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Justice: So you're from Washington State and your fiancée is from Illinois?

Alison: Yeah, and we're in Indiana, right? And so -- I mean -- what I mean is we crossed the border, so we can get married right away. Unless there's some sort of problem?

Justice: This is Indiana. And, yes, young lady, you may get married, as soon as I can find my glasses and my wife. Ruby! Get dressed! Love is in the air.

Alison: "Love"? Not exactly. Just one more time, okay? We're doing the right thing, getting married?

Aaron: We're having a baby, Ali.

Alison: Right. And we're sick and tired of people always telling us what to do. So this is how we're gonna make them stop. Aaron, say something. If you don't wanna do this, you have to tell me right now.

[Lucy thinking]

Lucy: They headed out of state. To Indiana. Late at night. And you know why. And so they married and were happy they were happy for --

Lucy: They're getting married. It can't be anything else. Thought about each other all the time well, I told you he's your father

Lucy: So why am I going after him?

Katie: To get all the way to the altar and have it end like that? Could it get any worse? What was that?

Mike: It's a tree. It's just a tree. The wind probably brought it down. You okay?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah. My neighbor warned me about that. I think the trunk split in the last storm.

Mike: You should've told me about it. I would've taken care of it. Yeah, it sheared off right here.

Katie: Great. Just what I need.

Mike: Well, you never know. What do you think?

Katie: Well, it's not gonna fit in the trash can.

Mike: I was thinking about the living room. You know, next to the window, string of lights, couple ornaments.

Katie: You mean a Christmas tree?

Mike: Merry Christmas, angel.

Craig: All dressed up and nowhere to go?

Molly: It's nice to see you, too. When'd you get back from vacation?

Craig: Just now. You alone?

Molly: Well, I was.

Craig: How's the club?

Molly: Its fine, Craig. Thanks.

Craig: You sure?

Molly: Yes, I'm sure. Why?

Craig: Because you're all dressed up for the ball, and you're sitting in a diner alone, eating a bowl of high dairy comfort food.

Molly: Craig, if you are so worried about the club, maybe you should stop --

Craig: I'm worried about you.

Molly: Since when?

Craig: Since you're so afraid Dusty’s going to run off with Rose.

Dusty: Paul Ryan’s a terrorist.

Rosanna: That's not true.

Dusty: He admitted it. Ask Rose. Well -- he trashed her car. He threatened her life.

Rosanna: He admitted to trashing her car?

Dusty: He poisoned her. And when she didn't collapse on schedule, he humiliated her in church in front of her family and friends.

Rosanna: You have no proof of that.

Dusty: Ask Rose.

[Monitor beeping]

[Rose dreaming]

Rose: I am sorry.

I love you so much. Don't do this to me. Please, I love you so much.

Paul: I loved you. With this ring -- I do not thee wed.

Rose: Paul!

[Monitor beeping]

Paul: I need to see her.

Lily: Why? Why? So you can finish the job?

Paul: Lily, I would never do anything to hurt Rose.

Lily: I was there. I was there. I saw it. I saw that special goblet that you gave her. You poisoned her.

Barbara: It's all over now. No one will ever know. It's okay. It's okay. I took care of everything. No fingerprints, no finger -- was there poison in that glass? Did it get on the gloves? I've got to get rid of them. I've got to get rid of -- I've got to get rid of them. I've got to go. Oh!

Hal: Game's up, Barbara. I know what you did.

Lucy: Why should I follow him? If he wants to marry Alison, fine. He can find out about Rose later. After his honeymoon.

[Lucy thinking] But maybe if he sees you first, there won't be a honeymoon. I mean, this was obviously a spur-of-the-moment thing. If you get there in time, maybe he won't go through with it.

Alison: I know that you're thinking about Lucy, and that's okay. You still love her. And I know that you keep saying that there's no hope, but just because she showed up at the wedding with some other guy doesn't mean that she's forgotten about you. I mean, what I'm trying to say is -- you guys have gotten past so many things. Her father, that girl from Seattle, the fire.

Aaron: We're pregnant, Ali.

Alison: But pregnant and married are two different things. I know this was my idea, but if you change your mind, if -- if you think that you and Lucy can still have a chance, then -- then we shouldn't get married.

