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Katie: Okay, I really can't stay very long. I got phone calls to return and lots of errands to run.

Margo: Well, they can wait. Sit.

Katie: Why? What's wrong?

Margo: Oh, I don't know, Katie. Why don't you tell me?

Katie: Okay, if this is about last night --

Margo: You know what kind of trouble you should be in? Huh?

Katie: Okay, I got a little carried away --

Margo: A little carried away?! You stole Pilar Domingoís address book, then made a phone call pretending to be her.

Katie: Well, I had to. I was trying to tell everyone that Pilar was up to something, and everyone kept telling me to mind my own business. So, I had to take things into my own hands.

Margo: Well, if you could be just a tiny bit more specific, that might help. But when you make a blanket statement that she's up to something, what are we supposed to do about that?

Katie: She is up to something. I can feel it in my bones.

Margo: Well, your bones have nothing to do with this. This is about Mike, not Pilar. And the fact that his old girlfriend is back in town. And you're afraid that she's going to make a play for him and he's going to fall for it.

Katie: Margo, honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Margo: Yes, you do! You still have feelings for Mike, and you're going to deal with them today.

Mike: I'm gonna head out for awhile.

Pilar: Michael --

Mike: I'm sorry. Sorry, didn't mean to wake you. How're you feeling?

Pilar: Tired. My side -- the place where I was stabbed. It hurts so much more today.

Mike: Well, that's because you overdid it. You're not supposed to be moving around, you're supposed to be resting.

Pilar: I know. But when Katie stole my address book and I didn't know why -- I had to find out what was going on.

Mike: You don't have to worry about that anymore. Okay? Katie's not gonna bother you again. Is there anything I can get you while I'm out?

Pilar: I'm going to sleep for as long as I can. But thank you for asking. Without you, I don't --

Mike: Without me, you wouldn't have had Katie breathing down your neck. But anyway, you're welcome.

[Door slams]

Lily: It's the official inauguration of the Rose Foundation, John.

Dusty: Lot of good food and booze.

Lily: Yes, and influential people --

Dusty: We want to make sure that you're gonna be there.

John: And that's tomorrow night? Well, I'll have to check my schedule.

Lily: You can sit at my table, John.

Dusty: Yeah, it's only gonna cost you a thousand bucks. Couple thousand. You know?

John: That's what I figured. Do you have a second or two before you have to get back to work? There's something I'd like to talk to you about.

Lily: Okay, I have some things to do. I'll give you guys a few minutes. Excuse me.

Dusty: You don't like the Rose Foundation? You don't look excited.

John: You know, I think starting a foundation in Rose's name is a tremendous idea. My problem is that you're in charge of it.

Dusty: What do you mean?

John: I don't trust you. I don't think there's a lot of people in this town who do.

Jack: Carly? You home?

Carly: Hi.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Why didn't you wake me when you got home last night?

Jack: I tried, but you told me to go away.

Carly: I did? I don't even remember that.

Jack: You were pretty out of it. I guess you had a big day.

Carly: I guess -- so, how did New York go? Did you get any leads about Rosanna?

Jack: Craig and I found De Grassi, the guy who broke into Fairwinds.

Carly: That's wonderful!

Jack: Well, don't set off fireworks yet. We brought him in for questioning, but so far he's clammed up.

Carly: Do you think that he kidnapped her?

Jack: You know, before you ask me any more questions, I want you to answer one for me. Where were you yesterday, when I called to check in?

Carly: Didn't the babysitter tell you?

Jack: What she said was pretty sketchy. And it sounded like she was reading off a script.

Carly: Well -- I was with Paul.

Jack: Where?

Carly: In St. Bartís. Looking for Rosanna.

Jack: Oh, Carly, I told you to stay out of this!

Carly: I know, but --

Jack: But you didn't care, right?

Carly: That's not true. Paul and I --

Jack: I don't want to hear it! Listen! You and Paul are out of the investigation business for good. Do you understand me, Carly? Or do I have to arrest the two of you to prove it?

