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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/24/04

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Susan: They've lost their condo, their down payment. All their belongings went up in smoke.

Emily: All right, well, you know what? We need to look on the bright side of things.

Susan: What bright side?

Emily: Well, at least they still have each other.

[Susan scoffs] Chris, how are you? What are -- ?

Chris: Well, I'd be a lot better if I could find Alison.

Susan: What's wrong?

Chris: I -- I left her here a little while ago

Emily: Is -- is something wrong? I mean something other than what we know about?

Chris: Well, we were talking about the condo, and you know, Tom had just told us about the developer, how he took off with the money, and -- well, I said some -- some things that I wish I could take back. And then Alison, she took off.

Emily: Well, where -- isn't she working?

Chris: No, no, I already checked. She called in sick.

Emily: Oh, that's not a good sign.

Chris: No, it's not a good sign. I mean, obviously, I blew it. I just, I wish I knew where she was.

Alison: How can Chris blame me for everything?!

Aaron: He just lost his home and all the money he put down to buy it. Ali, he's angry. He's not thinking.

Alison: Oh, no, sure he is. I mean, he's thinking that it's all my fault that we don't have a place to live because I seduced him into buying that condo. Okay, you know, so I wanted the stupid condo! But you know, he wanted it too! He -- he signed the papers and everything. You know, so how can he treat me like I'm the one who went in there and torched the place and then ran away with all the money?! Is that fair?!

Aaron: For the millionth time, no.

Alison: Maybe it is fair. Blame me. I ruined his life.

Aaron: Wait a minute. You guys are a couple, right? So you didn't just ruin his life. You ruined -- you ruined your life, too.

Alison: How can you joke at a time like this?!

Aaron: Why? Because I know.

Alison: You know what?

Aaron: I know that Chris loves you.

Alison: Not any more.

Aaron: You know, can you stop that already? He's crazy about you -- crazy. So crazy, he -- he'd come by here right now full of apologies.

Pilar: Oh, congratulations.

Mike: Yeah, thank you.

Pilar: That's wonderful!

Mike: Yeah, since I -- you know, I can't go anywhere until the job's done, so you have a safe haven for as long as you need it.

Pilar: You keep saying that, but I can't just stay here indefinitely.

Mike: Of course you can.

Pilar: You'll spoil me, Michael.

Mike: Everybody deserves to be spoiled.

Pilar: Then I should spoil you. You're the one still nursing a broken heart.

Mike: Oh -- Katie and I, that's just -- I don' t know. That's just how things have to be. I mean, I'm fine with it. She's gone on with her life, and I'm going on with mine.

Pilar: How much denial are you in? Katie hasn't gone anywhere.

Mike: What are you talking about?

Pilar: She was here in this house, just a little while ago when you were gone.

Mike: I thought I asked you not to open the door while I was out.

Pilar: She was very sweet.

Mike: What did she want?

Pilar: To apologize to me for sending that friend of hers to get information out of me.

Mike: Good, good. Apology is good. And now maybe she'll take all her -- unresolved whatever and stay away.

Pilar: Are you trying to fool me or yourself? Because every time her name comes up, I can see how much you loved her and how much time it's going to take before she's completely out of your system. But don't you worry, Michael. I will take very good care of you.

Katie: Oh, thank God you're here. What took you so long?

Henry: Good to see you, too.

Katie: I need you to decode something for me.

Henry: What is it?

Katie: Pilar's address book. I took it out of her purse today.

[Henry laughs]

Henry: You swiped it? Forget it.

Katie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Henry, who have you become? What, you're never going to help me again?

Henry: The last time I helped you, I got defrocked and excommunicated, and I'm not even a catholic.

Katie: Wait, wait, wait. Please.

Henry: Okay, okay, okay.

Katie: This thing was supposed to be a gold mine -- the smoking gun to prove that Pilar is not as innocent as she seems to be.

Henry: Let me guess -- all you found was a bunch of phone numbers?

Katie: Yeah, mostly from Madrid and Barcelona. And all in Spanish. [Henry laughs] Like this. Can you translate that?

