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Mike: Pilar? "I'll meet you at the cottage later. There's something I have to do. Pilar."

Katie: Can you please just tell him Katie needs to speak to him.

Nurse: Mr. Coleman is being evaluated.

Katie: But that could take all day. I need to see him now.

Nurse: At the moment, you have a visitor. And she can't wait.

Katie: Who? Margo?

Pilar: I wanted to see how you were doing, Katie. I was worried about you. How are you?

Katie: You can drop the act, Pilar. The nurse is out of earshot.

Pilar: It's not an act. I'm genuinely curious. I've never been in a mental hospital.

Katie: Well, they're just like every other hospital, except for the patients aren't sick.

Pilar: I guess that depends who you ask.

Katie: Look, I've got baskets to weave, and shrinks to impress. So either tell me what you want, or get out of here.

Pilar: I thought it was time we had a little chat.

Katie: Oh, Mike got my message, that's why you're here.

Pilar: You mean the "I love you, Mike" message? Sorry. His cell phone malfunctioned.

Katie: Well, then I'll just leave another message. Or send him a letter. Or tell Margo to have him stop by.

Pilar: You could do that. Only it won't matter, because it's too late.

Barbara: How about "W"? Did they like the collection?

Jennifer: They loved the collection.

Barbara: And "Vogue"?

Jennifer: Everyone had nice things to say.

Barbara: Nobody caught on? There were no snide comments about the blind leading the blind?

Jennifer: No one knows anything. And they're not going to. Because after this surgery's over, you're going to have 20/20 vision. So the only thing that you need to worry about right now is getting better.

Paul: How's my favorite patient?

Jennifer: She's a little hyper.

Paul: Impatient. I'm shocked. Hello.

Barbara: Hello.

Paul: I saw Walker upstairs. He said he'll be down in a few minutes to take you to the surgery floor.

Barbara: You know, if I ran my business the way they ran this hospital, I don't know what would happen. I was supposed to be in the O.R. over half an hour ago.

Paul: Shouldn't she get a sedative?

Jennifer: She's had one.

Barbara: What do I have to do, call the nurse? And where is Jordan, for that matter? He should be here. He's at least on my side.

Paul: Jordan's on his -- on his honeymoon -- apparently.

Barbara: He's what?

Paul: He decided to get married in Vegas. I guess all the wedding chapels got to him.

Barbara: That is -- that's some joke, son.

Paul: I'm not joking.

Barbara: Jordan got married? To whom?

Jennifer: To Rosanna Cabot.

Jordan: Hey.

Rosanna: Hi, good morning. Did you sleep well?

Jordan: Oh, yeah, you were right, I couldn't hear a sound from the guest bedroom.

Rosanna: Yeah. Cabot is such a good baby. He wakes up. He has his bottle. We change his diaper, and he goes right back to sleep.

Jordan: I'm glad everything worked out. He looks very, very happy.

Rosanna: He is. He finally knows he's safe. You know, you made this possible. If it weren't for you --

Jordan: Seeing you two together is all the thanks that I need. Let's just move forward, okay?

Rosanna: Okay, absolutely. Do you want me to order some breakfast?

Jordan: No, not for me. I've got to get going. Barbara's having her surgery this morning.

Rosanna: Oh, yeah. Listen, I know I'm not Barbaraís favorite person at the moment -- but could you tell her I send her my best wishes? Have you thought about what you're going to say? I'm sure they're going to have questions. Jennifer's probably told them all that we're married by now.

Jordan: Are you saying its okay for me to level with her?

Rosanna: No, I'm not -- absolutely not.

Jordan: Because I have to tell you, Rosanna, this can't go on forever. I'm not a liar and I don't intend on becoming one. I was willing to marry you so that you could get your baby back. He's here now. I can't play this game for much longer.

Jack: I'm with you, Hal. As much as I'd love to believe in happy endings, Rosanna ending up with Cabot is a stretch. Bottom line is, you can't take a baby that's not yours -- you know what, I'll get back to you. Yeah, bye. Hey, gorgeous, what are you doing down here?

