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Barbara: Oh! [Laughs] My favorite! Well, that looks yummy. So, tell me again.

Jordan: PR sent me a memo saying, and I quote, "people are moved and excited at Barbara's triumphant return." You did it.

Barbara: I had a lot of help. So what's next?

Jordan: You. All the majors want an interview.

Barbara: With me?

Jordan: With the original Barbara Ryan.

Barbara: Before the line is debuted?

Jordan: The line is spectacular.

Barbara: Oh, thank you so much for your vote of confidence. But I have so many ideas up here that I still have to get on the runway.

Jordan: And you'll do it. What's to stop you? Ah, champagne?

Jennifer: What are we celebrating?

Barbara: Hello, darling.

Jordan: We are celebrating your mother. She has a major interview tomorrow morning.

Barbara: Tomorrow?!

Jordan: If we want you on the newsstands by May, you have to talk to these people now.

Barbara: Well, Jordan, I'm afraid that's not going to be possible for tomorrow.

Paul: Don't do -- we need those.

Carly: My sister is missing --

Paul: And those records could help us track her down.

Manager: I'm terribly sorry, sir, but unless you or one of the ladies is in law enforcement and can show me proper identification -- I cannot give you any more information about Rosanna Cabot's stay at the L'Empire Hotel. Now if you'll excuse me --

Paul: Wait. Hold on, hold on. I'm sure we can work out some kind of arrangement. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were so attractive. Listen, all I'm gonna ask you to do is just -- kind of turn around and walk away.

Manager: Do I have to call security?

Paul: My friend's life is at stake.

Carly: Paul --

Paul: This is ridiculous.

Carly: Thank you so much, for your time -- you've been a delight.

Lucy: We need those phone records. We can find out who Rosanna called before she left.

Carly: Yes, I know it would help. But, being thrown in jail in a foreign country would certainly not help.

Lucy: But what do you suggest we do?

Carly: We're going to keep cool -- and we're going to use our heads. Now, the manager for some reason, is immune to cash. But I really doubt the desk clerk is.

Paul: Which way did he go?

Lucy: I think he went that way.

Manager: Yes, get me an outside line. I need to make a call to the States.

Jack: That's definitely De-Grassi. I recognize him from the security photos.

De-Grassi: Lev. How are you?

Lev: I'll survive. That for me?

De-Grassi: I've got a few more things from my uncle's estate.

Craig: That's my stuff, Jack.

Jack: Good. Grounds for arrest.

Craig: What're you waiting for?

Jack: The sale. I'm waiting for him to ask for a price.

Lev: Your uncle's got good taste. How much you want?

De-Grassi: Make me an offer.

[Phone rings]

De-Grassi: Yeah.

Manager: We have a problem. There were some people here from the States asking about Rosanna Cabot.

De-Grassi: My uncle changed his mind.

Lev: I thought he was dead.

De-Grassi: He is.

Craig: Jack, what's going on?

Jack: They're negotiating.

Craig: He's leaving.

Jack: Would you keep your voice down, please?

Craig: If we lose him, it's on your fat head.

Lev: I'll give you $1,500 for the lot.

De-Grassi: Not today. But thanks for the appraisal, Lev.

Jack: Damn it.

Craig: What?

Jack: Obviously, someone tipped him off with the phone call.

Craig: De-Grassi, freeze.

De-Grassi: Whoa. Hey, I don't see a badge, there, rookie.

Jack: 'Cause he's a civilian. I'm the cop. Which makes you? Busted.

Jessica: Hey, sweetie, sorry I'm late.

Ben: That's all right.

Jessica: The stores were crazy.

Ben: Yeah. Big sale?

Jessica: Not really. Just a lot of people with time on their hands, I guess. I guess I'm just not used to shopping during a weekday.

Ben: Yeah, well, it's only temporary. You'll be back to work in a couple of weeks. And you'll be wishing you had a day off.

Jessica: Hope so.

Ben: What's in the bag?

Jessica: Oh, nothing, really.

