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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 5/17/04

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Mike: I should go get dressed.

Pilar: Um, I'll put the groceries away and start dinner. Ow!

Mike: Hey, what happened?

Pilar: I --

Mike: Are you okay?

Pilar: I tripped. Look, everything's all over the place. What a mess.

Mike: All right, you hurt?

Pilar: I -- um, no, it's just -- ow.

Mike: You are hurt. All right, all right, come on. Get you on the sofa.

Pilar: I'm so sorry, Michael. I ruined dinner, I ruined this whole evening.

Mike: Don't worry about dinner. You may have sprained your ankle. We may want to pack this with some ice, keep it elevated.

Pilar: When did you get to be an expert on sprained ankles?

Mike: It happened to Katie once, but I took care of it. Definitely get some ice on this. Let me see if I can find the same kind of bandage I used on her, okay?

Henry: Any ideas yet?

Katie: Have a little patience, Henry. I've never busted out of a booby hatch before.

Henry: Well, that could be the easy part. We also have to talk our way into the city jail and speak to Pilarís little partner in crime, so --

Katie: Yeah, well, Russ is the only one who knows what's going on in Pilarís wicked mind, so it may be hard to get to him, but we have to. Am-scray, urse-nay.

Nurse Showcroft: Ms. Frasier, Dr. Tanner has a treat for you today.

Katie: Oh, no, thanks. I had a big breakfast.

Nurse Showcroft: These are vitamins. They won't hurt. Wasn't so bad, now was it?

Katie: Thank you. Gosh, I'm gonna miss her when I get out of here. If I ever get out of here.

Henry: Oh, I think you will. My horoscope said that May would be a month of rare brilliance for me. And I think its right.

Katie: You came up with something. Oh, you always come through. What?

Henry: This time I have reinforcements. Musgrove! Meet the man who's gonna get us to the other side of the gates.

Katie: Musgrove?

Sgt. Musgrove: Ah, that's Sergeant Musgrove.

Henry: Yes, yes, of course it is. Now Musgrove here, he's come up with an idea. He has an answer for you, don't you? Why don't you tell us, Sergeant, yes.

Sgt. Musgrove: The sun never sets on "Rigel five."

Katie: Thanks for getting my hopes up. You made my day.

Paul: The surgery's over. How is she?

Walker: It went well. Your mother's in recovery now.

Carly: Is she awake?

Walker: And coherent. She wants the bandages off, she wants to see her kids. She's giving us every reason to believe the operation was a success.

Paul: Then the tumor is --

Walker: Biopsied. Ben Harris asked the lab to rush it through. We should have the results today.

Paul: So she's not out of the woods yet.

Walker: Not yet.

Carly: I'm gonna find Jen, all right? She should hear this.

Paul: If the tumor is -- well, if it's not benign, then what happens?

Walker: Let's cross that bridge when we get to it.

Paul: All right. She can see -- can -- will she be able to see?

Walker: We're not gonna know that for a couple of days yet, Paul.

Paul: Well, you know her. She's gonna be pushing you for answers.

Walker: Yeah, I know. So, if you can do anything to help keep her patient, I would appreciate that help.

Paul: Oh, I'll help. I should have helped more before, right? I can't believe that she went through all of this all alone.

Walker: Not alone.

Paul: Right. You were there.

Walker: But now she has you and your sister. When she's moved to her room, you can go in and see her. Go in confident, Paul. That way she'll know everything's gonna be okay.

Paul: Okay.

Walker: Listen, your mother, she put a lot on the line for you and Jennifer and Will. It's payback time.

Jennifer: You're married.

Jordan: On paper.

Jennifer: But not in the heart? Is that what that means? If you think I'm gonna be impressed because you didn't marry Rosanna for love, you couldn't be more wrong.

Jordan: Jen, what I'm trying to tell you is --

Jennifer: Do you love her or not?!

Jordan: You don't understand.

Jennifer: No, I think I do. You're married, which means you and I have nothing to say to each other.

Jordan: Don't you think that I want to level with you?

Jennifer: Don't!

Carly: Jordan! Jen, your mother's in recovery.

