what we're gonna celebrate. You know, I never imagined I would be so thankful that we're having this baby.

Bob: All right, son, you got the proof. It wasn't Margoís compact.

Tom: Yeah, I'm just not very proud of the way I handled it.

Bob: Did I raise you to be perfect? Don't answer that. What did you do with the compact?

Tom: I threw it out.

Bob: Good. Now move on.

Tom: And what if Margo still has feelings for this guy? I mean, how do I repair my marriage if Doc Reese is still right smack in the middle of it?

Jessica: Yeah, I'll send the file over as soon as I get back to the office. Great, thanks.

Margo: Okay, last call.

Jessica: Stop it, Margo. Would you stop treating me like a criminal?

Margo: You lied to me.

Jessica: Margo, Iím married. You're married. So, is jealousy even an option here?

Margo: No, no, no, you're ducking the issue, Jessica.

Jessica: How many times do I have to tell you Iím not interested in a man whose little black book is published by the volume?

Margo: You know what I really can't get past here? I can't get past why you didn't just tell Tom or me about the meeting or about your compact.

Jessica: Because -- because I knew how it would look. And I knew that Tom would jump to the same incorrect conclusion that you're jumping to now. And so what am I supposed to say anyway, "oh, Tom, by the way, I dropped my compact in Doc Reese's car while I was covering your wife's back over her almost affair with Doc?"

Margo: Oh, so you and Doc were talking about me?

Jessica: Yes, we were talking about you, okay?! I didn't really want to get into this, but since you pushed me, yes, I did it for you, Margo. I met with Doc so that -- to make sure that he wouldn't say or do anything that would hurt you or Tom.

Margo: That's an interesting angle.

Jessica: Honey, I don't need an angle, okay? And I didn't tell you about it because I was having mixed feelings, because I wasn't sure if I should try to play God with my friends' lives.

Margo: Okay, so Iím supposed to believe that you did all of this to save my marriage.

Jessica: I'm not interested in Doc Reese.

Margo: He doesn't do anything to you?

Jessica: No, no, he doesn't do anything. He doesn't get to me. But what break my heart is to think that he still gets to you, even now.

Margo: You know --

Jessica: And obviously he still does, because --

Margo: Jessica, just because I want to turn off my feelings, it doesn't mean that I can.

Jessica: Margo, you're my best friend. And I love you. And when you're in trouble, I'm in trouble. But every time I seem to mention this guy's name you have a complete meltdown, and I wanted to spare you that, okay? So I decided -- I decided not to tell you that I met with him that night. Now, honey, I would never do anything to try to hurt you. And you can believe that or not, but I would hate to see our relationship fall apart over some womanizing ex-jock. He's just not worth it.

Nikki: You're not afraid of the IRS, are you, Henry?

Henry: No. No-sir-ee. Absolutely not. No, you won't find one cent unpaid to dear, old Uncle Sam.

Nikki: Not that Iíd ever be looking. I'm not in that division anymore.

Mike: What exactly are you doing?

Nikki: I'm on a team that investigates other cases.

Henry: Oh, you know, Mike, we don't need her whole resume here.

Mike: I was just curious.

Henry: Yeah, well, she doesn't have to tell us about her job, or why she's obsessed with Craig Montgomery, or about her poor boyfriend back in Washington.

Nikki: There's no poor boyfriend back in Washington. What about you guys? Whoís the lucky girl in your life, Mike? Do I know her?

Mike: I'm not seeing anyone.

Henry: Neither am I. You know, we're just a couple of carefree bachelors. So where's Uncle Sam putting you up? The Lakeview?

[Nikki sighs]

Nikki: I wish. I'm at my dadís.

Mike: How's that working out?

Nikki: It's great to see my dad.

Henry: Yeah, so what does an IRS agent do for fun? Do they balance your checkbook?

[Henry laughs]

Nikki: I've been working so hard I haven't had a chance to see anyone. The only two people I see are my dad and Emily. And so far, she's not my idea of a good time.

Mike: Is there a problem?

Nikki: Nothing serious. Just two women in one house.

Henry: Well, can a catfight be very far behind? You know what? I have the perfect cure for the stepmother blues -- a night out. Hmm? Maybe many nights out.

Nikki: Sounds great. I'd love that. What do you think, Mike? It would be great to catch up on each other.

Margo: Whoa, boy. Must be something in the water, huh?

Jessica: What do you mean?

Margo: Two seemingly sane, mature women both losing it over an ex-jock with dimples? Whoo! Bring in your virgins and your disgruntled housewives. Dr. Death is in town. I'm sorry. I love you. I believe you. I do.

Jessica: You know, in retrospect, I probably should have just told you why I was meeting with doc.