Ben: Well, wait, you don't want me --

Jessica: Ben!

Ben: If it's lingerie, I can think of a thing or two to do with those empty afternoons -- this isn't for you.

Jessica: It's for Sarah.

Sarah: Hey, wait a second! That's mine. Unless, of course, you want to smell like mango.

Casey: I'll pass.

Margo: Ah, Case -- you all set there?

Casey: Yeah, but I still don't see why I have to move all my things from the upstairs bathroom.

Margo: Because I said so. And because our house guest is a young lady. And young ladies like their privacy.

Casey: No, what they like is to hog up all the hot water. I mean, do you know how long she was in the shower? 45 minutes.

Margo: Why do you know how long she was in the shower?

Casey: 'Cause I could smell her shampoo all over the house.

Margo: Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey?

Casey: Yeah?

Margo: I have to get to the station now.

Casey: You told me.

Margo: And your father is at the office now.

Casey: So?

Margo: So I think that we should lay a few ground rules --

Casey: Like, no microwaving the dog or putting Adam's CDs on eBay?

Margo: Like, you stay out of Sarah's bedroom and Sarah stays out of your bedroom.

Casey: Gross. Mom, you're so off base.

Margo: Good. Good. Let's just keep it that way.

Casey: You know, we're friends. Not even.

Margo: I'm glad. I'm glad. Okay, so -- next subject, then. Dinner. If you guys get hungry, why don't you order a pizza. And order enough for your dad and me, okay?

Casey: Half pepperoni, half eggplant?

Margo: Eggplant? No, no. I've got my phone on.

Sarah: Was that your mom just leaving?

Casey: Yeah.

Sarah: So it's just us?

Casey: Yeah, it is.

Jordan: Do you know what happened to the last person who kept Anna Wintour waiting?

Jennifer: I'm afraid to ask.

Jordan: You ever heard of Isabella Bing?

Jennifer: No.

Jordan: Exactly. You do not cancel on Vogue. It's just not done. They have eight pages to showcase the line, Barbara --

Barbara: Okay, okay. I will handle it. I will juggle things. If you don't mind, I'm going to say hello to a friend over there. Okay? Excuse me. Be right back. Hi.

Walker: Hi.

Barbara: Nice to see you, and actually see you. You were very kind to me the other day.

Walker: Well, I can see you're feeling much better.

Barbara: Yes, I am. Thanks to you.

Walker: Listen, I spoke with one of my colleagues. I didn't mention your name. But he recommended an excellent neurologist in Chicago.

Barbara: Well, Walker, that's not going to be necessary.

Walker: Well, you've found a doctor you like?

Barbara: It's just that I think you were absolutely right. You see, it was all stress-related. And I just had a hysterical reaction to a little eye-tiredness, you know.

Walker: Listen, Barbara, I'm glad that you're feeling better, but your symptoms, they warrant --

Barbara: My symptoms are gone.

Walker: Then that's what you'll tell the doctor. That your eyesight is inconsistent.

Barbara: Yes, it is. And it's much better. And if you want proof, I'll go at great length at what devastating dimples that you have. Of course, I'm sure I'm not the first woman to tell you that.

Walker: Well, I can see why you're so successful.

Barbara: Thank you. You're a good friend.

Lucy: I could have sworn he went towards the pool.

Paul: It's not your fault, Lucy.

Carly: She got to him. The manager. Ronald Putney has been shipped off to man some other desk at one of their other properties.

Paul: But why? What is the manager hiding?

Carly: Maybe nothing. Rosanna can be pretty forceful, when it comes to protecting her privacy.

Lucy: What do you mean by that?

Carly: What I'm saying, Lucy, is that the manager's attitude -- it doesn't have to have something to do with Rosanna's disappearance. It's possible that while Rosanna was here, because she wanted to keep her distance from your father, she made an issue about nobody saying anything or giving anybody any information. Maybe the manager was just following instructions.