Jennifer: Oh, how is she? Is she well?

Carly: Dr. Daniels said the surgery went pretty well. You can still catch him if you hurry. He's talking to Paul right now.

Jennifer: Okay, thank you.

Carly: Tell me you weren't about to spill your guts to Jennifer.

Jordan: I hate to lie, Carly, especially to her.

Carly: You promised Rosanna. She deserves to keep her son and you signed on to make that happen. You can't back out now.

Jordan: Yeah? This is my life, remember? It's not yours and it's not your sisterís.

Rosanna: This is not what I was promised. Cabot is my child.

Annabelle: No one's arguing with you.

Rosanna: But these papers name me as the mother and Jordan Sinclair as the father.

Annabelle: That's the way the boss wants it. You don't like it, tough.

Kim: All right, tell him I'll give him a prime-time spot for his usual rate, okay? No, once. Bye.

Margo: Whoa, who's got you giving away freebies, huh?

Kim: Oh, Doc Reese. Thanks to his latest escapade, I am now bribing my advertisers.

Margo: I know. I saw the instant replay of the on-air smack down with process server.

Kim: Believe it or not, the audience loved it. Unfortunately, my sponsors are having a fit. Which is why I called you. Because I was kind of hoping you and Tom could help me out with this guy.

Margo: Gosh, I thought you wanted to have coffee with me.

Kim: Well, besides that, my darling -- I mean, you two are good friends of Doc's.

Margo: Oh, Kim, we've known him about two minutes.

Kim: Honey, two minutes, two years, I mean, it's all the same thing with Doc. If he likes you, you're his. So, I was hoping you and the district attorney would maybe have a chat. See if you could talk him into getting a grip.

Margo: You know, Tom is really busy.

Kim: I know, but I would really appreciate this.

Margo: I'll take care of the wild man -- don't worry.

Doc: I thought the beautiful lady detective didn't do lunch.

Margo: I'm not doing lunch. But I did get you coffee.

Doc: Thank you.

Margo: Don't thank me till after I tell you why you're here. It's about my mother-in-law.

Doc: Bless her heart. I really should send that wonderful, wonderful woman some flowers..

Margo: For what?

Doc: By making you the messenger, she has made me the happiest guy in town.

Katie: Musgrove's going to help get us out of here? With what? His spaceship? Oh, let me go get my tinfoil, so I can make me an astro-hat! Come on, Henry, are you crazy?

Henry: Yes, like a fox. Do you know where Musgrove works? The laundry, Katie -- washing staff uniforms.

Katie: Oh.

Henry: Oh!

Katie: So he can steal us a few?

Henry: Yes, he'll do anything to further the cause of Rigel five. Musgrove!

Sgt. Musgrove: Sir!

Henry: I have a mission for you, Musgrove.

Sgt. Musgrove: Yes?

Henry: Top secret.

Sgt. Musgrove: Yes, yes.

Henry: Yes. Well, pretty soon now, we're gonna let you make ashtrays.

Katie: Henry!

Henry: That's Doctor Henry.

Katie: You look respectable -- almost. So, where's my uniform?

Henry: Ah, about that, um --

Katie: Hen-ry --

Henry: Ah, you're not going.

Katie: But I have to.

Henry: Listen -- listen to me. They're watching you, okay? That's why they are giving you vitamin Z. They want to keep you sedated, and very easy to keep track of. Now, if you try to slip out of here, the powers that be are gonna know about it. Trust me. This is the best thing to do.

[Katie sighs]

Katie: All right -- all right. Well, if Russ gives you a hard time, you tell him that Pilar seduced Mike. She probably tried to use him the same way.

Henry: I know what to do.

Katie: Proof -- proof! You need to get proof. Otherwise, Mike's not going to believe us about all the things that Pilarís been doing.

Henry: Good-bye, Katherine. Sergeant. I'm leaving you in charge in making sure Lt. Frasier stays safe. Hmm?

Sgt. Musgrove: Sir -- yes.

Henry: Soon.

Katie: Be careful.

[Henry sighs]

Henry: Problem. Staff can't leave the compound without an I.D. And in order to get an I.D., I must go to medical school.

