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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/27/04

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Jessica: Walker. Hey.

Walker: Hey.

Jessica: How are you?

Walker: How you doing?

Jessica: Good.

Ben: You just coming from the hospital?

Walker: Yeah, yeah.

Ben: This is the only man at Memorial who puts in more hours than me.

Jessica: No, that's not possible.

Ben: Yeah, right.

Walker: I don't know about that, but I have a house call to make, so --

Ben: See, that's what I'm saying? He's driven. So what, you got a patient here at the Lakeview?

Margo: Hey, guys!

Jessica: Hey, Margo!

Margo: So we all had the same good idea, huh?

Jessica: Well, if having a glass of champagne and quiet conversation with people you adore was your idea, then please join us. You, too, Walker.

Walker: Um, house call. Take a rain check?

Jessica: Sure.

Ben: We'll hold you to it, man.

Margo: Thank you, I will. So you two out on the town?

Ben: More or less.

Jessica: We were at Metro.

Margo: Oh, bar hopping. I remember the days.

Jessica: Well, let's just say that the atmosphere here is much more appealing.

Doc: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Has the party started yet? Oh, I forgot. I am the pah-tay!

Barbara: Thank you. Eye drops. What? What's the matter?

Walker: Not gonna invite me in?

Barbara: Jen's home. She's sleeping. I don't want her to wake up.

Walker: Oh, maybe we should go someplace else, like the hospital, where you can get that examination you've been promising.

Barbara: Right now?

Walker: I got you in to see Will. I lived up to my side of the bargain.

Barbara: You know I'm going to go see Ben Harris tomorrow morning.

Walker: Well, you know what? I also know you shouldn't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. And you know what? As luck should have it, the good Dr. Harris is downstairs in the lounge. So if you don't want to go to Memorial, I'll bring him up here, you can have the examination right now.

Lily: This is the last time. I promise.

Manager: I still don't understand why you want me to let that little blonde plant a video camera in your room.

Pilar: Why not?

Manager: 'Cause it's weird and kinky, that's why not.

Pilar: Remember how I told you that I was trying very hard to start over?

Manager: Sure, but that's what everybody says when they're trying to land a job.

Pilar: But I really am trying to start over. I have proved that I'm willing to work hard, haven't I? This Katie has it in for me. She's determined to make trouble. I don't know what she thinks she's going to catch me doing, but if I left her bug my room, and she sees for herself that there's nothing to worry about, then maybe she'll back off. Understand?

Manager: I guess.

Pilar: Thanks. I knew you would. I really appreciate it.

Manager: I hope you know what you're getting in for. Don't forget the camera's still running.

Pilar: I won't forget. This whole thing might just work out to my advantage.

Manager: You think positive. I like that.

Pilar: She told you this was all for a reality TV show, right? Then that's how I'll play it -- only Katie will be the loser, and I'll be the one left standing.

Katie: You're really willing to listen to me?

Mike: I think it's about time, don't you?

Katie: Well, the first thing I have to say is I'm sorry. I mean, look at us. We're miles apart. We don't know what to say or how to be. This is all my fault. I -- I did this to us, and I don't know how to fix it.

Doc: Hey, my man, send another bottle out to the pool, and I'll tidy up later.

Manager: I'm sorry, Mr. Reese, but the swimming pool is closed for the evening.

Doc: Oh, come on. Closed? What's up with that?

Manager: Well, there's no life guard on duty --

Doc: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Who needs a life guard when the doctor is in? My lady friend and I just want to take a quick swim.

Jessica: Swim? He needs to go soak his head.

Ben: I'm sorry.

Jessica: Patient?

Ben: An emergency consult. But you're gonna be okay for a little while?

Jessica: Uh, well, let's see, Margo and I have what, two husbands and five children between us. Yeah, I think -- I think we're gonna be okay.

Ben: You're gonna be okay.

Jessica: Yeah.

Ben: All right, I won't be too long.

Jessica: All right, sweetie.

Margo: I -- I gotta tell you, Doc Reese, he just lives life with gusto.