Aaron: Is this about Chris?

Alison: Chris? No.

Aaron: Because if you think you and Chris --

Alison: No, I'm not gonna trap Chris.

Aaron: Why would you be trapping Chris?

Alison: Well, all that I mean is just -- just the situation. Because -- you know, that I'm pregnant, and why should he have to take that on?

Aaron: But if you two love each other, what difference does it make whose kid it is?

Alison: No, trust me; love is the last thing that Chris is worried about.

Aaron: That could change.

Alison: No, it couldn’t.

Aaron: So, look, we start over, okay? It's like my dad always says -- you put the kid first. And since that's my kid, we get married. All right, we'll get a place. We'll fix it up. It'll work out.

Alison: Aaron, I'm so sorry.

Aaron: Ali, you've -- you've got to stop saying that.

Alison: No, I just can't help it! I just feel like I'm ruining your life!

Aaron: What, that time we made love? I knew better. I should have stopped, got protection, even backed out, but I didn't, okay? I went with it, so now we've got to deal with it.

Alison: But this is your life, Aaron.

Aaron: And I'm having a baby.

Justice: Are you two ready?

Ruby: They'd better be ready. You woke me up.

Aaron: We're ready.

Justice: So if you will step over here and face me. Ruby?

["Here Comes the Bride" plays]

Craig: Look, I know you and Dusty are more than just business partners.

Molly: So?

Craig: So now Rose is free --

Molly: What is your point, Craig?

Craig: Well, if Dusty decides he wants to -- to see Rose -- I'm trying to be sensitive.

Molly: No, you're not. No, you're not. I get this. You don't want me to take my marbles and go home, like your wife did.

Craig: Right.

Molly: Right.

Craig: I don't think that would be to your advantage now. No, I don’t.

Molly: Speaking of your wife?

Craig: Hmm?

Molly: Where is she?

Craig: Oh, we just got back.

Molly: Because you know what? It strikes me, Craig, that now that Paul is free, you might want to keep an eye on her.

Craig: Please. They're friends.

Molly: Yeah, yeah. Okay, and when somebody's heart is broken, where do they turn? To their friends. So I would guess she's going to be spending a lot of time with him now that he's not moving to Paris.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: You are so off. Okay.

Molly: I may be, but I'm concerned about you. As a partner. What's gonna happen to the bottom line if, say, Rosanna’s at the hospital right now comforting Paul.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Sure. I've got to go.

Molly: Uh-huh. That's what I love about you, Craig. You are so easy.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Not that easy. Why did Rose collapse?

Molly: Why ask me?

Craig: You were there. You hate her, and the police think she was the victim of foul play.

Molly: I went to that wedding for one reason and one reason alone -- to watch Rose marry Paul and get the hell out of town. Paul was the only one that had any idea that that wasn't gonna happen, okay? And that there'd have to be some other way to rid Oakdale of Rose D'Angelo. So if I were you, I'd talk to him, if you can get him away from your wife.

Barbara: Rose was poisoned?!

Hal: You know she was, Barbara. You were there. Rose had a glass of champagne before she walked down the aisle. She left it in a little room at the back of the church. It's missing.

Barbara: You know, it's far too late for me to pretend that I really care what happens to Rose D'Angelo, but I do care what you think, Hal. Do you think I've turned into some kind of modern-day Lucretia Borgia?

Hal: Where's the glass?

Barbara: I didn't poison Rose!

Hal: I'm gonna post a guard. I'm gonna go get a search warrant. And if I find that glass when I come back here --

Barbara: You want to search my place?! You want to do that?! Be my guest.

Hal: You're giving me permission to search this place?

Barbara: Oh, come on, Hal. What's a little search warrant between old friends? Search away. I have nothing to hide.

Paul: I sent her the goblet because it was my way of letting her know how much I cared about her.

Lily: Before you killed her? No, you can't go near -- you can't go near my sister.

Paul: Well, you're not gonna stop me from seeing her, Lily!

Jack: Okay, let's -- let's everybody calm down.

Paul: You want me to calm down?! Get her the hell out of my way!

Rose: Keep him away from me, Lily! I don't want to see him!

Dusty: So Rose is awake now?

Lily: That doesn't mean that she's ready to see anybody, Dusty.

