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Jack: All right, I'm guessing that's the owner. I'll wait till he finishes up, and then we'll ask him some questions.

Craig: And what do you want me to do while you're doing that?

Jack: Be quiet.

Craig: Jack, listen, I ain't gonna be quiet if he's holding out on us.

Jack: You're here to identify the stuff that was stolen from Fairwinds. Craig, that's it.

Craig: You better be hard on him, Jack.

Jack: You telling me how to do my job?

Craig: Yes, I am, because whoever fenced my silver probably knows where Rosanna is.

Jack: If we're lucky. One way or the other, whatever he stole could be a lead. So just play my way and keep your mouth shut, please.

Craig: Are you gonna remember to call Carly?

Jack: I'm not calling Carly and bugging her about what she's doing when I'm gone, all right? So, drop it.

Craig: I'm just looking out for you, Jack. You remember how you neglected to tell her that her sister might be missing? She was not a happy camper.

Jack: We talked about that. It's not a big deal.

Craig: Look at you. Okay. But what do you bet Paul Ryan makes the most of it while you're gone?

Paul: If we caught the direct flight we could've been here hours ago.

Carly: I can't believe its dark already. What do we have --? Like, two hours before the last flight back to Chicago? What are we gonna do in two hours? How do we even begin to look for Rosanna? You know, I should have told Jack exactly what I was doing.

Paul: Calm down, okay? Everything's gonna be fine. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Carly: Oh, yeah?

Lucy: Hey! What took you guys so long?

Chris: You don't have any business telling anybody how to treat a girlfriend.

Aaron: Look, Chris, I understand you just went through something that was really messed up, okay. But Alison came here because you made her feel like it was her fault.

Chris: We had a fight. It happens.

Aaron: No. What happened is that you got scammed by some developer who sold you a messed-up condo. Look, you got ripped off and you turned it all on Ali!

Chris: Look, I didn't mean to. Okay? I know it wasn't Alisonís fault.

Aaron: Then you probably should have told her that. The poor girl thinks she's the reason you lost your life savings. She came here for one reason -- to get wasted.

Chris: Where'd she go?

Aaron: I have no idea. Probably to find her mother.

Chris: I think I know where Susan is.

Aaron: Wait. Can you just wait one second, please? Do me a favor. When you see find her, don't ream her for being drunk.

Chris: Do me a favor, Aaron. Butt out. Alison is not your business any more. Remember that.

Susan: Come over here, Alison.

Kim: Do you think maybe we should send a pot of black coffee?

Emily: You know what? Why don't let my Mom take care of that.

Kim: You're right. Susan knows how to do this.

Emily: Look, we don't know for sure that Alisonís been drinking. So, maybe it's best if you and I just stay out of this. Okay?

Alison: Okay, so I had this great idea? It's not even a great idea, it's like a fabulous idea?

Susan: Oh, I can't wait to hear.

Alison: Okay, so you know how you're always telling me, Alison, you need to have direction; you have to have goals in life?

Susan: I remember saying that once or twice.

Alison: Okay, so how can you have any really good goals if you don't go to college, right?

Susan: It certainly helps. Sure.

Alison: I knew that you would be so great about this!

Susan: Honey, I've always supported you. But I just don't know what kind of support you're looking for right now, okay.

Alison: I need you to give me that money. The money that you put away for college. 'Cause that way I can really go after what I want.

Susan: Oh, I get it. And when did you come to this momentous decision? Before or after you got loaded?

Katie: Who's there? Margo. You scared me half to -- what are you doing here?

Margo: This was the one hour that Tom and I had alone together, but now I'm chasing after my little sister again. Now imagine how happy Tom was that I had to leave right when --

Katie: Who called you?

Margo: Does this Nancy Drew moment have anything to do with your latest obsession?

Katie: What obsession?

Margo: Pilar Domingo.

Katie: Pilar? I hardly know the woman. What do I care about her?

Margo: Oh, I see, so that's why we played 20 questions at the police station when Mike came to pick up her stolen purse?

Katie: What does this have to do with me?

Margo: I swear to you Katie -- if you have tampered with evidence --

Katie: I didn't do anything, Margo, I swear!

Mike: Oh, yeah? Then why did your buddy, Henry, have Pilarís address book on him?

Mike: How come you're here, Margo?

Margo: Pilar called me.

Katie: Yeah, you should talk to your friend. Margo's way too busy to be running around over nothing.

