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Mike: Pilar?

[Knock on door]

Margo: Hi. I -- I -- you know what, I just had to come over and apologize for what I did to you at my house.

Mike: It's fine. Sorry.

Margo: No, I set you up, Mike. You know, I just thought it was really important that you and Katie talk. So Katie has promised that she's not going to harass Pilar anymore. If she sticks to her word, then she's gonna -- what? Are you all right? Is something the matter?

Mike: Pilar said she was gonna be in bed all day, you know, and when we get back from your place, she's gone.

Margo: Well, it's a really nice day. Maybe she went out for a walk.

Mike: Alone, when she knows there's somebody out there who wants to kill her?

Margo: What?! You never told me it was that serious.

Mike: Her ex-boyfriend threatened her life, all right? Now she's gone, and I don't have the first clue where to look for her. Yeah, it's serious. I just -- I hope serious doesn't turn into fatal.

Pilar: Katie? Have you been following me?

Katie: No. I was just running some errands on my way home. Who's that guy you were just talking to?

Pilar: Um, he's an old friend. We bumped into each other, but he had to get back to work.

Katie: Oh? Sure seemed like he didn't want me to see him.

Pilar: Well, maybe he's a spy, and I've been selling him government secrets.

Katie: What I'm more interested in, Pilar, is what you're selling Mike. He just finished telling me that you were going to be in bed all day because you felt so bad. But you look fine to me.

Pilar: I thought I would feel better if I got some air. What now, Katie? You've been suspicious of me since the minute I arrived in oak dale.

Katie: Well, maybe you gave me something to be suspicious about.

Pilar: Well, it's got to stop. You either back off and leave me alone, or I'm going to have you arrested for harassment.

Craig: Ah, Jack, I want an update on De Grassi.

Jack: There isn't one.

Craig: Jack, Jack, he was fencing stolen goods from my home. I helped haul him in.

Jack: Meaning what?

Craig: Meaning, I think I have a right to be in this loop, Jack.

Jack: I'm looping, Craig. I loop. Unfortunately, there is no loop. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to question him again.

Craig: Did you ask him about Rosanna?

Jack: What do you think?

Craig: Does he know where Rosanna is?

Jack: If he does, he's not saying.

Craig: Jack, Jack, Jack -- well, then, you got to force it out of him. Because the longer this takes, the less chance we have of ever seeing Rosanna again.

Rosanna: You know, the last person who lived across the hall from me listened to soccer matches rather loudly at 4:00 in the morning.

Jordan: Well, you're safe with me, Ms. Cabot. I'm a basketball fan.

Rosanna: Oh.

Jordan: I know next to nothing about soccer.

Rosanna: Oh, well, that's good. Neither do I. [Rosanna laughs] Perhaps we should go to a game sometime and cheer at all the wrong places. Anyway, uh, welcome to the neighborhood.

Jordan: Thanks. I feel more at home already.

Rosanna: Good. Would you like to come in? I don't have any sugar to offer you, but then again, I don't think I have a cup either.

Jordan: Thanks. Sure.

Rosanna: Great.

Jordan: Wow, nice place.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Jordan: Let's see, mine's about half the size, and my ceilings are definitely lower.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Well, that sounds cozy. Can I offer you a drink?

Jordan: Oh, no. No thanks. So did Paul Ryan find you? He was very excited when we told him you were back.

Rosanna: Ah, yes. Yes. He -- he left just a little while ago.

Jordan: Well, good. I understand the two of you are good friends. Did I say something wrong?

Rosanna: Look, um, I don't know you very well, but since you're working at B.R.O., I --

Jordan: Yes?

Rosanna: Ordinarily, I don't interfere in another company's internal operations, but you seem like an honest person. So I have to warn you, Paul Ryan is not the man that he pretends to be.

Carly: You and Rosanna had a fight? She just got back.

Paul: Rosanna found something out about me. She said she never wants to see me again.

Carly: She nev -- never wants to see you again? She actually said those words?