Carly: You left it in your charger.

Jack: I got home so late last night I completely forgot. Thanks.

Carly: You're welcome. Anything for you, g-man. So, I'm glad you're going after Craig. It's bad enough that he kidnapped Cabot, and tried to force Rosanna to marry him again. But that child could've been killed in that fire.

Jack: And we'll take a long look at Craig. But that phone call you overheard was about Rosanna.

Carly: Rosanna didn't take Cabot. He's hers.

Jack: Maybe. And maybe not.

Barbara: I can't even believe this. Jordan, my Jordan Sinclair got married to Rosanna Cabot?

Paul: So it seems.

Barbara: I don't understand. I mean, they barely know each other. They've just met.

Paul: We're all a little mystified.

Barbara: And he's so young. I mean, what's this going to do to his career? To be tied down to a woman like Rosanna? Why? Why?

Jennifer: She's beautiful, rich -- what other reason does he need mom?

Barbara: Honey, Jordan is not a fortune hunter --

Jennifer: No, we don't know what Jordan is. Which is what I tried to tell you when you hired him.

Barbara: No, I believe you told me that you liked him.

Jennifer: I did, I mean I do. Do we have to talk about this?

Barbara: I'm so sorry, Jen.

Jennifer: No, Mom, it's not your fault.

Barbara: You know, I love you. You'll always be my beautiful, brilliant daughter, no matter what.

Jennifer: And you're going to make it through this just fine. Everything's going to be fine.

Paul: Hey, what about me? I'm brilliant, too. Can I have a hug?

Walker: Ready to take a ride?

Barbara: No. But I don't think I have much of a choice, here, do I?

Walker: Paul, Jennifer, if you could help your Mother into her chair?

Paul: I'm going to turn you around, okay? All you've got to do is sit back.

Barbara: Thank you. I'd like a word alone, with my doctor, if you don't mind. I'll see you guys outside.

Jennifer: Okay, sure.

Walker: So how are you really doing?

Barbara: Well, let's see. I have a brain tumor and they're about ready to drill my skull open. So I guess I'm scared to death.

Walker: That's a normal, healthy response.

Barbara: And I could die.

Walker: Barbara, you are a strong woman with a good prognosis -- an excellent surgeon in Ben Harris. You are going to survive this surgery and you will get your eyesight back.

Barbara: And you believe this because?

Walker: Because I am scrubbing in and I'm a stubborn S.O.B. and I will not accept anything else. And neither will you.

Barbara: Thank you.

Paul: You okay? You didn't see this coming?

Jennifer: No, I knew she was interested in him. She moved into the suite across from his room at the Lakeview. She was always around whenever we were together. She was phoning him, trying to get him to bail her out of whatever fake disaster that she'd created. I just thought that -- you know it doesn't matter --

Paul: No it does. What, what did you think?

Jennifer: I thought he was smarter than that. But he wasnít. So at least now I know what he was like.

Paul: Well, that sounds great. But, Jen, I'm not so sure you believe that.

Jennifer: Hey, Mom.

Barbara: Hi. Well, Paul. I guess I'll see you two in the recovery room.

Paul: No, no, no. We're going to walk you down to the O.R. And we will be waiting right outside the whole time.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jack: I've been on the phone all morning. I talked to child services in Nevada. I talked to child services in Oakdale. Rosanna hasn't called either one of them.

Carly: Why should she, Jack? Cabot was born in Canada.

Jack: She hasn't contacted anyone in Canada either.

Carly: Oh, you've spoken to every single agency in Canada. Is that right?

Jack: Carly --

Carly: No, of course you havenít. And why you're looking for a problem where there isn't one --

Jack: Because we have been down this road before, Carly! You and I, we were in this room, and we watched that Canadian inspector take Cabot out of Rosannaís arms. I, for one, do not want a repeat performance! Do you know for a fact that this so called adoption is legal?

Carly: Yes, of course.

Jack: You've seen the adoption papers.

Carly: No, but I'm sure that Rosanna has them.

Jack: And what makes you so sure?