Jennifer: I mean, put yourself in Rosannaís shoes. You've come back to town after being gone for weeks on end. And the first thing that you hear is that people think you've been kidnapped. Wouldn't you react to that, Jordan? Or be a little bit concerned? Or maybe even feel guilty? She was totally blasť.

Jordan: Well, Rosanna Cabot is a heavy hitter in the business world. Those people aren't like the rest of us. They don't like anyone to ever see them sweat. About anything.

Jennifer: It's different. This has nothing to do with business. Rosanna has a family here. And to find out that they were frantic with fear -- I just never thought of Rosanna as the kind of person to take that lightly.

Paul: Why are you -- hi -- two talking about Rosanna? Do you have any idea where she is?

Jennifer: As a matter of fact, a few minutes ago she was sitting right here.

Rosanna: Thank you very much, great. Will you be at the desk for the rest of the day? Great. And you'll let me know when Jordan Sinclair heads up to his room? Great. Thank you so much. And one more thing, great. We never had this conversation. I appreciate your discretion. [Rosanna sighs

Carly: We never meant to go against you, Jack. Paul got the idea right after you left, for us to go to St. Bartís.

Jack: Well, that's convenient.

Carly: You couldn't be in two places at once! And we knew you had the New York situation covered, so we went to work on another front. And we thought that if we could get any clues about where Rosanna went from St. Bart's, then we could just pass them on to you.

Jack: Yeah, I had my cell phone. You could have called me to talk about this first.

Carly: There wasn't a lot of time, Jack. I didn't want to be away from the kids for too long. We had to get there and back in a day.

Jack: And you knew I'd blow a fuse if I found out about it!

Carly: Yeah, that's true. This is my sister we're talking about, Jack. I don't feel very comfortable just standing around doing nothing.

Jack: Finding Rosanna is my job, not yours. And I'm gonna do it, I promise. Whatever it takes, I'm gonna bring her home.

Carly: I can't lose her again, Jack. Not after everything we've been through.

Jack: I understand.

Carly: You do?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Carly: I think I'm just beginning to understand. I saw Lily fall apart after losing her sister and I was so grateful every day that I still had mine.

Jack: This De Grassi guy -- he's not a very nice person. Okay and I'm sure he's got friends. You could've been hurt. Do you realize that?

Carly: I wasn't, and neither were you. I guess it was a chance we had to take.

Jack: You know, you're not the only person who's grateful to have people in their lives. If anything ever happened to you -- I don't know what I would do.

Carly: Jack, nothing is going to happen to me.

Jack: That's what Rosanna thought, too. That's why I'm not cutting you a break about working on this case. Paul wants to go find Rosanna, let him go. All the more power to him. But Carly I need you here. So I can touch you and hold you and protect you. Even if you don't want me to.

Carly: All right. I will stay out of it from now on.

Jack: You know I love you, right?

Carly: I love you too, g-man.

Jennifer: Rosanna was sitting right here and Jordan recognized her.

Paul: She was just sitting here, having a drink, like it was any old day?

Jordan: Well, she seemed to be studying some papers. I only noticed because they spilled when --

Paul: Did she say where she's been?

Jordan: We didn't get into it.

Jennifer: And I told her that everyone was worried about her, and that the police even suspected she might've been kidnapped. Instead of being upset, she seemed -- annoyed.

Paul: Annoyed?

Jennifer: Yeah. Isn't that strange?

Paul: Maybe she was just tired.

Jordan: She looked pretty rested to me.

Jennifer: And I said that you and Lucy would be so relieved to find out that she was okay. And her response to that was, that she didn't ask anyone to worry.

Paul: That doesn't make any sense.

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Paul: To find Rosanna. Did she -- do you have any idea which way she was headed?

Jennifer: Well, she's staying here at the Lakeview.

Paul: I'll see you later.

Jordan: Wow, your brother must really miss her.

Jennifer: They're good friends.

Jordan: Yeah? Well, if they're such good buddies, why didn't Rosanna tell Paul she was back in town?

Jennifer: I don't know. Maybe she was about to.

