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Lucy: What do you mean "there's been a change of plans"?

Dusty: Just calm down. Would you please?

Lucy: But I thought you talked to Hal?

Dusty: I talked to Hal. I tried to talk to Hal.

Lucy: You told him that the guy driving my limo to the airport was the same one that knocked you out at metro?

Dusty: He wouldn't listen to me. He didn't give me a chance.

Lucy: Why? Because you're a criminal?

Dusty: The feds want to put me in prison.

Lucy: Well, you should be used to that by now, right?

Dusty: And you know what? You should be getting used to your surroundings. Have a seat, 'cause you and I -- sit down. We're not going anywhere.

Jessica: I know you're used to playing games. You've made a career out of it. But the games you're playing now, somebody's going to get hurt, and, of course, it's not gonna be you. So why don't you go on back to your little cheerleaders or your groupies, or whoever finds you amusing?

Doc: Okay, you think I'm inappropriate, huh? Got the nerve to come down here and ambush me at work --

Kim: Is there some sort of problem? Do you need a referee?

James: I've a fascinating life. Many adventures, many victories, but now fatherhood is the only thing that matters to me. A son, my son. I'll teach him everything I know, give him power. The world will be his for the taking. There'll be nothing that my son can't accomplish. Paul was to be my greatest achievement. Paul Stenbeck. He had it all.

Paul: If you all of a sudden know where Cabot is, you better clue the rest of us in.

Jordan: Well, it's become pretty clear that my new brother won't help me find my son. So I'll go to someone who will.

Paul: Who? Stenbeck?

Jennifer: Paul, that's his decision.

Paul: Yeah, well, it's a terrible decision. Jordan, you go to see James for help and he will -- you will be his. He will want something back in return -- your silence, a favor, promise, your loyalty. You'll pay. Jordan, you will pay and pay and pay, and you will keep paying until finally one of you is just dead.

James: Sometimes our greatest expectation can lead to our greatest disappointment. It's not entirely Paulís fault, in all fairness to him that he didn't realize his full potential. Once his mother embedded her talons in him, there's nowhere for that boy to go but down.

Barbara: If you only knew half of what James put Paul through when he was growing up -- when Paul was a little boy, I had to hide him from James. And when he was a teenager, I did my best to rescue him from his father. Having a father like James is like having poison running through your veins. Paul always thought that something dark and evil would swallow him up. I've had that same fear. I just have to fight against it.

Walker: You can't keep that up forever.

Barbara: No, no, not forever. Only until the day the devil puts a sign up in hell saying, "Welcome, James Stenbeck."

James: A mother can be a noisome thing. When I think what Paul could have been had I been his only influence -- but now he has no life that doesn't belong to Barbara. But fortune saw to it that I had another chance for immortality -- another son. And I made sure that he wouldn't be suffering from the slow suffocation of a coddling mother. I gave him something few men ever have, a chance to grow and learn without the whim of a woman.

[Phone ringing]

James: So I took the child from his nursery --

James: And put him somewhere safe, where his mother could never find him.

James: I fulfilled Jordanís every need. He had everything that I could provide -- a fine education, a promising career. And without the influence of a woman to make him soft and sentimental. He grew up to be a fine young man, a man of honor. I gave him a family. Now he has it all. Will he take and use the gifts I gave him? Only time will tell.

Paul: What about Jennifer? Have you thought about what would happen to her if you bring James into your life? James is not some misunderstood benefactor with a heart of gold! There's a reason he's behind bars!

Jordan: I'm aware of that, Paul.

Paul: Then don't get all sentimental. Dear old Dad is not the answer to your prayers! You want to risk your life? You go ahead, do it. I dare you. But you will be putting Jennifer right in his line of fire. Now, is that something you really want to do?

James: My hypothesis was correct. Jordan Stenbeck, raised without apron strings, is superior to Paul in every way. He's his own man. He can achieve anything, and he owes it all to his father. What do you think of my social experiment, Dr. Ferris?

Dr. Ferris: What I think doesn't matter, you know that, James. What does your son, Jordan, think? Is he grateful to you? Is he thriving?

James: Jordan hasn't realized what an asset I can be in his life. But he'll learn that very soon. It's at a turning point now, it's very critical. He needs a helping hand. He needs his father.

Paul: Set him straight, Jennifer. You do it. You've been through this, you know what James is capable of.

Jordan: And you also know better than anyone else how much finding Cabot means to me. So, if you tell me to walk away, that I shouldn't go to Stenbeck, then I wonít.