Paul: This is a dead end. There's nothing to be gained here anymore. We should just head back to Oakdale --

Carly: De-Grassi is from Miami, right?

Paul: The phone number had a Miami area code.

Carly: Maybe he took her there.

Paul: I think it's more important to figure out why she called De-Grassi at all. I mean, the guy's a thief. What business did Rosanna have calling a thief?

Carly: But you're assuming that she contacted him. Maybe she was the mark. A wealthy woman, traveling alone, he thought that he would cozy up to her --

Paul: But the security codes for Fairwinds were in her handwriting. Which means she volunteered them. Why? Why? Why would Rosanna hire a thug like De-Grassi to break into a place that she used to call home?

Lucy: She wouldn't. She loved Fairwinds. She was happy there. Now, I know she was angry at my father, but she would never do anything that would put me in danger. Not willingly. I think Carly's right. I think he's got her somewhere. If she's still alive --

Carly: Oh, of course she's still alive.

Paul: Hey, you know, the video surveillance from the hotel showed De-Grassi leaving with Rosanna. Rosanna was willingly going.

Carly: Yeah. For all we know, they could be skiing.

Paul: You know what? Let's head back to Oakdale. We'll find out what your dad found out and Jack found out in New York. Okay? Come on.

Carly: Rosanna, you better be okay.

Craig: Where is she?

De-Grassi: She's nice, but I haven't met her.

Craig: You're lying.

Jack: Now, take it easy, chieftain. Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy. He's a thief, of course he's lying. The question is, is he stupid? We know who you are, De-Grassi. We've seen photos of you and Rosanna Cabot at the airport in St. Barts. We know you sent a telegram to Paul Ryan in Rosanna Cabot's name. And you paid a little visit to Ms. Cabot's house in Oakdale. The maid I.D.'d your photo. So we've got you for assault, robbery, possession of stolen goods, transportation of said goods across state lines. That's a dime right there. And we haven't even looked into your outstanding warrants. You're cooked, my friend. Unless you tell us where we can find Ms. Cabot.

De-Grassi: I still haven't seen a badge.

Jack: Oh, you want to see a badge? Here.

De-Grassi: You're not NYPD. You're from Oakdale, which means you've got no juice here. Officer.

Ben: So why didn't you want me to know that you bought a present for Sarah?

Jessica: I don't know. Um, it felt uncomfortable, I guess. I mean, I don't want her to get the wrong idea. I don't want her to think I'm trying to bribe her. She's a motherless child, Ben, and I just -- I guess I just never stop feeling awkward with her, when I hugged her or -- I mean, Bonnie filled that void for her. Bonnie was always spontaneous with her affection and her support.

Ben: And we have been providing her --

Jessica: A home. I know. I know, but a home is not just a roof over your head and food to eat. You know? A home is love. And I guess I just felt like I couldn't risk it, you know, because of the way she came into our lives.

Ben: Because she's Marshall's daughter. Jess, you are a warm and very loving woman. Now, to somebody else, it may have looked like a legal maneuver, you getting the judge to give Sarah to Tom and Margo. But to me, I know that you did it because you care about the girl.

Jessica: I just don't want her to slip through the cracks.

Ben: Well, have you heard from the judge?

Jessica: Not yet.

Ben: Aren't they supposed to be interviewing us or some kind of something? Walker! Walker has a patient he needs to refer. It won't take a second.

Jessica: Oh, no problem. I'm glad one of us has a job.

Walker: Hey, you two.

Jessica: Hey, there. Nice to see you.

Ben: Pull up a seat.

Walker: And horn in on a quiet moment? It's not my style.

Jessica: Well, I thought you had a patient you needed to discuss.

Walker: It's not an issue.

Ben: Hmm. Really? What happened? The symptoms sounded serious.

Jessica: You know, I'm going to let you gentlemen have your doctor chat. I'm going to be gone about an half an hour, okay?

Ben: Okay.

Jessica: Wish me luck. Take care.

Casey: You're watching that?

Sarah: No, I'm listening to that.

