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Craig: The boys of Montega are a whole different breed. It's all -- chica boom, chica boom, chica boom. They're unreliable. The best thing to do is stay right away from them.

Lucinda: Craig, she doesn't need advice.

Craig: Hmm?

Lily: He's joking as usual.

Craig: Really?

Lucinda: Ahh -- I knew that. Look, darling, there are only two things that you need to look for in a man -- the willingness to apologize, and family money.

Lucy: In that order?

Lucinda: I'll leave that up to you.

[Craig laughs]

Dusty: Go. Run!

Wade: Donovan messed things up.

Craig: I didn't say she had to call me every Sunday. I was -- this is a private party, dusty.

Lucinda: But since you are here, Dusty. Since you are here -- you put my granddaughter's safety in jeopardy. That will not be forgiven.

Dusty: That's why I wanted to see you. I think she might still be in danger.

Lily: Don't start, please. Lucy is leaving for Montega today.

Dusty: Well, if I'm right that's not gonna stop these guys.

Craig: Stop who? What are you talking about?

Dusty: Those goons that stopped by the other night. I don't think they were there for me.

[Margo remembering]

Doc: So whether it's today or a year from now, you and I both know -- it's gonna happen. Room 525.

Rosanna: A fat lot of good that did me. We have got to find a way to get you out of here, Cabot, away from Mr. Jordan Sinclair. He may be your father, but he's also a Stenbeck. We can't let him near you, ever again.

Jordan: You're my father?

James: All that's missing is the pipe and slippers.

Jordan: It's not true. My father is dead. He's lying, Paul, right? I mean, I know that he's famous for it.

Paul: This is a rare moment, Jordan. James Stenbeck is telling the truth. Here's your birth certificate.

James: You know, I have forgotten my manners. Um -- Jordan, meet your brother, Paul. Paul, meet your brother, Jordan. My sons two sons -- together at last. And just in time for Father's day

Dusty: I looked up the guy I thought was responsible for sending those two thugs over and it's not him. I'm sure of it. And then I thought, who else has got it in for me? And I came up with nothing.

Lucinda: Obviously, you didn't look hard enough.

Dusty: But I do remembered something very interesting. When I was coming to, I heard one of the guys say that I messed up the plans. After he just knocked me out cold? Why would he say somethin' like that?

Craig: You were unconscious. Isn't it possible you didn't hear him right?

Dusty: My hearing is perfect and it all adds up. They weren't after me.

Lily: You think they were after Lucy?

Dusty: I'm afraid so.

Lucy: But why would anyone be after me?

Lucinda: Nobody would darling. Just don't give that a second's thought. Dusty, your theory is ludicrous. Why don't you check and recheck your enemies list. I'm sure you'll find plenty of people who want to harm you.

Craig: Lucy is having a hard enough time, Dusty, trying to deal with what happened to her. You come in trying to scare her all over again --

Dusty: I'm not tryin' to scare anybody. I'm warning -- you, Craig. Your daughter is in danger.

Lily: No, no, no, no. This isn't about Lucy. This is about you, doing what you always do -- blaming other people for your problems.

I got somethin' to say baby I think that you should know sorry about the situation can you handle it if I go there, baby, with you I can handle it I can go there, baby, with you can you handle it if I go there, baby, with you do it to me I guarantee you won't regret it do it to me

Doc: It's about time you got here. Candle's almost burned down.

Margo: It doesn't matter. I'm not staying.

Doc: You can't fight this, Margo. You might as well enjoy it.

Margo: I don't blame you. I led you on just as much as you chased me. But it's got to end now. Or something terrible is going to happen.

Doc: Something's gonna happen, all right. But it won't be terrible.

Margo: Stop -- stop. Don't call me. Don't send me flowers. Don't run into me anywhere by accident. Game over.

Paul: The show's over. I want some answers, and I want them now.

James: Jordan, ask your older brother more respect for the old man.

Paul: Why did you keep Jordan a secret all these years?

James: He hadn't been a secret to me. He's been a beacon of joy since the day he was born.

Paul: Why is his mother's name marked with an "x" on the birth certificate? Why? And how did he end up at B.R.O.?

James: Why, why, why -- you know, he has been asking me why -- why is the sky blue? Since he was 5 years old!

Paul: I know you. This isn't the end -- you have got something catastrophic planned. I want to know what it is!

James: Paul, if I were to reveal my plan, it would take all the fun out of it. And, I must say, there's been a dearth of fun within these walls for months -- for months on end now. Jordan, anything you need to ask your older brother?

Jordan: No.

James: Paul, it's time for you to go.

Rosanna: Hi. Please come in. You can put it right over there.