Carly: Because she wouldn't have left Las Vegas without them. If there'd been any problem at all, she would've hopped on her company jet and disappeared. And she didn't do that. She came home. Knowing full well that my husband would never let it go if there was a problem. Which means there is no problem.

Jack: So you're sure this adoption is legal because I'm your husband?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: As much as I love your logic, if we can call it that. I can't let this go, Carly. I canít. Not for Rosannaís sake or the baby's, for that matter.

Carly: Jack, whatever legal agreement Rosanna made, I'm sure that it's solid. She'd never leave a loophole that would allow somebody to come and take that child away from her again.

Jack: So what are you saying?

Carly: Just be Cabotís uncle. I know you're a cop, and you're the best cop I know. But be his uncle. Look out for him. Okay?

Jack: I can do that. But you got to do something for me.

Carly: Anything.

Jack: Stay out of my way. I know you mean well, but I got to do what I'm gonna do. And I am not gonna worry about tripping over you on your way to your sister.

Carly: So what you're saying --

Jack: This conversation we're having right now? Is privileged.

Carly: I can't tell Rosanna that we talked.

Jack: I'm asking you not to.

Carly: Okay. As long as you tell her yourself that you're looking into this.

Jack: Okay, fine. I'll go right over there right after I'm finished up here.

Carly: As long as you're up front with her. And as long as you have Cabotís best interests at heart I will stay out of it.

Jack: Deal.

Carly: Oh, and just so you know -- I'm only agreeing to this because I know there is no problem. Cabot belongs to Rosanna. And that's exactly what you're going to find out.

Jack: You have no idea how much I wish that to be true.

Rosanna: You know, you are absolutely right. I know I've promised to release you from your agreement as soon as possible, but I haven't gotten the paperwork in order. Just with everything that's been going on, I haven't had a chance to meet with my attorneys. But I will, okay? I'll do it today. And as soon as I know that Cabot is mine, we can start divorce proceedings.

Jordan: Okay, I just don't want to hurt Jennifer any more than I already have.

Rosanna: I know. But come on, think about it. She's a really lovely woman. I'm sure she's going to understand everything once you explain it to her. She's got a brother she's very close to. I can't imagine that she'd want to keep Cabot separated from his mother.

Jordan: No, no, but she's not going to appreciate the fact that I lied to her, and keep lying to her. When I should have trusted her with the truth.

Rosanna: Just let me finalize the adoption. Okay? Then we'll talk about where we'll go from there. Just give me a little more time, okay?

Jordan: All right, I'll give you time to straighten out the paperwork, but that's it.

Rosanna: Thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Rosanna: Hi, this is the third time that I've called you today. Please call me back as soon as possible. We need to complete everything so that Cabot is officially mine. Today.

Katie: Pilar, I know you've been out of town for quite some time. You may not be up on current events. So I'll fill you in. Mike loves me. He asked me to marry him, and I would have. Because I love him. He was just waiting for me to resolve some issues. And I have. So if we are talking about someone who is too late, that would be you, Pilar, not me.

Pilar: See, that's why I'm here. These ideas you have that Mike still loves you, that he's waiting around for you to change your mind and come back to him -- are fantasies. Mike has moved on.

Katie: If Mike had moved on, you wouldn't be here. You're scared. You're here to provoke me or trick me into throwing a fit. So that they'll put me in a straitjacket for the next month and I can't get to Mike. But you know what? There's nothing you can do to get me to throw a fit. Because I've won. It's over.

Pilar: Yes, it is. Mike came back to the motel with me last night and we made love.

Katie: You expect me to believe that?

Pilar: It would be easier on you if you did.

Katie: No, Pilar, it would be easier on you. Sorry, but I know Mike. And there's no way he would watch me get dragged off to a place like this and then hop into bed with you. He's not that heartless.

Pilar: He didn't do it to be cruel --

Katie: He didn't do it at all.

Pilar: Then -- how do you explain this?

Mike: Pilar?

[Mike remembering]

Mike: Kasnoff for a three-pointer --

Katie: And he blows it again. Rebound, Frasier -- slam dunk -- game over! Yes!

