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Alison: Here's the paper.

Nancy: Wonderful! What am I looking at?

Alison: Clue number two in the keys to the kingdom contest.

Nancy: Oh. Have you read it?

Alison: No, you do the honors.

Nancy: All right. "Where generations of Oakdale citizens go for last good-byes and first hellos."

Casey: "People come from miles around, where some were freed, others are bound."

Aaron: "Ten paces from flowers that no water need, beneath the word that all should heed, history hides the second key."

Curtis: Does this make any sense to you?

Aaron: Not a word of it, man.

Curtis: All right. One more time. From the top.

Casey: I hope this makes sense to you, Dad. 'Cause it's Greek to me.

Curtis: Not a clue.

Alison: I've read it a million times, it doesn't make any sense.

Nancy: It makes perfect sense.

Alison: You're kidding, right? You're not kidding? So you know where the key is?

Nancy: I know exactly where it is.

Paul: Okay, boys, I think you've had your fun. You've been through my bags, and through my pockets -- and let's face it, you've been places my doctor has never been. What's it gonna take? Huh? What are we gonna have to do here to prove to you that I'm not a drug dealer?

Cop #1: Take him to the station. Run his name through Interpol.

Cop #2: We could do that, I suppose.

Paul: With all due respect, I don't have time for that. I founded -- well, I co-founded a major fashion company. Maybe you've heard -- maybe your wives have heard of it, Barbara Ryan originals? Yeah? No? Barbara Ryan, that's my Mother.

Cop #2: Without substantive proof of who you are, Mr. Ryan --

Cop #1: -- We'll have to proceed with our investigation.

Paul: You know what? I've got a better idea. Why don't we call the police department in Oakdale, Illinois, and we can ask for Detective -- chief of detectives, Hal Munson. Or you can even talk to Detective Margo Hughes. You could even -- it's not always fun, but you could talk to Detective Jack Snyder. Any one of them know me. They know my family. They'll tell you that this is a setup, that I'm not a drug dealer. But, please, can we do this? Can we do this now? Please? And let me go before it's too late?

Barbara: Well, that's what I call a lovely afternoon.

Walker: Yeah? What part did you like the best?

Barbara: Well, I liked my lobster salad. But I liked my massage afterwards even better.

Walker: So, that worked for you, huh? Well, you were pretty tense.

Barbara: Just can't imagine why that could be.

Walker: Something to do with Jennifer being involved with James Stenbeck's son? But you are going to try not to dwell on that, right?

Barbara: Yes. The more I object to their relationship, the tighter they will cling to each other.

Walker: Right. And the more tense you will get right here.

Barbara: You know, you are very patient with me. You really are. And I promise, I will try to remain calm, I will ignore what I don't like, and I will pray that Paul finds a way to keep Jordan and Cabot out of her life. What in the world?

Jennifer: Oh, you're home!

Barbara: Jennifer? What are you doing?

Jennifer: Well, Cabotís gonna need someplace to sleep once they get back. What do you think?

Jordan: Hello, Rosanna.

Rosanna: No, get away from me.

Jordan: No, please, don't get crazy, Rosanna. You don't wanna upset the baby.

Rosanna: Get him away from me.

Jordan: I'm not gonna hurt you!

Houseman: What's the problem, ma'am?

Rosanna: He's trying to take my baby away from me.

Jordan: That is not true. He's my baby as well. As much as he is yours.

Rosanna: You know what I went through to get him back? I can't lose him again. Please, I won't go through that again!

Jordan: Rosanna, I'm not going to take the baby from you.

Rosanna: I'll give you anything you want. Just tell me what you want. You remember how I offered you that job at Cabot Motors? I'll give it to you. I'll give you Cabot Motors, if that's what you want! Just please, please don't take the baby away from me!

Margo: Look, Tom, I know you've got a million things that you have to do back at the office.

Tom: Nothing is more important than you.