Paul: See, I've -- I've hurt Rosanna very much.

Carly: How?

Paul: I knew that the Canadian authorities were investigating Cabotís adoption, so I called them. I was the one who told them where he was.

Carly: It was you? All this time -- get out.

Paul: Carly --

Carly: Get out of my house, Paul! I don't want any more to do with you.

Jennifer: Hi.

Bartender: What can I get you?

Jennifer: Champagne, extra dry, please. Oh, excuse me, I'm Jennifer Munson. Did anyone leave a message for me?

Bartender: No, ma'am. Is there a problem?

Jennifer: No. Uh, I'm just expecting someone who's usually pretty punctual. Jordan Sinclair? He lives here in the hotel.

Bartender: I can ring his room if you'd like.

Jennifer: No, that's okay. He'll probably be here any minute.

Jordan: I -- I'm a little confused, Ms. Cabot. Jennifer led me to believe that you and her brother were very close.

Rosanna: Did she?

Jordan: And I already knew that you put up $1 million for Paulís bail.

Rosanna: How did you -- how did you know that?

Jordan: You're a very high-profile person, and I read the news. I -- I like to be well-informed.

Rosanna: That's a very admirable quality, as long as you keep it under control.

Jordan: Well, I'll try to remember that. Anyway, when Jennifer told me that you lost -- oh, I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't be talking about that.

Rosanna: No, that's fine. When I lost my adopted child --

Jordan: She made it sound like Paul did everything that he could for you.

Rosanna: Yes, that's true. He was a very loyal and caring friend. But things change, apparently. Perhaps they weren't what they appeared to be in the first place.

Jordan: I'm -- I'm not sure that I'm following you.

Rosanna: Look, I can't get into all the details. It's just -- they're too painful still. But Paul is not my friend. He lied to me, he betrayed me, and he cost me -- quite a bit. So I thought I should warn you not to take what Paul says at face value.

Jordan: Well, I appreciate the heads up. But Paul and I are a long way from being friends. The most we have going is a business relationship.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Well, if you think that makes you safe, you haven't been in business very long.

Jordan: Well, my resume may be short, but that does not mean that I'm naive.

Rosanna: I'm not trying to insult you. I'm just saying that it's very dangerous to be in business with Paul, especially now.

Jordan: How so?

Rosanna: Paul has a very sick relationship with his mother. I believe that he's trying to use B.R.O. to get back at her somehow.

Jordan: I -- I don't -- I don't understand. The Ryanís, all of them, are committed to rebuilding B.R.O.

Rosanna: His -- his devotion to his family is an act. Public statements aside, Paul hates his mother with a passion.

Jordan: Has he told you this himself? Because what I've seen --

Rosanna: I know. I know Paul very well. He's not the type to forgive and forget. He's going to use the company to destroy his mother.

Jordan: Assuming that you're correct, how -- how would that affect me?

Rosanna: Well, once he makes his move, everybody in the company is going to look bad, including you.

Jordan: Well, if that happens, I'll move on. B.R.O. isnít the only company out there.

Rosanna: Well, that's very true, but success these days is rather fragile, don't you think? One disaster, and people stop returning your phone calls.

Jordan: Well, I -- I had always thought that after B.R.O., after I helped put them back on the map, my career would really take off after that.

Rosanna: Well, perhaps you should rethink your strategy. Because if I were you, I wouldn't stake my future in Paul Ryan.

Paul: Carly, please, let me talk to you for one -- what are you doing?

Carly: I'm calling the police. I've asked you to leave my home, and you wonít.

Paul: Carly, give me one second to talk to you, okay? And then after that, if you still want me to leave, I'll go. [Paul sighs] I know there's no excuse for what I've done, but I was so angry at Craig that I don't think --

Carly: That what? That you didn't know what you were doing?

Paul: When I found out that he had adopted Cabot illegally, I -- I couldn't believe that he'd done something so horrendous to his own wife! And he'd done some pretty hideous things to me, too, trying to frame me for Rose's murder. And when I saw a chance to get back at him for all of that, I took it.

