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Chris: Whoa! Oh! Sorry.

Tish: Chris? They need you downstairs.

Mike: You're sure?

Katie: Yes -- I'm sure.

Molly: Its 100 years old. It's a peace offering. That's all.

Dusty: Peace, huh?

Molly: I screwed up, Dusty. But I thought maybe we could still be friendly?

Dusty: You trashed Rose's car, you threatened her life, you set me up for her murder. You can keep your booze, all right? From now on I drink alone.

Holden: There you go.

Lily: Do you believe in ghosts? I mean souls that are trapped between time and space because they haven't finished something on this earth?

Holden: You know what, that's a pretty heavy-duty subject, and it's late. So why don't we just talk about it in the morning, okay?

Lily: Okay, I'll be up in a minute. I'm just going to finish this.

Holden: Okay.

Lily: Rose? You won't be trapped for long. Whatever you feel you haven't finished here I'll finish for you. I promise.

Paul: You got to be kidding me.

[Paul remembering]

Hal: Hold it! Hold it right there.

Paul: Hello?

[Craig using voice changer device]

Craig: Paul Ryan?

Paul: Yeah. Who's this?

Craig: Who murdered Rose? The answer's at your family burial ground.

Paul: Who is this? Craig or Barbara? One of them set me up.

Craig: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Mitzi: I wasn't an eyewitness to Rose's murder and I'm not going to say I was.

Craig: Paul Ryan killed Rose! Correct? And he's going to get away with it unless somebody saw him do something. And right now, Mitzi, you are the only somebody who can see justice served?

Mitzi: How am I supposed to do that?

Craig: By telling the police you were at the chapel and you saw Paul put poison into Rose's champagne.

Carly: Well, this is the sweetest-smelling apology I've ever gotten.

Jack: I don't want to fight about Mitzi with you anymore. I went home to apologize, but the sitter told me you were here.

Carly: You know, I figured since you were spending the night, I could bury my problems in a piece of cake.

Jack: How 'bout you bury them in me instead?

Carly: 'Cause you are the problem, Jack. You think that Mitzi only went after me because I goaded her into it.

Jack: No, I think you pushed someone who had already been pushed as far as she could go. That's why she lashed out at you when confronted her. She's stressed to the limit.

Carly: What? If she doesn't like stress, she shouldn't have killed Rose, Jack.

Jack: And I still don't think that she did.

Carly: When are you going to see her for what she really is? A criminal. She stole from somebody, Jack, from a friend, from somebody who trusted her.

Jack: That's a long way from murder.

Carly: And then she threatened me. Which I don't mind telling you was kinda creepy.

Jack: Listen, I'm not defending Mitzi, but she knows she's in trouble with the law and she thought maybe you were trying to make it worse for her. That's why she said some things that were pretty -- well, stupid. But don't worry, all right, I'll have a little talk with Mitzi. She won't be making any more threats.

Carly: How do you know? She'll make you a promise? How come you believe her, Jack, and you won't believe me?

Jack: I believe that you think she's dangerous. I just don't happen to agree. That's just the way it's going to have to be.

Mitzi: I'm not telling them that I saw Paul put something in Rose's glass.

Craig: Okay -- I tried. Good luck.

Mitzi: With what?

Craig: Staying out of jail.

Mitzi: I'm not going to jail, 'cause I'm not lying to the cops.

Craig: I was talking about you being charged with something else.

Mitzi: I didn't do anything else.

Craig: Except embezzle from Rose, who threatened to turn you in. And, as Carly has been constantly telling Hal and Jack, that's a motive.

Mitzi: I just can't believe anybody could think that I would kill Rose. I mean, she was my best friend.

Craig: To the very end -- almost. And that almost could get you put away for life. A good lawyer could get you off. If you could afford a good lawyer. Well, maybe you'll get lucky with someone from the public defender's office.

Mitzi: You're just trying to scare me.

Craig: Oh, no, no, I'm just pointing out that dark clouds are a-gatherin'. And, I'm offering you an umbrella.

Mitzi: How big an umbrella?

Craig: How big do you need?

Mitzi: Big enough to buy the Roller Palace. It's my way of paying tribute to Rose's memory.

Craig: I'm sure it is. Well, you tell the police that you were at the church the day of the wedding and you saw Paul put something into Rose's glass, and you'll be able to treasure her memory for a very long time.