Jessica: He could use a little less gusto and little more polish if you ask me.

Margo: Ooh, hard feelings?

Jessica: The man is a clown, Margo. He's loud, he's crass, and frankly embarrassing. He's the reason we left Metro.

Margo: So you're telling me that you let some loudmouth drive a wedge between you and Ben in a romantic evening? What, did he hit on you or something?

Jessica: No. But apparently, I was fodder for a little stand-up routine for him. I overheard him telling some strangers that I was one of those women who had chosen her career over having children. I mean, he doesn't know me! He doesn't know anything about my life. Who does he think he is to make an assumption like that? And then to entertain some bimbo with it? I don't know, maybe if I just hadn't found out --

Margo: What? Found out what, Jess?

Jessica: Ben and I just learned that I may not -- well, that getting pregnant might be a bit of a challenge.

Margo: But you were prepared for that, weren't you?

Jessica: Yes, but I feel like it's my fault. I may have waited too long to have another baby.

Margo: Oh, that is just ridiculous. It ain't over till it's over. Jessica, if this thing is meant to be, it will be.

Walker: Thanks for coming up.

Ben: Sure thing. So, where's this mystery patient of yours?

Lily: Hi. Molly, I need to talk to you.

Molly: Isn't it a little late for you? Okay, I guess it's not.

Lily: I think you know what I want you to do.

Molly: Lily, go home, put on your PJs and see how you feel in the morning.

Lily: Please, Molly, I just -- I just want to say one more time, could you just cover for me if Holden calls?

Molly: I don't think so.

Lily: But you've done it for me before.

Molly: Yeah, I know, because you know what? I saw that you needed help, and I felt sorry for you. But you know what? I don't want to make a habit of helping you like this, okay? And I don't want to be in the middle of you and Holden. So just go home, be with your family and forget the drama.

Lily: Wait, wait, wait. I'm not hurting my family.

Molly: Secrets hurt people, Lily. So Holden might be right, okay? I don't know. Maybe it's too soon for you to be doing everything that you're doing.

Lily: No, I'm okay. I am. I'm working at the foundation; I'm working with the kids. I'm taking care -- everything is working perfectly. I just -- I just want to sing, just one more time.

Molly: Do it in the shower, 'cause I'm not gonna help you -- not tonight, not ever. I'm sorry.

Manager: This is for your first day.

Pilar: Thank you.

Manager: Thank you. Nice having somebody as sexy as you pushing a broom around here. Maybe later you'll let me spring for a drink? Show you a good time.

Pilar: Maybe. We'll see. [Phone rings] Hello?

Russ: They're taking me to court to set a trial date! Now you said I wasn't gonna have to go to trial!

Pilar: You're not. Would you excuse me a moment, Lyle? Russ, you need to stay cool. I have this covered.

Russ: Yeah, well, the D.A.'s offered me a deal, and I'm thinking maybe I should take it.

Pilar: You keep your mouth shut, or you'll blow everything!

Mike: You don't think I want things to be this way between us, do you, you and me on opposite sides? We had so much going for us at one time. How did we end up like this? I hate it.

Katie: I have something I want to tell you.

Mike: What?

Katie: I care about you so much. Even after everything that's gone on, the accusations and everything, I just care about you so much, and I hate how things have gotten so out of control.

Mike: I never wanted everything for you but the best. You know, for you to be safe and happy. And seeing you get arrested, it just eats me up I had anything to do with making you unhappy.

Katie: You mean that?

Mike: I hate being mad at you. I hate seeing you so miserable.

Katie: 'Cause people keep telling me that if I just come out and tell that I want you back, maybe all this craziness would end. Would it?

Mike: What are you saying, that you want us to be together again?

Katie: Well, I -- I mean, it's complicated. I just don't feel like I have the right to say that I want you back, because nothing in my life has changed. But I mean what I said. I do care about you so much. It's just -- I'm still married to a guy who ran off to God knows where, and in that respect, nothing's changed, so I don't feel like I have anything new to offer you.

