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[Lily screams]

Jack: Hey, Holden, if this is too hard for you --

Holden: I want to be here. Jack, when I first realized that Lily wasn't home, I came here. She's been spending a lot of time here. And when I saw the place, I just figured that she went crazy with grief over Rose's death and tore the place apart.

Jack: I would have thought the same thing.

Holden: I should have called you sooner. I just kept thinking that she was gonna come home.

Jack: Holden, we -- we found something. A picture. You never seen 'em before? I have. They were brought down to the station for disturbing the peace, then released. You're sure you've never seen them before?

Holden: Lily looks so scared. What are you saying, Jack? You saying that they kidnapped her?

Jack: Maybe. Unless you can come up with a reason why Lily would leave with them willingly.

Alison: Aaron, please don't be mad at me.

Aaron: You lied about being pregnant with my kid. You expect me to just get over this?

Alison: Just please -- just keep your voice down?

Aaron: Just tell me what you want.

Alison: I just wanted you to know how sorry I am.

Aaron: Sorry. You're -- you're sorry? You done? 'Cause I'm gonna go. You done?

Alison: No, I need you to forgive me.

Aaron: Oh, Alison, that is never going to happen. You know, there is something you can do for me.

Alison: Sure, anything.

Aaron: Why'd you do this to me?

Cop: Ma'am? That's a private office up there.

Barbara: Yes, I know that, Officer -- ?

Cop: Martinez, ma'am.

Barbara: Officer Martinez, I'm Barbara Ryan. I'm Lieutenant Munsonís wife. Oh, sorry -- ex-wife. We were married for 100 years, and I'm always welcome here.

Cop: You're welcome to leave a message for him.

Barbara: Well, then, I'll do just that. Thank you. Now, where did Hal keep those note -- me? Hal suspects me? Molly McKinnon. Now that's interesting.

Molly: Hal. I was just on my way out.

Hal: Hmm. Well, it looks like your trip's been canceled -- permanently.

Rosanna: Hello, darling. Am I meeting you for breakfast, or should I just go home?

Craig: Well, I still have a few of errands to run. No, I'll call you when I'm done.

Rosanna: It's okay. Take your time. I'll see you soon, okay? I love you.

Craig: I love you, too.

Rosanna: Hello. What are you doing here?

Paul: Can't cook.

Rosanna: I see.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Rosanna: Well, I am meeting my husband here for breakfast -- supposedly. But he's taking a while to get here, so -- why don't you join me?

Paul: No, I don't think that's such a good idea. Listen, I don't want to put you in the middle of everything, but, uh -- eh, never mind.

Rosanna: No, wh -- what? You'd rather confuse me by being vague? What's going on?

Paul: Your husband, Craig, is trying to frame me for Rose's murder.

Barbara: What are you doing sneaking around?

Craig: I haven't been arrested in a while. I miss the place. You?

Barbara: I'm waiting for Hal.

Craig: Oh, look. You made the list of top three deviantís that might've murdered Rose. What a surprise.

Barbara: What are you really doing here, Craig?

Craig: Oh, well, I brought Margo a Christmas present.

Barbara: Oh, well, then you're up to something. You always show up with a gift when you're trying to sneak in somewhere where you don't belong.

Craig: You know me so well.

Barbara: Oh, yes, I do. Now, what are you really interested in, Craig? You wanted to see that list, didn't you? First you show up here the other day when James and Paul are here, and now --

Craig: Well, I did have a conversation last night with Hal about Rose and Molly.

Molly: If this is about Rose's death, Hal --

Hal: It is.

Molly: Well, I've already told you everything I know about Dusty. About what he did, what he said, what he thought. You know I would stop asking me questions and go arrest the guy. Not to mention that it's the holidays, and I haven't seen Bridget and Michelle in a really long time --

Hal: Oh, is that where you're going in such a hurry? To Bay City, to see the twins?

Molly: That's right.

Hal: Well, where are their presents?

Molly: I mailed them.

Hal: Oh. Are they requiring picture I.D. On the interstate these days?

Molly: What?

Hal: Your passport. It's sticking out of your purse. Were you going to Bay City via Paris? Or do you just check out international flights for kicks?

Molly: What are you getting at, Hal?

Hal: How well do you know Paul Ryanís ex-bodyguard? A guy named Crater.

[Flashback Molly remembering.]

Crater: There's opportunity here, Ms. McKinnon. And I intend to cash in on it.

Molly: Oh, really? What kind of opportunity is that, Crater?

Crater: I know what you did.

[Flashback ends.]

Molly: I may have seen this guy around. You know, I think he's been at the Metro. But I didn't know him.