Paul: Come on, tell him! Tell him! Don't let him resort to this!

Jennifer: Jordan -- you do whatever you have to do to get your son back to you.

James: Jordan needs his father, now more than ever. I predict that he'll come to me very soon, seeking my assistance. I've been waiting for this day all of Jordanís life.

Kim: Okay, so which one of you would like to explain what all the fireworks are about? Let's start with you.

Doc: Just your typical lawyer/client failure to see things eye-to-eye.

Kim: I see. In that case, instead of airing your private affairs in the middle of the television studio, maybe you'd like to take it somewhere else, or even better yet, save it till later?

Jessica: Of course, Kim. I apologize.

Doc: It won't happen again.

Kim: Yeah, when pigs fly.

Jessica: My friend is a married woman! Her husband is the district attorney. She has children, a career --

Doc: Why are you still cackling? Didn't you just hear Kim? I am not gonna discuss this with you, Jessica.

Jessica: You want to talk about Kim? Let's talk about Kim.

Doc: Let's talk about Kim.

Jessica: How long do you think you're going to keep this cushy job once Kim finds out you've been chasing after her daughter-in-law?

Doc: Hold on. I mean, what's the problem here? Don't you have enough to do at work? You're not being satisfied at home? What's the deal? Because I know Margo didn't send you here.

Jessica: I'm here because somebody's got to talk some sense into you. It's time you started thinking with the head on your shoulders, instead --

Doc: Wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on. When did my private life become any of your business?

Jessica: The first time you asked me to hoist your butt out of hot water, hotshot! So now I'm gonna make this short and sweet and maybe it'll get through that thick head of --

Doc: Jessica! Hey, what's wrong? Jessica, you okay?

Jessica: I don't know. Just get me to the hospital.

Ben: I called Dr. Schiller. She's on her way down. Okay? All right.

Doc: I'll just wait out here.

Margo: How's Jessica?

Doc: I don't know. They said something about bleeding or --

Margo: Oh, no.

Doc: Yeah. Ben's in there with her right now. And her regular doctor's on her way in to see her.

Margo: Oh. Thank you for calling me. And thank you for getting here so fast. What was she doing at the station anyway?

Doc: Doing what she always does -- reading me the riot act.

Margo: About what?

Doc: About you, of course. She thinks I ought to stay away from you.

Margo: Well, that's -- that's really good advice.

Lucy: You can't seriously expect me to stay here! This place is falling apart. It's gross --

Dusty: Yeah, we got no mini bar, no maids, no chocolate for your pillow. But you're safe. And it's all we've got.

Lucy: For how long?

Dusty: Until I can prove these thugs from Metro were the guys trying to kidnap you.

Lucy: You can't even prove it to me!

Dusty: Where are you going?

Lucy: I'm going home.

Dusty: No, sit down and shut up, would you?

Lucy: You can't speak to me like that!

Dusty: You're not calling the shots! You're taking orders from me! I've got enough on my mind without baby-sitting you. You hear me? Where you going? Hey! Lucy! Lucy!

Holden: Hal, why would Dusty kidnap Lucy? That makes no sense.

Hal: The feds were about to slap the cuffs on him and Dusty knocked out an agent and took off. As to why he took Lucy with him? That I can't tell you. All I know is that he had mentioned in the past that somebody was trying to abduct her.

Lucinda: Well, yes. He brought that up to us this evening. Probably to cover what he was planning.

Craig: Has -- has Dusty made any demands?

Hal: We're not there yet.

Lily: If Dusty does have Lucy, we know that she's safe. Dusty is a lot of things. But he's not a monster.

Lucy: Ow! That's too tight!

Dusty: That's too bad. You want to act like a spoiled brat? You're gonna get treated like a spoiled brat.

Lucy: Yeah, if people treated you like what you are, you'd be roasting over an open spit with an apple in your mouth.

Dusty: That's a very dark image for a sweet young lady like you.

Lucy: You can't keep me like this forever. You're gonna have to go to sleep sometime or go out and get food.

Dusty: And then what?

Lucy: Yeah, well, every second that you're doing that, I'll be planning my escape. You know, I graduated yesterday -- top of my class.

Dusty: No kidding. Congratulations.

Lucy: I can get out of here. And when I do, the first thing I'm going to --


James: Jordan, my son! I'm so pleased that you've come back for a visit with your father.

Jordan: I'm not here because I want to be.

James: Who is? You're here because you know I'm the only one that can help you.

Jordan: How could you possibly know --?