Mike: Her address book was missing. What, was she supposed to -- ignore it? She's very upset, and I don't blame her.

Katie: Aww, did she do that little thing where her chin trembles and her eyes get all weepy? Why do guys fall for that?

Margo: You know what? I'm warning you to stay out of this woman's life.

Katie: Which life is that? The one she lets people see, or the one she doesn't want anyone to know about?

Mike: You have no idea what going on with her.

Katie: I'd love to know all about it.

Margo: Why are you here?

Katie: I was taking a drive. Simon and I used to come here. It's beautiful down by the river looking at the moon.

Mike: You're sure it has nothing to do with that guy you called?

Both: What guy?

Mike: The guy whose number you got out of Pilarís address book.

Margo: You are meeting someone here.

Katie: No one here but me, right?

Mike: What about this then? What do you want with this book?

Katie: I was trying to look out for you, okay?

Mike: I can look out for myself.

Katie: Then why are you being hypnotized by this phony?

Margo: All right, they're here. Who is it? Who are you meeting here? You're meeting someone here, right? Huh?

Katie: Okay, okay. I found a card tucked away in her book somewhere. So, it had the initials R.C. On it. I called the number, a guy answered, and I asked him to meet me here.

Mike: I'll tell you what, if this ends up hurting Pilar more than she's already been hurt, I will never forgive you.

[Phone rings]

Pilar: Hello?

Mike: Hey, it's me. You all right?

Pilar: I'm fine. What happened?

Mike: I got your address book. I know the whole deal now.

Pilar: Where are you?

Mike: The Old Mill. It's just on the edge of town.

Pilar: I'm coming.

Mike: Not a good idea. You don't even know where it is.

Pilar: I'll get a taxi.

Mike: Pilar, donít.

Pilar: I can't stand being here alone another second. Every sound makes me jump.

Mike: Pilar.

Alison: This is so you. I tell you that I've made the most important decision of my life and you tell me that I'm drunk. I can't believe this.

Susan: Alison, Alison. You smell like a liquor cabinet and you staggered in here like you need new legs.

Alison: Okay, but I finally figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Okay, so I maybe -- teeny-weeny little bit to celebrate.

Susan: Oh, oh, celebrating alone -- that's original.

Alison: I was with Aaron.

Susan: Aaron? Oh, this gets better and better. Where is Aaron?

Alison: How should I know? I got this great idea, and so I thought, you know, I have to come talk to you. So I got here as fast as I could.

Susan: You didn't drive in this condition?!

Alison: No, no, no, no! Mom, I'm not that irresponsible. Mom, can I have that money -- please?

Susan: I'll tell you what you can have. You can have a nap. You're gonna come to my house, you're gonna sleep this off, and you'd better hope that Kim Hughes doesn't figure out that you're plastered.

Alison: Mom, I'm changing my life. Isn't that more important than what Kim Hughes thinks?

Susan: Alison, you're living in her house again, baby. Why make it more difficult for yourself than it already is? Come on.

Alison: No, Mom, I don't want to leave. I want to talk about my future. About the money that you saved for me.

Susan: I'll give you the money. I'll be happy to give you the money. Don't worry about the money.

Alison: Oh, great!

Susan: I'll give it to you after you've applied to college, you get in, and you show me the acceptance letter. Okay?

Alison: No, Mom, that'll be too late!

Susan: I'm sorry. Those are my conditions.

Alison: But I have to have that money.

Susan: This isn't not for college, is it?

Alison: I really blew -- I just blew it this time, Mom. And it's not like before where it was just my life that I was screwing up. I've ruined Chrisís entire future and I didn't even mean to.

Paul: Lucy, I thought we talked about this. And I thought I told you that I didn't think it was a good idea for you to come with us.

Lucy: No, you said no, and I didn't agree. Paul, I can help. I promise I won't get in the way.

Paul: Lucy, I think that was a bad decision. We don't know what's going to happen here. This could be dangerous.

Carly: Not to mention that if Craig finds out, he's going to blow a gasket. He'll shoot Paul, strangle me with his bare hands, and then ship you off to a convent for the rest of your life.

Lucy: My father's not going to find out. He's in New York.

Carly: And you are in the next taxi back to the airport, Lucy.

Lucy: Paul --

Paul: I'm sorry, Lucy, but I'm with Carly on this one. There's a flight to Chicago in less than an hour.