Margo: And I have a ton of paperwork sitting on my desk at the station --

Tom: Well, good. So we'll sit down, we'll have some lemonade, we'll spend a little time together. Besides, I think there might be a little something you'd like to get off your chest.

Margo: Like what?

Tom: Katie's big move, for one. I know you hate that she's moving so far away. But that's only the half of it. There is something else, and I've been able to sense it for a little while now.

Margo: You have?

Tom: Long before we heard the news about Katie. So, why don't you tell me what's going on?

[Margo remembering]

Doc: I want to see you, I just can't help it. And you're right, I don't think about you and your family. I don't think about me and my career. I just have to touch you.

Tom: Hey, Margo?

Margo: It is Katie, I'm worried that she's making a mistake.

Tom: Well, Katie can take care of herself. I just wish that Katieís sister would let me take care of her.

Margo: Well, Tom, you know the women of my family are phenomenally self-reliant. It's the family virtue.

Tom: No, the family curse.

Margo: Tom, there's nothing wrong.

Tom: Oh, I know, I know. But if there were, do you know that there's nothing that you can't say to me?

Casey: Oh, good. You guys are still here. I got the paper. Clue number two. Can't solve it without you, partner.

Tom: All right.

Casey: And no, I was not ignoring you.

Tom: Listen, just give me an hour.

Casey: Dad, in an hour, somebody else is gonna have found the second key.

Tom: Your Mom and I are into something very important.

Casey: It's not like you guys haven't known each other forever. Come on, you'll see her at home!

Margo: Oh, when you put it that way, fine. Go, just go. I'm fine.

Tom: Are you sure? 'Cause all you have to do is say the word, I will clear my schedule, I'll have this kid in boarding school in one week, and I'll be all yours.

Margo: No, I'll just sit here all by myself and think of the ways I can spend your money.

Casey: Good, good. Thanks, Mom. You won't regret this.

Tom: I'll talk to you later. I -- -- love -- -- you.

Casey: Come on, Dad! Come on!

Margo: I'll see you guys at home.

Tom: Right.

[Margo sighs]

[Phone rings]

Casey: These clues are giving me your hair!

Tom: Stop it. "Some freed, others bound." It sounded like the courthouse to me, kid. I'm sorry about that.

Casey: No offense, but, maybe I should've been working with Mom on these, I mean, she is a detective.

Tom: Have you no faith? Come on, we can figure this out. Where do you think we should look?

Casey: The police station? I mean, they have a jail there, right? "Freed," "bound," it fits!

Tom: Yeah. So do a dozen other locations. You know, we can't keep running around here without a plan. Let's just sit down and figure this thing out logically.

Casey: Okay, cool. I mean, logical's good.

Tom: All right, let's take another look at the clue.

Aaron: "Where generations of Oakdale citizens go, for last good-byes and first hellos."

Curtis: Airport.

Aaron: Yeah, that works. But who gets "bound" at the airport?

Curtis: Well, passengers are "bound" for their destinations. Don't look at me like that, man! At least I'm trying!

Aaron: Oh, you're reaching.

Curtis: Come up with something better.

Aaron: Hold on, hold on, okay? "Last good-byes and first hellos." Hospital. People are born there, people die there.

Curtis: Thought of that, too. But then the rest of the clue doesn't make any sense.

Aaron: "Here some are freed, others are bound, ten paces from flowers that no water need, beneath the word that all should heed."

Curtis: What water? What flowers? What --

Aaron: What the hell were we thinking signing up for this?

Nancy: The answer to that clue is Lutherís Corners Church.

Alison: You know how in math class, you can't just write down the answers? You have to show all the steps. So, what are the steps?

Nancy: "Life's first hello's and last good-byes" refers to christenings and funerals.

Alison: All right. But what about the next line? "Where some were freed, but others are bound."

Nancy: Don't you remember anything from your Oakdale history class?

Alison: That was like a million years ago! But you've got a terrific memory, and I'm so lucky to have you as my partner. So, go on.

