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Dusty: I need your help here, Starziak. I need a line on these guys who jumped me at my club and hijacked this girl, Lucy Montgomery. And I'm tired of leaving you messages. Call me, you loser.

Lucy: 'Morning.

Dusty: 'Morning, Princess.

Lucy: Did you ever reach your friend?

Dusty: He's not my friend.

Lucy: Oh, that's right. I forgot. You don't have friends.

Dusty: Give it a rest, would you?

Lucy: Oh, forgive me for wanting to know when we're getting out of here.

Dusty: If it weren't for you, I'd be laying on a beach right now in Southeast Asia.

Lucy: Yeah, you and the scorpions.

Dusty: Lucy --

Lucy: Don't touch me.

Dusty: Get out of the way!

Margo: Doc? Could I be mistaken? Didn't we -- I thought we agreed that we were going to meet here this morning? After we didn't -- last night?

Doc: Margo, I Ė

[Simon dreaming]

Katie: I know how my rabbit died.

Simon: What --?

Katie: She was butchered! By Pilar!

Simon: How do you know?

Pilar: Because I told her. Sorry, Simon, but you didn't keep your part of the bargain. So what else could I do? I had to tell Katie how you paid me to break up her relationship with mike.

Katie: How could you do this to me? I loved you. I was ready to go away with you. Leave my home, and my friends and my family. I would have done anything for you!

Simon: What? You would have? Then, let's go. Let's go, just you and me. We'll get a --

Katie: Get your hands off me! I hate you!

Simon: Katie? Katie? Katie? Katie? Katie? Katie, where are you?

Mike: Katie?

Pilar: She's not here. But I am. And I will never leave you.

Bob: Tom. What time is it?

Tom: No, I'm early.

Bob: Oh. I thought I'd lost an hour. We're still going together to Katieís and deliver the present?

[Tom sighs]

Tom: Yeah, yeah, we're still doing that.

Bob: Well, Kimís still at work.

Tom: Well, that's good actually. I was hoping to talk to you alone.

Bob: What's up? Should I sit down?

Tom: I think my wife is -- I think she's seeing Doc Reese.

Jessica: Good morning.

Doc: Jessica.

Margo: Um, what about that traffic, huh?

Jessica: Yeah, I think they're doing some work on Lakeview Road.

Margo: Yeah. Doc, Jess and I have to talk. About a client, a case we're working on. So, we'll pick this up later? I'll call you.

Doc: Whatever works for you? Nice to see you again, Jessica.

Margo: Sit down. We gotta talk.

Jessica: What about?

Margo: Doc. I told you that I was meeting him last night. But something came up, and I had to go and see Katie. And by the time I got to the hotel room, he was just -- weird. He was in a weird place. Now, I don't know what was going on, but the moment -- the moment had come and gone. And so I said good-bye, and he was polite. And, um -- but we talked. And agreed that we would meet here this morning. [Margo sighs] This whole thing started because he wouldn't take no for answer. And then when it really came down to it, he wouldn't take yes for an answer. And so now, I'll never know. I'll never know if I would've gone through with it. But I wanted to, Jess. I wanted -- to, that's why I was there. I wanted to go to bed with him. But then, he was so distant. And I realized, this man is a stranger to me. I don't know him. I'm just infatuated with him. Like every other woman in this town is. So, nothing happened. I know that you probably don't believe me, but nothing happened.

Jessica: I do believe you. I know you didn't sleep with him.

Katie: Hey, what's going on?

Simon: Where were you? Are you all right?

Katie: Yeah. I was out looking for Faux.

Simon: Here, let me get that --

Katie: No, no. I'm all muddy --

Simon: I don't care. I was worried.

Katie: Why?

Simon: Now that we're back together, I just don't want to lose you.

Katie: Hey, I'm not going anywhere. But I know how you feel. I was so worried all night about Faux. So, as soon as it was light enough, I went out looking for her. I went down to the pond where Mike found her. But, no luck. I put out some food though. So, I'm gonna go back in a couple of hours, and see if she comes back.