Lucy: I loved Rosanna, too, you know. She's my own mother, and you can't expect me to sit home and wait for your call. We're supposed to be friends, Paul. Why are you treating me like this?

Paul: We're only going to be here a couple hours, and she's here already. Maybe it'd be better if she stuck around, and then we all went back together.

Carly: Could I have a word with you? Excuse us. A minute ago you were concerned about her safety, and now after a few tears you want her to stay?

Paul: Yeah, well, she'll be safe with us. And let's face it, at this point, we're only here long enough to take a cursory look around.

Carly: Paul, if Craig finds out that Lucy was came on this little mission with us, he's gonna have our heads. Not only is he going to make sure that Barbara finds out that we're cutting her out of B.R.O., but this time he's gonna make sure she believes him.

Paul: Craig's not gonna find out. He and Jack won't be back from New York until at least tomorrow at the earliest.

Carly: I don't like it. It's dangerous.

Paul: I'll take care of Lucy.

Carly: Lucy is what's dangerous. She has a crush on you, Paul. That makes her unpredictable, which makes her a definite liability.

Paul: She's just a kid, Carly.

Carly: A kid with Lucinda Walshís take-no-prisoners DNA. Did you know that her mother commandeered a small country? I wouldn't underestimate that kid if I were you.

Paul: I'll take care of Lucy. Okay?

Carly: Fine. It's your funeral. I would just rather not be buried with you.

Paul: Hey, Carly and I talked about it -- we decided that you should stay.

Lucy: Thank you, Paul. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Paul: Okay. Well, we should probably get started.

Carly: The desk?

Paul: Right. Hello. Hi, I -- Mr. Putney, right?

Putney: Yes, how may I help you, sir?

Paul: I'm looking for a friend of mine. Her name is Rosanna Cabot.

Putney: Ah, Ms. Cabot. I know her very well.

Craig: Thank you. That was the receptionist at B.R.O.

Jack: So?

Craig: So Mr. Paul Ryan has taken the day off.

Jack: The man works hard. More power to him.

Craig: You think that's what he wants, Jack? And by the way, he didn't leave a number where he could be reached.

Jack: Would you cut it out, please.

Craig: I just wanted you to know for your benefit.

Jack: Carly and I will be just fine without your help, thank you.

Craig: Paul Ryan is a termite, Jack. If he wants to he'll bore right into your family, and all of a sudden there'll be splinters all around you.

Jack: The only person responsible for chewing up your family was you, Craig. I'm not about to make the same dumb mistake with Carly.

Craig: Okay, sure, Jack.

Jack: You Mr. Greene? Detective Jack Snyder, from the Oakdale Police Department in Illinois.

Lev: Call me Lev, everyone does. Long way from home, huh?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I believe Detective McCall from the NYPD already spoke with you? You may be in possession of some items that were stolen out of my jurisdiction.

Lev: I don't deal in stolen property.

Craig: Just go get the items. Please, Lev.

Jack: I thought we had a deal.

Craig: Why are you sucking up to him?

Jack: 'Cause we need his cooperation, that's why! Zip it. Thanks. You recognize this stuff?

Craig: Yes. This is the Georgian silver tea set. These are the candlesticks from our wedding. Lucy's photo of our wedding.

Jack: That's his daughter. I can vouch for him.

Craig: At least they didn't trash the photos.

Lev: Who knew they were hot?

Craig: You didn't, I'm sure. Aren't you supposed to get receipts from people when they come in claiming they own something they want to pawn?

Lev: Really, I'm a busy guy. I don't always have time to get paper.

Craig: Surprise, surprise.

Jack: You're gonna have to indulge Mr. Montgomery. He's still upset about the robbery. Thank you very much. One more thing, can you describe the guy who sold this to you?

Lev: Yeah. But if you want to see him yourself, just stick around. He said he's got other stuff to hock.

Jack: What makes you so sure the guy's gonna come back?

Lev: I've been in this business 38 years. He'll be back.

Craig: Good. We'll wait.

Paul: We know that Ms. Cabot is no longer registered here.

Putney: Yes, she checked out days ago.

Paul: But we're trying to track her down.

Putney: I'm sorry; I don't know how I can help. Once a guest leaves --

[Carly clears her throat]

Paul: Forgive me. This is Carly Tenney Snyder, Rosannaís sister. And this is Lucy Montgomery, her stepdaughter. And we're all very concerned that we haven't heard from her.

