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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/17/04

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Kim: I'm just afraid that Chris and Alison have made a huge mistake.

Bob: We don't know that.

Kim: Well, honey, trust me, I have seen their apartment. It's unlivable.

Bob: And yet, he and Alison are living there.

Kim: Well, she's living there because he is, and he's living there because he's too pig-headed to come back home.

Bob: Or -- he's seeing it all through younger eyes.

[Kim sighs]

Kim: Come on, honey. Call him. Tell him to come on back home.

Bob: I will not. You know what I think? I think you have got a classic case of empty nest syndrome.

Kim: I do not.

Bob: Yes, you do. I am an incredible diagnostician, a brilliant physician and, lucky for you, I can cure you.

[Kim laughs]

Kim: And how do you plan to do that, oh Swami Bob?

Bob: Come with me, my darling. The doctor is in.

[Bob hums]

Chris: Well, at least the ceiling didn't fall down. Ali, I was kidding.

Alison: Everything in this place is coming unglued.

Chris: Look, the contractor, he probably hired some guy who couldn't cut it, okay? I'm sure when he sees this mess, he'll start over with a new team. [Knock at door] See? That's probably them now -- with our new chandelier. Hey.

Ned: Hey, Ned Carnahan, your downstairs neighbor.

Chris: Chris Hughes. This is my girlfriend, Alison Stewart. Come on -- come on in.

Ned: Heard a crash -- tried to hang a picture, huh?

Alison: You mean the same thing happened to you?

Chris: Are they still working on your condo? You've seen a crew around, right?

Alison: Well, where are they? Somebody's got to clean up this mess.

Ned: Yeah, us. Get ready to write a bunch of checks. I've had bubble gum last longer than the fixtures in this place.

Casey: Just take me with you.

Margo: You know what? We've already been through this.

Casey: Mom, the judge is going to decide whether or not Sarah gets to live with Ben or Jessica or get sent to some weird home. You gotta take me to the courthouse --

Margo: I don't gotta do nothin'. You're the one who broke the trust, Casey, not me.

Casey: Yeah, you know what, Sarah begged me not to tell anyone where she was.

Margo: Well, that doesn't justify breaking the law, does it? For years your father and I have taught you to do the right thing. In two seconds, that kid got you to do the wrong thing. So as far as I'm concerned, you can kiss the friendship goodbye.

Casey: You know what? It's not Sarah’s fault. Hiding out in grandma's store was my idea.

Margo: Gotta go.

Casey: Mom?

Margo: What? I'm sorry, the discussion is over. She is a troubled child and your father and I don't want you hanging out with her. Amen.

Casey: Okay, you know, what if the judge decides to send Sarah away? I won't even get a chance to say good-bye.

Jessica: Sarah, wait a minute.

Sarah: Is there something wrong?

Jessica: I really don't know what's in your heart.

Sarah: What does my heart have to do with anything?

Jessica: Look, I am prepared to go in there and fight like hell to keep you with us. I will plead with the judge to give us one more chance, but I need to know that's what you really want me to do. Is it?

Sarah: Yeah, I guess.

Jessica: That's not good enough. If you're going to continue to live with me and Ben, then you have to be absolutely sure. And if we do get to have this -- this shot all over again, you have to understand that things are going to be different.

Sarah: Different like how?

Jessica: Different like you're going to have to obey the rules. No more lying, no more acting out, no more running away. Those are my terms. So, do you want to stay?

Sarah: Yes. Please.

Jessica: That's all I needed to hear. Now, I, um, I can't make any promises, but I'll do my best.

Sarah: That means you'll win, right?

Jessica: That means I'll do my best. I can't do better than that.

Jennifer: Mom?

Barbara: Jen. Hi, honey. I was just looking at this fabric.

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Barbara: Well, sure. Why -- why wouldn't I be?

Jennifer: Well, you just met with Lisa, your ex-best friend. How did it go?

Barbara: Oh, it was incredible.

Jennifer: Really?

Barbara: Yes.

Jennifer: Really? So did you make up?

Barbara: B.R.O. And Fashions are back in business together.

