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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/24/04

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Holden: Wendy. Hi. Is there a problem over at work?

Wendy: No.

Lily: I asked my assistant to come by and fill me in on what's been going on at the station.

Holden: Now? When we're about to have dinner?

Lily: Won't be ready for about half an hour. This'll just take a few minutes. Come on in.

Holden: So, this is a --Lily: Routine meeting. No big deal.

Holden: Okay. Come on, Nat, your mom's a workin' woman --

Lily: That's okay. I think that Natalie needs to know what it's like to own half of a television station. Right?

Holden: Are you sure that you're ready for this?

Lily: I thought you wanted things to get back to normal.

Holden: I do, but --

Lily: This is normal. This is --

Wendy: Sorry I'm late.

Lily: That's okay.

Wendy: Things got a little nuts at the station this afternoon. Claudette Roy?

Lily: Oh, the celebrity reporter. Yes --

Wendy: Decided to film tonight's segment live.

Lily: Live? Who's her guest? The Pope?

Wendy: Not quite. She's interviewing Barbara Ryan.

Claudette: You look camera ready to me, Barbara. Let's get you mic'd up. Oh -- and Jennifer, you, too -- just in case your Mom decides to pull you into the mix. So, are you ready to tell the world about your climb back to the top?

Barbara: I can't wait.

Jack: Barbara is a threat, Carly. She had you kidnapped. You almost didn't make it home alive.

Carly: And that's why I said I wouldn't work with her, Jack. And I won’t.

Jack: But you'll go work for B.R.O. -- which stands for what? Barbara Ryan Originals.

Carly: Paul built that company.

Jack: On her back. And if he does manage to push her out -- or whatever the two of you have planned --

Carly: No, no, no -- wait. I'm not planning anything. I told you. Paul approached me. And I told him that I wouldn't work with Barbara.

Jack: Which means he'll do whatever it takes to make her a non-issue and she'll do whatever it takes to bring you down.

Carly: What would you like me to do, Jack? Sew potholders for the school fair? If I want to compete --

Jack: I want you to compete. Compete until the cows come home. But don't do it from a nest of vipers! It's too risky.

Carly: Excuse me? You're a cop, Jack. You walk out that door every morning; I don't know for sure that you're coming back. But I kiss you good-bye and I go on about my day trusting that you will take care of yourself because I have faith in you.

Jack: I have faith in you, too.

Carly: You just called me reckless.

Jack: Well, you are. And that's one of the things I like that about you.

Carly: And I like the fact that you lay it on the line for your principles, Jack. Because that's who we are. We know that we will never get what we want by playing it safe. Right, g-man?

Clark: You're making a scene, Snyder.

Aaron: And you like to keep things quiet. Tell me, Clark, is that why you drug your dates? So they don't make a scene when you attack them?

Clark: You better watch what you say. Or else you're gonna find yourself on the business end of a lawsuit.

Aaron: It's not a slander if it's the truth, Clark.

Clark: Do you have any idea who my father is?

Aaron: Who cares? He's probably a lowlife like you. But, here, call him up. Call your family. Call them all up.

Clark: Keep it up and I'm gonna call my father's attorney.

Aaron: Ooh! That'd be just great. Call him. Call him up. See what he says. Ask him if you have a case. And tell him to talk to the cops before he gives you an answer.

Paul: Your daughter Lucy was almost raped. But you were too busy running around out there covering your tracks with Rosanna to even notice.

Craig: My family is not your business --

Paul: What family, Craig? You don't have a family. Cabot was never yours, Rosanna’s left you.

Craig: I'm not gonna lose Lucy.

Paul: How do you know that? Do you know what she thinks? You don't know what she thinks. How would you know that?

Craig: If I were you, I'd be thinking about leaving this house right now.

Lucy: Daddy, if anybody is leaving, it's you.

Lily: Barbara Ryan is the guest on "Toast of the Town" tonight?

Wendy: As if.

Lily: Does Kim know about this? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sure she does. It was probably her idea in the first place.