Waitress: Shall I set this up for you, ms. Cabot?

Rosanna: Yes, please. I'm starving.

Waitress: Anything else I can do for you, Ms. Cabot?

Rosanna: Well, as a matter of fact, there is. I'm willing to pay for it.

Craig: Let's go.

Dusty: Please be careful. All right?

Lucy: What exactly do you think they're going to try to do?

Lucinda: Don't answer that, Dusty. Because we're not interested.

Craig: Let's go.

Dusty: You think I wanted to come down here? Make myself a target for your whole family? I didn’t. I came down here for Lucy’s sake. Period.

Lily: Really? Maybe you thought you could be the hero, I'll let you back into the Rose foundation.

Dusty: Oh really? You think I'm doing that.

Lily: You know, I don't know what's going on with you. You've lied to me so many times.

Lucinda: It's called burning your bridges, my fine friend.

Dusty: It's all about Lucy. I am trying to help her.

Lucinda: Lucy is on her way to Montega. She's going in my private jet. The security is impeccable. Nothing can happen to her.

Dusty: I hope you're right.

Waitress: What if he cries?

Rosanna: It's almost time for his nap. He should fall asleep as soon as you start rolling. Baby, you go to sleep. Go to sleep. And when you wake up, you'll be safe with Mama. I want you to know, you're doing a very good thing.

Waitress: It could cost me my job.

Rosanna: If it costs you your job, I promise you I'll get you another one. A better one.

Waitress: You're coming out right away?

Rosanna: I'll be right behind you, I promise. Are you ready? Okay. Better get going. I'll get the door. Thank you very much. Have a good night.

Paul: I'm not going anywhere until you tell me the truth about Jordan.

James: The business with my younger son is a private issue.

Paul: You made it my issue when you led me to the orphanage where he grew up. There was a reason for that. I want to know what it is.

James: And I want summers on my yacht on the Mediterranean, sipping champagne, Paul. We don't all get what we want in life. You should have learned that from me by now.

Paul: You do it. You get Dad to come clean. Doesn't it bother you? Your whole life -- nothing but a roll of the dice for him. You're nothing but a distraction, something to break up the monotony. Are you going to let him get away with that?

Jordan: He's not going to listen to me. I've only known him for an hour and I already know that.

James: Guard! Guard! My son Paul is not feeling very well. Please show him to the door.

Guard: Right this way.

Paul: No, I'm not going anywhere until I get what I came here for.

James: Shall I have my attorney file a complaint? I mean, I do have rights. I'm a prisoner, but I do have rights. I don't have to accept any visitors I don't want.

Guard: Let's go.

Paul: You can't keep the truth from me forever. I'm gonna find out what you're doing! You know, when I'm done with you, Dad, you will never have another visitor as long as you live!

James: Well, my son -- we're alone at last.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns --"

Jennifer: Now what's going on?

Barbara: Jordan Sinclair, this young man that you're so attached to -- is James Stenbeck’s son.

Margo: Oh, my God! I'm sorry! Pete said that I was –

Barbara: Okay, Paul, where are you? You call me the minute you get this message, all right? I want to know what you found out from James. We've got to figure out what we're going to do, now that -- now that we know what we know about Jordan.

Jennifer: What are you talking about, Mom? What did you find out about Jordan?

Barbara: Nothing. Nothing, honey, he had a little run in with Jan at the factory. Paul had to step in and -- what are you doing?

Jennifer: If you won't tell me the truth, maybe the person you were talking to Will.

Barbara: He's not there, okay?

Jennifer: Who?

Barbara: Your brother. All right, I'll tell you. I think you better sit down.

Jennifer: I'm fine. Now what's going on?

Barbara: Jordan Sinclair, this young man that you're so attached to -- is James Stenbeck’s son.

Jordan: Everyone told me you were a miserable bastard. They were being generous.

James: Well, that's some Father's Day greeting, but at least we're communicating. Right?

Jordan: You think this is a joke? Playing with a human life?

James: No, Paul was wrong, Jordan. You were never a roll of the dice to me. You're my son. You're my legacy.

Jordan: No, I don't mean anything to you.

James: I care about you deeply. Always have. You should take that on faith.

Jordan: Faith? Faith in you? I'd have to be stark raving mad.

James: Look, I understand this is a bit of a shock, Jordan. But once you digest what I've done --

Jordan: What? What? I'll accept that I grew up without any idea of who I was?

James: You knew what you had to know. You were smarter, craftier, tougher than anyone.

Jordan: Let's talk about the things that I didn't know. Like the sound of my mother's laugh. Or if I had my father's eyes. Anything to connect me to another human being. But you made sure that I didn't have that, didn't you? Just to fit in with your plan!