Jennifer: Oh, wow, that's great! Well, score one for Jordan!

Barbara: Yeah, he's a remarkable young man.

Jennifer: Yeah, and great for the company. I'm sorry about giving you a hard time about hiring him.

Barbara: That's okay, honey, it's just that I didn't want -- Jen?

Jennifer: Mom? What's wrong?

Barbara: Oh, nothing, I've -- I just had a wave of anxiety over your brother flying in this awful weather. Have you talked to Paul?

Jennifer: He seemed to think that he would be leaving Massachusetts today. He might even be home now.

Salesgirl: I'll put it in the window right away.

Jennifer: Oh, wow. That won't stay for long. That's amazing.

Salesgirl: It's a designer sample Mrs. Grimaldi picked up at a show.

Barbara: It would look fabulous on you, sweetie. Why don't you try it on? And if you like it, we'll buy it, my treat. Okay?

Jennifer: Really?

Barbara: Yes.

Jennifer: Oh, thanks, Mom.

Barbara: Listen, if the dress works, would you please have Lisa bill me, and tell my daughter I just have to take care of something.

Carly: I had visions of being stuck in Massachusetts until the spring thaw.

Paul: They got that runway clear so quickly I'm back in time to go by the office and check in. You want me to drop you off on the way?

Carly: Yeah, yeah, that would be nice. There's just -- there's something I want to double-check on first.

Paul: What?

Carly: Us. I want to work with you, Paul, I really do. But are you sure that everything's going to be okay?

Paul: You're very talented Carly, and I got a great company, and I think that that those two things belong together. I really do. I believe that.

Carly: And if Craig tells Barbara that you and I are working together?

Paul: Then we'll tell Lucy that Craig drove all the way to the state of Massachusetts, because he still doesn't believe that Lucy can run her own life. Believe me, he won't tell Barbara anything.

Carly: Well, why don't you call him, remind him why.

Paul: Why don't you?

Jack: Dust again, we'll wrap this up. Oh, I'm glad you could make it.

Craig: My service was down, Jack. I just got your message this morning. So -- oh, it's true?

Jack: You were robbed.

Craig: Leads?

Jack: Questions. Like where the hell have you been?

Craig: Well, I was -- [Phone ringing] Yes?

Carly: Just a reminder -- if you tell Barbara that Paul and I are working together, we will tell Lucy about you showing up. And pulling every string in the book to get her away from us and back home where you wanted her. I will lose an opportunity, Craig, but you -- you will lose your daughter.

Chris: There's no answer at the developer's office.

Alison: That's because they're all on vacation drinking margaritas and paying for them with our money.

Chris: Or maybe they knocked off early to grab a green beer. Okay? It is St. Patrick's Day.

Alison: Didn't you just listen to that guy from downstairs? Ned whatever his name is? He just said that nobody's been able to even get in contact with the developers for days.

Chris: Okay. So there's a breakdown in communication. I'll get on it first thing tomorrow.

Alison: What's the point? Chris, don't you get it? Nobody builds a place where the chandelier falls from the ceiling. Nobody except crooks. 'Cause we've been conned. How can you stay so calm?

Chris: Ali, I'm not going to go nuts until I know that I have a reason to.

Alison: Reason? Reason number one, two, three. Chris, do we really need to we stick around for reason number four, five and six?

Chris: Okay, fine. I'll stop by the sales office tomorrow and talk to the woman who sold us this place.

Alison: Okay. And what is she going to do? Give us a refund?

Chris: More like an explanation. All right? Things fall behind in this business, Ali. I'm sure that the sales office didn't even check in on the construction crew.

Alison: I bet you're right. And I also bet there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

Jessica: Should be just a few more minutes.

Sarah: And then we go in?

Jessica: Then I go in. Remember? The clerk will come for you later.

Sarah: And then the judge will talk to me?

Jessica: Right.

Sarah: I know we've been over this a lot, but -- I'm afraid that when I go in there, I'm not gonna know what to say.

Jessica: Just tell the truth.

Sarah: Oh, sure, like -- "I'm sorry, Mr. Judge, but I got really mad at Jessica and acted out."

