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Chris: You have something to tell me? It isn't about the baby, is it?

Aaron: There's something you should know. But it's Ali's big news. I think she's gonna be glad to tell you.

Alison: It's -- it's just that Aaron thought maybe I should tell you about our plans. We've been talking about moving in together.

Chris: Why is that news? Okay, you guys are married. That's what married people do.

Alison: We just found this apartment, but it's a little too small for the baby to have his own room. Is that okay? I mean, I don't know. You're the pediatrics guy. That's why I'm asking. I mean, there's room for the crib and everything like that, but is that okay? Aaron thinks that this is just about me, but I'm just thinking about the baby. That's all. I just want my child to be safe and healthy. That is all.

Aaron: Alison --

Alison: It's true, Aaron. It's just the baby that matters, right? Isn't that true, Aaron?

Chris: Look, did you guys just come to rub this in my face? Okay, congratulations. Great. You're having a baby. You got married. You're moving in together. Have a nice life.

Miss March: Dr. Hughes? I'm Miss March from Child Services. You called regarding an unfit mother?

Barbara: So, Officer Shanks, are you going to search Molly McKinnonís room or not?

Shanks: I don't know what you're talking about.

Barbara: Is that right? Then why are you here?

Shanks: It's a birthday party for the commissioner. It's in the banquet room. Hey, you should stop by. I'm sure the Lieutenant will be happy to answer your question.

Barbara: Damn it, what's taking so long?

Jennifer: Interesting conversation with Officer Shanks, Mom? Why are you trying to get Dad to search Molly's room?

Barbara: I'm just trying to make sure that the police are focusing on the right people her and not your brother.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Barbara: I mean, it's all coming together very nicely. And your brother won't be at the top of Halís suspect list very long.

Hal: All right, we go over every inch of this place. I mean, every closet, every drawer, every inch. Can I have my warrant back now, please?

Manager: Sure. Real shame, though. Molly McKinnon. Looked like such a nice lady on the evening news.

Hal: Yeah, well, you know what they say about appearances.

Carly: What's going on?

Molly: I messed up. I messed up big. And there's nothing you can do.

Jack: Lily's bank account is untouched. There's no withdrawals from any ATMs.

Holden: What about credit cards?

Jack: You need to get those numbers for me.

Holden: Well, they're at home.

Jack: All right, call me as soon as you get them, all right?

Holden: All right.

Carly: What are you doing to Molly?

Jack: What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm not doing anything to Molly. Hal's in charge. Look, this is a police matter, not a family one.

Carly: She did some crazy things, Jack, I'll give you that. But there's no way that she poisoned Rose.

Jack: I can't deal with this right now, all right? Lily's missing. Holden needs me.

Carly: Well, molly needs me. And booking her, Jack, is a complete waste of time. It's obvious who poisoned Rose.

Jack: No, please, just stop this right now. Don't do this again.

Carly: You may have a real soft spot for your little doe-eyed friend, but let me tell you something, Jack -- you find Mitzi Matters, and you will have found your killer.

Mitzi: Hey, is Louie around? I need my paycheck.

Bartender: He left his checks with me.

Mitzi: Great.

[Someone screams] Keep it down.

Mitzi: Oh, my God.

Bartender: Somethin' wrong?

Mitzi: No, no, no. I just remembered something. I gotta go.

Lily: Mitzi.

[Mitzi screams]

Mitzi: Hi. Hi.

Lily: Aren't you gonna say hello? Ė

Katie: Well, it was definitely an interesting evening.

Margo: Hey! Hi, guys, I hope you're hungry. I brought you ham.

Mike: I'm going to get going.

Katie: Well, I'll see you soon?

Mike: You bet, yeah.

Katie: Go ahead, ask.

Margo: What? Ask what?

Katie: I know you didn't come all the way out here just to give me a ham. So, go ahead. Ask what my first official date with Mike was like.

Margo: You're right. You're right. Okay, so, how was it? Was it, you know, candlelight, flowers, really super traditional?

Katie: Oh, no, no, I wouldn't call it traditional exactly.

Margo: Oh, all right, all right. A little less formal, nothing wrong with that. It's a good way to go. Hey, I bet I know exactly where he took you, huh? The circus.

Katie: Well, tonight definitely resembled a circus. Now, my first official date with Mike, unqualified disaster.

Craig: Hey, I'm glad you finally called. Fried dinner at Al's. Nice idea. No.

Rosanna: Listen, why didn't you tell me that you went to the police station instead of dropping in on Lily's like you said that you were going to after the funeral?

Craig: Well, I decided the best thing I could do for Lily was to check on the status of the investigation.