Henry: Um, it looks like some kind of list.

Katie: What kind of list?

Henry: "Mail the taxes, pick up the dry cleaning -- oh, ruin Mike Kasnoff's life."

Katie: Oh, come on. If you're not gonna take this seriously --

Henry: Dude, I don't speak Spanish, okay? But I do know someone who does -- who's fluent. I can take this to her.

Katie: No, no, no. This book does not leave my hands. What's this? "R.C. Cell phone." Interesting. There wasn't an R.C. listed in here, was there? No. She had it hidden away. This is the sign I was looking for, Henry.

Henry: Oh, man.

Katie: This proves that Pilar is hiding something, and we need to find out what it is.

Holden: Thanks for keeping us company today.

Molly: Oh, don't mention it. I think Dusty can handle the club for at least a little while on his own.

Holden: Yeah, if he and Lily aren't too busy cooking up ideas for their new pet project.

Molly: Yeah. What are you going to do about that?

Holden: The way I see it, I can do one of two things. I can support Lily working at the foundation, even though I know Dusty is the last person on earth who should be in the charity business. Or I can put my foot down and lose her for good.

Molly: Can you stand any more advice from me today?

Holden: Yeah, all right, lay it on me.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Just give it some time, okay? Trust me, once Lily sees what it's like to work with Dusty day in and day out, she's gonna need a break from the guy.

Holden: I hope you're right about that. [Phone rings] Ah, that's me. My phone is in my pocket.

Molly: Can I hold her? Hey, come here, Natalie.

Holden: Here's her phone.

Molly: Hey, baby.

Holden: I'll be right back, okay?

Molly: Oh, no, take your time. We're fine.

Holden: Great, thanks.

Molly: Right, Natalie? Here you go. Ooh, ring, ring. I think it's for you. Oh, what do we have here? Do you like this book? Oh, you know what? I love this book. This was Bridget and Micheleís favorite book. They're my daughters. That's why I love it so much.

Lily: You've got a hell of a lot of nerve.

Molly: Oh, I was just --

Lily: So typical of you, trying to steal something you can't have. I want you to give me my daughter, get up and get the hell out of my house.

Lily: What is it with you, huh? Every time I see you, you've got your tentacles wrapped around my family.

Molly: You know, Lily, Holden asked me to hold Natalie while he was making a phone call. I was just reading her a book. I didn't come here to start anything with you.

Lily: Why are you here? What do you get out of this?

Molly: I came by to see Holden.

Lily: To get an up to the minute report on the Lily problem? To tell him you saw me at Metro working with Dusty? You are indispensable, Molly. Every time I try to dispense with you, you pop up.

Molly: Oh, that's nice.

Lily: You know, I would try to tell you to go someplace you're welcome, but that list is getting shorter and shorter all the time.

Holden: Molly is welcome here.

Molly: No. Holden, its okay. I should get back to the club anyway --

Holden: Thanks for dropping by.

Molly: -- Right after I have a long-overdue chat with your wife, alone.

Lily: There is nothing that you have to say that I want to hear.

Molly: Give me five minutes. When I'm done, you never have to see me again.

Chris: Oh.

Kim: Oh, any word about Alison?

Chris: No, I can't find her anywhere.

[Kim sighs]

Kim: Well, honey, she's gonna show up at some point.

Chris: Look, Mom, I don't know. I mean, just nothing seems to be going right. I'm sure Tom told you about the money, about how the developer disappeared and we'll probably never see a cent of the down payment.

Kim: Honey, I am so sorry.

Chris: You know, I can't stop thinking about that day that we were sitting in the kitchen, and you told me, "Just -- just consider the risk of buying a condo." You know, why didn't I listen to you? If you want to go ahead and just tell me that "I told you so" --

Kim: No, no, no, no. Listen to me, I think the better plan is what your Dad and I said -- come home. You and Alison come back home, stay with us as long as you need to be there, save your pennies and build up your savings again. And when the time is right, I bet you'll find a condo that you and Alison will love even more than this one.

Chris: Yeah, yeah -- if she'll ever speak to me again. And if not, I'm gonna be looking for an apartment for one.