James: This rebellion is good. Let's just get it out of the way.

Jordan: Even today, when I came here asking for the truth -- you still wouldn't have told me that I was your son.

James: I wanted the right time, the right time, the right place and the right condition. But then Paul came barging in here.

Jordan: You are a monster.

James: Jordan, I've always looked over you, looked after at a distance, it's true, but with care nonetheless.

[Jordan remembering]

Young Jordan: Where are my parents?

Mrs. Weatherbee: They're in heaven, Jordan.

Young Jordan: Then who will take care of me?

Mrs. Weatherbee: A wonderful angel, who will always be watching over you.

Young Jordan: Are you the angel?

Mrs. Weatherbee: No, but I was sent by him. You're a special boy, Jordan, and you will always be taken care of.

[James laughs evilly]

Jordan: Words. They're just words. They don't tuck a boy into bed at night.

James: Don't start feeling sorry for yourself. It'll only get in the way.

Jordan: Get in the way of what?

James: You and I, really getting to know each other.

Rosanna: He should've been here minutes ago.

[Knock on door]

Guard: Starting my shift, ma'am. Just wanted you to know.

Rosanna: Thank you. That's very kind of you. Carly, I'll be back as soon as I can. I left an extra bottle just in case. My son is being watched by his aunt. I'm going to go out, do a little shopping. I've been with the baby for hours. I just need a little moment to you know?

Guard: I know how that is. I've got three of them myself.

Rosanna: Oh, that's nice. Must be a wonderful family.

Paul: Rosanna -- where are you going?

Rosanna: I'm going shopping. Cabot's sleeping.

Paul: I just saw James and Jordan at the prison. I thought you'd want to know what happened.

Rosanna: Oh, I do. But can you tell me later? Can you meet me back here in an hour?

Paul: I'll just go with you, how's that?

Rosanna: No, no. I've been with Cabot for hours. I just need a moment alone. You know, just a few minutes -- I'll be fine.

Rosanna: Um, I'll tell you the truth. I'm not going shopping. I have a meeting with Cabot Motors, so why don't you go home? I'll call you when I'm finished.

Paul: Who's with Cabot?

Rosanna: Carly. Why?

Paul: Well, that's great. This is only gonna take a minute. I can catch you both up at the same time.

Rosanna: No -- no -- you know Carly. She asks a million questions. She'll slow the whole thing down. I know you want to help -- I do. Um, I appreciate it, okay? Please --

Paul: Look, I just don't understand, I mean. You were so desperate, you were so anxious to hear the information --

Rosanna: I still am. I just have to do this first. Okay? Please -- try to understand.

[Rosanna sighs]

Craig: You nervous -- about -- leaving? Hmm?

Lucy: You want me to say yes, don't you?

Craig: Only if you mean it. Hmm?

Lucy: I have never been so happy to get out of a place in my life.

Craig: And you know that, whatever part I played in your unhappiness, I am so sorry. Again and again and again --

Lucy: I know you are.

Craig: I have a phone. I check my e-mail. Would you drop me a few lines --

Lucy: Daddy, I'm not going to drop off the face of the earth.

Craig: And if you get homesick and decide you want to see me, I wouldn't mind that --

Lucy: I am not going to get homesick. Montega is my home, too.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: Okay.

Agent #2: Everything set?

Agent fox: Pretty much.

Agent #2: Here's the paperwork.

Dusty: It does me no good to say someone's after Lucy, when really they're after me. Does it? I mean, would it?

Lily: I don't know what your motivations are. Honestly, I really don't care. But there have been so many lies and so many secrets.

Dusty: How many times do I need to apologize? Maybe I should've told you about the money laundering thing right away. I'm no good, real dishonest -- I'm anything you want to call me. But I am not wrong about this.

Lucinda: You know, it's very unfortunate, despite John Dixon’s efforts, you have never been able to function adequately in polite society. I, for one, I've had enough of it! I've had enough -- I'm through -- I want you to stay away us, our family, and especially, my granddaughter. If not, I assure you the consequences will be unpleasant.

Dusty: Does she speak for you, too?

Lily: You brought this on yourself.

Lucinda: Hmm.

Lily: You always do.

Dusty: Okay -- I did my best. If something happens to her, it's on your head.

Jessica: If I ever have to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat, you're going with me.

Margo: Yeah? I'm only good on land -- ha!

Jessica: You want to tell me about it?

Margo: About what?

Jessica: What's making you burn so many calories?

Margo: Yeah, I just put an end to my non-relationship with Doc. It's over.