Nancy: Luther's Corners Church was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Well, it wasn't really a railroad. How much history did you miss? Oh, forget it. Those that were freed were the slaves, of course, and those people, that are "bound" together, who get married at the church now.

Alison: You're right! You're a genius!

Nancy: Oh, thank you.

Alison: Okay, so we'll go now, and then we'll figure everything out when we get there.

Nancy: I'd love to, darling, you know I would --

Alison: Oh, please don't say --

Nancy: I am the keynote speaker at the hospital auxiliary in half an hour!

Alison: But then we'll miss our chance for a good head start!

Nancy: $300,000.

Alison: Okay, I guess I can take on the rest now that you've got me started.

Nancy: What are you looking for?

Alison: Oh, I just want to make sure I look good when I win the key. Just in case they put my picture in the paper or something. And this physique, it's amazing. Emily got it for me, and it keeps your hair looking great for hours. Here, you can try some. Okay, so, how do I look?

Nancy: Adorable.

Alison: Thanks. And I just want you to know I've got a really good feeling about this. And Nancy, I'm not just talking about today. I really, really think that we can win this.

Nancy: Good luck.

Alison: I don't need it, 'cause I've got you. Oh, and don't forget. Don't say a word to Chris, okay? Okay, well, knock 'em dead at the hospital. Bye.

Margo: Hi. It's me. I'm sorry about this afternoon, I really, really am. Give me a call and let me know where you are. Bye.

Imaginary doc: You know where I am. I'm at our hotel room, hoping any minute you'll knock on that door. There's still time, Margo. Just get in that car and drive as fast Ė

Lisa: Hi. You look like you've seen a ghost. Are you feeling all right?

Jennifer: All of this stuff in the middle of your living room -- it's until I can clear out my part of the suite.

Barbara: I see.

Jennifer: I hope you don't mind.

[Barbara remembering]

Paul: James can't find out that Jennifer has turned against you. If he does, Mom, he will use that against you in ways that none of us can even imagine.

Barbara: Okay, so what do we do?

Paul: Well, for one thing, you don't keep Jennifer away from Jordan anymore. And avoid fighting with Jennifer at all costs.

Barbara: No, of course I don't mind? Walker, isn't this a handsome crib?

Walker: Yes, yeah -- smashing. Your daughter has excellent taste.

Barbara: I only hope it's not premature.

Jennifer: How do you mean?

Barbara: Well, even if Jordan can track Rosanna down, that doesn't mean he's going to bring the baby home.

Jennifer: What are you suggesting, Mother?

Barbara: I'm suggesting that perhaps housekeeping might come and pack all this up and store it for a while. Until you're more certain of what your future might be.

Jennifer: I am perfectly certain about my future. It's with Jordan, and Cabot. And it's pretty clear that you still have a problem with that.

Jordan: Rosanna, please, just try to calm down.

Rosanna: Why should I?

Jordan: Because I'm not here to take Cabot from you.

Houseman: Should I call the police?

Jordan: I don't think calling the police would be a good idea. Do you?

Rosanna: No. Thank you. Listen, why don't you take Cabot --

Jordan: So they can disappear through the back door? I've already been through a version of this. I'm not doing it twice.

Rosanna: No, so we can talk and Cabot won't get upset.

Houseman: Yes, ma'am.

Rosanna: Thank you. Thanks very much.

Jordan: Look -- I know we have some trust issues that we need to work through, but you have to hear me out.

Rosanna: I'm listening.

Jordan: Just because I want Cabot in my life doesn't mean that I want you out of it. There's no reason why he can't -- why he shouldn't have two parents. We can come up with a compromise.

Rosanna: How do I know this isn't some plot you cooked up with your father?

Jordan: Because finding out who my father is doesn't change who I am. I've never lied to you.

Rosanna: Didn't James help you track me down? Isn't he the reason you got here so fast?