Jessica: Exactly.

Sarah: Is Ben coming?

Jessica: He had planned to, but he got an emergency surgery. His thoughts are with you, though.

Margo: Hey, hey, hey.

Sarah: Casey.

Jessica: Hey. What are you doing here?

Margo: Well, I couldn't let my best friend go through something like this alone, could I?

Jessica: I adore you.

Sarah: I can't believe you came.

Casey: Me either. I guess I got my dad's gift for persuasion.

Sarah: Who did you have to persuade?

Casey: Just one of the toughest homicide detectives on the Oakdale PD.

Sarah: I guess you must have really wanted to see me, then.

Casey: Yeah. Well, it's better than being home grounded.

Sarah: Totally.

Clerk: Counselor?

Jessica: Yes.

Clerk: The judge is ready for you.

Jessica: Thank you. Just -- just wait right here.

Margo: If she gets ten feet down that hall, you're a dead man.

Casey: Sounds like you can't even visit the ladies' room. Hey.

Sarah: I'm okay.

Casey: If you're scared, I get it. Try not to worry, Sarah. I mean, things may turn out better than you think.

Sarah: How do you know, Casey? I messed up so bad.

Casey: Yeah, but my dad keeps telling me how good of a lawyer Jessica is. He said she wrote the best closing arguments he's ever heard.

Sarah: If you hadn't been here, I'd be going nuts right now -- standing out here all alone.

Casey: Yeah, well, that's what friends are for.

Craig: Well, then it sounds as if we're both clear about our contractual obligations then. No need to involve anybody else. Good-bye. Hey -- yeah. Uh -- just a second. Jack, so Phyllis is all right?

Jack: She was bound and gagged, but she wasn't harmed.

Craig: Was she able to get a description?

Jack: The burglar wore a mask. She never saw his face.

Lucy: So we were robbed?

Jack: I thought you were going to contact her.

Lucy: Well, he left me a message, but I just thought --

Craig: What? You thought what?

Lucy: I -- I thought it just -- an excuse to get me over here. I'm sorry.

Jack: Well, so -- now that I have you here, it'd be a good time to go through the house and get a list of everything that was missing. Whatever it is -- a diamond bracelet, a pack of dental floss -- I need to know.

Lucy: I'll check my room.

Craig: No, wait, wait, wait -- tell me how your interview went for the fellowship? Come here. Come here. Huh?

Lucy: It was okay.

Craig: Yes? Okay? I'm sure they loved you.

Lucy: The campus is beautiful. I just wish I could have stayed longer. You know, check out the town and the rest of the school.

Craig: Yeah. Well, I'm glad it went okay. I'm glad you're back safe. It's good to see you.

Lucy: I know you tried to keep your promise and give me space. I appreciate it. I'm sorry I doubted you.

Craig: No, it's okay. It's okay. I know you will learn to trust me again. You will. I know you will.

Carly: There's nothing like threatening Craig to make a gal feel better.

Paul: See? I told you. Everything's gonna be great.

Carly: I think I'm starting to believe you. And you know? I really do think that we make a pretty good team. I show you my sketches and your suggestions give me at least a million new ideas.

Paul: You and me, we're going to make a big splash in the fashion world. When are you going to start to trust that?

Carly: I guess I'm not used to so much optimism. I find it hard to believe that nothing is gonna go wrong.

Paul: Yeah? Believe it. [Knock on door] Mom! Hey.

Barbara: Oh! Oh, you're back.

Paul: Yeah -- I'm --

Barbara: I'm so glad.

Paul: I've been back like two seconds. I haven't had a chance to unpack or check my messages or anything. Why don't you give me a couple hours to get my --

Barbara: I can't do that, honey. I've got to talk to you right now.

Chris: We have a cooler. We have a place to sleep. We'll be fine for tonight.

Alison: Are you sure? Because if the walls fall on us at 3:00 A.M., I'm gonna be very cranky.

Chris: That's not going to happen. But, just to be on the safe side, we won't sleep under any light fixtures.

