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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/10/04

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Lily: Lisa, how long have you been here?

Lisa: About an hour.

Lily: Have you seen Holden?

Lisa: No.

Lily: He's not at Jack's or Emma’s, so I thought maybe he might be here.

Lisa: Honey, why don't you calm down? Tell me what's going on.

Lily: My children are missing.

Lisa: Oh, good grief! Did you call the police?

Lily: Oh, no, no -- Holden has them. He's -- he has them someplace. He's taken them somewhere.

Lisa: Oh, Lily, I don't understand. Why would Holden take your children and not tell you where they are --

Lily: You're not listening to me. He's got the children. He's using them against me. He's taken them somewhere. He -- Dusty!

Dusty: What's going on?

Lily: Oh, thank God you're here. You gotta help me. You gotta help me find the kids.

Molly: Hi.

Holden: As promised -- not one, not two, but three DVDs. Everything from cartoons to action-adventure.

Luke: Why can't we watch them home?

Molly: Because, Luke -- because -- well, here, we get to raid the minibar! I mean it, I -- we got cookies. We got candy, crackers.

Luke: Mom says we can't have snacks.

Holden: Tonight it's okay.

Faith: Thanks, Daddy.

Luke: I'm not hungry.

Holden: Luke. Luke, you love staying in hotels.

Luke: This is different.

Molly: You know, there was a time when you loved being with me. Whew! Luke, is that you? Just kidding. I think somebody needs a change, Holden.

Holden: Could you --

Molly: Yeah. Yes, I can. I remember how to do this. Come on, Natalie. It's okay.

Holden: Luke, do me a favor. Put this one in for your sister. Luke, come on.

[Natalie crying]

Molly: Yeah.

Holden: Molly, I really --

Molly: No, you --

[Natalie crying]

[Talking over each other]

Holden: If there was anyone else --

Molly: I know I'm the last resort nanny. I just have one question. How long is this little party gonna last?

Ben: How'd it go?

Jessica: My license was suspended.

Tom: 60 days.

Ben: Well, can you appeal?

Tom: I say take the ruling and move on.

Jessica: Tom's right. I mean, I could have been disbarred.

Tom: The judge agreed that Jessica did not break the court order by handing the letters to Bonnie.

Jessica: He also acknowledged that Sarah believed she had cause to set me up and most likely did.

Ben: Then why suspend your license?

Tom: Because, been, you can't prove that.

Jessica: I'm okay with it, sweetheart.

Ben: Well, I'm not okay with it. And I'm not okay with anything that has to do with Sarah right now.

Casey: Excuse me, is Tom Hughes in court today?

Bailiff: Yeah. He just came out of courtroom A.

Casey: All right, thanks.

Bailiff: You're welcome.

Ben: I was going to wait till we got home to tell you this, but I got a call from children's services on my way over here. And, in light of everything that's happened, they are recommending that Sarah be removed from our home.

Jessica: When?

Ben: They're sending somebody to pick her up tonight.

Mike: Pilar? What are you doing here? Oh, hey. Hey. Pilar? Listen, talk to me. Pilar, who did this to you? Oh, my God, I've got to get you to a hospital. Yeah, I got a woman at my house I think's been stabbed. I need an ambulance here right away, all right? Hurry up.

Mike: How is she?

John: Oh -- well, she's lost a lot of blood, but she's still stable.

Mike: And she'll be all right?

John: Barring complications, you know?

Mike: What's that mean?

John: Well, there's always the risk of infection or complications from damaged internal organs.

Mike: Is she awake? Can I see her?

John: Look, I'm gonna get her some more medication. I want her to be still. And I'm gonna come back in a minute and check. All right?

Mike: Thanks, John. [Monitor beeping] Shh. It's okay. Just rest. All right? I'm right here. No one's gonna hurt you again. You scared me to death. That's a hell of a way to tell me you're back in town.

Katie: Who's the patient in 409?

Nurse: I don't know. She was just admitted. Dr. Dixon's treating her.

Katie: And why on earth is Margo here?

Nurse: Pardon?

Katie: Oh, nothing. I have to get something down to radiology.

Margo: Hi. We got an old friend back in town.

Mike: Hey, Margo, what are you doing here?

John: The hospital is required to call the police in the event of any gunshot wound or stabbing.

Margo: Do you have any idea how she got hurt?

Mike: No. I was about to leave when she literally came to my door and collapsed.

