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Rosanna: What are you talking about? You can't leave Oakdale. Your whole life is there.

Paul: Yeah, such as it is.

Rosanna: But -- nobody has to know that you've taken us anywhere.

Paul: Well, I'd know.

Rosanna: I don't want you getting into trouble as well.

Paul: Look, Rosanna, I'm not gonna drop you off in the middle of nowhere, running from the cops, holding an innocent baby. All right? We'll figure this out. We'll get someplace safe and figure out where we're gonna go, what we're gonna do.

Rosanna: You keep saying "we."

Paul: Well, technically, I think I am an accessory to kidnapping.

Rosanna: Oh, god, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

Paul: Hey, there is nowhere else I would rather be.

Rosanna: I'm so sorry. I never should have dragged you into this.

Paul: You didn't drag me into anything. Look, I've been in your situation a couple of times. You know, you're backed into a corner. It's a terrible feeling, not having any options. But sometimes, the biggest decisions that you make are decisions that you make without thinking of any consequences.

Molly: Paul, hi. It's Molly. Listen, I've not stopped thinking about Rosanna and the baby. And I feel terrible about all of it. Would you please call me? Just let me know what's going on.

Dusty: Now we're clear.

Molly: What's that?

Dusty: This? It's a check. As of now, you're permanently out of this club and out of my life.

Lucinda: Oh, my darling, I'm so glad to see you here. You haven't surprised me like this in ages.

Lily: I'm not here for a visit.

Lucinda: Let's have your kind of tea.

Lily: I don't want tea, I don't want sympathy. I don't want anything from you, not that I'm getting any of that around here much lately. I just came here for one reason and one reason only. You just have to stay out of my life.

Aaron: She doesn't know what she's saying.

Alison: No, I do know, Aaron. It's the truth.

Aaron: No, it's not.

Alison: Chris didn't push me off that ledge. The miscarriage wasn't his fault.

Aaron: Alison, I was there. It was his fault.

Officer: This is about a restraining order.

Emily: I can explain, Stan. Chris was here when we arrived. He didn't come here to see Alison. He even offered to leave the minute he saw her. Please, if you just call Hal, I'm sure he will agree that no crime has been committed. Come on; let's just try him on his cell, please.

Aaron: Are you crazy, huh? This guy treated you like dirt for months.

Chris: Stay out of it, Aaron.

Aaron: Yeah, that's exactly what you want, don't you, huh? To come across clean, man.

Alison: He didn't do anything, Aaron.

Aaron: I was there, okay? You lost your baby because of him. You almost died because of him. This jerk belongs in jail. Don't let him get away with this, Ali.

Jack: I found tire tracks. None of them match her car.

Craig: Someone else was here?

Carly: Maybe -- maybe she called a car.

Jack: I'm gonna get forensics here to make an imprint.

Craig: A decoy? Throw us off the track?

Carly: You think that she's outside, alone, at night, with a baby?

Craig: I don't know what to think.

Jack: I'll set up a ground search just in case.

Carly: Well, if she did run, it's because she knew you would come.

Jack: Honey, relax. I'll find her.

[Door closes]

Craig: All I wanted was to make your sister happy.

Carly: You stood by and you watched Rosanna fall in love with that baby. You broke her heart, and you took my sister from me and from my children, from all of us. Maybe forever.

Rosanna: I know you don't approve.

Paul: It's not for me to approve or disapprove.

Rosanna: You have to know that if I thought that there was a way I could keep Cabot legally, I would be doing that.

Paul: Look, I promised to help you, okay? Not to judge you.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Paul: And stop thanking me, will you?

Rosanna: You're uprooting your whole life. Do you realize that?

Paul: Hey, look, when you -- I told you what I'd done to rose, with that voice alternator, and what did you do? You sat there. You didn't call the cops, you didn't turn me in.

Rosanna: Because I know your heart was in the right place.

Paul: Well, there we go. Enough said.

Rosanna: You've been an incredibly good friend.

