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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/7/04

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[Sorry, first half of show was preempted due to news coverage.]

Margo: Actually, no, Katie didn't say anything at all. Funny you should drag her into this.

Pilar: Not so funny -- not after all the crazy accusations she's made.

Margo: And you know, that's another thing. Katie seemed about as sane as I have ever seen her, which makes me rethink all the things that she accused you of before her little breakdown.

Mike: Look, Katie might be better because Simon is back, but that doesn't change what happened before he got here.

Margo: Mm-hmm. Don't leave town, Pilar.

Mike: I'll walk you out. You really believe all this?

Margo: You know what, Mike? My job is to find the truth. That means I have to look at things from all sorts of different angles. Now, don't you think it's time that I looked at things from Katieís side? And if you still care about her, don't you think you could look at things from her point of view?

[Phone ringing]

Pilar: Russ, I can't talk now!

Russ: You called the cops! I just heard it on the scanner. There's an APB out on me.

Pilar: No, I didnít. I swear!

Russ: I'm parked in an alley behind a little dive called "Yo's". You'd better get your little butt over here with some money right now, Pilar. 'Cause if I go back to the joint, you're gonna be my date.

Pilar: Mm.

Paul: Is there any way that we could talk to Annie Weatherbee in person?

Sister Angelica: I haven't seen Annie Weatherbee in years. She resigned her position right after Jordan left for college.

Barbara: Well, she must have left a forwarding address.

Sister Angelica: I sent Christmas cards to her for a while, but then they all started being returned.

Barbara: Sister, if we can just find out the date of Jordanís birth, it would give us all the information that we need. Now, don't you think it's strange that the county office has no records of a child that you raised here? We know that, 'cause we checked before we came.

Sister Angelica: When you've worked here as long as I have, you get used to a lot of things falling through the cracks.

Paul: How about this -- could you check to see if you have any documents about Jordan, 'cause it would be really great if we could just take a quick look at them?

Sister Angelica: I'm not sure there ever was a birth certificate, per se.

Paul: You'd need to have a birth certificate, for insurance, school -- any number of reasons. And if this organization receives any kind of federal subsidy, you'd have to have a birth certificate, a social security number for every kid in here.

Sister Angelica: There have been so many children --

Barbara: Okay --

Paul: Okay, I know you feel like you have to protect Jordan, but --

Barbara: Okay, sister. All right. You tell me what you want, okay? I'll write you a check for whatever it is. Olympic-size swimming pool, a new library, whatever you want, okay? We need to have this information.

Sister Angelica: I couldn't possibly accept a check under these circumstances.

Paul: Okay, look, look, look. We don't mean to insult you. It's just that -- look, Jordan could be my brother, and I just -- I just want to know, and my mom just wants to know, and -- please help us.

Jennifer: What's this?

Jordan: An apology.

Jennifer: I don't understand.

Jordan: Look at the light coming through that window.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. It's afternoon light. It's always beautiful.

Jordan: And we don't even see it, because we're wrapped up in the epic mystery, "who is Jordan Sinclair?"

Jennifer: Well, that is a legitimate question.

Jordan: Yeah? Well, I've got a better one. How did I get so lucky? The most beautiful woman on earth is sitting across from me, with the afternoon sunlight in her hair.

Jennifer: Oh, stop.

Jordan: You don't want me to stop.

Jennifer: You're right, I lied. Go on.

Jordan: We should be in each other's arms. We should be lying on a riverbank, staring up at the sky and talking about our hopes and dreams. But instead, it's been about James and my past, and 100 other things. And now you're scared, and that's the last thing I wanted to do.

Jennifer: Don't, don't, don't, Jordan. Jordan, it's -- it's not your fault. This maniac decided to use you for something that we don't even understand. You have no control over that.

Jordan: You know, you always say exactly what I need to hear. You're the one steady thing in all this insanity. You and Cabot. If it wasn't for you, I might not have ever known that Cabot was mine.

Jennifer: Jordan, I want to be the person that -- that --

Jack: Hey. Sorry it took so long. It's a go. Stenbeck agreed to see you.

Jordan: When?

Jack: Right now. Come on. We've got to get moving.

Jennifer: Jack, can I have a minute?

