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Happy Halloween!!

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Jessica: Marshall, open this door!

Ben: Open the door!

Marshall: Get out of my way, Bonnie. I'm taking my daughter with me!

Bonnie: Leave her alone! Leave her alone!

Ben: Open the door!

Bonnie: I'll never let you have Sarah. I'll never let you have her --

[Glass shattering]

[Bonnie screams] no, no, no!

Jessica: Bonnie --

[Bonnie gasping]

Bonnie: No.

Ben: Okay, Jessica? Jessica, come here. Take care of Bonnie. All right? It's gonna be all right, Bonnie. Just keep her warm. Keep her calm. All right? Look, I'm gonna call 911 on my way down. I'll be right back. Just keep her away from the window. Both of you, stay away from the window.

Jessica: Bonnie? Honey? Bonnie --

Bonnie: Mom --

Jessica: Shh.

Bonnie: What just happened?

Jessica: It's okay. I'm here. I'm here. I'm gonna take care of everything. Everything's gonna be all right.

Bonnie: Oh, God! Oh, God! What did I just do? Mom, what have I done?

Jessica: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Bonnie: This is a dream, right? This is a dream. It's okay. He's gonna be okay. I'm gonna wake up. That man is gonna be okay, right, Mom? He is! He is!

Sarah: Bonnie, what happened? Where's my dad?

Rose: Tell me something. You're supposed to be a detective, right?

Hal: Hello, Rose.

Rose: So why am I the only one who can figure out that Will was not the one that spray-painted Paulís apartment?

Hal: I take it you have a theory.

Rose: Oh, I got a theory. Barbara did it and convinced Will to take the rap.

Hal: Rose --

Rose: I'm telling you.

Hal: Barbara's capable of some very strange things --

Rose: That's a nice way to put it.

Hal: -- But she loves Will.

Rose: She loves Paul more. And if Will gets in trouble and it keeps Paul here, she's gonna do it! I'm telling you!

Hal: Rose, I know you mean well, but --

[Phone ringing] excuse me. Munson here. What? I'm on my way.

Rose: Emergency?

Hal: At the Lakeview. We'll have to continue this conversation later.

Rose: Uh, excuse me -- is Emily home with Will right now?

Hal: They're having dinner at Al's. Then she's taking the kids trick-or-treating. Oh, Rose, please don't share this theory with Will. He's been through enough already.

Rose: It's not a theory. It's what happened. I'm gonna prove it.

Katie: You want to question me about Mike's car accident? Why?

Margo: Why? Because I think you have information vital to the case.

Katie: How could I?

Margo: Well, Katie, it seems real strange to me that you'd come all the way down to the station to be a character witness for gram. Why'd you do that?

Katie: Because I don't believe she could do something like that. Nancy Hughes could never leave Mike on the side of the road.

Margo: No, I don't think so, either. Then there's your roommate's morbid curiosity about the case.

Katie: He's just nosey. You know Henry.

Margo: I do. And I know you, too. I just keep getting the distinct impression that you know something about this case that you haven't quite revealed to us yet. So if there's anything that you want to tell me, Katie -- or Mike -- now would be a good time to do it.

Lucy: So do you like all the candles lit?

[In a spooky voice]

Aaron: It's perfect! It's a party any monster will love.

Rosanna: Hot stuff, coming through!

[Rosanna laughs]

Lucy: What is all that?

Rosanna: Eye of newt and toe of frog.

Lucy: Interesting.

Aaron: You need any help with anything?

Rosanna: Yes, yes, yes. There's another tray in the kitchen. Thank you so much. Wouldn't you mind -- you wouldn't mind?

Aaron: No, no. No problem.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Lucy: So, how's it look?

Rosanna: It looks fabulous! You look fabulous! Okay, no, the real question is -- how are things with you and Aaron? I know I cautioned you not to be too hasty in pushing him out of your life, but I was sort of surprised that you took my advice so quickly.