Dusty: I need to see her.

Jack: Dusty, take a number, okay?

Dusty: You know, you can take your badge and your attitude --

Jack: Okay, you know what? You want me to -- ?

Dusty: And kiss --

Jack: I'll take you downtown. How about that?!

Walker: Hey, hey, hey, hey! That is enough! I will not tolerate this in my hospital! Now if I can say something here --

Lily: How is she? What's going on?

Walker: The good news is that Rose has seemed to stabilize.

Lily: Okay.

Walker: But -- but she's not out of the woods yet. Now, we are doing tests to find out why she collapsed. But in the meantime, what she needs most importantly is to remain calm. She needs your support.

Dusty: I'll talk to her, if that's okay.

Walker: She wants to see her sister.

Lily: You gave us quite a scare. How are you feeling?

Rose: Rotten. What's going on out there?

Lily: Nothing. Everybody's just so happy that you're awake, and they all want to see you.

Rose: 'Cause it sounded like you and Paul were really going at it.

Lily: Don't waste your time thinking about him. Just rest.

Rose: Based on the way that I'm -- I'm feeling, and what I heard, was I poisoned?

Lily: We don't know. The tests haven't come back yet.

Rose: Because I know how it happened.

Mike: What's all that?

Katie: Ornaments. I've been collecting them since I was a little girl.

Mike: Good, 'cause this tree can use all the help it can get.

Katie: Oh, sorry. What are you talking about? That's beautiful.

Mike: That's because I put the bald spot next to the wall. A couple branches broke when it fell.

Santa's on his way

Katie: And you started a fire, put on music.

Mike: What?

Katie: You're a home bunny, just like me and Snickers.

Mike: I work hard. I like to be comfortable when I come home. What cheered you up?

Katie: Oh, I called someone at the hospital. They said that Rose is doing better.

Mike: Good.

Katie: And I don't know. Having the tree and the music, the fire, knowing that Christmas is coming, I just feel like maybe something good could finally happen, you know? After all the bad news, I think I forgot how to be happy, and now, I'm remembering.

Mike: I have something to ask you. It's important.

Katie: Okay.

Mike: Will you go out with me?

[Katie laughs]

Rose: It was Paul. He did this to me.

Lily: I don't think we should jump to conclusions.

Rose: Did you see the way he looked at me? He hated me. He hates me. And he wanted me to pay.

Lily: He was angry.

Rose: It's more than that. He was cold, straight through, like that father, that mother of his. I know that he did this to me.

Lily: Just -- let's start from the beginning, all right? What else did you have to eat today?

Rose: Nothing. I was too worked up to -- to eat anything. I was going to eat at the reception. So there was nothing but the champagne that he sent over to me. He put something in the champagne, in that special glass that he sent over.

Lily: Come on. Don't you waste your tears on him.

Rose: I loved him. I loved him, and he loved me -- I thought he did. Not just to humiliate me in front of all those people. And, oh, my God. I was gonna marry him. I was gonna marry a man who would put poison -- poison me. Poison me and want me to die from it.

Lily: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that I pushed you toward him. I'm so sorry.

Rose: No, no, it was me. You've got nothing to feel sorry for. I couldn't see past my own nose.

Lily: Thank God -- thank God we got you to the hospital in time. And everything's going to be okay. You just have to rest.

Rose: I need you to do something for me.

Lily: Anything.

Rose: I want you to bring Dusty to me.

Dusty: I warned you that Paul was after her, and now he might have killed her. You call yourself a detective?

Carly: This is in no way your fault, Jack.

Jack: When things go wrong, it's always the cop's fault. You know that.

Carly: I'm gonna get you some coffee.

Jack: Thank you.

Craig: Carly, how's Rose?

Carly: She's awake.

Craig: Rosanna with her?

Carly: No, the last I saw, Rosanna was headed after Paul.

Paul: She thinks I did this.

Rosanna: She's ill. She doesn't know what she's saying.

Paul: She's not ill, Rosanna. She's been poisoned, and she thinks that I did it! I -- I don't even know how she could think something like that!

Rosanna: Did you tell her about the phone call?

Paul: Well, that's how this whole thing got started, right?! Molly found the voice changer and brought it to Dusty, who told Rose.