Jordan: No. No. She wasnít.

Jennifer: How do you know?

Jordan: When you mentioned Paulís name -- Rosannaís whole expression changed. She didn't look happy.

Jennifer: So you noticed it, too. Okay. I'm now officially confused.

[Knock on door]

Rosanna: Just a minute. Hello, Paul.

Paul: You are here. I can't believe it. I can't believe you're really back.

Rosanna: I suppose Jennifer told you where I was.

Paul: Yeah, she did. And I was so relieved, I can't even tell you. I meant, when you stopped calling, I didn't know what to think. I meant -- you know, you promised me. You swore to me that you were gonna keep in touch.

Rosanna: Am I being accused of something? Because I'm beginning to feel a little like a teenager whose been out past her curfew.

Paul: No, I was just worried. I thought something terrible had happened. You look amazing. You look great. Everything okay?

Rosanna: Can't complain. And you?

Paul: Yeah. I'm really happy to see you.

Rosanna: Don't! No, donít. Don't touch me.

Katie: The minute I saw Pilar, I knew she didn't just drop in to see Mike out of the blue. She's in Oakdale for a reason. I'm just trying to find out what it is.

Margo: Katie, why? Why is this so important to you? Why do you have to break the law? Why do you have to put your life on the line for this? I meant, for some woman that you think might have an agenda?

Katie: Because -- because -- I don't know. If you don't understand by now, I don't know how to explain it to you. [Both sigh] Mike.

Mike: Is this why you asked me to come over?

Margo: Yeah, well, a lot has happened over the past few days. And I think you and Katie need some time together, alone.

Katie: You're not leaving, are you?

Margo: Yes, I am. Because I can't think of any other way for you and Mike to have some time together alone. Katie, please be honest with him, baby. Please, don't chicken out.

Katie: This wasn't my idea.

Mike: Mine, either.

Katie: So I guess we should just forget it?

Mike: Yeah, yeah.

Katie: Okay.

Mike: After you.

Katie: Thanks. Margo thinks that I'm spending all this time researching Pilar because I'm still in love with you. And I keep telling her that's not true, but she just doesn't believe me.

Mike: Then it's her problem. Right?

Katie: Right. I mean, she still treats me like a kid all the time. It's like I'm in junior high and your picture is pasted on my locker. And I'm freaking out because the new girl in the school is trying to get my boyfriend. But it's not -- the truth is -- well, the truth is --

Mike: Yes?

Katie: She's right. I still love you.

John: You know, in the old days, at least you would have the courtesy to give me a good argument.

[Dusty laughs]

John: So, when the silent treatment doesn't work, doesn't drive me off, you just turn your back and walk away?

Dusty: You don't trust me, John, what am I supposed to do? Get down on my knees and beg for it? I hope you know me better than that.

John: You don't even want to defend yourself?

Dusty: Not to you. No.

John: Why not?

Dusty: You were like a father to me, John. What happened? I -- I thought you knew me.

John: I thought I did, too. But since you've been back -- how do I put this? Devoting the rest of your life to charity? Somehow that doesn't suit you.

Dusty: Oh, how's honoring the woman I loved the bad thing?

John: Are you sure that's all you're doing?

Dusty: I see. You think that I'm running a scam. Let me tell you something, doc. Many people are very impressed by your judgments in this town, but I'm tired of it. I've had enough of your games..

John: And I've had enough of yours. When you first came back here, I was hoping that we might spend a little time together. But weeks go by and I don't hear a word from you.

Dusty: And this means I'm using the foundation as a front? Where's the connection?

John: No.

Dusty: Where's the connection?!

John: No. You know that I would ask questions, don't you? So you just stay away.

Dusty: No, no. I was shady when I came back to this town. I'll give you that. But I'm straight now. And this foundation is clean, and it's going to stay that way.

John: Well, I'd like to believe you.

Lily: You should believe him, John. And you should be proud of him. Because Dusty has changed.

Paul: Rosanna, what's wrong? I just wanted to welcome you back, give you a hug --

Rosanna: I have a cold. I don't want to get you sick. Why don't you come in? We have much to discuss.