[Blender whirring]

Alison: I can't hear you over the sound of the --

Aaron: I said -- hold on. [Blender stops] I said it's probably not such a great idea to get hammered right now.

Alison: Why not? My life is falling apart anyway.

Aaron: No, believe me, drinking is not gonna fix it or help you forget. Where'd you get that bottle anyway?

Alison: I liberated it from a hospital party.

Aaron: You're kidding? You've been carrying a bottle of booze in your purse around?

Alison: No. I was going to take it over to the condo tonight. I was thinking that maybe Chris and I could make a toast. We could drink to our home and our new state of the art sound system, and everything would just be chic and sophisticated. Yeah, what a crock.

Aaron: Ali, relax with that, please.

Alison: No! Who says?

Aaron: I do, okay? You know how you get.

Alison: How do -- ? You're talking about when we were working at the garage, and you had that six-pack, and I kind of threw myself at you.

Aaron: Yeah, that.

Alison: Well, you don't have to worry, okay, because that was like a million years ago, and I was a completely different person back then.

Aaron: Right and you're different now because now you have Chris.

Alison: No, I had Chris.

Aaron: Alison, can you stop it?! It's not over after one fight.

Alison: You didn't see the fight! He -- he yelled at me. So why is it that I miss him?

Aaron: Because you love him and he loves you. Have you even thought about like what would do if he even came by to apologize --

Alison: No.

Aaron: -- And you're all sloppy and drunk like this?

Alison: He's not going to try to get back with me. In his eyes, I trashed his life, you know, so I may as well get trashed, too, you -- at least then I can forget about Chris, I can forget about money, and I can forget about everything.

Mike: Don't worry about me. You just concentrate on getting better and what you're gonna do if that guy starts making good on those threats of his and starts coming after you.

Pilar: Now -- now that you've offered me the time and a place to think, maybe I can find a way to stop him. Thank you.

Mike: Friends help each other out.

Pilar: And that's why I'm going to help you.

Mike: Help me what?

Pilar: That broken heart of yours, it's time to start putting it together again.

Mike: That's not your job.

Pilar: Please. After the way I treated you in Spain, it's the least I can do.

Mike: Baby, I told you, forgiven and forgotten.

Pilar: Why? You trusted me, and I let you down.

Mike: Yeah, you did.

Pilar: I was going through a difficult time then, and I've had nothing but difficult times since. Think its karma? I treat a good man like dirt, so life gives me a taste of my own medicine?

Mike: Sounds like you got a lot more medicine than what you deserved. Whatever that guy did to you, it wasn't right.

Pilar: We're not going to talk about him. We're gonna talk about you and how we can put a smile on your face again.

Mike: You don't owe me anything, okay, and you certainly don't need to take care of me. I'm fine.

Pilar: It could be fun. I could give you one of my famous massages and draw you a nice, warm bath.

Mike: Oh, you know what? A bath sounds good. But I think I can draw my own water. I've been doing it for years, so I'll be fine.

Pilar: And the massage? Just an innocent little massage between friends.

Mike: Huh-uh, huh-uh. There is nothing innocent about those massages of yours. Let's not tempt fate, okay?

Henry: Katie, your imagination is working overtime, all right? Give it a rest.

Katie: Oh, answer me this then -- why did Pilar put this number where no one else could see it?

Henry: Maybe it's the woman's manicurist; Ray Charles' private hotline, the uncle no one ever mentions any more.

Katie: Why are you taking her side?

Henry: I'm not taking her side, Katie. I'm taking the side of sanity.

Katie: Oh, you know what this means when somebody hides a number away in their book? It means that she doesn't call it enough to know it by heart, but it's important enough to hide away from everyone else.

Henry: Please don't say what I know you're going to say.

Katie: What we need to do now is found out --

Henry: Oh, she said it.

Katie: -- Who this R.C. Is and how he knows Pilar. Maybe he's the reason she came to Oakdale in the first place, and maybe we can find out why she wants Mike.

Henry: And then -- then what, Katie? What are you suggesting we do? We call and say -- ?

