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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/30/04

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Nancy: Are you all right?

Alison: Oh, great. I'm great.

Nancy: Compared to what? You look as if you've been run over by a cement truck. Isn't it time you stopped sneaking out at night and waiting tables?

Alison: I can't, Chris is working himself to death because I pushed him into getting that stupid condo. I have to do my part to help make up for what we lost. I cost Chris so much.

Nancy: How much do you think you're going to cost him when he finds out you're lying? How much do you think it's going to cost your relationship?

Chris: Good afternoon, beautiful.

Alison: Oh, so the shower's free. I'll be right back.

Chris: Nice to see you, too. Gram, do we have anything to eat? Because I am starving.

Nancy: Chris -- maybe I shouldn't meddle.

Chris: Well, that's never stopped you before.

Nancy: Very funny. Have you thought any more about letting Alison work at night? She wants much more to do.

Chris: Alison still wants to work a second job?

Nancy: Yes, and I don't see anything so bad about that.

Chris: You know what? Me, either.

Nancy: You've changed your mind?

Chris: I've done better than that. I got her hired.

Carly: Barbara. Barbara!

Barbara: Carly -- I didn't see you there.

Carly: That's the part that's got me stumped. I was standing right in front of you. You just bumped into me.

Barbara: Yeah, well I have a lot on my mind.

Carly: Obviously.

Barbara: And in fact, I didn't expect to see you here. I thought you were working at the office today.

Carly: I just brought parker to the doctor.

Barbara: Oh, I didn't realize. Is he sick?

Carly: He's just running a slight fever, but Emily’s with him. Now stop trying to change the subject. Why are you hanging around Memorial with Walker Daniels when we're supposed to be putting the finishing touches on the fashion show?

Barbara: Oh, well, we just had some details to go over for the fund-raiser.

Carly: Really?

Barbara: Yes. Yes, in fact -- I was just going make some phone calls to some donors and then go back and work from my suite this morning.

Carly: Alone?

Barbara: Well, Carly what are you getting at?

Walker: Well, I'm ready to take you home, Barbara. Shall we?

Carly: Oh, no. There's no need for that. I'll take her home.

Barbara: Oh, that is not necessary --

Carly: Yes, of course it is. I need to spend some time with you. She's such a busy lady. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was spreading herself too thin.

Walker: Are you okay to ride with Mrs. Snyder?

Carly: Oh, yes she is. I have a million questions about the show. And you can answer them on the way home. And you can get back to your patients.

Barbara: No. No, you have to stay with me.

Blaine: Hey, we've never gotten this kind of pre-show response. Every reporter in the trade has been calling -- publicity's overwhelmed. Cabot Motors has created quite a buzz.

Paul: Give these to my Mother. Barbra was the one that was jumping up and down when Cabot Motors agreed to sponsor the fashion show, so let her deal with the noise.

Blaine: Ms. Ryan's out.

Paul: She's out where?

Blaine: She had an appointment, and she's going to be checking in when she's done.

Paul: Well, give them to Jordan Sinclair. He's always trying to appear like he's indispensable.

Blaine: Uh -- he's not here either.

Paul: Oh, where the hell is he?

Blaine: He said he'd call in.

Paul: I didn't ask you if he was going to call in. I asked you where he was. And I expect an answer, Blaine.

Blaine: He doesn't want to be interrupted.

Paul: Have you forgotten who you work for?

Blaine: No.

Paul: Jordan Sinclair doesn't run this company, I do! And unless you want to file for unemployment, you're gonna tell me where boy wonder is and what he's up to!

Jordan: Not a good idea.

Rosanna: Feels like a very good idea to me.

Jordan: What we feel and what is right for us can be different things.

Rosanna: Aw, come on. Live a little. You want this as much as I do. Hmm?

Jordan: Doesn't matter what I want.

Rosanna: Oh, yes it does. It matters to me. And I will do anything -- anything -- to give it to you.

Jordan: Right now I'll settle for a promise that you won't take this the wrong way. We can't see each other, Rosanna. That's just the way it has to be.