Paul: Okay, that's really -- that's enough. I haven't been a good friend to you, Rosanna, at all

Emily: Honey, Aaron is right. It doesn't matter what Chris said to you in this room. It doesn't alter the facts.

Alison: No, I know what you thought you saw, but you were wrong.

Emily: How can he be wrong? He was there. He saw you fall.

Alison: No, but he also had weeks of me telling him about how badly Chris treated me. All I could talk about was how scared I was that Chris would take the baby away from me.

Aaron: And he did, Alison. Forever. He doesn't deserve another chance to hurt you.

Alison: Well, he won't hurt me. You're always telling me that it's never too late to be honest, to admit that you made a mistake. Well, I'm trying.

Emily: Of course, and I want you to be honest, but for the right reasons.

Aaron: Alison, if you're just saying all this to bail the guy out because you've got this little thing for him, you know, you're really --

Alison: No, I'm not, Aaron, I swear. I -- but now that I've had a chance to calm down, I can finally see what really happened.

Emily: And what was that?

Alison: When Chris ran after me, I assumed that it was because he was angry. But now I can finally see that he was just trying to help me.

Aaron: Oh, Ali, give me a break.

Alison: No, he -- he was. Chris would never purposely hurt me or the baby.

Aaron: Oh, my God -- you know what? Whatever. Fine, believe whatever you want. Go ahead. I don't care.

Emily: Ali, listen. Officer Doyle needs you to confirm that Chris was here earlier, and then he agreed to leave as soon as he saw us. Can you do that?

Alison: It's the truth. I asked him to stay.

Emily: Okay, so technically the restraining order was never violated.

Alison: So then they can release Chris.

Emily: Yeah. Right?

Alison: So what about the assault charges?

Emily: Well, I think Jessica can call the Chicago D.A. in the morning. He'll probably have to give a deposition before it can be official.

Aaron: I don't believe this! The guy walks?

Alison: Aaron, you just have to -- to try to understand, from where you were standing, you only saw part of the picture.

Emily: Aaron -- Aaron, we have no choice. We have to take her word for it.

Alison: I owe you a big apology.

Chris: No, Ali, you've got it all wrong. I owe you. For still believing in me. After everything we've been through, I am so glad that you didn't give up on us.

Craig: I will find my wife and son, and then --

Carly: He is not your son. And you knew that. You knew this day would come, Craig, but you sat around with that sick smile on your face, and you rocked that baby to sleep for how many nights?

Craig: I'm going to find my wife and son.

[Door closes]

Jack: Where's he going now?

Carly: I don't know. I don't care. But he is not the only one to blame for this mess, jack.

Jack: No, Carly, don't --

Carly: No, it's the truth. I knew there was a problem, jack, I saw it.

Jack: You didn't have any proof, though, right?

Carly: It doesn't matter. That first night, when you put Cabot into Rosannaís arms, I saw it on his face. He had a secret. He always has a secret, Jack. He thinks he can lie and steal and cheat and get away with it.

Jack: Until it falls apart.

Carly: And it always does. And innocent people have to pay the price.

Jack: I think it's gonna cost Craig big, too.

Carly: I should have warned Rosanna. You know, if I didn't have any proof, I should have gotten some proof.

Jack: How? How? How? The Canadian authorities, they -- it took them months to handle this thing. And even then, they didn't get in touch with the birth mother until a couple hours ago.

Carly: Then why can't Rosanna hold onto the baby until they find out more stuff, Jack? Maybe the birth mother would be willing to share custody with Rosanna or something.

Jack: You don't think that's really gonna happen, do you? And regardless, the crime took place in Canada. That's where it's gonna have to be resolved. Cabot's a Canadian citizen.

Carly: I wanna kill Craig.

Jack: Get in line. But right now, we should be focusing our energies into finding Rosanna. She had a hell of a head start. There's no trace of her on foot. And those tracks, they don't give us much of a lead past the dirt road. So we have to assume she had help. Question is -- was it from a stranger? Or someone we all know?

Rosanna: Well, if you are feeling guilty, okay, donít. You were right to tell me that Craig tried to frame you for Rose's murder.

Paul: That's not what I'm talking about.