Simon: In a couple of hours, we'll be at this party, this going-away party for you. You haven't even started to pack.

Katie: I don't know if I want to leave without knowing if she's okay. She's all alone out there, Simon. I know that we found her in the woods, but she belongs here.

Simon: Listen, sweetie, I don't think she's coming back.

Katie: Why not? How do you know?

Mike: What are you doing here? How'd you get in my house?

Pilar: I was watching you sleep. You looked so peaceful, so happy. Mike, I've missed you so much. Look, I'm sorry if I got between you and Katie. But I just knew she wasn't right for you --

Mike: Okay, I asked you a question. How'd you get in my house?

Pilar: Well, the window was open, and it was cold on the porch. You know, I thought you wouldn't mind --

Mike: No, I do mind. I don't want you anywhere near my house. Okay, you are not to drop in, or sneak in the window, or hide in the bushes --

Pilar: But we need to talk --

Mike: Oh, no, we are done talking!

Pilar: But I could make you so happy if you'd just give me the chance.

Mike: Give you a chance? Look, Pilar, okay, let me be blunt with you for a second. I don't trust you, and I don't like you.

Pilar: But that's because you think I was mean to Katie.

Mike: Okay, look. Let's pretend that even if you were that same little sweet girl that I used to know, and none of this had happened? I still wouldn't like you. I'm in love with Katie.

Pilar: But she doesn't want you! She's with Simon!

Mike: It doesn't matter. I love her. And I'm not interested in anyone else.

Pilar: What has she done to you?

Mike: Not a thing. That's just the way it is. Are we clear?

Pilar: Very clear. You don't want me because of Katie.

[Hip hop music]

Emily: Nikki has a lot of work to do, so you're going to sit at the counter like a big boy. Have your breakfast, go.

Nikki: Okay, but it's not that simple. I mean, the woman who runs the Rose Foundation is a very prominent member of the community --

Emily: Daniel -- Daniel? What are you doing? Daniel! You did that on purpose! What're you doing?

Nikki: I'm sorry?

Emily: Oh, that's all right, your fruit --

Nikki: You, guys, I can't hear the other side of this conversation -- could you -- shh -- right, right. Could you be a doll and get me some more coffee? I'm swamped here. Okay, I'll bring the indictments down as soon as I know they'll stick. Okay.

Emily: Would you like one lump or two?

Nikki: Could I call you back? Is there a problem here?

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Nikki. Come here, Daniel. This is my kitchen. This is my son, Daniel, attempting to have his breakfast at the kitchen table. This is not an office.

Nikki: Okay, you're right. I'm sorry. It's just, I get so consumed with these telephone calls, and I forget where I am. Look, I know I just landed on you. I was gonna stay at a hotel, but Dad insisted that I stay here --

Emily: And I'm thrilled that you're here. I really am. We'll just need to find a place for you to work, that's all.

Nikki: Well, maybe Dad can find me a place down at the station.

Emily: We can find room here. Okay, I know what a big help it is to be able to bring work home. Trust me, I do it all the time. Don't I, buddy?

Nikki: That's right, you run that little paper. [Phone ringing] Nikki Munson.

Hal: Hello, Nikki Munson.

Nikki: Hey, Dad. I'm glad you called. Yeah, well, I have an interview scheduled down at the station in about a half hour. If there's any luck, we'll know how to smoke out Dusty Donovan.

Lucy: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to --

Dusty: That's okay. Look, my shoulder -- my shoulder is dislocated.

Lucy: Okay, all right, where's your phone?

Dusty: Why? Why do you want my phone?

Lucy: Because I have to call you an ambulance.

Dusty: No, no, no, no, no. That's too risky.

Lucy: But you're in pain --

Dusty: It's okay. It's happened before. We're just gonna pop it back in. Me and you.