Carly: I love my sister very much, and I'm worried that something might have happened to her.

Lucy: Me, too. It's just not like her to disappear and not tell us know where she's going.

Putney: Ms. Cabot's such a fine person. I can't imagine anyone would want to harm her.

Paul: Yeah, tell me, what happens to items that a guest would leave behind after they check out?

Putney: Normally we hold onto them for a while and try to contact the guest.

Lucy: Did leave anything behind?

Putney: I'm sorry. It's against hotel policy to disclose that information.

Lucy: But we've come all the way from the states to look for her. If it could help us find where she is --

Carly: Mr. Putney, the last time I spoke with my sister, she said she was about to mail me a letter. Now, I never received a letter, Mr. Putney. And I am terrified that somebody intentionally prevented her from mailing it. I'm sorry. I'm just so worried. I'm just worried.

[Carly sobs]

Paul: It's okay. Thanks.

Carly: Thank you.

Putney: Wait here -- I'll be right back.

Paul: Rosanna didn't call you and say that she wrote you a letter.

Carly: No kidding. It worked, didn't it?

Lucy: For now. Once he finds out you're lying to him, he's going to be pretty upset.

Carly: I'll take my chances. Now why don't you go and check your messages on your phone and be sure your Daddy hasn't called.

Lucy: I want to be here when Mr. Putney comes back. Don't treat me like a child, please.

Paul: Okay, but it'll only take a few seconds. Maybe we should stay on the safe side here.

Carly: She's furious with me.

Paul: Why?

Carly: Because I got Mr. Putney to go check Rosannaís room. She wanted to be the one to do that so she could impress you.

Paul: Oh, please --

Carly: And for the record, when a teenager tells you not to treat them like a child, what they're really trying to tell you is, "I'm a grown up."

Paul: Okay, I can handle Lucy.

Carly: Just see that you do, Lancelot.

Lucy: No messages.

Putney: This is everything retrieved from her room after she left.

Alison: The only reason that Chris put down all of that money for the condo was because I wanted it so bad. And it's like he didn't even have a choice. What am I supposed to do now? Say, "sorry, honey, that you're entire life savings is gone?"

Susan: Chris Hughes is a grown man. Of course he had a choice. You may have kicked and screamed that you wanted that place, but you didn't hold a gun to the guy's head.

Alison: Mom, I have got to get his money back.

Susan: Alison, have you heard a word I said?

Alison: No, Mom, you don't get it. I have to get him his money back, or I'm going to lose him.

Susan: I don't believe that.

Alison: Mom, I can't lose Chris. I can't even stand to think about it. So just please, will you please just say that you'll give me the money! Please. I have to make this up to him, please.

Chris: Susan, you don't have to give Alison anything. I don't want her money.

Margo: Well, you were right, Pilar. My little sister is here. Now that you're here, too -- so what's going on?

Pilar: I was afraid Katie might be making calls to people in that address book. I had to stop her.

Katie: Why?

Pilar: I didn't want her to contact the wrong person. I hate to have bothered you, Margo, but I'm protecting my own life here.

Katie: I'll bet. That R.C. was a real charmer.

Margo: Did this R.C. have anything to do with stabbing, Pilar?

Pilar: No. I told you, I never saw that person before.

Katie: Oh, and Margoís just supposed to take that on faith? When I talked to the guy, he thought I was Pilar. And you know what he said? That it would be dangerous for us to meet. Why would it be dangerous, Mike?

Pilar: Mike -- you know everything that's happened to me. Please, don't let her turn you against me. You're the only friend I have left.

Katie: See? The sobbing, the trembling chin --

Mike: Stop it.

Katie: What's the matter, Pilar, are you freaking out because I'm on to you?

Mike: Stop it! She didn't do anything wrong, but you are really pushing it. All right, she's a friend of mine and I'm sorry you don't like that, but she needs me. Especially now.

Katie: What does that mean? Especially now?

Margo: Just give us a minute, please.

Mike: Look, Margoís gonna take care of Katie. I have your address book, okay? Everything's all right.

Pilar: I only called Margo because I didn't know what else to do. You believe me, don't you?

Katie: Why are you defending that little witch?

Margo: Don't you realize if she presses charges I'm gonna have to arrest you?

Katie: Why is everyone treating me like the bad guy? If you wanna arrest someone, arrest Pilar.