Carly: Hmm? And it didn't occur to you that you would be hurting Rosanna as well?

Paul: It should have. But the only thing on my mind was getting back at Craig. And afterwards, when I realized what I'd done, I tried to make it up to her. I did.

Carly: Oh! And how do you make up for that? How do you make up for causing someone to lose their child?!

Paul: When she said she wanted to run away with Cabot, I offered to go with her, to take her anywhere and stay with her as long as she wanted. And then when she gave up Cabot, I was there. I was -- I never left her side.

Carly: That's so sweet. Does that make you a sensitive man? Just misunderstood?

Paul: Wait, it -- it doesn't matter anyway. The baby broker was already in custody. It was only a matter of time before she would have told the police everything.

Carly: That does not excuse what you did.

Paul: You're right. But don't forget that I'm not the reason that Rosanna was in this position.

Carly: Of course. That's right. And passing the buck to Craig always makes people feel better about themselves.

Paul: He's her husband. He -- he lied to her about the most sacred thing two people can --

Carly: You were her friend! And when you found out what Craig had done, you should have gone to Rosanna, not to the police!

Paul: Wouldn't have mattered. There was nothing she could have done.

Carly: She has lawyers, Paul. They could have come up with something, some kind of strategy so she could hold on to Cabot just a little bit longer, without the Mounties on her doorstep, breathing down her neck. But that wasn't good enough for you, was it?! You wanted your revenge then and there.

Paul: You're right. You -- you got to understand something.

Carly: No, you know what?! I don't have to understand anything, and I'm not listening to any more of your excuses!

Paul: Where -- where are you going?

Carly: I'm going to find my sister.

Paul: Okay, wait, wait -- hold on. Hold on -- one thing. One thing, okay? What I did, unforgivable. But it's between me and Rosanna, and I would really hate for something to come between you and me. I -- I can't lose you, too, Carly.

Carly: When someone hurts a person I love, they hurt me, too. Maybe you can't understand that. Maybe that's why you keep screwing up the way you do.

Paul: Maybe. I don't know. Maybe. But I want to be better. And I will. I'm gonna be a worthy friend to you, Carly.

Carly: When Craig accused you of dropping the dime about Cabotís adoption, I asked you if it was the truth. And do you remember what you told me?

Paul: I -- I denied it. But I couldn't -- I couldn't tell you the truth, 'cause I could barely accept the truth myself.

Carly: You lied to my face, Paul. So don't tell me that what you did is just between you and Rosanna.

Paul: All right. You and I are -- are building something really important together. Don't -- don't -- don't destroy that.

Carly: You swore to me that I could always trust you, that I could believe in anything you said. And now I have to wonder if that was a lie, too. Something is broken here, Paul. Don't you see that? And it cannot be fixed.

Mike: Here's what worries me the most. She knew I was expecting her to be here, she didn't leave a note.

Margo: There's no sign of forced entry.

Mike: I -- I checked all the windows. They're still locked.

Margo: All right. Let's just not drive yourself nuts here. Chances are, she really did go out for a walk, and she thought she'd be back before you got home. That's why she didn't leave a note.

Mike: All right. Is there any way to declare a missing person?

Margo: Sorry, no. She's only been gone a few hours.

Mike: All right. Uh, what about checking some of the hospitals?

Margo: I'll make some phone calls and see what I find out.

Mike: Thank you.

Margo: You're welcome.

Mike: I mean, I'm just -- I'm usually not this nervous, but she's already been stabbed once. I just don't want to take any chances.

Margo: Well, yeah, that's understandable. So you're gonna go out and start looking for her.

Mike: Well, first I'm gonna wait here, see if she comes back. If it goes on too long, I'll start driving around.

Margo: Okay, if you go, give me a call. I want to go with you. Please, a big favor.

Mike: Name it.