Margo: Yeah, I shouldn't have jumped all over you like I did. I just can't figure out why my life isn't enough anymore. I just -- I work so hard at my job. And I'm a really good cop. And I, you know, bring in the bad guys and defeat crime. That used to fill me up. And I was so looking forward to the time that Tom and I would have later. This time that we would have. Oh, Jess, I thought it would be so romantic, but it's just lonely.

Jessica: Have you talked to Tom about any of this?

Margo: But he doesn't see it that way. He just kinda, you know, gets lost in work and he plays golf. And I don't even have Adam and Casey to hang out with anymore. I look around and I got nothing but an empty house.

Jessica: Men are different.

Margo: May I quote you on that?

Jessica: No, you know, it's just part of being the Mom -- birthing, the people. You know, they have this direct line to your heart.

Margo: I guess that's what it is. I guess I've got an empty nest syndrome. So I was just trying to use Doc to fill that up. I guess we'll never really figure out why you got such a lemon of a friend.

Jessica: Please, I happen to love lemons. Can we just forget about the stupid compact?

Jennifer: It's hard to believe he just got over a fever.

Jordan: Well, kids recover pretty fast.

Jennifer: I mean it's literally hard to believe.

Jordan: Oh, like you don't really think he was really sick?

Jennifer: I think that we walked in on the middle of something that had nothing to do with a fever.

Jordan: Yeah, I got the same feeling.

Jennifer: You did? Jordan, why didn't you say something?

Jordan: Because they would have just covered with more lies, Jen.

Jennifer: Well, what do you think that they were really talking about?

Jordan: With Paul there, it could have been anything.

Jennifer: You know, you can still take the baby and leave that house. You have a right to him.

Jordan: And go where? To the Lakeview? To your mother's suite?

Jennifer: You could buy a place.

Jordan: I would. But Cabot is just starting to feel secure where he is. You know, I can see it the way he responds to Rosannaís voice. [Cabot cries] she's his mother, Jen. The only one he's ever really had.

Jennifer: Well, if she really loved him, she wouldn't keep secrets from his father.

Jordan: She knows that the law's on my side and she's scrambling to protect her place in Cabotís life. I can understand that. He

Jennifer: Did you ever stop to think that maybe you've been a little too understanding?

Jordan: Just promise me that you won't lose patience with me, Jen. I couldn't do this without you.

[Jennifer sighs]

Jennifer: I'm not going anywhere, baby.

Jordan: Good. I'm counting on that. I don't think you know how much.

Barbara: I'll call you when I have more details, but I do want to make it an intimate evening.

Rosanna: Wow. Thank you so much. I'll have to check my schedule. Cabot Motors has a board meeting coming up in a few weeks. I may have to travel.

Walker: My apologies, ladies. That was the hospital. I have to get back.

Barbara: Oh, all right.

Paul: That doesn't mean you have to leave, Mom.

Barbara: Well, I came with Walker.

Paul: I can drive you home.

Barbara: Oh, that's not necessary.

Paul: I insist. Walker, if they need you at the hospital, go ahead. I'll bring Mom home.

Walker: Is that okay with you?

Barbara: Oh, of course it is. Of course it is. Okay.

Walker: Okay? Thank you. Thank you, Paul. See you.

Barbara: Obviously, you want to talk to me alone.

Paul: I know what you're doing. And it's not going to work.

Henry: Hey, Nikki, let me get you another drink. You've barely touched this one.

Nikki: Actually, I need to get back to work. I have to check in with the boss.

Mike: Yeah, and I have to put some bids together.

Nikki: But we'll do this again sometime? I'll give you a call.

Henry: Great. I just need your number to confirm.

Nikki: You can leave a message at my dadís.

Henry: There could be an emergency. Because Mike -- Mike works at a very dangerous job. There's always a lot of loose screws. There's shoddy flooring. I mean, anything could happen.

Nikki: I'll give you my card.

Mike: Great. We'll be in touch.

Nikki: This day's shaping up a lot better than I thought it would. See you, guys.

Henry: "We'll be in touch"? What's wrong with you?

Mike: What did I do?

Henry: What did you do? At least you kept your shirt on!

Mike: What?

Henry: Come on, Mike. You were putting on the charm -- Mr. Bashful, Mr. Dimples --

Mike: You thought I was coming on to her?

Henry: No, I think you were trying so hard to try not to come on to her that it was disgusting.

Mike: That's crazy, Henry. I'm not interested in Nikki Munson.

Henry: Oh, really? Well, you better tell Nikki that, okay? Because I was working the mojo over there. I had the Coleman smile going. Usually that melts icecaps, but today --

Mike: She noticed you.

Henry: Yeah, like gum at the bottom of my shoe.

Mike: You need more confidence.