Jessica: You sure about that? Because Doc doesn't seem like the kind of guy to take a hint.

Margo: Yeah, it's over -- I'm positive it's over.

Jessica: Well, good. Congratulations. At least you --

Margo: At least I did what?

Jessica: Whoa -- Jessica, what -- what is it? Are you okay?

Jessica: Yeah, I just felt like I was going to faint for a minute.

Margo: You were? And now?

Jessica: Better -- better.

Margo: Yeah? How's your stomach?

Jessica: Doing backflips. Double-gainers, that kind --

Margo: Oh, yeah?

Jessica: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That I might be pregnant?

Margo: Yeah. What are you waiting for, girl? Go on -- get a pregnancy test!

Jessica: Well, I was going to work out but -- I'd much rather find out if this is real.

Margo: Go -- go! Good luck!

Jessica: Okay, thanks. I'll call you, and you'll know when I know.

Jennifer: No, this is impossible. I won't believe it. Jordan cannot be the James Stenbeck’s son!

Barbara: Oh, I wish you were right. But I saw his birth certificate. It's all there in black and white.

Jennifer: Oh, my God -- Mom, what does this mean?

Barbara: Well, it means that you and Jordan -- it's not what it seems, Jen -- it's all been orchestrated by James.

Jennifer: No -- no. Not all of it. Not how Jordan feels about me.

Barbara: I know you're very attached to him --

Jennifer: Mother, don't say it. Please don't say it. Because if you do, I will never forgive you.

Barbara: Honey, nothing in Jordan’s life has been an accident. James has been controlling him and grooming him from the beginning.

Jennifer: For what? What does he want from us?

Barbara: I don't know yet. But James does nothing without a purpose. And we find that purpose out -- it's gonna be beyond our wildest nightmare.

Jennifer: I have -- I have to talk to Jordan myself.

Barbara: For all we know, James could be congratulating him on a job well done.

James: I'm not gonna be in here forever. And once I'm out, the two of us, there's a lot to --

Jordan: Don't -- don't even waste your breath. You and I are not gonna do anything together. Ever.

James: Look, Jordan, I know that this is a lot of information for to process. But you're young -- I mean, any wounds that were opened up here today -- there's plenty of time --

Jordan: I want to know about my mother.

James: She's not important.

Jordan: Yes, she was! What did she look like?

James: I don't remember.

Jordan: How did she die?

James: In childbirth. Yours.

Jordan: I want proof.

James: Why?

Jordan: Because your word means nothing!

James: Do you think that knowing about your mother is gonna improve your life? It's old business. It's finished business. Start thinking about your future. You have a fantastic life ahead of you. You've got -- you've got a baby that's healthy, your beautiful, rich wife. The world is gonna be your playground.

Jordan: You think that I would be grateful for all of this?

James: I've worked tirelessly on your behalf. But, that's what Fathers do, so no "Thank yous," please.

Jordan: The only thing I will ever feel toward you is contempt.

James: Well, I'll help you get over that. There are ways -- there's wondrous ways -- your heart's gonna pound with the excitement of adventure --

Jordan: I don't want you in my life! At all!

James: You're gonna have a hard time turning your back on your father. You've spent your whole life longing for a parent.

Jordan: I don't need parents. And I especially do not need you.

James: I am not your run-of-the-mill parent. I can show you things -- give you power --

Jordan: No. I don't want your kind of power. I'll do what I have to do on my own. I'm gonna end my marriage to Rosanna, and I will share custody of Cabot. You won't know what I'm doing, where I am, and your grandson will never know your name, because I will never speak it again. Do you understand what I'm telling you, Mr. Stenbeck? You have controlled me for the last time.

Rosanna: Just a few more minutes and we are home free.

Pilot: We're ready to go, Ms. Cabot. Do you have any luggage?

Rosanna: Oh -- no, nothing -- thanks. Um, if you wouldn't mind taking those things, I'd appreciate it. Just so I can hold the baby.

Pilot: See you onboard.

Rosanna: Thank you. [Rosanna sighs] It's going to be a wonderful flight, sweetheart. And we're gonna have a wonderful life together -- yeah.

Paul: Rosanna? Where are you going?

Margo: Hey, Pete -- hey! Hey. Is the juice bar still open?

Pete: Closed about five minutes ago, Mrs. Hughes.

Margo: Oh, man --

Pete: Got some bottled water at the front desk --

Margo: No -- no, no, no. I'll just -- I guess I'll hop in the steam room, and then I'll get some juice on my way home.

Pete: Sorry, Mrs. Hughes, but the women's steam room is broken.

Margo: You're kidding. Tonight of all nights, and I needed it? I guess a hot shower will have to do.