Margo: Don't tell Katie that Pilar is missing. The last thing we need right now is Katieís special brand of detective work.

Mike: All right.

Margo: Okay.

Katie: Hold on, hold on. No, I was not harassing you. I was minding my own business. You ran into me.

Pilar: You showed up right where I happened to be. What, are you saying that's coincidence?

Katie: Yes.

Pilar: Impossible. I can't be that unlucky.

Katie: Relax, Pilar. I just finished promising mike that I would leave you alone. I wouldn't have made that promise if I didn't intend to keep it.

Pilar: How do I know you're not just saying that so I won't call the police?

[Katie sighs]

Katie: You donít. So why not just enjoy the sunshine and see what happens? Who knows, maybe one day, you and I will be the best of friends.

Pilar: After the way things started between us, I don't see that happening.

Katie: You know, what's up with that disguise?

Pilar: What?!

Katie: The outfit, the dark glasses, the biker hat -- or is that your sense of fashion?

Pilar: I'm recovering from a knife wound. I thought I would try to keep from getting a sunburn to go along with it. Is that a crime?!

Katie: No, of course not. You don't have to get so upset about one little question.

Pilar: I'm exhausted, and I need to get back to Mikeís. We have nothing more to say to each other, so --

Katie: The other thing is, I don't understand why your friend ran away so fast. I mean, I show up, and he took off like he robbed a bank.

Pilar: I already told you, he was late for work. If you want to find something sinister in that, then that's your problem, not mine.

Katie: Oh, my God. She really is up to something.

Jack: I realize you're upset about Rosanna, but you're gonna have to get out of my way so I can do my job.

Craig: Have I stopped you from anything, Jack? No. But instead of taking some initiative, you're waiting for this guy to open up.

Jack: It's called patience, Craig. I wouldn't expect you to understand.

Craig: I understand De Grassi hasn't said anything useful since we hauled him here from New York. I understand patience is not doing the trick.

Jack: Well, then what do you suggest, bamboo shoots under the fingernails?

Craig: Cattle prods.

Jack: Hmm. I'll call if I need your expert guidance.

Craig: Jack -- you know something, don't you?

Jack: Not yet, but I'm trying.

Craig: What is it, Jack?

Jack: Go home.

Craig: Jack? Jack?

Jack: How's the coffee?

De Grassi: Be better without the Styrofoam.

Jack: Don't worry, De Grassi, where you're going, they serve coffee in metal cups.

Lawyer: Take it down a notch, detective.

Jack: You his lawyer?

Lawyer: Yes, and I'm not a big fan of harassment. I've been to this dance before.

Jack: Is -- is he costing you a lot of money?

De Grassi: A fortune.

Jack: Right. You're wasting every dime of it. I talked to Rosanna today. She told me the reason why she got in touch with you.

[Jack laughs]

Paul: I'm not asking for you to forgive me for what I've done. I'm not even asking you for -- to understand what it is that I've done. What I'm asking is for you to realize that you and I have a relationship that's beyond friendship. We have a company together. We -- B.R.O. Will be our company. You, Carly -- you will have a spot on the world stage, as soon as we get Barbara out of the picture. You're not gonna throw all that away, are you?

Carly: I can't talk about this now. I have to find Rosanna.

Paul: If you push me away, you're pushing away a dream that you've had all your life. Now, don't do that. Don't -- don't -- don't make the same mistake that I made. Don't get caught up in the emotion of the moment and do something that you will regret forever.

Carly: I'm not making you any promises, but I will be in touch.

Paul: Rosanna's at the Lakeview. I'll wait for you in the lounge.

Carly: Detective Snyder, please. This is his wife.

Cop #1: I'm sorry, Mrs. Snyder. He's in with a witness right now.

Carly: When he gets out, would you tell him that Rosanna Cabot is back in town. She's at the Lakeview, and I've gone to see her.

Cop #1: Uh, what was that name again?

Carly: Rosanna. He'll know who it is.

Cop #1: Rosanna -- got it.