Hal: Before you lie any further, Molly, I checked his phone records. I know you called him last night.

Molly: So maybe I was lookin' for a date. I do like the strong, silent type.

Hal: Strong, I don't know about, but silent, definitely. He's, uh -- dead.

Molly: How did that happ -- you don't think I killed him, do you?

Hal: No, no. Crater died in a traffic accident. You're off the hook -- on that one. But the stuff that we found in Crater's car? Now, that stuff -- that stuff is gonna land you in a lot of trouble.

Molly: What are you talkin' about?

Hal: We found a bat Ė

[Flashback Hal remembering.]

Jack: I found this in Crater's car.

Jack: Hal, the paint on this bat --

Hal: I'd say that looks like a match to the paint on Rose's car.

[Flashback ends.]

Molly: So? Paul's bodyguard had that stuff. So either Crater pulverized Rose's car or Paul did. But what does that have to do with me?

Hal: You left something behind, Molly.

Hal: Forensics found this nail in one of the gloves. Can you get me a really fast analysis on it?

Walker: I can definitely get you some preliminary DNA results on it, but judging by the shape and size of the nail, we're definitely looking at a woman.

Hal: You found something?

Walker: Not only did I get you a match, our lady has a record. We've got a name.

Hal: You're the DNA match, Molly.

Molly: I will not let you railroad me, Hal. Because you found a glove that was probably stolen from me, you're assuming I did something I didn't do.

Hal: I also had a little chat with Craig Montgomery. Do you remember a conversation you had with him on November 18th?

Molly: I have had a lot of conversations with him. We're business partners, Hal.

Hal: Well, this little chat was about how much you couldn't stand Rose.

[Flashback Molly remembering.]

Molly: Cheap, boardwalk piece of trash that can't make up her mind. Well, you know what? She has to make up her mind now, because she can't have it all.

Craig: Sounds to me like that's exactly what she's trying to do.

Molly: Yeah, well, somebody ought to do something about it.

Craig: And maybe you're just that someone?

Molly: Maybe I am.

[Flashback ends.]

Molly: I was just talking junk, Hal. I do that. It didn't mean anything.

Hal: Oh, it isn't what you said, Molly. It's what you did. I can prove you bought the bat, gloves and paint. The clerk remembered you very well. He said if you needed that spray painting done, he'd love to help you out with it. That same day, you went to Roseís. It wasn't Barbara or Paul or Dusty who smashed Rose's windows and spray painted death threats on her car. It was you.

Molly: Hal.

Hal: You're under arrest.

Neighbor: Holden. Man, I am so sorry. If I had had any idea Lily was in trouble, I would have called 911 when I first saw those people.

Jack: The three people in the picture?

Dave: I'm sure it was them. See, when I was pulling into my turnoff, I saw them knocking on the -- well, more like banging on the door.


[Banging on the door]

Frank: Answer the door!

Goldie: Open up.

Murray: You can run, but you can't hide.

Goldie: Hello?

Murray: We know you're in there.

Goldie: Hello!

Lily: What -- ?

[Lily screams]

[Flashback ends.]

Dave: I didn't actually see them go in. You know, I was just driving past. Do you think it was one of those home invasions or something?

Jack: Oh, it's too soon to tell.

Holden: Dave thanks for your help.

Neighbor: Yeah, sure. No problem. I mean, this is a safe neighborhood. How could this kind of thing happen here?

[Holden imagining what could of happened.]

[Lily screaming]

Frank: Lock the door.

Lock the door.

[Lily screaming]

Lily: Who are you? What do you want from me? Oh, please just leave me alone. No, stay away from that! That's my sister's stuff. Please just leave it alone! No, no! No!

[Lily screaming]

[Imaging ends.]

Jack: Holden, you've got to stop doing this. We don't even know what really happened here, yet.

Holden: Jack, we know that Lily is missing. Those people that came here -- she didn't know them. And we know that they're criminals.

Cop: Detective Snyder?

Holden: She would have fought. She would have done anything to get away.

[Holden imagining what could happen.]

Murray: Man, there's nothing in here we can hock for more than two bits. Where's your money, huh? Your good jewelry? You've got to have something better than this cheap junk.

Lily: Please, don't hurt me. Please, don't hurt me.

Goldie: Hey, hey, hey, go easy. This chick's rich. It says here she's the daughter of Lucinda Walsh.

Lily: I am. I am, I am, I am.

[Indecipherable shouting]

Murray: You always were --

Goldie: Just take it, take it.

Murray: Come on. Smile.


[Holden back to reality.]

Jack: We've got a new lead. A farmer said he saw four people out by his property. He thought they were teenagers, but --

Holden: Where were they?