Alison: I'm sorry. I'm trying to be a good sport about this. It's just -- this is our home, our first home -- and it is a disaster.

Chris: Ali, I know it feels that way now, but we'll get all this stuff taken care of.

Alison: And in the meantime?

Chris: In the meantime -- in the meantime, you're here. I'm here. And that's all I need to make this place home.

Sarah: So when I overheard that Jessica never gave my letters to Bonnie, I got really, really mad. And I know I should have -- should have talked to Jessica first, but -- I don't know, I --

Judge: So you acted impulsively instead? That's the pattern in your behavior that worries me the most, Sarah. The planting the letters in ms. Griffin's photo album, running away -- again. Breaking into Mrs. Grimaldi's store --

Sarah: But not to steal anything.

Judge: I know. These things are matters for concern.

Sarah: But I'm -- I'm sorry. I made a lot of mistakes. I swear I won't make them again.

Judge: It would go a long way for you if you learned some really good lessons here.

Sarah: I have.

Judge: We'll see. Over the next 30 days, I'm going to review your case. I'm going to look at some records. And then I'm going to consult with children's services. At the end of that period, I'll render my decision.

Jessica: And until then, your honor?

Judge: Until then, I have no choice but to remand Sarah to the custody of the state of Illinois.

Salesgirl: It's like it was made for you.

Jennifer: I do wish my mother was here. I could use a second opinion.

Jordan: I've got one. How about, that amazing dress has met its match.

Jack: All right, pack it up.

Craig: Jack, Lucy’s still going through her room. These are the only things missing.

Jack: Good. Well, some of this stuff will be easy to fence, right? The other stuff -- what's a guy gonna get for a picture frame?

Craig: It looks like they didn't even try to go into the safe.

Jack: Forensics confirmed that, right?

Cop: But the guy might have been spooked by the maid.

Jack: Yeah, you gotta thank Phyllis. She was -- she was very brave. If she hadn't walked in when she did, you'd probably be missing a lot more stuff.

Craig: Jack -- Jack, this isn't about money. This is about Rosanna’s disappearance.

Jack: So you say. You gotta give me evidence.

Craig: Fine? You want me to play cop, Jack? All right, then maybe we will find out why Rosanna’s missing!

Lucy: Rosanna's missing? So much for being honest with me, Daddy.

Barbara: No, no. I don't have any bad news.

Paul: Did the company go under when I was out of state?

Barbara: No, the company is just fine. And so is Will.

Paul: Great. Why don't you give me a chance to unpack, then, Mom? And then I'll meet you for a drink in a couple of hours and you can tell me whatever it is that's bothering you then.

Barbara: You don't understand. I've been --

Paul: You've been what?

Barbara: Yeah, you're right. It can wait.

Paul: Yeah. Mom, I don't mean to hurry you out of here. It's just -- I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I'm really tired.

Barbara: I am, too, actually. I think I've been driving myself too hard lately. Paul, do your eyes get tired when you've been overworked?

Paul: Yeah. Sometimes they're so tired, I think they're gonna cross.

Barbara: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Paul: And that's when I know that it's time for me to take some time off.

Barbara: That might not be a bad idea. Maybe I need to take a little time off.

Paul: I think that's a terrific idea. Mom, you did a great job, you got this production line in early. You deserve a break. So don't call me, don't come by and no e-mails to the office for the next couple days. And that's an order.

Barbara: Why do I get the feeling that you're trying to hurry me out of here?

Paul: I just want you to take care of yourself.

Barbara: Someone's here. I thought I caught a whiff of expensive perfume when I came in. That's why you're trying to get me out of here. You've got a woman here.

Craig: You don't think I was being honest with you?

Lucy: Well, what? Did you just forget to tell me that something happened to Rosanna?

Craig: Now we don't know that anything has happened to Rosanna.

Lucy: When are you gonna stop trying to protect me? Look, I know that you thought that not telling me about Cabot’s adoption was for my own good, but if something's happened to Rosanna, I need to know.

Craig: All we know is that Rosanna abruptly checked out of a hotel she was staying in St. Bart’s. Okay? We don't know why. Nobody's heard from her, okay? But the police don't even officially consider her missing.