John: We've sedated her with some pain medications, so she's very close to being out.

Margo: Well, hopefully I can question her sometime soon.

Pilar: Michael?

Mike: Hey, I'm right here.

Pilar: I thought I was dreaming.

Sarah: Hey, Case. What's going on? You sounded really freaked on the phone.

Casey: They're sending you back.

Sarah: What are you talking about?

Casey: Children's services called Ben. They want to take you out of Jessica’s place.

Sarah: No. No, they wouldn't --

Casey: I heard him telling Jessica at the courthouse. It's all because of what happened with the letters, all the stuff that came out at the hearing.

Sarah: But Jessica wouldn't go along with it, will she?

Casey: It's not her call. They're sending somebody to get you tonight.

Sarah: Did they say where they were gonna put me?

Casey: I don't know if they've decided that yet.

Sarah: What am I gonna do, case?

Casey: Call -- just talk to Jessica, okay? I mean, just --

Sarah: She hates me, Casey.

Casey: Just tell her you're sorry. I mean, tell her anything.

Sarah: That I learned my lesson?

Casey: Whatever.

Sarah: She won't believe me. She just -- she wants me out of her perfect little life. God, they're here, Casey. I can't let them see me.

Ben: We don't have a choice in this.

Tom: Ben's right, Jess.

Jessica: Come on, Tom, you know the system as well as I do. Kids Sarah’s age don't get placed in foster homes. If they're lucky, they get sent back to a shelter like Durgin Street. If they're not --

Ben: We are not responsible for where Sarah gets placed.

Jessica: Ben, this is just as much my fault as it is Sarah’s.

Ben: How can you say that? Now, even if you had flatly refused to deliver her letters to Bonnie, I am convinced that she'd have found some other way to lash out at you. And we'd end up right where we are now.

Sarah: I have to get out of here before they see me.

Casey: Don't panic. We'll wait for our chance.

Jessica: This just seems so harsh.

Ben: Oh, come on, Jess. The girl has refused to apologize. There's no trust left between us. Without that, I don't know how we can go on. Yes, it's sad. But it's that simple.

Jessica: Then the child has lost everyone she's ever loved. Now, she's angry, and if we reject her, too, it's just gonna get worse.

Tom: Maybe so. But Sarah had to know there were gonna be consequences for her actions.

Ben: Absolutely. You want to fight children's services on this?

Jessica: No, that's not what I'm saying --

Waitress: Hi, folks. Sorry to interrupt.

Jessica: That's okay.

Waitress: Our special is the all-American burger.

Jessica: Great.

Waitress: Waters all around?

Jessica: Yes, thank you.

Ben: Thank you.

Waitress: I'll be right back to take your order.

Jessica: Thanks very much. Look, all I'm saying is, we have made mistakes, too.

Ben: But never with the deliberate intention of hurting Sarah. And that's the difference. I'm not trying to be hard-nosed on this, babe. But it's time we face the fact that we have given this our best shot. But it's over. After tonight, Sarah is no longer a part of our lives.

Casey: Come on.

Molly: Believe me, Holden, look, I'm not trying to give you a hard time. It's just this is a hotel room, and it's not the best place to stash three active kids.

Holden: I know that. But you just have to give me a little while longer. Okay?

Molly: I'm just curious what you're trying to accomplish by hiding the kids from Lily. It's not gonna make her get help. You can't force somebody to do that. You know? If Lily feels like she's being forced into treatment, it's for all the wrong reasons.

Holden: I just don't know how else to reach out to her.

Molly: Well, take it from somebody who's been pretty unreachable. Lily is at rock bottom, and that's a really lonely place to be.

Holden: I know that, and I really hate doing this. But if this helps me to get through to her, then so be it.

Molly: Okay. Come here, kid. Guess who's sleeping with me? Oh, yeah.

Dusty: Did you talk to your mother about this?

Lily: She's on Holden’s side.

Lisa: Look, would you excuse me? I'll be back in a few minutes.

Lily: Oh, Lisa, could you call Kim? Maybe Kim knows something. Maybe she --

Dusty: Kim Hughes? You think Holden dropped --

Lily: Look, I don't know where else to look.

Dusty: What's he so upset about anyway?

Lily: He -- he's angry that I went to Chicago instead of checking myself into that hospital.

Dusty: So he hijacked your kids?

Lily: He thinks I need help.

Dusty: Well, how's taking the kids gonna help you get help?