Wendy: Oh, I don't think so. I think Claudette heard about Barbara starting up again at B.R.O. and approached her.

Lily: Somebody should have cleared that with me. There --

Holden: Problems?

Lily: There's -- Barbara Ryan is the guest on "Toast of the Town" this evening. Can you believe this? She's finagled a way to get her face and promote herself and that arrogant woman on -- no! Not while it's my television station. Excuse me.

Holden: Lily. Take it easy. You haven't even been back to the station since --

Lily: Since Barbara Ryan’s son murdered my sister?

Holden: You're too close to it.

Lily: What do you want me to do about this? I'm sorry.

Holden: Wendy, could you excuse us?

Wendy: Oh, sure. Not a problem. I'll fax you a catch-up sheet tomorrow, Lily.

Lily: Thank you. You cannot have it both ways. You want me to go back into the real world? This is the real world -- Barbara Ryan on television, promoting her company. This is a normal reaction.

Holden: It's unnecessary.

Lily: Unnecessary?

Holden: Why stress about work right now? You've got so much on your plate. You need to take care of the kids. You need to get back on your schedule. If you want Wendy to keep you updated, that's fine. But you are not ready for the day-to-day. You're still too tender.

Lily: Only you could watch me explode like that and then tell me I'm too tender. And you're miss patient. I'm sure you want that juice. Right?

Holden: I'll take her.

Lily: No, no. That's okay. We'll just sit on the couch, have a little cuddle. That's okay. Here. Here you go. I'm sorry I lost my temper, Holden.

Holden: That's okay.

[Natalie crying]

Lily: Are all the taxes done yet? Sorry to be a pain about that, but I think they're all really overdue. And would you take the roast out of the oven? I'll take care of her. It's okay. Let it sit for a while. [Natalie crying] Aw -- what would we do without Daddy, honey?

Holden: No, no, no -- it's you we can't do without.

Lily: What's the harm in watching the show? Let's watch it. Come on. Let's see what Barbara Ryan has to say for herself.

Megan: Are you in trouble with the cops?

Clark: Aaron, you want to answer that? You see, Megan, Aaron’s having a little bit of difficulty accepting the fact that his ex liked me more than she liked him.

Aaron: That's a lie.

Clark: Oh, yeah? Then where is she, Aaron? Huh? I can admit it. She wasn't my type. But, see, Aaron here is still pining over her. Son, she's just not worth it. Lucy Montgomery -- she ain't worth it at all.

Lucinda: Hey! Aaron -- Clark. Is that you, Clark? I didn't know you two boys knew each other.

Clark: Mrs. Walsh? No, we don’t. In fact, we're -- my date and I were leaving.

Aaron: Yeah. Why don't you take her home? Straight home, buddy.

Lucinda: Hey. I don't like that guy. I don't like him. Neither did Lucy. There's something smarmy about him. But you watch out. His father is a very, very powerful man. Better steer clear of him. Okay, kid?

Aaron: So he's just gonna get away with it then?

Lucinda: Get away with what?

Aaron: That kid -- he tried to hurt Lucy.

Lucinda: Clark?

Aaron: Yeah, Clark.

Lucinda: Hurt her how? How?

Aaron: At the B.R.O. party, he put something in her drink. He tried to knock her out, and he tried to rape her.

Lucinda: No! Dear God!

Lucy: Paul is my guest.

Craig: Lucy, why didn't you tell me what happened to you? Are you all right? Did you see a doctor?

Paul: I'm sorry. But I told your Dad about the run-in that you had with Clark.

Craig: Lucy, why didn't you come to me? Did he tell you not to?

Lucy: No, of course not. Paul wanted me to tell you.

Craig: Well, when did this happen? We were home together just the other night.

Lucy: You were still in shock about Cabot and Rosanna. I didn't want to add to it.

Craig: I'm your father. I help you.

Lucy: That's just it, Dad. I don't want your help. You make things worse.

Paul: Well, if you're okay. I'm gonna take off.

Lucy: Yes, I'm -- I'm fine. Thanks for everything. I'll call you.

