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[Guitar playing]

Aaron: Luce, I know you're hurt and angry. And I don't blame you. I'd feel real lousy if you'd --

Lucy: Slept with someone else? Five minutes after we broke up?

Aaron: Well, that's the thing. Lucy, we were broken up. And I'm not making excuses here. Luce, I just -- I thought there was no hope for you and me. I mean, that's -- why would I ever think you'd care about what I did? Ever again. So to hold this against me -- I don't understand.

Lucy: It doesn't feel good, Aaron. Maybe you think you had every right in the world to do whatever you wanted, but it doesn't feel good.

Aaron: And it's gonna feel better if we break up? What's the point of that, Lucy? What's the point? You're gonna be miserable. I'm gonna be miserable.

Lucy: Well, I'm sure Alison can comfort you. Why don't you just go to her?

Susan: Honey --

Alison: Mom, I'm not up to it right now, please?

Susan: I want to apologize for yelling at you. I just wasn't expecting this.

Alison: So that's it? No lecture?

Susan: Well, I am concerned about you. The breakup with Chris is one thing, but to -- to mess up your relationship with your -- your closest friends --

Alison: Closest friends? They're not my closest friends.

Susan: They used to be. I thought you'd straightened all that out. Lucy and Aaron were a couple and you were all getting along so nicely.

Alison: Mom, Lucy and Aaron are the least of my problems, okay? You have no clue -- no idea of what I'm dealing with.

Craig: You had a tÍte-ŗ-tÍte with Paul Ryan and you wonder why I'm curious?

Rosanna: I did not have a tÍte-ŗ-tÍte, with Paul Ryan -- unless, of course, it makes you jealous, which does offer me some comfort.

Craig: Jealous? He bugged my bar --

Rosanna: Ooh, well, if you'd like to search me, go ahead.

Molly: What can I get for you?

Crater: Bourbon. Double.

Rosanna: That's Rose's bodyguard. I hope he's not drinking on the job.

Craig: What does Rose D'Angelo need a bodyguard for?

Rosanna: Paul hired him. But that's a long story, and Iíd rather not indulge in long stories when I can do this.

Molly: Rough day?

Crater: Like you wouldn't believe.

Molly: Try me.

Rose: What the hell --

Dusty: No, no, no, no, no --

Rose: Hey, it's my car, all right?

Dusty: Hey, don't go over here; they may have wired it to blow.

Rose: Who's "they"? Tell me who "they" is. Come on.

Dusty: Whoever did this? Look at this. "Die, Rose, die." That's a pretty nasty threat.

Rose: You think?

Dusty: Who you calling?

Rose: I'm calling the cops so they can arrest you for trashing my car.

Rose: Hey! Gimme my phone. Give it --

Dusty: Why would I trash your car?

Rose: I don't know. Because you're crazy. Because you're working for Barbara. How the hell should I know?

Dusty: So you're just gonna call the cops and point the finger at me?

Rose: I want it to stop. First the phone call, now trashing my car. I'm getting married and you're not happy about it. Just grow up and get over it. It's over.

Dusty: I know it's over!

Rose: Good. All right.

Dusty: Doesn't mean -- doesn't mean I want to see you get hurt, all right?

Rose: All right, all right. So somebody with an ax to grind with me took it out on my car.

Dusty: Yeah, that somebody is your fiancť.

Rose: Oh, my God! What?

Dusty: You take one look at your car and immediately, you blame me. Who'd be happy about that? Paul? Maybe?

Rose: He hired a bodyguard for me.

Dusty: Yeah, so he can keep a leash on you.

Rose: But I got away from the bodyguard. He doesn't know where I am right now. So you're gonna tell me the phone call -- that was him, too?

Dusty: As a matter of fact, I got to tell you -- Molly McKinnon found a voice alternator in Paulís pocket.

Rose: Excuse me?

Dusty: Go ahead. Go ahead and ask her.

Rose: Yeah, I'm gonna believe Molly McKinnon.

