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Chris: Alison, this is the third message I've left you, and you haven't called me back. I've been looking for you all over the hospital all day. Obviously you're avoiding me. Okay, I got your flowers and the note you sent about the hotel tonight. We need to talk, all right? Please call me back before your shift is over. It's important.

Alison: We'll talk -- after we make love.

Jessica: Plead guilty now and waive your right to a trial.

Marshall: No way.

Jessica: Then I hope you're prepared to watch your daughter lose whatever innocence she's managed to hang on to.

Marshall: You'll destroy her, Jessica.

Jessica: No, Marshall, you will. Now do this my way, or I will put Sarah on the stand and have her testify that you admitted raping me.

Bonnie: Oh, you will not do that, mom. Is that what this is about? The rape?

Marshall: Yes, and your mother has talked Tom Hughes into reopening the case.

Jessica: The District Attorney has every right to re-prosecute this case. It ended without a verdict. And given the seriousness of the charges, Tom thought it was time that we resolved this whole thing.

Marshall: Now, you know damn well this wasn't Tom's idea. See, Bonnie, your mother is using her relationship with the District Attorney to harass me because you won't come to heel. Isn't that right, Jessica?

Jessica: Do I want you to leave my family alone? Absolutely.

Cop: They're ready for you in booking, Mr. Travers.

Bonnie: You have every right to retry Marshall. But you will not -- I repeat, you will not put Sarah on the stand.

Jessica: Sarah is a witness.

Bonnie: To what? A private conversation with her father? It's hearsay.

Jessica: It's admissible. And Tom will ask Sarah what Marshall told her about the rape.

Bonnie: What is the matter with you? How can you do this? She is a child.

Jessica: And you are my child. And I will do whatever I can to protect you.

Dusty: Hey. What do you want?

Jennifer: A warm bed?

Dusty: Come on in. What's going on with you?

Jennifer: Well -- Paul kicked me out.

Dusty: Why?

Jennifer: Rose. She hired a private investigator who caught you and me on tape at Metro. Remember the whole part where I swore I'd break them up and where I asked if you would help me?

Dusty: She had a P.I. at the bar?

Jennifer: Either that or the place is bugged. Paul played me the tape. And he was furious. And he -- he said that I was a traitor, and that I was no better than my own mother.

Dusty: Oh, that's not very nice. Sit down. Sit down.

Jennifer: And of course, I -- there's no way I could go to Mom's. He's -- he's probably having me followed. But do you think -- thanks. -- I could stay here? Just -- just for tonight.

James: Barbara. I've waited so long.

Guard: I'll be right outside, ma'am.

James: Oh, don't worry, Ben. My wife's perfectly safe with me. You never write. You never call. You know what? A less -- a less patient man would think you didn't care.

Barbara: We're beyond all that, aren't we, James?

James: Come closer. Come closer, Barbara. Let me take a look at you. Ah. So beautiful. So refreshing.

Barbara: What are you doing?

James: I just want to touch you. I just want to touch you.

Barbara: Control yourself.

James: Or what? What will you do? You'll go running out of here? No, I don't think so. You know why? You're here because you need my help. That's why you're here. But I don't think I'm gonna give you any help. I just don't feel like it. Why should I, when you're so damn selfish?

Barbara: I'm not here for myself.

James: Oh, come on. Of course you're here for yourself! Oh, you may say it's concern for Paul, but what you're worried about is how you're going to manage when Paulís all the way across the Atlantic in Paris. Hmm? And I don't blame you, darling. But if you want my help, you're going to have to give me a little incentive, my darling.

Paul: I hate you. And I'm gonna -- I'm gonna kill you. I don't know when, but so help me God, I'm gonna kill you.

Rose: Paul? Who're you talking to? Hey, I asked you a question.

Paul: I'm -- I'm sorry. Did I wake you?

Rose: Was I sleeping? Who're you yelling at?

