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Emma: Mm! Isn't this the best and biggest butterball turkey you ever saw in your whole life? Here you go. Oh! Here we go. Let's put it in now. What day is it going to be -- want to close it? Ooh, careful, now. That's a girl.

Faith: Thanksgiving.

Emma: Yes, yes! It's going to be Thanksgiving!

Holden: Faith, hon, here! Catch! Ahh! Come on over here and check this out. I think this one's even bigger than last year's.

Emma: Well, you'd better cut it up if you want it to be ready to eat for dinner.

Holden: I can't, Mom. I've got to head over to the church for Rose and Paul’s wedding rehearsal.

Emma: Well, then, Aaron’s going to have to help me a bit here, because I've got this sweet little girl here to look after.

Holden: Okay, we'll see you in a bit.

Emma: Okay.

Aaron: How can one little baby need so much junk?

Holden: You're gonna find out soon enough. See you later.

Lucinda: Oh, honey! There you are. Darling, since your father's away with Rosanna and -- it's just the two of us, sweetheart, and I thought it might be nice if we went to the farm for a hearty Thanksgiving dinner.

Lucy: You can go if you want to, but I'm staying here.

Lucinda: Your mother and I had a conversation today, darling, it's Thanksgiving.

Lucy: Well, then, you know why I'm staying home. Aaron will be there, and Alison probably Will, too. I would just make it uncomfortable for everybody, including me.

Lucinda: Okay. I know what we'll do. We'll just stay here. We'll have dinner together, just the two of us here, all right?

Lucy: I'm not very hungry.

Lucinda: We'll eat pumpkin pie exclusively and look at old movies. I'm not gonna let you mope and burn pictures. It's Thanksgiving, darling. And although you may not feel it right now, there are many things in your life for you to be grateful for -- I mean, starting with the fact that you have a doting grandmother. Thank you. Your grandmother wishes that she could make everything better for you.

Lucy: I wish you could, too. But Aaron slept with Alison, and now she's pregnant. And no one can fix that.

Alison: Are you ready?

Susan: You sure you're up to this? We can stay home.

Alison: They're expecting us.

Susan: What is it, baby?

Alison: Lots of kids never really know their fathers, right? I mean, when was the last time I saw my father?

Susan: What are you trying to say?

Alison: That it's not the end of the world, is it -- if a father never knows his child?

Ben: He breaks through with the pitch.

Curtis: His old man goes out for the pass --

Ben: Old man?

Jessica: Interception -- old man.

Ben: He goes down at the 40. How you doin'?

Jessica: I'm okay. The turkey's in the oven, the table is set --

Curtis: If it weren't for me, you two would be in the islands on your honeymoon.

Jessica: Oh, well, you know, best of both worlds, Curtis. I spent time with you and your dad, and --

Ben: Got the Hughes clan coming over.

Jessica: And then off to the airport.

Ben: We can drop you off at your friend Zeke's on the way.

Jessica: Sounds good. Catch.

Ben: All right.

Jessica: Can you help me, Ben?

Ben: Yeah.

Carly: I appreciate the call. Yes, any unusual activity, and I would really like to know about it. Thank you.

Jack: What's going on? Wh -- what?

Carly: That was the credit card company, Jack. You charged a room at the Lakeview last night, and a one-way ticket to Atlantic City this morning?

Jack: I can explain --

Carly: I don't want an explanation. What I want is for whatever's going on between you and Mitzi to stop. Right now.

Will: Hey Dad.

Hal: Hey.

Will: I'm gonna go wait outside.

Hal: Oh. Okay.

[Birds chirping]

Barbara: Honey?

Will: Hey, I was hoping you'd come!

Barbara: Yeah. Everything's gonna be all right. I have a plan.

Rose: Have you seen my phone?

Paul: Charging.

Rose: Okay. Lipstick, compact, keys, vows -- okay, I think I've got everything.

Paul: Not quite.

Rose: Really? What? What'd I forget?

Paul: For my bride.

Rose: Yeah?

Paul: Yeah.

Rose: Okay.

[Rose gasps] perfect. They're absolutely the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. They're absolutely -- absolutely perfect. Thank you.

Paul: It's all perfect -- from now on.

Dusty: Crater, I need to see Rose alone. Yeah, tonight. What do you think -- after she's married? What, you can't say hello?