Katie: Um, not necessarily.

Henry: Oh, no.

Katie: Oh, yes.

Jordan: Look, I told Rosanna that I can keep her promise for only so long. I'm not going to drag this out at Jenniferís expense.

Carly: Just don't jump the gun, okay? Hang in there for a little while. And then you can tell Jennifer the whole story.

Jordan: What is Rosannaís definition of "a little while"? That's the question. I'm beginning to think that it means different things to both of us. Barbara! I hear you came through with flying colors.

Barbara: Jordan?

Jordan: Yeah, it's me.

Jennifer: Oh, Mom! Mom, hi. It's Jen.

Barbara: Oh, honey!

Walker: Jennifer, why don't you let me get your mother in her room and then you can see her.

Jennifer: Okay -- okay.

Walker: All right.

Jordan: It looks like your mom's gonna be fine.

[Jennifer sobbing]

Paul: Jen, listen -- I know you're upset. But when we get in there, it's got to be all about Mom, okay? You're gonna make her think that everything's coming up roses.

Carly: Now, don't get too misty-eyed. That family is as dysfunctional as they come.

Jordan: Yeah, well, I care about them, okay? I'm glad that Rosanna has her kid back. But I've known them for a lot longer than I have known her. They matter to me.

Carly: It doesn't have to be us versus them. All Rosanna wants is to keep her child. Is that too much to ask?

Jordan: I'm beginning to wonder.

Rosanna: I will not share Cabot with Jordan Sinclair. So you take these back to your employer and tell him no deal.

Annabelle: Oh, that'll go over big. Do you really want to make that guy mad?

Rosanna: I agreed to marry Jordan so I could get Cabot back. I did not agree to give him parental rights. It's too late in the game to change the rules. This is unacceptable!

Annabelle: Just because you have the kid now --

Rosanna: That's right, I do!

Annabelle: -- Doesn't mean he can't be taken away!

Rosanna: Cabot is mine. And not you, nor the monster that you work for, will ever take him away from me again!

Annabelle: Don't be so sure, sister.

Rosanna: Get out!

Annabelle: I'll be back. With Detective Snyder and a court order to remove your son.

Rosanna: Fine. I have lawyers. I'll fight you.

Annabelle: If the boss wants to take your baby, he'll do it. So sign the papers or kiss your brat good-bye.

Doc: You said we'd never have lunch and look. This just goes to prove -- anything can happen.

Margo: Mm-hmm. Let us turn our thoughts to your boss, Kim.

Doc: Delicious.

Margo: What?

Doc: My sandwich. It's delicious. Would you like a bite?

Margo: No, thanks. Look, Kim was not too pleased about the stunt you pulled with the process server during your broadcast.

Doc: It wasn't exactly my idea for the man to walk in front of a camera.

Margo: But it was your idea to give him what-for upside the head, now wasn't it?

Doc: I guess so -- I guess so.

Margo: Uh-huh -- uh-huh.

Doc: But listen, any man would have done the same thing. We're missing the point. But I'll tell you who is really to blame -- is my ex. That is the way that woman plays -- she is flat-out nasty.

Margo: Well, it sounds like you two still have -- feelings for one another.

Doc: Are we jealous?

Margo: Are you a smart man?

Doc: Well, I don't want to brag on myself, but you don't get to be MVP without some brainpower.

Margo: Then how come you keep making the same dumb mistake? You do not hit on your boss's daughter-in-law.

Doc: You want to know what would really be dumb?

Margo: Huh?

Doc: Is to meet a woman like you and not want to spend time with her. Because you, Margo, are one in a million. And you can't blame me for noticing that.

Henry: No, Katie. No! If I steal her I.D., I have to dress up like a woman -- again.

Katie: You looked great as a woman.

Henry: Well, be that as it may. The point is -- that if this thing gets out, it's not very good for the reputation. Hmm?

Katie: Okay, okay, new plan. Go get my purse.

Henry: I am not carrying your purse!

Katie: I have a picture of you in my wallet. If you go get it, I'll do the rest.

Henry: You carry a picture of me?

Katie: Well, I carry a picture of snickers, but you're holding him.