Paul: Nobody. I was just thinking out loud -- very loudly, I'm assuming. You know, I was gonna make myself a nice, hot cup of tea. Would you like some tea?

Rose: No, I don't want a cup of tea. I want to know what's going on.

Paul: You know, please, could you not make a -- a big deal out of this?

Rose: I just heard you threaten to kill somebody. That's a big deal. So who do you want to kill? Dusty?

Dusty: Yeah, I'd like to book a room.

Jennifer: Oh, no. No, no, please. You don't have to do that.

Dusty: I thought you had no place to go.

Jennifer: I can book a room for myself easy. I was looking for a friend. Just a friend.

Dusty: Jennifer, last time we spoke, you were trying to convince me to break up Rose and Paul. I said no. You know, you might be resentful, and this might be payback. I don't know.

Jennifer: No. You think I have a tape recorder in my bag, huh? You want to search? You want to see? You want to -- you want to frisk me?

Dusty: Well, don't tempt me, girl.

Jennifer: Maybe you're the one with the problem, not me.

Dusty: Well --

[Phone rings] Hello? Hey, buddy. No, we don't need that room anyway. That's a change in plans. Thank you.

Jennifer: I'll sleep on the couch.

Dusty: No, that's okay. I want you to take the bed. I want you to order room service, make yourself at home, do whatever you want.

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Dusty: I'll be home around noon tomorrow.

Jennifer: I didn't mean to run you out of your own place.

Dusty: No, that's okay. I want you to rest, all right?

Jennifer: Thank you, Dusty. Having Paul talk to me like that --

Dusty: I know, sweetheart.

Jessica: Sweetheart, you can't save the world. Now, I know Sarah is your friend, and I understand --

Bonnie: Oh, oh, friend? Mom? She's a lot more to me than a friend. I'm like -- I'm like a mother to her.

Jessica: But you're not her mother. You did not give birth to that child. And because you're not her mother and because you are not married to her father, thank God, you have no legal claim to Sarah. And if Marshall threatens to yank her away from you, there is absolutely nothing you can do but give in. There's more than one way to force a woman, Bonnie.

Marshall: And I would never do that.

Jessica: But you already have done that, Marshall. That's why we're here.

Marshall: You know, Jessica, just because your daughter is more compassionate, more generous, more forgiving --

Jessica: Oh, please, the fact that you would try to drive a wedge between me and my daughter by using Sarah shows that you were just using both of them, and I won't have it.

Marshall: This just is nothing but a selfish excuse to spoil a relationship between them.

Ben: All right, all right, all right. Enough! Enough, back off. Jessica --

Jessica: Ben, you said you --

Ben: Let's not make this any more difficult than it already is.

Jessica: You said you agreed with me. You see what's happening. He's using her.

Ben: Yes, I know, but you need to have a cool head about this. He is goading you. Don't let him win. Your goal here was to gain an advantage. You have done that. Don't lose it by driving Bonnie onto Travers' side. Don't attack him when you don't have to. Look, the charges have been filed. He's about to be arraigned, and believe me, he knows what you want. It's only a matter of time before he comes to you and offers a deal. Now you just have to make sure that Bonnie will abide by it.

Jessica: But I know what she's going through. She's seen some potential of goodness, and she wants to depend on it, but she canít.

Ben: And she wonít. You've already put everything in motion. You just have to be patient.

Emily: Hey. How you doing, Ali?

Alison: Me? Great. I'm almost outta here.

Emily: Great. So everything's set, you know, with you and Chris for tonight?

Alison: Well, I left him a message -- when, where, stuff like that.

Emily: But you haven't talked to him?

[Cell phone rings]

Emily: You're not gonna answer that?

Alison: No.

Emily: Alison --

Alison: If he wants to talk, he can come to the hotel and -- then we'll talk.

Emily: Yeah, but what if he can't make it? You ever think of that?

Alison: He'll be there. I've got to go. Okay. I'm gonna get to the hotel room and set things up before he gets there. But I just want to thank you so much for helping me get the room.

