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Barbara: He most certainly does not.

Holden: Lily, we need to get going! Your mother's car is gonna be here any minute! Hey. How're you doing?

Aaron: Good.

Holden: Honey -- the funeral starts soon.

Lily: I'm not going

[Doorbell rings]

Holden: Could you boys see who's at the door? Lily -- I know how hard this is for you.

Lily: No you don't. You don't know.

Holden: Okay, fine, I don't. But you have to go. This is your sister's funeral. Lily --

Lucinda: Let her go.

Holden: She's not even dressed.

Lucinda: Let her go. If she can't face the fact that Rose is gone, then let her work it out in her own way, in her own time.

Jessica: I assume you had a search warrant.

Hal: Signed by judge Clark. We found a vial of the poison that killed Rose. Tocina.

Jessica: Let me handle this, Dusty.

Dusty: You already threatened to search my place once, huh? If I killed her, why would I leave evidence just lying around? It doesn't make sense, does it?

Jessica: Is the D.A. pressing charges?

Hal: Tom's out of town.

Jessica: Well, then, call the new ADA. Come on, Hal, you know the law. Either charge him or release him.

Hal: All right, let's find an empty office.

Prison guard: We're looking for Detective Snyder.

Jack: You're late.

James: Jack. Nice to see you again.

Jack: Sit him down over here.

James: To what do I owe this honor? It's not every day that the good state of Illinois finances a field trip for, you know, an ordinary prisoner.

Jack: You know, gentlemen, there's a diner across the street. You can wait for him there.

James: You mean, all this and privacy, too?

Jack: You had a conversation with Craig Montgomery.

James: Did I? Craig? Craig Montgomery.

Jack: Yes, let me refresh your memory. You talked to him about Paul and his connection to Rose D'Angelo's death.

James: Oh. Jack, you're not asking me to inform on my own son, now, are you?

Emma: He wanted to be here when the casket arrived.

Iva: Honey. I still can't -- I just can't believe it.

Joe: Ain't the flowers nice? Former customers.

Bob: Joe. Iva. We're really sorry. She was a wonderful young woman, and she brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people in this town.

Kim: If there's anything that we can do --

Nancy: Rose deserved better,

Joe: Don't get me started.

Walker: Mr. D'Angelo, I wish there was something I could have done. Rose was a really terrific person.

Joe: Hey, hey, hey, you've done your best, doc. You get out. You get out! How do you dare show your face in this church after what you've done?

Paul: Joe, I am so sorry.

Joe: Get out of here!

Paul: I never meant to hurt her.

Joe: You're a lying piece of --

Chris: Paul -- Paul, why don't you just get out of here? You're just making things worse.

Rosanna: Excuse me. Paul has every right to be here. Whatever the misunderstandings between him and Rose, he loved her. He was not responsible for her death. Please, we're all grieving. Let's be kind to one another.

Craig: What are you doing? This is a family affair.

Joe: After what you've done to my Rose in front of that altar? You made her stand there so that everybody could watch her while you broke her heart.

Paul: It was a mistake.

Joe: I don't wanna hear what you gotta say. You show up here looking for sympathy when you know that the cops think that you put her in that casket. Oh, you -- you make me sick!

Walker: Mr. D'Angelo --

Joe: No! No. I couldn't protect my Rose when she was alive. But I sure as hell ain't gonna let him near my little girl.

Bob: Paul? I'm asking you to leave. You caused this family enough pain. Please allow them to grieve in peace.

Joe: I told her that any son of James Steinbeck -- I warned her that she wasn't safe.

Paul: I didn't kill Rose.

Joe: And you're a lying murderer just like your old man!

Paul: I loved her.

Curtis: Hey, dad. What?

Ben: You're late, you didn't think to call, I told you to wear a coat and tie. We have a meeting with the headmaster of Oakdale Latin in 15 minutes.

Curtis: I don't want to go to Oakdale Latin.

Ben: I'll call him, tell him I got hung up at -- what's the matter? Have you lost your mind?