Katie: "Who are you, and how do you know Pilar Domingo" sounds a little suspicious and will probably set off a couple alarms with this guy.

Henry: Yeah, you think? Yeah.

Katie: Oh, I have an idea.

Henry: Oh, man, that's the beginning of the end.

Katie: I'll call the guy and pretend I'm Pilar.

Kim: Honey, what about one of Alisonís friends? Maybe that's where she went.

Chris: I mean, there's nobody that I can think of. When I left her here, she was with Aaron.

Kim: Well, she's probably still with him. I mean, and -- and that means she's not alone. That's good. Isn't it?

Chris: I'll let you know.

Susan: Kim, where did Chris go?

Kim: Oh, he went to see if he could find Alison. He thinks that she might be with Aaron Snyder.

Susan: Well, what if she is? He's a good friend to her -- a good solid friend!

Kim: Well, I didn't say that he wasnít.

Susan: It doesn't take a mind reader to know you probably think it's inappropriate for your sonny-boy's girlfriend to be close to anybody except your son.

Kim: Well, first of all, that would be really ridiculous, wouldn't it? And I didn't say anything at all about their friendship being inappropriate.

Susan: Good, because the way I see it, Alison needs all the friends she get right now.

Kim: What are you talking about?

Susan: Your son just hurt my daughter's feelings terribly. Did you know that? So she's crying on Aaronís shoulder. That's why!

Kim: And you know all of this how?

Susan: Look, he just admitted it. If it weren't bad enough that their condo burned to the ground, he had to make Alison feel like it's her fault.

Kim: Excuse me?

Susan: She called me after the fire, in tears, all worried because she thought that Chris only bought that place because she pushed him into it.

Kim: Well, actually, she's probably right about that.

Susan: Oh, you think so? Chris isn't mature enough to make his own decisions, I guess. He has to be goaded into them by a teenage girl.

Kim: Well, you know, Chris wants so much to make Alison happy. So much so that he throws all common sense out of the window, and he does things that really are not in his best interest.

Susan: Is that so? You know, just when I think you might be able to show just the least bit of objectivity, you just say something that is so prejudiced that --

Kim: Wait a minute. You started this, not me! I was on my way to the car. I was on my way home, and you come across the room breathing fire about Chris hurting your daughter's feelings. Did it ever occur to you there might be another side to this?

Susan: Oh yeah, but you only see his side. That's all you ever see. My daughter dragging your son into making bad decisions, ruining his life --

Kim: I didn't -- you stop putting words in my mouth. I did not say that Alison was ruining Chris' life. They have had a rotten stroke of luck, and I feel terrible for both of them.

Susan: Oh, both of them? I wish I could believe that.

Kim: Well you can believe this, kiddo -- after the fire, when the kids were in a state of shock, they came to our house and bottomed out. I hugged them, we put our arms around them, we told them that our house was open to them for as long as they needed it. And if you don't believe that, you can check out with Alison.

Susan: I will. Chris -- Kim, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm really worried about her. I'm just afraid Alison is out there somewhere not answering her cell phone, and I'm -- I'm -- I'm just really afraid that she's going to do something that she might regret.

Alison: We were so happy. Even in that pathetic condo where the chandelier was falling on our heads. I just want to get back to that happy place.

Aaron: And you will.

Alison: No, everything is ruined now. Unless I could find a way to replace that money.

Aaron: Well, you told me that the developer ran off with the down payment, right?

Alison: Yeah, but -- but what if I replace the money?

Aaron: How much money are we talking about?

Alison: A lot.

Aaron: How much money do you have, Alison?

Alison: Not a penny to my name. But, Aaron, if I showed up to Chris and I had a check and a smile on my face, then everything would be okay again. What about that bookie from Yo's? What about him?

Aaron: No way. Forget about it, okay? Not unless you want your next piece of real estate to be a prison cell. You couldn't ask your Mom for money, could you?

Alison: Yeah. I can just picture my Mom whipping open her checkbook to help out the son of her dear old friend Kim Hughes.

[Aaron sighing]

Aaron: Do you have any, like, rich dead relatives that left a big trust fund?