Jordan: I did go to him, but out of desperation. And do you know what he told me? He told me that I shouldn't make an enemy of you, and I agreed with him. And I told him the same thing that I'm telling you. This is about Cabot, what's important for him. I want him to have a home. A back yard -- uncles, birthday parties, friends. Everything that I never had.

Rosanna: I want that for him, too.

Jordan: Then what kind of life do you think you would have, living on the run? He has a home back in Oakdale and two parents who love him. And that doesn't have to change. Unless --

Rosanna: Unless what?

Jordan: You fight me on this and you will lose. I know that, and I think you know it, too.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Doc: I know what you mean. That was incredible. I just didn't know you could be so --

Jessica: No, that was wrong. That's what that was, it was wrong.

Doc: That's not what you said a few minutes ago.

Jessica: What happened? What were we doing? I must be insane.

Doc: Relax -- we got caught up in the moment. I wanted you, you wanted --

Jessica: Okay, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let's just get one thing perfectly clear. I did not want you.

Doc: Oh, really? If it was that good and you didn't want me, I'd hate to see what it was like when you did. Oh, oh, ohh-- someone could've gotten hurt in there.

Jessica: Doc, I was upset. Okay, I was upset. Now what happened here had nothing to do with you!

Doc: Oh, come on. Quit lying to yourself, Jessica. What happened here had everything to do with me -- and you. Just admit it.

Lisa: Margo, you know -- you know what's good for stress? We have a full-service spa right here on the premises. So, what would you say to a full-body massage?

Margo: I would say no. At least, I keep trying to.

Lisa: Well, I know. You see, that's your problem, you don't indulge yourself. Honey, let me make an appointment for you. It'll be my treat.

Margo: You know, maybe some other time, Lisa.

Lisa: Are you sure? Then you can drop by my office, we'll have a nice glass of iced tea?

Margo: You know what, there's something I need to take care of now, okay? Another time. Bye.

Lisa: Sure, bye.

Casey: There she is.

Tom: Go to work.

Casey: Hey, Grandma. Hi.

Lisa: Oh, hi. Oh, don't tell me, you're looking for Margo.

Tom: No, actually, we were looking for you. Why? Did you run into her?

Lisa: She just left a couple of seconds ago.

Tom: Huh? Did she say where she was going?

Lisa: She just said there was something she needed to take care of.

Tom: Oh.

Lisa: Is she all right?

Tom: Yeah, why would you say that?

Lisa: Oh, I don't know. She just acted -- well, she acted preoccupied. Oh, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Aaron: You see what I see?

Curtis: I've got enough riddles for one day.

Aaron: Tom and Casey. Team brainiacs. Maybe we should stick close to them if you know what I mean? Those two are great at solving clues.

Curtis: How do we solve clues?

Aaron: By following them.

Curtis: That's cheating!

Aaron: No, it's strategy.

Curtis: Forget it.

Aaron: Listen, we'll use them to get to the general area, and then we'll figure out the rest of the clue ourselves. What?

Casey: Thanks, Grandma. We'll see you later.

Lisa: All right. I'm sorry I couldn't help.

Tom: Bye.

Lisa: Take care.

Aaron: They're leaving. Let's go.

Curtis: Let 'em go.

Aaron: Look, you have your strategy and I have mine. I'll call you when I have the key.

Alison: I did it. I'm the first one here. Nancy Hughes, you're the best.

Usher: Are you a relative or a friend of the family?

Alison: No, no, I'm --

Usher: I'm sorry. This is a private ceremony.

Alison: Oh, it's okay. I don't mind if they donít. I'll be quiet as a church mouse.

Usher: I'm sorry. It's a private ceremony.

Alison: No, you don't understand. I have to get in there now.

Usher: Well, it'll be over soon.

Alison: No, I have to get in there now!

Usher: You're welcome to wait in our prayer garden out back. It's very peaceful.

Barbara: Jen, honey, you know you've always been my favorite daughter. And you also know that I worry too much.

Jennifer: Donít.