Dusty: You know what? You don't have believe anything but your gut. You know something's wrong. Paul Ryan has got you running scared. Because he wants to keep you under lock and key, far away from the people who care about you. Is that the kind of life you want?

Paul: You better listen to him, Rose. I'm a real head case. You never know what I'm gonna do next.

Craig: Nice try.

Rosanna: You really want to talk about Paul Ryan?

Craig: I want to talk

Hal: I'll call you. We'll talk more about this later, Will. Okay?

Will: It's not fair.

Emily: You're right, it's not fair. But the best thing we can do for your mom right now is follow the rules, will. No contact until the judge says so.

Susan: Look, I know how much Chris hurt you. And I know that when you're in pain like that, sometimes it feels like nothing else matters. The hell with everybody. But that's short-sighted. What you and Aaron did was wrong.

Alison: I know.

Susan: Well, then, maybe you owe it to yourself to make amends to Lucy and Aaron -- own up to your part in all this.

Alison: It's not like I did this myself. Aaron was there, too.

Susan: Then he'll have to clean up his side of the street. But I'm concerned about you. We all make mistakes. It's how we come back from the mistakes that really matters. Facing up to what you've done and learning from it. It's gonna be okay, honey.

Alison: Mom -- I know that you mean well. But you don't understand.

[Phone rings]

Susan: Hold that thought. Hello. Yes, this is Dr. Stewart. Give her another ten CCs, then call the OR and set it up. I'll be there in ten minutes.

Alison: It's okay, Mom.

Susan: Just remember. No matter how bad it looks --

Alison: It can always get worse.

Susan: No, sweetie. It can always get better.

Alison: Not this time, Mom.

Aaron: Lucy, come on, we have been through too much together to just let it end over was a stupid mistake.

Lucy: But that's just it, Aaron. It's one mistake after another. And I keep forgiving you and taking you back and I just can't do it any more.

Aaron: No, Lucy -- Luce?

Lucy: Just go, please.

Craig: So he wanted your advice. About what? Hair product? Shoes?

Rosanna: You are impossible.

Craig: I'm your husband.

Rosanna: Don't you trust me?

Craig: I trust you. I don't trust Paul.

Rosanna: Well, you can run off and grill him, or you can come home with me. Lucy's with Aaron. Phyllis is watching the baby. We could canoodle.

Craig: Ooh, I bet you say that to all the guys.

Rosanna: No. Just you.

Molly: So you wanna tell me what's really got you down?

Crater: I got fired.

Molly: Ouch. Where were you working?

Crater: It's confidential. Private customer.

Molly: Sounds mysterious. Can I guess?

Crater: Not in a million years --

Molly: Paul Ryan? Welcome back.

Alison: She broke up with you, didn't she? I'm so sorry, Aaron.

Aaron: I'm gonna get her back. Will you help me?

Craig: You sure we never did it in the foyer?

Rosanna: Not the foyer or the stairs --

Craig: We'll have to take care of to that. Lullaby? Are you all right?

Lucy: I'm fine.

Craig: I thought you were going out with Aaron tonight.

Lucy: I changed my mind.

Rosanna: That's all right. You're welcome to change your mind. You kids are always welcome here. Where's Aaron? Is he in the kitchen?

Lucy: Aaron's not here. And if he ever comes back -- don't let him in.

Crater: How'd you know I worked for Paul Ryan?

Molly: Oh, a good bartender never reveals her sources.

Crater: You can tell your sources that Rose D'Angelo cost me my job.

Molly: So you two didn't get along?

Crater: I'm supposed to be protectin' her, right? And she tricks me, gives me the slip. This is my fault?

Molly: Did you explain this to Paul?

Crater: I tried. He wasn't hearing it. You know the hell with it. They deserve each other.

Molly: The next one's on me.

Dusty: I recognize that guy --

Molly: Yeah. Paul hired him to baby-sit Rose.

Dusty: Yeah, he tried to taking a piece outta me the other day. Stay here.

Molly: No, hold on, hero. He's a lot better use to us if he's happy. Paul just fired him.

Dusty: Well, that's good.

