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Rose: These things used to belong to me. This was my place, Rosieís Roller Palace. We catered to an upscale crowd -- which means the tips were lousy, the customers were a pain in the butt, and every so often one of 'em would get busted for tax evasion. Or murder. But the gossip was great. All in all, I did okay for a girl from A.C. This is where I used to live. And, no, the decor is not done to my taste. It's a long story. Let's just say this place used to belong to my grandpa Cal. Like these high heels used to belong to Cher. I swear to God -- I stole 'em from her hotel room at a famous casino that shall remain nameless. Hey, I'm a domestic goddess, what can I tell ya? And this is where I live now. In a cemetery in New Jersey next to my mom. That's my pop, by the way. I shouldn't be here, not yet. I had years left -- places Iíd never seen, babies I never had, a husband I never -- more on him later. Just know -- I'm not gonna rest till I figure out who put me here. And when I do? Watch out. Was it Paul? My fiancť? Who cursed me at the altar on my wedding day? You think you're sufferin' now, Paul -- just wait. Or was it Dusty? My lover -- jealous 'cause I was gonna marry Paul. What did you expect, carryin' on with Molly? That I would put up with that? Speak of the devil -- there she is. Right next to Dusty, as usual. Was it you, Molly? Did you put that poison in my champagne? Worse luck for you, 'cause Dusty is never gonna get over me. Now this one really bothers me. Mitzi. My so-called best friend. I trusted you. I gave you a job. I brought you into my home. I didn't expect perfect, but to rip me off! You shoulda just asked me. I woulda given you anything. And I never woulda called the cops. But you had no faith, did ya? Here we go. My favorite. Barbara. My future mother-in-law. Wouldn't be the first time you tried to nix me and Paul. Did you poison me, Barb? 'Cause I wasn't good enough for your son? Not talkin'? Ooh, that's a first. Get outta here. All of you's -- listen up. This is a warning. Nobody murders Rose D'Angelo and gets away with it.

Jack: Tell me you figured this out.

Hal: Who killed Rose? Not yet. But I will.

Holden: So Lily's okay? She can go home?

Bob: The hypothermia was mild, her vitals are back to normal -- we'll release her later today.

Holden: Thanks, Bob.

Mitzi: Mr. Snyder? Your wife called -- left me a message saying she wanted to see me?

Holden: Well, go on in.

Mitzi: So she's okay?

Holden: Just go see what she wants.

Hal: What about Mitzi Matters? Mitzi stole money from Rose's business. Rose found out about it, kicked Mitzi out of the wedding party and threatened to go to the police. Where I come from, we call that motive.

Jack: There's one thing about Mitzi, Hal --

Hal: What?

Jack: She -- she's a sweet girl.

Hal: Hmm -- Mitzi high-tailed it back to Atlantic City and then sneaked back into town on the day of the wedding --

Jack: We don't know that for a fact.

Hal: She had motive, she had opportunity, and poison is a woman's game, Jack. You know that as well as I do.

Mitzi: I'm on the board as a suspect -- it just makes me sick to my stomach, that they could think that.

Lily: I don't think that. And I don't want you to worry. That's why I called you. I'd like you to take your things from the hotel and move back into Calís. 'Cause Rose thought of you as family. And family takes care of family. Look at me. It's okay. Look, look. You're going to help me make sure that Rose isn't forgotten.

Holden: Everything okay in here?

Lily: Yeah. Everything's okay. Look, don't let anything happen to Rose's things. Promise me.

Holden: Lily, you need to try and get some rest.

Mitzi: Yeah. Whatever Lily wants.

Lily: Holden, could you help Mitzi move her things back to Calís?

Holden: Yeah. Sure thing.

Mitzi: You two -- I'm never gonna forget how kind you are. You're the greatest.

Mitzi: That went better than I thought.

Hal: You know, maybe your wife was onto something when she said you had a thing for Mitzi.

Jack: Oh, come on, I did not have a thing for Mitzi! She's a friend, Hal, and nothing more. And I can tell you this. She didn't kill Rose. She doesn't have it in her.

Hal: Uh-huh? And since you've known her, has she ever paid her own way? She stayed with Lucinda, she stayed with you, and she stayed with Rose. And when she wore out her welcome, she even hit you up for a ticket outta town. She's an opportunist, Jack. People like her do whatever it takes to survive.