Emily: Oh, you're welcome. I just hope everything works out, honey. I really do.

Alison: Stop worrying. Who could resist me?

Chris: Emily. Have you seen your sister? I've been trying to reach her all day.

James: Quid pro quo -- that's your favorite game, as I recall.

Barbara: This is our son we're talking about.

James: No, it isnít. We're talking about me. We're talking about me doing you a favor. And all I need is one small favor in return.

Barbara: You're locked up. There are cameras recording your every move. How could I possibly do anything for you?

James: I just want to touch your face, your beautiful face.

Barbara: No.

James: How ungrateful of you, Barbara. You wouldn't have that beautiful face if it wasn't for me, remember? It was restored in Singapore. It cost me a fortune. It's only fair that I -- I should be able to enjoy the results. Yes. Oh, you're desperate, aren't you? What is it now? Paul. Let me guess. Right? Paul. He's back with Rose. Well, at least the boy's consistent.

Barbara: They're getting married and moving to Paris.

James: So you've failed.

Barbara: Yes, I have failed. That's why I'm here. I need your help. Please, James. Help me stop this marriage. Help me keep Paul here with his family, where he belongs.

Paul: Why would I want to kill Dusty? I mean, besides why I would want to kill Dusty. I mean, did Dusty do something now to merit being killed?

Rose: No, of course not.

Paul: Well, then why did you bring him up?

Rose: Hey, you're the one talking to the walls, okay? So you want to tell me who's gotten you so mad that you want to kill them?

Paul: All of them.

Rose: Who?

Paul: They're everywhere -- the creatures from the black lagoon.

Rose: You know, that's it. Cut it out! I'm worried about you.

Paul: Why? Come on, I'm fine.

Rose: That's it. I'm outta here.

Paul: Wait, no, no, hold on, Rose. Don't go, don't --

Rose: No, no. If you don't want to talk to me, that's it, I'm done.

Paul: Okay, fine. Hold on a second. I was talking to myself. It's kind of a habit that I've had -- well, pretty much the extent of my entire life. I'm the last of the great mutterers. And whenever I get frustrated, or if I feel like I'm stuck or something, I just -- I yell. It doesn't mean anything. I'm just kind of blowing off steam.

Rose: Steam. And you wanted to kill --

Paul: Anybody. My mother, Jennifer, my father, my dry cleaner -- have you seen the crease on these pants? It's got more doglegs than the Augusta National. That -- that was a joke.

Rose: I'm just trying to figure out what's going on with you. Paul?

Paul: I feel like I really need to get out of Oakdale. And I need to get away from my family, the emotional blackmail, the pressure for me to please, to choose, to make everything better when I know that I canít.

Rose: It's okay. It's all gonna be over soon. I'm going home.

Paul: Wait, wait, hold on. No, don't go away.

Rose: Yeah, yeah. I think you need to get some sleep, you know? Rest, maybe watch some bad TV. And I'll meet you for breakfast, okay?

Paul: Not going to let you do this to me, old man! You are not gonna drive me mad! It stops tonight.

Chris: Have you talked to Alison?

Emily: Yeah, actually, just now, before she left.

Chris: Dammit, I told her to call me before she left.

Emily: You did?

Chris: Yeah, I left her a half-dozen messages, but she's been ducking me all day.

Emily: Is there -- is there a problem?

Chris: No, I wouldn't call it a problem. She sent me flowers and an invitation to meet her at a hotel tonight. Why don't you look surprised?

Emily: I knew about it. She sort of asked me to help her plan it.

Chris: And you were being kind.

Emily: Yeah, so was she. It was supposed to be a nice surprise, Chris. Am I wrong?

Chris: No.

Emily: What's going on here?

Chris: It's -- if she would call me back, I could tell you.

Emily: Well, what, are you not free tonight?

Chris: No, I'm free. It's just your sister and I need to talk.

Emily: About what?

Chris: I need to slow things down.

Emily: Wait a minute. You slept with her, and now suddenly, you need to slow things down?