Molly: For us -- he doesn't like Paul. And after today, he doesn't like Rose much either.

Dusty: Why is he here?

Molly: Drown his sorrows. He's already had six drinks, and I think two more and he'll be passed out. So why don't you go make friends with a guy in the surveillance business.

Dusty: Is that you in my corner?

Molly: Go get him.

Rose: They're coming?

Paul: Yep. They're sending over a whole team.

Rose: A lot of good that's going to do. You know, whoever made that phone call -- if they wanted me to know who it was, they wouldn't disguise their voice, they could have just, you know -- confronted me face-to-face.

Paul: So what else did Dusty say? I mean, aside from accusing me.

Rose: Well, you know Dusty. He's got a one-track mind.

Paul: Yeah, I always assumed that was just part of his charm.

Rose: You know what I mean. You know he blames you for -- for everything. This is my fault.

Paul: Your fault?

Rose: I should have called the cops --

Paul: Rose --

Rose: -- The first phone call. And then you said it might have been a prank, one of Will's friends. Maybe Will, I don't know -- but whoever made that phone call just trashed my car --

Paul: No -- you can't assume that.

Rose: Why? You know who trashed my car?

Coming up on "As The World Turns" --

Hal: That phone call. You have any idea who could have made that?

Crater: They bought it. I'm back in.

Dusty: Looks like we've got ourselves a spy. Hey, Uncle Ed, how about some crescents down here?

Rose: Are you saying you might know who trashed my car?

Paul: No, I have no idea.

Rose: Or maybe who made that phone call -- maybe you know who that is?

Paul: Rose, all I'm saying is that it's a little premature to assume that the two events are even connected.

Rose: And since so many people dislike me right now, it could be anybody.

Paul: That's why you have a bodyguard.

Rose: Yeah, bodyguard. And I gave him the slip. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have done that.

Paul: This isn't about being sorry --

Rose: No, I'm sorry.

Paul: This is about being safe.

[Knock on door] hey, Hal, come on in.

Hal: Well, I saw the car.

Rose: What's left of it?

Hal: So how about you tell me what's goin' on here, Rose.

Rose: Well, it all started with one phone call.

Dusty: I've got a proposition for you.

Crater: Yeah? What kind of proposition?

Dusty: You see my partner over there? She's a wealthy woman. And she's willing to pay you a nice chunk of change if you're willing to get your old job back.

Crater: You want me to go back and work for Paul Ryan?

Dusty: Except you're working for me now. You see, I think Paul is the one behind all these threats to his fiancťe. And I want you to help me prove it.

Crater: I don't like people who use me. You got a deal.

Dusty: Good. Paul's over at Rose's place. Right now I want you to go over there and convince him that you're sorry as hell and you'll do anything, anything for a chance to redeem yourself.

Crater: I'm there.

Molly: Good work. So we just have to hope now that Paul hires him back. How did things go with Rose?

Dusty: Somebody trashed her car.

Molly: What?

Dusty: And wrote "die, Rose" on the trunk.

Molly: Is he losing his mind or what?

Dusty: He's just like his father, I'm telling you.

Molly: So did you get a chance to talk to her about the voice alternator?

Dusty: I tried, and then lover boy shows up and denies everything, lies --

Molly: So what? At least she's getting mixed messages. She's got to know somewhere deep down that he's involved.

Dusty: She doesn't wanna know.

Molly: Oh, you're hoping that Crater's going to find something she can't ignore.

Dusty: That's the plan.

Rosanna: I don't understand. Did you and Aaron have a fight?

Lucy: I don't really want to get into it. But if he calls, I'm not home. And don't let him in the house.

Craig: Did he do something to you?

Lucy: No, it's nothing like that. I just don't want to see him.

Rosanna: Lucy, all couples disagree from time to time. Maybe you just need a chance to cool off?

Lucy: We broke up. It's over. I don't want to see him. I don't want to talk to him. I just want to forget I ever met him.

Rosanna: I'm so sorry, honey.

Lucy: Go on, say it.

Craig: Say what?

Lucy: That you were right and I was wrong, and Aaron was a jerk and I never should've let him get near me.