Mitzi: And stay out of jail?

Craig: If the police have an eyewitness that finally cements Paul Ryan to the crime, they're not going to be interested in you. Justice is served and you win. Coming and going, Mitzi.

Mitzi: Wait a second. No one's going to believe I suddenly remembered seeing Paul. I mean, I've had tons of conversations with Lily and I never mentioned it. This whole thing could just blow up in my face.

Craig: And it will. Unless you do exactly what I say.

Lily: Mitzi?

Mitzi: I'm sorry for comin' over so late. I'm sorry for so many things.

Lily: It's okay. What's the matter? You're shaking.

Mitzi: I screwed up, Lil. And I only hope you can forgive me.

Lily: I'm sure I can. What's going on? What's wrong?

Mitzi: There's something I should have told you. Something about Paul.

Molly: Dusty, come on, please. This is crazy. Look, I made some mistakes, yeah --

Dusty: Big mistakes! And now the cops want to talk to you. It doesn't feel so good, does it?

Molly: They're talking about indicting me. And I can't get the charges dropped without your help.

Dusty: Well, looks like those charges are going to stick, sweetheart. [Cell phone rings] Yeah?

Lily: It's Lily. You've got to get over here right away.

Dusty: What's up?

Lily: Mitzi's here. She said she saw Paul put something in Rose's drink at the church.

Dusty: She saw him what?

Lily: She was outside the room where Rose was getting ready and she saw Paul pour something into Rose's champagne.

Dusty: Will she swear to it in court?

Lily: She's here right now, and she's scared. I want you to help me convince her to go to the police.

Dusty: I'm on my way. How long you been standing there?

Paul: Craig here?

Dusty: No, he's not. Hey, and if you're looking for a drink, we don't serve murderers here. It's a new company policy.

Paul: I didn't kill Rose.

Dusty: You mean no one saw you kill Rose? I just changed my mind. Let's get you a drink. Molly, get him a glass of red wine, will ya? The real bummer about the penal system in this country -- they don't give you wine with dinner.

To you I would give the world 'cause I feel that way and I love you it's all right I know it's right and the songbirds keep singing like this know the score and I love you I love you I love you like never before and the songbirds keep singing like this know the score and I love you I love you I love you like never before and I love you I love you I love you like never before like never before like never before like never before

Emily: I just don't think it should be a surprise. That's all.

Susan: Honey, Alison loves surprises.

Emily: Don't you think she's had enough of them lately.

Alison: Enough of what?

Susan: Of work. Look at you, you're proving our point with this graveyard shift. You should be home sleeping.

Alison: Well, I need the money.

Susan: I thought Aaron was gonna get a second job after Christmas.

Alison: Um -- things sort of changed.

Emily: Is everything okay with you two?

Susan: Never mind. Your sister and I already know what's wrong.

Alison: You do?

Emily: Well, of course, Ali, it's obvious. You're married to Aaron and living with Mom. I mean, that can't make him feel good.

Susan: Honey, if your marriage is going to work, you have to be a part of it.

Alison: You don't get it, Mom.

Susan: Of course, I do. Of course, I do, you're afraid to take that next step. And why wouldn't you be? You've had all the work and none of the fun. Which is why --

Emily: We are going to throw you a party. A combination bridal/baby shower, Ali.

Susan: You're a bride. You're a mother. Those are two wonderful things and we haven't even celebrated.

Emily: So it's time we did. And we're gonna make a big fuss over Aaron, too.

Alison: No, I don't want a shower!

Emily: What are you talking about? Of course you do.

Alison: Well, who would I even invite?

Emily: Ali, your friends. Your girlfriends from the hospital. And Carly and Lily and Katie and Henry. What do you say? Doesn't that sound like fun?

Alison: More like really expensive.

Susan: I can afford it. You saved me a bundle by eloping.

Alison: Well then -- could you just skip the shower and just give me a couple thousand dollars instead?

Molly: One glass of merlot. On the house.

Paul: Dusty said Craig’s not here. Is that true?

Molly: Not in, not expected.

Paul: He's been tampering with the evidence. He's trying to get me indicted in Rose's murder.

Molly: Paul, no offense, but if somebody is trying to set you up -- my first bet would be your mother.

Paul: Craig thinks he has good reason, too.