Henry: Right. Yeah, I knew that.

Katie: You get the picture, I'll get the I.D., and then we'll do a little cut and paste.

Henry: Sergeant -- front and center! Here -- search and retrieval. Watch my back!

Katie: Ooh, pretzels! I love salty things! Whew! The room is spinning. I feel so dizzy.

Nurse Showcroft: Sit here. Sit here. I'll get the doctor.

Dr. Tanner: Heart rate's normal. I might run a few tests.

Katie: No! I don't need any tests. I was just kinda light-headed. I think I need to eat, probably.

Nurse Showcroft: You said you had a big breakfast.

Katie: I lied. I just didn't want to take those vitamins.

Dr. Tanner: Get Ms. Frasier an orange. That ought to raise her blood sugar. I'll be in a meeting if you need me.

Nurse Showcroft: Stay here.

Katie: Where am I going to go -- the movies? Jo-king. Psst. Henry?

Henry: Here. One picture.

Katie: One I.D.

Sgt. Musgrove: Shh! The walls have ears. Really.

Katie: Okay --

Henry: Right.

Katie: Back to reality-ville. A snip-snip here, and some glue over there. You have now officially become -- Connie Showcroft.

Henry: Connie? That's a girl's name.

Katie: Not in Greece. If anyone asks, just tell them you were baptized Constantine.

Henry: Uh, Katie, I don't know.

Katie: Oh, come on, Henry. You're mike's only hope.

Henry: Well, then Mike has a problem.

Mike: The ice is keeping the swelling down. You should do fine. When it happened to Katie, she was up and moving within a few hours.

Pilar: Good for her. It still hurts, though.

Mike: It'll start feeling better once I wrap it.

Pilar: I don't even care about my stupid ankle. I just wanted to do something nice for you tonight. I mean, it's not like one little homemade dinner could pay you back for everything you've done for me. But it's a start.

Mike: It's not necessary.

Pilar: But you took me in. You protected me from Russ, made sure he couldn't hurt me anymore. And I'm so grateful.

Mike: You don't have to do anything.

Pilar: But I want to. And you're right. It feels much better now that it's wrapped. Um, you know -- maybe I can make dinner after all.

Mike: It's all right. We'll do it another night --

Pilar: No, no -- I insist.

Mike: All right.

Pilar: Oh!

Rosanna: Don't you think that we could work out a compromise? I'll pay you any amount.

Annabelle: To double-cross the big guy? Forget it. There's not enough money in the world to protect me from him. Now, listen -- if you want to keep the little bugger, sign on the dotted line. Otherwise, I can't be responsible for what happens.

[Knocking on door]

Carly: Rosanna? Are you okay?

Rosanna: Hi! Yes, I'm fine. I just got the adoption papers. You remember Annabelle Fettle.

Carly: Yeah, I do. You brought the papers?

Annabelle: Yeah, he's hers -- as soon as I get a couple signatures.

Carly: A couple?

Rosanna: I'll call you as soon as I'm ready.

Annabelle: You do that.

Carly: Rosanna, what's going on? What did she say to you?

Rosanna: I did everything that I was told to do.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Rosanna: I married Jordan. I kept my end of the deal.

Carly: And you have the adoption papers in exchange, right?

Rosanna: But I was supposed to be the only parent.

Carly: Is Craig behind this? Did he somehow have himself declared Cabotís father? Is that what happened?

Rosanna: No. Jordan. The person who engineered this nightmare -- wants Jordan to be the father.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns"--

Katie: Henry's disappeared?

Dr. Tanner: Cut the act! What are you and Coleman up to?

Carly: According to these papers, the adoption is not final until you and Jordan have been married for at least two years.

Carly: Somebody's playing with you, Rosanna. Who have you been dealing with all these months?

Rosanna: Carly, you should leave.

Carly: And you should know, I almost never do what I'm supposed to do.

Rosanna: I don't want you involved anymore. You have a family.

Carly: Are you saying that this person is dangerous? Does Jack know?

Rosanna: Not much.

Carly: Does he know Jordan is on these papers?

Rosanna: Not yet.

Carly: He's gonna to go nuts.