Margo: On what grounds?

Katie: Coming to Oakdale with intent to deceive.

Margo: Oh, Katie --

Katie: You don't believe me? You call the guy that I called, and you listen to that creep and then you put a trace on him. Bring him to the station and grill him.

Margo: Listen to me. Leave Pilar and Mike alone.

Katie: Even if I know she's going to hurt him?

Margo: Honey, you're the one who's hurt him.

Katie: What was I suppose to do? Just forget about my husband?

Margo: I'm going to call Tom and see if he's still speaking to me.

[Katie sighs]

Katie: Well, I'll give you one thing, Mike. You are loyal.

Mike: You mind waiting out in the car for a minute while I talk to Katie?

Pilar: I'd really rather not. I don't want to be alone.

Margo: I'll tell you what, Pilar, why don't I walk you out to the car and I'll stay with you.

Mike: Thank you, Margo.

Margo: Please remember what I said.

Mike: You didn't visit Pilar today to apologize, did you? You're trying to get something on her.

Katie: Is that what she said?

Mike: She could have had you arrested.

Katie: For what? Borrowing her address book? Mike --

Mike: You know what, I'm gonna take care of it this time. But the next time you mess with Pilar, you face the consequences. Okay, if that means handcuffs, so be it.

Katie: Mike, there is something wrong with that girl. And I am gonna prove it even if I have to go to jail.

[Katie sighs] Come on, Henry, you weasel. Hey, it's Katie. Are you still at Metro? Good, stay there. I have a big bone to pick with you.

Emily: Kim, you know what, now that Chris is here, I think I'm going to let him work things out with my Mom and Alison. Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you should do the same thing.

Kim: Can I walk you out?

Emily: Actually, Emily, thank you very much, but I could really make it to the door by myself.

Aaron: Oh, good, Chris is here. Great.

Emily: Yeah, you know what, he just got here.

Aaron: Good, good.

Kim: Aaron, you were with Alison earlier today?

Aaron: Yes, ma'am, I was. She was completely bummed about the fight they had, otherwise she would've never have hit that vodka so hard.

Emily: Aaron, thank you for checking on her. Everything's under control now. Can I give you a lift somewhere?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah, that's fine -- I guess.

Emily: Okay, thanks. Bye, Kim.

Kim: Goodbye.

Chris: Do you mind letting me talk to Alison alone?

Susan: I'll talk to you later, okay?

Alison: I'm so messed up.

Susan: Chris just asked me to give him some time alone with Alison.

Kim: Oh, good.

Susan: I guess I'm suggesting that you do the same.

Kim: What is it with you and Emily? You making me the morality police? Susan, its part of growing up. Kids make bad choices, I know that.

Susan: And Chrisís bad choice would be Alison?

Kim: Since you are able to run both sides of the conversation all by yourself, I don't really understand why you even bother speaking to me.

Susan: I'm sorry -- I guess I'm a little over sensitive. Maybe I just can't stop thinking about that day, years ago, when you had to throw me into a shower to sober me up.

Kim: You're right, that was 100 years ago. For crying out loud, Susan. Emily was in the hospital. She needed you. All I remember is that I wanted what was best for her. And that was you.

Susan: Alison really loves Chris.

Kim: I know, and he really loves her.

Susan: She may not be the nightmare you think she is. She could even be good for him. I'm just asking you not to judge her too harshly.

Alison: I know what you're going to say. This is over, isn't it? You hate me.

Chris: Ali, you are so out to lunch sometimes. I don't hate you. I love you. And I know that I said some lousy things and I'm really, really sorry.

Alison: No, you were right about everything. I pushed you. I wanted that condo so bad, and I just didn't even think about anything else.

Chris: It was a terrible thing that happened, okay? And I blew up. But I never should have blamed you because it wasn't your fault.

Alison: Do you mean that?

Chris: Yes. And all this stuff about us breaking up -- I never want to hear it again.

Alison: Okay, so, this is like our first real big fight. I mean, since we got back together.

Chris: Yes, and it's over. The fight -- not us. Okay?

Craig: This is just about as exciting as watching storage techniques on the food channel, Jack.

Jack: Think about it this way -- when we catch this De Grassi guy, Rosanna will thank you for the sacrifice.

Craig: No. No, no, Rosanna thinks I'm persona non grata thanks to Paul Ryan.