Casey: And you're drawing a picture of your foot.

Sarah: It's homework, okay? It's for my art class.

Casey: Yeah, but I thought you were supposed to be drawing a picture of still life.

Sarah: Does it look like I'm moving it? So what are we -- what are we gonna do about dinner?

Casey: Pizza.

Sarah: I had pizza for lunch already.

Casey: Is that my fault?

Chef: What's on the menu?

Mm, pepper-crusted lamb chops.

Sarah: Let's go to his house.

Chef: And all in just 30 minutes.

Casey: We've got lamb chops in the fridge.

Chef: The recipe's online.

So download and we'll be right back.

Sarah: We'll do dinner and a movie.

Casey: You mean you actually want to cook? With me?

Sarah: I actually want to eat something beside pizza with you. And your parents. And prove to them that we're -- I don't know.

Casey: Worthy?

Sarah: Yeah, or something.

Casey: Okay. You watch him, and I'll download it. But then I'll show you where the stuff is, okay?

Sarah: What stuff?

Casey: Well, we need stuff to cook, don't we? I mean, pots, pans, salt and pepper, a fire extinguisher.

Paul: You know, I think the younger demographic is really going to like that.

Carly: Yeah. Well, they're wearing stuff like this anyway. But with these changes, they can even wear it to the office, or out at night with different shoes. I wish --

Paul: About what? You wish what?

Carly: This is very hard on Lucy. She's very attached to Rosanna.

Paul: I know. She pretends to be all grown up, but she's really just a little girl.

Carly: Do you just tune me out when I speak to you about her? She is not a little girl, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, I'm just saying --

Carly: I know -- I know what you mean, that she's frightened and that she's feeling alone. But trust me on this. That is a young woman sitting down there.

Paul: Okay, we've been through this already, Carly. Lucy and I are just friends, that's all.

Carly: I know.

Paul: Besides, Lucy is the least of my worries.

[Lucy dreaming]

Lucy: Paul? Carly? Where is everyone?

Daddy? Daddy, where are you going?

Daddy! What are you doing?

Daddy! Daddy, no!

Rosanna! Rosanna, thank God.

You got Cabot back.

Don't -- don't go near the door!

Daddy just fell or - or he jumped or --

Rosanna, no!

Come back, Rosanna!

Rosanna, no!

Why is this happening?!

No, no!

[Lucy sobs]

Carly, Paul.

Paul, wait for me!

Wait for me.

Don't leave, I'm coming with you.

Don't leave me here.

Don't leave, I'm coming.

Don't leave me here!

[Lucy sobs]

Don't leave me!

I don't know how to fly a plane.

Please, just wait for me.

I'll go with you.



Don't leave me here!

Don't leave me. Don't leave me. No!

Paul: Lucy? Hey, wake up. Lucy, you're having a dream. It's okay.

Lucy: Don't leave me, Paul. Please don't leave me.

Paul: Oh, it's okay. You're just dreaming. It's all right.

Lucy: It was so real.

Craig: Jack, he knows where Rosanna is. We can't let him leave.

De-Grassi: Sorry, pal. Your friend here has no jurisdiction.

Jack: Wait, you know something, De-Grassi? You know something? You're right. Nothing I can do. But Lev here can dial Detective McCall down at the NYPD and ask him to send me backup, seeing that we have a known felon on the premises. Right, Lev?

De-Grassi: Not for long.

Jack: You are not going anywhere. You hear me?

De-Grassi: Come on. Play nice.

Jack: As you stated before, I'm out of my jurisdiction, remember? I can drag you into the alley. Hey, Lev, you got an alley? What am I talking about? This is New York, right? They got alleys, basements, dumpsters.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: A lot of senseless violence.

De-Grassi: You can't do this.

Jack: Watch me. If I were you, I'd talk, De-Grassi. My friend seems to be warmed up.

Craig: Where's my wife?

De-Grassi: You hit me with that thing, you'll pay.

