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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/5/04

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Alison: Nancy! I got it!

Nancy: What?

Alison: The last copy of "The City Times." It has the latest clue in the six keys to the kingdom contest! So let's get to work.

Nancy: I'm sorry, I can't today, dear.

Alison: But you're my secret weapon!

Nancy: I'm afraid I can't do it today because I have to chair a committee for the hospital fundraiser.

Alison: But I need you more!

Nancy: You just announced your engagement! Shouldn't you be savoring the moment? Drowning in happiness?

Alison: I am! But I'm so really excited about winning! And think what a great wedding present this would be -- this money. And I'm nothing without you. I need your brainpower! Please?

Nancy: I promise, Iíll catch up with you later.

Alison: But later might be too late!

[Alison sighs]

Doc: Ben. Good to see you, my friend.

Ben: We are not friends, so come off it, man. We'll never be friends. Especially after the mess you've pulled.

Doc: Now wait a minute, who are you talking --

Ben: It's a small town, Doc. How long you think you could keep it a secret?

Doc: Do you mind telling me what Iím supposed to be apologizing for?

Ben: You're trying to seduce another man's wife. That's wrong. That clear enough for you?

Margo: Tom. I'm sorry. I don't mean to ambush you here.

Tom: What is it?

Margo: I'd kinda like to know how long the silent treatment's going on, because I don't think I can stand much more of it.

Tom: Can we please not do this here.

Margo: Where else are you supposed to it? You don't talk to me at home. You're out half the night and you're gone when I wake up in the morning, so --

Tom: So what do you want from me?

Margo: I want you to talk to me. I want you to say something. Just say anything. Just stop shutting me out, Tom. Please.

Tom: Do me a favor. You have a compact in your purse?

Margo: Yes, why?

Tom: Just show me your compact, all right?

Margo: What do you want to see my compact for?

Tom: Are you gonna show it to me or not?

[Margo sighs]

Margo: All right. One compact, coming up.

Guard: Look alive, Stenbeck. You got a visitor.

James: Oh, I'm alive. Look at this vision, this luscious woman. You're not gonna give him an extra $100 where we can make this a conjugal visit?

Barbara: Not a chance in hell.

James: Still have the fire, don't you, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm not here to banter with you, James.

James: Oh. Why is it that you only come to me only when you need help? At night when I think of the passion that we shared together. Oh, Barbara --

Barbara: I have not asked for your assistance in quite some time. Besides, the last time that I did, it was to my eternal regret. Now, I don't want -- nor need -- your help. I'm here to help you.

[Rosanna sighs]

Paul: Is there something wrong?

Rosanna: No, I'm just surprised.

Paul: There something that I wanted to say to you, but before I could say it, you -- you kissed me.

Rosanna: Look, when you moved in here you said it was because you wanted to protect me from James. This changes everything. What do you want?

Paul: I want you.

Chris: Hey, Mom! I thought I'd give it a try, seeing as how we're gonna be family soon.

Susan: Let's just stick to Susan, okay?

Chris: Any luck with the "six keys" clue today?

Susan: Oh, I promised myself I wouldn't look at these silly things, but once you look, you're hooked.

Chris: I know. They're so addicting. Are you and Emily having any luck?

Susan: I love my daughter, but -- we're not exactly a match made in heaven. Well, I'd better get back to work and make a buck. Especially since my other daughter is planning a royal wedding.

Chris: I thought you had a fund set aside for that. I mean, 'cause if there's anything at all that you need, my family's more than happy --

Susan: Oh, no, no, don't be silly! Don't you know a joke when you hear one? You wanna be a member of my family, you'd better locate that sense of humor, son.

Bob: What's in the news that has you so engrossed?

Chris: It's the newest clue to the six keys of the kingdom contest.

Bob: I didn't think that you were playing.

Chris: I'm not anymore. But, you know, Alison and I were partners, and, well, I felt like I left her hanging. You'll never guess who stepped up to the plate.

Bob: Anybody I know?

Chris: Gram.

Bob: Well, she certainly knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak.

Chris: Well, yeah, they've already found one key.

Bob: Well, that's terrific.

Chris: I know. Only five more to go.

Bob: Listen, I wish you the best of luck -- after hours. But when you're on the clock, I want your mind on our patients.

Chris: Yes, of course. 100%. But I can't help but thinking, you know, if I could just help her find one more of those keys, I mean, what an incredible engagement gift that would be.

Bob: What's the prize, again?