Molly: Would that be Rosanna?

Paul: Did he say that?

Molly: He didn't have to. I know Craig. And I know he likes to get people out of the way who pose a potential risk to him or his family. And Rosanna likes you, Paul. And to Craig, that has definite risk potential.

Paul: Tell me if he says anything else on the subject.

Molly: And my incentive would be?

Paul: What do you want?

Molly: Well, Hal used to be your stepfather, right? So why don't you talk him into dropping the charges against me.

Paul: You want a reward? You were horrible to Rose before she died. I'm offering you a chance to make things right. I would think that you would jump at that.

Molly: Listen to Mr. Moral high ground.

Paul: Tell Craig to stop playing around, let the cops do their job. Let the cops find the real killer.

Molly: I wouldn't be too worried about Craig tonight. Looks like he's gonna be busy elsewhere.

Paul: Who's Dick Tracy?

Molly: Believe it or not, she's one of Craig’s compadres. I better figure out what she wants.

Paul: Fine, you do that. But don't forget -- you tell Craig to leave me alone. He screws with me or this investigation, and I'm liable to start fighting back.

Molly: Well, if it isn't the pride of Saskatchewan. Nice disguise, Ms. Fettle. Took me all of two seconds to figure out who you were.

Annabelle: Cut the small talk, cookie. I need Montgomery and I need him now.

Dusty: Is it true that you were an eyewitness?

Lily: Come on, Mitzi; just tell Dusty what you just told me.

Mitzi: I was at the church the day Rose was killed.

Dusty: Yeah, and?

Mitzi: And I saw Paul pour something into Rose's glass.

Dusty: You saw Paul pour something into Rose's glass, you didn't stop him?

Mitzi: I didn't know what he was doing. I mean, who poisons their fiancée?

Dusty: You're lying to me.

Mitzi: No, it's the truth, I swear.

Dusty: No, I don't think so.

Lily: No, she was just -- she's very -- she's just scared to go to the police.

Mitzi: I wasn't even supposed to be in Oakdale, okay? I'd left for A.C. 'Cause I had borrowed money from Rose.

Dusty: You stole that money from Rose. Right?

Mitzi: And on account of that, the cops had an eye out for me, okay? I mean, how was I supposed to tell them I was at the church the day Rose was killed? They might think that I was there -- for the wrong reasons.

Dusty: Rose thought that you were her best friend. You know that?

Mitzi: I was. And that's why I gotta tell Lily the truth.

Lily: I appreciate it. I do, and I know that Rose would, too.

Mitzi: Yeah, well, a lot of good it did me getting harassed by this gorilla. You know what? Just forget it.

Dusty: Forget --

Lily: No, no, no, you have to go to the police, and you gotta tell them what you saw!

Mitzi: He doesn't believe me! They're not gonna believe me!

Lily: Yes! They're gonna believe you. You have to tell them for Rose. Or you could -- just talk to Jack, your friend.

Mitzi: No. Please. Just forget I said anything, okay? I gotta go.

Lily: Mitzi --

Mitzi: Please.

Lily: Mitzi, no! Mitzi! Mitzi!

Dusty: Mitzi.

Lily: No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. Don't just let her --

Dusty: You're just gonna let her leave?

Lily: No, she's gonna go to Rose's place. All of her stuff is down there.

Dusty: All right, I'll go down there and I'll take her to the police station, okay?

Lily: Wait, no, no. I got a better idea.

Mitzi: No, I can't breathe!

Lily: Mitzi!

Mitzi: What's happening?

Jack: Mitz, hey. Hey, Mitzi!

Katie: Mike? Mike?

Mike: What?

Katie: Are you awake?

Mike: It wasn't a dream, was it?

Katie: Hmm-mm. You hungry?

Mike: I'm starving.

Katie: How about a nice big bowl of red, juicy --

Mike: Steak?

Katie: Strawberries. Just because I might just happen to have them right here.

Mike: I must have been a saint in a previous life -- the most beautiful woman in the world feeding me strawberries. Kiss me.

Katie: You believe in reincarnation?

Mike: Mmm, only if the next time I come around, I get to relive tonight.

Katie: It's not over yet.

Mike: That might be the sweetest thing anyone's ever said.

Katie: Are you always this nice to people who run you down with their cars?

Mike: Just you.