Jack: No, if he hits you with that thing, and you'll die, or close enough. It's up to you.


[Man] Room service.

Casey: Hey, Mrs. Harris.

Jessica: Hi, Casey.

Casey: My parents aren't home. You want me to tell them you stopped by?

Jessica: Actually, I came by to see Sarah.

Casey: Cool.

Jessica: Hi. What's the matter? What's wrong?

Sarah: No, nothing --

Jessica: Casey, what's wrong? What's going on?

Sarah: Nothing. It's nothing! It's the onions.

Jessica: Oh.

Sarah: I told you this would happen.

Casey: So I'll cut them next time.

Jessica: So you're cooking?

Casey: Yeah. We thought we'd make dinner for the folks.

Sarah: We -- we were watching this cooking show, and we downloaded the recipe from the internet. Casey, you can finish these, and I'll go start on the tomatoes.

Jessica: Sarah, have you heard from the judge yet?

Sarah: No, but I just got here. What's in the bag?

Jessica: Oh. This is something I picked up for you. I hope you like it. What? You don't like it, I guess.

Sarah: No, it's great. It's just that Casey's grandmother already got it for me, so --

De-Grassi: You lost your wife. That's rough, I sympathize. I just can't help you.

Craig: Where is she? Where is she?

Jack: Craig -- Craig, back off!

De-Grassi: You need to control your boy.

Jack: Now, that was from my wife. Rosanna Cabot is her sister, so this is personal. If I were you, I'd give it up.

[De-Grassi laughs]

De-Grassi: You two. You have no idea who you're up against.

Waiter: Bourbon, rocks, and the executive suite will be ready momentarily. The concierge sends his apologies. Very good, madam.

Paul: So what was your dream?

Lucy: It's stupid.

Paul: It can't be stupid if it scared you that much.

Lucy: I was just -- all alone. I was on the plane, and everybody left me.

Paul: You're not alone, Lucy. You know that, right?

Lucy: I was just so sure we were gonna find Rosanna, that she would be somewhere on that island, but if she's missing --

Paul: Hey, you know -- you know what? She's probably not missing. You know, it's possible that for whatever reason, she wanted to make herself scarce for a week or two.

Lucy: Paul, she wasn't just my stepmother, she was my friend. I know her. She wouldn't stay away this long. It doesn't make sense. She wouldn't get involved with this guy, De-Grassi, unless something's really happened to her.

Paul: Okay, stop, all right? Don't even think like that. Hey, come here. Come on. You know, thinking like that isn't going to help you. It's certainly not going to help Rosanna.

Lucy: I don't know what I would do without you, Paul. I really don't.

Jessica: Oh, careful with that, sweetie --

Sarah: I got it.

Casey: Did you test it first?

Sarah: It's ready, it's ready.

Casey: No, my mom always throws a piece against the wall, just to see if it sticks.

Sarah: You mean like this?

[Sarah laughs]

Casey: No, like this --

Sarah: No! Oh, my gosh! Stop it!


Jessica: Okay -- okay, you guys? You -- look -- okay, looks like everything's under control here. So --

[Oven timer buzzes]

Sarah: Oh, my gosh, the buzzer! Where's the mitt?

Casey: By the sink.

[Sarah laughing]

Jessica: Oh, Margo's gonna love this.

Sarah: Sorry I can't use the sweater.

Jessica: It's okay.

Casey: Come on.

Jessica: Well, if you need anything, like clothes, or you know, anything, just --

Sarah: I'll be fine. Um -- Casey, I need a platter.

Casey: How big?

Sarah: Big enough for pork chops, genius.

Ben: Anyway, what's the story with this patient of yours?

Walker: Well, she's had some symptoms. They've scared her. But the thought of a diagnosis scares her more, so she's avoiding the process.

Ben: All right. And before you said the symptoms come and go?

Walker: Exactly. And she chooses to think they're gone for good.

Ben: Denial -- very seductive.

Walker: And she has a very strong will.