Lily: He thinks if I'm desperate enough to see the children, maybe I'll go see a psychiatrist. I told him I was there with you. We talked about it. I realize that this foundation is wonderful. I can work with Rose's memory, and still move on with my life.

Dusty: So what's the problem? Me?

Lily: He doesn't even get it.

Dusty: Me?

Lily: He doesn't understand. He doesn't -- I just need two things in my life. I need my family, and I need a way to keep Rose's memory alive for all of us.

Dusty: Well, you're preachin' to the choir here. You know that.

Lily: Right. Would you talk to him? Please? Oh, please, talk to Holden. Tell him that I'm okay and that I can see the --

Dusty: You want me to interfere with your husband?

Lily: He's not listening to me.

Dusty: Lily, this is your marriage. I'm not putting myself in the middle of it. No way.

Sarah: You know, I knew Jessica hated me, but I didn't think that she'd throw me out.

Casey: Jessica doesn't hate you.

Sarah: No, you don't know. You didn't have to live with the woman.

Casey: I mean, what are you -- what are you gonna do? I mean, you have no place to go, no money.

Sarah: No, I do have money. My Dad set up a trust fund before he died.

Casey: Yeah, but a trust fund? I mean, I don't think you can just go into a bank and tell 'em to hand it over.

Sarah: I guess not. My Dad's lawyer said I have to be, like, 50 to even touch it, but I bet my grandpa could get it for me. I wish I could live with him.

Casey: Where is he?

Sarah: He's in Atlanta, but he's sick. And every time I try to call, this nurse answers. And I don't even think he can talk. I figure if I show up, he's got to take me, right?

Casey: You can't go to Atlanta by yourself.

Sarah: Why not?

Casey: I mean, what if it doesn't work out? What if he's too sick to let you stay? You'll be on the street. Just talk to Jessica. I mean, maybe it's not too late.

Sarah: Okay, listen, are you gonna help me or not?

Casey: At least try.

Sarah: You know what? Fine. Forget it. Forget I even here came here, okay? I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go to Atlanta, and I'm gonna get my money. And I'm not gonna need you anymore. And I'm not gonna need anyone.

Casey: Sarah –

Margo: According to the bus company, you arrived at around 6:40, but your ticket was purchased for Chicago.

Pilar: I -- I was planning to go on. But then I remembered Mike was living here in Oakdale again.

Margo: So you stopped for a visit?

Pilar: Yes. I was walking past the station, down that narrow street.

Margo: Delancey.

Pilar: Yes, Delancey. A man came up behind me. He had a knife. He cut the strap of my purse, then he told me to give him my jewelry.

Mike: Can we do this later, Margo?

Margo: You know, I'm sorry, but it's really better if I question Pilar now, while her memory's fresh.

Pilar: It's all right, Michael. I -- I tried to take off my bracelet, when I heard someone coming.

Margo: Mm-hmm. He must have panicked. He grabbed my suitcase. And then -- then he stabbed me and ran off.

Margo: Do you know what he looked like?

Pilar: No. He -- he wore a ski mask.

Margo: Well, can you describe him? Was he tall, short, medium build?

Pilar: I'm don't know.

Margo: Can you try? Try to remember.

Pilar: Medium build, I think.

Margo: Okay.

Pilar: I can't be sure.

Margo: Okay, that's okay. Did he -- did he talk to you at all?

Pilar: Yes.

Margo: Did he have an accent?

Pilar: No. I don't think so. I was in shock. I didn't even hear his voice.

Margo: How did you know where Mike lived?

Pilar: When I got off the bus, I -- I looked up his address in the phone book.

Margo: Okay, so then you decided to go straight to Mike's house instead of to the hospital?

Pilar: At first -- at first, I wasn't in much pain. I was disoriented. I didn't realize how serious it was.

Margo: How did you get to Mike's house?

John: Listen, I think there's a better time to do this, you know?

Mike: Yeah, John's right.

Margo: All right. All right. But call me if you remember anything else.

Pilar: I will.

Margo: Okay. I'll be questioning you again when you're feeling better.

Mike: Thanks, Margo.

Margo: Okay.

John: I'm gonna order up a few more tests, and the nurse will be around later with pain medication, but only if you need it, if you're uncomfortable. Right now, I'd like you to try to get some rest.

Margo: Thanks.

Katie: Hey, what are you doing here?

Margo: Working.

Katie: Oh, with that patient?

Margo: Mm-hmm. A robbery gone wrong.