Chris: Winner gets 300 large.

Bob: $300,000?

Chris: Yeah, it's incredible.

Bob: Give me that. The two of us should be able to figure this out.

Chris: What about the patients? This is a hospital, right?

Bob: Right, but, well, this won't take any time at all, and then we can get back to saving humanity. $300,000? Well, come on, think!

Alison: Thank God I found you. Major crisis.

Aaron: No, uh-uh. Every time you have a crisis, it winds up costing me money.

Alison: No, all I need is your time. The latest clue came out and I have to get that key.

Aaron: Well, Alison, you go for it.

Alison: Yeah, but see, Nancy had this thing at the hospital that she had to bail on me, and I need a partner.

Aaron: Well, good luck with that. Let me know how it turns out, okay? Can't you see that Iím busy?

Alison: Can't you just take the day off?

Aaron: Alison, it's too late to call in sick.

Alison: But I really need this key now more than ever.

Aaron: Why now more than ever? What's up?

Alison: Nothing. I'll tell you everything later. I promise. But if you help me, I will give you a cut of the money if I win. But, we have to start solving this right away. Please?

Aaron: If I do this, I want some guarantees.

Alison: Anything.

Aaron: All right. No crying, no biting, no guilt trips.

Alison: Would your bestest friend ever do that?

Aaron: Yeah, whatever.

Alison: I'll be on my best behavior. I promise.

Aaron: Well, I'm holding you to that. Let's see what we've got.

Ben: Tom Hughes, that's my friend, and Margo is his wife --

Jessica: Ben, sweetheart -- sweetheart? Sweetheart, am I interrupting something important?

Doc: No, you're not. Not at all. Dr. Harris has made his point, loud and clear. You two enjoy yourselves. I have a charity spot to go shoot.

Ben: Don't let us stop you.

Doc: You two enjoy yourselves.

Ben: The man is too long on nerve and too short on brains.

Jessica: Well, I don't know what brought that on, but I did overhear a little of it, and honey, I think we should just stay out of Tom and Margoís business.

Ben: But Tom and Margo are our friends.

Jessica: Yes, and nothing happened between Doc and Margo.

Ben: You know this for a fact?

Jessica: Yes, yes. I know for a fact that nothing happened between Doc and Margo. You know, it was just a -- a passing flirtation. And it's grown completely out of proportion. And I think we should all just drop it and move on. Especially because Iím dying to know why you summoned me here.

Ben: Oh, yes, that.

Jessica: Yes, that. What's going on?

Ben: Well, I have been doing some research, and I have consulted with several doctors, including Dr. Schiller. About this whole in-vitro process.

Jessica: You have? And?

Ben: I think we should go to the hospital and have some lab work done.

Jessica: And?

Ben: And if Dr. Schiller feels like your body has recovered and you can withstand the procedure then -- then I think we should go for it. Let's get pregnant.

Jessica: You mean that?

Ben: Yeah. As soon as we get the go ahead, let's start the process.

Jessica: Ben, this is incredible! I mean, I thought -- well, you said --

Ben: I know what I said. I also know that I wanna do whatever I can to make my wife as happy as she can be.

Jessica: You would do that for me?

Ben: Yeah, of course I would. I mean, I know how much having my baby means to you. And it means a lot to me, too. It's just that, a few weeks ago -- having you go into the hospital with that bleeding, it really shook me up. I don't want to lose you, babe.

Jessica: You are not gonna lose me.

Ben: Come on now, crying? You know, when I imagined this moment, I imagined you shouting from the rooftops. Maybe dancing on tabletops. But not crying. I hope you haven't changed your mind about having my baby.

Jessica: Never. I love you so much.

Ben: So, does this mean you want to go?

Jessica: Yes! Yes, of course.

Ben: All right. Let's get down to the hospital. You have time to do this now?

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Let me just fix my face and I am all yours. For as long as you need me.

Ben: Hey, I will always need you.

Jessica: Stop it. You're going to make me cry all day!

Ben: Hey, what? Everything all right?

Jessica: Uh, my compact. I must've misplaced it.

Margo: It's here. I know it's in here somewhere --

Tom: Can we please not prolong this anymore. You don't have a compact in your purse because --

Margo: Was that what you were looking for? Is that what you want? What? What are you looking for Tom? What? What do you want? What do you want? A signed affidavit? What?

Tom: I'm sorry.

Margo: What did this just prove?

Tom: I can't do this anymore.