Craig: No, no, I wasn't going to say that.

Lucy: But you were thinking it. "I told you so." And you were right.

Aaron: Now for two years I've been trying to prove Craig that I was good enough for his daughter. And the first thing I do is get arrested --

Alison: Hey, I did time, too.

Aaron: You know what my stepfather used to tell me?

Alison: The guy you lived with in Seattle?

Aaron: Yeah. When I first got my bike he said, "why bother to buy a helmet? I never use my head anyway."

Alison: He's a real sweetheart.

Aaron: Yeah, but he's right.

Alison: No, he's not.

Aaron: You know, it -- it doesn't even matter. You know, 'cause the more you try and try, you just end up in the same ditch.

Alison: Yeah, I know.

Aaron: It doesn't matter. You and I, we're in the same boat here. Hey, it's supposed to feel good to have company, right?

Alison: Well, we're not in the same boat, Aaron.

Aaron: What do you mean? I mean, Chris broke up with you and Lucy broke up with me.

Alison: Yeah, but this is just the beginning for me. 'Cause what I'm dealing with right now, you don't even know the half of it.

Will: It's not my mom's fault.

Emily: Honey, it's just the way it is. Okay? And I'm sorry you're stuck in the middle, I really am. You're just going to have to do what your dad says until everybody can prove to the judge that things are going to be okay again.

Will: Or what?

Emily: Or it'll just be that much longer until you and your mom get to be together. All right, you know what? I'm going to go the bathroom and see what I can do about this face of yours.

Daniel: No!

Emily: Yes.

Daniel: No.

Emily: Yes. Try and eat something, okay? Go.

Barbara: Will --

Will: Mom!

Will: Oh Mom, it's so good to see you.

Barbara: Oh, I know. I miss you so much.

Will: You know what the judge says. We're not supposed to see each other.

Barbara: Yes, and it's all Rose's fault, isn't it?

Will: I was going to invite you to the football game --

Barbara: Listen Will, it's okay. Listen, we don't have a lot of time to talk, so let's just make a plan, okay? Now tomorrow -- tomorrow, don't you have off a day? Parent/teacher conferences or something?

Will: Yeah, it's a half a day.

Barbara: Perfect. So why don't we meet? All right, but you can't tell anybody about it.

Will: I won't. Where do you want to meet? Mom --

Emily: All righty, we're all scrubbed up. You ready to go?

Alison: I'm sorry. I know I'm making it seem like you're not helping me by being here, and you are. I mean, at least you kind of know how I feel.

Aaron: Doesn't change anything, though.

Alison: Well, maybe not, but knowin' that I'm not alone -- it keeps me from doing something crazy.

Aaron: Don't you think it might actually be easier that Chris is gone? I mean, you don't have to worry about running into him five times a day. That's gonna be hell for me with Lucy.

Alison: Yeah, but if he were here, then at least I could try and fix things.

Aaron: Is that what you really want?

Alison: Yeah. 'Cause the truth is -- it's not really over for me. And there's just this situation --

Aaron: Just give it time, Alison. Six months from now you're going to be dating some neurosurgeon --

Alison: No, I won't. I canít.

Aaron: You can't? What do you mean?

Craig: I would never say "I told you so." How -- do you know how many time I've been wrong in my life? How many mistakes I've made? How many times Iíve had to admit I was wrong -- and start over?

Lucy: I don't want to start over.

Craig: You want me to talk to Aaron?

Lucy: No. That would only make things worse. Please don't talk to Aaron.

Craig: If that's what you want. But you know, I -- but these things have a way of working out --

Lucy: Not this time.

Craig: Well, I'm going to go check on Cabot. Okay? But I am always here if you need me.

Rosanna: I'm so sorry.

Lucy: He cheated on me, Rosanna -- with Alison.

Rosanna: I'm sorry.

Lucy: How could he do that?

Hal: Rose, I'm going to have to impound your car.

Rose: Well, it's no use to me anyway, is it?

