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Chris: Hey, Alison. Whoa, you're not even going to say hi?

Alison: We're slowing things down, right? I was just trying to follow the rules.

Chris: There are no rules.

Alison: Of course there are. So just tell me what I should and shouldn't do, and everything will be cool again.

Chris: You know, you couldn't follow the rules if you tried. It's not your M.O.

Alison: Well, I can be good. I can be really, really good. Remember? So tell me what to do.

Chris: Stop. Everything.

Alison: Stop avoiding you? Stop ignoring your calls? Sorry, Doctor, it's not as easy as you thought it was going to be, and if I'm supposed to make it easier on you --

Chris: We have to stop doing this, Alison.

Alison: Stop doing what? I'm -- I'm not doing anything.

Chris: You know, we need to talk -- about everything.

Alison: See me tonight?

Chris: No, we shouldnít.

Alison: But you want to. And so do I. So I'll see you tonight. It's a date!

Chris: Alison, I'm -- that's not a very good --

Alison: Don't worry about it. I'll take care of everything.

Molly: So what's a nice guy like you doing in a joint like this?

Paul: I'm here to see Hal. Why, what's your excuse?

Molly: Oh, I don't know -- I have something I have to take care of.

Paul: "Thing"? Is that what you call Dusty? A thing? I heard about the arrest.

Molly: Wow. Bad news travels fast.

Paul: Not as fast as I'm sure you traveled down here to bail him out.

Molly: That's none of your business.

Paul: I always liked you, Molly. Always figured you for one of the smart ones, but-- not when it comes to Dusty. He's a thug. And I don't know why you don't do what Rose did and just dump the guy and cut your losses and don't ever look back.

Rose: Buh-bye. Thanks for coming!

Mitzi: Bye.

Rose: She looks so much better with those highlights.

Mitzi: Whole time I was doin' it, she kept saying how much she's gonna miss this place. Not as much as I am, though.

Rose: Hey. Hey, remember what you just said to her? "Change is good."

Mitzi: Yeah. You just got to make sure you know what you're giving up. 'Cause sometimes, you don't get a second chance.

Jennifer: Ready to have that chat we talked about?

Rose: Yes -- kind of like that root canal I've been putting off. Let's go in the back for some privacy.

Margo: Look, I know that you've -- you've had to go over this about 100 times, but I've got to ask you once again. Is there anything more about the accident that you recall, huh?

Mike: I told you everything I remember. I stopped to help this lady -- she ran out of gas, car broke down. I ran across the street to help her out.

Margo: Well, what about -- how much more of the car did you see that hit you?

Mike: Nothing but headlights.

Margo: Anything that you recall? The -- the driver, the face, the hair? Was it a man, a woman -- ?

Mike: My last thought -- all I could think about was getting ahold of this weak, gutless person that did this to me.

Katie: How many times are they going to question Mike about the stupid accident?

Henry: Katie, until they figure out that his memory is gone, and then they'll just leave him alone. All right?

Katie: Well, you know what they say -- after a trauma, people think that they don't remember anything at first, and then days go by, or weeks, and then all of a sudden they start piecing things together. What if Mike does that, and he realizes that I'm the one who hit him?

Henry: He won't! He won't, okay? And even if, by some miracle, he gets some kind of total recall, he will lie through his teeth to keep you from doing time.

Katie: I don't care what happens to me!

Henry: Katie --

Katie: I just want Mike to get better. And if Margoís gonna find out that I'm the one who was driving that car that hit him, her car -- I want her to find out from me.

Henry: What do you know? Margo! Hey!

Margo: Hey, you two.

Katie: How's Mike?

Margo: He's fine. He still doesn't recall anything about the accident.

Henry: Doggone it. That's got to be tough.

Margo: We've got other evidence. In fact, Jack is meeting me here. Their forensics report just came in.

Katie: What -- what kind of evidence?

Margo: I don't know yet. I'll let you know later. Keep your fingers crossed.

Katie: Oh, Henry!

Henry: No, listen -- hey, don't -- don't worry about it.

Katie: This is just what I was afraid of. Margo's going to find out the truth. She's going to hate me forever. And Mike is never going to forgive me!

Henry: Just calm down, okay? We're going to come up with a plan.

Katie: I already did. You're going to follow Margo and find out what she knows.

Katie: I can't do this. I can't do this anymore. I can't lie like this!

Henry: There is nothing for you to do.

Katie: I have to tell Margo. What if somebody gets blamed, Henry? I already talked to Dr. Bob. He says that I'm not qualified enough to help Mike, so there goes that plan.