Craig: Excuse me; I believe you may have some information about my wife.

Rosanna: Are you going to continue to work for B.R.O., Now that you know what he did to me?

Carly: I don't know. It's a huge decision.

Rosanna: Yes, it is. And there's a lot more riding on it than you realize.

Cop #1: This note is for Detective Snyder only, no one else. Excuse me.

Craig: Jack? Jack.

Jack: What?

Craig: We've got a situation out here, Jack.

Jack: I told you to go home.

De Grassi: You and I should talk in private.

Lawyer: Sorry, that would be a big mistake.

De Grassi: Finish cleaning up my coffee and get out. I'll call you if I need you.

[Door closes] You spoke to Rosanna? Where is she?

Jack: That's none of your business.

De Hrassi: You're bluffing.

Jack: You're sharp, De Grassi. What gave me away?

De Grassi: No way would Rosanna tell you why she called me.

Jack: Probably not. But you just told me more than Rosanna ever could.

Jordan: Well, you've given me a lot to think about, and if you're right about Paul --

Rosanna: I am. But if you would like to get your confirmation elsewhere, I won't be insulted.

Jordan: Well, it's not that I don't believe you. It's just, I like to draw my own conclusions.

Rosanna: I understand. Let me know what you find out. Next time at your place?

Jordan: Deal. Oh, I'm late for a meeting.

Rosanna: Oh, don't worry. Whoever she is, I'm sure she's still waiting.

Jordan: Good night, Ms. Cabot. This was -- memorable.

Rosanna: Jordan, my name is Rosanna.

Jordan: Good night, Rosanna.

Rosanna: That went well. Mm-hmm. [Knock at door] Uh, just a minute. What, did you forget something?

Carly: Hi.

Rosanna: Hi.

Carly: Oh, Rosanna, I was so afraid I would never see you again.

Rosanna: Oh, honey, I'm okay. I'm okay.

Carly: Promise?

Rosanna: I promise, but I'm -- I'm so much better now that you're here. Oh, it's so good to see you.

Bartender: Get you another?

Jennifer: Oh, no. No thanks. I think I've waited long enough.

Jordan: Jen. Where are you going?

Jennifer: Shouldn't I be the one asking the questions?

Jordan: I'm sorry. Something totally unexpected came up.

Jennifer: Look, if you don't want to do this --

Jordan: No, no, no, I do, I do -- very much. Look at it this way -- it's still early. You can make me feel terrible about this for hours.

Jennifer: Okay, fine, we'll forget it. So are you ready to go?

Jordan: Could we just sit down for a minute? And there's a couple of things I need to ask you.

Jennifer: Sure. What about?

Jordan: B.R.O., your family.

Jennifer: I thought we were done with business for tonight.

Jordan: This will be the last time I mention it. Please?

Jennifer: Okay. So what do you want to talk about?

Jordan: After Rose D'Angelo died, it seemed like Paul would never speak to Barbara again. Not that he didn't have his reasons. He did. But all of a sudden, they're working together. So I was wondering if you had any idea why he changed his mind?

Jennifer: Well, there are a lot of reasons. Mom and Paul were close in the past, and I think he was just sick of fighting with her. And he'd just lost someone that he loved very much, and I don't think he wanted to lose anyone else. But mostly, it's because of my little brother.

Jordan: Will.

Jennifer: It's really not easy for me to talk about this.

Jordan: Well, I know that he killed Rose.

Jennifer: But not intentionally.

Jordan: Right. I'm sorry. This -- this isn't fair. Just forget it.

Jennifer: It's okay. It's okay. Will was sentenced to an institution for troubled kids, and we all thought that if we pulled together as a family that he could see that we're getting along again, that it would help him get better.

Jordan: And Paul agreed?

Jennifer: Yes. Why -- why is this so important to you?

Jordan: Paul's a hard guy to figure out. I thought that knowing why he came back to B.R.O. would help me understand him.