Nancy: You got Alison a second job without asking her?

Chris: It's a surprise.

Nancy: Not all surprises are welcome.

Chris: Gram, we're not talking about a night shift at a burger joint. Okay? It's with me at the clinic. We can go to work together, come home together. It's perfect. Okay? She is gonna be so totally stoked when I tell her that she's been hired.

Alison: Hired? Me? For what?

Chris: It was supposed to be a surprise.

Nancy: It is.

Alison: Chris?

Chris: Starting tonight, you get to work with me at the clinic.

Alison: You're kidding!

Chris: Look at her, Gram. She doesn't even know what to do with herself. Yeah, from now on, you and I get to spend every night together.

Alison: Every night, wow.

Chris: Surprised?

Alison: Definitely.

Nancy: Alison may have a surprise of her own.

Alison: Right. Hey, Chris, I really -- I don't know exactly how to say this.

[Pager beeps]

Chris: Oh, hey, hold that thought, will ya? I got to call the hospital.

Nancy: Tell him the truth, Alison.

Alison: He'll never understand.

Nancy: I can't believe I'm saying this -- don't tell him. Quit work at the Metro and start at the clinic.

Alison: You don't understand. I can't quit working at Metro. Not after what happened last night. I am so dead.

[Alison sighs]

Walker: Yes, yes, you're right. We didn't get a chance to talk about those donors you wanted to tell me about, and if I take you home, we can get that out of the way.

Barbara: Absolutely. We have an awful lot of loose ends to tie up about the fund-raiser.

Carly Oh, will you forget about the fund-raiser?

Barbara: I can't, Carly. I made a commitment.

Carly And I just let somebody else bring my child home from the pediatrician. I guarantee you, I will wake up at 3:00 in the morning consumed with guilt about that, but until that last model walks down the runway in Vegas, our personal lives have got to be on hold. So whatever is going on here between the two of you might just have to wait for now.

Barbara: I'm gonna let Walker take me home, and then you and I can speak later, all right?

Carly I don't want my questions answered later. I'd like them answered now.

Barbara: Carly, I have okayed every detail down to the last button, so if you have a problem, you can deal with it yourself.

Carly So you -- you suddenly have no interest in the finale of a show that could make or break the both of us?

Barbara: Fine. Fine, just bring the car around, all right? I'll meet you outside.

Carly Good. I'll see you in a minute.

Barbara: Yeah. Is she gone?

Walker: Yes.

Barbara: God, everything looks dark. I ran right into her. I didn't even know she was there. I even tried to cover. I told her that I was distracted, but I think she may have guessed what's wrong.

Walker: I doubt it. But sooner or later, somebody's gonna figure out your secret.

Barbara: As long as it's after our huge success in Vegas, I don't really care.

Walker: What happens if you have one of those episodes while you're there?

Barbara: Oh, good. Good. It's clearing up.

Walker: Barbara, you didn't answer the question. What happens if you have another episode when you're in Las Vegas?

Barbara: Well, I've gotten pretty good at covering, don't you think?

Walker: For how long, Barbara?

Barbara: I gotta go. She's not a very patient woman. Would you walk me out, please?

Walker: Who's going to help you while you're in Las Vegas? Covering these episodes in a strange town, unfamiliar rooms, unfamiliar people -- it's going to be a whole other ballgame.

Barbara: You're not helping me much. You're supposed to be supporting me.

Walker: I am supporting you. That's why I'm having second thoughts about this.

Barbara: What do you mean?

Walker: I mean I can't let you leave town.

Blaine: I don't want to be fired, Paul. I just promised Jordan he wouldn't be disturbed.

Paul: I still run this company, and when an employee of mine goes AWOL a few hours before a fashion show, I get to know why.

Blaine: He's not blowing off work. He's having a meeting about the show.

Paul: With who? He doesn't want anyone to know with who? Okay, you have two seconds, Blaine, or you can start looking through the want ads.

Blaine: Rosanna Cabot. Jordan is meeting with Rosanna Cabot.