Barbara: It's just because you have such high expectations out of life and I don't want you to be disappointed. Have you thought about every eventuality?

Jennifer: Mom, that's why I went shopping! [Barbara sighs] Am I missing something?

Walker: Your mother is just concerned about the baby.

Jennifer: Well, so am I. And so is his father.

Walker: And so is Rosanna. She's afraid the child will be taken away.

Jennifer: Just like she's tried to keep Cabot away from his rightful father?

Barbara: Okay, okay. There's no reason to debate this.

Jennifer: Well, then let's be honest here, Mom. You think that I haven't thought this through, but I know Jordan! And if he says that he's not coming back to Oakdale without his son, I believe him. Okay, that's why I got all this stuff. And I'm not gonna put it in storage and I'm not taking it back to the store. They're here to stay. And so are Jordan and Cabot.

Jennifer: What?

Barbara: If you think I'm going to allow you to turn my living room into Cabot Sinclair-Stenbeck's private nursery, you have completely lost your mind.

Rosanna: What do you want?

Jordan: I want to make you a one-time offer. A chance to turn back the clock. Act like this never happened. Just come back home.

Rosanna: Who gets custody?

Jordan: We'll work that out when we get home.

Rosanna: How do I know I can trust you?

Jordan: Look, you are the one who did something behind my back, not the other way around. I've never given you a reason not to trust me. What? Do you want it in writing? Give me a pen!

Rosanna: I don't know what to do.

Jordan: It's not that complicated, Rosanna. Either you come back to Oakdale, or you donít. But either way, Cabot is coming home with me. So tell me now. Do you stay? Or do you go?

Paul: She'll go.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: But you don't want Cabot in your life!

Barbara: I don't want Cabot in your life!

Jennifer: I'm in love with his father! You don't have to like it, but you have to live with it or I'm gone.

Paul: Cabot deserves a home. So do you. Let me take you home.

Alison: How long does it take to splash a kid with water and give him a name? Oh, no.

Casey: It looks deserted.

Tom: Yeah.

Casey: We could be the first ones here. We could be on our way to winning our second key.

Embrace me surround me as the rush comes
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embrace me surround me as the rush comes
we drift deeper life goes on we drift deeper
drift deeper we drift deeper into the song life goes on
we drift deeper into the song feeling strong so bring it on so bring it on me

Jessica: I should be locked up. Why did I let this happen?

Doc: You familiar with the story of the woman who protests too much?

Jessica: What does that supposed to mean?

Doc: All the lectures you gave about infidelity -- telling Margo to walk away, telling me to do the same -- I don't know. A guy's gotta wonder.

Jessica: Wonder about what?

Doc: Why you tried so hard to keep me and Margo from hooking up. Maybe you just wanted me all for yourself.

Barbara: Honey, that didn't come out right.

Jennifer: Oh, I heard you. I heard you loud and clear. I'm finally in a good, loving relationship and you have to find fault with it.

Barbara: That's not what I meant.

Jennifer: Well, all I know is that I'm happy. Jordan makes me happy!

Walker: Why don't I wait downstairs?

Barbara: Okay.

Walker: I'll be in the lounge.

Barbara: Jennifer -- Jennifer, just think for a second, will you please? If James went to all this trouble and insanity to get Jordan and Rosanna together, how do you think he's going to feel about some other woman who's trying to break them apart?

Jennifer: Jordan said that he would protect me --

Barbara: I know he wants to protect you! But going up against James Stenbeck is a no-win proposition. Look at me. Look what he did to my life. Don't you think he would do the same thing to you, if not worse?

Jennifer: I can't do this, Mom.

Barbara: Because you know the truth. Because you know, one day, one night, you could just disappear. You could get in some big, long, black limousine going to a party or to a job. And you'd never come home again. And if that were to happen, if that did happen and I had done nothing to prevent it, I would die. Do you understand me? So you got right ahead. You hate me. You resent me. But I will never stop trying to make you safe.