Rosanna: And if I had been a sensible person and tossed him out then, I think everything would be different.

Paul: Yeah, well, that still wouldn't change the truth about Cabot.

Rosanna: It's the truth about Craig, that's the problem. I knew his track record, everybody knew his track record. You have no idea how many times he lied to me, how much he manipulated Lucy and Aaron -- he kidnapped your mother during the whole Monte Carlo disaster. But did I listen? No, I was there. I just bailed him out. Forget reason, forget logic. When it came to Craig, there was none.

Paul: Well, I'm not sorry you're not with Craig. I'm not. But I am sorry that it all happened this way.

Rosanna: Just -- I knew there was a problem with Cabot from the beginning. And I didn't say anything. He just brought him home, out of the blue. And every time I would ask a question, he wouldn't -- he wouldn't answer. I guess part of it is my fault, because when I -- when I tried to push, I would just look at this sweet little man's beautiful face, and everything else just seemed so unimportant.

Paul: You know, most people don't question miracles, Rosanna, most people just enjoy them. And look at you. That's what you're doing. We need to think about the future now, okay? We need to find new identities; we need to find a new place that we can call home.

Rosanna: This is so surreal.

Paul: We need to get our hands on as much cash as we can as soon as we can. Now, I've filed a plan that will get us to the next refueling point, but by the time we get there, we really -- we should have a final destination in mind.

Rosanna: I can go anywhere. Anywhere but Canada.

Paul: Believe me; I don't want to go to Canada.

Rosanna: Because if I have to think about Cabotís birth mother, I will lose what is left of my mind.

Paul: Well, then, maybe what you should do is think about how much you love your son. Maybe what you should do is think about how you're gonna be there for the rest of his life for him.

Rosanna: I have a right to be his mother, don't I? It's not all about biology, is it?

Paul: What do you want me to say?

Rosanna: All this time, I -- I thought he had been given up willingly. Now that I know that he wasn't --

Paul: Does it really change anything?

Rosanna: I tell myself it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter; that I love Cabot, loving him makes him mine. But it's not right. It's just not right. And to keep trying to think so is just lying to myself.

Molly: I didn't know I was worth this much to you.

Dusty: I want you out of here. You hear me?

Molly: Where did you raise this kind of money?

Dusty: None of your business.

Molly: Rose?

Dusty: Take your check and walk.

Molly: So much for using the insurance payoff for a noble cause, huh?

Dusty: I'm gonna have somebody pack up your stuff for you, all right?

Molly: So I'm how you're honoring rose's memory? I'm so flattered. What are you gonna do with the change, big guy? Buy an all-inclusive cruise? All the babes and booze you can stand?

Dusty: Take your check and your cool attitude and say good-bye.

Molly: I'm so sorry, but my portion of the club is not for sale.

Dusty: Oh, and you call yourself a hustler? That was three times its worth.

Molly: Oh, you see, unfortunately, a motivated buyer needs a motivated seller.

Dusty: You expect me to keep working with you?

Molly: I expect us to act like mature, responsible adults.

Dusty: Since when?

Molly: Since I've decided I'm not going anywhere. So get used to it, heavy D. You're stuck with me.

Lily: Going behind my back to Holden? That's you. That's your M.O. But Dusty, what is the purpose in that?

Lucinda: My darling daughter, yes. I talked to Holden because the poor guy is floundering. He's floundering! I don't know what the word is! And as for Dusty, I -- I would use the devil himself -- and I mean that -- if I could help you through these dark times.

Lily: I don't want your help.

Lucinda: Darling? Darling.

[Lucinda sighs] When we have a problem, you try to solve it. When something needs to be fixed, we fix it. But we stand two -- and damn the consequences.

Lily: Please fix this. Please fix it. Make me better. Make me feel whole again. Because I can't do it alone. And I'm alone. I'm all alone.

Lucinda: No, no. You're not alone. I'm here. I love you, I love you, I love you. I'm with you. Oh, honey, I'm with you. I'm here. You're not alone. And I'm very upset about the way -- I'm distressed about the way you're going about grieving for Rose's death. Because it's not right. It's not right. We should talk. The two of us should talk about Rose. We should because I love you. And your pain is my pain.