Mitzi: Those are Rose's things?

Holden: A man from the church is comin' by. He's gonna pick all this stuff up and take it over to the thrift shop. Make sure he takes everything.

Lily: Don't let anything happen to rose's things. Promise me.

Holden: Mitzi? Did you hear me? It's important. I want all this stuff gone before Lily comes home.

Mitzi: Yeah, I heard you. But I wasn't listening.

Hal: I know you like her, Jack. But this woman is a real operator. Now if we find her anywhere near the scene, I'm gonna pick her up, friend or no friend.

Jack: Be my guest. But explain this. In Atlantic City, when Lily was dressed as Rose, Mitzi bought it. Now, if Mitzi thought she'd killed Rose --

Hal: Maybe she thought she failed. Maybe she was gonna try again. Maybe she would've tried again if the sheriff's department hadn't picked her up.

Jack: You're overthinkin' it, Hal.

Hal: And you're letting your logic get clouded by your feelings for this woman.

Jack: I'll remind you of that when we get to Barbara. Yeah.

Hal: How's Lily?

Jack: She's okay -- physically. And luckily, the kids are at Emmaís. But Holdenís scared she'll never be able to move on. I mean -- if she tried to kill herself --

Hal: Well, at least somebody got to her in time.

Jack: I guess Dusty Donovanís good for something.

Hal: Dusty Donovan, now there's a walking contradiction. Lily's hero -- Rose's on-again, off-again lover --

Jack: And if you think Mitzi had motive, if you think she had an agenda, this guy -- this guy came to town solely to break up Rose and Paulís relationship. He was paid for it, Hal. And then he had the nerve to claim he had feelings for her.

Hal: Did he love her? Did he hate her?

Jack: Did he kill her?

Hal: The question is just how bad he is. I mean, we know he'll break the law for a buck. We know he's connected. But is he a cold-blooded killer?

Jack: Dusty? I don't know. If he's angry enough, hurt enough --

Hal: But this is poison, remember, Jack? It takes planning, procuring, hiding. There's lots of time to change your mind. Whoever put the poison in Rose's glass was clever, calm, controlled --

Jack: There's his best friend.

Hal: Molly?

Jack: She's all of the above and very angry.

Molly: R.D.?

Dusty: Rose gave 'em to me.

Molly: This is a first. I'm usually rippin' your clothes off; not helping you put 'em on. So where're you going? Big date?

Dusty: No, I'm going to the hospital. To see Lily.

Molly: Don't you think you should call Holden first?

Dusty: I don't need permission.

Jack: Molly planted evidence on Dusty --

Hal: Yeah, which is a cryin' shame 'cause it only gonna make him look innocent.

Jack: Innocent? Hell, Hal, he looks like a hero. He's all over the papers. Dusty Donovan saves the life of one of Oakdaleís best-loved citizens.

Hal: And you know he's gonna play it to the hilt.

Dusty: It's good to see you on dry land. How're you feelin'?

Lily: Holden's getting the discharge papers.

Dusty: Good. I'm sure your family misses you.

Lily: Look, I know I should be grateful to you right now. But I'm not really up for it.

Dusty: I don't want you to thank me.

Lily: Then why are you here?

Dusty: I wanna make sure you're okay.

Molly: Lily looks like Rose. That's what this is all about. And you should've seen him, Craig. He's all slicked up in a new suit. He had on the cufflinks that Rose gave him, for cryin' out loud. Like he knows, in his head he thinks that he's going on a date with a dead woman. And that is just sick.

Craig: Molly, why don't you drown your sorrows in something a little cheaper?

Molly: Rose is gone. She's finally gone. And, yes, I wanted her gone. No, I didn't want her dead. But I wanted her gone, and she's finally gone -- right? Only she's not. Because Dusty has this all-new fixation, and this one's safe. It's right up his alley. Because it's a woman he can love from now to next Christmas, and she's not gonna want a thing from him.

Craig: Molly, Molly, you're a smart, attractive, rich woman. Why are you wasting your time on someone --

Molly: That's in love with a dead woman? It's pathetic. Right? I know. And I've tried everything. Everything from 25-year-old scotch to 25-year-old yoga instructors. Nothing works. It's not funny. Because God help me, Craig, but I love him.