Mike: Then why are we even talking this way?

Katie: Because I care too much about you to stay away.

Lily: Just this one last time.

Molly: Lily, you sound like a junkie.

Lily: I'm not running away from my life if that's what you think. I know what a blessing my family is, and I know chasing rose's memory was not good for me. I was miserable. And I don't have to look outside myself to find the answers, because I have them inside. And when I sing, it helps me and makes me feel at peace. I haven't felt that way for months.

Molly: Okay, so Lily, tell me, why run off to Chicago to do this? Why not just buy a karaoke machine or go down to Mabelís and put a quarter in the jukebox.

Lily: Being on stage in front of those people helps me let go, helps me say good-bye. I promise it is the last time.

Molly: I've never needed to sing, but I have loved somebody so much and lost them. Do you really need to do this?

Lily: Yes.

Molly: And you swear to me you know how good you have it at home?

Lily: I do. I know. Honestly, I do. So, when Holden calls, can you just tell him that I was with you tonight?

Molly: I don't know --

Lily: Please. It is the last time. I promise.

Molly: I believe you. Go, okay, but please be back quickly?

Lily: I will. Thank you.

Dusty: Lily looks beautiful tonight.

Molly: Yeah --

Dusty: You're playing with fire, you know that?

Holden: "Had to run out for a bit. Back soon." What the hell is going on? Mom, I hope I didn't wake you. Good, because I need some help --

Margo: Oh, that's great. Thanks. So have you heard from Sarah?

Jessica: Sarah and Bonnie left me a long message on the answering machine. So long that the machine cut them off. But everybody's doing well. Isaac's club is taking off, Sarahís enrolled in school -- you know, it's kind of quiet around here without her.

Margo: Well, when your clients start calling you morning, noon and night you won't have time to miss her. You excited?

Jessica: Hey, you know, I'm like you, if I'm not working I get a little crazy. But the timing might be tricky.

Margo: Why?

Jessica: Because if I am going to need medical help to get pregnant, I'm gonna have to take time off anyway.

Margo: You really want a baby that badly?

Jessica: Yeah, I really want a baby that badly.

Lakeview manager: Please, sir! If you could just wait there one moment. Detective Hughes, I am so sorry to interrupt you, but we could use your assistance with one of our guests.

Margo: What's the problem?

Lakeview manager: Well, apparently he broke down the door leading to the swimming pool. When hotel security asked him to leave, he became belligerent.

Doc: Come on, man! What's the problem? I've been swimming since I was knee-high to a grasshopper!

Lakeview manager: Excuse me.

Margo: I guess I'm gonna go check this out.

Lakeview manager: Please, sir. You cannot parade around like this!

Doc: Wait, wait, wait, wait -- when I'm on parade you will know it. All right? I was simply having myself a swim. In fact, if you hadn't bothered me, I would still be doing the backstroke. Barkeep, grab me a brandy, my man. You know what, in fact, let's get one for the house.

Margo: Hold on, hotshot. You're coming with me.

Doc: Well, well, well, if it isn't Oakdaleís -- finest! Into handcuffs, are we?

Margo: Yes I am, and so are you. You're under arrest.

Doc: Oh, come on, me? The Doc?

Margo: The Doc, please, please, you have the right to remain silent Ė

Barbara: What are you looking for?

Ben: Is light painful?

Barbara: Yes.

Ben: It's because of increased pressure in the back of the eye. My guess is your vision's increasingly blurry, and the headaches more frequent?

Walker: Yes, they are.

Ben: Duration?

Barbara: Well, it varies -- they've been getting longer and longer. The episode tonight was the worst.

Ben: Okay, this is a vibratory reflex test.

Barbara: Am I supposed to be feeling something?

Ben: Do you? You feel anything?

Barbara: Uh --

Ben: It's all right. It's all right, relax.

Barbara: You know what, this isn't working. Jennifer is here, she could wake up, she could walk out here. This is pushing the envelope too much.