Lily: No, it's not. It's not your pain. It's just mine. It's mine alone. It's not yours or Holdenís or the childrenís. It's mine, and I -- I don't even want to get up from bed in the morning, but I do it, and I put my -- one foot in front of the other, put a smile on my face for the children, so they won't see how I feel inside, but they know it. I just don't know what else to do. I don't know how to live my life as if Rose never existed.

Lucinda: Stop right there. Nobody is asking you to do that. Rose did exist. Now -- if Rose's life meant something -- I do think it did -- and if it counted for something -- and I do think it did -- then her awful, premature, unfortunate death, that counts for something, too.

Lily: You sound like Dusty. He -- he wants to set up a foundation for Rose.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, I think that's a wonderful idea!

Lily: Oh, no!

Lucinda: I wish I'd had that idea --

Lily: I turned him down flat.

Lucinda: No! Why?

Lily: Yes.

Lucinda: Come on, baby. Why did you -- don't do that. Change your mind. That's a wonderful idea. You'll have something living that you can create, a foundation -- can you pick up the phone, little girl? Just pick up the phone and talk to Dusty and say you'd be happy to hit the foundation, or do anything that anybody else comes up with so that you can -- you can keep the memory of Rose's life alive.

Dusty: What's your problem?

Molly: I don't have a problem.

Dusty: Do you get a charge out of being unwanted?

Molly: I get a charge out of not being pushed around. You can say what you want to about me, but I can't be bought.

[Phone rings]

Dusty: Donovan.

Lily: Hi, it's -- its Lily. I'm at my motherís. Can you come over?

Dusty: I'm working.

Lily: It's important. It's about Rose.

Dusty: Okay, I'm on my way.

Clark: Lucy, it's a perfect night -- full moon. We'll drive up to Myers Lake.

Lucy: Maybe another night.

Clark: You're so beautiful. For days now, all I've been able to think about is when we're gonna be alone together. Don't make me take you home early.

Lucy: Well, there'll be other full moons.

Clark: I take that as a "no."

Lucy: For tonight.

Clark: Don't you know how crazy I am about you? I want to show you how much.

Lucy: Another time, I promise.

Clark: Yeah, I hope so. A guy can only take so much.

Craig: Hello -- excuse me --

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Sweetness, have you heard from Rosanna?

Lucy: Uh -- no. Why? What's wrong?

Craig: I don't really have time to explain --

Lucy: No, Daddy, wait -- just tell me what's going on.

Craig: Uh -- well, as far as I know, Rosannaís fine, Cabotís fine, but -- I think I've made a mistake, sweetness. A terrible mistake.

Rosanna: I just can't -- not think about Cabotís birth mother any more. You know, she's not some scared teenager or somebody who wanted to free up her life. She's somebody who had her baby taken away from her. I can't imagine what that's been like.

Paul: You didn't do that to her, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Yes, I did, I --

Paul: No, you didn't put her through anything.

Rosanna: I totally put her through it, because I trusted Craig. I was so stupid. I should have demanded every bit of information I could get my hands on. I should have pushed him.

Paul: Don't do that. Don't -- don't fill yourself with doubts and question everything that you've done. Maybe what you should tell yourself is that you love your little baby. Maybe that's all you need to hear right now.

Rosanna: You tell me how I am going to have a life with him. I mean, the foundation that we're building on is -- it's just a big lie.

Paul: Well, it seemed to work with my mother.

Rosanna: He's such a gift. I can't imagine how something so tiny can make your life --

[Baby cooing] So big. I don't want to give him up.

Paul: Rosanna -- you are a remarkable woman. And there isn't anything that you can't survive. Okay? And remember -- no matter what decision you make, you're not going through this decision alone.

Rosanna: We have to go back. We have to turn the plane around. I have to give him up.

Filloux: Time, Mrs. Montgomery.

Rosanna: No! No, no, no! You can't -- get away from me! Get away from the baby!