Rosanna: What are you talking about? We're two consenting adults. Of course we can see each other.

Jordan: Well, maybe after the fashion show. But right now, I have a lot of responsibilities. This is a critical time for B.R.O. and I have to stay focused.

Rosanna: You know, you sound like Barbara. You've been talking to her, haven't you?

Jordan: She is depending on me right now, yeah.

Rosanna: Right now? Barbara doesn't do dependency on a limited-time basis. If she's starting to lean on you, you'd better run.

Jordan: No, it's not like that.

Rosanna: You know, she messed things up so badly with her own son, she's probably desperate to find another man that she can own.

Jordan: Nobody owns me. Okay, Rosanna? I'm sticking with Barbara, because it's the right thing to do.

Rosanna: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I -- I just thought that you -- never mind. Sometimes I can be such an idiot.

Jordan: What? What did you think?

Rosanna: I just thought that you cared about me.

Jordan: I do. I care about all my friends.

Rosanna: The same way that you care about Jennifer?

Jordan: We've gotten close, yes.

Rosanna: Close like you're gonna send her a birthday card, or close like this? You know, if she has hopes and you want to let her down gently, I understand. I just hope that you don't have the same plans for me.

Jordan: I don't get this.

Rosanna: What's not to get?

Jordan: You. You're -- you're smart, sexy, successful. What the hell do you want with a guy like me? There's nothing that I can give you that you don't already have.

Rosanna: Jordan, you have no idea.

Jordan: I have to get back to the office. Thank you for the ego boost, but I just -- I don't belong here.

Rosanna: You know what? You're right. You're right. I am a smart, successful woman. I am a wealthy woman. I carry a lot of weight in the business world, and what has that gotten me? It's gotten me a life full of "yes" men. Do you know what I want? I want a man who isn't afraid to rise to the challenge. I want a man who isn't afraid to win big. And you are that kind of man, Jordan Sinclair. I'm the biggest prize in the Cracker Jack box. So what are you waiting for? Dig in. Today we're so busy...

Alison: I don't understand. I've lied to Chris so many times, and I swore that I would never do it again. How do I keep getting myself into this mess?

Nancy: Telling the truth is a matter of choice. You have to be brave enough to choose it.

Alison: I mean, you don't understand. 'Cause last night I was waitressing this group of people, and they ordered a ton of stuff and they ran up their bill, and then they stiffed me.

Nancy: Oh, that's terrible.

Alison: Yes, and to make it worse, now I have to make good on that. And I can't stop working at Metro until that bill is paid off.

Nancy: And you can only work there at night.

Alison: Yes, because I'm working at the hospital during the day.

Nancy: Then there's only one solution. I will cover your bill, and you can pay me back over these next few months.

Alison: Mrs. Hughes, thank you so much for that. I appreciate that. But if I stop working at Metro and I start working at the clinic, I'll never be able to pay you back and help Chris. And I won't be making all of those tips.

Nancy: Then you're out of options. You have to tell Chris the truth.

Chris: Ali, that was Ben who paged me. He wants to know what you decided. Are you going to come work with me at the clinic or not?

Nancy: Oh, my goodness, look at the time. I should have watered the plants long ago.

Alison: Ah -- well, would I have to work at the clinic every night?

Chris: Nope. Just the nights I'm working. And I was thinking midnight meetings in the supply closet.

Alison: Can I just, you know, just have a little bit of time.

Chris: That's what I'm offering. Time together.

Alison: I just -- I just need you to stop pressuring me.

Chris: Well, sorry, Ali. I thought you'd be all over this.

Alison: I know, I know.

Chris: You know, every time I start thinking that we're on the same page, bang, it's like I don't even know you.

Alison: No, please, Chris, don't leave me. Please, never.

Barbara: There is no way I am staying here in Oakdale while my children are out in Las Vegas. This show, this entire relaunch is not about some kind of personal triumph. It's a triumph for my entire family.

Walker: You have a fast-growing brain tumor that's producing episodes of blindness in increasing numbers.