Rosanna: You didn't tell her about the phone call. You said that you were going to.

Paul: Well, I tried. I tried, and I -- I didn't think she needed to! I thought she understood! I thought that she knew! I thought she knew that I would never hurt her.

Rosanna: Paul, you have to calm down. You have to calm down.

Paul: Calm?! This is all my fault, all of it! I thought that she and Dusty had -- had -- I was angry, Rosanna. I hated her.

Lily: Are you sure that you're up for this? You know Dusty. He's not going anywhere. Why don't you just wait until you feel better?

Rose: I -- I need to see him. Please, just bring him to me.

Dusty: How is she?

Lily: She's -- why don't you ask her yourself? She wants to see you.

Dusty: Rose? Hey. I was afraid.

Rose: It's my fault. It's all my fault.

Dusty: No. It's over. You're alive. That's what counts.

Rose: You were right about everything.

Dusty: It doesn't matter. You hear me?

Rose: No? Don't you want to say, "I told you so"?

Dusty: Can you remember anything that might help the cops figure this thing out?

Rose: Just that Paul –

Lucy: Aaron?

Aaron: Lucy?! Luce, what are you doing here?!

Alison: How did you find us?

Lucy: You left the address at the church.

Alison: And you followed us? What?

Aaron: Are you okay?

Lucy: Yeah. I was -- I was just thinking some things over, and --

Aaron: What, what, what? Come here. What?

Lucy: Aaron, you don't have to do this.

Aaron: What are you saying?

Lucy: I don't want you to make a mistake.

Justice: I'll have your certificate signed and notarized in a few minutes. Who's this?

Alison: Uh, a friend.

Justice: I'm sorry, young lady. We had to get started. You just missed the ceremony. But say hello to Mr. And Mrs. Aaron Snyder.

Rose: You tried to warn me. I wouldn't believe you. You kept saying that Paul was using me. And look at this. Look what this I did -- look what I did to us.

Dusty: You and me, we're fine. You're gonna get through this. And when you do, we have all the time in the world. God knows that I love you. I couldn't stand watching you walk down the aisle. I knew it was wrong. I knew it wasn't safe. And then watching him hurting you like that --

Rose: It's over.

Dusty: I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to go through it.

Rose: No. It's my fault. It's all my fault.

Dusty: Rose, I'm here now. When you get out of here, you'll have me. I'm gonna love you. I'm gonna take care of you. I'm gonna keep you safe forever.

Paul: I tore her to shreds because I thought that she lied to me. I thought that she'd been with Dusty. Only it turns out that I was wrong. She hadn’t. I was completely wrong.

Rosanna: No, she did lie to you. She was with Dusty.

Paul: Yeah, but to hurt her like that in front of her friends and her family? That's something my father would do.

Rosanna: Yes, but you are not your father. Your father would be gloating right now. You are in agony.

Paul: She's in agony.

Rosanna: Do you have any idea how all of this happened?

Paul: I don't know. I know she collapsed, but I'd already left the church at that point. And now that they're running tests, and I know what they're looking for is poison --

Rosanna: Do they have any idea how she was poisoned?

Paul: They think I did it. I sent champagne to Rose for her and her bridesmaids.

Rosanna: Her bridesmaids don't show any sign of being poisoned.

Paul: I sent a -- I sent a special goblet for Rose to use.

Rosanna: So the goblet -- ?

Paul: I don't know why, either, you know? It's like I wanted to make her feel guilty or something. I thought that -- if I did that, that would make her come clean, and she would tell me where she'd been! She'd tell me what she'd done, and then -- then we could at least move on and either send everybody home or maybe even go through with it.

Rosanna: Do you know what I think? I think it was far too soon for either one of you to be getting married.

Paul: Well, now it's too late.

Rosanna: No, it's not. You can't say that.

Paul: Yeah, I can. Rose is -- she's in there fighting for her life. I don't think we're getting married today.

Rosanna: But you didn't poison her.

Paul: No. No, not -- no.

Rosanna: So who did, then? Somebody must have put poison in the glass.

Paul: Yes, she did.


Cop #1: The place is clean, sir.

Cop #2: Nothing here, sir.

Barbara: Satisfied, Hal?