Jennifer: Well, perhaps you can ask him these questions yourself.

Katie: Margo?

Margo: What?

Katie: Oh, thank goodness you're home.

Margo: What, why? What's the matter?

Katie: You will never guess what happened. I was shopping on my way home, and who should I run into but Pilar.

Margo: Pilar? Where?

Katie: The courtyard behind the Center Street Library?

Margo: Really, was she okay, because Mike's worried about her.

Katie: How do you know?

Margo: I -- I just left him, and Pilar said she was going to be home all afternoon. When he got back, she was gone.

Katie: Okay, yes -- see, it's all coming together now. Who are you calling?

Margo: I'm gonna call Mike. He's going to want to know that Pilar is okay.

Katie: No, she was on her way back there when we left. He's seen her by now.

Margo: Uh-huh. Okay, Katie, what is it? You're bursting to tell me something.

Katie: Okay, I know you're not going to believe me, but I swear I'm not imagining things. The minute Pilar saw me, she got this guilty look on her face. And everything I said to her she overreacted to.

Margo: No, no, no, no. I don't want to hear it. No, I don't want to hear it.

Katie: Please, just let me explain.

Margo: No, Katie, no! Pilar is Mike's friend, or lover, or whatever he wants her to be, and you have let him go. So if something's going to happen between them, you cannot stop it, and you've got to accept it.

Pilar: Michael? Are you here?

Mike: Where have you been?

Pilar: Out for a walk. Oh, it's such a beautiful day, I couldn't resist.

Mike: But you said you could barely move. You said you were going to spend the whole day in bed.

Pilar: And then I felt better. Is there something wrong with that? I -- I thought you'd be happy.

Mike: I am. It's great. But do you honestly think you should be taking walks by yourself when you know there's somebody out there who'd made a threat against your life?

Pilar: I know I was taking a chance, but how long can I stay here like a prisoner?

Mike: Well, until that guy gets arrested.

Pilar: You're right. I won't do it again. Are you going to punish me?

[Mike laughs]

Mike: I'm acting like a warden, aren't I?

Pilar: You're acting like a good friend who cares about me. I'm very grateful for that, Michael. Please, don't stop.

Mike: I couldn't if I tried. All right, where'd you go?

Pilar: Into town. And guess who I saw in the courtyard near the old library?

Mike: Do I get a hint?

Pilar: My new shadow, Katie Frasier.

Mike: What happened?

Pilar: I had run into an old friend, someone I knew when I used to live here, and Katie practically crashed into me.

Mike: Well, she told me she was gonna stay away from you.

Pilar: She claimed it was a coincidence. But doesn't it seem strange, out of all the places in town --

Mike: Yes, it does. What did -- what did you say to her?

Pilar: I accused her of following me. She denied it, we had an argument. Anyway, it was enough to wipe me out for the rest of the day. I'm gonna go lie down.

Mike: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute, wait a minute. If all you wanted was air, why did you go all the way into town?

Pilar: I was curious. I wanted to see if anything had changed since I was in Oakdale before. There are a lot of new restaurants and stores.

Mike: If your boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend, would have been following you --

Pilar: He wouldnít.

Mike: How do you know?

Pilar: I would know. I would feel him watching me.

Mike: All right, something about this doesn't make sense.

Pilar: Look, I've already told you I won't take chances anymore.

Mike: You knew I'd be worried about you. You didn't leave a note.

Pilar: Well, it was a spur of the moment thing. I didn't stop to think.

Mike: You could have called me. You didn't do that. You could have left a message. It's like you didn't want me to find you.

Pilar: What?! Okay, maybe you should go lie down too, Michael, because I think you need to rest.

Mike: Huh-uh. You met a friend in town. Let me guess who it was.

Pilar: I've already told you, Michael.

Mike: It's that guy who's been threatening you, isn't it? Tell me the truth.

Carly: It was this idea that started to snowball in my mind. "Something bad happened to Rosanna." "Something very bad happened to Rosanna." And the more I thought about it, the crazier I got.