Jack: That's the truth, Lucy. All that's true. Okay?

Lucy: But we don't know where she is or why she checked out of the hotel?

Craig: No. No. No. Now maybe there's a connection to this robbery. I don't know. I was thinking that maybe somebody might be trying to keep her from getting in touch with me, as opposed to her just, you know, not wanting to.

Jack: So, back to the burglary. Lucy, anything missing from your room?

Lucy: No, nothing. My -- my jewelry box, my laptop, nothing's been touched. Which is good, because I need my laptop for school, and I'm actually gonna take that over to grandmother's with me.

Craig: Why? Why don't you stay here with me tonight, keep me company?

Lucy: I don't think that's a good idea. I'll call you tomorrow.

Craig: All right, whatever you need to do. Now look, Jack, official or not, Rosanna is missing. And I don't want to scare Lucy with this, but there is some kind of connection. Rosanna is in trouble, and I think that she has been kidnapped.

Kim: I have to admit, turning Chris' old room into a home gym will be terrific. It's a stroke of genius.

Bob: It's out of desperation. Every time I get up in the middle of the night, I stub my foot on that damn treadmill.

Kim: So, now what do you want, water or lemonade?

Bob: Well, since we're celebrating -- lemonade.

Kim: Remind me again, why are we celebrating?

Bob: Well, this is a very special occasion. Chris and Alison have moved out.

Kim: Yeah?

Bob: I have my lovely wife all to myself.

Kim: Oh, yes.

Bob: So, here's to us, to our nest. It's not completely empty, but for the moment, we have it all to ourselves.

Alison: You're right. As long as we're together, and we have our own place, we can deal with anything.

Chris: Now you're catching on.

Alison: Chris?

Chris: Hmm?

Alison: Do you smell something?

Chris: No. Wait a second. Yes!

Jennifer: So you like this getup?

Jordan: Well, the dress by itself is very nice. But with you in it -- unbelievable.

Jennifer: Well, my -- my mother thought it would look good on me, so --

Jordan: Well, she's got a good eye. Oh, by the way, is she still here? I -- that's why I came over here. I wanted to see how things went with Lisa.

Jennifer: Oh, actually, she just left. But before she left, she told me that Fashions is going to be housing the new B.R.O. line. So congratulations, Mr. Sinclair. You have pulled off the impossible.

Jordan: That's excellent!

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, I guess I should go change.

Jordan: No, no, no, no, don't change.

Jennifer: But this --

Jordan: -- Dress was made for you. You know, usually, I only get one brilliant idea every 24 hours, but I just got another one. You want to hear what it is?

Jennifer: If I must.

Jordan: Grab your stuff from the dressing room and put them in a bag, because you are wearing that dress out of this store.

Jennifer: And where exactly am I wearing it to?

Jordan: Hey, in a dress like that, anything can happen.

Paul: Can't fool you, Mom. I can honestly say that there is a woman here.

Barbara: Well, I am thrilled. I mean, I'm -- I'm glad that you're getting out. Is it serious?

Paul: Starting to look that way, yeah.

Barbara: When do I get to meet her?

Paul: That'll be great, you know, when the time's right. But not -- not now.

Barbara: No. No, of course, not. What does she look like?

Paul: She's a knockout.

Barbara: Smart?

Paul: Like a fox.

Barbara: Employed?

Paul: Soon to be very successful.

Barbara: Isn't it a wonderful thing that you are a single man? Bye.

Paul: Bye.

Barbara: Oh, no, this is not just tired. This is not. There is something definitely wrong here. Paul doesn't need this right now. He doesn’t. Nobody needs this right now.

Paul: You can come out now.

Carly: Well, that was creepy. I don't like your mother snooping around.

Paul: You know, you don't need to worry about Barbara anymore.

Carly: That woman did have me kidnapped once upon a time.

Paul: Well, that was before -- before I was here. Now that I'm here, she trusts me to protect her interests. In fact, she trusts me so much that she's gonna take a few days off and leave me the keys to the candy store.