Alison: I wish. Aaron, you are a genius!

Aaron: You do have a trust fund?

Alison: No, I have a college fund! Why didn't I think of that?

Aaron: Because it's a college fund -- it's for college.

Alison: What, is it my fault that I'm not college material? Does that make my future less important to invest in? I think not!

Aaron: You have come up with some off-the-wall schemes, but this one takes the cake.

Alison: So you don't think I can convince her?

Aaron: You have a better chance of spinning straw into gold.

Alison: All right. You're on.

Aaron: Whoa, Ali, Ali, Ali --

Alison: What? I just have to get my keys.

Aaron: No, you're not driving anywhere!

Henry: Hey, you think you can fool someone who actually knows her into thinking that you're really Pilar?

Katie: I'm doing this with or without your assistance. Oh, how was that? That was more like Pilar.

Henry: Yeah, it was Pilar with a head injury.

Katie: Well come one -- you come up with something. Help me.

Henry: All right, Pilar with a head cold. Here, put this over the mouthpiece, cough a couple of times -- maybe you'll sound so muffled that he'll really think you're Pilar. Hopefully. Wait, wait, wait. What if R.C. only speaks Spanish?

Katie: [Coughing] Hello -- it's Pilar. Are you there?

RC: Why are you calling me? It's dangerous! You know that!

Katie: I need to see you.

RC: Why?

Katie: Meet me on Highway Nine. The Old Mill.

RC: It's crazy.

Pilar, I canít.

Henry: What happened? Did it work? Did he think you were Pilar?

Katie: Totally.

Henry: Well, what did he say?

Katie: He said it's dangerous to talk. Still think he's some long-lost relative?

Henry: Dangerous? Katie, dangerous? You just arranged to go meet him? What are you going to do when he shows up? What's wrong with you?

Katie: I'll figure out something out. But this proves -- now do you believe me that Pilar is trouble? [Henry groans] Now, I just need to find out what kind of trouble.

Henry: Ok let me ask you this, all right, maybe you could help me out with this, all right -- you're going through all of this, you're possibly risking your neck for Mike Kasnoff? A man you don't care about?

Katie: I do still care about Mike. We were best friends once. He put his life on the line for me, and if someone's gonna hurt him, they are gonna have to go through me first.

[Phone ringing]

Pilar: Hello?

RC: Pilar?

Pilar: What are you doing? Someone could be listening!

RC: Didn't you call me a few minutes ago?

Pilar: Of course not!

RC: Someone did. Pretending to be you.

Pilar: What did she say?

RC: To meet her at a place called the Old Mill. What the hell is going on, Pilar?

Pilar: It was in here. I know it was in here! Where is it!

RC: Pilar?

Pilar, what's going on?

Pilar: My address book. It's missing!

RC: Aw, Pilar!

Pilar: Okay, I know, I know. I'll take care of it. I will!

Mike: Anything I can help you with, Pilar?

Mike: What was that? Something about your address book?

Pilar: I was looking for a number and I realized it's missing. That book has everything in it. My lifeline to the world.

Mike: That's too bad. Who were you talking to?

Pilar: Oh, I called the hotel I stayed in while I was in Chicago to see if I'd left it there.

Mike: No luck?

Pilar: It's so strange. I'm sure I saw it in my purse after you brought it back from the police station.

Mike: I haven't seen it around. You and I are the only two suspects, so --

Pilar: Actually, there was one other person here today. Your friend, Katie, remember?

Mike: You think Katie stole your address book?

Pilar: When she was here earlier, to apologize, I was so exhausted -- I had to go back to bed. She told me to go ahead and she'd let herself out.

Mike: No, not Katie. Stealing someone else's property?

Pilar: I'm afraid that apology was just another trick. I should've known. Anyone who'd have their friend dress up as a priest to force information out of me -- that woman's willing to do anything.

Mike: That's ridiculous.

Pilar: What's ridiculous is how you're so in love with her that you can't see the truth. She stole my address book, Michael. And I want it back.

Mike: Okay, if Katie has it, I will get it back.