Ben: Her symptoms are bound to come back. And the longer she waits to get treated, the more likely it is to create serious problems.

Jordan: Take a look at these lengths.

Jennifer: These are the day dresses?

Jordan: Yeah, they're sending evening wears next.

Barbara: Oh, it's happening again.

Jennifer: What is?

Barbara: Uh, uh -- production -- they worked the design specs up wrong again.

Jordan: I knew it. That's why I wanted you to see these photos.

Jennifer: Yeah, they need to be shorter. They're hitting too far below the knee, it makes the leg look heavy. See that?

Barbara: Jordan, what do you think?

Jordan: Well, you show me a man who's for longer skirts, and I'll show you his guide dog.

[Barbara laughs] Seriously, when can I tell production to expect the next designs? They're eager to see them.

Barbara: Oh, so am I. I -- I just haven't had a lot of uninterrupted time -- I mean, not that interruptions aren't always good. It's just -- you know, I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I decided that I need a couple more days off, so I booked myself into a spa in Chicago a couple of hours ago. And I'll get a little rest, some privacy and some time to get some work done. That's what I need. And you two can handle Vogue.

Jordan: Barbara, Vogue wants to talk to you.

Barbara: Well, they can have me. They can have me next week. In the meantime, you can take the green suit with the hat, and the ivory jacket with the trousers. They can start with all of that.

Jennifer: Are you sure you're okay, mom?

Barbara: Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine. But you know what? If I'm going to get to Chicago tomorrow, I need to get home and pack tonight. So you two have a good time.

Jennifer: Okay, bye.

Barbara: Right turn, five steps to the bar. Left turn to go --

[Barbara gasps]

Waiter: I'm so sorry.

Barbara: I'm, sorry, I'm sorry. Oh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Did I spill something?

Waiter: I'll just get you a fresh drink.

Barbara: Put that on my bill, please. Thank you.

Craig: What are we up against?

Jack: Who're you working for, huh? Might as well tell us. We're gonna find out one way or the other.

De-Grassi: Not from me you're not.

Cop 1: Somebody here call for backup?

Jack: Yeah. Detective Jack Snyder from Oakdale PD in Illinois. I've got a client here who's looking for a nice, warm bed.

De-Grassi: Fellas, you made a trip for nothing. They don't have anything on me.

Jack: Possession of stolen property. Last I heard, that was still worth a trip down to central booking, right?

De-Grassi: I want my lawyer.

Jack: You're in luck. Got plenty of lawyers in Oakdale.

Cop 2: We'll book him for you, detective, and any help you need with extradition.

Jack: Oh, God, I love New York. Property's on the counter. The owner I.D.'d it already. You okay?

Craig: He's not afraid of us, Jack.

Jack: Must have mistook you for a decent human being. It happens. Wait'll we get him back to Oakdale.

Craig: No, no, no. Whoever he's working for scares him more than you, me and any charges we can throw against him. He's never going to tell us what happened to Rosanna.

Jessica: She's happy as a clam, you know? Chopping onions, teasing Casey --

Ben: And how'd she like the sweater?

Jessica: Oh, she loved it. And now she has two. Lisa got her the exact same sweater.

[Ben laughs]

Ben: Well, at least you know her taste.

Jessica: You know, I should be happy that she's settling in, that everything's working out -- and I am.

Ben: But you wanted to connect a little, and that didn't happen.

Jessica: She doesn't need me, Ben.

Ben: Sarah needs you. And so do I.

Walker: Hey, Barbara.

Barbara: Walker, is that you?

Walker: Yes, yes. I've got you now. Is it your vision again?

Barbara: Yes, everything's all blurry. Can anyone see me out here? Can anyone see me at all?

Walker: All I see is a beautiful woman on the arms of a man with devastating dimples.

Barbara: Thank God for you. That specialist you know, do you think he can still see me?

Walker: Absolutely. I'll set it up right away. I'll take you there myself.

Barbara: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Walker: Let's see what we can do about getting you upstairs, okay?

Barbara: Okay.