Lucy: Don't be ridiculous. You need to see a doctor --

Dusty: Look, if we leave here, you might end up dead! All right?

Lucy: Fine, fine. You want to pop your shoulder, whatever, be my guest.

Dusty: I can't do it. You gotta do it.

Lucy: I can't fix your shoulder --

Dusty: Take my hand. Take it! You gotta put your foot in my stomach for leverage. Do it, come here!

Lucy: Like this?

Dusty: No, like you mean it. That's good. Ready? On three --

Lucy: On three, what?

Dusty: You're gonna pull. Quick and hard. No hesitation. Like you're starting a lawnmower.

Lucy: No, no, I --

Dusty: You never mowed a lawn?

Lucy: I don't know how to do this --

Dusty: Oh, yes you do! And I'm not gonna teach you how right now. Ready?

Lucy: No!

Dusty: One --

Lucy: Wait --

Dusty: Two --

Lucy: Dusty --

Dusty: Three!

Katie: How you could you know if Faux Snickers was coming back or not?

Simon: She wasn't raised to be a pet, right? You said so yourself. She's from the woods.

Katie: Yeah, and it's summer and it's gorgeous out. And maybe she wanted a little vacation. But she loved it here, she did.

Simon: I know. I know. I'm sure she did. But isn't it natural that once she got back into the wild where she belongs, that that's where she wants to stay. It's her home --

Katie: No, this is her home.

Simon: Well, maybe she feels like a foreigner here, and wants to go back to where she belongs. Anyway, it's gonna be easier for Nancy to take care of one rabbit instead of two, right? What?

Katie: I just feel like I'm leaving without really making up my mind. It's not that I don't want to be with you or go to Australia. I just -- I mean it's halfway across the world --

Simon: Oakdale isn't going to go anywhere, is it? It's gonna stay here forever, right? We can visit.

Katie: Yeah, I guess.

Simon: Listen, if you don't like it we can come back. Easy as that.

Katie: You promise?

Simon: Of course I promise. Sweetheart, I just want to make you happy. I just want to have all those things we always dreamed about, we always planned. You know, a family, a baby.

Katie: A baby. We haven't talked about that in a while.

Simon: Well, I haven't changed my mind. You?

Katie: No, no, I still want a family. But we're barely used to being a couple again. I just don't think it's the right time to bring someone else into that mix.

Simon: I know, me neither. I mean, for the time being, what we really need to concentrate on is building our life back together.

Katie: But, and it's not that I don't want that, I do. I just think you should know that I want my family to be a part of that. I want to share it with them. With Margo and Craig, Henry.

Simon: Yeah, tell me, in the past few months, have you been happy?

Katie: No.

Simon: Me neither. Let's go to Australia. Let's make a fresh start. Just leave all these, these bad memories behind.

Pilar: I was willing to give you everything. My whole life. We could have been so happy. But you're throwing it all away like it's nothing. You'd rather be alone and miserable than in love with me.

Mike: This isn't serving any purpose.

Pilar: Why can't you see what she's doing to you? You're ruining your life because of a woman who doesn't even love you.

Mike: All right, you know what, it's time for you to go.

Pilar: She's a user. The only reason she ever pretended to care about you was because she thought Simon wasn't coming back. If you think she's going to get tired of him and come back to you, forget it, Mike. That is not going to happen.

Mike: Okay, you coming back here -- that is not going to happen again either. Because if it does, I will call the cops!

Pilar: Someone has to pay for this. Katie, guess it's going to have to be you.

Henry: Pilar?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Simon: Two more hours and we're home free.

Margo: Oh, hi, handsome, going somewhere?

Henry: What are you doing here? I thought Mike told you to make yourself scarce.

Pilar: My relationship with Mike is none of your business.

Henry: All right, shall I knock on the door and see how he feels about you?

Pilar: Mike is confused because of you and that bleach blond --

Henry: Whoa, uh-uh, you don't throw knives at my girl. [Pilar laughing] Listen, Katie is one of the sweetest people you'll ever know.