Paul: Anytime.

Craig: Lucy, you do not trust Paul Ryan. All right?

Lucy: I don't agree. Neither does Rosanna.

Craig: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Paul: Hello?

Molly: I'm at your place. Where are you? We need to talk.

Paul: About what?

Molly: Craig knows. Okay? He went to Canada, talked to Annabelle Fettle, came back and chewed my head off.

Paul: Yeah. He tracked me down, too. You know what? Just stay there. We'll talk about this later.

Molly: I've got things to do.

Paul: Yeah -- I'm getting another call. Just wait for me right there. Paul Ryan.

Barbara: Hello, Paul Ryan. This is your mother. Where are you? The interview's about to start. Are you coming?

Paul: Um -- sure. Yeah, no, I'm coming. I'm just -- there's something I gotta take care of first.

Barbara: Darling, this is live. We're about to start.

Paul: So start. You don't need me there. It's all about you, anyway.

Barbara: Well, hurry, won't you? You know I can't do this without you. You're my biggest fan.

Paul: Aw. I'm hurrying, Mother. But you're not going to like where I'm headed to.

Jack: You don't want B.R.O. you want your name on the door.

Carly: And I will have that, Jack. But first I need to establish myself.

Jack: Please -- you're already a name designer.

Carly: As far as the press is concerned, I'm a one-trick pony, Jack. My show in New York, that was great. But my show last spring? That demolished me.

Jack: And why was that? Because you were mixed up with B.R.O.

Carly: No, because I was mixed up with Craig. This is different. Paul --

Jack: Paul is using you.

Carly: As a designer. Our connection is completely professional.

Jack: Is that right? Then where's the contract, Carly? Where's the press conference, the letterhead, the office -- the respect, darling?

Carly: I am not gonna give him one single design until I have a contract. You don't have to worry about that.

Jack: Oh, that's the least of it.

Carly: Jack, I need his help. I cannot build a company from the ground up all by myself.

Jack: Why not? Barbara did.

Carly: I'm not Barbara.

Jack: Yeah, that's right. You're a million times more talented.

Carly: Maybe. But I don't want to sacrifice the other areas of my life for my career. I have a family that needs me, Jack. I have two children that need me; I have a husband I don't wanna neglect. And leaves me with just enough juice to design a new line. Yes, it's a risk -- it's all a risk, isn't it? Parker was a risk and Sage was a risk -- we were a risk. And look how that turned out.

Jack: Fight fair, Carly.

Carly: I'm just trying to make a point.

Jack: No, you're just trying to get your own way.

Carly: Yes, I am. I want this. And I want to have you on my side. But if you can't get yourself to support me, then we are just gonna have to agree to disagree.

Jack: So you're gonna do this no matter what I say?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: Okay, then.

Carly: Where're you going?

Jack: To do something I should've done a long time ago.

Carly: Jack, don't you ruin this for me.

Jack: Faith and trust, Carly. Faith and trust.

Craig: Have you heard from Rosanna?

Lucy: Not since she left. But Paul talked to her and she said --

Craig: Paul Ryan talked to her?

Lucy: They are friends.

Craig: All right. I will put this as nicely as I can. It is inappropriate for you to be confiding in him.

Lucy: You want to talk about what's appropriate? You stole a baby from his mother!

Craig: No, I didn't --

Lucy: You made Rosanna believe he was hers.

Craig: I thought he was ours!

Lucy: I thought he was my brother, and now he's gone. Which means I've lost both my brothers because of you.

Craig: Lucy, Lucy --

Lucy: We had a chance to have a real family again, Daddy. You destroyed it.

Craig: Everything I do is for this family. Everything, even Cabot.

Lucy: Cabot was stolen from a mother who wanted him --

Craig: Look, yes. Now, I know that! Okay? I met her. I talked to her.

Lucy: You talked to her?

Craig: Yes! Yeah, I wanted to know if there was a -- a chance. So, now I've lost all of you. Do you know what that's like? What it's like living in that big, empty house?