Lucy: What can I say? You give good advice.

Rosanna: Hmm. Has he been sufficiently remorseful?

Lucy: Oh, yeah. He felt terrible about everything. Especially missing the moment I got the crown at the homecoming dance. And he's bending over backwards to make it up to me. Really, he is.

Rosanna: Good. He should grovel. It's good for them to grovel.

[Door closes]

Lucy: That's Daddy. Do you think you can keep him from going ballistic?

Rosanna: Oh, yes. You just leave it all up to me.

Craig: Will somebody tell me what Aaron Snyderís love mobile is doing -- in -- well, well, well, what is going on here?

Rosanna: Oh, what does it look like?!

Craig: A nightmare?

Lucy: We're throwing a party, Daddy.

Craig: "We" who?

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: Well, I would tell you to go to hell, but --

Imaginary James: You know, I knew you'd be thinking of me this evening. It warms your father's heart to know that you remember him on his birthday.

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: I'd forgotten just why I did hate Halloween. All those tortured souls wandering the earth.

Barbara: Trick or treat. Oh, chocolate mummies? My favorite.

Imaginary James: Let her in, Paul. She's up to something. This could be a lot of fun.

Margo: See, Katie, I've got this big problem here. I've got to solve this hit-and-run case, but every time I start adding things up -- I come up with the same answer.

Katie: Adding what things up?

Margo: The car in question was a navy blue car. My car is a navy blue car. The car in question had four new Bel Air tires. My car has new tires.

Mike: Margo, if you're here to confess, then you're in the wrong place. And if you're here to accuse Katie, then you're still in the wrong place.

Katie: I was driving Margoís car that night --

Mike: So?

Margo: So -- Katie was driving my car, the car that matches the description of the car that hit you. And she was ill. She was overmedicated.

Mike: This is -- this is crazy, Margo. I -- do you know what you're saying?

Margo: I wish I could cover this up, baby. I really do. But I canít. So -- you're either going to talk to me, or I call forensics and have them come look at my car, check it for blood, check it for new bodywork. And if they find what I'm pretty sure they are gonna find, then you're our prime suspect. Then it goes to the D.A.'s office, and they decide whether or not to press charges. So what's it gonna be, huh? You gonna answer my questions, or do I call forensics?

Mike: There's no need to do that. All right? Because if you're trying to pin this on Katie, you are way off base. In fact, you're not even in the ballpark.

Craig: You know, I was under the impression that --

Lucy: Aaron and I worked things out.

Craig: Is that so?

Rosanna: Yes, that's so. Aaron and Lucy talked things through like adults, and they reached a solution. Isn't that great? You should be proud of them.

Craig: And in celebration, you've turned our living room into a mausoleum? That's appropriate.

Lucy: It's a Halloween party. Rosanna said it was okay. You don't mind, do you?

Craig: Oh, why would I -- why would I mind? You know, tonight, party? Bad idea. Very bad idea. They're gonna need chaperones. The baby will be woken. We will not get any rest. Furniture will be broken.

Rosanna: The baby's room is in the back of the house, along with the bedrooms.

Craig: So we're down here playing chaperone, leaving our poor son defenseless?

Rosanna: As for your other excuses, we are insured. And you should learn to trust people more. So I'm taking you and your libido to the gazebo, and we are giving the children some space.

Craig: Sweetness? Don't disappoint me. You know how Daddy gets when he's disappointed, don't you?

Rosanna: Come on, darling!

Aaron: Did you get a look at your Dad's face? Looked like he wanted to drive a stake through my heart.

Lucy: I know. Just like old times.

[Doorbell rings] our first guests have arrived. I'll get the door.

Lucy: Aaron! Look who's here!

Rose: Hello!

Emily: Rose!

Rose: Hey! Happy Halloween! Ooh, look at you, Daniel! What are you, a king or a prince?

Daniel: A king.