Henry: Oh, please. Dr. Bob, come on, he's just a doctor. He doesn't know anything.

Katie: Oh, fine. I'll plead insanity. At least, that way, I can be in a hospital, because I won't last one night in prison.

Henry: All right. All right, all right, all right, okay. I'll find out what they know. Man -- you -- you have got to promise me that you'll get your cute little buns into Mike's room and convince him that he needs you for a full physical and spiritual recovery.

Katie: I will try.

Henry: All right now. Good. Now do something with your lips. Put a little mascara on, all right? And you need a little bit more blush. And, uh, do that thing with your hair. You know, make him want it.

Katie: Good-bye, Henry.

Jack: A report on the tires from the hit and run.

Margo: Great. Anything that's going to help us I.D. the car?

Jack: Nah, it doesn't look good. The tires were practically new, and they're the most popular size and tread available.

Margo: Oh, great. Needle in a haystack.

Jack: Yeah. One thing we know for sure is that the woman that Mike was trying to help that night said the car that hit him was navy blue. So we're looking for a navy blue car with new treads.

Margo: How new?

Jack: The report says less than 500 miles.

Margo: Okay. How long does it take to put 500 miles on new tires?

Jack: Depends on the driver. Some -- takes a month, others can do it in a day.

Margo: Great. So we're looking at a month's worth of new tire receipts?

Henry: I am tailing the cops. I have got to be out of my mind. Anything for you, bubbles.

Mike: Back again? You don't give up, do you?

Katie: Nope. I should let you know that I went above your head and asked Dr. Bob if I could be your right-hand man when you get released.

Mike: I thought we'd been through this.

Katie: Don't worry. I got overruled. So I'm not going to be able to get you back on your feet therapeutically or medically speaking, but -- I can do the fun stuff. I know how much you like my cooking, so I'll cook for you. I can run errands. I will rent movies, tell jokes, whatever you want.

Mike: That sounds nice, but I --

Ben: Hey, Katie.

Katie: Hey. How's it going, man?

Mike: Hangin' in there, brother.

Ben: All righty. Well, I have got some news that I think is going to make your day a little brighter. I spoke with Bob, and we both agreed that you're not gonna need professional home care for as long as I initially thought.

Mike: Good.

Ben: If you keep absolutely all the pressure off of anything that was broken. That means no weight on your leg or your arm.

Mike: You have my word.

Ben: Okay.

Mike: Now, what do I have to do to get a nurse?

Ben: Ah, well, funny you should ask. I have found the best orthopedic nurse in Oakdale. She cross-trained as both a nurse and a physical therapist. Glenda, this is the patient.

Glenda: It's great to meet you, Mike. Ben's told me so much about you.

Mike: I'm sure he has.

Glenda: We're going to work hard, but we'll take it nice and slow, until you're strong enough. How's that sound?

Mike: You're the nurse.

Glenda: Oh, and he follows orders, too. I think we'll get along just fine.

Katie: Well, I guess you won't need me, after all.

Rose: All right. Let's get this over with. Say what you want to say. I'm ready.

Jennifer: Rose, do you love my brother? I mean, do you really, really love him?

Rose: Wow, mm. What do you think?

Jennifer: I -- well, I think that you're hurt. And that you're out-of-your-mind jealous from seeing Dusty and Molly together at the bar. That's what I think.

Rose: All right. I was mad. I was mad at myself for allowing that creep to get to me.

Jennifer: I saw you, Rose. He broke your heart. Don't you think that Paul deserves to be a little bit more than a rebound guy?

Rose: He is. Jen, he's -- he's everything. And you know what? Can I remind you that I was engaged to Paul long before Dusty slithered back into town?

Jennifer: Well, may I remind you that you then dumped Paul for his best friend? He was so devastated, Rose, that he had to leave town. You drove him away from his home, from his family -- and now you're doing it again. You're taking him to Paris, away from all of us.

Rose: Hold on a second. He left town the first time because of your mother, not me. And he went looking for an apartment in Paris because of your mother, not me. We want to have a life together without her hovering around, trying to ruin it for us. It was Paulís idea to go to Paris.

Jennifer: Paul's idea?

Rose: Yeah. And I'm thinking maybe that wasn't far enough -- Paris. I love him. I'm engaged to him. He's the most incredible man in the world. The best gift I can give him is getting him away from that psycho father, the crazy mother and this witchy little sister of his.

Jennifer: Okay, Rose. Then what about Will? Hmm? His little brother, Will, who adores him? Who can't do anything without him? Who's never hurt anyone in his entire life? Don't you see how much he needs Paul? Or don't you care that you might be hurting an innocent kid?

