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[Baby crying]

Bob: You all right?

Chris: Yeah.

Kim: You left the house so early this morning.

Chris: Couldn't sleep. Thought I'd get to work and catch up on everything that I missed.

Bob: Listen, about work -- I got somebody to cover for you.

Chris: Thanks, Dad, but I don't want to sit around thinking about everything that happened. I need something to do.

Bob: I think it's too soon for you to go to a full schedule.

Chris: No, it's not, Dad. I need to stick to my daily routine.

Jessica: Well, that's going to be difficult from behind bars, and that's exactly where you're headed if you continue to ignore my advice.

Susan: What are you doing out of bed?

Alison: I'm just putting away a few things.

Susan: What? What is all this? You bought maternity clothes?

Alison: Just a few. I know I didn't need them yet, but I figured that just in time -- is there someplace where we can donate them?

Susan: Oh, sure, but -- you don't have to do that now. You can give yourself a little time.

Alison: Time's not going to change anything, Mom. My baby's gone. It's not gonna come back in a week or a month from now, a year from now. It's gone forever.

Susan: Honey, I -- I wanted to be here when you woke up, but -- things took a little longer than expected.

Alison: What things? Where were you?

Susan: At the police station, getting a restraining order against Chris Hughes.

Alison: Are you serious?

Susan: He is the reason you lost your baby. Sweetie, I don't want you to think about this. I just want you to rest and you let me take care of everything. You hear?

Alison: I don't need you to take care of everything. I need you to understand. But nobody can do that.

Margo: Nothing? All right, thanks.

Mike: The car rental agencies were a bust. You get any leads?

Margo: I've flashed my badge at the airport, the train station, the bus station, nothing.

Mike: There's got to be something somewhere that'll give us a clue to where they might be.

Margo: Well, even if we do find that something, we're probably too late. Katie and Simon, they've got a whole night's head start on us. We've got to face it, Mike. At this point, Katie could be anywhere.

Katie: How long have we been hiding here?

Simon: A while. You fell asleep. We shouldn't have to wait much longer for these passports.

Katie: I used to love these adventures with you.

Simon: Used to?

Katie: Things have changed, Simon. When I thought you were dead, I practically died, too, and when I got better, my life was different. I just appreciated things in a way that I never had before. Like being warm when it's cold outside. Holding my little baby nephew. Having dinners with my sister's family. I just -- I don't know, those small, simple things were enough. I didn't need these adventures to feel alive anymore.

Simon: Listen, Katie, you have to be honest with me. If you want to go back to Oakdale, you just have to say the word. And I'll take you there.

Barbara: I still can't believe my eyes.

Paul: And I can't believe these numbers.

Barbara: Oh, come on, they're gonna go up. With you and your sister on board, things are gonna go up for B.R.O., That's for sure.

Paul: Well, we'd better get the word out quickly.

Barbara: Well, that's what we're gonna do with this press party that you talked about. All we have to do is decide where we're gonna have it.

Paul: What about Metro?

Barbara: Metro?

Paul: Yeah, why not? I mean, it's high-end, it's sexy, it's innovative. It's everything your drawings are.

Barbara: And co-owned by Molly McKinnon, Dusty Donovan and Craig Montgomery -- three people who genuinely hate me.

Paul: Right. This is more than just putting B.R.O. Back on top. This is about showing everyone in this town that Barbara Ryan, a woman who could live anywhere, chooses to live here. Seems to me that moving the press event to Chicagoís gonna look like a snub.

Barbara: Yeah. Guess I'm just a little nervous.

Paul: You're just out of practice, that's all. Get used to it, Mother. You're gonna be back on top. I'll be right there with you.

Barbara: You know, I do have a few things I've been working on. Would you like to see them?

Paul: I'd love nothing more.

Barbara: Oh, good. Thank you. Thank you.

Paul: Oh, you're welcome.

Barbara: Thank you so much.

Paul: You don't need to thank me. This is as much for me as it is for you.

Barbara: You are something. I'll get my portfolio.

Paul: Okay. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." I intend to.

Barbara: Intend to what?

Paul: Intend to turn B.R.O. around. With your help.

Barbara: I tell you, you've got me believing that we can do absolutely anything, as long as we're together.

Paul: Oh, we're going to be together -- closer than ever.