Walker: Okay. Let's go up this way.

[Jen sighs]

Jennifer: I hope my mother isn't pushing herself too hard.

Jordan: Yeah, I don't know her that well, but didn't it seem kind of odd, handing off a Vogue interview to you and me?

Jennifer: Well, she's been around long enough to know that Vogue won't even run the interview unless they like the clothes. So it makes sense that she wants to make sure that the clothes are perfect. But what I'm worried about is my end. What if I blow the interview like I did last time?

Jordan: You won't. Because we're going to prepare for it.

Jennifer: When? It's tomorrow.

Jordan: Then we're going to go back to the office and practice our pitch.

Jennifer: Okay. Let me go up to my room and grab some files, and I'll be right back.

Jordan: I'll be right here.

Carly: She asleep?

Paul: Yeah, poor kid.

Carly: Lucy is not poor, and as I pointed out, she is not a kid.

Paul: I feel for her, that's all. Lucy and I pretty much grew up the same way.

Carly: How do you mean?

Paul: Well, from the outside, everybody always thought my family was perfect, you know? We had money and everything, but the reality is we were falling apart. When your family's a mess like that, you just -- you feel like there's nothing holding you up. You got no support. And then you get scared, like she is now. I get it, that's all. That's all.

Carly: I know. I just don't want you to make things harder for her down the line.

Paul: Okay. I'll be careful.

Carly: She is right about one thing. None of this makes any sense. I keep asking the same question you did. Why would Rosanna hire a thug like De-Grassi?

Paul: I don't know. She must've had some reason.

Carly: Unless she was his mark.

Paul: You know what? I thought about that when you brought it up the first time, and I don't think so, Carly. Rosanna's way too smart for something like that.

Carly: You're forgetting that she'd just lost Cabot. She was heartbroken, miserable. Don't you think it could be possible that she wasn't thinking straight?

Paul: You know what? As soon as we get home, I'll hire someone to investigate all of that.

Carly: Thank you.

Paul: In the meantime, maybe you should get back to your sketchbook. That'll take your mind off of things. Nothing we can do for Rosanna until we get back to Oakdale.

Carly: I know. You're right.

Jack: Pleasure doing business with you, Lev.

Lev: Let's not make it a habit.

Jack: All right.

[Phone rings] Yeah? We'll be right there. That was Detective Mack. He's got our boy, De-Grassi all processed and ready to go. You can take your stuff, we're just going to have to log it as evidence when we get home.

Craig: And then what? Prosecute De-Grassi for fencing stolen goods? You know Phyllis never got a look at him.

Jack: Well, he doesn't know that.

Craig: He's not going to talk.

Jack: I know you're frustrated, Craig, and you're scared for Rosanna, but we're making progress. We are. Look, we got De-Grassi. We know he's linked to Rosanna. Sooner or later, we're gonna get him to tell us what we need to know.

Craig: Not if whoever's calling the shots gets to him first.

Jack: You've seen too many movies, my man.

Craig: Jack, Jack, we're talking about one of the richest, most powerful, most headstrong women in the country. She has enemies, Jack -- very powerful enemies. And one of them made her disappear, all right? And sent a goon to break into our house. Now --

Jack: All right, listen. One step at a time, okay? We're going to find Rosanna. I promise.

Jennifer: A leg man who writes on napkins?

Jordan: Um, yeah, I do write on napkins. But I wouldn't call myself a "leg man," lovely as they are. Why limit myself? There are eyes and hair -- and interviews in the morning.

Jennifer: So we should be going.

Announcer: Next week, on "As The World Turns" --

Katie: The truth is --

Mike: Yes?

Katie: She's right. I still love you.

Walker: We found a spot on your MRI.

Barbara: What does that mean?

Walker: There's a strong possibility you have a brain tumor.

Paul: Really happy to see you.

Rosanna: Don't! I said don't. Don't touch me.

Carly: She made it crystal clear that I have to choose -- drop Paul or lose my sister.

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