Curtis: Dad, read my lips. I don't want to go to Oakdale Latin.

Ben: No, you read my lips. Oakdale Latin is a fine school.

Curtis: Full of stuck up trust fund babies who don't give a damn about anybody except their own little circles.

Ben: Oh, fine. So what, if you're worried about whether or not you're gonna fit in -- is that the problem?

Curtis: I don't want to fit in.

Ben: No, you don't. See, that's the dope talking.

Curtis: I don't smoke dope or anything else. I told you that that was a one-time thing.

Ben: Oh, yeah, right, right. And that one time, the dean just happened to walk by and see you getting high, huh? Come on, how could you do something so stupid? What were you thinking, Curtis? Oh. Whew! You wanted to get caught, didn't you? You were smoking dope in the quad 'cause you wanted to get caught on purpose. You wanted to get expelled.

Barbara: Okay, scoot over. Chocolate chip pancakes -- yum.

Jennifer: Mom --

Barbara: Will is not going to that funeral, and that is final. That you could even suggest such a thing after what that woman has done to this family. Jennifer can go. We'll stay right here.

Jennifer: No, you can't.

Barbara: Then we'll go to my suite.

Jen: Hello? Mom, restraining order? You should not even be here.

Barbara: Jen, there is nothing that says that I can't just pop into Al's. It's a public place. And if my children happen to be here, I can't be expected to just ignore them. Besides, Hal and his watch dogs are all at the funeral.

Emily: Oh, there you are.

Hal: Hi.

Carly: Where's Jack?

Hal: Oh, he may not be able to make it.

Emily: Why? Oh, no, no, no. Don't stonewall me. Are you close to making a break in the case?

Carly: Just tell us. Is it a man or a woman?

Hal: What I can tell you is that we're pursuing every lead that we've got and no arrests have been made. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to find a seat.

Emily: I hate when he does that. But you know what? If he was close to making an arrest, he wouldn't be here.

Carly: And I bet you that lead has nothing to do with Mitzi. Thanks to Jack, she's not even on their radar.

Emily: Hey. Holden, where's Lily?

Holden: Lily's not coming. She's just not ready to face all this yet.

Emily: Well, I don't blame her. I don't blame her, so close to her -- it's like losing part of yourself.

Alison: Hey, Aaron.

Aaron: Hey, Ali. Dr. Stiller, how are you?

Susan: Good, hi. I'm gonna pay my respects to Iva and Joe. Okay?

Alison: So how is it? Does everyone still hate us?

Aaron: Oh, yeah. But I have a lead on an apartment.

Alison: The one that you found in the paper?

Aaron: No, no, it's a different one. It's good. It'll work.

Alison: You sure about this?

Aaron: Look, we got married to take charge, right? I'm not gonna keep ducking your mom every time I want to see my kid. This way, we'll have a place of our own.

Alison: Have you told Lily and Holden yet?

Aaron: No, no, not yet. After the service. So what do you think? Are you ready to move in with me?

Alison: Yeah, sure.

Carly: Not her personal papers -- the books from the Roller Palace. Do you have them?

Lucinda: Well, they were in Cal's, at her place.

Emily: What? Her place? Are you sure?

Carly: That's why she was there. Mitzi knew that Rose was gonna press charges.

Lucinda: What? You think that -- you think Mitzi poisoned Rose because she was gonna press -- that's absolutely -- I mean, that's not bloody likely anyway. She doesn't have the gumption to do it.

Carly: She got money out of you, didn't she?

Lucinda: Ha-ha. Okay, I got 'em. I'll arrange for you to look at them. All right? After the funeral.

Mike: You okay?

Katie: Yeah. I just hate funerals. Ever since my dad died. It's my earliest memory. Everybody getting all dressed up and crying and then it was supposed to be over, only it wasn't. He still wasn't coming home. That's why I didn't want to have a funeral for Simon. People just don't know what to say and they end up sounding fake and weird, you know? I'm just glad Lily's not here.

Mike: Let's hope she makes her peace her own way.