Henry: No. I need a friend who understands the meaning of the words, "butt out."

Mike: Of what?

Henry: Of my date with Nikki.

Mike: You have a date with Nikki?

Henry: No. No, we have a date with Nikki. You see, she's under the misconception that we're back in high school. And we're just going to get into the little VW bug and go down to the soda shop.

Mike: What do you want me to do? You want me to stop smiling? Not bathe for a week?

Henry: Yes, those are excellent suggestions, okay? Until then, why don't you just level the playing field, Mike, huh? Next time we have our big date -- and disappear?

Jack: Well, the EMTs are still working on that creep so it's looks like he's gonna make it. How about you, Molly? You okay?

Holden: Jack, I think we need to get her to a hospital.

Molly: No.

Jack: He's right, Molly.

Holden: Molly, you could still be in shock.

Molly: I'm fine.

Jack: Well, Iíd feel better if a doctor told me that.

Molly: I'm okay, Jack, really. I mean, I'd be dead if it wasn't for Holden. How did you find me?

Holden: Starziak owns half the block.

Jack: A bunch of these buildings turned up on his paper trail.

Holden: And with all of Jack's guys over on the south side, I thought I'd come over here and check this place out since it was smaller.

Molly: Thank God you did.

Jack: Look, we got to book the guy. So Iím gonna have to take a statement from you.

Holden: Can't it wait?

Jack: I'll call an A.D.A. and see how they want to handle it. Okay?

Holden: Here sit down.

Molly: If it wasn't for you, you'd be covering my face with this blanket.

Holden: Don't say that.

Molly: It's true.

Holden: Are you sure that I can't take you to Memorial?

Molly: I just want to go home, soak in a hot tub and wash some of this nightmare away. Thank you. You know, you make pretty good superhero material, Mr. Snyder?

Jack: Sorry, Molly, but the D.A.'s office is all over this guy. You're gonna have to come down to the station.

Holden: Jack, don't you think she's been through enough?

Molly: No, it's okay. Will you go with me? I know you have to get home and everything, but --

Holden: No. I'll come.

Molly: Thanks. I really don't want to do this alone.

Holden: You're not alone. I'm here with you.

Barbara: All I am doing is trying to make peace with my children. What are you accusing me of now, Paul?

Paul: I'm trying to understand your sudden fascination with Cabot.

Barbara: It's not sudden! That little boy is a lightning rod to James. Do you understand that? And I have finally decided that if you're not going to run from the situation, then neither am I. We have to be on the same side in this fight.

Paul: Is that why you did it?

Barbara: Did what?

Paul: Come on, Mom, don't play dumb. You, or somebody that works for you, took Cabot out of the nursery and moved him down here. Left him down here all by himself with no explanation, no logical reason.

Rosanna: Did you do that?

Barbara: I have done no such thing!

Paul: I guess you figured that if you scared us enough, that Jen and I would cut and run and leave Jordan and Rosanna to fend for themselves. Well, it's not going to work, Mom! I'm not going anywhere! And I have told you this before, but you are not going to hurt me ever again! And you are certainly not going to hurt anybody that I care about!

Jordan: Thanks. Sorry we only had time for coffee.

Jennifer: Oh, no, it was fun.

Jordan: I want to plan a sleepover with Cabot, soon. I want to rent the presidential suite at the Lakeview for a couple of nights -- you can bring over all the stuff that you got for him, and it'll just be the three of us. No Paul. No Rosanna.

Jennifer: No chance. Do you honestly think Rosanna would going to agree to that?

Jordan: She knows this arrangement is only temporary. I can't live there forever.

Jennifer: And I won't let you live there forever.

Jordan: I hate to say this, but -- I think we better get the baby home and get back to work. The presidential suite doesn't come cheap.

Jennifer: Or -- we could drop off the baby and spend the rest of the day in bed. Give that presidential suite a test run.

Jordan: Well, we better get Cabot home quickly, then.

Jennifer: Or Rosanna will call the national guard. Isn't that right, little guy? Oh, my God!

Jordan: Jen, what is it? What's wrong?!

Jennifer: It's -- it's not Cabot! Jordan, he's gone! Somebody -- somebody switched babies!

Jessica: Feel better?

Margo: I think I'll feel better once I figure out what's wrong with my life and get it back together.

Jessica: You will.

Ben: Looks like you couldn't wait after all.

Jessica: Oh, Ben, honey --

Ben: So, aren't you going to congratulate me as well? You know, I did have a little something to do with us having this baby.

Tomorrow on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: I don't want you to be alone.

Molly: I won't be. Holden said I could stay here.

Lucy: Dusty Ė

Jess: I'm sure you have some questions.

Margo: Yeah, like -- how my best friend gets pregnant and doesn't tell me?

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