Rosanna: Well, you shouldn't worry, because I was fine.

Carly: Did you know that we went to St. Bart's?

Rosanna: No, I didn't know that. Who's "we?"

Carly: Uh, me, Paul and Lucy. Oh, actually, we told Lucy to stay home, but somehow she managed to show up down there.

Rosanna: Why?

Carly: Thank you. Well, to find you. What did you think, we were gonna forget all about you?

Rosanna: Look, I thought I made it clear, I would be back when I was ready to be back. I guess I should've called. I really didn't mean to cause so many problems.

Carly: No, it's okay. You're back, and you're safe, and that's all that matters.

Rosanna: Well, tell me about what's going on with you. How are the kids?

Carly: Don't change the subject. We're still on you. Did you know that Fairwinds was broken into?

Rosanna: Yes, I did, and I don't want to discuss it right now.

Carly: How?

Rosanna: The insurance company sent me an e-mail at my office, and the police said they were on top of it, so I'm not worrying about it.

Carly: That's when we started to get worried. The police found a business card with --

Rosanna: I don't want to talk about it, the silly details of this stupid robbery. I missed you.

Carly: You did?

Rosanna: Yes.

Carly: Then how come you didn't call me when you got back, first thing?

Rosanna: Oh, come on. Business, what else? I was just about to call you when you knocked on the door.

Carly: What difference does it make? You're back, and we are gonna pick up where we left off. How about dinner tonight? Parker will be so excited.

Rosanna: Oh, I would love to, but it's my first night back. I -- I need a little time to get organized.

Carly: Yeah, okay. Another time when you're ready.

Rosanna: Thanks. You know, no one really knows that I'm back yet. Um, how did you know where to find me?

Carly: Paul. Paul told me.

Rosanna: Did he tell you anything else?

Carly: I can't believe it. He was supposed to be your friend, and he was responsible for your baby being taken away from you.

Rosanna: I know. I wanted to kill him when I found out.

Carly: I did, too.

Rosanna: So what are you saying, that he -- he just went straight over to your house from here and told you what he did.

Carly: I guess so. He felt I should know.

Rosanna: I didn't know you two were that close?

Carly: Well, a few things have happened in the last few weeks.

Rosanna: Oh, really? Like what?

Carly: Can I trust you to keep a secret?

Rosanna: Of course.

Carly: Paul asked me to design a line for B.R.O.

Rosanna: What about Barbara?

Carly: She doesn't know.

Rosanna: I see. So the reason he went back to B.R.O. was to try to force Barbara out, and he's using you to do it.

Carly: This is really a wonderful opportunity for me. It's a chance for me to really make a name for myself.

Rosanna: Are you going to continue to work for B.R.O. Now that you know what he did to me?

Carly: I don't know. It's a huge decision.

Rosanna: Yes, it is. And there's a lot more riding on it than you realize.

Margo: Look at you. Look at you. You -- you promised Mike that you were going to stop harassing Pilar. And here it is, the very same day, and you're already -- you're already tracking her down.

Katie: That's not what I was doing.

Margo: Oh, you're going to tell me that it's purely a coincidence that you ran into her?

Katie: No, it was fate. She is plotting something, and I was sent there to stop her.

Margo: Look, I like Mike, and I am really sorry that you two haven't figured out a way to be together. But if he wants to be with Pilar --

Katie: This is not about my feelings for Mike!

Margo: Yes, it is. You told me that you still love him.

Katie: I do, more now than ever. And yes, that's why at first I was following Pilar and asking her all kinds of questions. But this is different.

Margo: How?

Katie: She has been lying to everyone, Margo. I can see it in her face, I can hear it in her voice, and I'm not going to let her hurt Mike, no matter what anyone says.

Pilar: I don't understand. I went for a walk, and you're treating me like a criminal.

Mike: Okay, you did not answer the question. Did you meet with the guy who threatened to kill you?

Pilar: Why would I do that?