Carly: Back bothering you?

Craig: I am fine.

Carly: So Rosannaís still making you sleep on the couch, huh? It's nice to see she doesn't forgive too easily.

Craig: Do you have a reason for being here, or did you just come here to gloat?

Carly: Well, as much as I love to gloat, particularly concerning you, I did come here to tell you something. Don't you ever put me in the position of lying to my sister again. I protected you because I love her, and for some peculiar -- listen to me! And for some peculiar reason, she seems to love you. But if you lie to her again, so help me, I will bury you.

Rosanna: Carly? Why are you strangling my husband? That's my job

Carly: I was reminding your snake of a husband here that if he ever makes you unhappy, I will personally see to it that he will be able to sing soprano in the Lutherís Corners church.

Rosanna: Oh, you're sweet. What a good sister. Now, if you don't mind, I have a few things to say to our slippery friend myself.

Carly: Oh, sure. Yeah, I'm done.

Rosanna: Coffee?

Carly: Love some.

Rosanna: Okay.

Carly: Thank you.

Rosanna: Sciatica acting up?

Craig: What sciatica? I'm sleeping on upholstery. Which is not exactly our marital bed.

Rosanna: Speaking of the marital bed, it's been a lonely place lately.

Craig: Oh. Does that mean --

Rosanna: On one condition.

Craig: Anything. Anything.

Rosanna: You tell Paul that you're sorry for being a big, fat jerk.

Paul: Sorry.

Barbara: Oh, that's okay. I've got it. I've got it. It's all right. No problem.

Paul: Got it?

Barbara: Yeah.

Paul: Wow. What's this?

Barbara: What?

Paul: Might be the best of the bunch.

Barbara: I don't remember -- --It's signed.

Barbara: I know it's signed, but you know, that was sent to me by a design student in Chicago. Please, I really want you to take a look at these. I just think they're gorgeous. I love the jewel tones and the deciliter neck there. The jewels at the bottom are so lovely.

Mike: It just doesn't make any sense. I had just talked to Katie. She was on the fence about leaving with Simon.

Margo: But still, Mike, this can't come as a surprise to you. I mean, Katie and Simon had a very close marriage at one point.

Mike: Before he put her through hell.

Margo: Yeah, and you brought her out of it. And believe me, I'm grateful. I am. And Katie is grateful.

Mike: I don't want her gratitude. You know what I want? I want this ring back on her finger. I want her to be my wife. Margo, she loves me. What could he have done to her to make her leave without even wanting to say good-bye to me?

[Mike imagining]

Simon: Get your stuff. We're outta here.

Katie: But Mike thinks we're leaving in the morning.

Simon: Too bad. It's time to go now.

Katie: No, I'm not gonna do that to him. I wonít.

Simon: You'll do whatever I say. You're my wife. Remember?

Katie: No, you're the one who left, who made me think you were dead. I'm not married to anyone. I'm engaged to mike. Hey.

Simon: Not anymore. Let's go.

Katie: What are you doing?

Simon: You belong to me. And don't you forget it. Okay? Let's go.

Katie: Mike! Mike! Help me!

Simon: Get out!

Katie: Mike, I need you! I need you!

Margo: Mike -- are you all right?

Mike: Yeah, but Katie isnít.

Margo: Why? What do you mean?

Mike: Katie didn't want to go with him. He kidnapped her.

Simon: Do you want me to take you back, Katie?

Katie: I don't know. It's just so hard to leave without saying good-bye.

[Katie imagining]

Simon: Here, let me help.

Katie: Whoa, slow down.

Simon: I canít. Katie, we have to leave tonight.

Katie: But you said we were leaving in the morning.

Simon: Someone tried to kill us in the church tonight. Things are a lot more dangerous than I thought.

Katie: But Mike --

Simon: He'll know you're alive. That's why we have to leave now.

Katie: This is gonna hurt him so much.

Simon: At least he will be safe. Katie, if he knows where we're going, he's gonna follow us. And the people looking for me will not think twice about killing him. Okay?

Katie: Okay, sure.

Simon: Let's go. Now. I think I heard someone outside. Please, we have to go. Please.

Katie: You walk out of my life one night without letting me say good-bye, and now you expect me to do the same thing. Just to walk away from everyone and everything I know without a word.