Hal: All right. CSI's combing the area. I've got men going door to door, and I don't want you to worry. We're taking this very seriously. A threat has been made, and we're going to find out who's responsible.

Rose: Thank you. Thank you.

Hal: All right, I'll talk to you later after Iíve talked to the lab.

Hal: Oh! Oh -- that phone call. You have any idea who could have made that?

[Paul remembering]

Rosanna: So you're the one who made the threatening phone call to Rose?

Rose: The number's listed, it could have been anybody.

Hal: 'Cause I was just wondering why you didn't call us at the time --

Paul: You're absolutely right, Hal. We should have called the police.

Rose: Yeah, that's why when this happened; we called you right away as soon as it happened.

Hal: I see. I'll be in touch.

Rose: Thanks.

Paul: You okay?

Rose: This is totally my fault. You know, if I didn't give the bodyguard the slip -- all I wanted to do was just talk to Mitzi, just talk to her for a little moment, and -- I had that goon over my shoulder, and I couldn't talk -- don't tell him that I said that, please.

Paul: No, hey, don't worry about Crater. I fired him.

Rose: What? Oh no, you can't -- this is my fault. Nobody can tell Lily and me apart. It's not -- this guy should not lose his job because of something that I did -- something stupid like this.

[Knock at door]

Crater: Mr. Ryan. You think I could talk to you for a minute?

Paul: Come on in.

Crater: I'm really sorry for comin' by so late. It's just -- I know I messed up today, and I wanted to come by and apologize -- and to give you back this.

Paul: What's that?

Crater: My pay. I don't feel right taking your money after what happened.

Paul: No, Crater, come on. You keep your money. You know, Rose and I were just talking about this and, uh --

Rose: Yeah, nobody can tell me and Lily apart, and I'm sorry if Iíve caused any problems. I really -- sorry.

Crater: I'm sorry I wasn't here to protect you. Somethin' happen? I saw the cops outside.

Paul: We had some car trouble. Listen, are you still available?

Crater: Me? Absolutely.

Paul: Well, why don't we just pick up where we left off and you come by first thing tomorrow morning.

Crater: Bright and early.

Paul: Okay.

Crater: Thank you, Mr. Ryan.

Paul: Thank you.

Crater: Ms. D'Angelo, you don't have to worry about a thing. I'm here for you.

Rose: Thank you.

Paul: You know, Rose, for a tough girl, you are soft in all the right places.

Dusty: Yeah?

Crater: They bought it. I'm back in.

Dusty: Nice work.

Crater: I'll find out what Ryanís up to and get back to you. But your partner better come through. The cops are involved now, my rep's at stake.

Dusty: My partner's good for it. Don't worry, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Looks like we've got ourselves a spy.

Lucy: I just feel so stupid.

Rosanna: Oh no, you're not. You're not.

Lucy: Daddy always knew he was wrong for me. Why couldn't I see that?

Rosanna: People are complicated. They're not all good or all bad. You were drawn to Aaron for a lot of wonderful reasons. Not just because he was a handsome young man, but because he was kind and sensitive. And he worked hard to prove himself, to get his diploma, to prove himself to your dad. There were lots of good reasons for you to be with him. He did have his faults though, too. He took some shortcuts, and maybe, when he was confronted with Alison and her needs -- you know, the two of them just weren't thinking. And it is hard and it does hurt and it is disappointing. But it's not your fault. And a lot of women have been through this.

Lucy: It's not worth it -- to be hurt like this, it's not.

Rosanna: I know it feels like that, but love -- love is wonderful and it always is worth it. I mean, think about your dad and I and how many times we've almost lost each other. And you've always been right there, telling us to keep trying, give it another chance. Maybe that's what you and Aaron need. Maybe you just need to give each other another chance.

Lucy: No. I've given him too many chances as it is. Daddy's right, he's just going to drag me down.

Rosanna: Now as far as your father is concerned, he would have felt that way about any boy you brought home. He was just having a hard time watching you grow up. Okay? So don't worry about your dad. If you and Aaron want to be together --

Lucy: I can't. I could never believe another word he says. I couldn't trust him.