James: I had a private conversation with a private citizen --

Jack: You knew Craig would come to me. That's why you talked to him. You set the whole thing up, James. So stop pretending you didn't. Now, tell me, what did Paul tell you the morning of the wedding?

James: The morning of the wedding. Yeah, right -- you know, Paul is very, very angry with his bride-to-be because it seemed, well, that she had betrayed him yet again. And, if my memory serves me correct, yes, I suggested that he needed to do what a man needs to do.

Jack: Meaning?

James: That he should kill the bitch. And Paul agreed. That's my little brother Patrick.

Jack: So you knew Paul was gonna kill Rose, and you did nothing.

James: Jack, I'm in a prison. What could I do?

Jack: Oh, you could reach out and kill Rose if you wanted to, James. Is that what you did? Did you snub Rose out?

James: Poison's not my style, Jack. It's too unpredictable. Besides, you know me. If I want someone gone, they simply disappear.

Jack: So you just sat back and waited?

James: And you know what? My son finally came through.

Paul: It's just you and me now, Rose. If the sky should fall into the sea and the stars fade all around me for the times that we have known, I will sing a hymn to love. We have lived and dreamed we two alone in a world that seemed our very own with it's memory ever grateful just for you. I'll sing a hymn to love. I remember each embrace, the smile that lights your face and my heart begins to sing your arms and hands secure, your eyes that said be sure and my heart begins to sing. If one day we have to say good-bye and our love would fade away and die, in my heart, you will remain. I will sing a hymn to love. Those who love will live eternally in the blue where all is harmony

with my voice raised high to heaven just for you, I'll sing a hymn to love. If one day we have to say goodbye and our love would fade away and die, in my heart, you will remain. I will sing a hymn to love.

Those who love will live eternally in the blue, we'll roll this harmony with my voice raised high to heaven just for you. I'll sing a hymn to love. Just for you I sing a hymn.

Minister: Good morning. And though we are here with troubled hearts, it is a very good morning because so many of you have come to pay your respects to the dearly departed. I didn't know Rose D'Angelo well, but --

Lily: None of you knew my sister at all if you think this is what she wants.

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Paul: I know you'll never forgive me. And I know that I'll never hurt you myself.

Lily: You did this. You did this. You put her in that box! You did it! - I hate colds. - Colds are nasty.

Barbara: Honey, would you please be a dear and go ask the waitress to go bring me a cup of coffee? Oh, and a glass of milk, too, while you're at it. He's not eating.

Jennifer: He never eats when he's stressed.

Barbara: Does he know that his father searched my suite?

Jennifer: No, of course not.

Barbara: Because it wouldn't be very good for him to know that his father was suspecting his mother.

Jennifer: Well, I don't think you're gonna have to worry about that.

Barbara: You know something.

Jennifer: Okay. Uh, they searched Dusty's room and they found a vial of something that they're now testing.

Barbara: Do they think that's what killed Rose?

Jennifer: They must. They hauled him down to the police station and threw him in a cell.

Barbara: Well, that's a relief.

Jennifer: Is it?

Barbara: Yes, it is. Because maybe Hal will stop trying to pin Rose's murder on Paul.

Will: Is Paul in trouble?

Barbara: No! No, honey. Your brother is finally in the clear.

Jack: What exactly did Paul tell you he was gonna do to Rose?

James: Well, Paul had seen Dusty and Rose together the night before, but they hadn't seen him. So he was gonna confront her and see if she'd tell him the truth.

Jack: And she failed that test.

James: Well, since the bride wore black, as they say, I guess she lied.

Jack: And you'd testify to that?

James: The whole truth and nothing but --

Jack: Oh, come on, James. You never told the truth in your entire life. Why start now?

James: I've changed, Jack. Listen -- no, I meditate. [Jack scoffs] I meditate.

Jack: A polygraph?

James: Absolutely.