Simon: Just tell me what you want, Katie.

Katie: I just want you to stop breaking my heart. No, stop. Just stop it. Just leave me alone. Just -- give me a minute.

Susan: I'll see you later.

[Doorbell rings]

Alison: Who's there?

[In high-pitched voice]

Aaron: Housekeeping.

Alison: Aaron? Aaron.

Aaron: Hello. Muffins. Got your muffins. Grandma thinks if it comes out of an oven, it'll cure anything.

Alison: I wish. Will you tell her thank you for me?

Aaron: Of course. How you doing?

Alison: Well, let's see, my baby died and my mother took out a restraining order against the father. Not so good.

Aaron: Well, you know what? I'm glad your mom went to the police. Chris Hughes shouldn't get anywhere near you. He oughta --

Alison: No, Aaron, don't -- donít. Please. I just -- I just need some time to just figure this out without everyone telling me what to think.

Aaron: Alison, I saw what he did.

Alison: No, Aaron, don't -- I mean, for crying out loud, I know that -- you've said this a thousand times, okay?! I'm sorry. I'm sorry, that's just -- that -- I'm sorry. That's from my mom. She's just -- she's trying to take over my life like I'm 10 years old.

Aaron: Alison, she's just worried. In her eyes, you're always gonna be her kid.

Alison: I've been pregnant and I lost my baby. I think that that makes me a grownup, don't you? Aaron, sometimes I think that if I don't get out of here, I'm gonna lose my mind.

Jessica: I told you to stay away from Alison Stewart, but you went to see her anyway. And now her mother has taken out a restraining order against you.

Chris: Since when?

Jessica: Since this morning. If you go anywhere near Alison, you will be arrested.

Chris: Look, I have to tell her the truth. Okay? That I wanted her and the baby. That when she fell it was an accident, a horrible accident -- okay, I can't stand the fact that she thinks that I would hurt her.

Jessica: You can tell her the truth in the courtroom in front of the jury.

Chris: No, it can't wait that long. She's hurting now.

Jessica: Look, Chris, I promised your brother I'd represent you, but if you violate this restraining order, you're no longer my client.

Mike: Call Jack, get him on the phone to his buddies at the FBI.

Margo: Oh, Mike, come on, we don't have any proof that Simon kidnapped Katie. Listen to me, listen to me. Katie is not at all logical when it comes to Simon. She's not. One time he had gone missing in Europe, and she put on a nun's costume and boarded a plane. Nobody could talk her out of it. She was convinced that she was the only person that could save him.

Mike: She's not that person anymore. She's different now.

Margo: Mike, she's gone! And yeah, I'm afraid. And yeah, it scares me. But Simon didn't kidnap her. She chose to go with him. And you gotta accept that, Mike.

Simon: It's not always going to be like this. I promise. We'll get out of here and we'll get someplace safe. And when we do, I swear to God, I will -- I'll build you another cottage stone by stone. I'll do whatever it takes to make you as happy as you've made me. Look, you haven't eaten in hours, you must be hungry.

Katie: What are you going to do, order me take-out?

Simon: I already did.

Katie: Is that milk chocolate or dark?

Simon: Milk. With nuts. Is it still your favorite?

Katie: Yeah. Yours?

Simon: Yeah. Look, maybe things haven't changed as much as you think, you know? Deep down, we're still the same people. I know you, you know me, inside and out. Remember all those nights we laid in the cottage just lying in the dark and just whispered all night long? I told you my secrets. I trusted you with everything.

Katie: Me, too. God, it was so easy back then. And the cottage was just our special, private world. Do you remember what it looked like when we first bought it?

Simon: A nightmare. But all you could see was a dream house. After a while, you even had me believing the thing was enchanted. But it wasnít.

Katie: It wasn't?

Simon: We were. And I think we still are. Listen, Katie, I know you were confused and scared and angry and -- but what's underneath all that? Baby, tell me, what's in your heart?

Katie: I just keep thinking about when you left. You made me think that you hated me.

Simon: Look, you know why I had to do that. And -- it hurt like hell. It hurt both of us.

Katie: I used to have this dream over and over that you would come back -- you were hurt. I mean, you had like this hole over your heart, but I would just fix it and make everything okay. Do you know when I stopped having that dream?