Katie: Yeah, I hear she was stabbed.

Margo: Luckily, Mike got her here in time.

Katie: Mike? Mike's in there?

Margo: Yeah. An old friend. I guess she just showed up on his doorstep hurting.

Katie: Yeah, what was he doing still home? He was supposed to be leaving.

Margo: Yeah, I don't know, Katie. Why don't you go in there and ask him?

Katie: Because it's none of my business.

Margo: Yeah, right, I believe that. Listen to me, Mike is simply helping out an old friend. He and Pilar have known each other a long time.

Katie: Pilar? The Pilar? The Pilar he followed to Spain?

Margo: Yep. The one and only.

Lily: You just tell Holden that the foundation is working for me and that you were worried about my mental state before, but not anymore. I'm okay. Please.

Dusty: Your kids love you, right?

Lily: Of course.

Dusty: Then Holden’s gonna bring them back to you.

Lily: No, I'm not sure of that.

Dusty: Then you should be sure. 'Cause you should know your husband better than that. And if you don't, then I can't help you, you know? I got to run. I've had a long day. Good luck with everything. Okay?

Molly: Here you go, guys. Fresh, buttery, yummy popcorn for the movie.

Luke: Thanks.

Molly: You're welcome.

Holden: Natalie's asleep. And these two should be, too, pretty soon.

Molly: Are you telling me I have to tell them they can't watch the end of the movie?

Holden: Trust me. You do not want to go past the zero hour. Okay? It will get ugly.

Molly: Thanks for the heads-up. Holden, I already thought about it. Faith can bunk with me, and I ordered a cot for Luke.

Holden: Great. [Knocking at door] Expecting company?

Molly: Yeah, actually, I -- I asked the Charlie the doorman to go get me some diapers.

Holden: I'm sorry.

Molly: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Holden: I thought I brought enough.

Molly: Just get out of sight, okay? Charlie, thank you. You're a lifesaver.

Charlie: No problem. Just seems funny, bringing you diapers.

Molly: Well, they're not for me. They're for my cousin's baby who's staying with me for a couple -- you know what? Here you go. Just keep the change.

Charlie: Thanks, Ms. McKinnon.

Molly: Sure. Don't let the size of the package fool you. These guys are out of here by morning.

Holden: Promise. I promise, all right? Let me just say good night to the kids, okay?

Molly: Sure. [Knocking at door] You know what? It's probably Charlie again. What do you want?

Dusty: Can I come in?

Molly: It's late.

Dusty: So what?

Molly: I'm tired. It's not a good time, okay?

Dusty: Hey. You're a terrible liar. You know that? You got Lily's kids in there or what?

Ben: I'll pay this so we can get home and talk to Sarah.

Tom: You want me to come along?

Jessica: No, no, I -- I appreciate it, but I think we should talk to her ourselves.

Curtis: I'm glad I caught you guys. I found this when I got home. Sarah's running away.

Jessica: She says she's not going back to any juvenile home.

Ben: But wait, how did she even find out what Children's Services was planning to do?

Jessica: I don't know. We just have to find her.

Tom: Let's go do that.

Pilar: I'm sorry.

Mike: For what?

Pilar: For ruining your plans.

Mike: You didn't ruin anything.

Pilar: You were leaving. I saw the suitcase. Going on vacation?

Mike: Not exactly, but I was leaving Oakdale for good.

Pilar: Why?

Mike: For a lot of reasons.

Pilar: A woman?

Katie: All right, let me get this straight. This Pilar shows up at Mike's house with a stab wound. So, instead of, say, going to the ER, she looks up her old boyfriend.

Margo: Yeah, apparently.

Katie: Gee, that's what I would do if I was ever stabbed.

Margo: God forbid. Listen to me. This is still an investigation that's open, so not open to the hospital grapevine.

Katie: Hmm, risk bleeding to death in Mike's arms or go to the hospital.

Margo: Look at you. My God, you can't let it go, can you? What, do you have a problem with Pilar, with Mike, with both?

Katie: Who says I have a problem?

Margo: Oh, yeah, like I believe that. What's he supposed to do, play drop and run? Just prop her up against the ER door, pin a little note to her, giggle, leave town?

Katie: Yeah, very funny.

Margo: Listen to me. Mike is Mike.

Katie: I know. I know. Honestly, Margo, don't you have anything better to do than stand around and talk about Mike Kasnoff?

Molly: I don't know what you're talking about.