Pilar: And what if it's too late? What if she's already started calling people? What if she's grilling my friends and family about the intimate details of my life?

Mike: She wouldn't do that.

Pilar: Oh, God. What if she's called my ex-boyfriend? He'll ask her where I am. And she'll tell him, won't she?

Mike: You don't know that.

Pilar: I've already told you how unpredictable he is. Katie could put me, and all of us, in serious danger. She has to be stopped.

Henry: Okay, you want to protect Mike, that's fine. That's all well and good. But to go to the Old Mill after dark, to meet a stranger? Come on, Katie.

Katie: I'll be fine. I'm in, I'm out

Henry: You're out. Yes, that's right. You're out of your mind. You want to more about R.C.? You want to find more about Pilar? Take the number and go to Margo. Let her work her magic. Let her do a background check. See if the guy's got any priors --

Katie: You want to go to the cops?

Henry: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Katie: So, take a pill. What? I'm going to go confess to Margo I stole Pilar's phone book out of her purse? I found a weird number. And I decided to make a date and rendezvous with this weird guy.

Henry: Fine. If I can't be the voice of reason for once -- will you tell me what it is that you want from me?

Katie: The diabolical advice that I've come to fear and rely on. The only advice that Henry Coleman can give. And if you can't give that to me, I'm going to have to rely on my instincts.

Henry: Oh, no, no, no! Saints preserve us, girl, that's the one thing you should not do.

Katie: Well, then stop acting like a born-again boy scout and help me.

Henry: Okay -- okay. You drive out to the Old Mill -- you park your car a few hundred yards away from the mill -- off in the woods, off the beaten track -- and then you backtrack to the mill by foot

Katie: That way, Mr. R.C. never sees me coming.

Henry: Right. Then you take a look at him through the window, and you write down his license plate number. Bring it back to me and I'll -- I'll check up on him.

Katie: Great. So he never even knows I was there. You're my favorite evil genius.

Henry: I do what I can. You know I'd love to come with you.

Katie: No, no, less chance of being seen if there's just me. Okay, meet me in the lobby in ten minutes. I'll be right back.

Henry: I wonder if Pilar knows any supermodels? Mmm.

Lily: The only reason I agreed to this little pow wow is out of curiosity. What do you have to say about me or my family, especially after the disgusting way that you hid my children from me?

Molly: You're a lot of things, Lily, but I didn't think stupid was among them.

Lily: Excuse me?

Molly: You have everything that anybody could ever want. Look around you. You have a gorgeous husband -- gorgeous. Who loves you unconditionally, and who wants nothing more that to make you happy. And you have beautiful children who want for nothing. And you have a million friends who adore you -- and you're throwing it all away.

Lily: I don't believe this. Molly, where's your pulpit?

Molly: I am just speaking from experience here. Because I've had it. I had the husband loved me more than life. The beautiful little girls -- and do you know what I have now? I have a daughter that I never see. I have a husband that only exists in my memory, and two little girls who will never be mine.

Lily: You want my pity?

Molly: No, Lily. I want you to wake up. Wake up and stop shutting this man out of your life who loves you. He just wants to help you. He's not your enemy.

Lily: When did you become an expert on my husband?

Molly: We've known each other since we were kids. We share a child together. Okay? And the only reason I think he's opening up to me, right now, is because the woman he's used to opening up to -- has turned into a stranger. A pretty damned obnoxious stranger, if you ask me.

Lily: Isn't that the pot calling the kettle metal?

Molly: Okay, you don't like me. Fine. And you know what, I don't care for you too much right now, either. So if you don't want to hear me out, okay. Just think of me as the ghost of things to come.

Lily: I don't want to think of you at all.

Molly: You are letting your grief make you alienate everyone who loves you. You know that?

Lily: I will share something with you. My grief -- my grief -- does not have a timetable on it. But at least I'm trying to do something constructive.

Molly: Yeah, I know, by working with Dusty to make this Rose Foundation thing happen. But you know what? How you can make anything more important than a man who loves you and your children is beyond me.

Lily: Nothing is more important to me than my family.

Molly: Well, that's not the message you're sending Holden. He's afraid he's losing you, okay?