[Barbara sighs]

Barbara: Okay. Open. Oh, no, not again. Dr. Daniels?

Walker: Is something wrong, Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: No. No, no, thank you. I'm just a little overtired.

Walker: You sure that's all?

Barbara: Yes. Yes. No. You seem to be a very kind man. Would you mind if I asked you a question? A professional question?

Walker: You can ask me anything you want, anything at all.

Jack: All right, so far, forensics didn't find any prints that can't be accounted for.

Craig: No.

Jack: Whoever did this was a pro.

Craig: Well, everyone makes mistakes, Jack. They left something behind. You --

Jack: Then they will find it. But for right now, the only lead we have is this list of stolen goods. Can you fax this to the station for me?

Craig: All right.

Jack: Thanks. All right, hang tight, I'll be in touch.

Craig: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That's it? Nighty-night? What, are you knocking off for warm milk and cookies, Jack? We got to keep looking. We got to keep moving here.

Jack: Craig, it's not "nighty-night." But right now, all we can do is wait.

Craig: For what?! Jack, Rosanna has been kidnapped. There was a break-in. There is a connection. There are kidnappers here.

Jack: But why? Why, Craig? Why? I want to understand the logic behind your theory.

Craig: Jack, Rosanna disappears, and the next day, our house is broken into, and nothing of value is taken? I don't know. Maybe it's just my gut telling me Rosanna’s in danger.

Jack: Yeah. Well, I don't take orders from your gut.

Craig: Oh, right. So what are you -- you gonna sit around your desk eating doughnuts, waiting for the --

Jack: Doughnuts?

Craig: -- For the phone to ring. What is Carly gonna say when she finds out her sister is missing, and her g-man is --

Jack: You better watch yourself, buddy. You need me. Don't do something stupid.

Cop: Jack, I got something.

Jack: What is it?

Cop: Found it down the road in a muddy tire track.

Craig: What? What is it?

Jack: Rosanna's business card.

Jessica: Please, your honor, would you possibly reconsider? I mean, Sarah is doing so well in school. And she's made friends, and, for the first time in her life, she has some stability. I mean, if you put her back in the system, she'll lose so much ground.

Judge: Counselor, you know as well as I do that there is always things that are lost in cases like this. I'm sorry, but I have to weigh what Sarah needs most at this time.

Sarah: What I need is to be with Ben and Jessica.

Judge: I know you've packed your suitcases too many times, young lady. And I'm sorry I have to order you to do it again. But your behavior in the care of Dr. Harris and Ms. Griffin has placed you in personal jeopardy. These -- these changes that I suggest are for your own protection.

Jessica: Begging the court's pardon, your honor, but the evaluation from children's services didn't take into consideration the positive things that have happened since Sarah has been in our care. I mean, she has made real progress since she came to live with us.

Judge: I see no indication of that.

Jessica: Your honor, there are subtle things that a caseworker may not catch on a one-home visit. Sarah never used to laugh. She barely smiled. But now my husband and I, we hear her on the phone with a friend, and she's laughing so hard she can barely catch her breath. When she first came to live with us, her room was a mess. It was like she didn't believe it was hers, or that the things in it, she shouldn't invest in or care about. But now that she realizes that those things aren't gonna be taken away from her, I mean, her room is absolutely spotless.

Judge: I have given my ruling, counselor.

Jessica: Then I have to respectfully disagree. Please, your honor, Sarah, in our home, is a person. If you put her back in the system, she's just another number.

Judge: I understand the risk. That's why I'm taking the next 30 days to review everything about the case before I make my decision. Would you notify the agency and have them come pick up Sarah Travers?

Sarah: No!

Judge: I hereby declare you a ward of the state.

Jessica: Wait, your honor, I have another idea. Please -- listen to my proposal. I think it's something we all can live with.

Jessica: Your honor, if you really believe that Sarah shouldn't live in our home right now, I accept that. But would you consider another foster situation for her?

Judge: If this situation meets with the approval of the court and children's services, I just might consider it.

Jessica: I'm sure it will, your honor. In fact, I think that Detective Margo Hughes and District Attorney Tom Hughes are the gold standard when it comes to parents.