Paul: Is there a problem?

Rosanna: I don't know. What kind of problem could there be?

Paul: I don't think you understand what it's been like here. And now you seem upset at me for wondering why you just fell off the map.

Rosanna: Well, I sent you a telegram. Are you saying that that wasn't enough?

Paul: No, no, the telegram was great. Except that you didn't send it.

Rosanna: I -- I'm sorry. What are you getting at?

Paul: Some guy named De Grassi sent the telegram. A guy, who, according to Jack, is some kind of a career criminal.

Rosanna: You showed my telegram to Jack?

Paul: Well, Jack was with me when I got it. And something about the timing of it all that made him feel --

Rosanna: Even so, you have no right investigating my private affairs.

Paul: I was scared to death. I mean, you stop calling, and then I get a telegram from some con with a rap sheet -- and everything's cool? What would you have done? You really -- you should've let me know what was going on.

Rosanna: I beg your pardon?

Paul: There are a lot of people here who care about you. You can't just go underground and expect us not to worry about what happened.

Rosanna: I can do whatever I like.

Paul: This isn't about your independence. Okay? This is about the fact that what you did really wasn't fair.

Rosanna: Wasn't fair. Are you trying to tell me that fairness is a quality that's important to you, Paul? Because honestly, I had no idea.

Paul: Okay, let me start over --

Rosanna: No, no, I don't think that we should start over. How dare you come in here, and feign concern for me when we both know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Paul: What are you talking about? I'm your friend.

Rosanna: You are not my friend. You are my enemy!

Paul: Why? What'd I do?

Rosanna: You had Cabot taken away from me. You called the police; you told them where he was. It was you all along!

Katie: You know, it felt really good to say that. It always does. Saying "I love you" is kind of like a gift that goes both ways I guess. I love you, Mike. And this whole thing that's going on between you and Pilar is making me so crazy and so jealous that I can't think straight. There, you happy?

Mike: I -- I don't know how to answer that. You haven't said anything about Simon. You're still in love with him. You have no right to be jealous of Pilar or anyone else.

Katie: Well, I wasn't talking about rights. I was just telling you how I feel.

Mike: I kind of wish you'd cut it out.

Katie: Why?

Mike: Because I love you, you know? You love me, too. But we're never gonna be together. You know, what's the point of making ourselves miserable?

Katie: I guess there is none.

Mike: Right. Look, all I want now is just -- just for you to stop forcing your way into Pilarís life. And just -- just leave her alone, and everything'll be fine.

Katie: Okay. I -- it will never happen again.

Mike: Good. Uh, look, I gotta -- I gotta get back. Pilar's had kind of a relapse.

Katie: What do you mean?

Mike: She's -- she's in a lot of pain. She's gonna be in bed all day, and I don't want to leave her alone too long.

Katie: Right. I understand.

Mike: Thank you for being honest.

Katie: You, too.

Jennifer: Of course we're not going to abandon our past. B.R.O. has such a strong tradition of elegance, and we definitely plan on bringing that into the new line. But at the same time, we want to establish a new set of traditions for the future.

Reporter: A younger look, more suited for today's woman?

Jennifer: Well, one thing we don't want to do is chase down the trends of the minute. We won't ask the consumer what she thinks we should design. We'll show her what looks good on her.

Reporter: Thanks so much.

Jennifer: You're welcome.

Reporter: Good luck with the new line. I think it'll be a smash.

Jennifer: Oh, let's hope so.

Reporter: Well, it was a pleasure meeting the both of you.

Jordan: It's nice to meet you.

Jennifer: Oh, that was exhausting.

Jordan: You know, you could've fooled me.

Jennifer: Oh, are you kidding? I couldn't have done this without you.

Jordan: Oh, we both know that that's not true.

Jennifer: You were my coach. You prepped me for every single question that she asked.

Jordan: Okay, I'll take partial credit. But we -- we do work well together.

Jennifer: Better and better. Well, I'll see you at the office.