Jack: At the riverbank. By the old mill.

Alison: Aaron, seriously, just -- everything happened so fast, and -- I just found out about the baby, and then Bob Hughes is asking me who the father is, and I couldn't tell him that -- that that was his grandchild? I don't know, I just blurted out that it was you.

Aaron: Why?

Alison: 'Cause -- 'cause Chris doesn't love me. And I didn't want to trap him into being with me and the baby.

Aaron: So it's okay to do this to me?

Alison: No. No. It's just that once I got myself in, I didn't know how to get myself out.

Aaron: You make me sick, you know that? I can't even look at you any more.

Alison: Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. If I could, I would not have done this. But I can't -- I can't change it. And I really hate to say this, but I need to ask you.

Aaron: What?

Alison: You're not gonna tell Chris that the baby is his, are you?

Aaron: Oh, you better believe I am.

Rosanna: Paul, I certainly understand your suspicions of Craig, given the tensions between you in the past, but, I assure you, my husband couldn't possibly do something like that because he knows I would be furious if he hurt you.

Paul: All right. I'll take your word for it.

Rosanna: Was there something else? I mean, other than your dislike for each other, that makes you suspect he did something to set you up?

Paul: Here's the deal -- when the police brought me in for questioning the other day? Craig was there.

Rosanna: But his sister's a cop. He was probably visiting Margo.

Paul: I don't think that's it.

Rosanna: Did he say something? Did he -- did he threaten you?

Paul: You know what, you're probably right. I'm just being paranoid. There's probably nothing to any of this.

Hal: Did my guys bring either of you in?

Barbara: Not me. I just came to talk to you.

Hal: Get out.

Barbara: I wanna talk about Will, Hal.

Hal: Later.

Craig: Hal?

Hal: Both of you. Out. Now.

Barbara: Fine. I'll go.

Craig: Hal, can I talk to you a minute?

Molly: Would you keep your big mouth shut?

Craig: Now, Molly. Don't say anything until you get a lawyer, okay? Hal, let me talk to you outside. Now, Hal, I know -- I know what I told you about Molly, but what she said could have been just catty. You know, she's not homicidal. Or paranoid or delusional or schizophrenic. Paul Ryan is who you should be looking at for this. And his name isn't even on your board yet.

Hal: Craig, if you're not out of here in 15 seconds, I'm gonna arrest you.

Craig: All right, then.

Hal: 15 seconds.

Hal: So -- you ready to make a statement?

Molly: Yeah, here's my statement -- book me so I can get out of here. Hal, even if I did vandalize Rose's car, and I'm not admitting to anything, but even if I did, that's just malicious mischief, or whatever, and I have more than enough money to post bail, so just let me go.

Hal: Come on, Molly. We both know what you did's a lot more serious than trashing Rose's car.

Molly: I didnít.

Hal: Stop blowing smoke at me, Molly. It's time you confessed to your crimes -- all your crimes.

Holden: It's been hours since she's been seen. The water's freezing.

Jack: I just ordered a crew to drag the river.

Farmer: Well, I thought it was just kids messing around. They come up here sometimes, bring a couple of six packs --

Jack: Mr. Shepley, can you tell us what you saw?

Farmer: Well, I didn't see much. All I heard was a lot of talking. Lot of talking, but right before -- I thought I heard a woman scream.

[Holden imagining what could of happened.]

Lily: No -- no.

Please don't hurt me.



[Water splashes]

[Image fades.]

Holden: You don't have to say it. It's been hours since she's been seen. The water's freezing.

Jack: I just ordered a crew to drag the river.

Holden: I should have stayed with her. She said she needed time to deal with Rose's death. I should have insisted. I should have stayed with her.

Jack: Want me to get a uniform to drive you home?

Holden: I'll go home when we find Lily.

Jack: Hey, we didn't find a body, but we did find this -- out by where the car was parked.

Holden: A motel room key?

Jack: Yeah -- from the wagon wheel out on route 55.

Holden: Do you think they're still there? The people that did this to her? Hey Jack, look -- maybe they still have her. Maybe they just brought her out here to scare her. Maybe that's what that scream was all about.

Jack: That's all a possibility. That's what I'm going to go find out, right now.

Holden: I'm going with you.

Jack: No. You really think that's a good idea?

Holden: Look, either we go together or I follow you.

Jack: Let's go.

Hal: You know, when I discovered that you were the one that trashed Rose's car, I did a little rethinking, and I discovered that what Dusty said earlier really made a lot of sense.

Molly: I didn't poison Rose.

Hal: Oh, I haven't accused you of that yet.