Hal: No.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: Well, what more do you want me to do? I let you destroy my home. Doesn't that prove to you I have nothing to hide?

Hal: You don't know how much I wish I could believe that, Barbara. Let's go.

Jennifer: Dad, Mom, what's going on?

Hal: I think I'll let your mother explain that. I'm going to the hospital to check on Rose. Don't think this is over.

Barbara: Where's your little brother?

Jennifer: Will?

Barbara: Yes.

Jennifer: Emily's with him.

Barbara: Come on.

[Jennifer gasps]

Jennifer: Oh, my! Mom, what happened?

Barbara: Well, your father got a little carried away. Whatever it was he was looking for, he didn't find it.

Jennifer: What does that mean?

Barbara: You know your father. You know that I'm his number one suspect.

Jennifer: Oh, Mom. You did something, didn't you? Something really, really bad.

Katie: I'm sorry I laughed before. You just sounded so serious.

Mike: It is serious.

Katie: Well, I know. I guess I just figured, after everything we've been through this year -- Sage's birth, Simon’s death, me being responsible for putting you in the hospital. We've been all over the globe -- Montana, Australia. I don't know. I guess I just thought maybe we were kinda past the first date.

Mike: Have we been on a date?

Katie: No, but --

Mike: No buts. I mean, up until now, we've been just friends.

Katie: Best friends.

Mike: Yeah, and we're building on that. But -- but this is a whole new thing.

Katie: Yeah.

Mike: And I want to do it right. I've -- I've done it wrong so many times, and this town's full of my mistakes, and I don't want that for us. We have a chance, you and me. I think we could have the whole picture, if we take it one step at a time and build it from the ground up.

Katie: Okay. Deal.

Mike: Deal. You might want to check your book, see when you're free.

Katie: Oh, yeah. I'm a very busy woman. I should definitely check my book. You know, I don't know about next week. I should check. Oh, my God.

Mike: What, did you forget someone's birthday?

Katie: My anniversary. Two years ago tomorrow, Simon and I were married.

Carly: Molly, did you hear what happened?

Molly: No, I didn't hear anything. Unless it's really good news, I don't want to.

Carly: Rose was poisoned. That's why she collapsed at the wedding.

Molly: Really? That's interesting.

Carly: It's -- it's interesting? Molly, somebody tried to kill her. And why don't you look surprised?!

Molly: I am surprised. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. She's made a lot of enemies in this town.

Carly: What is wrong with you?!

Molly: Nothing. Not a thing. Okay, I've just finally decided to stop pretending that I feel something when I don’t. And guess what? I don't feel for Rose. I think she got exactly what she had coming. Now if you'll excuse me --

Carly: No, no! Not until you explain yourself, cuz.

Rosanna: So you know who poisoned Rose?

Paul: It's not important now. I need to -- I need to get to Rose. I need to get to her, and I need to tell her that I was wrong. I need to tell her that I'm -- that I'm sorry. But there's no way I can get near her.

Rosanna: What do you mean? Do you love her?

Paul: More than anything.

Rosanna: Well, then why are you standing here talking to me?

Paul: Thank you.

Craig: You all right?

Rosanna: Yeah. Did Lucy tell you where I was?

Craig: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Rose is conscious now?

Rosanna: Yeah. Fingers crossed she stays that way.

Craig: What about your friend, Paul?

Rosanna: Well, you saw him. He's -- he's devastated.

Craig: Yeah, well, apparently. So, you ready to go?

Rosanna: Uh -- uh, what? Where?

Craig: Come home.

Rosanna: Oh, no, no. I'm gonna stay here for a little while, I think. Yeah.

Craig: Why?

Rosanna: Well, don't be dense.

Craig: What do you mean, dense?

Rosanna: I'm here -- Rose has just been poisoned. They may not find an antidote. I mean, Paul is gonna need some support.

Craig: Is that what Paul’s had?

Rosanna: I'm not gonna argue with you. I'll see you later.

Craig: No, no, you're coming home with me, now.

Hal: Lily, how's Rose?

Lily: She's awake.

Walker: Hal --

Lily: What do you know?

Walker: Well, we've identified what Rose ingested -- methanol.

Hal: What's her prognosis?