Rose: A king. Of course you're a king. You over there -- let me guess what you are. The saddest kid in the world?

Will: Can I get another soda?

Emily: Yeah, sure.

Rose: I hate seeing him like that.

Emily: Yeah, you ought to see Hal. You know, he thought he'd taken a real turn, you know? He was doing great, getting great grades. He's terrific with Daniel. Helps around the house.

Rose: Yeah, yeah, and then he goes and trashes Paulís place. You know what?

Emily: Hmm?

Rose: I don't think he did it.

Emily: What?

Rose: Look at this. This is the same brand and the same color found all over Paulís place. I bet dollars to donuts that Will doesn't know how to use this stuff. To prove it, I need to perform a little experiment -- if you'll let me.

Bonnie: I'm sorry.

Sarah: Sorry for what?

Bonnie: Sarah -- I just -- I was trying to stop him. I was just afraid he was gonna -- he was gonna hurt you. I don't know what happened. It just all happened so fast!

Sarah: He fell?

[Sarah sobbing] oh, my God, he's --

Bonnie: I didn't mean to. Sarah --

Sarah: He's --

Bonnie: Okay, Sarah --

Sarah: You pushed him!

Bonnie: Listen to me! I wanted to just stop him. I just wanted to take control. But, Sarah, you know I would never want to hurt him.

Jessica: Did the ambulance get here?

Ben: Yeah, it's here.

Sarah: Did you take care of him? Is he okay?

Ben: Sarah, um -- I'm sorry. There was nothing -- there's nothing we could do. Sorry.

[Sarah sobbing]

Craig: I thought Lucy had finally seen the truth about Aaron.

Rosanna: Now, darling, just because a woman sees the truth about a man doesn't mean she loves him any less. Take us, for example. If we had hung up our boxing gloves after our first big fight, we wouldn't be here, enjoying this evening.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: Is that the speech you gave Lucy?

Rosanna: You really think I had something to do with this reconciliation?

Craig: Your paw prints are all over this one, darling.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Oh, stop! I simply told her that she shouldn't make a hasty decision about anything important. Now, I think that's good advice for most things in life. Don't you?

Craig: So, like I said, I have you to blame for this?

Rosanna: You have me to thank.

Craig: Yeah --

Rosanna: What?

Craig: Whenever we disagree, you do this thing.

Rosanna: What?

Craig: Oh, you make me all wrong and small-minded. And you're the most magnanimous, all-knowing creature on two incredible legs.

Rosanna: Mm.

Craig: Mm?

Rosanna: Well -- I'll tell you about that. When we do disagree, you are being wrong and incredibly small-minded.

Craig: Ha!

Rosanna: And I am this magnanimous, beautiful creature on two incredible legs, or whatever you said.

[Both laughing]

[Cabot fussing on baby monitor]

Rosanna: Mm. Oh, that's Cabot. Listen, I'm gonna go check on him and -- then I'll come back and remind you of how glad you are that you agree with me.

[Cabot crying]

Barbara: I want to throw a wedding party for you and Rose.

Paul: Not interested.

Barbara: Oh, come on, Paul. It'll be wonderful. I want to do something unforgettable for you.

Imaginary James: Give her a chance. She's trying.

Barbara: I'm trying to make amends here.

Paul: In other words, you finally got what you wanted -- again. And now you can afford to pretend that you're sorry.

Barbara: We have both made bad choices.

Paul: No, your choices are more than just bad. Your choices get people killed.

Barbara: When are you gonna stop punishing me? I'm trying to do something nice! I'm trying to make amends!

Imaginary James: God, she's beautiful when she lies.

Paul: Shut up, and stay out of this.

Barbara/imaginary James: How can I? You're my son.

Barbara: And this is your wedding. And I made a resolution that I was going to help you.

Imaginary James: How sweet. Let's all kiss and make up.