Rosanna: He can't! The adoption is legal -- the police have no right to interfere.

Carly: Rosanna, Jack is on your side -- he wants to protect you.

Rosanna: I don't want or need his protection. As long as I cooperate with the other party, then things are going to work out.

Carly: So let's say that you cooperate. What about Jordan? There's no way he's going along with this.

Rosanna: Well, I don't -- I'll do something. I'll make it work out or my lawyers will. It's not like I have to stay married to him!

Carly: Apparently, you haven't read the fine print, Rosanna.

Rosanna: What are you talking about?

Carly: According to these papers, the adoption is not final until you and Jordan have been married for at least two years.

Rosanna: What? [Rosanna sighs] That's not going to work. Jordan's not going to agree to that. I'll lose my baby.

Jennifer: Why is Dr. Daniels taking so long?

Paul: He's probably just making sure that she's not too groggy to handle visitors.

Jennifer: You know, I think Mom can handle anything. Just imagine all those times where she would suddenly lose her sight and then have to keep it a secret from everyone.

Paul: It all makes sense now.

Jennifer: Yeah. There's so many times that I would show Mom a sketch, and she would suddenly be miles away.

Paul: Worked, huh? The show looked great. Oh, man, I meant to bring the reviews.

Jennifer: Oh, don't worry about it.

Paul: No, right before she went into surgery she made me promise that I'd bring them. It totally slipped my mind.

Jordan: Why don't I have Blaine bring them from the office?

Paul: That would be great. Thank you, Jordan.

Jennifer: Oh, oh, oh. There's a reporter. They see us, they're gonna ask us questions.

Jordan: It's not a problem. I'll handle it.

Paul: I'm starting to think maybe I might of misjudged that guy.

Jennifer: Yeah. Me, too.

Pilar: After what you said this morning, you sure you want to do this?

Mike: I'm sure. I'm sure.

Henry: Look, Katie, I'm sorry. But this is just -- it's getting too risky.

Katie: Henry, you're one of the bravest people I know.

Henry: I am not. That is not true! I'm scared of a lot of thing. I'm scared of mice, and tornadoes, tofu, being arrested!

Katie: You're not going to get arrested.

Henry: Has one of those aliens come along and run off with your brain here? I've stolen an I.D., I am impersonating a nurse --

Katie: People do it all the time.

Henry: Not to mention that I'm going to interrogate a prisoner under false pretenses. Now, if I get caught, I'm not just going to jail, I'm going to jail for a very long time.

Katie: So, wait. You're not going to help me?

Henry: Yeah, of course I am.

Katie: Listen, as soon as we get out of this place, a weekend at the martini bar -- my treat.

Henry: Extra olives.

Katie: Dozens.

Henry: All right. Well, I'd better go polish up on my third-degree technique.

Katie: All you have to do is find out what Pilar has been up to, and then we'll be back here for another strategy session.

Henry: Great, if I don't get caught first.

Katie: You'll be back before aqua-therapy. I promise.

Katie: Oh, watch it. Enemy forces.

Dr. Tanner: Katie, can we have a word with you?

Henry: You talking to me? Yeah. Yeah, the name's Connie. You got a problem with that?

Margo: You know, I don't even know why I told you all this.

Doc: No, no, I'm glad you did. Katie sounds very special to you.

Margo: Oh, she is. Katie's the best.

Doc: She'll pull through. I know she's going through hell right now, but if she's anything like her sister -- she's a very strong woman. She'll be fine.

Margo: I hope you're right. I don't get this. I get a lot of stress, you know? I get a lot of stress on my job, but this has really been one of the worst weeks I've ever had.

Doc: You know what I do when the stress gets too much?

Margo: Ooh, I'm afraid to ask. What?

Doc: Pushups.

Margo: Pushups?

Doc: That's what I said. 20 of them.

Margo: A whole 20? Are you alright, honey?

Doc: Yeah, yeah, I'm okay, but I'm talking about the real ones. I'm not talking about those I just had my nails done namby pamby little girly pushups. Serious business.

Margo: Namby-pamby, huh? Oh, look, Doc -- no, nails. Let's go. You and me -- boot camp. Come on.