Dusty: Is that the best you got?

Molly: Get lost, Dusty.

Dusty: I'll get lost when I know that Lily's kids aren't in there.

Molly: I didn't even know that Lily's kids are missing.

Dusty: Oh, yeah. They are missing, and Lily's downstairs, freakin' out right now.

Molly: So what else is new?

Dusty: You better be straight with me.

Molly: Okay, fine. You're half right. There is somebody in there, and I really want to get back to him. So if you don't mind --

Dusty: Boyfriend?

Molly: It's none of your business.

Dusty: Does he wear a diaper? Come on, who are you trying to kid? I saw Charlie drop them off. What are you doin'?

Molly: Well, you're seeing things, clearly.

Dusty: Oh, am I? Am I? Well, why don't you let me in there, and if you're entertaining some moron, I'll leave you alone?

Molly: Just leave and we'll call it even.

Dusty: This is wrong. What you're doin' is wrong.

Molly: So what's plan "b"?

Holden: He can't prove anything.

Molly: Well, not yet, but he's gonna camp out there, Holden, till he can. And he says Lily's downstairs. And there's no backdoor to this place, and all the windows are about a mile above street level. So I would say this is a standoff, friend. [Cell phone ringing] Oh, gee, I wonder who that is.

Holden: Dusty, hi.

Dusty: Open the door.

Holden: Why? What do you want?

Dusty: Your wife wants her kids.

Holden: Do yourself a favor, stay out of it.

Dusty: How do you feel about yourself right now, Holden? Good? How 'bout the kids? They happy?

Holden: This is really none of your business.

Dusty: Here's the deal. You go downstairs right now, and you tell your wife where your kids are, or I will.

Mike: Aren't you the one who's supposed to be answering questions?

Pilar: Too tired.

Mike: Oh, but you're not too tired to ask them, huh?

Pilar: Nope.

Mike: I was leaving Oakdale because it was time. You know? There's no big mystery. There's no story.

Pilar: It's not good to run, Michael.

Mike: I wasn't running. There was a woman that I was seeing. And we agreed it would be best for both of us to be apart. And she's right. You know what? You should be resting. Dr. Dixon will have my head if I wear you out, okay?

Pilar: Michael --

Mike: Shh. Just, seriously, relax. Okay? The story of my life can wait.

Margo: You love him. I know you love him. You know you love him.

Katie: Yeah, well, he doesn't trust that, not anymore. That's why he was leaving, to make it easier for both of us. And now, all of a sudden, he's here with some woman draped all over him.

Margo: Well, so what? What does it matter? I mean -- I mean, if it's over, it's over. Not that I understand why it should be over, but I mean, if it's over, then who cares where Mike is, and who cares who's draped on him?

Katie: What kind of name is Pilar anyway? Pi-lar.

Margo: It's a lovely name. I think it suits her. Don't you think?

Katie: I wouldn't know. But I'll tell you one thing I do know. It's gonna take a lot more than some piece of ancient history to keep Mike in Oakdale, no matter what her name is.

Tom: Hey, Casey? Case? Hey.

Casey: Hey, Dad. What's up?

Jessica: Casey, have you seen Sarah?

Casey: Yeah, I saw her.

Ben: When?

Casey: Earlier. At school, after math. I think she was going to gym.

Tom: Yeah, did she call or stop by?

Ben: Casey, this is important.

Casey: I'm sorry. I don't know where Sarah is.

Jessica: What about her friends?

Tom: Yeah, just -- just give us a few names. I'm sure the numbers will be in the school directory.

Casey: I'm sorry, Dad, but I don't think Sarah has a lot of friends.

Jessica: Casey, Sarah’s run away.

Ben: She left a note.

Curtis: If she calls you, man, just let us know.

Ben: Yeah.

Casey: Sure, yeah.

Tom: Listen, I'm gonna go down to the station and get Jack to help put out an APB.

Jessica: Okay.

Ben: Maybe we should get in touch with troy. He knows her pretty well.

Curtis: Do you think she'd try the center? I mean --

Jessica: No, I doubt it.

Ben: All right, Curtis, why don't you go home, in case she shows up there?

Curtis: But I want to help.

Jessica: You are helping, sweetie.

Ben: All right, just call me on my cell phone if she shows, okay?

Jessica: And don't let her leave.

Tom: All right, listen, Case, if -- if she gets in touch with you --

Casey: I know. I know.