Margo: You gotta tell me. What test did I just pass, Tom? What is it that you want?

Rosanna: Look, Paul, I had a lovely time with you last night. And we've been friends for a very long time, and that means the world to me.

Paul: Me, too.

Rosanna: And I can't tell you how much it means that you saved Cabot from the fire --

Paul: Come on. Do you think Iím here for some kind of a merit badge?

Rosanna: No, I -- I just thought you were still trying to make thinks up to me. Doing penance for exposing Cabotís illegal adoption.

Paul: Well, maybe -- maybe that is what it was at first, but -- now it's more. For me, anyway.

Rosanna: Really? It's news to me!

Paul: Come on. Rosanna, last night -- I kissed you on the cheek, right, and you tried to pretend that nothing happened. But something happened. I know that. I think you know that, too.

Rosanna: Paul, I --

Paul: Look -- okay, I need to say this. Maybe you want to ignore it, how it is that you feel. But I've reached a point in my life where I will no longer ignore how I feel. Come on. Am I just imagining things? I mean, there is a possibility for us -- isn't there?

James: So you're here to help me? Interesting.

Barbara: Do you know what's going on with Rosanna and Jordan?

James: I'm aware of everything, darling. I have eyes and ears in the most unusual places.

Barbara: Really?

James: Really.

Barbara: And what is it you know?

James: I know that Rosanna has returned with Cabot, my grandchild. And she and Jordan are all living under the same roof. And soon, nature will simply just take its course.

Barbara: Well, James, it seems that your eyes and ears are not keeping you up in the latest news.

James: Really?

Barbara: Rosanna and Jordan are heading for an annulment.

James: Easily remedied.

Barbara: Oh, but that's not all. My daughter, Jennifer, is out buying baby furniture, and Paul has moved into Fairwinds. He's living with Rosanna, too. So, you see, both of your sons are living at Fairwinds. Your perfect little plan is being destroyed. So, question is, James, what are you going to do about it?

Alison: "Where east meets west on the northern side. To seek your goal, turn your back on beauty. Behind a glass, folks trip and slide. Think pink, go in, and shake a bootie." Shake a bootie? Where do we start? Come on.

Aaron: How about the tripping part, 'cause you must be tripping if you think we're gonna figure out this clue.

Alison: Tripping, tripping, tripping -- you, you trip people when you're mean to them!

Aaron: That's perfect. Makes total sense. You know what, why don't we just save ourselves some time and just quit right now.

Alison: No, please, Aaron! I need to find this key. Think, please. Think, think!

Aaron: I got it! I got it! You trip a landmine! It's gotta be at the veteran's cemetery!

Alison: Aaron, the entire clue has to fit. What does a veteran's cemetery or a landmine have to do with --

Aaron: All, right, at least Iím trying. I'm figuring things out. What do you have? You have nothing. You have zip. You come up with nothing.

Alison: Face it. We're hopeless.

Aaron: What, you're just gonna give up already?

Alison: Well, without Nancy, we don't have a chance. We don't have any chance at all.

Bob: You trip the light fantastic. As in dancing. If my memory serves me right, I think about -- here.

Chris: East Street.

Bob: Right. Where intersects with West Morton. What's that clue? You turn your back on beauty by walking away from the salon. And if you went in this direction one-half block -- you'd be right there!

Chris: It's the "Happy Feet" dance studio!

Bob: It's where your grandmother took dancing lessons.

Chris: It's incredible!

Bob: Well, listen, if you wanna grab that key, you'd better get moving right now. I've cover for you.

Chris: Is this some kind of trick or something? To test my ethics as a doctor?

Bob: Well, let's just say it's an engagement present for you and Alison. After I get my cut.

Chris: Think pink, go in and shake a bootie. Okay. Well, it's now or never.

Sr. Montez: Continue, students. Look deep into your partner's eyes. Anticipate. With the rhythm. Precise. Passionate. Lovely. Beautiful. Come in, come in.

Chris: Sorry.

Emily: Well, looks like I got competition. You do realize, now I have to kill you.

James: Barbara, I just love it when we share a common goal. You want Rosanna and Jordan to stay married as much as I do.

Barbara: Not for your reasons, for mine. I don't give a damn about the sanctity of Rosannaís marriage. And only pity baby Cabot. But if Jennifer is involved with Jordan, she's vulnerable to you. If Paul is involved with Rosanna, the same is true. And I don't want my children anywhere near you.

James: Excellent, darling, excellent. You know, we do wonderful things when we put our heads together.