Lucy: Don't even start.

Craig: Aw, listen young lady; I started with you a long time ago. Huh? I need to know how you feel.

Lucy: I'm fine. Thanks to Paul.

Craig: Okay --

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: All right. Huh? What? Okay, fine. I am so grateful that he was somehow right there, just in time to protect you when I wasn’t. Okay, great. Fine, did he take you to the police?

Lucy: Yes, I talked to Jack --

Craig: Were there charges?

Lucy: No, there wasn't enough evidence.

Craig: Did they do a blood test?

Lucy: It was too late for that.

Craig: Well, why'd he take you to the hospital, then?

Lucy: I didn't want to go to the hospital! Will you leave it alone?

Craig: No! Because I am your father, and you are all I've got! Okay, so, Paul Ryan cozies up to you, he's your best friend, and what happened? You should have called me.

Lucy: I couldn't call you. I don't trust you.

Lucinda: Craig Montgomery. Is this visitation absolutely necessary?

Lucy: It's all right, Grandmother.

Lucinda: He -- you are upsetting this child.

Craig: I am trying to help my daughter.

Lucy: I don't want your help. Will you please just go? I'll talk to you later.

Lucinda: Oh.

Molly: Craig knows you're the one that turned him in, Paul. Because he spoke to Annabelle Fettle in Canada who says the Mounties got a tip from "a man in Oakdale."

Paul: Well, why would he come to you?

Molly: To confirm that I'm the one who told you. I'm not going to lie for you, I told you that.

Paul: No, no, no, I know. You said that, but -- all right, look, he can't prove anything. Let's not forget that Craig is the one to blame here, all right? He's the one who adopted a baby knowing that the whole thing was illegal.

Molly: I'm not complaining or anything, but if it's really no big deal, then why'd you tell me to wait here?

Paul: Because I wanted to talk to you. You want a drink?

Molly: That depends. What do you want to talk about?

Paul: You and Craig are partners, right? You see him every day?

Molly: He shows up when it's convenient for him. Like, we're having an event that he wants to go to, he shows up for a little while, and leaves early.

Paul: Still, you two share an interest.

Molly: I guess.

Paul: He's a little angry at me these days.

Molly: Hey, you helped drive off his wife.

Paul: I'm not so sure about that, but in any event, if I know Craig, he's going to nurse a grudge.

Molly: I'm not going to spy for you.

Paul: I'm not asking you to. I'm only -- I want to make sure that I can count on you. That -- Molly, are we friends?

Molly: Or what, enemies?

Paul: I hope not. Craig's a loose cannon and you never know where his next shot's gonna go. I think it's safe to assume that if he gets aggravated, he's gonna shoot at me. So, all I'm asking is if you could let me know when that's gonna happen, so I can -- so I can duck. Here, you know that I would do the same for you.

Molly: I guess I wouldn't mind having somebody on my side again.

Paul: Thanks. To friendship?

Jack: I'd be careful if I were you, Molly. One minute this guy's callin' you his friend, the next minute he's votin' you off the island.

Paul: Hi, Jack. You want a drink or are you here on business?

Jack: We need to talk.

Paul: I guess we'll finish this conversation some other time.

Molly: Okay --

Paul: All right?

Molly: No, no problem. Have fun.

Paul: Come on in.

Jack: I know that you're goin' after your mother, Paul, and that's your privilege, but I'm not about to let you use my wife as ammunition. And I don't want to shut her down. So you tell me. What's the answer?

Barbara: I am so excited about this new summer line. It's all about color -- bold, beautiful color. 'Cause that's how I feel. Confident and full of life.

Carly: That's 'cause you suck everyone around you dry.

Claudette: Your daughter has joined you at the design table.

Barbara: She certainly has. My daughter, Jennifer, who I'm sure you know, is the former face of B.R.O. International model and --

Carly: Yeah, for three and a half minutes.

Barbara: -- She's agreed to come on and oversee a new teen line. Which I want to call "Jennifer."