Alison: Aaron, it's really important to me that you understand what happened here.

Aaron: Why?

Alison: For a million different reasons.

Aaron: All right. So you and Chris, you -- what? Are you guys, like an item, are you guys back together?

Alison: No, I don't know what we are. I guess we'll just have to see. But I'll go and get my stuff and bring it back to my place --

Aaron: No, no, don't worry. Look, I'll take care of that.

Alison: No, you've taken care of enough.

Aaron: Ali --

Alison: Aaron, I'm sorry that I lied to you about the baby.

Aaron: You know, Alison, as crazy as this sounds -- I don't regret any of it.

Alison: What?

Aaron: Yeah. That's why I let you tell everybody when we didn't believe that it was my kid. I don't know -- maybe it just made me feel like, important or something.

Alison: Aaron, you are important.

Aaron: Just be good, okay?

Alison: You, too.

Aaron: I'll see you soon.

Alison: Yeah.

Susan: Chris -- I'm sorry. When I saw you with Alison, I -- I didn't know what to think.

Chris: It's okay. You thought you had to protect your daughter and --

Susan: And apparently, I was wrong.

Chris: You know what? We've all been wrong about a lot of things. I'm sorry, would you excuse me?

Susan: No, go.

Chris: Aaron left?

Alison: Yeah.

Chris: How are you doing?

Alison: I'm not sure.

Chris: Neither am I, except for one thing.

Alison: I -- I don't expect everything to just be turned around just because I finally remembered what happened.

Chris: No, see, Ali, you see, everything is turned around. I was gonna say that I wasn't sure how I was feeling either. It's been a crazy night. But I am sure about one thing. I do love you, Alison. Okay? They're not just words. I love you more now than I ever have.

Jack: Expand the search five miles in every direction. And I want the pick-up logs of every limo service in the county. All right? And send a unit over to that private airfield on 117. I wanna know that rundown of every single flight that's left there in the past six hours. And make sure that Cabot jet never leaves the ground. Thanks.

Carly: Where could she be, Jack?

Jack: With her money, honey, anywhere. Listen, I had to file for a court order to freeze her account.

Carly: You can't do that.

Jack: Yes, I had to do that. If I didn't, Hal would.

Carly: I never should have left her alone.

Jack: Hey, you didn't know she was gonna run.

Carly: I didn't listen to her, Jack. If I had, she's still be here.

Jack: Listen to what?

Carly: Before I left, she said that she loved me, and she said what a good sister I am. How could I not have seen that what she really was saying was good-bye?

Jack: Hey. We'll find her.

Carly: Part of me hopes she never comes home.

Jack: No. No, hey, listen. She can't run forever. Now, she's gonna be really visible with that child. She's not gonna be able to travel very easily. It's only a matter of time.

[Phone rings] Snyder. Yeah, we're on our way.

Carly: What? What is it?

Jack: Rosanna's coming home.

Filloux: Where is she, Detective Snyder?

Jack: Relax, she's on her way.

Filloux: And if it was another diversion?

Jack: My guys are still out there. I haven't called off the search. Trust me, she'll be here.

Carly: Jack, is the cop on duty certain that it was Rosanna who called?

Jack: Well, the signal was pretty bad. They couldn't trace the call. But the woman identified herself as Rosanna, and she said she was coming back with the baby.

Carly: Here?

Jack: She said she'd only surrender the baby if we could guarantee her that Ė

Lucy: I still don't understand how they got the baby into the country.

Craig: That's just paperwork. Look, Rosanna desperately wanted a child, I desperately wanted to give her a child. So I -- I found somebody who could handle these things.

Lucy: What kind of things?

Craig: Well, you know, who could handle adoptions quickly.

Lucy: You mean illegally.

Craig: No, no, I didn't think so. I had a contract and every reason to believe that Cabotís birth mother had given up Cabot willingly.

Lucy: That's not true?

Craig: No.

Lucy: Okay, well, a lot of time has gone by since then. So maybe we could just make her understand that Cabotís happy with us now, and you and Rosanna could hire a lawyer, and -- you could work something out. It would be fine.