Rosanna: You mean check and make sure that Paul is still the number one suspect?

Craig: Maybe he'll be proven innocent, sorta.

Rosanna: Darling.

Craig: Hmm?

Rosanna: Someone is trying to make Paul look like the killer. I'd hate to think that someone is you.

Jennifer: All I'm saying is that I can't imagine Molly killing Rose. I mean, I'm thrilled that their focus is turned off of Paul and onto Molly, but I would like to know how you found out about it.

Barbara: Instinct. I was married to your father for a very long time. I know how he thinks. Now, tell me how your little brother is? I haven't seen him since Christmas Eve? Is he okay?

Jennifer: Well, that's a -- I don't quite know to answer that, Mom. Will's loyalties are kind of scattered right now. He -- he's still upset with Dad for investigating his big brother.

Barbara: Of course he is. My poor little baby boy.

Jennifer: Mom, if you can clear Paul, I think that that would go a long way towards making Will smile again.

Barbara: I promise you I'm going to do that. It might even be sooner than you think. Officer Shanks?!

Shanks: I'm sorry, Ms. Ryan. I need to get back to the station.

Barbara: Oh, bagpipes driving you away?

Shanks: Boss just called. Seems like you were right. We are searching Molly McKinnonís place.

Jennifer: Mom?

Barbara: Ah, I have -- I've gotta make a phone call.

Jennifer: No, we were going to have dinner.

Barbara: You know what; you order lobster, champagne, what ever you like. I think we're finally going to have something to celebrate.

Carly: Jack, you have to see that charging Molly with Rose's murder is ridiculous!

Jack: Molly spray-painted "die, Rose" on Rose's car and then smashed it in with a baseball bat.

Carly: Molly did that?

Jack: Um-hmm.

Carly: Well, that's bad, but it doesn't mean that she actually did it, Jack. It doesn't mean she actually killed anybody saying it and doing it are worlds apart.

Jack: I'm not saying that Molly is guilty, but she's not exactly innocent either. She had motive.

Carly: Well, so did Mitzi. She thought that Rose was going to bring her up on embezzlement charges.

Jack: Supposition.

Carly: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. And the case against Molly is fact? Why is it better to have Molly on the list of suspects than Mitzi?

Jack: Okay, you already know that we got an APB out on Mitzi. As soon as we find her, we'll bring her in for questioning. But we've got to come up with something concrete, or we are going to have to release her.

Lily: Hey, hey, hey. Look at you. You look like you lost your best friend.

Mitzi: How can you even joke, Rose? Are we still best friends? After what I did?

Lily: I forgive you. We've been through too much.

Mitzi: I always said you had the biggest heart around, Rose. So, um -- how long you staying in AC for?

Lily: Forever! Because this is where I belong. The showgirl-by-the-sea!

Mitzi: Are you serious? You're not goin' back to Oakdale?

Lily: I don't wanna talk about Oakdale. Okay?

Mitzi: Okay. Ah, where are you stayin'?

Lily: I don't know. I gotta find a room.

Mitzi: You know what, don't worry about it. You can stay with me.

Lily: Okay.

Mitzi: See, plenty of room. And there's a little coffeemaker in the bathroom, and free continental breakfast every day.

Lily: Like old times, right?

Mitzi: Sure, Rose. If you're sure. I mean, you were so mad at me the last time I saw you.

Lily: You know, life is too short to hold grudges. If I were to drop dead, tomorrow, I would not want you think that I went to my grave hating you. Look at that. That's cute. Where do I get me one of these?

Mitzi: Well, you bought me that. Five years ago, on the pier, remember?

Lily: Oh, must've slipped my mind, I'm a little -- yeah, it's coming back to me now.

Mitzi: You know? Why don't I change and go out, take in the sights?

Lily: Good. What are you doing here?

Holden: Looking for you. The kids need you at home, Lily. Rose is dead. You're not gonna find her here.

Lily: Go away.

Mitzi: Sorry, Rose, but I gotta figure this out. And the only way I can do that is to shut you up. [Getting a bottle of pills.]

Lily: Mitzi!

Mitzi: Coming.

Lily: Come on. Let's go. Let's go dancing. Come on.

Mitzi: You know, I was just thinking --

Lily: No thinking, just dancing. Thinking later. Go ahead. Come on, come on, come on! Hurry up!

Mitzi: Sorry, Rose, but your dancing days are over.

Chris: If you ever need me to testify at a custody hearing, just give me a call.

Miss March: I'll do that.

Alison: You would do that? You would testify against the mother?