Paul: Just you and me. Maybe we're better off this way, huh? It's always pretty much just being you and me. Right? No one approved. Not your family -- not really. Certainly not mine. Hey -- I know that you always liked white roses, it just didn't, you know -- didn't seem enough somehow. You were out loud. And I loved that about you. How brave you were. Unafraid. I am sorry that I lost faith in you. And I threw away our wedding along with my sanity. I know you'll never forgive me. And I know that I'll never forgive myself.

[Lily laughs]

Lily: You should see your faces. Rose, you should see their faces. They're shocked. Shocked! Shocked that Lily Snyder would stop a funeral.

Holden: Lily --

Lily: That's okay. No, no, no. This half-baked eulogy is over. Excuse me. This is my eulogy to my dead sister, Rose, and she would hate this. Look at you. Mrs. Hughes, black? If it's gonna be black, it should have sequins. And you better have something red underneath that.

Lucinda: Red, darling? That's enough. Come on, let's go outside. We'll get some fresh air.

Lily: No, no, no! My sister loved life. She loved life. And we have to remember that. [Lily sighs] She did. She just -- she's not a stiff in a box.

Lucinda: I know that. And we all love life, but this isn't the time to celebrate it.

Lily: No, no, no! It's the perfect way to do it. The perfect way. This is the perfect place, the perfect time. Perfect everything. Trust me on this one.

Holden: Lily -- you do not want Luke to see you like this.

Lily: What are you talking about? Luke loved his aunt Rose. He loved dancing with his aunt Rose. Why don't you come dance with me, Luciano? Come on! Just a little dancing! Oh, come on. See, he's already starting to laugh. Come on, everybody! Get up and dance with me. Somebody, please, just a little dancing, something, anything.

Lucinda: Oh, Lily. Lily!

Lily: Please --

Dusty: I'll dance with you, Lil.

Ben: I'm glad you're not a pothead. Come on, Curtis, you realize that you risked a criminal record? You risked your future. Why couldn't you just talk to me?

Curtis: Like you would've let me quit.

Ben: Never know.

Curtis: C'mon, dad. You should've seen yourself when you got me in there.

Ben: No, you got you into there. It was your academic excellence. It was your athletic record.

Curtis: And the phone call from the famous patient to the dean.

Ben: He offered to help out.

[Curtis scoffs]

Curtis: You would've sold your soul to get me in there.

Ben: No, Curtis, I want the best for my son. And you were doing excellent. Your grades were top of the class. Why does --

Curtis: I was miserable. The kids there, they hate their parents. I don't know, I just -- I just didn't fit in.

Ben: Sorry you were so miserable.

Curtis: It's okay. Just from now on, when it comes to my future, include me.

Will: But I thought you said that dad suspects Paul.

Barbara: Oh, your dad suspects everyone. That's why he joined the Police force.

Jennifer: Paul is fine, Will. He really is. They have a suspect in custody, so there is no need to worry.

Will: Who got arrested?

Barbara: Um, you know what, honey? That's none of your concern. Your concern is to finish those chocolate-chip pancakes and the milk when it comes because baseball season is right around the corner, and you need your calcium.

Will: I thought you said you were staying.

Barbara: Well -- I think maybe your sister is right. I think we should keep this short and sweet. And I'll talk to your dad, and who knows? Maybe he'll decide that pancakes for two at Al's is not such a bad thing. Finish your breakfast.

Jennifer: We'll be fine.

James: Um, how did I do?

Nelson: When he says Paul Ryan killed Rose D'Angelo, the machine says it's the truth.

Paul: I know you can't forgive me, Rose. But you gotta believe me. I hurt you. Yes. But I thought you slept with Dusty. Yes, I threw away our wedding and our lives, but no -- I didn't poison you. It wasn't me, Rose. It could never be me. If I had an hour, a few minutes, I could have come to you. And I could have begged for you to forgive me. Then maybe -- I didn't get that chance. Somebody took that chance from me. Somebody took you from me.

Dusty: Hey, Lil, you're right. Rose would have hated this. Everyone dressed in black, all the long faces -- it's way too depressing and morbid for the occasion that it's supposed to be -- celebrating your sister's spirit. So I'm standing here with you. If you want to dance, I'll dance with you. I'd be proud to.