Paul: So how's Cabot?

Rosanna: Sleeping like a baby.

Paul: Great. Maybe we can get back to what we were talking about before.

Rosanna: Sure. I have to ask you a question, though. How long have you been feeling this way?

Paul: I think the possibility was always there. Even when you were with Craig and I was with Rose.

Rosanna: I beg your pardon?

Paul: Are you going to stand there and tell me you never wondered what would have happened if we'd both been free? I'll bet you a cool million Craig wondered.

Rosanna: Yes, he did. You know he did. He was very jealous.

Paul: Well, maybe he just sensed something that you and I didn't have the nerve to admit. There is more to you and me than a friendship, Rosanna. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Come on, you, you're speechless? I'm out on a limb, here. Could you say something? Right. So, I'm just imagining things. Maybe not? Maybe -- just maybe, Rosanna, you feel something for me, too?

Announcer: Coming up on "As The World Turns" --

Sr. Monez: In tango, there must be closeness. Intimacy. Danger!

Emily: Oh!

Paul: I'm here. And I'm waiting.

Rosanna: Maybe you're right. May I do feel something more for you than friendship. But everything around us has changed. The situation with Cabot is so tenuous, I can't think about what I want, or getting into a relationship. Not now.

Paul: Wait, wait. Don't do this. Rosanna, listen. You're a fabulous mother to Cabot, but there is more to you than being a Mother. Don't close yourself off from whatever it is that you want.

Rosanna: Well, I know that, I know that. And you're right. But there are more people to consider here than just -- you and me.

Paul: Jordan?

Rosanna: Yes, Jordan. I think that we've come to some sort of understanding, but I can't get into a relationship or be distracted until I'm absolutely sure that nothing is going to threaten Cabot.

Paul: I understand that. You need to understand something. You and I -- could have something spectacular. I know that. So, although Iím sorry that you don't feel like this is the right time for you. Or you feel like you got something else going on, or whatever it is. If you feel that somehow whatever it is that you want doesn't matter, this thing -- whatever it is -- has a life of its own. So you do whatever it is that you have to do. But know this -- I'm here. And I'm waiting.

Barbara: I have no interest in colluding with you on anything, James. Your little experiment with Rosanna and Jordan is about to blow up in all our faces. But before it does, I just want to make sure that Paul and Jennifer don't wind up as collateral damage!

James: You have no problem how I handle this?

Barbara: Oh, yes, I do! No violence.

James: Darling, I abhor violence. I simply want my grandson, my son, and his wife to be a happy family. No one has to get hurt.

Barbara: Promise me that?

James: I promise you, Barbara. I'll simply find a way to remind them how important it is to honor their commitment.

Administrator: We have a few patients in the ICU if you have some more time.

Doc: Yeah. I tell you, if you could just give me five minutes, you can have all the time with me you need. No, I'm not following you. I'm doing a hospital gig, meeting and greeting some of the patients here.

Jessica: Yeah, I overheard what Ben said to you earlier. And I just want to say Iím sorry about that.

Doc: That's okay. Well, it's nothing compared to what he would say if he knew what went on between me and his wife.

Jessica: You know, can we not talk about that? I just want to thank you for keeping your word.

Doc: Well, I told you before, I'm not in the habit of wrecking marriages.

Jessica: Neither am I.

Doc: Let's just hope the worst is behind us.

Administrator: Sorry to break it up, Doc, but --

Doc: Well, I'll tell you what, time to get this show on the road. And Jessica, you take care.

Jessica: You, too.

Dr. Schiller: Jessica? Ready for some more tests?

Jessica: I'm ready when you are.

Dr. Schiller: Let's get started.

Jessica: Okay.

Tom: I saw Doc last night. Followed him. Caught him in his car with a woman. She saw me, took off, spilled the contents of her purse --

Margo: Last night?

Tom: All she left behind was her compact.

Margo: And you thought that was me?

Tom: I thought I had enough evidence, so I grabbed it.

Margo: I don't know who that woman was, and I don't care who that woman was. You believe me, don't you?

Tom: I don't know what to believe anymore. Last few days, Iíve been driving myself crazy, dissecting every minute we've spent together, every time I ran into Doc, every glance, every look, every smile. Every insignificant detail to every second of our lives and I can't do it anymore.

Margo: Nothing happened. There is nothing to dissect, can we please just put this behind us?

Tom: I need you to tell me one more time. Is it true that there was only one kiss between you and Doc?