Paul: But, hey, you want to bail him out? Go right ahead. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Molly: Well, lookie there. Paul Ryan shaking in his shiny shoes.

Paul: No. I'm not afraid of Dusty Donovan.

Molly: Yes, you are. You are afraid of Dusty Donovan. You think that if I bail him out, he'll run right to Rose and seduce her away from you.

Dusty: Let me share a secret with you. You never need to seduce a woman who's ripe for the picking.

Hal: Gentlemen --

Paul: This -- this is what you've settled for? After Jake and after Mike, this? Doesn't respect anybody, not even himself. Go ahead. Bail him out. Let him use you and your money again. He does it so well.

Dusty: He's a little scared that if you don't bail me out, his fiancťe will.

Hal: This way, Donovan.

Hal: So, did you come here to see me or go a few rounds with Donovan?

Paul: Maybe a little from column "A," and a little from column "B." I'm here for Will. Check out what I bought this morning.

Hal: A Mickey Mantle rookie card?

Paul: Yeah. He'll like that, right?

Hal: Are you kidding? I love it. This thing is worth a fortune.

Paul: It's for Will, Hal. Yeah, yeah, it cost a lot, but for that kid, I'd pay double.

Hal: Oh, man, is he gonna flip. But, Paul, if you think that this is going to take the sting out of your moving to Paris, forget it.

Paul: I know. Rose and I, we dropped by late last night to talk about it with him. You know, try and reassure him --

Hal: Yeah, and since that didn't work, you pull out the heavy artillery. Good luck.

Paul: Well, did he say anything to you?

Hal: He didn't say a word this morning.

Paul: How about this? How about I take care of his passport, you know, the photos and the forms and all of that, and then I get him a prepaid, round-trip, first-class air ticket to Paris -- he can come visit me whenever he wants.

Hal: You think that Barbaraís gonna go for that? You think again.

Paul: I'll figure out a way around Barbara.

Hal: Yeah, keep your ticket, Paul. Will doesn't want to come see you when he's got a couple of weeks vacation. He doesn't want to talk to you long distance on the phone when you remember to call. He wants you here. He wants you to stay.

Rose: Will is a terrific kid, and nobody wants to hurt him, especially me. But I will not let you or your mother use him to hold Paul hostage.

Jennifer: Will needs Paul as much as Paul needs his entire family.

Rose: His entire family is the reason he's runnin' for the hills, honey.

Jennifer: Okay, fine, fine, fine. Blame us. But think about Will, Rose --

Rose: Oh, shut up about Will. I don't care about Will. It's not about Will!

Jennifer: Oh, look who's the monster now.

Rose: Ah, no. See, don't do that. Don't -- don't turn my words around. Donít. This is about Paul and the kind of life he wants for himself.

Jennifer: You don't love him! You're using him.

Rose: Using him for what?!

Jennifer: To get away from Dusty. He's the one you really want.

Rose: Ah, this is ridiculous. Dusty Donovan was a huge mistake in my life, and that is it. You know nothing about me.

Jennifer: Think so?

Rose: Yeah.

Jennifer: All right, well try this on. You can't wait to marry Paul and get out of town because you know that if you stay here, you're toast. Because Dusty is the one that you can't resist. And if you don't put at least an ocean between you, one thing will lead to another, and he'll break your heart -- again.

Bob: Having a rough day?

Chris: You have no idea.

Bob: Anything I can help you with?

Chris: I don't know, Dad --

Bob: Well, come on, run it by me. Let's see if I still have it.

Chris: I got roped into doing something I didn't intend to. I've got a date with Alison.

Bob: Oh. Well, I can help you with medical problems, but Alison -- is Alison.

Chris: But, you know, it's all my fault. You know? We were walking in the hallway, and all I had to do was keep going. But I stop, we talk, and before I know it, she's kissing me.

Bob: And you were powerless to stop her.

Chris: No, it's just every time I try and cool things off, she shows up, looking so --

Bob: Yeah, yeah, I get the picture.

Chris: No -- and then she'll do or say something and -- so completely unexpected, she ends up on my mind all day.

Bob: Sounds dangerous.

Chris: The really dangerous part is when the lying, scheming, anything-to-get-what-she-wants Alison shows up, and it slaps me right back into reality.

Bob: You don't need my advice. You know what you have to do.

Chris: I have to break up with Alison.

Emily: Alison, what do you think you're doing?