Mike: No, it's not the game.

Katie: You're still down by 15.

Mike: But I'm shooting from the couch.

Katie: Sorry, you're gonna have to tough it out.

Mike: I want a rematch. When I get better, I'm gonna beat you on the Oakdale high courts.

Katie: Oh, fine. Bring it on.

Mike: Mine are here

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Mike: Yours are there. I was just getting the hang of it.

Jordan: Hi. I'm sorry. I was just looking for your Mother.

Jennifer: She's in surgery.

Jordan: Right now?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jordan: Oh. I'm sorry that I missed her.

Jennifer: Well, you've had other things on your mind.

Jordan: How is she?

Jennifer: You'll have to speak to her doctor.

Jordan: No, I mean -- emotionally. Is she avoiding the subject or is she upset?

Jennifer: Of course. B.R.O. will have to put out a press release.

Jordan: Yeah, eventually. But that's not --

Jennifer: You'll have to talk to Paul about that --

Jordan: No, Jen, wait.

Jennifer: I don't want to talk to you. Not about B.R.O., not about my Mother, not about anything, okay?

Jordan: No. No, it's not okay. I hurt you.

Jennifer: And you're sorry?

Jordan: Yes.

Jennifer: It's too bad.

Rosanna: This is Rosanna, again. I don't think you understand the situation. I need to settle Cabotís adoption as soon as possible. [Knock on door] Oh, finally. Jack.

Jack: You were expecting someone else?

Rosanna: Yes, room service. They're always running a little late. I would invite you in, but Cabotís sleeping.

Jack: I'll be quiet. I'll be quiet. Listen, we have to finish our conversation.

Rosanna: Our conversation?

Jack: About Cabot. You were planning to adopt him?

Rosanna: Well, yes, I am. I'm his Mother.

Jack: Really? So you have all the necessary documentation, a legal adoption agreement?

Rosanna: Well, yes. You'll need to speak to my attorneys. I'll have them contact you as quickly as possible, but in the meantime, as you can see, Cabot is fine.

Jack: I know you love Cabot, Rosanna. That's not the issue.

Rosanna: Then what is?

Jack: He's been jerked around enough.

Rosanna: I know that.

Jack: I'm making it my job to make sure that doesn't happen again. Now, I need to see a legal document granting you custody, or I'm going to have to call child services.

Rosanna: You wouldn't do that to him. He's mine.

Jack: Well, prove it. And I'll go home happy.

Rosanna: Jack, just listen to me, please. What with everything that's been going on, and the fire, and Craigís interference and everything, I just need a little more time.

Jack: For what?

Annabelle: For me, Detective.

Katie: Good-bye.

Pilar: I'm sorry, Katie, I know this must be upsetting. But I think it's best for everyone involved if you to know the truth. You and Mike are finished. He's with me now.

Katie: I said good-bye!

Pilar: As long as you understand the situation.

Katie: Nurse, my visitor was just leaving -- now.

Pilar: Oh, dear, I hope I haven't upset her.

Katie: Get her out of here!

Nurse: Of course. I think you'd better go.

Pilar: Of course. Whatever you say. Good-bye, Katie.

[Katie sobbing]

Henry: Hey, you know the thing about these places, these upscale loony bins? The doctors are crazier than the patients. Or maybe not. What happened to you?

Carly: Hey, Paul, how's your Mom?

Paul: She's still in surgery. We won't know anything for awhile. I got to go find Jennifer.

Carly: Yeah, would you let me apologize first?

Paul: For what?

Carly: Last night. You came, and you offered Rosanna your help, and I shot you down.

Paul: I don't blame you, Carly. After the way I've been behaving the last couple months, I've given you no reason to trust me.

Carly: All I can say is, thank God you didn't listen to me. If you hadn't been there, Cabot would have died.

Paul: Well, I don't think -- I can't make up for all the things that I've done, but this, I hope -- I want Rosanna to know that I'm aware of how much I cost her, and that I feel very sorry.