Lily: He would never lose me. He knows that.

Molly: Well, I don't know. I think you need to remind him. Tell him. Show him. 'Cause take it from somebody who's been there, the world is a damn cold and lonely place when you're alone. That's all I want to say.

Aaron: Alison, give me the keys.

Alison: No! No, I'm fine. I know where all of the stop signs are. I will be totally careful.

Aaron: You're drunk. Give me the keys.

Alison: No, I'm not. I'm just happy. I'm just really happy because I finally know what I have to do.

Aaron: That's great. You're happy. But you're too happy to drive. Now, give me the keys. Now, give me the keys!

Alison: No, I have to get to the Lakeview, so I can find my Mom and tell her the news. She will flip!

Aaron: Yeah, she will flip when she sees the kind of condition you're in. Come on. Just give me the keys. I'll call you a cab. I'd take you myself, but my car's in the shop.

Alison: No. I can't wait for a cab. It'll take forever and I have to get there now! I don't even have any money.

Aaron: Fine, hold on. I've got money, okay? Seven dollars, okay?

Alison: Well, it won't get me far, but -- Aaron: No, no! You want the money? Give me the keys. Give me the keys! Ali, it's not like you're leaving here with the keys, anyway. Just give them to me.

Alison: Such a --

Aaron: Hmm?

Alison: You're such a such a good friend! You're like the best!

Aaron: Yeah, there you go.

Alison: You're always helping me with everything. And I know that if I can just get to that college fund, then everything will be okay. And Chris and I can find a new place -- and everything will be happily ever after -- and life will be absolutely gorgeous again!

Aaron: Wait, wait, Ali! Alison, wait. You forgot about the cab! [Alison yells] What's happened? What's happened?

Alison: Chris is out there!

Aaron: What do you want to do?

Alison: Disappear. If Chris sees me like this, I'm so dead. Aaron, you have to help me. Introducing new trident cool rush gum...

Alison: Chris'll be here any second. What'll I do?

Aaron: Hide. Hide.

Alison: Where?

Aaron: The window.

Alison: You want me to jump?

Aaron: There's a fire escape.

Alison: Oh, no. Not another fire escape.

Aaron: Come on, this is not like Chicago, it's a hundred percent safe. You can sit there, too.

[Pounding on door]

Chris: Open up, Aaron! I know you're in there!

Alison: This is so not happening.

Aaron: Let me get rid of him. Coming! What's up, man?

Chris: Where is she?

Aaron: Who?

Chris: Alison. Look, I know she's here, Aaron. Her car's right out front.

Aaron: I have no idea what you're talking about. Look, I have to get to work, so -- you can go.

Chris: She's not here?

Aaron: I haven't seen her.

Chris: Yeah? Tell me something, Aaron. There are two glasses, here. Who've you been drinking with?

Pilar: This Katie has it in for me. I don't know why. And I don't know what she's capable of.

Mike: I do, all right? She's not out there randomly calling numbers, trying to dig up dirt on you.

Pilar: And if you're wrong?

Mike: Then I will deal with it. Okay, unless you're worried enough to tell the cops you might be in danger from this ex of yours?

Pilar: Involving the police would only make him feel threatened, and when he's threatened -- no. The police don't need to know about him. But they definitely need to know about Katie.

Mike: You want her arrested over this?

Pilar: She committed a robbery, didn't she?

Mike: Calling in the cops on Katie is like getting a demolition crew to knock down a picket fence.

Pilar: If you're letting her get away with this because --

Mike: She's not getting away with anything! Okay? If she's the guilty party, I will deal with it, I promise.

Pilar: You trust a woman who broke your heart?

Mike: I trust two of them. Like I said, if she had anything to do with it, I will take care of it.

Pilar: And if there's a next time?

Mike: She's all yours. Lock the door!

Katie: How do I look? Good enough to blend into the shadows?

Henry: Yeah, definitely. You could sneak up on a navy seal in that. Listen, bubbles, you don't have to go through all this.

Katie: Oh, yes, I do. 'Cause if Pilarís the danger magnet I think she is, I need to warn Mike.