Alison: Just a little self-help. If I'd known that you were home --

Emily: You would've been more careful about stealing from me?

Alison: No, I didn't take any of your money or anything.

Emily: Well, what's in your hand?

Alison: I'm just borrowing it.

Emily: My credit card?! Alison --

Alison: No, it's an emergency!

Emily: What kind of emergency, Alison?

Alison: Well, I have to spend some time with Chris.

Emily: With Chris. I thought the two of you were going to turn down the heat.

Alison: What? I'm -- I'm not even allowed to plan a romantic night with a man that I've been seeing?

Emily: Okay, so, what did you have in mind, Alison? A romantic balloon ride across the countryside? A picnic, maybe, in a field of flowers with nothing but a blanket of stars above you? Are you going to use my credit card to rent a yacht to sail around the world?

Alison: Better! I'm going to get a hotel room --

Emily: Okay -- so we're not talking romance. We're talking sex.

Alison: So?

Emily: So -- so you're going to use sex to get things back on track with Chris?

Alison: Well, my card is maxed out, so I --

Emily: Forget it!

Alison: You know, Emily -- but you have to help me. I need you to and -- Chris is in one of those moods where he thinks I'm immature. But -- but they pass.

Emily: Okay, let me guess. Those moods pass every time the two of you have sex?

Alison: No, it's not just about sex. It's about being close and having a chance to talk and make up and -- I love him. Emily, please.

Emily: You love him. Well, the answer is still no. I'm not paying for you to get in deeper and deeper with a guy who I know is going to break your heart.

Ben: Katie?

Katie: Oh, I'm fine. Thanks. Really. So, tell me about this Glenda. Is she the good fairy of physical therapists?

Ben: She is --

Katie: Cooks and cleans by day, perfect companion by night?

Ben: She's a highly qualified nurse.

Katie: Oh, really?

Ben: Yes.

Katie: Well, I hope so, because she looks like "playtime's" nurse babe of the year.

Ben: So Glenda has you this upset?

Katie: I wanted to be the one to take care of Mike. To help him through this. I have the time. I have the will. I just need the skill.

Ben: And why is this so important to you?

Katie: Because I said some awful things to Mike before the accident. Things that people should not say to each other. I was just hurt and confused and scared, and I still had that awful fever. I didn't know what I was doing. And then he got hit. I mean, what if something worse had happened, Ben? What if he died?

Ben: It's going to be okay, Katie.

Katie: I know. I just know that we have this second chance, and I want to make it right. You know, I want to help him. I want to make things good between us, but now he hates me.

Ben: Why would you say that?

Katie: Because every time I walk into the room, he kicks me out. What do you think? You explain it.

Ben: Katie, I can assure you, Mike does not hate you.

Katie: Then why is he acting like this?

Ben: Because he's angry. Not with you. He's angry at whoever it was that ran him down and left him in the street to die.

Margo: It was a hit and run. Perp got away clean, except for these tire tracks here. So we've got to find the car. Do you sell many of these kinds of tires?

Clerk: We're the biggest distributor of Bel-Air tires in the area.

Margo: Well, congratulations. That means I'll need a printout of all the purchases from every store within a 100 mile radius.

Clerk: That's a hell of a lot of tires.

Margo: Yes, sir, it is. So, it looks like you've got your work cut out for you.

Clerk: Okay, I'll get right on it.

Margo: Thank you.

Henry: See, what did I tell you, Katie? They've got nothing. Jack. Jack, hey, what a surprise. Uh, just here buying some tires.

Jack: Why were you headed in the opposite direction? You running from somebody?

Margo: Scared of the big, bad cops? Hmm? The question is -- why?

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Rose: Don't even think about trying to stop this wedding.

Paul: It's over, Donovan. I don't know why you don't have the good sense to just give up.

Henry: Tell me what our next move is, huh?

Katie: Get rid of her.

Henry: I'll just go about my business and get my tires at another place and another time.

Jack: I saw you listening in on Margoís conversation.

Henry: Oh -- oh, come on. I -- yeah, right. Maybe it appeared that way --

Margo: Well, then, Henry, do you want to tell us how it really was?

Henry: Yeah. I came in here to buy some tires. I was going towards the counter, I saw the detective in there, and I -- I freaked out, really. I had, like, a panic attack. You ever have one of those? I -- I couldn't breathe. I broke out into a cold sweat, and I couldn't even hear what she was saying because of the ringing in my ears!

Jack: Why are you so nervous, Henry?