Doc: Let's do it, baby.

Margo: One. Two. Three. Four. 18, 19, 20. Ha.

Doc: I let you win. Relax.

Margo: 21 --

Doc: Okay, okay. The victory is yours. You happy?

Margo: Yes. Yes, I am. I guess your cure for stress really does help.

Doc: Well, I've been known to get something right every now and then.

Sgt. Musgrove: Enemy, beware.

Dr. Tanner: Nurse Showcroftís I.D. is missing. Do you know anything about that?

Katie: No. Are you sure you wore it today?

Nurse Showcroft: It was clipped to my pocket. Then you had your little dizzy spell. I haven't seen it since.

Dr. Tanner: Especially interesting, Nurse Showcroft's I.D. isn't the only thing that's missing. Henry Coleman has disappeared, too.

Katie: Henry's disappeared?

Dr. Tanner: Cut the act. What are you and Coleman up to?

Katie: I don't know what you're talking about.

Dr. Tanner: I gave you a chance. Remember that.

Nurse Showcroft: Well, Katie, now it's just you and me.

Paul: You want to talk about this?

Jennifer: There's nothing to talk about. I thought Jordan was one thing, and he turned out to be another. It was my mistake.

Paul: Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Jennifer: Paul, he sent me so many signals like he was interested in me. And then he said that he and Rosanna were through, that they weren't even friends, and five minutes later he marries her?!

Paul: There has to be some reason.

Jennifer: Yeah, well I don't know what it is, and I can't afford to care. Why is Dr. Daniels taking so long?

Jordan: Here you go. The American and European reviews. They're all raves.

Paul: Jordan, thanks a lot. This ought to make mom smile.

Walker: Paul? Jennifer? Your mother would like to see you.

Jennifer: Well, you go first. I'll wait.

Paul: No, no, no. You go first. I'll wait.

Walker: Why don't you both go in together and we won't tell the nurse in charge of ICU?

Jennifer: Thank you, Walker, so much, for everything.

Paul: Thank you so much for taking such good care of my mom.

Walker: It's been my pleasure.

Jordan: Any idea when I can see Barbara?

Walker: It's just family, for now.

Paul: Sorry.

Jordan: It's not a problem.

Paul: No, I -- you were just trying to help my mom out. You took a lot of heat from me.

Jordan: It's past history, Paul.

Paul: Still, if you decided to get out, I don't think anyone would blame you.

Jordan: Your mother's waiting for you. Don't let me keep you.

Carly: Jordan is not going to sign those papers. I just saw the guy. He wants out.

Rosanna: He has to sign the papers. He has to stay married to me, or I lose Cabot.

Carly: He doesn't have to do anything. And why should he? The only reward he gets from helping you is that he has no control over his own life.

Rosanna: Well, that's not my fault. I'm not in control here.

Carly: Who is? Why don't you just at least tell Jack?

Rosanna: No! No! No cops.

Carly: He's family.

Rosanna: I'll give Jordan anything he wants. I just have to make him sign.

Carly: And then what? You get double-crossed again? Rosanna, you need help.

Rosanna: I need Cabot.

Carly: I know. But I'm beginning to think that whoever it is you're dealing with has no intention of letting you keep him.

Margo: I've got to get back to the station. I don't know really when I've had a half an hour for lunch before. I think that maybe Ronald Reagan was president. Thank you.

Doc: Well, they do say that time flies when you're having fun, and I must say we definitely had fun.

Margo: Yeah. Yeah, we did. But I didn't come here for the fun part, I came to deliver a message from Kim -- behave yourself.

Doc: I'll do my best.

Margo: Good. Because she may look like peaches and cream, but she's tough as rawhide. And if you continue to play the fool, she will fire you and not look back.

Doc: Thank you for the heads-up.

Margo: Okay. So, watch yourself professionally -- and personally.

Doc: Thanks for the candor. Oh, and Margo? Love that perfume.

Nurse Showcroft: I want the truth.

Katie: Don't we all?

Nurse Showcroft: You think stealing my I.D. is funny? No one else is laughing.

Katie: I really have no idea what you're talking about, nurse.