Molly: Dusty?

Dusty: Hey. I thought we might celebrate, if it's not too late.

Molly: What would give you that idea?

Dusty: I can always crash at the bar if it's a problem.

Molly: You here to celebrate or crash?

Dusty: Jennifer shows up at my place, totally unannounced. So I guess her brother kicked her out, so I took her in. I thought of you, and here I am.

Molly: In that order?

Dusty: What the hell is this? Where are your glasses?

Molly: I'm not thirsty. But help yourself -- you always do.

Dusty: Are you having a problem?

Molly: Yes, I am. I'm having a problem with you assuming you can just come by here whenever you want with champagne. What is that, my fee?

Dusty: I thought you'd like it.

Molly: Enough to let you crawl into my bed?

Dusty: No, what are you talking about?

Molly: You are such a liar.

Dusty: You are so cranky when you're woken up.

Molly: Well, sorry, okay? Forgive me for not being wide-eyed and wet-eyed and redheaded.

Dusty: Redhead -- this is about Jennifer?

Molly: Or Rose or whoever else you're tiptoeing around at the moment. What do you think? Just "good ol' Molly, I can go there. She'll be ready for me. I can land on Molly." Well, guess what? Get out.

Barbara: You're not going to help me?

James: You don't need my help, Barbara. You've got all the ammunition you need to keep Paul in Oakdale.

Barbara: No, no, I have done everything I possibly can. I hired a private detective to take pictures of Rose to prove to Paul that she was still involved with Dusty Donovan. He didn't care. He just got angry with me.

James: Of course he got angry with you. You invaded his privacy. You insulted his girlfriend.

Barbara: Believe me, that's impossible.

James: You've got to learn that attacking Rose is not the way to go. It only brings out the knight in shining armor in our son. He's inclined to just rush to her rescue. You've got to face some facts, Barbara. Paul has chosen sides. He's chosen Rose over you. You accept it.

Barbara: So that's it? He marries her and moves thousands of miles away?

James: Not if you exploit his vulnerable side.

Barbara: Which is what?

James: Will Munson.

Barbara: Apparently, Paul doesn't care so much about his little brother anymore. When Will found out about Paulís move to Paris, he was devastated, and Paul barely blinked.

James: That's because you have convinced Paul that you -- that you're all that Will needs. Persuade Paul that Will's existence, his sanity, his health depends on a very close relationship with his brother.

Barbara: And then I will have the upper hand.

James: That's my girl.

[Buzzer sounds]

Guard: You have another visitor. Your son, Paul?

James: Oh, good, Ben, show him in.

Barbara: Paul's here? Paul's here. He can't see me here. He can't see me here.

James: Well, you can't go running out. You'll run right past him.

Barbara: Well, there's got to be another way out of here.

James: I wish there were another way out. No way I've ever seen.

Barbara: That's not funny, James.

James: Okay. Over there in that corner. It's dark over there. He'll be so busy glaring at me, he won't notice you.

[Buzzer sounds] Well, well, well, all the way from Oakdale just to see dear old dad.

Paul: Pay attention. I'm going to marry Rose. That's the plan. There's no other plan, because that's the only plan. I'm not gonna back out of this. I'm not gonna ditch her at the altar, none of that rampaging revenge that you've been lobbying for. I love her, Dad. And I'm gonna marry her, and I'm gonna move to Paris. You got that?

James: I've got that, but that's old news. Your mother told me all about it. Didn't you, darling, hmm?

Barbara: Damn you, James.

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Paul: I'm gonna marry Rose.

James: So you say. But I'm telling you something right now. You, Rose -- it'll never happen. It'll never work.

Chris: I'm not mad at you. I just didn't want to do this here.

Alison: Do what?

Chris: Alison is a lot younger than I am.

Emily: And you're just figuring that out?

Chris: No, I knew. I just didn't realize what it all meant. I mean, that she'd get so attached.

Emily: She was a virgin until you came along, Chris.