Walker: Well, all cases of methanol poisoning aren't fatal. If caught in time, some patients make a full recovery.

Lily: Look at her. She's already doing great. She's up. She's talking.

Walker: It's still too early to make that kind of an assessment.

Lily: Why?

Walker: The poison is still active in her system. Now, we've treated her with fomepizole, but the methanol levels in her blood are still very high. Sorry.

Rose: Why would you want me back after the way I treated you?

Dusty: Shut up.

[Rose laughs]

Rose: You're so tough.

Dusty: Gotta be. I'm in love with a tough broad. Can you remember anything that might help the cops figure this thing out?

Rose: Just that Paul –

Mike: So if Simon were still alive, you'd be doing something special with him to celebrate your marriage, and that's when I decided to ask you out. Do I have the worst timing or what?

Katie: I'm always gonna have beautiful memories of Simon, and our wedding was one of them.

Mike: You don't have to explain.

Katie: Oh, yes, I do. My whole reasoning for going to that church and seeing the lamb and the snow was for a sign. I asked for a sign, and I got it. Mike, I am ready to move on, okay? So whenever you want to go out, you just let me know.

Mike: Good. All right, I'll set something up.

Katie: Great.

Mike: You know, for the first time in -- in years, I'm looking forward to Christmas.

Aaron: Lucy, are you okay?

Lucy: I'm fine. Why?

Aaron: I mean, you must've felt pretty weird walking in on all of this.

Lucy: You wanted to get married. Whatever.

Aaron: Yeah, but you came all this way.

Lucy: That had nothing to do with you and Alison.

Aaron: What -- what were you just telling me before about me making a mistake? I --

Alison: Excuse me?

Lucy: You left before you found out about Rose. She collapsed. They're saying she was poisoned.

Aaron: What?! Is she okay?!

Lucy: No! She's in the hospital. She might not make it, Aaron. Which is why I'm here!

Alison: Well, you could've called.

Lucy: I tried. Aaron's phone is off. Did you know?

Alison: Excuse me?!

Aaron: Okay, please, enough, you two! Is she okay? Do they know who did it?

Lucy: No, not yet. I have to go. Congratulations. You got what you always wanted.

Aaron: No, no, Lucy -- Lucy, wait! Luce –

Carly: Molly, I know you're mad at Rose because of Dusty. But if you have done something --

Molly: Look, I am not gonna apologize for how I feel. I can't stand that woman, okay? I think she's a manipulative --

Carly: Molly, shh!

Molly: What?

Carly: Don't be stupid. If somebody hears you talking like that, somebody might think that --

Molly: I don't care what they think. Rose D'Angelo has led the best man in this town around long enough --

Carly: The woman is lying in a hospital bed, Molly.

Molly: Yeah, and whoever put her there deserves a medal.

Barbara: You know what, honey? All I know is that I'm on your father's list. And you know what? You may be, too.

Jennifer: List? What list?

Barbara: The list of people who are smart enough to object to Rose D'Angelo. How is she, by the way? Have you heard?

Jennifer: The doctors are working on her. Half of Oakdale is waiting in the waiting room.

Barbara: I've never understand that woman's following. How's Paul?

Jennifer: He's awful. And everybody -- everybody thinks that he's the one that poisoned her.

Barbara: Really?

Jennifer: But he swears he didn't do it, Mom.

Barbara: I'm glad to hear that.

Jennifer: But what -- what if, with Dad running around searching for evidence, what if -- what if he charges Paul with something?

Barbara: Well, don't you worry. They can think that he poisoned her. They can think whatever they want. They won't be able to prove it.

Dusty: Paul, you've got to get out of here.

Paul: Rose, you've got to believe me. I didn't have anything to do with this.

Dusty: You understand, she doesn't need this right now.

[Rose gasps] Rose? Rose?

[Monitor beeping] Get a nurse!

[Monitor flat lines] Rose?

On the next "As The World Turns" --

Molly: Do they have proof that she was poisoned? What did they use?

Carly: I thought you didn't care.

Molly: I have to find out what they know.

Jennifer: What did you do?

Barbara: Nothing. Someday, they'll thank me for cleaning up their messes.

John: Internal organs are shutting down.

Lily: You've got to stop that!

Holden: How long?

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