Jordan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. That's not how it's done.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Jordan: You've scored big with one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world. We should be celebrating.

Jennifer: I thought you never stopped working.

Jordan: I donít. But in this case, I will make an exception.

Jennifer: Oh, I would like nothing more than just to drop everything and have an entire night filled with fun. But I'm -- I'm really worried about Paul. I was thinking about going over to his place.

Jordan: Well, he's probably with Rosanna right now, wouldn't you think?

Jennifer: I hope so. Just, the whole thing with her is so strange. I just want to make sure that they're okay.

Jordan: Okay, is your cell phone charged?

Jennifer: Of course.

Jordan: Bring it with you tonight. If Paul needs you and calls you suddenly, I will run you right over, okay?

Jennifer: Okay. So where do we go from here? Do you pick me up in a horse-drawn carriage?

Jordan: Yeah -- yeah, sure, I could do that. Or you could meet me back here in 45 minutes, and we could talk about our game plan.

Jennifer: That sounds even better. Carriages can get a little drafty.

Jordan: Yeah. So I'll see you later then, okay?

Jack: Carly --

Carly: Hmm?

Jack: I gotta get some lunch.

Carly: Why don't you trot yourself into the kitchen and put something in the microwave for me, too.

Jack: Time me.

Carly: Or we could just wait until Sage is old enough to do it for us.

Jack: I wish I could, but I gotta get down to the station and start turning up the heat on De Grassi.

Carly: Well, let me know if you -- Jack, there's -- there's something that I forgot to tell you.

Jack: Tell me what?

Carly: When we were in St. Bart's, we found De Grassi's phone number in Rosannaís handwriting on the back of an envelope.

Jack: Did you find out if Rosanna called him?

Carly: We tried to get the records from her calls while she was at the hotel, but the manager wouldn't give them to us.

Jack: Okay, I gotta go.

Carly: Well, maybe this guy De Grassi didn't kidnap her, right? Maybe -- maybe she's the one who called him.

Jack: Maybe, maybe not. But whatever -- whatever happened down there, I'm gonna get to the bottom of it today.

Carly: What if he still won't talk?

Jack: Then I'll call the hotel myself, see if they'll release the records to me. Don't get encouraged by this, okay? You're still -- you're still off this case.

Carly: I know. All I want is for you to find her.

Jack: You and me both.

Carly: Hey, what about lunch?

Jack: I'll eat it for dinner.

Paul: I -- I don't know who you've been talking to, but --

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: I have it documented. You contacted the Canadians. You cost me my son! Go ahead! Please, try to deny it! At this point, I would expect nothing less of you!

Paul: Yeah -- yes. I called the Canadian authorities, and I gave them Craigís name. But they already knew all -- all about Cabot. I mean, it was only a matter of time before they were gonna come get him anyway.

Rosanna: How could you do that? How could you do that to me?

Paul: I'm sorry.

Rosanna: Don't -- don't touch me! I could really hurt you right now!

Paul: Okay. Go ahead. I won't do anything to stop you.

Rosanna: You know what? You're not worth it.

Paul: What I started to tell you before is true. The Canadian police, they already knew all about Cabot. They were gonna come get him anyway. All I did was make things happen a little quicker.

Rosanna: Is this supposed to be a comfort to me?! Are you expecting me to thank you?!

Paul: No, I'm just trying to show you that --

Rosanna: That what, "so I'm not such a bad guy after all"?!

Paul: It was wrong. I was wrong. What I did was wrong.

Rosanna: Look at me. Look at me. Look at me! When you were accused of murder and everybody thought that you had killed Rose, who put up your bail to the tune of $1 million?

Paul: That was you.

Rosanna: Who stood by your side? Who held your hand? Who defended you to anybody who would listen? And this is how you repay me?! You cost me my son!

Paul: It wasn't about you.

Rosanna: It wasn't about me?! Of course it's about me! This is gonna be about me for the rest of my life!

Paul: Craig tried to set me up! He -- he paid Mitzi to go to the police and lie so that they would arrest me for poisoning Rose! And then when -- when he hurt you -- I think you can understand why I wanted to get back at Craig!