James: I know that Rosanna absconded with your son, never to return, how you posted a guard outside of her, yet she slipped through your net. Well, you did the right thing by coming to me, because you see -- in a situation like this, I'm invaluable.

James: I've been hoping for this day for a long time, the day that you would need me. Come closer.

Jordan: I'm fine where I am.

James: Don't tell me you're afraid.

Jordan: Don't flatter

Doc: Wait a minute, wait, wait. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Margo: Really? You think it's a coincidence that she just happened to have this attack while she was chewing you out?

Doc: Wait a minute now --

Margo: Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. Fine, fine. No consequences for doctor death, huh? That's how it is, right? All right, let me be very, very clear with you. No more little chance meetings. No more meeting at the gym. No more meeting in the locker room. No more in the steam room and not in your hotel room.

Doc: Okay. So you're going to put an end to this before we even have a chance to find out where it might lead?

Margo: I know where it's leading, and I'm not going to go there. This fantasy is over, Doc. Because that's all it was -- it was just a fantasy.

Walker: You've been given a second chance, Barbara. Do you ever think about that? You talk to Mom. It's about James Stenbeck.

Jennifer: And in the interest of fair play, I want equal time, so she gets the whole story.

Walker: Actually, now is not really a good time.

Jordan: All right, tell me where my son is.

James: Nothing would make me happier. But, you see, Jordan, it's just -- it's too soon for that information.

Jordan: What do you mean it's too soon? I want to know now. That's why I'm here, Stenbeck.

James: I'm not withholding any information. There simply isn't an answer to your question. Rosanna is on the run. She's looking for a place to hide with her precious cargo. She's leaving a trail so complicated she's hoping that no one will find her. But the minute she lands, I'll know it. And I will alert you immediately.

Jordan: Now give me one good reason why I should trust you.

Lucy: If you're so worried about my safety, why don't you just call my father? Or better yet, call my mom. I mean, she could give you a reward! But I can't stay here, Dusty. Please, let me go.

Dusty: Come on, you wouldn't get ten feet down that road before you got picked up by God knows who and brought who knows where. We're staying here. You understand?

Lucy: You can't make me do anything.

Dusty: Come here.

Lucy: No.

Dusty: Shh! You all right? You warm enough? Probably not, okay. Well, I gotta get you a blanket and some soap and a toothbrush and whatever else. You know, maybe later when you calm down a little bit, we can, um, you know, form a list of things you need and I'll go pick 'em up for you. I'm gonna take care of you, okay? But you gotta stop fighting me. The more you fight, the worse this will be. For both of us.

Jennifer: What do you mean it's not a good time? Is Mom all right?

Paul: She hasn't had some kind of a relapse has she?

Walker: Your mother is fine. She's trying to relax, put everything else out of her mind, so unless this is an emergency, in which case I suggest you call 911, why don't you give her a call in the morning? Let her enjoy the rest of the evening.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, um, that's a good idea --

Paul: No, that's a terrible idea. We need to talk to her now.

Jennifer: Tomorrow.

Paul: There's things she needs to know.

Jennifer: She'll know tomorrow, okay? Come on, let's go. Let's give Mom some time to herself. Thanks, Walker. Good night. Tell her we love her.

Barbara: Who was at the door?

Walker: Wrong number, hotel style, so I sent 'em away. To Barbara Ryan -- and not Barbara Ryan, the famous fashion designer, not Barbara Ryan, the concerned mother of three -- but Barbara Ryan, the woman. And to us.

Barbara: To us.

Dr. Schiller: Ben's right. We're barely given your body a chance to conceive naturally. People with no fertility issues can often take up to a year to get pregnant. And there's no guarantee of success with IVF. As a matter of fact, it can present a further health risk to both mother and child.

Jessica: But if it's what I want? You won't work with me on this?

Dr. Schiller: I treat each of my patients as if she were my mother, my sister, or my daughter. I've known Ben for years, and I know how much you mean to him.

Jessica: Your answer, doctor.

Dr. Schiller: No. It's an unnecessary risk at this point.

Jessica: And if I insist?

Dr. Schiller: You'll have to find another doctor.

Margo: This is a sign. I mean, Jessica lying in that hospital bed, it's a sign. Don't you see it?

Doc: No, I donít.

Margo: What we're doing is wrong. And, Doc, I'm real sorry if I led you on --

Doc: Wait, wait, wait -- I want you to tell me the truth. You wanted this just as much as I do, didn't you?

Margo: The truth? It's over, Doc.