Pete: You could try the men’s.

Margo: What, there's nobody in there? Will you stand guard for me?

Pete: Be glad to.

Margo: Well then, sure, why not? Oh! Oh, my God! I'm sorry. I -- Pete said that I was -- oh.

Craig: Are you okay?

Lucy: I'm fine. It was just hard to say good-bye to Lily. And Grandmother --

Craig: Why can't I take you myself? It just doesn't seem right having you driven off to the rest of your life by strangers.

Lucy: It's better this way. How many times can we say good-bye?

Craig: Never. I'll miss you, Lullaby.

Lucy: You'll be fine. So will I. I should go.

Craig: Okay. I love you. Okay. Oh, no speeding now, all right? There's always another plane.

Lucinda: All set? Let's go. Oh, if you have returned to pick up the tab, you are -- as usual -- late.

Lily: What is it? Has something happened?

Craig: My baby girl just left town.

Lucinda: Oh, will you stop being such a baby! [Lucinda sighs] It's only the summer.

Craig: No. I have this awful feeling that I'm not going to see her again.

Dusty: Hey! Hey! Pull the car over!

Agent fox: You're not going anywhere, Mr. Donovan --

Dusty: That guy is not a limo driver --

Agent fox: You're under arrest.

Dusty: The girl in the car thinks she's going to the airport, but she's not! If you're a cop, do something! The girl's in trouble! Hey -- hey!

Agent fox: So are you.

Jennifer: Mother, do you have any proof that Jordan was working with James?

Barbara: None.

Jennifer: Any evidence that he knew Stenbeck was his father?

Barbara: No.

Jennifer: Then how can you be sure that Jordan --

Barbara: It doesn't matter what Jordan knew or didn't know. James has chosen this particular time to reveal Jordan’s true identity. Now, whatever his reason is, God help us when we find out what it is.

Jennifer: Mother, James is counting on us being afraid. That's why we have to be strong.

Barbara: James hates me and Paul. He knows how you feel about Jordan, and he's gonna use it against all of us!

Jennifer: No, Jordan will never let that happen.

Barbara: Jordan doesn't have a choice in the matter. Because, you see, you can't fight back when you've already lost.

Jennifer: I will not accept that. There has to be something else that we can do.

Barbara: Yes, there is. You can stop seeing Jordan immediately.

Jennifer: Next suggestion?

Barbara: Jennifer, I am serious. You have to break it off with Jordan, and keep away from him for good.

Jordan: Oh, I guess I should've knocked.

Barbara: Jennifer knows all about James. She knows everything. And she also knows what she has to do. So, do what you have to do. Because if you don't, your life will never be your own again.

Rosanna: I've decided to take Cabot for a little trip to Chicago. We'll be back very soon --

Paul: Don’t. Please don't do this.

Rosanna: Do what? I'm just taking for a little trip to the windy city. He's all cooped up -- he has to get out.

Paul: Look, I can't even imagine what you're going through. But I understand that you want to run away. I just think that the stronger thing to do is to stand your ground and fight.

Rosanna: Well, I can't because I'll lose.

Paul: Jordan isn't unreasonable. You can sit down with him, you can work out some kind of arrangement.

Rosanna: This isn't so much about sharing Cabot with Jordan. It's about James. He doesn't share. What did you find out at the prison?

Paul: Jordan knows that James is his father.

Rosanna: How'd he take it?

Paul: He was in shock. He didn't say much. James was having a great time. James, I think, expects to be some kind of a father to Jordan.

Rosanna: And a Grandfather to Cabot. Which is why I have to leave. He'll torture Cabot. You of all people should know that. You told me yourself what he did to you. Look at him. This is a beautiful, innocent, perfect baby. I can't let Stenbeck into his life. It wouldn't be fair.

Paul: I'm just afraid for you. Rosanna, I'm afraid for both of you.

Rosanna: But wouldn't you be more afraid if we stayed?

Paul: So go. You should go. Go as far as you can as fast as you can. And don't look back.

Rosanna: Thank you. I'll never forget this, Paul. I'll make sure that Cabot knows what you did for us today. Thank you.

Pilot: We need to leave now or we'll lose our clearance.

Rosanna: I'll be right there.

Paul: Be safe.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns --"

Margo: I'm not interested.

Doc: No? Then why are you trembling?

Rosanna: Its okay, sweetheart. Mommy's gonna keep you safe -- as promised.

Jack: Apparently, Rosanna has taken Cabot. Their whereabouts are unknown. But don't worry, I'm on it. Put out an APB. It's only a matter of time.

Jordan: You!

Paul: Hey!

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