Katie: I'm sorry it took me so long. Sometimes you can need someone and not even know it.

Mike: If there's ever a time not to be sorry about one single, solitary thing, it's right now.

Katie: Good.

Susan: You want me to give you $2,000? You mind my asking why?

Alison: Well, it's just that -- I mean, the reason that I keep living with you and I haven't moved in with Aaron yet is -- well, the apartment is so depressing. If I had some money, I could fix it up; I could buy a few things.

Susan: Of course. Oh, honey, I'm happy to advance you and Aaron some cash, but I'd still like to have a party. I really think that you two would feel more married if you let your families spoil you a little.

Emily: Yeah, Ali, this is one of life's greatest firsts. Your first child. And Mom and I want to help you celebrate, because no matter how it happened, this baby is the beginning of something wonderful for you.

Alison: Yeah, and I really appreciate what you guys want to do, but I really don't want a party.

Susan: Why not?

Alison: Well, with what happened to Rose -- I mean, she is Aaron’s aunt, and his family is going through so much right now.

Emily: Oh, Ali, that's very sensitive of you.

Susan: Yes, it is. I'm proud of you.

Alison: So then, you'll loan me the money? Because Aaron doesn't want to ask Holden for anything, and, Mom, you've always come through for me.

Susan: Of course, of course. Come on, the cafeteria is open. How about I write you a check over some ice cream?

Alison: I'll catch up with you, okay?

Susan: Okay.

Alison: What?

Emily: Is everything okay?

Alison: What do you mean?

Emily: I don't know, you're acting sort of funny. Are you in any kind of trouble or something?

Alison: Besides being a pregnant high school dropout, I'm just wonderful.

Emily: Don't be too long.

Alison: Hi. Could you meet me at Al's in, like, ten minutes? I have a proposition for you. Oh, yeah, it's definitely worth your while.

Molly: Is there a problem with Cabot’s adoption?

Annabelle: Do like I said and go call Montgomery.

Molly: Not in, not expected.

Annabelle: Well, he's not home, so where the hell is he?

Molly: I don't know, Annabelle. You know what? Maybe you should call him in the morning. He's usually home in the morning.

Annabelle: Did I ask for your advice?

Molly: Or you could stick around here. Sometimes his sister, Detective Margo Hughes, comes by. She might know where he is.

Annabelle: I gotta go.

Molly: Yeah.

Annabelle: Tell Montgomery to call me at that festering armpit I'm staying in. We need to discuss arrangements -- fast.

Molly: The Wagon Wheel? Now, why would Annabelle fettle be staying in Oakdale?

Dusty: I can have Mitzi downtown in 30 minutes.

Lily: I know, I know, I know. But if we do it that way, she's gonna clam up. It's gonna be her word against ours.

Dusty: If we can't get her to the cops, we got nothin', you know that?

Lily: We bring the cops to her.

Jack: What's up? You said it was urgent.

Lily: We have an eyewitness.

Jack: To?

Dusty: To Paul poisoning Rose.

Lily: Mitzi was there at the church that day. She saw Paul put something in Rose's drink.

Carly: Mitzi? Now, that very reliable.

Jack: Where is she now?

Lily: She's down at Rose's place.

Jack: All right, can you give Carly a lift home? I don't know how long I'm gonna be.

Carly: What?! You're gonna question that little liar? All she'll have to do is bat her eyes, you'll be cutting her slack again.

Jack: I've questioned witnesses before, thank you very much.

Lily: She's tricky. She's so tricky; she's already regretting telling us.

Dusty: She'll deny the whole thing.

Lily: She will.

Jack: Well -- well, since you guys think you know how to do my job better than I do, come on, let's go.

Carly: Where?

Jack: Well, to question Mitzi. I wouldn't think about doing it without all your help.

Craig: How'd it go?

Mitzi: It was great. About as much fun as tightrope walk across a pool of sharks.

Craig: Well, listen, just do what I told you and everything will be fine.

Mitzi: I don't like this. I don't like it one little bit.

Craig: Mitzi, Mitzi, you just hold to the party line, and soon you're gonna be the proud owner of Mitzi's Roller Palace. Mitzi? Hello, Mitzi? An ovation, thank you. I didn't know you cared.

Molly: Oh, yeah, I always clap for the clown.

Craig: Huh?