Molly: So what are all these other crimes you're talking about?

Hal: You planted poison in Dustyís room.

Molly: I didn't plant anything in Dustyís room, Hal. The poison was there because Dusty is the one that killed Rose.

Hal: Dusty caught you in his hotel room, Molly.

Molly: That's what he said, okay? But I didn't do it. I was never in that hotel room without him there. So it's his word against mine. That's it.

Hal: That's not necessarily true.

[Flashback Molly remembering.]


Molly: Listen, you never saw me alone in Mr. Donovan's room yesterday. Do you understand?

[Flashback ends.]

Maid: I know I took your money, Mrs. McKinnon. But the police? I was scared. I had to answer the questions. I'm sorry.

Hal: Thank you. The patrolman will see to it that you get home safely. Now, before you waste your time trying to talk yourself out of this one, here is the receipt for the poison that you bought, Molly. It's over.

Molly: No, Hal, it's not. Okay? Listen, I set Dusty up. Yes, I did. Because you know what? He deserved it. He deserved it because he said it was over with Rose, and it wasnít. And then he let me fall in love with him when he didn't care about me -- he didn't give a damn about me. So you know what? I saw a way to make him squirm. I saw a way to set him up, and I took it, yeah.

Hal: This was more than just making Dusty squirm. He could have gone on trial for Rose's murder.

Molly: I didn't think that far ahead.

Hal: Or maybe you had a more pressing reason for wanting Dusty to take the blame. Molly, why don't you save me, yourself and everybody else involved in this case a lot of time and just tell me where it is.

Molly: What? Where what is?

Hal: The goblet that you used to kill Rose.

[Craig following Barbara. Barbara enters Mollyís room swabs poison around Roseís goblet puts it in Mollyís closet.]

Barbara: It's all working out so perfectly.

Alison: I'll fill out everything on the chart before I leave, I promise, okay? Aaron, you cannot tell Chris the truth.

Aaron: Why not? It's his kid. Didn't you just finish telling me about how -- how honest you are?

Alison: Yeah, but this could get me into some real trouble.

Aaron: How?

Alison: I already told you about switching the results of the sonogram.

Aaron: So what?

Alison: So, I don't know, maybe they could, like, throw me in jail for something like that and -- if Chris found out --

Aaron: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute, I just realized something. Your doctor doesn't even know about the baby. Dr. Schiller has no idea about the results either, does she?

Alison: I couldn't trust her not to say anything. And I know that medical records are supposed to be private, but, I mean, Chrisís family, like, runs this hospital. I wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret.

Aaron: What if something's wrong with the baby? What about all the prenatal stuff you're supposed to be getting? How could you do this to your kid, Ali?

Alison: No, I -- oh, I didn't think of that.

Aaron: That's your problem, you never think. You never think.

Alison: Okay, well, I'll take care of it. I'll go to a different town, a different doctor.

Aaron: There you go again. You're try -- you're covering up -- you're covering it again? That's your pro -- how am I ever supposed to believe anything you say?

Alison: No, I'll take care of my baby. But if Chris finds out before I'm ready, this would only make everything so much worse.

Aaron: How?

Alison: I already have -- I already have a criminal record, and I barely finished high school, and Chris is a doctor. He could take me to court and take away my baby.

Aaron: Maybe that's exactly what he should do.

Paul: I should go. I hope that I didn't upset you with what I just said about Craig.

Rosanna: No, you didnít. But I am curious about something. You're different -- you know that? And before, you didn't seem to care whether or not anyone accused you of murdering Rose. Now -- you do. What changed?

Paul: I saw Rose gasping for what would be her final breath. Whoever did that -- I will make sure that they pay.

Rosanna: Well, don't -- don't do anything impulsive, all right?

Paul: Well, not on purpose. Rosanna, after what I did to Rose on our wedding day, I turned into the town pariah, and I understand that. I deserve it. But you -- you're one of the few people who understands and who believes that I loved her and that I would never do anything to hurt her, let alone kill her. You're a very good friend.

Craig: You've reached Craig Montgomery. Please leave a message after the beep.

Rosanna: Sweetheart, it's me. Can you call me as soon as you get this message, wherever you may be? It's important.

Jack: Police! Hands on your head! Let's go. Let's go.


Holden: Where is my wife? Where is my wife? Where is she?

Jack: Holden, relax.

Frank: She never told us she got married. Oh, congratulations!

Jack: Hands on your head. Where were you last night?

Frank: We were having a really good time with an old friend.

[Flashback to what happened.]

Frank: Rosie, come on! We're gonna party, baby.

Goldie: Come on, where are you?