Mike: You got me. But this much I know -- the guy you met isn't some friend from around here. Otherwise, you would have mentioned his name.

Pilar: You always could see right through me, Michael.

Mike: Why -- why did you meet with -- ? Did you think you could make a deal with this guy?

Pilar: Wait, wait, you're wrong. This man who threatened me, I would never allow myself to be alone with him.

Mike: Okay, then who'd you meet with?

Pilar: A friend who knows us both. He wanted to warn me that my ex-boyfriend had called him asking for my new address. He didn't give it to him, thank God, but he thought I should know.

Mike: Why couldn't he have told you that over the phone?

Pilar: I don't know. Maybe he wanted me to realize how serious it was.

Mike: Huh-uh. I'm not buying this.

Pilar: Why would I lie about this?

Mike: I -- I haven't figured that out yet, but you've been lying since you walked in that door, and it's gonna stop right now.

Paul: Well, I'll let you two get back to whatever it is that's going on here.

Jennifer: No, hey, no. Don't move. Tonight is a celebration of my interview with "Vogue." So you have to stay at least for one drink.

Paul: Where are you going?

Jennifer: To buy a bottle of champagne.

Paul: Jennifer, I don't think that's a good idea right now.

Jennifer: Why not? I'll put it on the company card.

Jordan: Wow, your sister is incredible.

Paul: Yes, she is. She's one in a million.

Jordan: Are you okay? You look a little --.

Paul: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jordan: Okay, well, then maybe you won't mind if I ask you a question. I was just wondering if there was something specific about why you started working with Barbara again. Because you once told the press that you were out of B.R.O. Forever, and I was just wondering --

Paul: You are an employee of my company. My reasons for anything are none of your business.

Jordan: I disagree. Everything about B.R.O. is very much my business.

Jack: Yep. Here's the tip-off. You said that Rosanna would never tell me why she called you. That told me two things. One, that she actually did call you, which up until now was a suspicion. And two, she called you to do something illegal.

De Grassi: Nice theory, Detective. Any way to prove it?

Jack: I got pictures of you and Rosanna in St. Bartís. Nah, nah, nah, nah. I also have proof that you sent a telegram to Paul Ryan, saying that Rosanna would be out of touch for awhile.

De Grassi: So? Even my dirt bag lawyer could blow that out --

Jack: I also know that you broke into Fairwinds using the security code that Rosanna wrote down for you on one of her business cards. And what you stole wasn't the most valuable stuff in the house. If you're not gonna tell me what happened, I'll tell you. Rosanna got in touch with you in St. Bart's and asked you to rob her house.

[De Grassi laughs]

De Grassi: Now why would she do that?

Jack: Oh, don't you worry, I'm working on it.

Cop #2: Hey John, can I see you in the back for a minute?

Cop #1: Yeah.

Cop #2: Come on.

Craig: Rosanna's at the Lakeview?

Rosanna: Do you ever ask yourself what your biggest regret is? Because mine is that I spent so much of my life without you in it.

Carly: Mine is that I wasn't sharper about what happened with Cabot that I didn't ask the right questions, that I couldn't somehow protect you from what happened.

Rosanna: That's okay. There's no way that you could have known. What's done is done. What is important now is where we go from here.

Carly: Right.

Rosanna: I love you very much, and I don't know what I would do if I wasn't able to talk to you or have you in my life every day.

Carly: Oh, sweetie, I'm not gonna go anywhere.

Rosanna: No, no, no, honey, it's not you who would walk away. Paul Ryan is my enemy, and I can't have my sister associated with him for whatever reason. So I'm going to give you a choice -- you give up working with Paul or you say good-bye to me forever.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

[Craig laughs]

Craig: Rosanna, you're safe!

Carly: We have a lot to discuss.

Katie: How can I convince you that this is not the jealousy thing? Not this time. This is serious, Margo. Mike could be in real trouble.

Paul: I did something to Rosanna. I made a terrible mistake.

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