Craig: You love him? So you framed him for murder? What are you going to give him for Valentineís Day? A guillotine?

Dusty: You never have to be Rose because you already have so much of her inside you. You're both smart, loving, stubborn women.

Lily: Only she's dead. When I was under the water -- and I saw her face. She was so close.

Dusty: The way you get close to Rose is by doin' what she wants. Right now she wants us to find the killer and bring him to justice.

Holden: The police are going to find out who did it. And right now Lily needs to get home to her family. But thanks for stoppin' by, Dusty. I'll give you a call. I'll let you know how Lily's doing.

Mitzi: I found some of that tea you like in the cabinet.

Holden: Lily, the kids are expecting you home.

Lily: I'll be there later.

Holden: Well, can I tell them you'll be there for dinner?

Lily: I'll be there for dinner.

Holden: Did they pick up those boxes?

Mitzi: Yeah, the guy came by.

Holden: Good. Do me a favor. Just keep an eye on her. I need to go over to my mother's and pick up the kids. If she starts acting weird again, gimme a call.

Mitzi: Sure thing, no problem. We'll just have a cup of tea.

Lily: Is he gone?

Mitzi: He went to pick up the kids.

Lily: What was he saying by the door?

Mitzi: Just that -- to tell you the truth, Lil, when I got here? He'd packed up all of Rose's stuff. He was trying to send it to the church.

Lily: No! He can't --

Mitzi: No, no, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. I unpacked everything, and I hid it all in my room. So you can look at Rose's things anytime you want.

Jack: Donovan's persistent, I'll give him that. For weeks he wouldn't stop yappin' about something terrible happening to Rose. And lo and behold, he was right. Something terrible happened. Now what're the odds of that?

Hal: Slim to none.

Jack: He had motive.

Hal: Rose leavin' him for Paul.

Jack: Did anything come up from that search of his room other than what Molly wanted us to find?

Hal: I'll go over the list again, but I doubt it.

Jack: Maybe he's right. If he's innocent, maybe he's right about who killed her.

Lily: You shouldn't be here. If Holden finds out --

Dusty: If you really cared what Holden thought, you wouldn't be here. And I like Holden, you know that. He just doesn't understand. You and I are the only ones who can do what needs doing here.

Lily: The police will figure out what happened to --

Dusty: No, we know who killed her. Don't we? He met her at the altar, and he poisoned her --

Lily: I just can't hear it. I really can't listen to --

Dusty: You can't hear it? What are you gonna do, hide out in this house and hope it goes away? Your sister was murdered. And it was our fault!

Lily: Don't say that --

Dusty: Yes, it was! We failed to protect her, don't you see that? As much as we loved her, we didn't keep her safe. And we owe it to her -- we owe it to her to make Paul Ryan pay.

Jack: Donovan's been beatin' that same drum for months. Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan.

Hal: Jack, do you think he could've done it?

Jack: As much as I hate to agree with Dusty, yeah, I think Paulís our prime suspect.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Paul: The cops searched your hotel room.

Molly: Yeah, what's your point?

Paul: But before they got there, you found something. And you used that something to try and set me up. Mother, please, just tell me the truth, finally. You killed the only woman I ever loved. You did it. You poisoned Rose.

Paul: Jennifer, what is going on? On the phone you sounded like the sky was falling.

Jennifer: I wish I was back in Europe. I know -- I was miserable. But at least everything there was fairly simple. Everyone here is pulling me apart. Everybody wants something different --

Paul: Everybody meaning Barbara.

Jennifer: Look, Paul, I know you think you've solved this problem by calling her Barbara and by hating her, but you havenít. Mom is --

Paul: Is a force of nature.

Jennifer: She's a problem. You can't control her --

Paul: I'll say. So what has she done now?

Jennifer: She took the champagne bottle and the glasses from the church.

Paul: After the murder? She moved the evidence -- and you -- Jennifer, you just sat there and did nothing while she denied it?

Jennifer: No!

Paul: I was right. Barbara's trying to frame me for Rose's murder.

Jennifer: No, shh! She was trying to protect you. Someone else set you up.

Molly: You plant evidence -- people don't tend to forgive that.

Craig: Listen, Molly. Here's a little advice. Only implicate guilty people. Not just people you hate or people you want to get out of the picture. And since you claim to love this guy, why? Why are you getting in your own way?