Frank: Open up!

Goldie: Got anything to drink, girlfriend?

Lily: Isn't this a kick in the pants? Long time no see. Let's get this party started!

[Dance music playing]

[Cheers and laughing]

Goldie: Murray, you're such a klutz!

Lily: Oh. Oh, fuggedaboudit. It's just furniture.

[Cheers and laughing]

Goldie: Oh!

Lily: It's all right!

Frank: Okay, everybody. Smile for the camera.

Lily: Oh, wait, lemme fix my lipstick.

Murray: Oh, you look swell.

Goldie: Wait a minute, Frank, we're not ready.

Lily: Let me just fix it.

[Flashback ends.]

Holden: You're saying my wife went with you willingly?

Frank: Yeah.

[Flashback to what happened.]

Lily: Come on. Come on. I wanna go. Let's go see the sights.

Murray: We're with you, babe. We're with you. Hey, how many bars are

in this town, anyways?

Lily: I got a better idea. How about we go someplace quiet where they don't have a last call. How about that?

[Shouting over each other] Come on, guys, let's go. Let me get a head count.

[Flashback ends.]

Jack: And that's when you went to the river?

[Goldie sneezes]

Murray: Bless you.

Goldie: Yeah, yeah, the river. Whose dumb idea was that? You. You just had to see the stars.

Murray: Oh, it was a beautiful night.


Lily: To Frankie, Goldie and Murray. The oldest friends are the best friends.

Goldie: I'll drink to that!

[Water splashes] Hey, are you gonna get me outta here, or what?


Murray: I haven't had this much fun since the night you left Atlantic City.

Frank: Goldie's packed on a few pounds since then, though. We almost all went under trying to pull her out of the river.

Lily: Come on, come on, come on. Change your clothes, we're gonna go out. Got a lot more partyin' to do.

Murray: All right.

Goldie: Okay.

[Goldie sneezes]

All: Room service.

Lily: You know, I love you guys. This has been, like, the best night ever.

Murray: Hey, it really has.

[Flashback ends.]

Holden: You still haven't told me where my wife is.

Goldie: She was here when we went to sleep. She must be in the bathroom.

Alison: Aaron, you cannot sell me out to Chris.

Aaron: I am so sick of being played by you, Ali. And that poor kid you're carrying around --

Alison: You would let Chris take away my baby?

Aaron: Hey, somebody's got to look over the kid, you know? 'Cause you sure as hell wonít.

Alison: No, Aaron -- donít. Donít. You know, I will tell Chris the truth. I will tell everyone. And I'll make things right with you and with Lucy and your family. Just, please, just give me a chance to do this on my own.

Aaron: You had your chance, okay?

Alison: No, Aaron.

Chris: Hey, what's going on?

Aaron: There's somethin' I gotta tell you.

Hal: So, you ready to make a statement, Molly?

Molly: You can't possibly think I'm guilty.

Hal: Well, you loved Dusty, but he wanted Rose so you killed Rose and tried to pin it on Dusty.

Molly: No. No.

Hal: Paul saw you in the anteroom of the church the day of the wedding.

Hal: And that's when you must have slipped the poison into Rose's glass. You had the time and the motive to slip that poison into Rose's drink. You said you didn't know Crater, I proved that you did. I proved that you vandalized Rose's car, I proved that you planted the poison in Dustyís hotel room. Now, don't make me prove this, Molly. Just admit it. Admit that you killed Rose!

Molly: I didnít. I didn't, okay? So knock yourself out with your theories and scenarios and whatever, but you're not gonna find any real evidence that links me to poisoning Rose, because I didn't do it.

[Barbara leaves Mollyís room. Craig watching her in the hallway.]

Barbara: It's all over, Molly.

Holden: Damn it, she's not in there. Where is she? Where is Lily?

Frank: Who's Lily?

Murray: You mean, you just put us through all this just now; we're talking about two different broads?

Goldie: Yeah, who's Lily? Our friend's name is Rose. We were with Rose last night, all night.

Holden: Oh, no. Oh, good God, no.

[Lily screaming]

At the Copa Copa Cabana the hottest spot north of Havana

Lily: Drinks, drinks. Drinks. Hey, everybody. Come on.

Music and passion are always the fashion at the Copa they fell in love

Next week on "As The World Turns" --

Paul: Who's this?

[Craig in Electronic voice: Who murdered rose? The answer's at your family burial ground.

Paul: Who is this?

Lily: Mitzi!

[Mitzi screams] Aren't you gonna say hello?

Aaron: Hey, man --

Chris: What are you talking --

[Alison screams]

Alison: Ow!

Aaron: Are you okay?

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