Molly: Even when everything he's been juggling is about to come crashing down on his head.

Henry: Yo, blonde person!

Alison: I can't believe I caught you.

Henry: Yeah. Well, you know, I had a friend from out of town I was supposed to meet, but she had a cold. Anyway, I -- I kind of missed you.

Alison: You don't have to say that.

Henry: Right? Well, it's only partly true. I enjoyed being your roomie and everything, except for the times that you and Chris Hughes kicked me out. Not that I hold that against you. And, you know, with any luck, Katie and Mike will be doing the same thing soon. I have my fingers crossed.

Alison: Do you ever stop talking?

Henry: You wound me, child. All right. Okay, fine. Down to business. What are you proposing and how much does it pay?

Alison: $2,000.

Henry: Okay. Don't stop there.

Alison: All you have to do is fix it so Chris Hughes never bothers me again.

Emily: Oh, Mom, you were great.

Susan: Are you kidding? I was so happy to give her the money. She's been so touchy about us helping.

Emily: Yeah, I just -- I just hate seeing her so sad, you know? I mean, I know she and Aaron only got married because of the baby, but this could turn out to be the best time of their lives.

Susan: She doesn't realize that yet.

Emily: No. That's why we have to show her.

Susan: Exactly. That's why you and I, in a few months, we're gonna throw that baby shower for her. Now that I'm used to the idea, I can't wait to be a grandmother again.

Emily: Mom -- yeah, Mom, I know.

[Pager beeping]

Susan: Oh, that's me. Gotta go. Call you tomorrow.

Emily: Okay, you bet.

Susan: Okay.

Emily: You don't have to pretend to be working. I'm sorry. My Mom didn't know you were standing there.

Chris: It's okay. I've made peace with the situation. Tell Alison that I wish her and the baby all the best.

Emily: Why don't you tell her yourself? It would mean a lot. You know, Ali, she thinks all she's been to you is trouble.

Chris: No, that's not true. I think Alison is an incredible person. And, in fact, if I had to do it all over again -- it doesn't matter now, does it?

Tish: Can I buy a hard-working doctor a cup of coffee?

Chris: Sounds good. Good-bye.

Craig: What am I juggling?

Molly: Well, let's see -- first, there's Paul. He stopped by.

Craig: Paul Ryan? What did he want?

Molly: He wants you to stop framing him for Rose's murder.

Craig: Paranoia is a by-product of guilt.

Molly: And then there's ball number two. You better hope to hell that one doesn't hit the ground.

Craig: Because?

Molly: Because that one, Craig, has Annabelle Fettle's name on it. She stopped by, too, hot to see her old bud.

Craig: What did she want?

Molly: She said something about an arrangement.

Craig: Was she drinking?

Molly: Are you gonna tell me you have no idea what that was about?

Craig: Annabelle -- no, I never do.

Molly: Come on, partner. We're pretty much alone here. Tell Aunt Molly everything.

Mitzi: Jack -- what are you doing here?

Carly: We'd like the truth. The truth would be nice.

Jack: Mitz, Lily and Dusty told me you saw something.

Lily: Tell Jack. Tell him what you witnessed. Mitzi.

Mitzi: Forget it, okay? Forget I said anything. I'm not telling anybody anything. Just go! Please, go away!

Henry: When you say fix it so that Chris will never bother you again -- what exactly do you mean? Because I draw the line at -- you know.

Alison: I don't want him dead! I just want him out of my life.

Henry: Oh, okay. Okay, okay. I understand. I know. I know, breaking up with your first love is so hard. You know, I remember when Patti Perkins dumped me. It took me months to get over --

Alison: You don't understand!

Henry: You know what my advice to you is. My advice is get a new job.

Alison: Chris is my baby's father. Aaron knows and I promised him that I would tell Chris, but -- I can't tell Chris because Chris thinks that bad mothers shouldn't get to keep their babies, and he already thinks that I'm a loser. Once my baby's born, he'll try to take it away. I can't let him do that. Please, Henry, you have to help me.

Henry: I would like to do anything I can, but I don't know what that is.

Alison: But you're, like, the best liar I know. It's like a gift. You have to do something. Please, anything.

Henry: You want this baby, right? I can't believe I'm going to say this -- then the first thing you have to do is keep the $2,000.

Alison: No, but you might need it. I don't know, to -- to get into medical backgrounds, to bribe people.