Pilar: I know exactly what she was.

Henry: Was?

Pilar: She's leaving town isn't she? Which makes her nothing but a bad memory.

[Henry whistle]

Henry: Mike? Mike? Mike, hey? Hey, good, you're here. You know Pilar was just out here.

Mike: I, I -- she was here all night. She broke into my house, I woke up, I found her staring at me.

Henry: Whoa man, that Senorita is like three beans short of an enchilada.

Mike: I told her I'd call the cops if she ever showed up again. I think she finally got it.

Henry: Let's hope so.

Mike: Yeah.

Henry: So you called me?

Mike: Yeah, thanks for coming by. Look, um, I know Katieís having a farewell party in a couple hours.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, sad but true. She leaves for Australia this afternoon.

Mike: And I thought that maybe, um --

Henry: We could find a way to keep her from going?

Bob: The fact is, you don't know if Margoís done anything or Reese has anything to do with it.

Tom: I can feel it, Dad. Plus, Alison Stewart saw them together.

Bob: Margo and Doc?

Tom: Yeah. They were in the courtyard over by the old library. And when she came across them, they were both on the ground. Together. Alison assumed they were looking for one of those keys, you know those keys in that contest in the paper?

Bob: Well, maybe they were.

Tom: Well, they weren't, Dad. According to Margo, because I confronted her with it. And she got all flustered and said Alison just misunderstood.

Bob: So they weren't partners in the competition --

Tom: There's been a connection between these two people ever since this guy came to town. And you've been aware of it too, Dad. I was trying to track her down last night. They didn't know where she was at the police station. She wasn't answering her phone or her pager. And then I run into Kim and she tells me that Doc Reese took the night off. He needed "personal time" -- with my wife. I'm gonna wring his neck.

Bob: Now take it easy --

Tom: I'm gonna wring his neck! We've been down this road before! This road is hell! And I thought she loved me --

Bob: She does love you. Now look, if she's done this, and I don't know how you jump to that conclusion --

Tom: I know the signs, Dad. My wife is having an affair with Doc Reese!

Kim: Oh, honey, hi. I'm so glad you're here. You can be the first to know that I am a genius. Oh, my gosh, look at these ratings. Can you believe that? Doc Reese is a star. I mean, the audience just loves him! Especially the --

Bob: Honey --

Kim: Oh, Tommy. I'm so sorry. I'm just so excited. Oh, my gosh, I'm glad to see you, too. Well, this should make you and Margo really happy. I know how much you guys think of Doc. You know, I've never had numbers like this ever before. And let's face it, these women are not panting to find out what the latest scores are -- they're panting for the man. The man is gorgeous.

Bob: You know, we're due at Katieís soon.

Kim: Oh, oh, right. I'm so sorry. I forgot.

Bob: So if you want to change, you know --

Kim: Uh, yeah. Okay, fine. I will be -- oh, is Margo here?

Tom: No. No, not yet.

Kim: Just a minute, just a minute.

Tom: I'm going to kill her.

Bob: No, you're not!

Tom: I'm gonna kill her! To throw our marriage away because some aging jock gives her a second look?

Bob: Listen, before you go on the attack and say something that you'll regret --

Tom: No, you listen -- I am the injured party here!

Bob: Okay. But as one old married man to another, take a deep breath. Now maybe you're right, but if you're not, you don't want to go around making crazy accusations.

Tom: So what do you want me to do, Dad? Do you want me to just wait till Margo comes in and confesses to me all by herself? Because she has no problem lying to me! You know what? Something's got to give, Dad. I'm not going to take this.

Margo: I really couldn't help myself. He was so insistent, and that was flattering. And I felt desired. And I felt powerful in a way I haven't felt in years.

Jessica: I know.

Margo: Hey Jess, you surprise me.

Jessica: Why?

Margo: You were so against this.