Ben: All right, let's go.

Tom: Yeah, Jack Snyder, please. Tell him its Tom Hughes.

Jessica: Ben, I'm scared.

Ben: Hey, hey, we'll find her.

Tom: Yeah, we're havin' a problem here, Jack, with Sarah.

Casey: Man, Sarah, what are you doing?

[Knocking at door]

Sarah: Oh, God, I thought they'd never leave. It's freezing out there.

Casey: They're looking everywhere for you, Sarah.

Sarah: Look, Casey, I'm really sorry. Okay? I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. I just -- I do that when I'm scared. But I need you. Casey, I have -- I have no place to go.

Lily: Can you just tell Lieutenant Munson to call -- yes, Lily Snyder, as soon as he gets the message, on my cell phone. Please? Thank you.

Dusty: Listen, you don't need the cops. The kids are fine.

Lily: What? Where are they? Where are they?

Dusty: Calm down. Just sit down. Sit down. Calm down.

Lily: What did Holden -- where does Holden have the kids?

Dusty: Look, look, your family is your business. But I am telling you, the rules are starting to change right under your nose, and you don't even see it.

Lily: I don't want a lecture from you.

Dusty: I am trying to help you.

Lily: Holden is wrong.

Dusty: So are you. Okay? And where does being right get you anyway? The guy is trying to protect his kids. All right? You think you're better than him? Then prove it. Why don't you show him that you're not nuts? Just -- just show him, you know? Good luck.

Holden: I'm sorry about tonight.

Lily: Are the kids all right?

Holden: They're fine. They miss you.

Lily: I miss them so much.

Holden: I never wanted this, Lily.

Lily: I know. Well, I think I know.

Holden: Do you? I used to think that you knew what was in my heart, that everything I am is about you, the kids and always will be. But it feels like that's slipping away and that there's nothing I can about that, because this is the way you want to live your life.

Lily: Well, of course it's not.

Holden: And I'm being cold and defensive and making ultimatums. I can't make you want to be my wife or be a mother to the kids.

Lily: Holden, that's what I am. It is.

Holden: But I felt backed up against the wall. And I used the most powerful weapon that I could think of -- the kids. I just wanted you to see what you were risking. I shouldn't have done that. It was a mistake. And I'm sorry. Now I've got the kids confused. I put them in the middle, when all I was trying to do was protect them.

Lily: From me?

Holden: Yes, from you, from your sadness, from the tension between us. But I can't protect them. I can't do that anymore than I can strong-arm you into trying to get help. All I can do is just keep telling you that I love you. And even though it's not enough, I guess I just have to keep trying, because it's all I really have left.

Lily: Nothing will ever be the same again. Nothing. That's what made me so crazy. It's like you expected me to just shed a few tears for Rose and go back to living my life the way it was before she died. I can't do it. I just can't do that.

Holden: Maybe I just wasn't willing to accept that. But I'll try. I'll do anything, try anything, except give up on us.

Lily: I'll call Dr. Michaels in the morning. I'll do therapy. I'll do anything. I'll do whatever it takes.

Casey: I hated lying to my Dad like that.

Sarah: I know. Thank you, Casey. I really mean it.

Casey: Call them, Sarah.

Sarah: No, they're not my parents.

Casey: They sure act like they are.

Sarah: Look, whose side are you on, Case?

Casey: I lied, didn't I? I said that you hadn't been here.

Sarah: Yeah, but you want me to split, too, right?

Casey: No. I mean, I don't want you getting hurt or anything.

Sarah: So let me stay here, just for a little while.

Casey: Where?

Sarah: I don't know, anywhere.

Casey: Sarah, my Mom's a cop, and my Dad's the D.A.

Sarah: Well, I could -- I don't know. I could hide out in the garage.

Casey: They're in and out of there all the time.

Sarah: What about your room?

Casey: Have you seen my room?

Sarah: You've got an attic, right?

Casey: Yeah, but it's freezing up there.

Sarah: I -- I could get some blankets, and you could bring me food whenever everyone's out of the house.

Casey: I don't know.

Sarah: Well, what's up there?

Casey: Just Christmas stuff, baby cribs, that kind of junk.

Sarah: So that means that they don't go up there a lot. It's perfect. Look, they'll never know that I'm there. I promise you. Just long enough for me to get a ticket to Atlanta.

Casey: But that could take a while.