Lily: You did this. You did this to her! You put her in that box! You did it!

Holden: Stop. Stop.

Ben: My son would rather risk being arrested for possession of a controlled substance than to talk to his father.

Jessica: Well, it's not all bad. No, I mean it. Look, Curtis loves you. He respects you. He doesn't want to disappoint you. So, okay, maybe he's going about it all wrong. But he just wants you not to ignore what he's saying. He still wants you to listen to him, and that's a good thing, right?

Ben: Right, right. I hear what he's saying. He's saying he hates private school.

Jessica: No, I think he's saying that he would rather be home. And he would like to be included in the decision-making process.

Ben: You want to know the best decision that I ever made?

Jessica: What was that?

Ben: Marrying you.

Jessica: Oh.

Ben: Oh. Come here. Come on, let's go home.

Jessica: Yeah, let's go home.

Jessica: Troy?

Troy: Have you seen Sarah?

Jessica: No, not since I talked to her at the shelter or tried to talk to her at the shelter.

Troy: I think she ran away.

Jessica: Oh, no! Because of me?

Troy: Well, who knows? She took all her stuff, didn't leave a note --

Ben: Is there anything that we can do?

Troy: Let me know if she contacts you.

Jessica: Of course, absolutely. And please, keep us posted, okay? We're headed home.

Troy: I will. Thank you.

[Lily crying]

Lily: Just make him go. Make him get out of here. Please -- make him leave -- make him go away.

Holden: It's okay, Lily. Everything's gonna be okay -- you have no right being here. Get out. And stay away from my wife.

Dusty: Listen, if your wife hadn't pushed Rose into marrying Paul Ryan, then she'd still be here. Rose would --

Hal: All right, that's enough. That's enough. Holden, you go take care of your wife. Donovan --

Dusty: Yes, lieutenant?

Hal: I could have you arrested for disturbing the peace right now. Disturbed the peace! He poisoned the woman. In front of everyone here. The body's right over there.

Dusty: You in the mood to arrest somebody? Arrest Paul Ryan.

Hal: You're not gonna do her any good in jail.

Lucinda: Aaron, would you take Luke out to the car, please?

Holden: Thank you.

Lucinda: Why don't you try to get Lily to go home. I'll handle everything here.

Holden: Okay. All right, I'll do it.

Emma: Shh, sweetheart. Listen, why don't you let me take this hat off for you?

Lily: Oh, no, no. I can't. It's Rose's. I just want to keep it on.

Emma: I know it's Rose's. Why don't you let me take it off so we don't damage it for Rose.

Lily: No. No, no, no.

John: Holden, I've got my bag out in the car. Want me to see if I can find something to settle her?

Holden: Thanks, John. I'll meet you there. We should go.

Lily: I can't do it. Rose is here. I can't leave her.

Emma: No, no, my precious one. Rose isn't here. Rose is in your heart. She's in your heart.

[Lily sobbing]

Barbara: Excuse me, officer. Do you happen to know if Dusty Donovan might --

James: That's all right, officer. I tend to have this effect on my favorite wife.

Barbara: What the hell are you doing here?

James: Oh, Barbara, come on. Please, now, please. Think, why would Oakdale Police be compelled to send for me?

Barbara: Paul. James -- no, don't do this. Please don't do this.

James: Darling, I'm afraid it's a little late. I told the truth. And I think Paul will be gone for a long, long time.

Cop: What is this? Some kinda shrine?

Jack: Yeah. Hey, Paul? I need to ask you to come down to the station to answer a few questions. No, it's okay -- it's okay. Is this your coat? C'mon. Take care of that, would you?

On the next "As The World Turns" --

Barbara: Paul doesn't deserve this.

James: Why not?

Barbara: Because he didn't kill Rose.

James: Are you sure of that? Montgomery, I told you it wouldn't be long before everyone discovered that you're the one who told the police that I knew about Paul's intentions. Someone told the police about our conversation regarding the murder. Just be careful, Paul. You have enemies.

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