Henry: No, I'm not going to need it, I'm not going to need it. Because the second thing that you're going to do is tell Chris the truth.

Alison: That is the best that you can come up with -- telling Chris the truth?

Henry: You don't have another choice.

Alison: But Chris --

Henry: He might surprise you.

Alison: No, Chris used me. And when I started to care about him, he wanted out. The last thing that he wants is to be stuck with me and a baby.

Henry: Well, I think -- I think that Chris would be there for the baby, financially and otherwise.

Alison: Great. So then we'll go to court and we'll fight about visitation rights and --

Henry: Honey --

Alison: -- Holidays.

Henry: Listen, listen, listen. Your child has you. So it's already ahead of the game.

Alison: So that's it. You think that I should tell Chris.

Henry: After a good night's sleep. Um, do you need a drive home?

Alison: You go. I'm kind of hungry.

Henry: Okay. Eat -- eat protein. And take -- take deep breaths.

Alison: Yes, I would like some information. When is the next bus to Chicago?

Mike: I have a confession to make.

Katie: Uh-oh.

Mike: Ever since you told me that you used to be a cheerleader --

Katie: Yeah?

Mike: I keep picturing you in that outfit. You don't still have it, do you? Ow!

Katie: I will have you know that cheerleading is very hard work and I was very good at it. Which was lucky because when I was in high school, I wasn't good at anything strenuous.

Mike: Well, I'm happy to report that is no longer true.

Katie: Oh, mike. I'm happy. I'm so happy.

Mike: You sound surprised.

Katie: Well, when you lose someone -- it feels like you never were happy, you know. I mean, you can't remember what it was like. And then you feel like an idiot because you finally knew what being alive was all about and you don't have anyone to share it with.

Mike: You can share it with me.

Katie: I know. That's why I'm happy.

Mike: I love you. I love you.

Katie: I --

Mike: You don't have to say it. Not until you're ready. And when you are, I'll be here. Okay?

Molly: If the adoption is legal, Craig, then why is Annabelle Fettle staying at the Wagon Wheel, why is she in disguise, and why did she come here making threats?

Craig: I don't really know.

Molly: I used to be an investigative reporter, okay? So I can smell a lie, and right now you stink to high heaven.

Craig: Don't take Annabelle Fettle too seriously. Drunks to tend to rave.

Molly: Okay, and Paul’s crazy. Well, that wraps everything up nicely. And here I thought you were just framing Paul because you were jealous of the attention that Rosanna has been giving him.

Craig: Paul Ryan is going to do whatever he has to do to look innocent. All right? So thank you very much and mind your own business.

Molly: Well, see I am. You have problems and so do I.

Craig: What are you talking about?

Molly: I think it's time that you and I cut a deal.

Paul: Oh, Rose. I'm gonna get to the truth. Hi, this is Paul Ryan calling.

Private investigator: Mr. Ryan. I have some news about your fiancé’s murder.

Paul: Great. So did my mother frame me or was it someone else?

Private investigator: I don't want to tell you over the phone. Your line's not secure.

Paul: Well, then get over here right away because I need to know tonight.

Jack: You're not in any trouble, Mitzi. Listen, take it easy. I already know what you told them, I just want to hear it in your own words.

Mitzi: I can’t.

Jack: Yes, of course you can.

Mitzi: No, I mean -- oh, this martini is really -- it's really hitting me.

Jack: You don’t have to come up with any excuses. I know you're scared, I completely understand that.

Mitzi: I feel sick. And my throat is swollen --

Carly: How convenient for you, isn't it?

Jack: What's wrong? Are you okay?

Carly: Oh, come on, Jack! She fed Lily and Dusty a pack of lies and now she's panicking.

Jack: Enough!

Lily: Didn't you hear what Jack said? It doesn't matter that you you've been waiting this long to tell it, just tell him what you told me.

Mitzi: I feel dizzy. I can't breathe. I need air.

Dusty: Just tell Jack what you saw Paul do.

Mitzi: No! I can't breathe. What's happening to me?

Jack: Mitzi! Mitzi? Hey, Mitzi?! Hey, can you hear me?

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Lily: You poisoned Rose, and then you poisoned Mitzi. We know that you did it.

Paul: Emily? Emily! Did my mother do this to you?

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