Craig: I don't think that's possible.

Lucy: Well, you can't -- you can't just give him back. I mean, he's part of our family, Daddy.

Craig: Look, sweetness, I have to make sure right now that Rosanna and Cabot get back home safely.

Lucy: What then?

Craig: I don't know.

Lucy: They're never coming home again, are they?

[Phone rings]

Craig: Yes? When? All right, I'll be right there. Look, they found them. I'll see you at home a little later, okay?

Lucy: Well, what -- what did they say?

Craig: I love you, baby.

Lucy: No, Daddy, tell me where you're going.

Craig: I'll call you later. I'll call you later.

Jack: All the paper work is in order?

Filloux: I have a district court judge order of the immediate release of the child.

Jack: Now, okay, take it easy. Slow it down.

Filloux: Time, Mrs. Montgomery.

Rosanna: No. No, no, no, you can't -- get away form me. Get away from the baby.

Chris: Are you sure you're okay with me being here?

Alison: Sure, I'm sure. Aren't I, Mom?

Emily: Ali, will you do me a favor? Will you put some water on, make some tea?

Alison: Why don't you guys just tell me to leave so that you can talk behind my back?

Emily: Okay, will you leave so I can talk behind your back?

Chris: Ali, Ali. Before you go, I just wanna thank you one last time. Thank you. Hurry back with that tea.

Susan: Chris, we're both pleased that -- that you've been cleared.

Emily: But I think we're both a little confused.

Chris: Yeah, well, things have been moving pretty fast.

Susan: Way too fast.

Chris: Look, I know that Alison and I have a lot of talking to do.

Emily: I think Alison is still recovering from her miscarriage. She needs time to heal emotionally.

Chris: Yeah, well, maybe we can help each other heal.

Susan: That's the problem.

Emily: See, form where we sit, it looks like you're actually planning of getting back together.

Chris: Well, I can't speak for Alison --

Susan: Then donít. You hurt that girl. Not once, not twice, but over and over again. You told her she was too young, too immature -- in plain English, just not good enough.

Chris: Susan, I never meant to make her feel that way.

Susan: It doesn't matter what you meant. That's what she heard. And now you say you want to get back together with her. Well, you better be sure. Because hurting her again is not an option.

Dusty: Well, it looks like your Mom was able to strong-arm you.

Lucinda: Oh, don't say that.

Lily: In her own way.

Lucinda: Uh -- okay.

Lily: It was good. It was good. It was a good way to make me reconsider this whole idea about the foundation. So I'll raise a lot of money, I'll help a lot of people, and everyone will think it's a great way to honor rose's memory.

Dusty: Well, it sure beats buying flowers for the grave, doesn't it?

Lily: It does?

Dusty: Yeah.

Lily: Well, that's good. And Holden will breathe a sigh of relief that I've traded in supernatural for charity. I'll do it for you. For my husband, for my children, for peace in my home, but getting over the loss of my sister, that's -- you're all gonna have to wait a very long time for that, because I miss her. Every day. And nothing, not even a foundation, is gonna change that.

Filloux: I've been more than patient Detective Snyder, but I need to take the child.

Paul: Jack, give her a minute to say good-bye.

Jack: You're gonna have to use the interrogation room. Can't let her leave the premises.

Rosanna: He's always been a good sleeper. I hope he's okay on the plane.

Carly: Do you have enough formula and diapers?

Rosanna: Yeah, yeah, it's all in the bag. As well as his little bear and the blanket I had when I was a kid.

Carly: Oh, Rosanna. I'm so sorry.

Rosanna: Its okay, it's okay.

Jack: Rosanna, if you need privacy, you can step in there.

Filloux: Five minutes, no more.

Jack: Take all the time you need.

Rosanna: Thank you, Jack.

Paul: I'm so sorry that it came to this.

Rosanna: I wouldn't be able to do this without you. Thank you so much.

Carly: This is wrong, Jack. We can't make her hand over her baby to somebody she doesn't even know. I'll take Cabot out, okay?