Carly: Well, I can't speak for her --

Paul: No, of course not.

Carly: But she's a very forgiving person. And she has her son back.

Paul: Yep. And a new husband, rumor has it.

Carly: That's not a rumor.

Jordan: Jennifer, look. I don't blame you for being angry, okay? I would be angry, too, if I were you. Just -- I -- I just wish that I could explain.

Jennifer: Oh, spare me. Rosanna is rich, beautiful, rich -- did I mention rich?

Jordan: That's not why I married her.

Jennifer: Of course not. You're soul mates. That's why an hour before you married her, you told me that you were through, that you wanted nothing more to do with Rosanna, that you wanted another chance with me. Well, I'm sorry. I should've asked -- a chance to what? Humiliate me?

Jordan: No, that's not what happened.

Jennifer: Oh, don't tell me what happened, I was there. I believed you, I trusted you. Obviously, because I wanted to. I felt that we connected, when the truth is, I just made a fool of myself.

Jordan: No, no, you didnít.

Jennifer: Yes, I threw myself at you, more than once, and I'm not -- I'm not blaming you. You warned me. I'm the boss's daughter, after all, and what are you? Nothing but business. I should have listened to you.

Jordan: Jennifer, you weren't wrong. We did connect, and you did not make a fool of yourself.

Jennifer: Then why do I feel so foolish?

Jordan: Because you're hurt. And it's my fault.

Jennifer: You're good. You're very good. No wonder my Mother assigned you to PR.

Jordan: Look, I don't blame you for not trusting me anymore. But I just -- I want you to know, for yourself, that you were not wrong. That what you felt --

Jennifer: No, no. Don't you get it? I thought that you felt it, too.

Jordan: I did.

Jennifer: Then why did you run off and marry Rosanna?

Jordan: If you could just give me a little more time.

Jennifer: Time? Time for what? You're a married man. And I'm just a girl who almost got in the way.

Jordan: I'm not going to let you do this to yourself anymore.

Jennifer: No, you did this to me, you! And it's got to stop right now.

Rosanna: Annabelle, I have been trying to reach you all day.

Annabelle: I got here as soon as I could.

Rosanna: You have the papers?

Jack: Whoa, wait a minute. This is who you've been waiting for?

Rosanna: Yes. Annabelle's brought the adoption papers.

Annabelle: Which prove once and for all that the little tyke belongs to Ms. Cabot.

Jack: Rosanna, I don't know how to tell you this. If you've arranged an adoption through Annabelle Fettle, you're going to lose Cabot all over again. The woman is facing multiple fraud charges back in Canada. Any agreement you make with her won't wash in this country.

Annabelle: There's where you're wrong, flatfoot. I'm out on bail, and here's my passport. I take a nice snapshot, don't you think? And right there shows the fact that customs gave me their stamp of approval, 'cause I'm so desirable. Oh, and here -- here is a notarized statement from the judge. I wouldn't -- I wouldn't worry about those charges, because they're about to be dropped. So, all's well that ends well. I'm back in business, uniting wonderful children with wonderful parents just like Ms. Cabot and her beautiful, darling baby boy.

Rosanna: Now, that's very reassuring, isn't it, Jack? I'm so glad your documents are in order. Now, how about those adoption papers?

Annabelle: Right here. Now, Ms. Cabot signed the papers months ago. But now that the birth mother has come on board, we have her signature witnessed, notarized, and delivered as promised by yours truly.

Rosanna: You're mine. Cabot, you're all mine.

Henry: Are you sure the picture isn't a fake? I mean, with a digital camera and a computer, I could make it look like I slept with Pilar. And not that the thought has ever crossed my mind.

Katie: No, they were all tangled up. That's what she wanted. She wanted me away from mike so she could have him all to herself. You know, the thing that really gets me is that Mike would actually sleep with her the same night I got locked up in this place.

Henry: So, do we hate him? Can I hate him for you? Hmm?

[Katie sighs]

Katie: I just can't figure it out. Why show me that picture?