Chris: I know.

Emily: And now she happens to be in love with you.

Chris: Look, I know. Okay? But the last few days, she's been a complete nightmare, all right? She lied to me. She put Katie in danger. Mike ended up in the hospital because she dragged him out on a wild goose chase.

Emily: You can't blame that on her.

Chris: Look, I'm not blaming her, okay? I'm blaming myself. It's all my fault. I've handled it all wrong. You know, I let myself get caught up in what we had without realizing that she can't handle a real relationship. And I would tell her that, Emily, if she would call me back. But, no, Alisonís out on some fantasy trip, and to hell with everybody else.

Emily: All right, well, just don't be mad at her.

Chris: Look, I'm not mad at her, okay? I'm just not looking forward to this.

Emily: You know what, like it or not, she did this to prove that she's grown up, okay? So just go easy on her.

Chris: I will.

Emily: No, I mean it. You go easy on her. You hurt her, you're gonna have to deal with --

Chris: Emily, she is gonna be hurt no matter how I handle this, all right? But at least we won't be hurting anybody else.

Bellboy: I trust Ms. Stewart will be comfortable here.

Alison: Ms. Stewart will be beyond comfortable. Oh. There.

Bellboy: You're very generous, ma'am. Thank you.

Alison: Any time.

[Alison sighs] Mango cream rinse, citrus body bath, lavender shampoo? Spa girl, here I come. Chris is gonna love this.

Ben: Bonnie is smart. She'll see Travers for what he really is, but you just have to give her some time.

Jessica: But what if there is no time? What if he decides to make a move before I can stop him?

Ben: Make a move? What are you saying? You think Travers is -- is gonna force himself on Bonnie?

Jessica: I don't know. I don't know what he's going to do. But I do know what he's capable of.

Bonnie: Mom, I don't want to fight. I understand how you feel. I do. I just want you to think about something, okay? Sarah. She's so very young. Street smart, yes. But emotionally? She's a child, Mom. And at the end of the day, she doesn't deserve to be dragged into all of this. I personally don't think she can handle it.

Jessica: Well, you should take that up with her father.

Bonnie: Did he commit a crime? Yes. But he didn't deserve for you to send the cops to arrest him in front of his daughter and her friends.

Jessica: Marshall has dragged you into his life.

Bonnie: And so you're gonna punish him?

Jessica: I'm gonna do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

Bonnie: Even if it means subjecting Sarah to a cross examination in a public courtroom? God, we have already had to take her out of one high school because the kids were teasing her about her dad.

Jessica: We? We had to take her out of school? Who is this we? Do you hear yourself?

Bonnie: In absence of a mother, her father's asked me to help.

Jessica: I'm sure he has.

Bonnie: The point here, Mom, is that Sarah --

Jessica: No, the point here is Marshall. And until you understand that, Bonnie --

Bonnie: You're gonna what, torture his daughter? Talk about blackmail. Mom, you're just as bad as he is.

Jessica: No, I am not.

Bonnie: No?

Jessica: No.

Bonnie: No? If I don't do what you say, you are gonna put his daughter on the stand. Am I right? And you wonder why I feel like Sarah needs me now more than ever.

[Jessica sighs]

Ben: Bonnie's frustrated. Come on, you've got to give her some space, all right?

Jessica: I'm gonna lose her.

Ben: No. No, you're not. You're not.

Marshall: Here. Here, take this.

Paul: Barbara, what are you doing here?

Barbara: I could ask you the same thing.

Paul: If this is about Rose --

Barbara: You see? He's obsessed with her.

Paul: No, I'm warning you. I'm warning both of you. If you hurt her, I'll find you. I will hunt you down, and I will make you suffer the way you made her suffer. I will destroy you.

Barbara: You're as mad as he is. Guard!

James: See, you've upset your mother.

Barbara: Guard!

James: You've upset your mother. Fine thing. Guard, I'm afraid my wife is a bit claustrophobic.