Paul: That's not gonna happen. You need to back off. And Rose and I don't want anything from you, and we don't need anything from you! So pack up your good intentions in your little goodie bag and go haunt somebody else's house.

Barbara: Okay, fine. I'll run by Rose's. I will run the idea by her. And I'm sure I can smooth things out with her.

Imaginary James: Oh, I'd like to see that. Call her bluff. Say yes.

Barbara: Say yes.

Imaginary James: Barbara, Rose, fang and claw catfight -- ooh!

Paul: Stop it.

Barbara: Honey, I'm just trying to help.

Imaginary James: So am I.

Barbara: We're gonna be one big, happy family very soon.

Imaginary James: And there's nothing like family.

Paul: You stay the hell away from Rose! Both of you!

Barbara: What? What do you mean? Paul?

Paul: Nothing.

Barbara: You said, "Both of you." Honey, there's no one here but me.

Alison: How insane is it that I'm here? And I didn't want to come, but Lucy made such a big deal about it, I -- I didn't know how to say no.

Aaron: Don't sweat it. Everything's cool. It's in the vault.

Alison: Forever?

Aaron: Right. There's nothing to worry about.

Rosanna: Honey?

Craig: What's wrong?

Rosanna: Put -- feel Cabotís heart. I don't think its right. Put four fingers over his chest like that. Do you feel that?

Craig: Yeah, it's racing.

Rosanna: Yeah. I don't think that's good.

Craig: Well, I suppose it could be nothing, but --

Rosanna: Well, I think we should get him checked out. Don't you?

Craig: All right. We'll call the emergency room, and I'll put him in his car seat.

Rosanna: No, no, no, no. We need the medical records. So you get those. And Cabot and I will meet you at the hospital, okay?

Craig: Okay. All right. I'll be there. See you soon. See you soon. Those medical records better be right -- this time.

[Sarah sobbing]

Ben: I'm sorry, Sarah.

Sarah: How could this happen?

Bonnie: Sarah -- listen to me, honey. I tried to make this work. You know that I tried. But -- honey, he was out of his mind! And I was scared for you. I was afraid for you. I wasn't thinking straight. I didn't know that --

Jessica: Bonnie, Bonnie. Ben, maybe we should get Sarah out of here.

Hal: Is there anyplace for her to go?

Ben: I can take her back to Durgin Street. Okay, Sarah? I'm gonna call Troy and let him know we're on the way.

Sarah: No, no! I can't leave him down there! I can't leave Bonnie! They're my only family. This is all I have!

Ben: Well, look, Jessicaís gonna take care of Bonnie, and you can see her tomorrow, okay? But I think its best that, tonight, you spend it with Troy and the rest of your old friends.

[Sarah sobbing]

Sarah: What do I do, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Go. You go with Ben. And listen to me -- I will see you as soon as I can, okay? I'm so sorry.

Hal: Were you a witness to this? Bonnie? How about you? Can you tell me what happened here? Were you responsible for Marshall falling out that window?

[Bonnie sighs]

Bonnie: Yes.

Hal: All right. Let's get out of here and let the crime scene guys do their thing.

Bonnie: Where are you taking me?

Jessica: Hal --

Hal: Bonnie Mckechnie, you are under arrest for the murder of Marshall Travers. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.

Mike: There is no way in the world that Katie was driving that car.

Margo: What makes you so sure?

Mike: Because I saw who was behind the wheel.

Margo: You did? 'Cause you haven't been able to give a description of the driver before. Now you have total recall?

Mike: Well, yeah. I mean, the doctors said my memories of the accident would start coming back. I mean, you said that, too, when you came to question me at the hospital that night. You know, and I took a nap today. And I woke up -- you were right. I just -- it came to me. I have this picture.

Margo: A picture?

Mike: Yeah. Big guy. 250, 275? A cowboy hat.

Margo: Cowboy hat?

Mike: Mm-hmm. Yeah. So there's no way it was Katie. It couldn't have been. Not in a million years.

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