Molly: When I didn't see you last night, I just figured --

Dusty: Come on, it was your idea not to see me last night.

Molly: That's never stopped you before.

Dusty: Well, you know, Crater stopped by last night. And apparently, Hal Munson tracked him down and asked him whether he had ever seen a baseball bat or a pair of gloves in the trunk of Paul Ryan’s car --

Molly: You know what? We've had this conversation before, Dusty.

Dusty: And we are having this conversation again. You lied to me. I think you went to Hal.

Jessica: Would you put those over --

Ben: Yes.

Jessica: Thank you, sweetie.

Ben: Yes. All righty.

Curtis: You don't have to drive me to Zeke's place.

Ben: It's not a problem, Curtis.

Curtis: I can take the bus. It stops right in front of his house. And this way you can catch an earlier flight, and I can stop feeling guilty for messing up your plans.

Ben: You didn't mess anything up, okay, so -- oh, I know what it is. It's my car, huh? See, I should've got the jag.

Jessica: Yeah, you should've got the jag, babe, but I don't think it's the car that's the problem. I think it's your driving.

Ben: Ooh. Ooh -- you see this? Not even married yet, already she's crackin' on my driving.

Jessica: Slow and easy wins the race. And when I talked to Bonnie this morning, she said that I should marry you as soon as possible.

Curtis: So it's settled, then. I'll take the bus.

[Doorbell rings]

Jessica: Would you grab that, Curtis?

All: Surprise!

Kim: Hi! Happy Thanksgiving.

[All talking at once]

Curtis: You folks come prepared.

Tom: Well, we figured if you were gonna get married without us, we'd just, you know --

Walker: Least we could do is force you to celebrate.

Jessica: Thank you. Thank you. Oh, my goodness.

Daniel: See? See?

Margo: What?

Daniel: I told you he'd be here.

Margo: Oh, yeah. Well, I told him that you couldn't make it 'cause you were gonna be in school.

Curtis: And miss the chance to prove to this boy that I'm the greatest and he's never gonna catch up? Where's your Uncle Chris?

Kim: Oh, Chris is in Philadelphia.

Bob: Yeah, he took a job with the Philadelphia Children's Hospital, so he won't be joining us.

Chris: Says who?

[All talking]

Curtis: Good call, good call.

Kim: Oh, golly. What a nice surprise.

Jack: Look, Mitzi and Rose had a bad fight.

Carly: About what?

Jack: I -- I didn't ask.

Carly: Maybe you should've. Rose happens to be one of my best friends, Jack.

Jack: Oh, so this is about taking sides?

Carly: It's about trust. And I don't trust Mitzi. How could she walk out on Rose, after coming to you and asking all those questions about a friend of hers who was in trouble with the law --

Jack: Okay, you know, I wouldn't worry about it. Rose is leaving town, Mitzi already has.

Carly: Mitzi's in the wedding, Jack.

Jack: Not anymore. Her flight left about an hour ago. She's gone.

Minister: Excuse me, everyone. If I could speak to the groomsmen?

Carly: I wouldn't count on that, Jack. I canceled her ticket.

Will: Mom, you really shouldn't be here. If they catch you --

Barbara: They're not gonna catch me. Now, your father does have a policeman following me, but I gave him the slip, so we have all the time --

Bennett: Sorry, ma'am, but you didn't give me the slip. And you won’t. And any further attempts to avoid surveillance --

Barbara: I am not avoiding surveillance. You just said for yourself that you had me in your sight the entire time.

Bennett: Ma'am, just by being here, you're in violation of a court order. You're not allowed contact with your son.

Will: It's not her fault. I wanted to see her.

Bennett: I'm sorry, kid.

Barbara: Officer, its Thanksgiving. And all I wanted to do was see my son and give him a hug and a kiss. Now, do you really think it's necessary to upset everyone if I leave right away?

Bennett: If you leave right now, I'll wait till the end of the day to inform Lieutenant Munson.

Barbara: Thank you. I gotta go. Okay?

Will: I'm so sorry, Mom.

Barbara: No, no, no, no. There's nothing to be sorry for. This is Rose D'Angelo's fault. And, believe me, she'll pay.

Paul: Hold still.

Rose: Okay. Pearls. Pearls. I always thought there'd be somebody wearing them like, you know, Barbara Bush or Miss Walsh. But I don't know, I think these are perfect. My wedding dress. What about -- yeah? With my gown?