Sarah: Look, I won't make a sound. You know what? Fine, I'm not gonna beg, okay? If you want me out of here --

Casey: No, I didn't say -- Sarah -- Sarah, wait.

Casey: Do you really think that you can stay so quiet that nobody will know you're up there?

Sarah: Yeah, I promise.

Casey: Okay. I'll go get some blankets and a flashlight.

Sarah: No, I'll help.

Casey: No. You head up the attic. My parents could come home any second. And if they find out that you're here, I am so dead.

Sarah: Great. Thank you, Casey. You're the best.

Casey: Yeah, I'm the best.

Margo: No, I didn't get much. I may have to question her again later. Actually, I can tell you that her condition has been upgraded to serious. Yeah, okay, great. Thanks. You're back.

Katie: I do work here.

Margo: Yeah, you do. Right here? Right here on this floor?

Katie: I work on every floor.

Margo: Oh, it's making you crazy, isn't it, knowing that Mike Kasnoff is in there with a gorgeous woman that he was once involved with?

Katie: Oh, Margo, you're wrong. She has no hold on him. He's so ready to move on. Mike can't wait to get out of here.

Mike: What kind of friend would I be if I left you with no money, no clothes and nothing but a flimsy hospital gown to your name?

Pilar: I'll be all right, Michael.

Mike: Now listen, don't argue with me, okay? You just work on getting better. Look, I'm not gonna leave Oakdale till I know for sure you're gonna be all right.

Molly: Oh, what's the matter, Natalie? You just can't sleep?

Luke: She hates the port-a-crib.

Molly: Okay, well, I'll rock her then.

Luke: But Mom sings to her.

Molly: Okay, I can sing. It may be not quite like your Mom, but I can do that.

Luke: And I'm tired.

Molly: Luke, the -- the cot's being rolled up any minute now, okay?

Faith: Me, too.

Molly: Listen, you guys, I got a great idea. Why don't you crawl into my bed? And I'll take the cot when it gets here. All right?

Faith: I want to go home.

Molly: I know. I know you guys want to go home, and I don't blame you. But your Dad needs you to stay here. So could we just make it work for tonight, please? [Knocking at door] You know what? Go get ready for bed right now. Put on your pajamas, wash up. Now, I mean it. Go, go. You, cute thing, are gonna sleep with me. Hey.

Lily: Hi. Oh, gosh. Oh, I missed you so much. Oh. Kids? Kids?

Faith: Mommy!

Lily: Hi.

Luke: Mom!

Lily: Oh, hi, hi. Oh, give me a hug. Tighter.

Holden: You guys ready to go home?

Lily: Oh.

Faith: Yeah!

Lily: We all are. Yeah. Hi.

Holden: Lily's agreed to see someone.

Lily: Looks like you guys had a party. Let's clean up and go home.

Holden: I'm sure that you'll be very happy to get back to normal.

Molly: Can't happen soon enough. Mm-hmm.

Holden: Lily, let me just get all the things.

Lily: Okay. Right there.

Holden: You ready?

Lily: Absolutely. Let's get out of here. Come on. Go ahead, get your coats. Don't forget your things. Come on.

Holden: I'll stop by tomorrow to pick up the port-a-crib. I just want to --

Molly: Don't say anything. Just go, so I can have my life back.

Lily: Come on, bundle up. It's really cold outside. Okay? Come on, let's go.

[Knocking at door]

Molly: If you're looking for Natalie’s blanket, it's --

Dusty: Is that yours?

Molly: You just couldn't leave it alone, could you, Dusty?

Dusty: Me?

Molly: Yeah, you. You know, I'm just -- I can't figure out what's in it for you, being Lily's hero. Are you after the money, or is the twin thing just such a turn-on you couldn't resist? What is in it for you? I mean it.

Dusty: That's really funny. I was just about to ask you the same question.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jack: By the time the telegram was sent, Rosanna was long gone from the hotel. And a sizeable amount of cash was withdrawn from her account.

Craig: She's been kidnapped?

Pilar: Is there something between you two?

Mike: No. No, there is nothing between me and Katie.

Katie: I need you to find out everything there is to know about Mike Kasnoff and Pilar Domingo.

Lucy: Yeah, I couldn't even sleep last night I was so excited. Not just about the interview, but about the trip, too, flying with you.

Carly: Hi! Who's up for a road trip?

Paul: Hey, Carly. Carly's gonna come along with us. And we got some work we got to do, so we'll do it when you're at the interview. Hope you don't mind.

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