Doc: I haven't heard three sadder words in all my life. Come here.

Margo: No, no, that's a bad idea.

Doc: Come on, I mean, we're in public, fully clothed, it's a hug. What harm could that be? This isn't so bad, is it? I'm going to miss you, Margo. I'll have a lot of sleepless nights thinking about you. And what we could have been.

Kim: Margo --

Margo: Kim.

Kim: Uh, have you heard anything more about Jess? How is she?

Doc: Nothing yet. Ben's inside with her right now, and her doctor is as well.

Kim: Honey, are you all right? You're so flushed or something. Is everything okay?

Jordan: How will you be able to find Rosanna when no one else can do the job?

James: An associate of mine will alert me the moment she stops running. When he does, I'll let you know. Simple as that. No heads will roll, no bloodshed, no virgin sacrifice. So you see, you don't have to fear your old man.

Jordan: I'm not afraid of you, just make sure you find my son.

James: Jordan? Jordan, maybe you would like to do something nice for your father, who's now an old man. I mean, there's no rush on this, but when you have Cabot back and you're comfortable at home, perhaps you could bring him by. I'd love to see my grandson.

Kim: Margo, are you sure you're all right.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Doc: She's -- she's just upset about Jessica. I was trying to reassure her that everything's -- everything's okay.

Margo: I'm gonna go see how Jess is doing. Excuse me.

Jessica: You know I respect your opinion, and you've been a wonderful doctor, but I think I should look for a doctor who's more in step with what I want.

Dr. Schiller: I'm sorry you feel that way. If there's anything I can do to help, I hope you'll let me know.

Jessica: Thank you.

Ben: Thanks, Elaine.

Margo: Well, hard-headed.

Jessica: Tenacious.

Margo: As long as you know what you're doing.

Kim: Jess?

Jessica: Kim.

Kim: Hi, darling. Are you feeling better?

Jessica: Much.

Kim: Oh, I'm so glad. Bless your heart.

Jessica: Thank you.

Kim: I brought you some posies.

Jessica: They are beautiful. Thank you so much.

Kim: You're welcome.

Jessica: And, Doc, I owe you. Thank you.

Ben: Oh, yeah -- Doc, thanks for getting her here so fast.

Doc: I'm just glad she's going to be okay.

Lily: Thinking about Lucy?

Craig: Yeah, and the day she said me she wanted to move here and live with me. When Bryant died, it left a hole in my heart, and Lucy was my miracle. She brought me back to the living. And when she moved in, I promised myself I was going to be the father she deserved. I was going to do things right, and she wasn't going to want to leave. Right now she's out there, she's needing me, and there's nothing I can do. I need her safe. I need her home.

[Dusty sighs]

[Dusty sighs]

Dusty: Great, what the hell are you going to do now, Donovan?

Jordan: Hey.

Jennifer: Hi.

Jordan: Hi.

Jennifer: Hey, hey. How did it go?

Jordan: I told Stenbeck what I wanted, and, um, he told me he would contact me once Rosanna landed.

Jennifer: Does he know where she's going?

Jordan: It sounds like he has someone following her.

Jennifer: Well, did he tell what he wants in return for finding out the information?

Jordan: He said he didn't want anything. But he --

Jennifer: But what?

Jordan: He wants to see his grandson.

Jennifer: Are you gonna let him?

Jordan: I guess I'll figure that out one I get Cabot home.

Jennifer: Oh.

Jordan: What happened after I left? Did Paul go running to Barbara to tell her where I was?

Jennifer: Well, he tried, but Mom was a little preoccupied.

Paul: Sure, Ryan, R-y-a-n. Paul Ryan. Look, I know that Rosanna left strict instructions for you, and I'm not asking you to tell me where she is. I just -- I wanna get a message to her. It's urgent, please. Fine, yes, tell her to watch her back. Tell her to not to trust -- [Paul sighs] could you please tell Rosanna that Paul is worried about her. Please tell her that I want her to be safe.

James: To teach a child to ride a bike, climb a tree, build a fort. These are the things that'll give him strength and courage. Knowing you're by his side, he can accomplish anything. I wasn't there to teach you these things Jordan. And if I want your respect, I don't think it's going to happen over night. But a father needs to be patient if he wants to earn his son's respect. I planted those seeds tonight, and when I have Rosanna and Cabot within my sights, I'll have his heart. After all, that's what being a father is all about.

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Alison: How could you do this?

 [Lucy screaming]

State trooper: Looks like we got here just in time.

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