Walker: Ben? What do you think?

Barbara: Can't we wait on this? Can't we just wait until we get through this Vegas show? Please.

Ben: No, no. Barbara, if you put the pieces together -- the MRI, my exam here, your changing vision, the increase in headaches -- it's clear that this tumor is growing rapidly. Now, if we want to kill this we have to hit it fast and we have to hit it with everything we've got. I want you to go in for a second MRI and I need you to start radiation treatment as soon as possible.

Tom: So your PD is running late. He'll meet you in court. Anything you need to tell me before I go?

Russ: No, I'll just wait until I can talk to a lawyer.

Tom: Hey, Pilar, what are you doing here?

Pilar: I -- I came down to see if Russ Terry's court date had been set.

Tom: Well, you didn't need to put yourself through that. This stuff is strictly procedural. You'd have been notified.

Pilar: I had to come. For my own reasons. I have to see this thing through. Don't you ever threaten me again!

Russ: You were supposed to get the charges dropped.

Pilar: I will.

Russ: Oh, good. When?

Pilar: When the time is right.

Russ: Do you even know when that is anymore?

Pilar: I need more time with Mike if I'm going to get him back.

Russ: Oh, no, that's not what this is about. That wasn't part of the deal.

Pilar: Plans change. I want Mike back and if you cross me on this, jail will be the least of your worries.

Cop: Hi, can I help you?

Pilar: Yes. Which room are you taking Mr. Terry to?

Cop: 225, you're his attorney?

Pilar: No. His ex. I came to see that he gets exactly what he deserves.

Mike: So, you're telling me that nothing in your life has changed. But you still want to have a place in mine?

Katie: I know it sounds unfair. But I don't know how else to explain how I feel or how things got so messed up between us. All I know is that I can't turn off my heart.

Mike: What's your heart telling you?

Katie: That when two people have meant as much to each other as we have, they take care of each other.

Mike: I tried to do that. You pushed me away.

Katie: Actually, this would all be easier if I could just stay away, but I canít. I mean, I tried that, and every time -- I try, end up on your doorstep or back in your life.

Mike: You know how I feel about you, and I know you always have. Why can't you say what you feel? Why can't you just say it.

Katie: I know what I want to say. I just feel like I don't have the right to say it, because I can't promise you a future. My life is so uncertain, I just don't know what's going to happen down the road --

Mike: With Simon, you mean --

Katie: I don't know anything. I just -- all I know is that you and I are not done. Not yet.

Mike: All right, be straight with me. What do you want from me?

Katie: I want you to let me help you. You have to let me help protect you from Pilar.

Mike: Oh, I know. I knew this. This doesn't have anything to do with you and me at all.

Katie: What?

Mike: It doesnít. You don't want me. You just don't want to let me move on.

Katie: No, Mike! Mike, this is not because I'm jealous of Pilar. If it was, I would have backed off a long time ago. I would have. Pilar is trying to kill you.

Mike: Okay, not this again.

Katie: You promised you would listen to me.

Mike: You said that you were going to let this go. You havenít. You're scaring Pilar. And if I didn't know you better, you'd be scaring me, too.

Katie: She's only scared when you're not in the room. Do you understand that? It's an act. She looked me in the face and threatened your life. Do you get that? She wanted to let me know that everything's she's up to, she's getting away with. And she could be getting away with murder -- yours.

Holden: How you doing?

Dusty: I'm guessing better than you.

Holden: Let me tell you something -- I have been really patient about my wife running off at all hours to work on Rose Foundation business. I even pretended to accept your so-called shopping trip, Molly. But I'm beginning to feel like I'm being played. My wife is hiding something and I want to know what it is.

[Margo whistles]

Margo: All right, I got some candy for you. [Crowd cheering] You can sit right here while I get someone to process you. Sit.

[Doc sighs]

Doc: Excuse me there, Ms. Detective. I know it must give you great pleasure to drag around your own personal centerfold.

Margo: Oh, my goodness. You do flatter yourself.