Paul: Well, that was kind of the point.

Rose: I may never take 'em off. Hey, what's goin' on? Why so serious, huh?

Paul: No, I'm not, I --

Rose: What?

Paul: Well, I -- it just --

Rose: What?

Paul: This is it.

Rose: What?

Paul: Well, we go to the rehearsal dinner at Emma’s, and then you're gonna come back here, and I'm gonna go back to my place -- this is the last time we'll be together alone until after we're married.

Rose: Wow. You know, I'm glad. I know it was crazy and everything, but I'm glad it took as long as it did.

Paul: Why?

Rose: Why? Because now we know. For sure.

Paul: No doubts?

Rose: No doubts.

Paul: We'll be together forever, Rose.

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Till death do us part.

Rose: Yeah.

Molly: So you're blaming me because Rose won't listen to you?

Dusty: You're telling me you didn't go to Hal?

Molly: Dusty, you are paying Crater to lie to Paul. Is it such a stretch to think he'd lie to you?

Dusty: Yeah, put Lieutenant Munson on the phone --

Molly: Okay, fine, are you happy? Yes, I did go to Hal. I told him about the gloves, and I told him about the bat, and I got him to get a warrant. And I stood there while he had Paul open up the trunk of his car, and it was empty. Is there anything else you'd like to know?

Lucy: Will you talk to Mom? She wants me to come home, but I can’t. Not yet.

Lucinda: Honey, you know a little change of scene, a little visit -- it might be good for the soul.

Lucy: I have to go to the wedding.

Lucinda: Mm -- Rose will understand.

Lucy: No, it's not that. I know this sounds dumb, but I don't want to run away. I want to show up and look great and let everybody know that I'm fine.

Lucinda: Oh, sweetheart.

Clark: Lucy -- oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Lucinda: No. And who might you be?

Lucy: Sorry, grandmother, this is Clark Watson. We go to school together. This is my grandmother.

Lucinda: Oh, hello.

Clark: Nice to meet you.

Lucinda: Nice to meet you.

Clark: I called about the scarf I left after the Halloween party. You said it was okay to stop by and pick it up?

Lucy: Right, yes. I just have to remember where I put it.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucinda: Oh, excuse me. I think that's our food. Excuse me.

Lucy: So how's Madison?

Clark: We broke up.

Lucy: Really?

Clark: Yeah, you can't be that surprised. After the way she treated you? So how's Aaron? You two having Thanksgiving together?

Lucy: No, we broke up, too.

Clark: That's great. I mean, I'm sorry. You must be bummed about it.

Lucy: No, not really. It was for the best.

Emma: Look what mama got you -- see this?

Aaron: Anything else you need, grandma?

Emma: Oh, the list is a thousand miles long. Listen -- oh, by the way, Lucinda called, and Lucy’s not going to come, so --

Aaron: Yeah, I figured. Grandma, do you think I'm a jerk for what happened?

Emma: Sweetheart, you not the first that's happened to have done this, you know, and you won't be the last. The main thing is you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and you have to think about what kind of a father you're going to be. Mm? Why don't you look after that little babe right there? I'm gonna go check on Faith, okay?

Susan: If Aaron’s plan is to run away --

Alison: No, of course not.

Susan: Because I know that's what he does. He runs when he has a problem.

Alison: No, this has nothing to do with Aaron.

Susan: Didn't you just say that you were worried that the baby wouldn't know his father?

Alison: Well, what I meant was -- look, Aaron and I aren't in love or anything, so at some point he's gonna get on with his life, and so am I.

Susan: Right, which is why your sister and I spoke to Lily and Holden -- because we wanted to me sure that you have everybody's support.

Alison: And that's great, but -- well, what if it ends up just like me? You know, just having you? That isn't so bad, is it?

Susan: No. I think it's pretty wonderful most of the time.

Alison: I guess I just thought it'd be different for me. You know, that when I had a baby, I'd be happy.

Susan: Alison, I was very happy when I had you.

Alison: What I meant was, was that I thought I would be with somebody -- a guy that I really loved.

Chris: I called the hospital, and they said that they were forwarding your calls here, so --

Kim: And Philadelphia gave you the day off from your new job?

Bob: How long can you stay?

Chris: For good. I'm home. I spoke to the head of the department in Philadelphia last night, and to John Dixon, who was gracious enough to have me back.