Jessica: Well, that doesn't mean that I didn't understand it.

Margo: I'm sorry. I know -- it brings up the Marshall thing.

Jessica: Look, look, I don't want to talk about Marshall.

Margo: All right, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't want to upset you. I'm just trying to understand you.

Jessica: I'm just happy that nothing happened. That you changed your mind.

Margo: Well, I hope it's that simple.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Margo: Well, if Doc decides to come after me again --

Jessica: He wonít.

Margo: How do you know that?

Jessica: Oh, come on, Margo. Men like Doc? And remember, we've both talked to his ex-wife. I mean, men like that -- they come on all hot and heavy and then they just disappear for no apparent reason.

Margo: Yeah, if they get what they wanted. But that didn't happen. [Margo sighs] Oh, Jessica, I hope you're right about this whole disappearing thing. Because he's so attractive when he just gets up in your face like that. What is the matter with you?

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: This place is drafty. Listen, please promise me that you won't let him -- that you'll just avoid him.

Margo: How am I gonna do that? If he wants to come after me, how am I going to avoid him?

Jessica: Well, trust me, you don't want to do this. If you give in to your feelings, and you told me yourself, it's just sexual attraction --

Margo: Don't underestimate sexual attraction --

Jessica: I donít. And that's why I want you to promise me that you will not go near him. I mean, just keep telling yourself what you told me. I mean, he's a stranger. You don't know him. You don't care for him. Not like you do for Tom. And it would be a horrible mistake. No matter how it happens, no matter what you say to yourself afterward. You'll feel ashamed. And you'll feel dirty and stupid and worthless.

Margo: All right, all right, all right --

Jessica: No, I'm serious. You'll hurt the people you love the most. You could lose everything and it's just not worth it. So, please promise me that you'll stay away from him.

Margo: Okay. Okay, Jess. I've got to go. I've gotta go meet Tom over at Kim and Bob's and pick out a gift for Katie. So, I'm gonna see you at the party later?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, I'll be there. Listen, listen, Margo. I'm your friend. And I would never judge you. But I'm just -- I'm concerned for you. Because I've been where you are right now.

Margo: I know. I know.

Hal: Hey!

Emily: Hey!

Hal: How's my favorite girl?

Emily: Oh, happy to know she's still your favorite girl.

Hal: Oh, there it is. I knew I left it here. Jerk. Honey, I can't stay. Nikki's downtown interviewing a witness. I really want to get back down there and see how she does.

Emily: What?

Hal: Oh, it's just something. Seeing my little girl in action. And I know it's a mess, this case. But it brought Nikki back to town. So all I can say is, God bless Dusty Donovan.

Emily: Don't let the IRS hear you say that.

Hal: Oh, we'll work it out.

Emily: So how long are you going to be able to keep this quiet, that Dusty's on the lam with Lucy Montgomery, huh?

Hal: Yeah, there's something wrong there, but I can't put my finger on it.

Emily: And until you find him, the other case is on hold.

Hal: Mm -- that's right.

Emily: And you're grinning because --?

Hal: Oh, don't get me wrong. I mean, I'm all for the IRS. But the longer it takes, the longer it means Nikki gets to stick around. And with any luck, maybe she'll decide to stay.

Emily: So, what are you saying? Nikki's thinking of moving to Oakdale?

Hal: Well, we haven't had the conversation yet, but we will. Obviously, she can stay with us as long as she likes. And with her dad in a position to put in a good word with local law enforcement -- I've gotta run.

Emily: Ah, you might need this.

Hal: Where would I be without you?

Emily: Oh -- [Emily sighs] Bye.

Nikki: Molly, remember me?

Molly: Yes, Nikki. Long time no see. Where is your Dad?

Nikki: Well, I have no idea. I'm actually here investigating the federal charges against Dustin Donovan? Would you like some coffee?

Molly: I'd like to get this over with.

Nikki: You know Dustin Donovan?

Molly: You know I do.