Barbara: Oh, I know what it's doing. I'm living it.

Walker: We have a window of opportunity here, Barbara. If we don't take it --

Barbara: I could die. I get that. But this show has the power to reunite my family like nothing else has, and I'm not going to give that up. I'm going to Las Vegas.

Carly: Barbara, what do you think? I'm some kind of car service? How long are you gonna leave me out there?

Barbara: I'm sorry. I'll be out in a minute, okay? Thank you.

Carly: Okay. So I'll see you in a bit.

Barbara: I have to do this.

Walker: What happens if you lose your eyesight for good? You're used to these episodes being temporary. What if that changes? Who's going to help you navigate?

Barbara: I have Jordan with me.

Walker: What about your radiation treatments? You just started those. You can't stop them.

Barbara: I'll arrange to have them out there.

Walker: Who's going to set them up for you? And don't say Jordan, because he's not a doctor.

Barbara: I -- would you? I mean, could you?

Walker: When does our flight leave?

Barbara: You're becoming rather indispensable.

Walker: Maybe that's the plan.

Jordan: You must be a killer at negotiations.

Rosanna: I am.

Jordan: Just don't try to close this deal, okay?

Rosanna: You're bluffing. I can tell. You have no idea how much I need you.

Jordan: I have to leave.

Rosanna: Then go. The door's right there.

Paul: Oh, you can take the boy out of the office -- look at you, Jordan, taking care of business.

Jordan: What are you doing here?

Paul: Watching my back. And for a brief second, your front. Rosanna, spectacular.

Rosanna: Get out!

Paul: I knew that Cabot Motors had an interest in B.R.O. I didn't know there was going to be an actual merger.

Rosanna: You're disgusting!

Paul: And you are making -- you are making a mistake.

Jordan: And what are you making, Paul? Threats, as usual?

Paul: You are so out of your league.

Jordan: Why don't we step outside for a second?

Paul: You go outside. Rosanna, tell Sparky here to go walk the dog so you and I can talk.

Jordan: Just say the word Rosanna and he is out of here.

Rosanna: Jordan, come here for a second. Paul and I have some things that we need to settle, once and for all.

Jordan: Fine. I'll be waiting downstairs.

Rosanna: I'll be fine.

Jordan: And I'll be waiting in the lounge, and I'm not going anywhere until you come down and tell me that you're okay.

Rosanna: Okay, it's a deal. Thank you. What could possibly make you think that it's all right for you to just walk into my hotel room?

Paul: You are poaching one of my employees. I wasn't going to wait around for an invitation.

Rosanna: I know you're not gonna believe this, but what's going on between Jordan and me has absolutely nothing to do with you or your stupid company.

Paul: You hate me. You lost your son, and lord knows I regret any involvement I had in that, but that does not give you the right to try and sleep your way into a takeover of my company. You got that?

Rosanna: Yeah, I got it.

Barbara: Jordan, it's very nice of you to call, but everything's under control here. Yes, I'm going to work here in the suite this afternoon. Carly's here with me -- we're gonna go over a few details. I will call you if I need anything. Thank you. All right, now. Do you want to show me that sample that you had questions about?

Carly: Oh, yeah. Let me get it out of the garment bag.

Barbara: Good! You know, I thought I knew what I wanted to do with this piece, and then I woke up in the middle of the night with an entirely new idea. And now, I just don't know. So, I need your advice. What do you think? Do you think the raw silk would drape better than the linen?

Barbara: Um, it's -- hard to know.

Carly: Well, the silk's a little heavier. I'm just -- I'm just not sure.

Barbara: Well, Carly, you have to be sure. You should be sure. I mean, you have wonderful instincts. You need to trust them.

Carly: And make a mistake -- with your line? At your show? No way! You and I are going to decide on this together. Hello? Earth to Barbara?

Barbara: I'm sorry -- I really am sorry. I had a little blood work done this morning. And I have a splitting headache.

Carly: Well, do you want an icepack? Sometimes that helps, especially if the pain is behind the eyes.

Barbara: My eyes? Why would you say that?