Kim: Oh, you're coming back to Memorial?

Chris: Yeah, I start tomorrow morning.

Kim: Oh, honey! That is just wonderful news! But I thought you really loved your new job.

Chris: Yeah, it was great.

Tom: I just want to know whose kid you offended in Philadelphia.

Chris: I'll tell you what, Tom, I'll throw you the business if they come after me.

Margo: I'm sure they were pretty desperate to keep you.

Chris: Not as desperate as I was to come home. You guys were right.

Kim: About what?

Chris: Well, you pointed out that I may have left town for the wrong reasons. And that I may have some unfinished business.

Bob: Well, whatever the reason, we're glad you're home.

Ben: Glad to have you back at the hospital. Missed you.

Jessica: Listen, Chris, can I get you something to drink? Some champagne? Champagne, anybody?

Chris: Champagne would be great.

Margo: You can give me some champagne.

Jessica: Help me out.

Margo: All right.

Tom: So what happened? Is this about Alison?

Chris: Yeah, I blew it. I just hope she'll give me another shot.

Bob: We've got to tell him.

Kim: Oh, come on, honey. He just got home, it's Thanksgiving.

Bob: Our son gives up his job to come home and find out if he still has a chance with a girl who's having someone else's child. I'm sorry, this can't wait.

Dusty: Why would you go to the cops -- why would you go the cops when I told you not to?

Molly: So your problem here is that I didn't follow orders?

Dusty: My problem -- my --

Molly: Your problem is Rose, okay? It's all about Rose, how to get to Rose.

Dusty: Rose is in danger. What is wrong with you?

Molly: You are so full of it. If you were really worried about Rose, you would've called the cops the second you knew you had solid evidence. But you stole the evidence, didn't you? And now you've screwed up any chance of having a case against Paul. And why, Dusty? So that you could be Rose's hero and win her back. That's what this is all about, so why don't you just admit it and be done with it?

Minister: And here comes the bride. Quickly. Quickly. Good. And the matron of honor takes the bouquet

Rose: Right. Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

Minister: Then I'll say something meaningful about marriage, love, life everlasting. And then the best man will produce the rings.

Paul: Will.

Will: What?

Paul: The rings.

Will: I don't have them.

Minister: But you will have them tomorrow.

Rose: Yeah.

Minister: Then the bride and groom will exchange vows, which I understand you've written. Then I'll instruct you to hold hands, and then I'll pronounce you man and wife.

Rose: My pearls.

Carly: Emily? Hey.

Hal: Hey. Are you all right?

Emily: I'm sorry.

Carly: What? What is it?

Emily: The pearls.

Rose: What, is it bad luck or something?

Emily: Um, I'm sorry, I must've -- I think I skipped lunch.

Paul: Emily, it's okay, nobody's superstitious around here.

Rose: Oh, thank you.

Paul: What's it supposed to mean?

Emily: That the wedding will never happen.

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Molly: Rose is not in any danger. Paul is just putting the pieces together so he can have a private eye to keep you and Barbara away from Rose. He's not gonna hurt her.

Dusty: He's not gonna hurt her until he marries her, takes her over to France. And then suddenly he's gonna flip on her. I'm telling you, the guy's just like his father.

Molly: So they'll get marriage counseling. It's really not your business.

Dusty: It's not my business when Rose says so.

Molly: She is not gonna listen to a word you have to say, especially when Hal lets her know that he investigated, and he's not pressing charges.

Dusty: Thanks to you.

Molly: Who stole the evidence? You know what I don't get? Why you want her. A woman who has slept with you, who supposedly knows you, and can't commit to you?

Dusty: What I don't want is somebody who goes behind my back to the cops! And I told you not to.

Molly: Fine. Fine, when this is all over, you're on your own, buddy. Because I am done.

Emily: I'm really sorry, you guys.

Rose: He's -- he just got me the necklace, I think he's a little embarrassed. Don't worry. Nothing, not Barbara or James Stenbeck is gonna stop this wedding. Especially not a little -- a couple pearls.

Hal: So what was that all about? You're not usually superstitious.

Emily: I don't know. I just got this cold, terrible feeling all of a sudden, and I'm telling you, Hal, something awful is going to happen. I just know it.

Susan: We brought you a couple pies.