Margo: I've told you.

Tom: I need to hear it. Tell me the truth and make me believe it.

Margo: One kiss. One time. Nothing more.

Tom: Well, that's the same thing that Doc says. So, maybe it's time that I started believing you.

Alison: How are we supposed to solve a clue if we don't have a clue?

Aaron: I wish I had Nancyís brain.

[Cell phone rings]

Alison: Hello?

Nancy: Alison? It's Nancy.

Alison: We were just talking about you, your ears must be burning. It's Nancy!

Nancy: I'm sorry I wasn't available before, but my meeting let out early and Iím all yours.

Alison: Just the words that I wanted to hear. I am dying without you!

Nancy: Oh, don't do that, dear. Where are you?

Alison: I am at Metro.

Nancy: Stay where you are. I'm on my way.

Alison: Okay, thank you so much, Nancy!

Aaron: So? What did she say?

Alison: We're back in business!

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Where do you think you're going?

Alison: I was just going to wait in the parking lot.

Aaron: Wait just a hot minute. We're in this together now, baby. Remember?

Alison: Of course we are. Together. But that key is mine.

Emily: So where's the key?

Chris: It's still inside.

Emily: Well, what's the holdup?

Chris: There's a tango class going on in there, and --

[Emily laughs]

Emily: The cool Dr. Hughes lost his cool and ran away?

Chris: Oh, no, the cool Dr. Hughes didn't run anywhere, okay?

Emily: Give me a break, I saw you barreling out of there like you were being chased by bears. Did you figure out the clue all by yourself?

Chris: No, no. I got help from my father. You know, I wanted to find the key and give it to Alison as an engagement gift.

Emily: Great minds think alike. Me, too.

Chris: You were going to help her out?

Emily: Yeah. I mean, you know, two keys are better than one. And she was so happy when she got that first key. She was on top of the world, and nothing else mattered --

Chris: And you wanted her to feel that way again? Of course.

Emily: No, actually I wanted that feeling for myself. You know, a little ego boost, but --

Chris: You okay?

Emily: Don't ask. We have a key to find.

Chris: Well, you know, a perfect team could find that key in no time.

Emily: The perfect team? You and me?

Chris: Care to tango?

Emily: I'd love to.

Chris: Let's dance.

Margo: Tom, the promise we made the day that we got married, we make that promise every single day to each other. I'm yours and yours alone.

Tom: Are you sure?

Margo: Yes, yes. My heart is yours forever. I am yours.

Tom: What about doctor death?

Margo: One kiss, one flirtation is not enough to ruin what we have. You and I, we have sons, we a home. We have memories of a lifetime together. I cherish that.

Tom: I hope so.

Margo: You are all I want. You are all I've ever wanted. Can we please just put this behind us?

Tom: It's not gonna be easy.

Margo: No. I'm sorry.

Tom: I'll try. If -- you will.

Margo: That's all I want, baby. It's all Iíve ever wanted.

Tom: I gotta get back to the office.

Margo: I'll see you at home? I love you.

[Margo sighs]

Jill: Detective Hughes? Do you have a minute?

Margo: Sure, yeah, excuse me. Yes, what can I do for you?

Jill: I was thinking that -- we might be able to help each other.

Margo: Uh, you wanna be a little clearer about that?

Jill: Yeah, well, it's about you -- and Doc Reese.

Alison: Does any of that make any sense to you? 'Cause it's all Greek to me.

Nancy: Believe it or not, I once took dancing lessons at the happy feet dance studio.

Aaron: I'd believe that. Well, like, you know, Alison tells me you're -- you're superwoman. There's nothing you can't do.

Nancy: This is the address.

Alison: You're the best! Thank you!

Nancy: Go!

Nancy: Go! Find that key and do not dally!

Alison: Okay. We're on it!

Aaron: Thanks, Mrs. Hughes. You rock!

Sr. Montez: I am so pleased to have two new students who wish to learn the dance of love. Also known as -- [stomp] the tango. And I take all major credit cards. It's on me.

Emily: Thanks, honey, I appreciate --

Sr. Montez: And she -- she shall be mine. You are a dancer, no?

Emily: No, no. Well, I mean, at Christmas parties I'm quite the dancer. And my husband likes the way I dance, when I was -- oh! That was fun. Thank you.

[Emily gasps]

Sr. Montez: This woman knows the secret of the tango. Trust!