Rosanna: Oh! So do you feel better now? Do you feel like a winner, now that you tore my family apart?

Paul: I -- I -- I wasn't thinking about how it would make you feel. And I wasn't thinking about all of the suffering that I -- for that, I'm sorry.

Rosanna: You're sorry? You pretended to grieve with me. When I had to give Cabot back, you held me. And all that time, you knew you were the one that caused me all that pain. It's disgusting. I don't know how you can live with yourself.

Paul: I tried to make it up to you. I did. I took you and Cabot away. I would have stayed with you.

Rosanna: What are you talking about?! There's no way you can make it up to me! There's no trade-off for losing your son!

Paul: You're right. I only hope --

Rosanna: What?

Paul: -- That someday you can forgive me.

Rosanna: Oh. You know what? I'm done forgiving people, and I am done with you.

Katie: I told Mike I was still in love with him and that the only reason I was researching Pilar is that I was jealous she was back.

Margo: Yeah, well, how'd he take it?

Katie: Like Mike. He thanked me for being so honest. Can you believe that?

Margo: Oh, baby.

Katie: And then he asked me if I was still in love with Simon, and -- when I didn't come up with an answer right away -- I guess we just decided to leave it at that, you know? And then he asked me to stop bothering Pilar, and I promised I would.

Margo: Well, that's -- that's progress.

Katie: Now I just have to figure out a way to stop loving him and stop being jealous of every woman that crosses his path.

Margo: The only cure for that, baby, is -- is time. You're not gonna solve that in one day.

Katie: Yeah.

Margo: Hey, but are you hungry? We could go out and get a cheeseburger. I'll buy you lunch?

Katie: I just -- I think I kind of want to be alone.

Margo: Yeah. Okay. Well, there's turkey in the refrigerator if you want to --

Katie: I think I'm gonna -- I'm gonna take a walk. It's a beautiful day, and maybe I'll figure out what comes next.

Margo: Well, call me.

Katie: I'm okay, Margo. Don't worry about me.

Margo: How can I not worry about you? You're so sad.

Katie: Well, at least one good thing came out of today. I can stop obsessing about Pilar Domingo.

Pilar: Make it fast.

Russ: You have to be so unfriendly?

Pilar: I wanted to handle this on the phone, Russ. You insisted we meet here. This is what you get.

Russ: Okay, okay, just tell me what is going on.

Pilar: We're right on schedule. Just be patient, and everything will work out fine.

Lily: I know dusty has given you plenty of reason to doubt him since he came back to Oakdale. And believe me, I've had many reasons to doubt him myself. But I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt from you, john -- especially you.

John: Fine. I have to get back to work now.

Lily: Okay, let me just -- Dusty loved Rose.

John: Yes, and we all know how that started.

Lily: Right. Barbara paid dusty to break up Paul and Rose. But he did love her. That doesn't stop now that she's gone, and he would never do anything in her memory that wasn't 100% honest.

John: Look, I'm not accusing Dustin of anything. I just want to make sure that he's headed in the right direction, okay? If you've changed, fine. But I don't think so.

[Dusty laughs]

Dusty: If I've changed?! Take a look around you, John. You're standing in it. This club's a success. I'm the reason why.

John: And just a few months ago, it was being used as a front for illegal gambling. Now, was that part of the change, or did he just make the mistake of getting caught? Look, maybe I've overstated my case, but I don't think so. I wish you luck with the foundation.

Dusty: You makin' a donation?

John: I'll think about it.

Rose: Oh, yeah.

Dusty: You didn't have to do that, you know? I could have handled that myself.

Lily: Hey, not while I'm around.

Paul: I know that at this point that my excuses are meaningless.

Rosanna: Yeah, so why are you still here? I'd like you to leave now, please. And don't contact me again ever. I really have nothing to say to you.

Paul: There is something that I have to say to you.

Rosanna: Well, other than good-bye, I can't imagine what it is.