Emma: Well, isn't that thoughtful of you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Faith, why don't you go tell Aaron that -- that Alison is here. Okay, sweetheart? I'm gonna go get some pickles. Listen, make yourselves at home. I'll be right back.

Alison: How does she know?

Susan: Who?

Alison: Faith. Did you see her staring at me?

Susan: Honey, don't be ridiculous. Lily and Holden wouldn't tell Faith anything. She's way too young.

Alison: Yeah, but she'll know soon enough, once the baby starts showing.

Susan: Okay, yeah. People are gonna start to notice. I mean, you are pregnant.

Alison: Well, that doesn't mean I have to come here and feel bad about it.

Aaron: Well, Lucy’s not coming, if that helps.

Alison: Oh, great. Now they'll hate me even more. First the barn, and now I've ruined your life.

Susan: Okay, now, let's just stop this right now. You and Aaron made a mistake. Nobody's life is ruined.

Alison: I'm gonna go home.

Susan: Oh, come on. We were invited for dinner. We're here.

Alison: Okay, so have dinner. Emily will bring you home. I've got to go.

Susan: Alison --

Aaron: I'll -- I'll talk to her, okay? Ali?

Alison: I'm sorry, Aaron.

Aaron: Look, its okay. I'll just tell them you weren't feeling well, okay?

Alison: It's just that it's just getting so huge. I mean, everybody knows.

Aaron: So what? Look, we're in this together. Look at me. Ali, we're in this together. I'm gonna make sure that its okay.

Chris: So, what's up?

Bob: Your mother and I have been talking.

Chris: Yeah, look. I realize that I left town for the wrong reasons. Okay, that's why I'm back. To work things out with Alison, if she'll let me.

Bob: That's understandable, but --

Chris: Look, dad, I know that you're probably worried, but it's okay. I don't have any expectations, all right? Hopes, maybe, but --

Bob: Have you talked to Alison?

Chris: No, no. Not since I left. So I have no idea what she's thinking. Things may have changed.

Bob: They may have -- maybe more than you know.

Mitzi: Ms. Walsh, thank God. I've been runnin' all over town.

Lucinda: Hey, honey. What are you -- why aren't you at the wedding rehearsal?

Mitzi: It's okay. Rose understands. I've gotta catch a flight to Atlantic City.

Lucinda: Why?

Mitzi: Because I got a sick friend, and I need to borrow $500. I'll pay you back.

Lucinda: Darling, what about the wedding?

Mitzi: It's okay. Like, forget the wedding, okay? Look, they canceled my ticket. I gotta get out of town. My friend is really sick. She's in the hospital. She might not make it. I -- I gotta get there before it's too late.

Lucinda: Okay, okay, okay. As a matter of fact, you know, I mean -- I can. I mean, I happen to be able to. I -- if it's an emergency. There. There you go, darling.

Mitzi: Thank you. You're a lifesaver.

Lucinda: It's a loan, honey. It's a loan.

Mitzi: You got it!

Lucinda: Right.

Mitzi: Bye.

Clark: So, I was wondering. Since you're not with anyone special, maybe we could --

Lucy: I have to go to this wedding tomorrow, and I can bring a friend if you're free.

Clark: Oh, I have this family thing tomorrow.

Lucinda: Oh, but look, you found the Halloween scarf.

Clark: Yes, thank you. I should be going. Happy Thanksgiving.

Lucy: You, too.

Clark: I'll call you, okay?

Lucinda: Bye, dear.

Lucy: So much for plan "b."

Lucinda: Well, you're just gonna have to go to the wedding as my date.

Lucy: C'mon, let's eat. I'm suddenly starved.

Lucinda: Good! Look, look. Sit.

Barbara: You're going to take him away from me, aren't you? Well, damn you to hell, Rose D'Angelo.

Emma: Hello, hello, hello, my sweet angel.

Rose: So, where is Luciano?

Emma: Well, you know, he and Faith went out there this summer, and they had such a good time with dad, he made them promise to come back for Thanksgiving, so --

Rose: Oh, that's too bad Ivy can't go to the wedding, right.

Emma: I know. I know, I know. Jason got a job out of the country, so they're off there. But --

Rose: What?

Emma: Luke is gonna come back with a wonderful present for somebody I know.

Rose: Oh, really? What is it?

Emma: Oh, yes. I'll never tell. Okay, everyone. You're sure to find your seats. Dinner's about ready to be served.

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