Jennifer: Yes, it was her idea. I, of course, wanted to call it "Barbara Teen Originals" --

Carly: But you knew that all the teenagers of the world would run screaming into the night.

Claudette: Congratulations, it's a brilliant comeback.

[Carly daydreaming]

Carly: Oh, thank you, so much.

Claudette: B.R.O. has really taken a left turn since you've come on board. And that's not just this woman's opinion. "Women's Wear Daily," "Vogue," "W." The opinion is unanimous. Carly Tenney Snyder is the hottest thing since hot pink.

Carly: Thank you. I really wanted to take B.R.O. in a new direction. Lucy? I want teenage girls to feel modern and free. Not to name names, but the old regime, they were really looking backwards. The last thing a teenage girl wants is to look like her mother.

Jennifer and Lucy: You can say that again.


Jennifer: And it's not just teenage girls who are raving. All of our customers love Carly. B.R.O. Is more profitable than ever and I don't know how she does it. Top designer, loving wife and the world's best Mom all rolled into one.

[Baby crying]

Barbara: Thank you, so much, sweetheart. It means so much to me to have my daughter's support.

Carly: Coming, sweetheart.

Barbara: Claudette, I must tell you that as much as I enjoy my success and I appreciate all my fans, it's really about family for me. As you probably know, our family has just suffered a great tragedy.

Lily: Your family? Excuse me?

Barbara: That's why it's so important that my son, Paul, and my daughter, Jennifer, are with me to help me launch this new campaign.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Barbara: 'Cause that's the real story. We have suffered a great deal, and now we have a triumph.

Lily: You've got to be kidding me! You've got the nerve to go on my television station and promote yourself?

Claudette: From tragedy to triumph -- the Barbara Ryan story.

Lily: Absolutely not!

Claudette: So, when can we expect to see all these fabulous new clothes in the stores?

Barbara: The collection should arrive early spring.

Jennifer: Yes, yes, hear that, girls? Summer's coming and you want to catch the first big wave.

Barbara: And you wait to see what we have planned for fall.

Lily: Its okay, I'm with work. No, really, it's okay. I need you to keep rolling, right now. This interview is not over. Not until you hear the entire story. And you know the part I'm talking about, Barbara. The part where you brainwashed your youngest son to poison my sister.

Jennifer: Oh, Lily, don’t.

Lily: It's the truth, your mother is guilty and you know that.

Barbara: Someone should call security here.

Lily: She hated my sister. She hated Rose and when she couldn't stop the wedding she brainwashed her son, a 13-year-old child, to poison my sister.

Barbara: Would you please help her? She's not doing herself any good here.

Lily: You're right; I am not doing well, at all. I'm not doing well at all, because you murdered my sister. You didn't put poison in the glass, but you poisoned Will's mind to do that!

Jennifer: Lily, let's go talk about this somewhere else.

Lily: I'm not going anywhere. No, not until we're finished with the story here. The story of Barbara Ryan, "from tragedy to triumph." This is my tragedy! And you will not triumph!

Barbara: Somebody please turn that camera off!

Lily: You have no right to be here. You should be in jail! Maybe if they put you in jail after you kidnapped Rose she would still be alive, but she's not!

Holden: Lily?

Lily: She's dead and your son, your poor son, is locked up in a mental institution, because of you!

Holden: Oh, my God. Lily, what're you doing?

Paul: You don't need to worry about Carly. I've got everything under control. Jack, there's no reason for you to be unfriendly.

Jack: You're using my wife to sabotage your mother. If that's not unfriendly --

Paul: You're jumping to conclusions. Does Carly know that you're here? Okay, I see. So, you two are not in agreement about her position at B.R.O. you know, that's really too bad. Can I give you some advice, Jack? You know, with a grain of salt, but when you're dealing with a really smart, strong-headed woman like that, you have a choice. You can either stand behind her or you can suffer the consequences. Now, Carly wants this and she should want this. This is a good one. This is a marvelous opportunity.

Jack: Does Barbara know about this "marvelous opportunity" for Carly?

Paul: No. Barbara has left all of the operations of B.R.O. up to me.