Paul: Yeah, marriage to him. It could happen to anybody. It's over, Dad. It's over. It's done.

James: Strange, I see you standing right here in front of me.

Paul: Only to tell you that you have lost your hold on me. I know you lured me back to town, but the plans have changed. I'm gonna marry Rose, and I'll live happily ever after.

James: So you say. But I'm telling you something right now. You, Rose -- it'll never happen. It'll never work.

Dusty: You want me to go, I'll go. But I'll tell you something. I'm not assuming anything. I'm not using you. I'm here because I want to be here. I don't want to be with some redhead that shows up unannounced. Her whole family's crazy. I want nothing to do with 'em. So I left her at my place, and here I am.

Molly: Listen to me. I meant it when I said that I was your friend. I am. I already told you how I felt about you. So for you to not call and then to show up, the champagne, I felt like I was being played.

Dusty: Well, that's not the case.

Molly: Did you raid Metro's wine cellar?

Dusty: Of course I did. What's mine is yours, baby.

Molly: Why'd you come here?

Dusty: Because it felt right.

Molly: Try again.

Dusty: I don't have the answer.

Molly: Jennifer Munson shows up at your place, and you come here. Why?

Dusty: 'Cause she made me feel worse.

Molly: Who?

Dusty: Rose, I guess. Are we friends, or are you gonna start punishing me for telling you the truth?

Molly: The first one, friends.

Dusty: Well, I guess that Rose ruined being alone for me. You know, I used to be good at it, then she just got in there and rearranged the wiring, I guess. Anyway, I was having a really rough night. And Jennifer came over, wanting something. And so, you know, it made me feel worse.

Molly: And so you came here?

Dusty: Yeah. 'Cause you make me feel better.

Molly: Aw, my buddy. You make me feel better, too. You do.

[Knocking at door]

Jennifer: What? Dusty? Is that you?

[Knocking at door] Hang on, hang on, I'm coming. Mom?

Barbara: The night clerk told me my daughter was shacked up with a certain Mr. Donovan.

Jennifer: And you came by to lecture me on safe sex?

Barbara: Well, since there's no one less safe than Dusty Donovan, obviously you need a lecture. Where is he?

Jennifer: He's not here, Mom. He was kind enough to give me a place to crash after Paul threw me out.

Barbara: Paul threw you out?

Jennifer: He had Rose pack up a bag and shove me out the door.

Barbara: Oh, honey, I had no idea. What happened?

Jennifer: Well, it wasn't just one thing. It -- it's probably for the best. Things were getting very difficult.

Barbara: Because of Rose.

Jennifer: Listen, I really -- really don't want to talk about this right now.

Barbara: It's very painful when someone you love chooses an outsider over family. Why didn't you come to me?

Jennifer: I'd prefer to stay out of the line of fire, Mom.

Barbara: I hope that's possible. I just came from seeing James.

Jennifer: You went to the prison?

Barbara: Yes, we had paperwork to discuss. And you'll never guess who was there -- your brother.

Jennifer: Paul was with James?

Barbara: And there's no telling what they are up to. Honey, I have to keep you safe. You have to come home with me.

Alison: Yes, this is Ms. Stewart in room 1219. I would like to order the fresh fruit and cheese tray. Yes. Thanks.

Alison: So what do you think, doctor? Am I woman enough for you?

Imaginary Chris: I think that you're enough woman for any man. But lucky me, you're mine.

[Knocking at door]

Alison: Room service. I'm coming. Chris. Chris, you're here. Oh, this is so great. You should see the room. It's fabulous.

Chris: Alison, we --

Alison: All those times we tried to sneak away to someplace wonderful, and it's finally happening.

Chris: Alison, we need to talk.

Alison: Well, let me just give you a tour first. The room service -- it's a little backed up, but I ordered something just in case we get hungry. Just some fruit and cheese, but if you want something else, maybe some champagne, you can just give them a call. And there's this wonderful almond soap and --

Chris: Alison, I don't care about the room or the champagne or the soap. We need to have a serious conversation, okay?