Jack: Ever occur to you that Paul Ryan couldn't touch you if you hadn't gone to that baby broker in the first place, and lied to Rosanna about it?

Craig: No. First of all, I didn't lie lie to Rosanna. Second of all, Paul Ryanís agenda goes back to his mother. All right? And by the way, all I was tried to do was make Rosanna happy. You ever try to make Carly happy?

Jack: Yeah. But somehow it never involves black market baby brokers.

Craig: Paul Ryan has had it in for me a long time. He knew Rosanna was my weakness. So he wormed his way in -- so sensitive, so understanding. He knows your weakness now, Jack. What do you think he could have against you? He's already worked Carly. What's gonna happen when Carly gets upset with you? How do you think he's going to play that?

Jack: I'm not going to argue with you about Paul Ryan.

Craig: All right, donít. Observe. Yes, hello, may I speak to Carly, please?

Jack: What the hell are you doing, Craig?

Craig: I'm calling your house. Oh, she's not? She did. Where? Oh, no, no message. Thank you very much. There's a babysitter with Parker and Sage. She said Carly went out to the movies. Alone.

Jack: So?

Craig: So, you want to call it kismet, that Paul Ryan and your wife are both unreachable at the same time?

Paul: This is all Cabot Motors stuff. There's nothing in here that would tell us where Rosanna is.

Lucy: Wait. There's writing on the back.

Carly: It's Rosannaís. There's a number and a name -- De Grassi.

Paul: That's the guy she left here with.

Carly: Yes!

Lucy: That's a Miami area code.

Carly: He's got to be the world's dumbest kidnapper -- he gave her his phone number.

Paul: We don't know that he's a kidnapper. All we know is that he was a thief.

Lucy: Yeah, but why would Rosanna phone a thief? She would never leave with someone like that unless he forced her.

Paul: We need to find out if she called this number.

Carly: Hi, Mr. Putney, you've been so helpful to us. I just wonder if you could do us one small favor more.

Putney: That depends.

Carly: Hotels keep a record of phone calls made from each room, don't they? It would be so helpful to us if we could have that list of calls only from Rosannaís room.

Putney: I've bent the rules enough as it is, Mrs. Snyder. My manager would have my head.

Carly: I am so sorry to put you in such an awkward situation. It's just that nobody will help me find my sister. You know, she was so fond of everybody here. Particularly fond of a man named Ronald. She said that Ronald was really the main reason that she came to this hotel whenever she came to St. Bartís. Do you know him? Maybe I could speak with him?

Putney: Ms. Cabot was such a lovely woman. She never forgot my name. She'd always say, "Good morning, Ronald."

Carly: That phone log may be the only way to get the authorities to help Rosanna. Now of course, I wouldn't want you to do anything that would get you into any kind of trouble, especially now that I know it's you that Rosanna is so fond of.

Putney: I'll get the records.

Paul: You are a master.

Lucy: Let's just hope it worked.

Alison: I don't feel so good.

Chris: You want to come back to my Mom's house with me?

Alison: Oh, God, no. You should have seen the look on your Mom's face when I showed up here. And she already thought I was some slutty little airhead that lost all your money. Now she thinks I'm this drunk, slutty little airhead that lost all your money.

Chris: You're only part right.

Alison: What part?

Chris: The drunk part. But you didn't lose my money. Okay? I put the down payment on the condo because I wanted to.

Alison: But I begged you.

Chris: Yeah, and I could have said no. And I could have had tom to check out the developer. Hell, I could have done a hundred things, but I didnít. So stop beating yourself up. I put myself in a bind.

Alison: Whoa.

Chris: Careful, careful.

Alison: You're awfully nice to me.

Chris: Well, I'm a nice guy. And if you don't believe me, you can ask around.

Alison: I don't think I need to.

Chris: Look, Alison, the next time something goes wrong between you and I, come to me, don't run to Aaron Snyder. Let me take you home.

Alison: I promise that I will make up to you, but I've got to go to the lady's room.

Katie: Henry, you're supposed to be my friend. Friends don't rat each other out! What happened to you? Oh, my God!

Henry: Just don't touch me. Okay?

Katie: What happened?

Henry: What happened -- you have to know that I would never give up Pilarís address book without a fight, Katie.

Katie: Mike did this?!

Henry: I fighted him off as long as I could, but then he brought out the big guns, and I just spilled.

Katie: What has gotten into him? What has this girl done to him?!