Jack: Sure. Just so you know, Stenbeck's been known to change his mind on a whim. Let's not give him that chance. I'll meet you outside.

Jennifer: Jordan, I'm coming with you.

Jordan: No, Jen, this is my problem. I don't want you to get mixed up in this.

Jennifer: I know, but I know it's your life, but I -- I've stepped into it now, and I want to be there.

Jordan: No, I've already subjected you to too much.

Jennifer: I don't care. When Jack came in, I wanted to tell you, I want to be the person that you can count on.

Jordan: Jen, you already are. There's nothing in my life that I wouldn't trust you with, but this is different. When I have to go confront James Stenbeck, I can't have any distractions.

Jennifer: Meaning me.

Jordan: Please, don't -- don't take that the wrong way.

Jennifer: No, I understand. I understand, if you show up with Barbaraís daughter in tow, James might not ever tell you anything.

Jordan: No, it's not just that. If James Stenbeck is as dangerous as you say he is, the last thing I want is to expose you to him.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh. Just promise me you'll be all right.

Jordan: I promise.

Jennifer: I'll be waiting for you when you get back.

Jordan: Sounds good to me.

Jennifer: Jordan, there's something else. I know you probably know this, but I wanted to say -- I love you.

Jordan: I love you too, Jen. I think I've loved you from the first moment I ever saw you.

Mike: Where are you going?

Pilar: You were outside with Margo a long time.

Mike: I took a look around after she left. I wanted to make sure Russ wasn't out there hiding.

Pilar: Guess you didn't find him?

Mike: Well, I heard your cell ring.

Pilar: Oh, someone calling for magazine subscriptions.

Mike: You still haven't told me where you were going.

Pilar: You wanted me out. I'm moving out.

Mike: I said that before Russ showed up making threats.

Pilar: Yeah, he's probably halfway to Chicago by now. What are you doing?

Mike: Look, I covered for you with Margo, but I knew you went out three nights ago. You never told me where you went.

Pilar: I was running errands.

Mike: At nearly midnight?

Pilar: Are you calling me a liar?

Mike: I'm saying, make me believe you. Tell me the truth about the jewelry.

Pilar: How can you expect me to stay here with you when you obviously don't believe a word out of my mouth?

Katie: Come on in.

Henry: There she is. Did you grill Pilar?

Margo: You told Katie what you told me?

Henry: Uh-huh. And the more I mull it over, the more I'm certain that Pilar is the one who stole our things to pay for that bail money.

Margo: Well, by the time I got to Mike's she was pretty shaken.

Henry: Margo, shaken is her specialty. She could get a job as a martini.

Margo: Well, Russ showed up there, pretty drunk, and he started making threats about getting even with Pilar.

Katie: Why would he do that if she bailed him out?

Margo: That's what Mike asked, too.

Katie: Maybe your theory is wrong.

Margo: No, not necessarily, because I leaned on Pilar, and -- whoo, she was sweating.

Katie: You mean, like a guilty person? That kind of sweating? Are you really starting to believe us about her now?

Margo: Well, don't you think it's about time I did?

Katie: I do.

Henry: Me too, it's obvious, isn't it? I mean, Russ came in. He made all these threats, so that no one would figure out that Pilar is the anonymous person who paid his bail.

Margo: Yeah, it looks that way. I sure as hell am gonna find out where that money came from.

Henry: Maybe Simon can come up with something.

Margo: Where is he, anyway?

Katie: Oh, he went to meet with some contacts about getting our jewelry back. And I thought he would be back by now.

Pilar: We've got trouble.

Russ: No, we've had trouble ever since you decided to play chicken with Katie Frasier and her cop sister.

Pilar: Everything can still work out. I'm getting some money, Russ. Soon. Enough for you to get away -- far away.

Russ: Yeah, well you'd better get it tonight, sister, or I'm calling that Detective Hughes, and I'm cutting a deal.

Pilar: You wouldnít.

Russ: Try me.

Pilar: Please, no! Not after we've come all this way.

Russ: Give it up, Pilar. That cute little pout doesn't work on me. Not anymore.

Sister Angelica: I take my vows very seriously, Mr. Ryan.