Simon: Please, don't do this, don't --

Katie: When they called with the DNA evidence that you had died in that explosion. I still hoped and wished and prayed that they were wrong, that you would come back to me.

Simon: But I did. Are you sorry about that now?

Katie: No, God, no! No, don't ever say that. I am so blessed that you're alive.

Simon: Then let's build on that. Let's take this unbelievable gift, this second chance that most people never get. Look, if you can't do that, you have to tell me now. Sweetie, look me in the eye, tell me that you've made a mistake, that you don't want to be here, that you want me to take you home.

Katie: Where is home?

Simon: That's a question only you can answer.

Katie: I prayed and prayed and prayed for months for a miracle. And I was lucky enough to get one. I'm not about to let that go.

Craig: I don't think I could do that.

Rosanna: Oh, no? Well, then you'd better find a good chiropractor, because that couch is where you're gonna be spending your nights for a long time to come.

Craig: Rosanna, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Those are my terms.

Craig: Oh, that Paul Ryan listens to an apology from me? His whole family's hard of hearing.

Molly: It's a little early for a family crisis, isn't it?

Carly: Oh, hey, Molly. Would you do me a favor? I need some help with the coffee machine.

Molly: The coffee machine? Really? You put water in and the coffee comes out. How difficult is that?

Craig: I thought Paul Ryan was your friend. I can tell you he has no interest in being mine.

Rosanna: This is not about friendship. This is about doing the right thing.

Craig: Closed.

Barbara: Hello, Craig. Rosanna.

Craig: We're closed.

Barbara: Well, we were hoping that maybe you could sit down with us for a few minutes, weren't we, darling?

Paul: Yes. We'd like to ask you a question.

Barbara: You and the other owners of this fine establishment. Now, where are they? Molly? Where are you, Molly? Oh, there you are. And where's that Dusty Donovan?

Craig: Why do you care?

Barbara: Because my partner and I wish to ask you and your partners for a favor.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Chris: I came by to see the newborns.

Alison: You did?

Chris: Can't stop thinking about what we almost had.

Rosanna: Are you saying you're willing to forgive and forget?

Paul: Oh, yeah, sure, why not? You'll feel so confident underneath it all.

Chris: Fine. You don't want to represent me; I'll find someone who does.

Jessica: And they will tell you exactly what I'm telling you. This restraining order has to be taken seriously.

Chris: I have patients to see.

John: Not anymore you donít.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Bob: That's what I'd like to know.

John: I need your keys and your I.D.

Kim: John, what are you doing?

John: Susan Stewart has informed the board of the charges against Chris.

Chris: I'm right here.

John: And the board is very concerned about a doctor who is charged with assault and involuntary manslaughter of an unborn child.

Kim: Wait a minute. Whatever happened to innocent be --

John: She also mentioned that ever since this unfortunate incident, you have continued to harass Alison to the extent that she's had to obtain a restraining order against you. Now you can't deny that.

Jessica: Okay, John, what did the board decide?

John: The board has decided to suspend Chris until these issues are resolved.

Bob: That's what I was afraid of.

John: I need your I.D. And your keys. You give me no choice.

Chris: You're telling me I have no recourse here? That what he just did is okay?

Jessica: Look, save your indignation for the courtroom. This could be a long and ugly battle.

Alison: Do you think that -- never mind. Never mind.

Aaron: What, you want to crash at my place for a couple nights?

Alison: I don't have the right to ask.

Aaron: No, you donít. Hey, but what are friends for? Don't cry. You can stay as long as you don't rearrange my furniture. I finally got it the way I want it. Come here.

Simon: All I need to know is that you're sure about staying with me. No second thoughts.

Katie: No, I've lost you too many times.

Simon: God, I cannot stop looking at you. I'm so scared that I'm just gonna wake up and find this is another dream.

Katie: No, it's not a dream. Not this time.

Simon: You and I get to start over.

Katie: Some place warmer, I hope.

Simon: Yeah. The beach. We'll finally start that family we always talked about.

Katie: Yes. We'll have our name on the mailbox and a white picket fence.

Simon: Well, it might be a different name. Look, I promise you we're not going to just disappear off the face of the earth, and when the time is right again, we will be able to contact your family. Listen, look at me. No matter where we are, or what we're called, I promise you the visits from your family will happen again. Trust me.