Chris: Alison, if the father hadn't driven over there, his son would have died. Okay? So if you're asking me would I go to bat for him at a custody hearing, the answer's yes.

Alison: Right, and I agree with you and everything, but, you know, what if the mother was scared. I mean, I mean people can get just really overwhelmed.

Chris: Whoa, whoa, Alison, are you saying the mother deserves a second chance?

Alison: No, I'm not --

Chris: No, good. Because if you were, I'd be scared for your kid.

Alison: Thank you for not telling him. Thank you.

Aaron: Oh, what, the truth? I only didn't say anything 'cause that social worker was there, okay? Don't even think for a second that I'm on your side.

Alison: Yeah, but you heard Chris. He doesn't give second chances to people who screw up, and I'm, like, the first on his list. You can't tell Chris.

Aaron: You destroyed my life with one lie.

Alison: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Aaron: No, you're not sorry, okay? Because I turned my back on my family and on Lucy. I even got married to you because you told me I had gotten you pregnant. So don't you dare tell me what I can or can't do.

Alison: No, Chris will call that social worker back the second I have my baby. Where are you going?

Aaron: You'll just have to wait and see.

Craig: If the police suspect Paul, it's not because I told them.

Rosanna: Well, someone got his father involved.

Craig: His mother.

Rosanna: Look, James is telling the police that his son killed Rose.

Craig: And how do you know that?

Rosanna: Well, Paul told me.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Rosanna: And he's concerned that you're the one that went to the police and got his father involved in the investigation.

Craig: Oh, okay. This is what this suspected murderer who keeps insinuating his way into your life just had to tell you?

Rosanna: Look, he came here for breakfast. We sat down, we had a little conversation, and he wondered why you were at the police station the night this all went down.

Craig: And what did you tell him?

Rosanna: Well, I told him the truth, hopefully. That you were probably there to visit Margo, your sister. And that you would never try to frame him.

Craig: I don't have to.

Rosanna: You and I've had a lot of discussions regarding my friendship with Paul and the importance of establishing our committed trust in this marriage. So please tell me that you're not trying to frame my friend for murder.

Craig: All right, Bar-Bar. Where did you plant it? Where'd you plant it? I would never betray your trust.

Hal: All right, Shanks, it looks like we're done here. Let's --

Barbara: Officer, please, I just --

Hal: Tape it off, lock it up.

Barbara: Please, please? Come on, just let me get through. Officer, please!

Hal: What the hell?

Barbara: Well, my, my, my. Molly certainly does leave her room a mess, doesn't she?

Hal: What do you want, Barbara?

Barbara: Answers, Hal. So did you find enough evidence to charge Molly with Rose's murder?

Hal: The room's clean. You seem surprised.

Barbara: No, no, no. It's just that --

Hal: Barbara?

Barbara: I -- I gotta go.

Rosanna: Will you be long?

Craig: No, just a few loose ends to clear up. Then I'm in for the evening.

Rosanna: I'm glad you settled everything.

Craig: Yes.

Rosanna: So we understand each other?

Craig: Now, I want you to tell Paul that I'm not threatened by your friendship. Tell him that I'm not threatened at all. Hmm?

Molly: What did Jack say?

Carly: The good news is that they put an APB out on Mitzi. She had a good reason for killing Rose, you know.

Molly: Better be. Because according to them, I've got the best motive in the book. Why do I fall for men like Dusty Donovan?

Carly: They're hard to resist. Do you love him?

Molly: Yes. I don't know. Maybe. I thought we had this bond, this really special relationship.

Carly: And that made you hate Rose?

Molly: Well, I didnít. Not at first, no. I needed a friend, and Dusty was a friend, so I tried to help him get her back. I even told him to buy the club so that he could convince her that he was gonna stick around. I told him to tell her that he loved her. And I told him to take all these risks, and he did. And what does she do? She threw it in his face, and she played him against Paul, and it made me sick, okay?

Carly: And is that why you smashed up her car and spray-painted threats all over it?

Molly: You know about that?

Carly: Jack just told me.

Molly: Carly, I just -- I wanted to push Rose closer to Paul. And I thought he would be so scared after that that he would take her out of town and never come back.

Carly: And when that didn't happen, that's when you broke into Rose's house?

Molly: I just wanted to talk to her, that's all.

Carly: So you wanted Dusty away from Rose and back with you. That does sound like love to me. But, Molly, why did you hide the poison in Dustyís room? And why would you want the man you loved charged with murder?