Nikki: You were romantically involved with him. You run a place of business -- currently. Metro?

Molly: Can you cut to the chase? Because I do not have all day.

Nikki: Mr. Donovan was the founder of the Rose Foundation.

Molly: Hmm-mm

Nikki: He wasn't?

Molly: He helped find it, yeah. Next.

Nikki: According to police records, there was an altercation at your place involving Mr. Kenny Starziak.

Molly: Starziak was an old acquaintance of Dustyís.

Nikki: He ran numbers with him in Chicago.

Molly: Really? Well, that's not surprising. Starziak did come by expecting Dusty to do him favors now that he's in Lily Snyderís pocket.

Nikki: So it was your impression that it was Mr. Starziak's idea to do the money laundering?

Molly: Well, it wasn't Dusty's. Look, he is not a saint. Not by a long shot. But Rose, she was important to him. Lily was important to him. The foundation was important to him. Starziak didn't care. He saw a really great opportunity to clean some really dirty money. And when Dusty wouldn't play along, he added a lot of pressure.

Nikki: He threatened Dustin?

Molly: He threatened Lily.

Nikki: And they didn't go to the police?

Molly: Are you serious? Do you really think the police are going to listen to a guy like Dusty?

Nikki: Because --?

Molly: Dusty is scum.

Nikki: Okay, so you'd have no trouble believing he's capable of kidnapping.

Molly: None at all.

Lucy: Are you okay?

Dusty: Oh, it's in there. You got it good.

Lucy: But you're still in pain --

Dusty: I'm in pain for a few days. But it goes away.

Lucy: You'll get my bill in the mail.

Dusty: You want -- what? You want me to thank you for dumping a bunch of crates on me? You'll get my bill.

Lucy: It was an accident --

Dusty: Okay, tell it to my shoulder, you little monster.

Lucy: You're impossible.

Dusty: Hey, Lucy. Thank you, Lucy. Oh man, I feel sorry for your father.

Lucy: Why?

Dusty: You've got a helluva pout going on over there. You know that? It must take years to practice getting a pout like that.

Lucy: Keep it up. And I'll drop another stack of boxes on your head.

Dusty: You wouldnít.

Lucy: Oh, you don't think so?

Dusty: No, 'cause you might kill me. You'd miss me if I was gone.

Lucy: I might have to get back to you on that.

Katie: Oh, that looks gorgeous.

Simon: Festive, as my mum would say.

Katie: You never really talk about your family.

Simon: All that'll change as soon as we get home. You know, the more I think about it, the more we've just gotta live by the beach. Okay? The coastline around Sydney is phenomenal. I think that's where we gotta go.

Katie: Sounds great. Thank you for throwing this party for me.

Simon: Listen. I know I don't always go about things the right way. But it's the end result that counts, right? I mean, we're back together. We're gonna leave all our worries behind. And I know it's a lot to ask after what I've put you through, and I don't deserve you --

Katie: Simon, you rescued me from that awful hospital. I will never forget that. Come here.

Simon: All right. People are gonna be over in a couple of hours. We've still got lanterns to hang. And you gotta go upstairs and get into that gorgeous outfit. Pronto.

Katie: Okay. Simon. I love you.

Simon: I love you, too. Two more hours and we're home free.

Nikki: You know Mr. Starziak?

Molly: Well, no. I've run into him. Let me just say it wasn't a pleasure. Okay? He is a thug who thinks he is a player. He's mean, vicious, stupid, not necessarily in that order. And his "boys" are even worse.

Nikki: And you've seen them talking to Mr. Donovan?

Molly: They've talked to me.

Nikki: Have you heard from Mr. Starziak or any of his associates since Mr. Donovan disappeared?

Molly: No.

Nikki: Okay. Do me a favor. Call if any of them get in touch with you.

Molly: Okay.

Nikki: Thanks.

Molly: No problem. So that's it?

Nikki: Well, I may have a few more questions as this progresses.