Henry: Well, because she's a nasty, vindictive, little --

Katie: Yes, all of the above. But why risk coming here? Mike would hate it if he ever found out, not that I could prove it. But still, Pilar doesn't do anything without a reason, and for some reason, she wanted me hurt.

Henry: What was it that she said? She wanted you to know that you and Mike were finished? That doesn't sound like a woman who's too sure of her man.

Katie: Well, I called him last night, remember? I left the message? She said she erased it.

Henry: Well, maybe she thinks the best way to keep you away from him is to get you so hurt and angry that you'll never want to talk to him again.

Katie: Yeah, if she was just some normal woman, but this is Pilar we're talking about. The same woman who stabbed herself and threw herself on Mike's doorstep. The same woman who ran around town in some weird disguise with some weird sidekick who told me that she wanted to murder him.

Henry: Do you think that's still the plan?

Katie: I think her and Russ' plan this whole time was to get me to lose it -- and I did. That's why this time it's very important that we just -- [Katie exhales] Take a breath and think.

Henry: Right. You don't want to do anything crazy in a nuthouse.

Katie: I think that she just -- I mean, it's obviously not about her wanting to get Mike back into her bed, 'cause she's already accomplished that. Why come here? She wants something, something else. I just don't know what it is.

Henry: I think I know how to find out.

Pilar: Mike! [Knocking on door]

Mike? I -- I'm so sorry. Did I pull you out of the shower?

Mike: No, it's fine. It's fine.

Pilar: I just thought we needed a few things.

Mike: A few things?

Pilar: I wanted to make you dinner.

Mike: You don't have to do that.

Pilar: I want to. I thought it would give us a chance to talk.

Mike: I should get dressed.

Pilar: Wait, I have to tell you something. Last night, I don't want you to worry about it. It was just two friends trying to comfort each other.

Mike: We discussed this.

Pilar: I know, but I was afraid -- well, after last night was so intense, I didn't want you to think that I expected -- that I want things to change. We can still just be friends, if that's what you want.

Mike: Mm.

Carly: I know this marriage was very sudden, but Rosanna has had a very long, difficult year, and I guess she wanted some happiness.

Paul: Hmm. Well, she wanted something.

Carly: So, how's Jennifer holding up? I know that she and Jordan were -- well, they were more than just working together. It was obvious they were fond of each other, and now with your mother so sick --

Paul: Yeah, well, Jenniferís had better weeks, I'm sure. But I won't say I'm not glad the guy's out of the picture. I never thought that Jordan and Jennifer were good together, and now he apparently agrees.

Carly: Still, it can't be easy.

Paul: What I wonder about is the timing of all of this.

Carly: I guess they just got swept away in the romance, all those wedding chapels around.

Paul: Yeah. I mean, Cabot suddenly appears, and the ink's hardly even dry on the marriage license. And, you know, Rosanna was investigating Jordan months before they even met.

Carly: Right. Yeah, I guess she was looking for an executive, for her company and all that.

Paul: Right. Well, it appears she's found it.

Carly: I should go.

Paul: Carly, hold on. Before you go -- yeah, about that. Look, you don't need to worry, and Rosanna doesn't need to worry. I don't really even care how Cabot got here. I'm just happy that he's finally with her. And as for Jordan, well, if he's what she needs, for whatever reason, well, then, I'm happy for both of them. And I've got enough to worry about. I got to run interference for B.R.O. I've got to take care of my family.

Carly: I hope you mean that.

Paul: But if you could do me a favor? I know that Rosannaís probably still angry at me for everything that I did, even though I did save Cabot. And that's fine. I -- could you tell her something? Could you please tell her that if she needs anything, and I mean anything at all. I mean, if something goes wrong with this adoption, if Craig starts acting up, anything. She can count on me. I will always be there for Rosanna.

Rosanna: Thank you so much, Annabelle, for all of your work on our behalf.

Jack: Can I see those papers?

Annabelle: The adoption papers? Why, sure. Here's the birth mother's signature, here's Rosannaís, and here's the little darling's footprints, all nice and neat and tidy. Now, if you don't mind, I need to speak with my client.