Rosanna: Thank God you're here, Paul.

Paul: You know, I would've gotten here a lot sooner but I got held up at the airport. How are you, Jordan? You okay?

Rosanna: Did you hear what Jordan said?

Paul: Yes, I did. And I never thought I'd say this, but he may be right. It's become painfully obvious to me that you can't hide Cabot. And you can't live your life on the run.

Rosanna: Cabot --

Paul: Cabot deserves a home. And so do you. Let me take you home.

Tom: It's a church. They're not locked in the middle of the day. Maybe you didn't take your vitamins.

Casey: Okay, fine, try it.

Tom: Step aside, youngster.

Alison: Why don't you just go away?

Usher: What is going on out here?

Alison: The wind blew the door shut and it started rattling. But I'll make sure that it stays quiet.

Usher: It's locked.

Alison: I was just trying to help. You said yourself that this is a private service. Maybe if we just ignore them and we're quiet, maybe they'll just go away.

Usher: Young lady, this is a house of worship, open to all.

Alison: Yeah, but can't we make an exception?

Usher: Gentlemen, I'm sorry about the door malfunction.

Tom: What happened?

Usher: Well, shall I tell them, or would you like to?

Jordan: Hey. Hey, little guy. Did you miss your daddy? Because I sure missed you. I would've traveled across the world to find you. We've got some lost time we have to make up for, but I promise you, we'll never be separated again.

Rosanna: I can't stand this.

Paul: Yeah. How about a drink?

Rosanna: I keep thinking if only I'd gotten your message only 10, 15 minutes earlier, I would've been gone. Jordan never would've found us.

Paul: Yeah, but then I never would've seen you again.

Rosanna: It's taking everything in my body not to go over there and rip Cabot away from him.

Paul: Rosanna, we're at a cruising altitude of 40,000 feet. I don't think Cabot is going anywhere.

Rosanna: What happens when we land?

[Rosanna daydreaming]

Rosanna: Can I hold my baby now, please?

Jordan: Your baby? You don't have a baby.

Rosanna: Who are you?

Social worker: Child welfare services. We've been assigned to protect this baby.

Rosanna: No, that's my job.

Social worker: Not anymore. Officers?

Cop: You're under arrest for the kidnapping of Cabot. Is the last name Sinclair?

Jordan: There's been a name change. He's now James Jordan Stenbeck. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Rosanna: You can't -- you can't do this. Give him to me. Give me my child back!

Jordan: Too late, Rosanna. You had your chance. But don't worry. James will have a wonderful Mom with Jennifer. Say good-bye to the nice lady. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Rosanna: No, this is a mistake. This is a mistake! This is a mistake! No, this is a mistake! What if this backfires? What if it was a mistake to trust Jordan? And what about Stenbeck?

Paul: Let me deal with that. Your job is to shower my nephew with love and affection. My job is to watch Jordanís every move.

Jennifer: Mom -- Mom, I know how much you've been through because of James Stenbeck. No one is going to throw me in the back of a car and take me to some undisclosed location. There is only one person who could make me disappear and never come back. And that's you.

Barbara: What?

Jennifer: Jordan is coming back to Oakdale with Cabot. And if you object to this baby's existence in my life, then I'll be forced to find some other place for the three of us to live!

Barbara: You can't move out, Jen.

Jennifer: You don't want me to leave, but you don't want Cabot in your life!

Barbara: I don't want Cabot in your life!

Jennifer: I'm in love with his father! It is a package deal, Mom. You don't have to like it but you have to live with it, or I'm gone.

Barbara: Okay, then. Everything can stay. Nothing has to be put in to storage. There is one thing that I'll ask of you though. If and when Rosanna Cabot comes back to town, I want you to be kind to her.

Jennifer: Why?

Barbara: Because she has done what any real mother would do if her child was in danger. It's instinct. It's deep. It's very real. And I hope that you can find some of that instinct deep down inside of yourself if that time ever comes to you. Because if you're going to play Mommy to James Stenbeck's grandson, you'd better be willing to go to any lengths to keep him safe.