Paul: I know. I'm sure that you do. I completely understand, but --

Sister Angelica: And it would be a terrible invasion of privacy for me to just hand over a birth certificate without permission. I'm late for a meeting with the dining hall director. I'll have to leave you two here.

Paul: Well, thank you, sister.

Sister Angelica: No need for thanks. I'm not doing anything. The records are arranged by year of admission. I'll need my office back in half an hour.

Jack: Where's Stenbeck?

Prison guard: He's being walked in the yard.

Jack: He's being walked? I hope they remembered the choke collar. Go get him, would you? I told him I was bringing a visitor.

Prison guard: Stenbeck says he only wants to talk to Mr. Sinclair.

Jack: Hey, listen. He's not calling the shots.

Jordan: Jack, Jack, wait. I appreciate you going to all this trouble for me, but I would really like the opportunity to speak to him alone.

Jack: No, Jordan, you don't know him. He's dangerous. Plays mind games. Talks in code.

Jordan: Well, maybe so. But what are the chances of me getting the answers I need if you're here, and he doesn't want you to be?

Jack: Okay. All right. But I'm warning you -- keep a safe distance between you and those bars. Get Stenbeck, tell him he can see Mr. Sinclair without my supervision. You sure about this?

Jordan: I'm sure.

Jack: Well, I hope to see you back in Oakdale.

Katie: Simon, did I not give you a key? Mike.

Mike: Look, I need to talk to you.

Katie: You look upset.

Mike: Well, it's pretty upsetting when you realize you've been wrong about everything.

Pilar: At least give me till tomorrow morning.

Russ: I'm not making any more deals with you, Pilar. Either you get me the money you've been promising me, or I serve you up to our detective friend. Capisce?

Simon: You are in a hell of a lot of trouble.

Pilar: Whose fault is that? It's about time you showed up!

Jennifer: Jordan. Hi, babe, it's me. I didn't expect you to answer your phone. You probably had to leave it with the guard or something, but I just -- oh, I just want to say one more time, just be careful. Okay? I meant what I said. I love you, and I -- I want you out of there, okay? I -- just hurry home. Okay.

[Jennifer sighs]

[Jennifer daydreams]

Did he leave already? I know Jordan was here to see you today, James. I know it. I begged him not to, but he said that it was something -- oh, my god, Jordan. What -- what are you --

Jordan: Help me.

[Jennifer stammering]

Jennifer: What are you doing in there? Where's -- where's James?

Jordan: I don't know. We were talking, and then suddenly he's gone, and now I'm in here!

[Jennifer gasping]

Jennifer: It's locked. It wasn't locked before. Guards! Somebody, please! There's been a terrible mistake! Please.

Jordan: Save your breath. Save your breath, Jen. No one will listen. I've tried. They just keep telling me the same thing that this is my cell now.

Jennifer: But you -- you haven't done anything.

Jordan: They have papers that said -- that say that I have. The guards showed them to me.

Jennifer: No. James must have forged them somehow. That's why he wanted you to come here. He planned it all along.

Jordan: That doesn't matter. I'm stuck. Life without parole.

Jennifer: No. No.

Barbara: Why are these files in order of date of admittance? We're going to have to go through every single one of these.

Paul: No, maybe not. Sister Angelica said that Jordan arrived the day that Notre Dame beat Houston in the Cotton Bowl by one point.

Barbara: Right.

Paul: I got a college website, I'll probably get it. Forget about a swimming pool. You should buy her a faster computer. Here we go. Just scroll down. That's not the year I was born.

Barbara: Oh, thank God. Thank God for that. Let's just hope this nun has an accurate memory.

Paul: One way to find out. [Paul muttering to himself] S-I-N. Here we are. Oh, we got lucky.

Barbara: What? What, what, what?

Paul: Okay. Jordan Sinclair. City of Buffalo. State of New York.

Barbara: Look. Look, the date proves it. I'm not his mother, but who is?

Paul: It just says "X" here.

Barbara: And look who the father is.

Paul: James.

Jordan: Hello, Mr. Stenbeck.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Margo: You've got this down to a science, don't you?

Doc: Making love? I like to believe I've earned the Nobel Prize for that one.

Pilar: You owe me.

Simon: And I intend to pay. Yeah. I have a very special reward for you.

James: Jordan, my boy. You have questions?

Jordan: Who am I?

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