Carly: Because I'm trying to help?

Barbara: If you really want to help, you won't question me about every little detail. Now, I hired you to design -- so, please get to it!

Chris: Hey, what's this all about? I'm not going anywhere.

Alison: Good. Because I love you so much.

Chris: And I really, really love you. And I hope all this kissing means you're going to take the job.

Alison: Do you remember when I said that I wanted to work at Metro -- and you said that you didn't want me to?

Chris: I know I was really hard on you.

Alison: It's just because I wanted to help out.

Chris: Honey, you are helping out, okay? You're working at Memorial. You're living here with my parents. You stay home at night, when I go to work. You have been incredible. I'm so proud of you. Now, what is it you wanted to tell me?

Alison: I -- the thing is -- I just wanted to say -- you're going to be late. You know what, just forget about it -- it can wait. It can wait.

Chris: All right, all right, okay -- I will see you later.

Alison: Okay.

Chris: Can't wait to tell Ben you said yes!

Alison: No, don't! Don't -- I don't want you to do that!

Chris: Why? You want to tell him yourself?

Alison: I can't work at the clinic, Chris.

Chris: Why not?

Nancy: Tell him, Alison.

Alison: Because -- I -- I --

Chris: What?

Alison: I enrolled at night classes at Oakdale U. Are you surprised?

Chris: Oh, yes -- that's great!

Nancy: More than I can possibly say.

Chris: So, when do you start?

Alison: This week, but it's only one class.

Chris: Oh, I didn't realize Oakdale U enrolled this late in the semester.

Alison: Well, actually, it's just half a semester. It's just one class. But it's very intense, the class.

Chris: Well, that's great. No, trust me, this is more important than any job. She just keeps finding ways to make me proud.

Alison: Well, I'm trying.

Chris: Now, you promise you're not taking this class just to please me?

Alison: No. No, no, no, no. This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, and I really wanted to study it.

Chris: Well, that's great. Hey, is it towards nursing? 'Cause I could help you out with your studying.

Alison: No! No. It's just something that I want to handle on my own.

Chris: Okay, I can respect that. But, come on. Tell me already. The suspense is killing me. What class are you taking?

Alison: Ceramics.

Rosanna: You can leave now.

Paul: Not until you've heard everything that I have to say. You hate me all you want, but you stay the hell away from B.R.O.

Rosanna: I don't know how I missed this before. But your narcissism makes Craig’s look tame. I don't care about you, Paul. I don't care about your company.

Paul: Yeah, but you care about one of my employees. Why is that?

Rosanna: Why shouldn't I? Jordan is a smart, charming, intelligent man.

Paul: Who happens to be my mother's right hand. I don't think you would've had your shirt off if he was a city bus driver. So you call it whatever you kids are calling it these days, but Rosanna, you're trying to away my company.

Rosanna: If I wanted your little rag shop, I would've bought it out from under you. I don't need Jordan Sinclair for that.

Paul: So, what do you need him for?

Rosanna: You don't get to know that information. Because the last time I shared personal information with you, you picked up the phone and blew my life sky-high.

Paul: Jordan comes to town, and all of the sudden he's my mother's new best friend. He lights a fire under my sister, and there's this woman who I -- who hates me, and she's stripped down to her skivvies in the middle of the afternoon. Now don't tell me this isn't a -- this is not a coincidence. This is about me. This is about my life.

Rosanna: I'm going to say this one more time, and then this discussion is over. Your life doesn't interest me. Your company doesn't interest me. Your paranoid delusions and overdeveloped sense of importance doesn't interest me. Jordan Sinclair interests me, and that is all.

Paul: Right. Since when?

Rosanna: What?

Paul: How long have you had your eye on Jordan Sinclair?

Rosanna: Ever since he came to Oakdale. And don't be so surprised that your mother, and your sister and I find him attractive and interesting. He's everything you're not.

Paul: We used to be so close.

Rosanna: That's before I knew who you really were. Now, get out.

Paul: Fine, go be with Jordan. Go do whatever it is you have to do. But don't make an enemy out of me, or you'll be sorry we ever met.