Doc: But I am getting just a tad chilly. You guys have some sweats I can put on or something?

Margo: Uh-oh. [Crowd yells] All right. Woo! All right, somebody want get a bun for this dog?

Doc: I love it when this lady talks dirty to me.

Ben: We'll admit you under an alias. Okay? Now, I can call the radiologist at Memorial tonight and get you in for your second MRI. I'll look at the film, I'll set you up for a treatment all at once.

Barbara: Tonight?

Ben: Barbara, its a few hours out of your life that could save your life.

Barbara: You want me to go see some doctor I don't even know?

Ben: Milt is a good, trusted friend. All right, now, look, the timing's a little unorthodox, but this treatment is routine. The thing is, we have to start now.

Walker: Thanks, Ben. Set it up. I'll get her there.

Ben: Call you back in, like, an hour?

Walker: Yeah.

Barbara: I can't do this tonight. I just can't do it tonight.

Walker: I'm finished, okay? There's no more fighting, no more coddling, no more bargaining -- we're in this now. We're going to do this tonight.

Barbara: But I --

Walker: But, but -- nothing. I have walked a thin ethical line here making sure you weren't treated conventionally. Now, I'm not going to cross that line by standing by and watching you go blind, Barbara. Okay? I got two other doctors involved. You are going to get that treatment and you're going to get it tonight.

Barbara: You know, radiation takes time. I have a lot I've got to do here.

Walker: What? What could you do when you could barely see? And don't stand there and tell me I'm the only one who cares about your health and your very life!

Barbara: But Jennifer --

Walker: Jennifer isn't going to know a thing, unless you keep arguing with me -- at which point, I'm going to walk in there, I will wake her up and I will tell her the whole story.

Barbara: Oh, please, don't do that. Please -- [Barbara sobs] you know, it's not just about my kids. It's not just the business.

Walker: What? What then?

Barbara: I'm scared to death.

Walker: It's okay to be afraid. That's normal.

Barbara: Is it normal for a woman to have three children that she loves dearly and she can't even confide in? I just feel so damn alone.

Walker: Listen, you're not alone. You're not alone. I'm here. I'm here now and I'm gonna be here through the whole process. Do you hear what I'm saying? I'm not going anywhere, Barbara. I'm not going anywhere.

Walker: Better?

Barbara: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't usually fall apart like that --

Walker: Well, you were holding a lot in.

Barbara: Yeah, I guess so.

Walker: Now listen, I, um, I don't want you to waste anymore energy sitting on your feelings, okay? Cause, you're gonna need all the strength you can to beat this thing. You are gonna beat this thing.

Barbara: You've got quite the bedside manner, doctor. Tough love one minute, an understanding shoulder the next.

Walker: Well, you are definitely my most challenging patient. Makes me think of days of forensics when my patients didn't talk back. See, you have such a lovely smile.

Barbara: Thank you.

Walker: It's happening again, isn't it? Okay, here, lean on me. Come on, come on, let me help you down. We'll sit over here and wait for Ben together. Just lean back. I got you. Just lean on me. There you go. You'll be all right.

Jessica: You just missed quite a show.

Ben: Really?

Jessica: Your favorite newscaster apparently broke into the hotel swimming pool. And then he trotted his semi-nude behind out here and ordered a round of drinks for everybody.

Ben: Baby, what, you didn't take him up on a drink? I'm kidding, okay. It was just a joke. So I take it Margo had to go deal with him?

Jessica: I don't understand why people find guys like Doc Reese entertaining? I mean, he's supposed to be some kind of role model? He is a tasteless, overgrown spoiled brat if you ask me. And if he weren't a football star he'd just be another loudmouth.

Ben: The man rubs you the wrong way. I got it.

Jessica: Good.

Ben: All right, so let's stop wasting precious time talking about Doc Reese, okay? Let's talk about us.

Jessica: Okay.

Ben: Okay.

Doc: I mean, but seriously, Ms. Detective. I mean, what's the big deal anyways? How much is a damn padlock? I'll buy them a whole truckload if that's what they're worried about.