Jack: So, in other words, she has no clue.

Paul: Carly and I haven't come to terms, yet. As soon as we do, Barbara will be the first to know.

Jack: No, no. Carly's done goin' through the back door. Either you treat her like the first-class designer she is or we find something else!

Paul: What, are you her agent now?

Jack: No, I'm her husband and her best friend, which doesn't bode well for you!

Paul: Where are you going, Jack?

Jack: To talk to your mother!

Paul: No, no, no, no. Listen, hey! You talk to my mother, you talk to anybody about this deal and the offer is off the table. Now, is that really what you want right now, Jack?

Craig: You're a hard guy to find.

Aaron: Craig? Is everything -- did something else happen to Lucy?

Craig: No, Lucy’s okay. So, you know about Clark. Well, why not? Everybody knows except her father.

Aaron: She didn't tell you?

Craig: No, no.

Aaron: She should've. I'm very sorry.

Craig: Yeah?

Aaron: Yeah. Sit down.

Craig: May I? So tell me what you know.

Aaron: What I know? All right, it's the B.R.O. party -- Lucy showed up with Clark, her date, and she kinda collapsed.

Craig: What do you mean collapsed?

Aaron: She collapsed. She got dizzy. I wanted to take her to the hospital, but then Clark came by and told me to back off and Lucy -- Lucy, backed him up.

Craig: And you let her leave with him?

Aaron: Well I didn't want -- I didn't want that to happen. You know, he said he was going to take her home, and then Molly got involved --

Craig: Molly?

Aaron: It was a mob scene. It was busy and she wanted me to go back to work.

Craig: So instead of letting you look after my obviously stricken daughter, she sent you to clean tables?

Aaron: Well, there's no way Molly could've known about Clark.

Craig: What about Paul Ryan? How did he get involved?

Aaron: Paul Ryan saw how Lucy felt, asked me about it. I think Rosanna told him to keep an eye on her. You know what really gets to me? Is that I've been thrown in jail, and I've never done anything that I've been accused of. You know, and this guy drugs Lucy, practically rapes her, and he's walkin' around like nothin' happened.

Craig: Well, his father has big friends all over the state.

Aaron: I don't care what his father has. The kid is trash, and he belongs in jail. How is Lucy? Have you talked to her?

Craig: She's not herself.

Aaron: Yeah, with everything that's gone down, she won't -- she won't talk to me either.

Craig: I'm sorry about that, Aaron, I am. I was wrong about Clark. I've been wrong about a lot of people lately. She's better off with you.

Aaron: You feelin' all right, Craig? This is me you're talking to. This is Aaron Snyder. The guy you chased away from your daughter. The guy your daughter dumped? She doesn't want my help either. She's pushing me away. And, yes, it's not even your fault. This was all me this time, you know, still --

Craig: She's at her grandmother’s.

Aaron: Yeah, I heard.

Craig: She's hiding from us, both of us. But I think that she would listen to you a lot sooner than she'd listen to me, and right now, that's what counts. Hmm?

Lucinda: I picked out some of your favorite things; I hope I did anyway, at Al's.

Lucy: That was nice of you, thank you.

Lucinda: Okay, good. Good -- Aaron helped me. I'm going to just ask it, honey. I've been wondering why you didn't tell me what happened the other evening.

Lucy: Aaron told you?

Lucinda: Oh, he sure told me. 'Cause he's hopping mad. And he was there talking to Clark. Clark, mister "Lucy’s the best thing that ever happened in my life." You know, what he did is criminal, don't you?

Lucy: You know, Grandmother, I really -- I can't talk about it.

Lucinda: Don't you feel ashamed. You're not to be ashamed. He's a coward. He drugged you.

Lucy: I know, I already feel like such an idiot, anyway. You even told me he wasn't worth my time.

Lucinda: But you mustn't feel -- you mustn't feel that it's your fault. You know, no. Um, I just do want to know, did you think to speak to the police?

Lucy: Yeah, I talked to Detective Snyder, but --

Lucinda: Good.