Henry: Katie, even if we find out this guy's life story, the chances we'll find something of use are slim to none.

Katie: Well, think positive. Maybe this is exactly what I need to blow Pilar out of the water, back to Spain, [Whispers] and then we can all relax.


Henry: Right. I won't hold my breath.

Katie: Wish me luck.

Henry: You know what? If anything happens to you, I'll kill you. You know that.

Holden: Molly took off? Whatever she said to you, that was her idea entirely. I had nothing to do with --

Lily: Holden, its okay. She said what she had to say and then she left.

Holden: So -- everything's okay?

Lily: No. No, it isnít. I know that I haven't said this enough to you, lately, but I love you very much.

Holden: I love you, too.

Lily: You've done so much for me, over the last few months. More than most men could handle.

Holden: Yeah, you're probably right about that.

Lily: Then, maybe I need a little reminding. I know that you have doubts. I know that you have doubts about my working with Dusty on this foundation. And you have every right to have those doubts. But I don't want it to drive a wedge between us. So, I was wondering if you would help me -- be my partner.

Holden: What did you have in mind?

Lily: We've got to raise money. We've got to raise a lot of money. 'Cause my mother won't get involved if I'm involved in the foundation. So we going to have a fundraiser. And I really, really would like you to be there for me as my support and my partner. Could you do that for me?

Holden: I know that this foundation is very important to you --

Lily: It's not more important than you -- or the family. I want you to see that my choosing to work with Dusty doesn't mean I'm choosing him over you, or the children. Can you do that with me?

Holden: There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Aaron: Look, you busted in my house uninvited. You've searched the place. Are you satisfied?

Chris: Not quite.

Aaron: She's not out there, man!

Chris: No? Aaron, I'm going to ask you one more time --

Aaron: She's not out there!

Chris: No, but she was! Now where did she go?

Aaron: Would you just give her a break, man. You have yelled at her all morning. What are you doing, hunting her down for round two? She took off, can't you see?!

Chris: You got her drunk, and then you let her drive?

Aaron: I didn't let her drive. I've got the keys, see? She's grounded.

Chris: What, so that makes it okay? She's underage, Aaron. Her family history has a problem with alcohol.

Aaron: See, Chris? This is exactly the reaction she knew you'd take. All she wanted to do was make things right for you, and here you are, being a jerk.

Chris: Being a jerk? What do you expect? Aaron, every time she hangs out with you, all hell breaks loose! You know what? You got her drunk. You don't get an opinion!

Aaron: Alison got herself drunk -- because of you. I'm just the guy who tried to stop it.

Chris: Because of me?

Aaron: Yeah, because of you! Face it, Chris. She got wasted for one reason -- because you treat her like dirt.

Kim: So, you will call Chris when Alison shows up.

Emily: Yes, please do the same.

Susan: I will. Thanks.

Alison: Mommy! Oh, I am so glad that I found you! I said to myself, "self, you gotta find your Mom, and everything will be okay!"

Susan: Oh, sweetie --

Kim: You're drunk?

Henry: Rosalita from Madrid -- Teresita from Ibiza -- Henry, old boy, you need to get out there. Take a little vacation.

Mike: You might be getting one.

Henry: Hey! Mike. You shouldn't sneak up on people like that.

Mike: You know what? You shouldn't steal. Give me that.

Henry: You could've given me a heart attack, man!

Mike: You know, when I'm through with you, you're gonna wish that's the only thing I would have given you. But I'll deal with you later. Right now, I want to know where Katie is.

[Katie sighs]

Katie: Okay, I guess Mr. R.C. Stood me up. Got all dressed up for nothing. Maybe he's lost. Maybe he's late. Maybe he's -- here.

On the next "As the World Turns --"

Alison: I need you to give me that money. The money that you put away for college. 'Cause that way I can really go after what I want.

Craig: So, you want to call it kismet, that Paul Ryan and your wife are both unreachable at the same time?

Paul: Calm down, okay. Everything's gonna be fine. Nothing's could possibly go wrong.

Lucy: Hey! What took you guys so long?

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