Margo: Mike, Katie made a choice. And I know that you want to believe that Simon dragged her out of here, but that's just simply not the way it happened.

Mike: How do you know that?

Margo: 'Cause there's no sign of a struggle here. You said some of her stuff is gone.

Mike: Yeah, some -- some jeans, a hairbrush and some of her stuff from the bathroom.

Margo: Maybe she packed a bag. I don't think she would have stopped to do that if she was being forced to leave here against her will.

Mike: She loves me, Margo, okay?

Margo: Yeah, Mike, she does. She does love you, I know. And it must have broken her heart to have to choose between you and Simon. Now, I know that this hurts you --

Mike: Yes, you know what hurts? It hurts that you're not believing me, it hurts that you are not on the phone issuing an APB right now!

Margo: Mike, there are people after Simon who have tried to kill Katie once already! You think my advertising police involvement is gonna help any? No, it's gonna push them to step it up a notch or two! [Cell phone ringing] Hughes. Oh, that's great. I'm on my way. All right, we got a break in the case. The guy who fired at Katie and Simon, he's at the station. He's turned himself in, he's confessed.

Barbara: No one seems very happy to see us together, darling.

Paul: I know.

Rosanna: No, we're just surprised.

Paul: Well, sometimes it takes a tragedy to get people to see past the small things.

Carly: The small things?

Paul: Unfortunately, in this case, Will was the tragedy. And he suffered for my family's problems in ways I never even dreamed of. But now we've realized that we need to pull together.

Rosanna: The impossible can happen.

Craig: Oh. I want to apologize for any misunderstanding about the Mitzi Matters.

Paul: I don't think there was any misunderstanding. I think it's all perfectly clear. You paid her to implicate me in Rose's death.

Craig: I believed you were guilty and I protect Rosanna.

Rosanna: I tried to explain to him that you wouldn't do any harm, but he was simply convinced.

Paul: Well, yeah, I don't blame him. I mean, the press almost had me convinced. In fact, if it hadn't been for your lovely wife bailing me out and being such -- such a great friend, I don't think I would have been able to get through any of it.

Rosanna: Are you saying you're willing to forgive and forget?

Paul: Oh, yeah, sure, why not? - I'm ready! - I don't think so.

Carly: What a touching reconciliation. Is that why you're here today, Barbara, to see your son make nice with Craig?

Paul: No, its like Mom said, we came here because we'd like to ask you for something.

Molly: I can't wait.

Craig: What do you want?

Barbara: What we want is to hold a big comeback party for B.R.O., And we want to have it here.

Craig: Here?

Carly: Say something!

Rosanna: I think it's a fantastic idea. Can you say, "Chiropractor"?

Craig: Okay. I'm fine. We'll work out the details later.

Carly: You are not the sole owner of this club, Craig. Don't you think you should ask Molly what she thinks? Go ahead, Mol. Tell them that they need to find some place else to have their little soiree.

Alison: Mom, finally. You've been a busy lady today.

Susan: Why are you here? Are you okay? Chris didn't stop by the house again, did he?

Alison: No, no, no. It's just -- Mom, you've been really great and I love you so much, but --

Susan: But what?

Alison: I'm going to spend the next few days with Aaron.

Susan: Oh, no. No, no, no. You need care and attention.

Alison: No, I need -- is time, Mom. I need time to figure out what happened.

Susan: Honey, we already know what happened. Chris couldn't take finding out that he was going to be a father. He flipped.

Nurse: Dr. Stewart, we're seeing some arrhythmia with Mr. Bascombe. He said I should let you know.

Susan: Listen, I've got to run. You wait for me. No decisions until we've had a chance to talk.

Alison: Your mommies are so lucky.

Mike: You tell me why you were shooting at Katie? You tell me why!

Shooter: I'm sorry! I didn't want to hurt nobody!

Cop #1: Back off! You want me to take him out of here?

Margo: No, Mike! Sit!

Shooter: Get off me! Get off me!

Margo: Sit! Sit! Sit! And not another outburst out of you. Man, okay, we're fine. Thank you. What's your name?

Shooter: Jim Stuckey.

Margo: Stuckey. Like Stuckey's farm off out past I-88?

Shooter: That's right.