Jessica: You are so full of yourself. You haven't heard a word I've said.

Doc: Hey, will you try being honest with yourself? Then we can talk. [Jessica sighs] Where are you going?

Jessica: I'm going to get dressed in the bathroom.

Doc: Hey, suit yourself. You want me to order you some vittles?

Jessica: All I want is to get the hell out of here.

Doc: Jessica, listen. What happened between us was as much a surprise for me as it was for you. But don't act like you didn't want it as much as I did, because I was there. And I know when something's mutual.

Jessica: Look, Doc, this never happened, okay? Do you understand?

Doc: Yeah.

Jessica: No one can ever know about this.

Doc: All right.

Margo: Um, excuse me. Could you tell me if the gentleman in room 2511 -- has he checked out yet?

Maid: 2511 -- I believe he's still here.

Margo: Good, thank you.

Walker: I thought you might need this.

Barbara: Mind reader.

Walker: So, how'd it go with Jennifer?

Barbara: Well, I guess we agreed to disagree. I just don't know how long I can do this.

Walker: Well, practice.

Barbara: It's just that everything was going well. My health was no longer an issue. My family was together. Even will is getting better. B.R.O. is doing so well, it's bursting through the seams. And now everything feels like it's spinning out of control.

Walker: We all have days when we feel like that. The important thing is to keep things into perspective. Right? Now, Jennifer has a lot of friends who care about her, and they're all going to make sure that she stays safe.

Barbara: Well, I hope you're right. Because it's getting more and more difficult not to follow my motherly instincts.

Flight attendant: Look at that little heartbreaker. Oh, he has you wrapped around his little finger.

Jordan: It's that obvious?

Flight attendant: Mm-hmm. He's lucky to have such a good Daddy.

Jordan: Yeah, well, I'm still pretty new at it.

Flight attendant: You're a natural. You know, he looks a lot like you.

Jordan: You think so?

Flight attendant: Mm-hmm.

[Rosanna sighs]

Paul: Hey, it's all going to be all right.

Rosanna: Or the worst mistake I ever made.

Paul: No. Rosanna, I promise you, I won't let anything bad happen to Cabot. Think of me as an extra set of eyes watching over him.

Rosanna: I couldn't survive this without you, Paul. Thank you.

Alison: I got here first. The key would have already been mine if they'd just let me inside the church.

Usher: You all have to wait outside until the christening is over.

Casey: Good work, Alison.

Alison: It's not my fault. I mean, who decides to have their kid christened in the middle of a contest?

Casey: Can you believe her?

Aaron: You know, Ali's harmless. I think we, actually, ought to thank her for this.

Casey: For what?

Aaron: For -- think about it. She made the playing field even again. I mean, now that everybody's showing up at the same time, now everybody's got the same chance to find that key.

Alison: Terrific. Now half of Oakdale will be here before I even get inside.

Tom: Yeah, but it's a competition. That's what makes it fun.

Alison: Well, I hope you say the same thing when Margo and her partner show up.

[Tom laughs]

Tom: My wife?

Alison: Yeah, Margoís a detective. She solves clues for a living. And her partner's the big superstar --

Tom: Yeah, but Margo is not involved in this competition.

Alison: Sure she is. She and her partner, you know, the guy on the news. Doc whatever-his-name-is -- you know, the big jock. I saw them together at the courtyard near WOAK when I was looking for key number one. And they were on the ground together, searching for the key. They were really going at it, like their lives depended on it.

[Knock at the door]

Jessica: Oh, my God. Who is it?

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Nikki: If you're scared of getting your pretty little toes messed up, lieutenant, perhaps you should consider some steel-toed shoes. Hi, Dad.

Margo: I'm here. Are you going to invite me in?

Alison: Help pull! Help to pull this! It's mine! It's mine! I got it! I got it.

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