Paul: I hate what I did, but as bad as it was, it is not the reason that you're in this position. The responsibility for that falls directly on Craig.

Rosanna: Yes, but there is a difference. Craig, as warped as he is, wanted to give me something. He knew I had a dream to have a child, and he did everything in his power to make that happen. His methods, per usual, were appalling, but his intention was good.

Paul: I cannot believe that you are gonna defend this guy.

Rosanna: I'm not defending him. I despise him. But his sins pale in comparison to yours.

Paul: He took a baby away from its mother.

Rosanna: Yes, but so did you. And you were driven by cruelty and revenge. You didn't care that you were destroying a family.

Paul: I didn't -- I didn't think! If I had known that -- Rosanna, you have to understand, I would have found another way.

Rosanna: You know what? I don't want to listen to you. There's no way that you can talk your way out of this.

Paul: I'm not trying to talk my way --

Rosanna: Get out of my room! I don't want to see you! I don't want to talk to you again, ever!

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings] Hello? Mr. Sinclair is on his way to his room? Thank you very much, great. His timing couldn't be better.

Lily: Oh, thank you.

Dusty: Not like I didn't enjoy watching you and john duke it out, but --

Lily: Oh, please.

Dusty: I could've handled him myself.

Lily: Oh, that is not the point. I'm not just going to stand by and let him insult you like that. No way. Have you forgotten what it's like to have a friend?

Dusty: You know, the guys I hung out with in Chicago, the girls, too, everybody was just looking out for themselves, you know? So I guess I -- it rubbed off on me more than I thought.

Lily: Those days are gone. This isn't Chicago, and I hope that you know if you need a friend to turn to, you know where to look.

Dusty: Yeah, I do.

Lily: Yeah, I've got a -- I've got a thing. I gotta -- I gotta go drum up some contributors.

Mike: I've got some good news. Pilar?

Pilar: Is there anything else? I want to get out of here.

Russ: Yeah. Is there anything to do in this town? Sitting around all day puts me in a bad mood.

Pilar: I don't have time to be your social director. I have to get back to the cottage so mike doesn't realize I went out.

Russ: Fine, I'll be in touch.

Pilar: I'm sorry, I didn't see you.

Katie: Pilar? What are you doing out of bed?

Carly: Hi! Come on in. Everything okay?

Paul: Rosanna's back.

Carly: I wasn't expecting you.

Paul: I thought you should know.

Carly: What?!

Paul: She's at the Lakeview. I just -- I saw her there.

Carly: Is she all right? Is she hurt? What?

Paul: No, she's not hurt.

Carly: Well, how long has she been there? I can't believe she didn't call me. Does she have any idea what she put us through?

Paul: I don't think she has any idea, no.

Carly: Why hasn't she been in touch?

Paul: I think you're gonna have to ask her that yourself, Carly.

Carly: Why? Is -- is there something wrong, Paul? If there's something wrong, you should tell me.

Paul: She's safe and sound, if that's what you're worried about, but things have changed since Rosanna got back. A lot has changed. Rosanna and I aren't going to be friends anymore.

Carly: What happened?

Paul: She's very angry at me. And after I tell you what I've done, you're going to feel pretty much the same way.

Rosanna: Oh. Well, hello again. Um, wait, wait, wait. Don't tell me.

Jordan: Jordan. Sinclair.

Rosanna: Right, right. Um, well, are you visiting someone on this floor?

Jordan: Um, no. Actually, I -- I live right there.

Rosanna: Well, what a coincidence. Looks like we're gonna be neighbors.

On the next "As the World Turns"--

Paul: I knew that the Canadian authorities were investigating Cabotís adoption, so I called them. I was the one who told them where he was.

Carly: It was you?

Rosanna: I don't know you really well, but since you're working at B.R.O. --

Jordan: Yes?

Rosanna: I have to warn you, Paul Ryan is not the man he pretends to be.

Pilar: You've been suspicious of me since the minute I arrived in Oakdale.

Katie: Well, maybe you gave me something to be suspicious about.

Pilar: Well, it's got to stop.

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