Nurse Showcroft: I want my I.D. back now.

Katie: I don't have it.

Nurse Showcroft: But your friend does. Where is Coleman?

Katie: Taking a walk? Flying a kite?

Nurse Showcroft: Okay. I've given you two chances. Both times you refused them. Nothing I can do now.

Katie: Wait, what do you mean?

Nurse Showcroft: If you had leveled with me, maybe I could've stopped Dr. Tanner.

Katie: From what?

Nurse Showcroft: Reporting Henry Coleman to the police. That's right. Now the laws involved, and I don't think they'll be nearly as understanding as we are.

Katie: Oh no, Henry. What have I done to you?

Russ: I don't get it. What's going on?

Cop: You're meeting a new public defender.

Russ: I didn't request that. What happened to the guy I had?

Cop: Ask him.

Henry: Thank you, officer. Well, hello there, fella. You look nervous.

Russ: That little blond with the baseball bat -- she here?

Henry: No, but she could be.

Russ: I want police protection.

Henry: No, what you need is Pilar protection. She's letting you rot, Mr. Terry, but I could change all that.

Pilar: No regrets this time?

Mike: No regrets.

Pilar: Makes me glad I twisted my ankle.

Mike: How's it feeling?

Pilar: Much better. Your bedside manner is a little unorthodox, but I think it did the trick.

Mike: Now, you're just trying to flatter me.

Pilar: Is it working?

Mike: Yeah. I'm glad its feeling better, but you might want to take some aspirin, otherwise it's going to wake you up in the middle of the night.

Pilar: It's fine.

Mike: For now, but take some aspirin, it will stay that way. I'll get some from the medicine cabinet.

Pilar: That's okay. I have some in my purse. If I can remember where I put it.

Mike: It's right here.

Pilar: No, I'll get --

Mike: What is this? What kind of games are you playing?

Paul: "With her son and daughter by her side, Barbara Ryan took a bow for one of the best collections of the season." Hey, not bad. That's great, Mom.

Barbara: Well, what can I say? My children are my inspiration.

Jennifer: When we're not driving you crazy.

Paul: Or plotting behind your back.

Barbara: We've all done things that we shouldn't have. Let it go. I have.

Paul: That's why you are an amazing woman.

Walker: That's my diagnosis, too.

Barbara: Well, you told me when you came back in this room that you would have the results of the biopsy.

Walker: And I do.

Barbara: Am I going to be all right?

Walker: The tumor is benign. You're going to be fine.

Jennifer: Oh, Mom. That's what we were praying for.

Walker: And that's not all the news.

Barbara: Okay, fine, so long as it's good.

Walker: You have a phone call.

Barbara: Who is it?

Walker: I'll never tell. Transfer the call.

Barbara: Hello? Oh, Will! Oh, what a beautiful surprise.

Walker: Hit the speaker.

Will: And Dr. Daniels said that you'd have to have an operation, but you're all right now.

Barbara: I'm just fine. Now that I'm hearing your voice, I'm wonderful! We miss you.

Will: I wish I was there.

Barbara: Oh, honey, you are. You're in your brother and your sister's and my heart. You always will be.

Jennifer: We're a big happy family again, Will.

Barbara: And that's all that matters.

Rosanna: I'm not calling Jack. I will handle this.

Carly: And while you're doing that, what does Jordan do?

Rosanna: Do you think I wanted to marry Jordan? Do you think I want him to be the baby's father? No, I donít. But I do want to keep Cabot. And if you have a problem with that, you can leave.

Jordan: Hi. Um -- sorry. Should I come back later?

Rosanna: No. Hi. Come on in. We have something we need to discuss.

Jordan: Are those Cabotís adoption papers? Oh, thank God. We can finally put an end to this insanity.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Lucy: I've decided to move back to Montega.

Craig: No.

Carly: I don't think discussing Rosannaís marriage with you is such a good idea.

Jennifer: Why? Do Jordan and Rosanna have something to hide?

Jordan: Well, you told me that once you got the adoption papers, Cabot would be legally yours.

Rosanna: You have to sign them, too.

Jordan: Why do I have to sign anything?

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