Filloux: That is not your place, Mrs. Snyder.

Carly: I'm making it my place.

Rosanna: You know what? If we close our eyes, we can pretend that were back in your nursery, huh? And we're just gonna put on the music box and -- it's just time to go to bed, that's all. You have given me so much. You have taught me more about love than I ever knew existed. I know that you don't understand everything that's going on, and I'm really glad that you're not gonna remember it, but I really hope that you remember how much I love you. Because wherever you go, you're gonna take my heart with you. You are my heart.

[Rosanna crying]

Carly: Rosanna. It's time, honey. It's time. I'll take him if you want me to.

Rosanna: No, no, no. No, no, I'm okay.

Carly: I can take him.

Rosanna: No, I can do it. I can do it. Really, I can do it. I promise you. I'll do it. Okay. He needs to be fed. In about an hour. All his things are in his bag, and you tell -- you tell his mother that he doesn't cry. He never cries unless he's tired or he's hungry or he needs to be changed, okay?

[Rosanna crying] You're the greatest love of my life, little baby. I love you so much, Cabot.

[Rosanna sobbing]

Craig: Rosanna?

[Rosanna sobbing]

Alison: I hope that this is okay. I think I made it a little bit too strong.

Chris: Thank you, Ali, but I should probably go.

Alison: Mom, what did you say to him?

Chris: Nothing, nothing.

Alison: But we just got home.

Chris: Yeah, but it's late, and you need your rest. And I should probably go talk to Tom and Jessica and see about getting those charges dropped as soon as possible.

Alison: Yeah, but they can't do anything tonight.

Chris: I know, but at least I'll know what the next step is, and I'll call you tomorrow. First thing. You know what? Better yet, I'll see you tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. I love you.

Clark: Are you gonna be okay?

Molly: Lucy, here's some water, honey.

Clark: What happened with your father?

Lucy: I don't want to talk about it.

Molly: Craig and I have known each other for a long time, so we're partners here. If there's something I should know --

Lucy: It's not about this place, Molly, okay? I just -- I need to get out of here. I --

Clark: Okay, I'll take you home.

Lucy: No. I'll find my own ride home, thank you.

Clark: Okay. Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay? Take care.

Molly: Lucy, I know your Dad wouldn't want you to be alone when you're this upset.

Lucy: Well, he wouldn't want me talking to you, either.

Molly: Okay. Look, I was just gonna offer to call you a cab, but maybe you'd rather do that yourself.

Lucy: I need to be with my family.

Aaron: Lucy -- oh, my God. Oh, my God, you're not gonna believe what happened --

Lucy: No, not now, Aaron.

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what happened? What's wrong?

Lucy: Nothing, I'm fine. Please, I have to go.

Aaron: No -- just tell me what's wrong, please.

Lucy: Everything is wrong; will you please get out of my way?

Craig: Where's Cabot?

Rosanna: Cabot is gone.

Craig: Gone where?

Carly: The Canadian police took him.

Craig: I didn't see anyone when I came in --

Carly: They took him out the back way. In case the press got wind of anything.

Craig: I didn't get a chance to say good-bye.

Rosanna: Carly, I'd like to leave now, please.

Carly: Yes. Yes, honey. I'll take you to my place, okay?

Rosanna: Actually, maybe you should take me to --

Craig: Rosanna, I think we need to talk.

Rosanna: No. I don't want to talk to you. I think we should go to -- I don't want to be around children right now.

Carly: Okay. I understand, honey. I understand.

Rosanna: Will you come with me?

Carly: Yes. I'll stay with you.

Rosanna: Okay.

Carly: I'll stay with you for as long as you want me to, okay?

Craig: Rosanna.

Rosanna: I want you to listen to me, because I'm only going to say this once. From now on, you're dead to me.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Holden: I got a little surprise for you -- something special. Something that I think in a very small way might help you keep Rose in your life.

Craig: I'd like to see my wife now.

Paul: She doesn't want to see you.

Barbara: This is my party.

Carly: Barbara. I have no idea what you're talking about.

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