Rosanna: I already am.

Paul: Ladies first.

Carly: I am not the local seamstress. You watch how you talk to me.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I really am. I'm not trying to make an excuse. It's just, I haven't had anything to eat all day long, and my blood sugar must be non-existent, so why don't I order us some fruit and some sandwiches?

Carly: Order whatever you want. Just let me know whether we should the raw silk or the brushed linen.

Barbara: Carly, as I said, you have wonderful instincts.

Carly: Maybe Jack was right about this.

Barbara: About what?

Carly: He didn't want me to take this job. He thought you might be trying to set me up or something.

Barbara: He's absolutely wrong about that.

Carly: You know, I don't know what kind of number you're planning to do on me this time, but I am not gonna stick around and find out.

You are on your own.

Barbara: You know what, Carly? You're here for one reason, and that is to help me make this show a success -- not for me, but for my family! And if I was trying to set you up, I'd be hurting myself. Now, why would I do that?

Carly: I don't know. I don't know. But I'm hearing warning bells. You're letting off some weird vibes, and you're freaking me out.

Barbara: You know what? It's very tense around here. At this point in production, nerves always get a little bit frayed. Why don't we just take a break? You go talk to Emily, and find out how parker's doing. And I'll get something to eat and I'll be in a much better mood.

Carly: All right. I'll go down to the lounge. We'll meet back here in 20?

Barbara: Sounds good. Yes, dr. Daniels, please. Oh. No, no message -- I'll call back later.

Carly: You have time for Walker Daniels, I see! Oh, this is just great. Both our careers are on the line, and you want to take a break so you can make a love connection with some doctor! Good luck in Vegas, Barbara!

Barbara: No, no, no! Carly, don't leave, please! I need you here.

Jordan: And Blaine, is production running on schedule? Oh, damn. Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can. I hope. Hi.

Rosanna: Hi.

[Jordan sighs]

Jordan: Did Paul behave himself? I was starting to get a little worried.

Rosanna: Oh, I'm sorry. He threw a bit of a tantrum, but I handled it. Everything's fine.

Jordan: Okay. Well, everything is not fine at the office. I know that we still have some talking that we have to do, but I got to go.

Rosanna: Well, I don't blame you for wanting to run.

Jordan: Oh, it's just the show. It's a logistical nightmare. I'll call you as soon as I get in from Vegas.

Rosanna: That's gonna be an interesting scene, isn't it? You, and Barbara, and Paul, and -- Jennifer.

Jordan: Yeah, yeah. See you when the dust settles.

Rosanna: Yeah. You should stay away. You know, my life is just a train wreck, and it will only complicate yours.

Jordan: I'm not worried about that, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Yeah, well, you should be. I'm sorry, Jordan. You're a really kind man. I understand. I didn't mean to get so needy.

Jordan: But you didn't do anything wrong. I just hope that you understand when I said we can just be friends, at least for now.

Rosanna: I get it. I just don't like it.

Jordan: Well, I'm not too thrilled about it either.

Rosanna: You know, I don't usually throw myself at men. There's just so little love or friendship in my life right now. I don't really think it shows me off to my best advantage.

Jordan: You've been through hell, Rosanna. I know what you've lost.

Rosanna: Paul is part of the reason why. He betrayed me. He was my friend. My husband betrayed me. I guess I really bring out the best in people, don't I?

Jordan: Just don't blame yourself for that, okay? Whatever you do.

[Rosanna sobs]

Rosanna: Listen to me -- poor, little rich girl. You must think I'm trying to drum up pity, but I'm not.

Jordan: Good. Because I don't feel sorry for you at all.

Paul: All right, Rosanna. I gave you the chance to tell me the truth. Now I'll find it out for myself.

Chris: Ceramics? That's the intense course that you're taking?

Alison: Well, it's not as easy as it sounds. I hear that the professor's very tough.

Chris: How tough can it be to bake a few plates? Alison, I thought you wanted to get a real education.