Rosanna: I understand. Do me a favor, okay? Just give yourself some time before you make a decision. Don't rush into anything. There's two sides to every story. Make sure you know all the facts.

Aaron: You really don't think there'll be anybody but Chris for the rest of your life?

Alison: No, it's complicated.

Aaron: Explain something to me. When Chris came to Lucyís party and he wanted to know who was at the hotel room with you -- it sounded like he was pretty jealous.

Alison: So?

Aaron: So you could've gone off with him someplace and tried to work things out. But you didn't. You didn't try to make things better.

Alison: Well, that's because I didn't know I was --

Aaron: You didn't know what?

Alison: That -- how I felt about him. And the situation and -- when I finally decided to tell him, he already accepted the job in Philadelphia.

Aaron: Alison, if you love the guy, what difference does it make? Tell him the truth.

Alison: And if he doesn't feel the same way?

Aaron: At least you find out.

Alison: But what if -- well, people don't necessarily always tell the truth. And I don't want him coming back just because he's worried about me.

Aaron: What do you mean?

Alison: Aaron, can I trust you? We've been friends for a really long time --

Aaron: Alison, the thing is, I don't think I trust myself. And after everything that's happened -- I'm the last thing you need in your life.

Alison: That's not true --

Aaron: It's not that I don't care about you, Ali. I have to figure out what I'm doing first. And until then I am no use to anybody.

Alison: Wait Ė

Emily: All right, Iíve got to kid out of here before he trashes the place, so come on.

Will: Ah, you guys go. I'm just going to get the waitress to wrap this stuff up.

Emily: Oh, good. I'm glad you got your appetite back. That's great. Hey, do you remember where I parked the car?

Daniel: Of course I remember, Mom.

Emily: Okay, of course, you remember, Mom. Let's go. See if you can find it. Go!

Waitress: The lady in the back asked me to give you this.

Will: Oh, uh, thanks.

Waitress: Sure.

Barbara: Will, meet me tomorrow morning at the courtyard. And remember, it's our secret. Love, Mom.

Will: Dad.

Hal: Emily said you were getting your burger to go.

Will: Yeah, I changed my mind.

Hal: Whoa. Hold it, hold it. Now you haven't had anything to eat all day.

Will: I'm not hungry.

Hal: You feelin' all right?

Will: Yeah, I'm fine.

Hal: No problems at school?

Will: No, you know what? I'm probably just coming down with something. I should go home and get some rest.

Rose: Mm, this is good. What is it? Mm. Mm-hmm.

Paul: Something French.

Rose: Ooh.

Paul: I'll have a case sent to the apartment.

Rose: The Paris apartment?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Rose: Is it gonna happen? Is it really gonna happen?

Paul: It's gonna happen.

Rose: I hope we have big windows. You know, wake up on Sunday morning and just look out and watch the -- everything just pass us by. And maybe we'll walk down by the river. Hmm? Is there a river?

Paul: Yes, there's a river. Big river.

Rose: Maybe go have a little brunch in a nice cafe.

Paul: Oh, yeah. I know just the place.

Rose: You promise?

Paul: I promise. Nothing's going to stop us now, Rose -- not Barbara or Dusty -- not even Will.

[Rose remembering]

Dusty: Molly found a voice alternator in Paulís pocket.

[Rose gasps]

Paul: You all right?

Rose: Yeah, I'm just -- I'm just -- just need some more wine.

Paul: Mm-hmm.

[Rose remembering]

Dusty: You know something's not right here. Paul's got you running scared.

Why? So he can shut you up in his apartment and keep you away from the people who care about you. Is that the kind of life you want?

Rose: Thank you.

Paul: Mm-hmm.

On the next "As The World Turns" --

Hal: I didn't think it was possible that you could make things any worse for yourself, Barbara. But you found a way.

Dusty: If you want to find somebody who threatened Rose, you talk to somebody who wants to harm her. You talk to Paul Ryan.

Lucy: God knows you waited long enough for your big chance. Who started it? You or Aaron?

Alison: It is none of your damn business!

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