Bob: Are you becoming aware of this window of opportunity?

Kim: Mm. Trying out the treadmill in its new and improved location?

Bob: Actually, I was thinking of another form of exercise.

Kim: Are thinking what I think you're thinking?

Bob: Well, listen, Alison and Chris moved out.

Kim: Yeah.

Bob: Mom's gone out.

Kim: Yes.

Bob: And I have my beautiful wife all to myself.

Kim: Mm.

Bob: And also, a change of scenery --

Kim: Here?

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Kim: Right --

Bob: -- Could be good for the soul.

Kim: Right where I make the meatloaf?

Bob: Quiet, you fool. Kiss me.

Kim: Oh.

Bob: I thought -- I thought you were spending the night at your apartment.

Chris: There was a fire.

Kim: My gosh!

Alison: The whole complex burned to the ground.

Kim: Oh, no!

Chris: Yeah, we were hoping we could move back in for a while.

Salesgirl: All your things are in here, ms. Munson.

Jennifer: Thank you. So, this little number is now officially mine.

Jordan: So where you gonna go with it?

Jennifer: Home, I guess, my so-called life.

Jordan: You're gonna look kind of silly doing the dishes in that getup.

Jennifer: Well, I'll pretend I'm Cinderella and that it's after midnight.

Jordan: Or you can find a guy, go out and make every ugly stepsister in town choke with envy.

Jennifer: Do you know anyone that I should call?

Jordan: I'm sure you have your little black book.

Jennifer: Actually, you know what? I don't think I need it.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jordan: Hello?

Jennifer: Care to save a girl from dishpan hands?

Barbara: Can I get you a drink?

Walker: Is that the question you wanted to ask me?

Barbara: No, but --

Walker: Okay, why don't we just forget the drink? And why don't you tell me what's making you look so worried, Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: Barbara, please.

Walker: Okay, Barbara. What's up?

Barbara: I -- I need a -- a medical opinion. It's -- it's my eyes.

Walker: What about them?

Barbara: I've been having these -- these episodes where things get all blurry.

Walker: These episodes, how long do they last?

Barbara: It varies. Sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a little longer. And then everything clears up, and it's like everything's all right. But I know everything's not all right. I know there's something wrong. And I am scared to death. Please -- please tell me I'm not going blind.

Carly: How long do you think Barbara will be out of the office?

Paul: Couple days. We stay on the pace we set on our little out-of-town trip, we should have the new line wrapped in by the time she gets back.

Carly: Good, I'll get my book. Oh, great. Is this how it's gonna be? Every ten minutes she's gonna think of something urgent she just has to discuss with you? This is not getting off to a very good start.

Paul: Lucy.

Carly: Oh, hi, Lucy.

Lucy: Rosanna's missing. They're saying she might be kidnapped. Please, Paul, you have to help me.

Craig: I faxed the list of the stolen items to the police station.

Jack: Good. I want you to make a plaster cast of that tire track.

Cop: You got it.

Craig: Plaster cast?

Jack: Plaster cast, yes. We make the cast. We compare it to your car and Rosanna’s. We don't get a match, we make a request to all the tire stores, trying to trace the sale.

Craig: Jack, we don't have time for that.

Jack: Oh, yeah? Do you got time for this? What do those numbers mean?

Craig: That's the security code for the house. You punch them in, it turns off the alarm.

Jack: Yes, I know what it does. Recognize the handwriting?

Craig: Yes, well -- it could be Rosanna’s but -- maybe if she scribbled it, like somebody forced her to.

Jack: I'll get it to the lab, see what they say. I'm gonna need a couple more samples of her handwriting so they have something to compare it to.

Craig: Jack, she's being kept against her will, isn't she?

Jack: Starting to look that way.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Barbara: There is something wrong with me.

Walker: Is it happening again?

Jennifer: Mom? Are you all right?

Carly: Lucy and me can do our own investigating. We can't go to New York.

Paul: Feel like going to the Caribbean?

Jack: That was for my wife. Rosanna Cabot’s her sister. So this is personal.

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