Alison: Yeah, well, you know, school and me -- we never really hit it off the first time around. So I thought that I would get back into it gradually. Is that so terrible?

Chris: No, no, it's just that ceramics is something that you take when you retire. Okay, not when you're young, and you need to figure out a way to earn a living.

Nancy: Unless you want to earn a living throwing pots.

Alison: People do that?

Nancy: I know a potter who made enough to buy a building.

Chris: Huh. Really?

Nancy: She put a gallery on the first floor, and rents the rest. Your mother has some of her pieces.

Chris: You're sure about this class? You really want to take it?

Alison: I have to take it.

Chris: Okay. I'll tell Ben that you're not interested in the clinic.

Alison: What have I done?

Nancy: You've lied -- again. I don't know how you keep them straight, child.

Alison: You're not going to tell him, are you?

Nancy: No, but this is the last time. And the only reason I'm not talking about it is because you're doing it for a good cause. But this it, Alison -- no more.

Alison: Okay. Now, all I have to do is work at Metro, I have to work at the hospital and I have learn how to make pots. How do you make a pot?

Nancy: I have no idea. [Alison sighs] But if I were you, I'd find a lump of clay and start getting my hands dirty.

Barbara: Carly, please, this isn't a ploy. I truly and desperately need your help.

Carly: Well, I needed yours. I needed you to give me five lousy minutes to look at something and offer your opinion, and you wouldn't do it!

Barbara: You don't need my opinion. You have wonderful taste!

Carly: I can't work this way.

Barbara: Carly, please, think about this. Think about what you're walking away from. Everything that you've dreamed of being is wrapped up in this show. Now, I know what I will lose if you walk out, but have you thought about it? Have you thought about what you'd be throwing away?

Carly: I still have Rosanna’s check. I could still start my own company.

Barbara: And work 18-hour days for how many years? Is that what you want for your family?

Carly: No. I guess we're stuck with each other.

Barbara: Hasn't been quite as bad as I thought it would be. I do respect your talent.

Carly: Ditto. Which is why I needed your opinion. So, can we just get this over with, please? If this design is gonna be in the collection, I need to decide what fabric we're going to use, now.

Barbara: Okay, so -- what was the question?

Carly: Barbara, the question is, which fabric for the final dress? The raw silk or the brushed linen?

Barbara: Well, I think the linen is perfect. It was your original choice for the concept of this dress.

Carly: Did you say the linen?

Barbara: Linen is a wonderful fabric for summer.

Carly: I just have one more question for you, then. I was thinking about flipping the order -- you know, for the show. I thought we could go from the crystal beaded dress, to this. You know, tell me -- tell me what you think.

Barbara: Oh, it is just lovely. It's absolutely perfect, Carly.

Carly: You can't see, can you?

Rosanna: Well, that's cold -- considering I just lost my entire family.

Jordan: And I never had one. But I'm not gonna let that loss take control of my whole life. It's done enough damage to me already. I'm not gonna let it affect my future.

Rosanna: I'm sorry. I guess -- I won't take up any more of your time. You must think I'm an extremely self-absorbed woman.

Jordan: Rosanna, I think you're a lot of things -- and none of them are bad.

Rosanna: Then, you don't hate me?

Jordan: Hate you? There is definitely a battle going on here, but it is not about hate. I am fighting like hell to stay away from you, and so far, I'm losing.

Paul: Jordan Sinclair. Why would Rosanna have a file about Jordan Sinclair? Why would she hire a top-rate investigative team to put it together -- while she was in St. Bart's? "Enclosed, please find the information you requested about Jordan Sinclair" -- oh. [Paul chuckles] So, you never heard of Jordan Sinclair before you came to Oakdale? I knew you were lying, Rosanna.

Next week, on "As the World Turns" --

Margo: Sign this.

Katie: A mental hospital? Are you okay with this? You first.

Jordan: Tell me what you want from me.

Rosanna: I want to marry you.

Paul: What is it that you're keeping from me this time?

Carly: Tell them the truth, Barbara. You tell them now, before it all goes up in smoke!

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