Molly: Oh, I'm sure you will.

Nikki: I can find you at Metro?

Molly: Most nights, yeah. Stop by, maybe I'll even buy you a drink.

Jessica: Okay, Ms. Kleine, all you have to do is tell the truth as simply as possible.

Rachel: You really have it all, don't you? I mean, you have a wonderful job, and a smart husband, and Doc Reese.

Jessica: Um, that's all I need for right now. So, I will be in touch.

Rachel: Okay. Thank you.

Doc: Where are you going?

Jessica: We are not having this conversation.

Doc: You are not the only one affected by what happened last night.

Jessica: Nothing happened.

Doc: Fine, fine. But if our mission now is too keep this quiet, then it's imperative that we get together on the details. And we need to do it now.

Bob: So Margo is guilty until proven innocent?

Tom: Dad, I have been waking up beside this woman for a couple of decades. I know her as well as I know myself. So I don't need an affidavit, all I have to do is look into her eyes. She's moody, she's distant, she disappearing for hours at a time and she's lying to me!

Bob: Okay. Maybe Margo has been unfaithful. But listen, you guys can work this out. You have a life together. You have a family. You've got to stay calm and talk this through with Margo.

Tom: Oh, no I donít. No, she's pushed me too far.

Kim: Bob? Honey? Will you come up and give me a hand?

Bob: Why the zippers from women's dresses are always in the back is beyond me. I'll be right there, honey. I'll be right back.

Tom: I'm all right.

Bob: You've got to concentrate on what's really important.

Tom: What is that, Dad?

Bob: You, your wife. And your kids.

Margo: Oh, Doc.

Margo: Oh, hi, handsome. Going somewhere?

Mike: You're dreaming, Henry.

Henry: Katie's married son, they're leaving for Australia -- there's not a thing we can do about it.

Henry: So you're just going to give up on her?

Mike: No, I'm just gonna let her go. Thanks for stopping by.

Henry: No, no, no, wait a minute. Wait a minute. You didn't ask me over here just to throw in the towel. You need my help for something.

Mike: I had this idea, forget it.

Henry: Listen, don't get me wrong, I like Simon. Okay? But he's broken her heart one too many times. So, if you have some way to get through to her --

Mike: No, I'm through playing that game. I was gonna ask you to give her something for me. This reminded me of her. I thought it might remind her of the times we had together. But then I realized that wasn't fair. She's made her choice and I've gotta let her go.

Henry: You're noble, too. "You're a fool, Katherine!"

Mike: No, she's just married.

Henry: Yep. For what it's worth, she'll never forget you.

Mike: And I'll never forget her.

Henry: This is why I will never fall in love.

Mike: You'll fall, man. We all do. You'll be a better man for it.

Henry: Nope. Nope. I am committed to never committing.

Mike: All right. Look, maybe you should get outta here, that party's going to start pretty soon.

Henry: You're going to be okay here all by yourself?

Mike: I might drown my sorrows in some alcohol, but other than that --

Henry: That's good, drinking is good. I meant Pilar. She didn't leave here very happy.

Mike: She's not coming back. I'll lock my windows just in case. Keep your eyes out at the party.

Henry: For what?

Mike: I would not put it past Pilar to show up there. Last thing I want is her making a scene and ruining things for Katie.

Henry: Okay, so if a large cake arrives unannounced, I should just run my sword through it? Or kick it, whatever. Okay.

Mike: Well, at least we won't have to worry about anything like that anymore. By tonight, Katie will be far away and Pilar will never hurt her.

Katie: I'm almost ready. Hey there. I can't believe I'm actually leaving. I don't know if I'll see you again.

Pilar: You'll never see anyone again.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Paul: Is that you're big plan? You're going to move in here and be Cabotís nanny?

Jordan: Actually, I wouldn't mind that all.

Margo: Tell me, tell me what's wrong?

Tom: Be careful what you ask for.

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