Emily: Trust! You know, we barely know each other, and this is really close for me --

Sr. Montez: Ah, but we will. Feel your partner in your arms. See the fire in the eyes. The unspoken desires --

Emily: Oh -- my --

Sr. Montez: We are one mind. One body.

Emily: Thank you.


Sr. Montez: Good, good. Everyone, everyone. Find your partner, find your inner music, and tango.

Tango dancer #1: I guess this means you're mine.

Rosanna: So --

Paul: Yeah, so. So. I was thinking maybe that I wouldn't go into the office today, but work at -- well, from home. Its bad enough I have to share a roof with Jordan. I don't want to share everything with the guy.

Rosanna: Meaning me?

Paul: Uh-huh.

Rosanna: Well, it must be difficult for you, carrying a torch for a married woman --

Paul: I'll manage.

Rosanna: Listen, if you feel uncomfortable staying here --

Paul: Rosanna, I said to you that I would stay here until you and Cabot were safe from Stenbeck. That's exactly what I'm gonna do. Unless you don't want me underfoot all day.

Rosanna: No, it's okay. Make yourself at home.

Paul: I'll do that.

Emily: Do you tango?

Chris: Uh, no, not the way they do it here. Not exactly the way a guy should be dancing with his sister-in-law to be.

Emily: Yeah, well, listen up. It's the only way we're gonna get that key before somebody else does. Come on.

Chris: Yeah. Right. We can do this.

Emily: Yes, dance me over to the window. I'll get the key. You do something to distract them.

Chris: And we'll never speak of it again.

Sr. Montez: To tango, there must be closeness. Intimacy. Danger.

Aaron: Man, you are totally right. Nancy's a genius.

Alison: Okay let's get that key.

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a sec.

Alison: What?

Aaron: What the hell is this?

Alison: That's -- that's my engagement ring. Chris asked me to marry him and I said yes.

Aaron: Oh, so it's like that, now, huh?

Alison: It's like what?

Aaron: Ali, we're like best friends. We're supposed to tell each other everything. When were you gonna tell me that you were getting married?

Margo: I've forgotten your name.

Jill: Oh, Iím Jill.

Margo: Yeah, and what exactly is your job here, Jill?

Jill: Oh, I kinda go where Iím needed. I'm a bit of a floater.

Margo: I bet you are. So you wanted something?

Jill: I couldn't help overhearing the conversation you were having with your husband.

Margo: That would be my private conversation?

Jill: How you told your husband --Tom, is it? That you and Doc just had one little kiss. But we both know the truth, don't we?

Margo: What's your point?

Jill: I was thinking that maybe you want to make sure that I don't say the wrong thing.

Margo: What does that mean?

Jill: I'm guessing you wouldn't be too thrilled if Tom found out about you and Doc in the locker room -- and the steam room, and the gym. I have friends who work in the guys' locker room. They tell me things.

Margo: Oh, wow. You have quite a little career going here, don't you, Jill? Not only do you spy, but you eavesdrop, and now you're trying to blackmail me.

Jill: I'd be happy to keep your secret -- but you have to do something for me in return.

Dr. Schiller: Just the couple I was looking for.

Jessica: Oops. Hello.

Ben: You have Jessicaís test results?

Dr. Schiller: I do. I won't be able to move forward with the procedure.

Jessica: What? I don't understand.

Ben: Why not?

Dr. Schiller: Because -- Jessica is pregnant.

Ben: Pregnant?

Dr. Schiller: Congratulations!

Ben: Really? You hear that? We did it! We're having a baby! Oh, that's great!

Barbara: What a glorious day this is. I hope you haven't ordered. I'm famished.

Walker: Well, the B.R.O. business you had to take care of must have went well.

Barbara: Boy, oh boy. Did you ever have a problem that's been nagging at you that you just didn't know how to solve? Well, I decided to delegate. I have handed my problem off to someone else, and everything's going to work out fine.

Rosanna: Hi, sweetie. How did mama's precious angel get downstairs, huh? Paul? Paul?

Paul: Yeah.

Rosanna: Hey, did you bring Cabot downstairs?

Paul: No.

Rosanna: Well, that's impossible. We're the only ones in the house. How did he get down here?

Tomorrow on "As the World Turns" --

Rosanna: I don't like what this means. I don't like it at all. It means that somebody has access to this house and is playing musical chairs with the baby!

Jill: If you convince Doc to call me for a date before this evening --

Margo: No, no.

Jill: Then your husband doesn't have to know what a skanky tramp his wife really is!

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