[Molly sobbing]

Molly: I saw her -- the night before she was supposed to marry Paul, I saw her with Dusty, Carly. She was in his arms, okay? And so that's when I had to face the fact that no matter what I did, no matter how much I helped that man, he loved her. He loved her. He wanted her like he never wanted me. And I know it looks bad, but I didn't kill her. I didnít. You believe me, right? Oh, God, Carly, honey, if you don't believe me, then nobody's going to.

Carly: No, yes, of course, Molly. Of course I believe you. I'm sorry. I had no idea. I had no idea what you were going through, honey. I'm sorry. And we are gonna get through this, mol. We're gonna get through this together.

[Molly sobbing]

Mitzi: Okay. Drinks are served.

[Lily laughing wildly]

Lily: Leave me alone.

Guy #1: Hey, aren't you having fun?

Lily: Yeah. You're just spinning me around so much my head's gonna just fall off.

Guy #1: Hey, I'm happy to dance a little slower.

Mitzi: Hey! Looks like you're working up quite a thirst there. Just one second. You know, I spent six bucks on that drink, so drink up, every drop. [Mitzi added pills to Lilyís drink.]

Lily: How's that?

Mitzi: Perfect.

[Door slams]

Mike: Still hopin' for a kiss?

Katie: I don't kiss on first dates, remember?

Mike: Well, technically, this is our second date.

Katie: Oh, yeah.

Mitzi: Hey. You feeling okay?

Lily: Great! Great. Where's that guy? Oh, there he is! Hot guy! Hi, hot guy! I'll be right -- oh, I got to go.

Mitzi: Rose? She's dancing. She shouldn't even be standing. What is up with you, Rose D'Angelo?

Margo: Okay. So, out with it. The disastrous date -- what happened?

Katie: Well, I don't know. I think our biggest mistake was talking about how incredible it was going to be. I mean, nothing can live up to those standards, especially when it started out so well. I never knew I was allergic to freesia. And all of a sudden I started sneezing like crazy and mike had to come to the rescue.

Margo: Okay, so it got off to a bad start.

Katie: A bad start? No, no, that was probably the best part. Mike had it all planned out. He had reserved a secluded table at the Lakeview and told the maitre d' to have the candles lit before we got there. Lit candles -- remember that. Then he waved his hand and this violinist come up and started to serenade us, and it was beautiful. Right after that he started to play this beautiful song, and all of a sudden, we hear the most ungodly sound -- bagpipes. At the Lakeview, can you believe it? Bagpipes. And the violinist was just as shocked as we were. So the next thing I know I have soup in my lap, I jump up, I grab at the napkins and the candles fall over.

Margo: Oh, no --

[Margo laughing]

Katie: Mike runs and grabs a pitcher of water, throws it on me. I mean, I'm already semi-soaked from the soup. And then I look like a refugee from the titanic.

[Margo laughing]

Margo: Sorry. That's just the best worst date story I've ever heard.

Katie: Yeah, funny, laugh at me.

Margo: Okay, so maybe the two of you -- oh my God, did you say bagpipes?

Katie: Yeah. Big, loud Scottish ones.

Margo: Oh my God. I can't believe I did this. The police commissioner's surprise party's tonight and I've completely forgotten. I'm sorry, I've got to go. I'm sorry. Bye!

[Door closes]

Katie: Great. At least a million minutes between now and bedtime.

[Knock at door] Uh, go get him a card, the Ham's mine, Margo.

Mike: Come on, put on clothes. We're doing that first date over again right now.

[Katie laughs]

Mitzi: Rose is playing some game. That much I know. But what is it?

Lily: Incoming! I love it here! I love it. How could I have ever left it, it's so -- it's so not beige. I'm finished with Oakdale, finished.

Mitzi: Are you finished with, Lily, too?

Lily: Especially Lily. Just talk about how she loves being my sister. But all she wants to do is change me. She tried to kill me, on the inside. She even tried to buy me off.

Mitzi: She helped you turn your life around.

Lily: My life did not need turning around! At all. Hey -- don't look now, but there's some really hot guy checking you out. So I'm gonna skedaddle. And you do you thing. Work it! Work it!

Mitzi: Just what I don't need.

Sheriff Dolton: Excuse me, ma'am.

Mitzi: Not interested.

Sheriff Dolton: The state of Illinois is interested, Miss Matters. Mitch Dolton, sheriff's department. I have to escort you back to Oakdale for questioning.

Mitzi: No. She said everything was okay.

Sheriff Dolton: You can come with me, or I can cuff you.

Mitzi: She set me up. My best friend set me up.

Bartender: You looking for your friend? She left with some guy.

Lily: She works fast. I'd better sit down.

Bartender: You all right?