Margo: Well, the public defender on duty tonight is in court, so sit tight.

Doc: Don't need him.

Margo: You need somebody. Disorderly conduct, vandalism charges, those things don't just melt away. You know, what is up with you, anyway?

Doc: Whatever do you mean, darling?

Margo: Your date tonight seemed like a perfectly normal woman. Why would she, or any woman for that matter, put up with this kind of behavior?

Doc: I guess that would be innate charm. The ladies seem to love it.

Margo: Oh, well then I guess it would be innate charm that possessed you to parade through public wearing nothing but a towel? Oh man, I don't believe it. It's straight out of the playbook. You create a distraction for the security guard, so your date could slip away.

Doc: That perfume -- "stolen moments", isn't it?

Margo: Yes, it is, but I don't distract so easily.

Doc: So I'm right --

Margo: And I'm right, too. You were protecting your date?

Doc: Guilty as charged.

Margo: You know, I would find that charming if it just wasn't so stupid. Well, be as smug as you like, but I don't think your little escapade tonight is going to impress your new boss.

Doc: Well, actually my new boss doesn't have to know about this, does she?

Margo: Well, there's such a thing as a police blotter, and knowing my mother-in-law, I'm pretty sure that she built a morals clause into your contract.

Doc: Damn. Forgot about those. Never met a morals clause I got along with.

Margo: Yeah, I bet. What, what, what?

Doc: You just can't keep your hands off me, can you?

Margo: What are you doing?

Doc: I am making a phone call. I'm calling my lawyer. Give me the number.

Margo: How would I know?

Doc: You were having drinks with her. I mean, she's your friend, right?

Margo: Who? Jess?

Doc: Why not? She's the only attorney in town I know.

Margo: Well that may very well be, but unfortunately she overheard you mouthing off about her being a hard-as-nails career woman, who doesn't have time for kids. Too bad for you. She was not amused.

Katie: You know me, Mike. We've been through a lot together. Why stop trusting me now?

Mike: You not giving me a lot of reasons to trust you -- especially when you start coming up with this whole wild murder theory.

Katie: I didn't come up with the theory. Russell Terry told me that Pilar wants to kill you.

Mike: Oh, right, you were threatening him with a baseball bat.

Katie: So then why would she admit it to me? The minute you left the room said that it was all true. She wants you dead. What, you think I'm making this up? Am I the kind of person, all of a sudden, that would just lie to your face?

Mike: I just -- I think you misunderstood or you heard what you wanted to hear.

Katie: Oh, no, she made it loud and clear.

Mike: Okay, say it were true. Why would Pilar try to kill me? And why on earth would she tell you?

Katie: I don't know. Maybe she's a psychopath. Maybe she wants money out of you. I don't know. All I know is that I have to protect you like you protected me when I was in trouble.

Mike: Except that I'm not in trouble. Look, get on with your life. Okay, or stand around and wait for Simon. Whatever. Just leave me alone.

[Phone rings]

Katie: Hello?

Manager: You the blonde looking to get into Pilar Domingoís room?

Katie: Yes. Yes, that's me.

Manager: Well, I gave your offer some thought. I'm gonna let you do it.

Katie: Great. I will be right there. Thank you.

Holden: Do you know where Lily is?

Molly: Holden, whatever you're thinking, it's not that bad. She loves you!

Holden: Molly, just tell me right now where she is!

Molly: I promised.

Holden: What's she got to do, huh? What's she got to do before you recognize she's acting out here?

Molly: Will trust me? This is different.

Holden: How can I trust you when you won't tell me where she is?!

Molly: All right, you know what? I'm gonna do better than that. I'm gonna show you. Okay? Cover for me. Let's go.

Ben: How are you, baby?

Jessica: I am yearning to have a baby with you. Every time I close my eyes I can't help but picture him or her lying on your chest after a 4:00 A.M. Feeding.

[Jessica laughs]

Ben: Well, I hope that she as your smile.