Alison: Well, we have all night.

Chris: No, we donít.

Alison: Are you on call?

Chris: If you would have answered any of my phone calls or returned my messages, we could have had this discussion before you went to all this trouble. Look, I'm not mad at you. I just didn't want to do this here. Someplace else -- anyplace else.

Alison: Do what? No, no, I don't -- I don't think I want to know.

Bonnie: Thanks for this.

Marshall: I take it you didn't get through to your mother.

Bonnie: She's so stubborn. Of course, you already know that.

Marshall: You know, I -- I just don't get it. Putting a child on the stand? I mean, for what? For vengeance?

Bonnie: Well, that's not gonna happen. I won't let it happen.

Marshall: No, we won't let that happen.

Bonnie: This is all my fault. If I never was involved with Sarah, my mom would never have reopened this case.

Marshall: Listen, Bonnie, you are the best thing that happened to that child. All right? And I'm gonna do everything, anything I have to make sure that Sarah always has you in her life.

Cop: You're next on the docket, so if you want to call a lawyer --

Marshall: No, I'll be handling this. Listen, this is a sham, Bonnie. Your mother knows it. All right? Now, I'm gonna be handling this myself, and I don't care who else knows about it or what they think of it.

Cop: Knock yourself out, counselor.

Bonnie: I'm going to go find Sarah.

Marshall: No, wait. This isn't gonna take very long. So if you wouldn't mind waiting, maybe you could give me a ride to my car. Sarah isn't, you know, gonna know what's going on, so maybe we can tell her together.

Bonnie: All right. I'll wait.

Marshall: We're gonna beat this, Bonnie. You and me. For Sarahís sake.

Bonnie: For Sarah.

Barbara: You know, your brother's gonna do anything to get back at me. He's not in his right mind.

Jennifer: Mom, I don't want to hear this.

Barbara: Why do you think he's in such a rush to marry Rose? Because he's convinced himself if he doesn't race into action, the minute he turns his back, he's gonna lose her again. And why is he taking her all the way off to Paris? Because he is so full of doubt. But instead of blasting Rose, he's aiming all of his anger at me. And now at you.

Jennifer: But why involve James?

Barbara: He's telling himself he's using James. And James is letting him believe that, because James has his own agenda.

Jennifer: What sort of agenda?

Barbara: He's determined to prove to Paul that he is a Steinbeck. And he may win.

Jennifer: No.

Barbara: Now, I'm not trying to run your life, but until this wedding thing blows over, would you just consider coming home with Will and me?

Jennifer: I'll see you in the morning, Mom.

Barbara: First thing. And if you need anything tonight, I'm -- I'm just upstairs, okay? Okay. Sweet dreams.

Jennifer: Night.

[Barbara leaves room]

Barbara: Jennifer's coming home. And now for Will -- I have to convince him to help me to get Paul to stay.

Paul: What won't work? The marriage won't work? The move won't work? What? Being so far away from you?

James: None of it. It won't happen.

Paul: Why? You and Barbara hatched another scheme?

James: No, no, no, your mother and I won't have to do a thing. You'll do it all yourself, Paul.

Paul: What? What'll I do all by myself?

James: Let me explain something to you, Paul. When a Stenbeck is betrayed by someone he loves, it can only lead to one thing. Now, I'll let the target be up to you. But, trust me, someone is going to pay. And they're gonna pay in blood.

Paul: You're the murderer here, not me.

James: Oh, we'll see about that. It's only a matter of time, Paul. You got far too much anger to let this thing go.

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Marshall: You're not going anywhere, all right? Let her go, Bonnie. You're not going anywhere with my daughter!

Sarah: Bonnie!

Marshall: Let's go. Come on, we're leaving!

Mike: What'd you mean last night when you said you never meant to hurt me on purpose?

James: You see the wheels of retribution turning now. The plotting has begun.

Paul: You want to see a good show? I'll show you a good show.

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