Molly: It's worse than that. Say he does forgive me, he's gonna have to come visit me at Joliet.

Craig: Aw, no! Come on! The state is gonna be paying for your golf.

Molly: The cops are convinced that I murdered Rose, Craig.

Craig: Did you?

Molly: No, of course not.

Craig: Then forget about it. Huh? The police have notoriously short memories. Okay? In fact, Iíd bet the rest of this bottle of wine that they're looking at somebody else right now.

Molly: Who?

Craig: Paul Ryan.

Molly: What would make you say that?

Craig: A little birdie told me.

Paul: You know who set me up?

Jennifer: No. No, I donít. But it wasn't mom. She was trying to set up Molly.

Paul: Why?

Jennifer: Well, to protect you.

Paul: I don't understand.

Jennifer: Paul, after Rose collapsed at the church, we both thought that, you know, it might be possible that the police might suspect you.

Paul: You? You thought I poisoned Rose?

Jennifer: No. No, but Mom didn't want to take a chance. So she went back to the church, and she found the bottle and the glasses, and she hid them. And eventually, she planted them in Molly's room.

Paul: And you knew all about this?

Jennifer: No. No, I swear it. She confessed after everything went wrong.

Paul: She's out of control.

Jennifer: That's what Iíve been trying to tell you.

Paul: Just tranquilize her till this whole thing is over.

Jennifer: This isn't funny.

Paul: Oh, come on, Jennifer. At this point, it's either laughing or crying.

Jennifer: Paul, the point is, is that somebody knew Mom put the evidence in Molly's room, and then they removed it. And they set you up.

Paul: You're right. We have a problem. And I know just how to solve it.

Hal: Look, look. I know he is my stepson. I just don't think he's capable of premeditated murder.

Jack: Paul's a better candidate than Dusty, Hal.

Hal: Unless Dusty and Molly are collaborating.

Jack: Okay, now there's an idea. They collaborated on the killing, then Molly muddies the water by putting the blame on Dusty.

Hal: While Dusty points us at Paul.

Margo: Or how about this one? Molly's in cahoots with Paul. Well, it's happened before.

Molly: Dusty's not here.

Paul: I'm not looking for Dusty. The cops searched your hotel room.

Molly: Yeah. What's your point?

Paul: Before they got there, you found something. And you used that something to try and set me up.

Molly: I found something? What? Paul, come on. I'm being charged with obstruction of justice, malicious tampering, and the cops would love nothing more than to pin Rose's murder on me. So if you know something --

Paul: Who else has a key to your room?

Molly: I live in a hotel room. About half the world does. Now, what are you talking about? Fine, talk to the back.

Paul: Molly, somebody's trying to set me up, and I think you know who.

Hal: So, why do you think Paul and Molly are in cahoots?

Margo: Well, it was a couple of months back, but they hatched a plan to bamboozle Donovan, and ultimately it backfired. I never got to the bottom of it. Had to do with a van, a locked door and Henry Coleman?

Jack: Yeah, I'm remembering this. They were bugging the bar, right?

Hal: So they're conspiring to -- what? Get rid of Rose and implicate Dusty? Because my feeling is that Molly knows that Dusty is innocent. She just wants to bust his chops for stringing her along. Whereas Paul, he'd be in it for keeps if -- and this is a big if -- Paulís guilty.

Jack: Yeah, I tend believe that their games are unrelated. Molly was goin' after Dusty, and Paul --

Hal: Wanted Rose to suffer. He didn't need to kill her.

Margo: You know what, Hal? I know that you are very fond of him, but you can't dismiss Steinbeckís statement.

Jack: James? What about Barbara? She hated Rose.

Barbara: You told him?

Jennifer: Mom, calm down --

Barbara: You told him that I took the champagne bottle and the glasses?

Jennifer: And the glasses and planted them in Molly's room, for the sole purpose of protecting him.

Barbara: He's not going to see it that way. He's going to be furious.

Paul: Somebody's trying to convince the police that I killed Rose.

Molly: Well, it isn't me, okay? Paul, I just want to know what you think is in my room and who broke in and stole it.

Paul: I'm not at liberty to say.

Molly: Get out.

Craig: Happy New Year.

Paul: Oh, it will be -- for me, when I find out who set me up.