Lucy: There wasn't much he could do. [Cell phone ringing] It's not like Clark actually raped me. And he'd just say that I led him on.

Lucinda: Somebody seems to want to talk to me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lucy: Take it. I'll just -- I think I'll take a nap.

Lucinda: You're gonna take a nap? Okay, all right, darling. [Cell phone ringing] Oh, damn. Yes? Oh, hi, Kim, how are you? No, I don't have the television on. What? Oh, my God, what's going to happen next?

Lily: -- No problem publicly humiliating an innocent woman on her wedding day.

Barbara: Would you just turn this camera off?

[Talking over each other]

Lily: What's the matter, Barbara? Are you afraid of the truth? The truth is, you support B.R.O., you support a crime family.

Jennifer: That is not true.

Lily: It is the truth, Jen. I'm sorry. Your little brother poisoned my sister. He's in a mental institution.

Holden: Lily. That's enough! We're going home. Right now.

Paul: Look, Jack, we both want the same things. We both want Carly to succeed. My career depends on it. I mean, if B.R.O. is going to be a success, I need the top designers, and your wife -- Carly's very, very talented.

Jack: You don't think I know that? Her talent's not going to matter if Barbara’s involved, Paul.

Paul: You don't think I know that? What, do you think I want to work with my Mother? I'm not going to turn my back on a company that I built just because my Mother hangs her hat there. Look, you just gotta let me do what I need to do.

Jack: No, no, I have been down that road before. It leads nowhere. Barbara doesn't bend. She hates Carly, and she owns B.R.O. end of story.

Paul: Not necessarily.

Jack: I need more than that.

Paul: Then be patient. You gotta give me some time. All right, I know that Barbara may own B.R.O., but I have other options. And I promise you that Carly's gonna walk through the front door, and her name is gonna be on it. I will protect her, no matter what happens.

Jack: You see, that's where you're wrong. Because if we decide to go along with this deal, I'll be the one protecting Carly. Get used to seein' me around. I'll be watchin' you. Uh-huh.

Lucinda: Holden, I had the television on. Please call me the instant you get this message.

Lucy: Is everything okay?

Lucinda: Oh, my darling. Everything's just fine. Hey, honey, that wasn't much of a nap.

Lucy: I couldn't sleep.

Lucinda: Oh. I've been thinking about you, and I was thinking, maybe you should get away for a little bit. You know what I mean? Take some time off. Have a vacation. Not spring break, nothing like that. But you could -- you could visit your Mother. And -- does she know what happened?

Lucy: No.

Lucinda: Okay.

Lucy: You know she'd just drop everything and come running. She's so happy right now, I just don't want to bother her. Besides, I shouldn't -- I shouldn't run away.

Lucinda: You're such a good girl. So strong. I gotta tell you something, though. You really mustn't worry so much about protecting your Mother. Or me, because, you know, believe it or not, we're tough. We're probably stronger than you. And, honey, my first order of business is to find a way to make that Clark kid feel the consequences of his actions.

Lucy: No, Grandmother, I just want this whole thing to go away.

Aaron: You want my help?

Craig: Yeah. Lucy's been traumatized, and, as you pointed out, Clark is still walking around free --

Aaron: You just tell me when, and I'll punch lover boy's face in.

Craig: No, no, no, no, no. I can't be -- it can't be me. That would drive Lucy further away, Aaron, and I can't lose Lucy. I've already lost too much.

Aaron: Yeah, I know. I heard about your baby. And Rosanna leaving. I'm very sorry. How're you doin'? Okay?

Craig: You know, you're the first person to ask me that? I'm still breathing.

Aaron: You know, you try your best to make everybody happy. You know? To do the right things for the right reasons and it just blows back up in your face.

Craig: Isn't that the truth? You know, I believe you and I may be a bit alike.

[Aaron chokes]

Aaron: Yeah. Lucy's been sayin' that for years, but I --

Craig: Yeah, my daughter's very discerning.

Aaron: Yeah, that's right. So, okay. What're we gonna do about this Clark guy?