Margo: Well, Lutherís Corners. That's kind of a far piece from home.

Shooter: I didn't know that place was a church till I got there. And by then, it was too late to back out of the deal.

Margo: What, somebody offered you a deal?

Shooter: Guy saw me shooting target practice on some tin cans in the woods last week. Next thing I know, he's offering me a whole bunch of money to shoot at people. Only thing was, I had to promise to miss.

Mike: He paid you to miss?

Simon: I found it the first night I got back. At first, I couldn't believe it was yours. Somehow, I thought you'd never take it off.

Katie: I'm sorry, Simon.

Simon: You have nothing to apologize for. All you have to do is let me put it back on your finger. Please, Katie, will you just make me the happiest guy on earth?

Katie: It feels like we're getting married again.

Simon: In that case, may I kiss the bride?

Alison: You shouldn't be here.

Chris: I didn't know that you were going to be here. I just -- I came by to see the newborns.

Alison: You did?

Chris: I can't stop thinking about what we almost had.

Alison: Me, either.

Chris: You know, it's strange; you don't even have to have held your own baby to miss them when they're gone.

Alison: That's -- you're like the only person who understands how I feel.

Chris: You would have been a wonderful Mom.

Alison: You didn't think so before.

Chris: I'm sorry I made you feel that way. I'm sorry about so many things.

Alison: I wish that we would could have talked like this before.

Chris: Alison, why didn't we?

Alison: I thought that you would be angry at me for messing up your life.

Chris: Alison, I made so many mistakes with you. I don't want to make any more.

Alison: Then you should just go. My Mom's on duty and if you come within 500 feet of me --

Chris: Alison, I do not care about that. Okay? I never got to celebrate our baby with you. I'm not going to let you mourn it all alone.

John: You can leave now or I can call security. The choice is yours.

Alison: Just go. Go.

Chris: I'm sorry, Alison, for everything.

Molly: I can't speak for Dusty. I can only speak for myself. And if Craig says yes and I say yes, that's two out of three. Majority rules, right? Right. So I say go for it. Send out those invitations.

Carly: Are you serious?

Molly: Yes. Just let me be the one to break the news to Dusty.

Barbara: Thank you so much, Molly. This is going to be wonderful publicity for all of us.

Rosanna: What?

Carly: Am I the only person here who hasn't completely lost their mind?

Rosanna: What are you talking about? This is wonderful. Everyone's trying to get along.

Barbara: I need to thank both of you, as well.

Rosanna: Really, why is that?

Barbara: Well, because -- you see, I had said to myself, "if -- if Carly and Rosanna can work things out between them, then Paul and I should have no problem.

Rosanna: Well, that's lovely. I hope things work out as nicely for you two as it did for us.

Barbara: Thank you very much. Paul and I love a challenge. And getting B.R.O. Back to where it was before it lost focus -- well, it's gonna be all that and more.

Carly: Excuse me. I'm sick.

Craig: Why do you want to have your big press conference in my club in particular? Are you still trying to impress my wife?

Paul: Don't be so suspicious, Craig. It's not good for your digestion.

Margo: So who was this man that hired you? What did he look like?

Shooter: Kinda tall, kinda -- kinda not. You know, regular.

Margo: Any distinguishing marks?

Shooter: You mean, like a wart or something? No, nothing so you could pick him out of a crowd.

Mike: You know, we're wasting our time with this guy. We need to be out there looking for Katie.

Margo: That's exactly what I'm trying to do.

Shooter: There was one thing, though. He had a funny way of talking.

Margo: Yeah? Funny how?

Shooter: You know, like an accent.

Mike: Like an Australian accent?

Shooter: Maybe.

Margo: Okay. Why don't you take look at this picture. You recognize the man in it?

Shooter: Yeah. Yeah, that's him.

Margo: Simon.

Mike: He set the whole thing up. He tried to make Katie think we were in danger so she'd run away with him.

Margo: All right. Now, I'm mad.

Mike: When I told you that guy was a liar. We need to find him and get her away from him before it is too late.

Simon: God, I missed you so much. I love you, baby. I love you so much. I missed --

Katie: I missed you so much.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

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Lily: I need you to help me.

Lois: Your husband thinks I'm a fake, and soon enough, he's gonna convince you I am.

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