Lily: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just tired. Just really tired.

Bartender: I'll get you a coffee.

Lily: Oh! So, what's going on back in Oakdale since I've been gone? Anybody mow their lawn? Wear stripes with plaid? Jaywalk?

Bartender: Coffee's here.

Lily: Thank you.

Katie: Mike? Mike!

Mike: Picked 'em myself. You're not allergic to sticks, are you?

Katie: No.

Mike: Good. See, things are going better already. You hungry?

Katie: Yeah, you have any ideas?

Mike: Yep.

Katie: These burgers a la fromage look divine.

Mike: I'll give my compliments to Al.

Katie: Please do, darling.

Mike: Some music. Want to dance?

Katie: Uh, no. We're in al's diner. Nobody dances here. They'll think we're crazy!

Mike: Or lucky. Come on, come on, come on.

Katie: Is it possible to die of embarrassment?

Katie: This is the most awesome date ever.

Mike: I was kinda hoping for a kiss.

Katie: I don't kiss on first dates, remember?

Mike: Well, technically this is our second date.

Katie: Oh, yeah. Well, in that case Ė

Aaron: Hey, Luce.

Lucy: Aaron. Hi, you look good.

Aaron: You look cold. Good.

Lucy: How's Alison? How's the baby? Everything okay?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah, that's -- uh, that's what I wanted to --

Lucy: It's good. It's good. I mean, that's the only thing that matters right now. Right? It's the baby. You've been really amazing. Most guys would try to dodge the responsibility, but you stepped up. Not that I was surprised, or anything. That's what I expected of you.

Aaron: I really -- I really didn't have a choice. Or, I mean, at least that -- that's what I thought.

Lucy: What do you mean? Last time I talked to you, you were really stoked about getting a place with Alison.

Aaron: You'll have a good life, Lucy.

Lucy: Are you okay?

Aaron: Yeah, I'm great. I'm very good. Uh, just -- I just hope you get what you -- what you deserve.

Barbara: It has to be here. It has to be.

Jennifer: Looking for something, Mom?

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Jennifer: Call it instinct. I thought you might come to Molly's room.

Barbara: It has to be here. I don't know why they didn't find it!

Jennifer: Find what?

Barbara: The bag with the glasses and champagne bottle.

Jennifer: Are you out of your mind? What did you do? Answer me.

Barbara: I was trying to protect my son. You can call that crazy if you want. I really don't care, Jennifer.

Jennifer: You're not protecting Paul by planting evidence.

Barbara: I was trying to help because I thought --

Jennifer: You thought Paul was the murderer? How could you?

Barbara: I know I've handled this badly. But I panicked and --

Jennifer: And tampered with evidence. Evidence that might have cleared my brother. Nice going, Mom.

Craig: There, now, that's where it belongs. And soon I think, Paul, you will be, too.

Carly: So, Hal, did you have fun searching Molly's room?

Hal: I don't have time for this, Carly.

Carly: Well, why don't you make time, Hal? You didn't even find anything, did you? You see, I knew it! Can't you see what a joke this is?

Hal: Well, guess what, Carly? Rose is not laughing.

Mitzi: All right, all right, I'm going. Jack! Jack, you gotta help me! Listen, I screwed up, okay? But Rose understands. Said she wasn't pressing charges!

Hal: Rose said what?

Mitzi: That she forgave me. And we're buddies again. But this guy yanked me out of Atlantic City before I could prove it.

Hal: I'll take it from here, thank you.

Mitzi: Okay, I shouldn't have stolen the money, I know that. But rose understands, okay? She was angry, but she got over it.

Carly: You are sick. Do you think that that's funny? Making jokes like that when your so-called best friend is --

Mitzi: Is what?

Carly: Is dead, Mitzi. As if you didn't know.

Mitzi: Rose isn't dead. You're crazy. I just had drinks with her in Atlantic City.

Holden: You got a minute?

Bartender: Sure. What's up?

Holden: Have you seen this woman?

Bartender: I'm looking at her right now.

[Lily giggling]

Lily: This is just so much fun; I don't want this to stop.

Holden: Lily? Lily!

Lily: What?

Holden: I've been going out of my mind. Are you okay? We've been worried about you.

Lily: Hey, just want to dance, you know? You know I love to dance.

Holden: All right, all right, then dance with me. All right? It's okay. Just one more trip around the dance floor, then we're gonna head home.

Lily: Oh.

On the next "As The World Turns" --

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Barbara: We have to make sure that the police focus on the right people. It's time they start investigating the real guilty party.

Hal: Hold it! Hold it right there.

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