Craig: Oh, I have a plan.

Aaron: You always do, Mr. Montgomery. Hey, whatever brings me closer to Lucy, I'm in.

Craig: All right, so here's what we do.

Lily: She go down?

Holden: The kids are asleep.

Lily: You're angry with me. I get that.

Holden: No, Lily, you don't get it. And that's the problem. I have tried everything that I know how to try and help you. But I guess this strange brand of grief you have over Rose is something you're just not willing to give up.

Lily: Will -- wait, willingness has nothing to do with it, Holden.

Holden: Well, then go get help. Talk to Dr. Michaels. What? You won't? This stunt that you pulled today didn't teach you anything? You're out of control.

Lily: I don't care what anybody thinks about me.

Holden: What about the kids? They have to go to school tomorrow and face their teachers, their friends. How do you think Luke’s gonna feel when all the kids come up to him and start raggin' on him about how crazy his mother was acting crazy on TV?

Lily: I didn't think about that.

Holden: You haven't given him much thought at all lately, have you? Not since Rose died. He is just as broken up as you are. But is he acting out? No. He's helping with Faith. He's holding Natalie. He's asking me every day what he can do to help out.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Holden: You should be.

[Vacuum running]

Jack: Hey. Hey.

Carly: Jack, please tell me you didn't talk to Barbara.

Jack: I didn't talk to Barbara.

Carly: Really? Because I love you, and I love the kids, and I love our life, but I happen to be a really, really good designer, and I am so tired of watching everybody else around me succeed. I want this chance, Jack. And I know that you just want to protect me, but things are different now, you know? I'm different. I've been up front with you. I've told you the truth right from the very beginning because I've had faith in you. And now I need for you to have faith in me. So please, Jack? Please, please, please, please tell me that you'll support me.

Jack: If this is what you want, I'll back you all the way.

[Carly laughing]

Barbara: I am so sorry. If I had any idea this was going to happen, I would have asked for security to be posted --

Claudette: No, no, no, Barbara. It wasn't your fault. And I just hope that you understand that, as a WOAK employee, I was in no position to defy Lily Snyder. I mean -- but I wouldn't worry, because the interview was fabulous.

Jennifer: You can't be serious.

Claudette: Jennifer, your Mother is always newsworthy. And with all those fireworks, I wouldn't be surprised if the networks picked us up. I mean, the footage is priceless. Lily Snyder attacking you on live TV? You can't buy publicity like that. And, meanwhile, you remained a lady. Picture perfect. It was Lily who came off unhinged.

Barbara: How comforting.

Claudette: If I were you, I would prepare yourself for an avalanche of positive press.

Barbara: If I could ask a favor of you, please? If you plan on running this clip later on, would you just edit out everything about my youngest son?

Claudette: Of course. He's a child. We'll protect him.

Barbara: Thank you for understanding.

Claudette: It's always a pleasure. And, Barbara, you call me anytime.

Barbara: Okay.

Paul: Sorry I'm late.

Barbara: Hi.

Paul: Hey, how'd the interview go?

Barbara: Well, suffice it to say it started out strong, then it fell apart. But Claudette said that it will pay off in the end.

Paul: Sounds like the story of your life.

Barbara: Funny, she said the same thing. Triumph over tragedy. I'll tell you all about it at dinner. I just want to get out of here, go someplace quiet and have a very large glass of wine.

Paul: Sounds like a great idea. Why don't you get Jen? We'll go celebrate.

Barbara: Okay. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Paul: That's pretty much the whole plan, Mother.

On the next "As the World Turns" –

Craig: Did you ever see these? Carly? Are you working with this?

Aaron: Jack, he's a rapist. You're telling me its okay for a rapist to be walking around the streets like this? There's no way. I'm doing this myself.

Jack: Aaron, come back. Aaron! Come on!

Alison: Just tell Chris that I won't be back too late.

Kim: Well, where shall I tell him you've gone?

Alison: It doesn't matter. I'll be back before he'll even miss me.

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