Jennifer: Oh, Mom. You don't have to do this. Paul wasn't angry.

[Barbara scoffs]

Barbara: That means he's saving it all up for me. Don't you understand that? I'll call you when I land somewhere, okay?

Jennifer: Where are you going? And what am I supposed to tell Will?

Barbara: I can't see Will, anyway, and I certainly can't face Paul.

Jennifer: Mom, you have -- at least have to tell me where you're headed.

Barbara: Bay City. Overnight. And then to the airport. I'll call you.

Hal: Did Barbara kill Rose? She's been pretty quiet these last few weeks. But for my money, she's our number one suspect.

Hal: You know, I hate myself for sayin' this about the mother of my children, but the truth is that ever since Rose collapsed, I've had this knot in my gut, and at the center of it is Barbara.

Jack: And don't forget, we searched her suite and her office, and we came up with zip.

Hal: Yeah, but she refuses to take a polygraph.

Margo: Of course she won't take a polygraph. The woman doesn't know how to tell the truth.

Paul: Going somewhere?

Barbara: Me?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Barbara: Jen and I were just gonna go out for a little dinner, that's all.

Paul: You don't say. With an overnight bag? Oh, you're bringing a travel alarm clock to dinner. Are you timing a soufflť? Oh, and eye shades. Talk about the blind leading the blind. What are you up to, Barbara?

Barbara: I was trying to protect you.

Paul: You can do better than that. Come on.

Barbara: Jennifer, please. Would you please tell him I was just trying to protect him?

Jennifer: Mom was upset. She did something really silly, but --

Paul: She made it impossible for me to prove to anybody that I'm innocent. I didn't kill anybody -- certainly not Rose. But I can't prove to anybody that I'm innocent, because she stole the evidence. I can't even go talk to Hal. Could you see that, huh? Could you picture that? I go to talk to Hal, "oh, gee, Hal, oh, golly, gee. No, I didn't kill Rose. But I wish I could tell you who did. However, my mother took the goblet and put it in Molly's room, and somehow, some way, it managed to get from Molly's room into -- guess where? Oh, my empty grave."

[Paul laughs mockingly] he'd laugh me right out of the police station.

Barbara: I know I made a mistake, but please don't compound it by going to Hal.

Paul: Why not? Because Hal would think that you killed her and that you're trying to frame me? That's what it gets back to, isn't it? Mother, please, just tell me the truth, finally. You killed the only woman I ever loved. You did it. You poisoned Rose.

Margo: Do you think that Barbara refused to take the polygraph test because she's afraid she'd implicate herself or she's protecting Paul?

Hal: I still don't think that Paul would kill Rose. I mean, as angry as he was, I still don't think he has the stomach for it.

Jack: Who do you like?

Margo: Me? I don't know yet. But I tend to look at the guy who's making the most noise. You know, the one who's always pointing his finger at somebody else? Never understood that. Unless, of course, he's guilty himself.

Dusty: I know what you're feeling. I feel it, too. The only way we can stop it is to make sure that Paul Ryan doesn't get away with this.

Lily: Just go away, Dusty, please.

Dusty: You know, I loved your sister. And I'll never forgive myself for not protecting her. It's all cued up for you. That's gonna remind you what kind of a man Paul Ryan is.

Barbara: Donít. I'm telling you, please, please, please don't go to Hal. All right? He's just about to let me see Will. He's gonna let me see Will. You'll ruin everything. I'm begging you.

Paul: I don't want you anywhere near Will. Not -- not now. You're over the edge, Barbara.

Jennifer: Paul, I thought we agreed to calm things down. We don't want anyone doing anything desperate.

Paul: How do you do that? You got, like, a remote control or something? You start hyperventilating, and she starts jumping up and down, trying to make everything okay?

Barbara: I want you to think about something, all right? Just think about this. Jennifer certainly didn't kill Rose. And I know that you didn't. And I -- I'm glad she's gone, I admit that, I do. I didn't kill her. I didn't. So there's no need to go to Hal. We can handle this by ourselves. Dusty killed her. I know it. And we can prove it if you'll just give us that chance.

Jack: I just thought of something. If Paul was telling the truth about someone setting him up at the mausoleum, who was it? Not Barbara.

Hal: Oh, she hurts her kids, but not intentionally.