Jack: I'm gonna need to see a copy of the agreement.

Annabelle: That would be up to my client and I think she's gonna want to need to get these papers to her attorney.

Rosanna: Is there a problem, Jack? I mean, you've seen the adoption papers. Isn't that why you were here?

Annabelle: Tell you what, you call your friends in Canada, if it'll make you feel better. They'll tell you I'm as legal as an 18-year-old on her birthday.

Jack: Yeah, I'll do that. I'm gonna post an officer outside your door -- you know, to keep an eye on Cabot.

Rosanna: Well, that's fine, Jack. You do whatever you think you need to do, because I'm just gonna be here with Cabot.

Jack: I hope he's your son, Rosanna. I really do.

Annabelle: Is he always so disagreeable?

Rosanna: He means well. He just wants everything to be legal. And it is, thanks to you. I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Annabelle: I wouldn't thank me yet. I didn't show your brother-in-law the uncensored version.

Rosanna: I don't understand.

Annabelle: Well, there's a couple of clauses in here that are for your eyes only.

Katie: But Russell Terry is in jail. The last time I confronted him, he lied to me, saying that Pilar wanted to kill Mike.

Henry: Very true, but times have changed. Now, when you talked to him before, he was living it up at the Wagon Wheel. Free soap, and the color TV, and the naugahyde -- but now he's behind bars. And I don't think he's too happy with Pilar.

Katie: Yeah, but you don't know what she's promised him.

Henry: No, but I do know small-timers. And for all their talk of a big score, they really lack the patience. I'm telling you, she could have promised him $1.5 million, and right now he would settle for a week at the Wagon Wheel.

Katie: Okay, so he's primed. But what good does that do us, stuck in here?

Henry: Right. We've got to find a way to get out.

Katie: How?

Henry: Do I have to do all the thinking?

Katie: Okay, you're right. I'm thinking, give me a second. Okay, how to break out of the nuthouse and into jail today?

Mike: Last night was a one-time thing. We're friends, and that's the way I want it.

Pilar: Of course, me too. I'm so relieved. I was afraid, with everything that's happened, that you'd feel some sort of responsibility, and I'm fine.

Mike: Good.

Pilar: It was lovely, and I will treasure it. But I think it's better for us to just to love each other as friends. With so much going on, why complicate the one thing that really works?

Mike: You're right. You're right.

Pilar: So we're okay?

Mike: We're fine.

Pilar: Thanks.

Carly: I will tell Rosanna that you're on her side.

Walker: I have news about your Mother.

Jordan: This is all wrong.

Jennifer: What are you still doing here? I thought -- I thought you'd be gone.

Jordan: Jen, wait. Please, just -- just hear me out. You don't deserve this.

Jennifer: You're right, so just leave me alone and let me go.

Jordan: No, no. Not until you understand that this isn't your fault. That you weren't being stupid or foolish or wrong. And that what you felt, I felt, too. And that I wouldn't marry Rosanna on, well -- on any occasion, and that I'm caught up in the middle of something I don't understand. And you are paying the price for it, and it's not fair.

Jennifer: And you think that this helps? My mother could be dying, or never be able to see again. But you feel bad for hurting me -- you know, it's done, it's over. If you ever felt anything for me at all, you'll just let me go.

Jordan: You don't understand. My marriage, it's not what it seems.

Jennifer: Not what it seems? What the hell does that mean?

Rosanna: Don't you dare start throwing new papers at me. We had an agreement. I married Jordan Sinclair. Cabot is mine.

Annabelle: Keep your shirt on. You're the Mama. It's right there in black and white. There's just a couple of additional terms that weren't in the original.

[Rosanna scoffs]

Rosanna: No way. Absolutely not.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Annabelle: If the boss wants to take your baby, he'll do it. So sign the papers, or kiss your brat good-bye.

Katie: Connie Showcroft.

Henry: Connie? That's a girls name.

Katie: Oh, come on, Henry. You're Mike's only hope.

Jennifer: Jordan.

Jordan: Yes?

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