Jessica: I hope he has your charm. Sweetheart, whatever the experts say we have to do, I will do. As long as you're on board, too.

Ben: I am definitely on board. In fact, what do you say we go home and explore our options?

Jessica: Sounds good to me, doctor.

[Phone rings]

Ben: That's not me. Must be you.

Jessica: It is me. Wait -- hello?

Doc: Hello, I needed a lawyer. So, I figured I'd call the foxiest one in town.

Jessica: Mr. Reese, I presume?

Doc: Your detective friend here bet me there was no way in hell you'd represent me. But being a sporting man that I am, I said that you wouldn't let some little misunderstanding cloud your professional judgment. So, who's right? Hello? Hello?

[Margo laughing] She hung up on me.

Margo: Oh, did she? Well, I, too, am a big sport, so here -- find yourself a lawyer.

Doc: Nope. I made my one phone call. I'll just sit here and wait till my lawyer comes to her senses and let bygones be bygones.

Margo: Yeah, it's going to be a long night.

Cop: Shame about your bail situation, buddy.

Russ: Yeah, your heart's bleeding, I'm sure.

Pilar: May I speak with the prisoner?

Cop: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

Pilar: I really hope you'll think about everything you've done, Russ. In the meantime, I'll keep working on making things right again. It's all going to work out for the best.

Russ: Yeah, for you.

Pilar: If you do what's right, maybe things will work out for you, too. Then maybe we can put all this behind us. In the meantime, I'll keep working on forgiving you and moving forward with my life.

Cop: You're a lucky son of a gun. Let's go.

Mike: Thought I'd find you here. The arraignment go okay?

Pilar: It wasn't easy seeing Russ, but I'm glad I did it.

Mike: Were you talking to him just now?

Pilar: I'm trying to forgive him.

Mike: Why?

Pilar: Because it's the only way I can let it all go. I don't want to live the rest of my life in bitterness.

Mike: You're amazing.

Pilar: And you're upset. Want to talk about it?

Mike: It's nothing. I had a run-in with Katie.

Pilar: Oh.

Mike: I was kind of hoping we could get through our suspicion and animosity, but it turned ugly and blew up like always.

Pilar: Sorry. Maybe I'm not the only one who has some letting go to do.

Mike: I told her to move on.

Pilar: Maybe you needed to go through tonight so you can move on, as well. You're a generous person. If anyone can find a way to forgive and forget, it's you.

Mike: I probably don't have a right to be, but I'm really proud of you.

Pilar: You are? Why?

Mike: After everything you've been through, you're still helping me stay positive. Thank you.

Pilar: That's what friends do for each other, right?

Mike: I always used to think so.

Pilar: Hey, here's an idea. I got paid today, why don't you let me take you to dinner?

Mike: You don't have to do that.

Pilar: I know, but I want to. As long as you like hot dogs, because that's about all I can afford.

Mike: All right. Mabel's works for me.

Pilar: I'll even spring for some chili. You still like it, don't you?

Henry: Hey.

Katie: You have everything?

Henry: Of course. I've bugged so many places I should put out a shingle. But I think I should say just one more time -- I have a very, very bad feeling about this.

Katie: Oh, Henry, when do you have a good feeling about anything?

Henry: After my third martini, I become the proverbial cockeyed optimist.

Katie: Well, we don't have time for happy hour. We've got to get the goods on Pilar.

[Henry sighs]

Manager: It's me.

Pilar: Yes?

Manager: Frick and Frack just got here. They're bugging your room now.

Pilar: Excellent. How can I ever thank you?

Manager: If you need me to help you screen those tapes --

Pilar: That was my boss. He's got extra hours for me if I want them.

Mike: Is that a good thing?

Pilar: It's great. Everything's working out perfectly.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: What exactly do you want from me?

Paul: I want to you know what you and your sister are planning, Carly. And I want to know when it's all going to blow up in my face.

Jessica: You think I should represent that loud mouth? Why?!

Margo: Yeah --

Jessica: And please don't tell me because you think he's cute.

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