Jack: And Mitzi, she was still in Atlantic City --

Hal: And Molly was still trying to set up Dusty --

Jack: And if Dusty had evidence to convicted Paul, why sit on it?

Hal: So if it's none of our five --

Jack: Who is it?

Hal: Someone who wants Paul to fry.

Paul: You want to know who I think set me up, Barbara? You. You're the one who set me up.

Barbara: No. No, I swear. I swear to you, Paul.

Paul: And I would rather let fire ants eat the flesh off of my face than join "Team Ryan." No offense, Jen. You do what you gotta do. But I'm out.

Jack: Hal, if someone else is involved, we're gonna have to expand our thinking.

Hal: Listen; let's expand it tomorrow, okay?

Jack: Deal. Don't stay too late.

Hal: Oh, you talk to Lily, tell her Emily and I said hello, okay?

Jack: You got it.

Cop: Lab results from the glasses in the D'Angelo case.

Jack: Hey, thanks. "Traces of methanol in the glass."

Hal: Any fingerprints on the glass?

Jack: Just Rose and Paul.

Hal: Well, unless Rose poisoned herself --

Jack: Exactly.

Hal: He didn't do it.

Jack: He'd be pretty stupid if he did.

Hal: And he's not stupid.

Jack: Hal, if this case doesn't break another way, however --

Hal: I know.

Jack: Well, here. We'll talk about it tomorrow, all right? And by the way, happy New Year.

Hal: Let's hope so, Jack.

Paul: From now on, it's every child for himself. And if you do anything to implicate me in your crimes, I will -- I will bring you down with me. Bye, Jen.

Barbara: He hates me.

Jennifer: Can you blame him?

Barbara: I didn't set him up. I swear to you on my life -- on Will's life -- it wasn't me.

Molly: Craig, you have a message on the machine. That Fettle woman from the adoption agency called.

Craig: Annabelle Fettle?

Molly: No. How many Fettles do you know? She called either late last night or early this morning.

Craig: What'd she want?

Molly: She said, "tell him I'll be payin' him a visit real soon." Hey, how's Lily?

[Dusty laughs]

Dusty: Like you care.

Molly: Of course I care.

Dusty: Then ask her yourself.

Molly: Hey, tough guy. I planted that poison in your room because I'm crazy about you. And I couldn't stand watching you still following after Rose even after she treated you like road kill.

Dusty: You know what? You don't even begin to understand.

Molly: Look at you. You're still in love with her. And I'm still jealous -- of a dead woman, and I hate it. Okay? And I hate it that we're not friends anymore. And I hate it that we don't make love anymore. And that you're stuck, and I'm stuck.

Dusty: Well, then move on, will ya?!

Molly: I might just try that, okay? When I get over you. You know, think about this, okay? While you're face down in your pillow dreaming about Rose, think about this --

["Auld Lang Syne" plays]

Molly: She's gone. And I'm still right here. And while she loved havin' you on her string -- I love you.

[Singer] Be forgot and days of Auld Lang Syne

Paul: Don't you lie to me. Not here, not now.

Rose: No, you're angry, I know that. When you asked me where I was, I should have told you I was with Dusty. I'm tellin' you, it is not what you think.

Paul: What I think?! You know what I think, Rose? I think I'm the biggest idiot on the face of the earth for ever thinking that I could make this work with you. How could I do that? How could I think that I would ever make it work with a woman who already played me for the fool once?

Holden: Lily? It's me. Open up! Lily, the kids are home. They're waiting for you to come back and have dinner!

[Rose and Paul in background]

Holden: Lily? Lily, open the door.

Paul: Are you insane? Are you crazy? Do you really think that I'm ever gonna believe another word out of your lying mouth?

Mitzi: Mitzi's roller palace. It's got a nice ring to it.

Rose: They keep tellin' me here that dead men tell no tales. I guess that applies to dead beauticians, too, because I don't know nothin' about nothin'. But somebody'll figure it out. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

On the next "As The World Turns" --

Dusty: The cops found a murder weapon on Paul, and they're still playin' 20 questions. Your brother's goin' down.

Lily: If he killed her, then the police will find --

Dusty: No. There is no "if." The cops know he killed her.

Paul: Someone's settin' me up, and you're falling for it hook, line and sinker.

Chris: The man's got somethin' to say? I wanna hear him say it.

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