Henry: She brings out his inner animal, okay. Look, I'm sorry. I did everything I could. I'm sorry I messed things up for you -- really.

Katie: Oh no, it's okay, it was a bust anyway. That guy never showed up. And then Margo did.

Henry: What? How did she know you were there?

Katie: I guess R.C. must have called Pilar to confirm the meeting and she figured it out and called Margo.

Henry: Oh, now that's rotten luck.

Katie: Oh, worse than rotten. Then Mike walks in mad as hell. And then Pilar comes in all weepy and scared and I had to watch him walk away with her.

Henry: Oh, well, you know -- maybe we should just call the whole thing off to be honest. I think.

Katie: Henry. Your bruise --

Henry: Yeah?

Katie: It's running.

Henry: What?

Katie: It's make-up. Oh, my God! You are worse than Pilar.

Henry: Okay, all right.

Katie: Mike didn't hit you at all, did he? You gave Mike the book.

Henry: No, no. Okay. He didn't hit me. All right, all right. But someone had to put a stop to this madness!

Mike: This ought to warm you up.

Pilar: Thank you. I've been meaning to ask you -- when did you start drinking herbal tea, anyway?

Mike: Oh, I donít. I can't stand it, I got it for --

Pilar: For Katie. I'm sorry I got her sister involved. I was so frightened, Michael. I just wanted Katie to leave me alone.

Mike: She got the message this time.

Pilar: I hope so.

Mike: I got a question for you about that guy Katie called from your address book. He said you calling him was dangerous? What's that mean? Who is this guy?

Pilar: Nobody.

Mike: Is he the guy you're running from?

Pilar: No. He's just somebody I used to work with. I told him about my situation, and I probably shouldn't have because now it sounds like he's trying to protect me. I'm sure that's the only reason he said that. Mike, you have to believe me.

Katie: I'm not crazy, Henry.

Henry: Wait, wait.

Katie: Pilar was so scared that I would find out too much, that's why she called Margo. She has an agenda. I'm not wrong about this.

Henry: Like you were right about being better for Holden Snyder than his own wife? Like you were right about making Simon into a family man? Come on.

Katie: I'm not doing this to win mike back.

Henry: Good. I'm glad. Because I saw him tonight and everything you're doing is making him even more protective of the little Spanish songbird. Is that what you want?

Mike: How'd you know Katie had your address book?

Pilar: It's just that Katie was the only one here when I realized it was missing.

Mike: Okay, why do you keep insisting on not going to the cops? I mean, they have experience with this. They could give you a restraining order.

Pilar: A restraining order is a piece of paper. Women get them and men kill them anyway. It wouldn't have stopped this man.

Mike: You sure know how to pick 'em.

Pilar: I picked you. You're not a mistake. You're my friend.

Mike: Yeah, I am your friend, okay? But I am not a sucker.

Pilar: Katie is wrong. I don't want anything from you but your friendship.

Carly: Sage should go down by 8:00, and Parker can stay up 'til 8:30 or so. I'm just gonna be a few more hours. If anybody asks, tell them I'm at the movies. Well, tell them I'm at that really long one about the ring. Okay, thanks. Mr. Putney, do you think that we could hurry it up a little bit with the phone log?

Putney: I'm having trouble accessing the records.

Lucy: Carly, you should go back and be with your kids. I'll stay here with Paul.

Putney: I found them!

Paul: Great. Print them up and we'll get out of your way.

Putney: Right away, sir.

Manager: Wha -- ! Rosanna Cabot checked out days ago, didn't she?

Putney: Yes, ma'am. But there's some concern of foul play and I was --

Manager: This is highly irregular. Punch out. I'll deal with you in the morning.

Carly: Oh, oh -- oh, please don't be too hard on Mr. Putney. He was just trying to help me find my lost sister.

Manager: He was violating a hotel guest's privacy. That is not the way we do things here.

Craig: Call her cell.

Jack: If Carly's at the movies, she's got her cell phone turned off, Craig.

Craig: Can't hurt to try.

Jack: If it will shut you up, I'll try anything.

Lev: So, you're back. Got more stuff for me?

Jack: That's him. That's De Grassi.

On the next "As the World Turns --"

Lucy: Oh, please, Paul, don't leave me.

Jack: If I were you, I'd talk. De Grassi, my friend seems to be warmed up.

Craig: Where's my wife?

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