Henry: Jack, why am I so nervous? I've been in your holding cell more times than we care to recollect, all right? And I'm having a bit of a sense memory, here, and it -- you know what? It's making me a little queasy. So if you'd just let me go about my business, I think it'd be best, before my symptoms become more pronounced. There we go, another brilliant decision by the Oakdale PD.

Jack: You believe a word of that?

Margo: Nah, but I guess Henryís got as much right to buy tires as anybody else, hmm?

Katie: Well, I guess the only way I can help Mike is just to help the police find the person that did this to him.

Ben: Why don't you leave the police work to Margo? But there are other ways you can help Mike with his recovery.

Katie: Really? How?

Ben: Yeah, well, Glendaís going to help him with the basics -- using his crutches, managing stairs, but I know Mike, and he has no patience. And once he masters the basics, he's going to start pushing his recovery too fast and too hard.

Katie: Well, I'm sure Miss Glenda has a magic spell for that.

Ben: Yeah. Mike's going to flash his smile on her and work his charm. He's going to do whatever he wants to do. It's pretty easy to ignore the good advice of a stranger. But something tells me he'd have a very tough time ignoring you.

Katie: You really think he needs me?

Ben: Well, he doesn't need you helping him because you feel guilty over what you said or what you didn't say. So if you can leave all that baggage at the door, I think maybe the two of you could be very good for each other.

Alison: It's -- it's not like I'm talking about tricking him or anything, like you used to do. All I'm asking for is one night alone with the guy that I love.

Emily: All right. All right! I cannot believe I'm going to say this, but if you want to go through with this, at least tell Chris, okay? Before you make a hotel reservation.

Alison: No, I can't! Because then it won't be a surprise. This is the only way that's its going to work out.

Emily: No, Alison, this is an ambush!

Alison: Well, what's wrong with being ambushed by love?

Emily: Oh, Alison --

[Emily laughs]

Alison: He'll thank me for it. Now, I'm trying to be calm and rational and mature, but if you don't help me, then -- I'm not going to give up. And you know how much trouble I get into when I'm not -- when I'm not thinking correctly and I'm desperate. What, do you want me to have sex in the back of his car?

Emily: Oh, Alison, all right -- all right. Just tell me what hotel I'm supposed to call.

Alison: Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you! Oh, here. This is all of the hotel information. Thank you so much.

Emily: Okay, Alison. Just -- oh, I hope I'm not gonna regret this.

Bob: Look, obviously this is eating up a lot of your energy, and you have your career to consider. You get a lot of pressure in a hospital, from doctors, nurses, patients. It's tough on a young doctor. And if you're worried about somebody else's life and trying to save lives and tend to your own life, you could wind up losing the whole thing.

Chris: If only I weren't crazy about her.

Bob: It's not going to be easy, son. But you have to make up your mind. What do you want in a partner? Do you want a woman who you can rely on? Or do you want a child who has no choice but to rely on you?

Rose: Try again, little girl. You -- you're the one that's stupid for Dusty Donovan. Look at you. I'm in love with Paul.

Jennifer: Okay, then prove it. Think of his little brother, Will. Be nice to him. After you guys get married, just stay here at Oakdale.

Rose: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Weren't you the one that was traipsing all over Europe, who didn't care about Paul or Will or anybody else? Why do you get to have the life you want, and Paul has to have the life that you and your mother want for him? No. We're leaving. You're asking too much. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Do you ever think of anyone except yourself, Rose?

Rose: You think this is easy for me? Walking away from my sister, my nieces, my nephews, my family, this beauty shop that I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl and learned how to braid hair?

Jennifer: Then don't go.

Rose: Paul and I just don't want to get married. We want to stay married. And the only way we can do that is by leaving town.

Jennifer: Well, if you think I'm gonna stand by and let you hurt Will and break our heart --

Rose: No, no, no, no, no, donít. Don't even think about trying to stop this wedding. I've got a lot of dirty tricks that I learned from your mother. Don't do it. I'm telling you right now, do not mess with me. Got it?

Molly: Hal? The desk sergeant says you have to initial some papers before Dustyís free to go.

Hal: I'll be there in a second. Make a decision that you can live with. I'll be here for Will.

Dusty: I couldn't help overhearing. Does Rose know that you're having second thoughts?

Paul: About going to Paris, not about getting married.

Dusty: Right.

Paul: Yeah, no. Not a thing you can do about that.

Dusty: You don't think so? I think I could, if I tried.

Paul: I think you did try. That's right. Yeah, I heard about all that. You got her alone and turned on the charm. And guess what? It didn't work. It's over, Donovan. I don't know why you don't have the good sense to just give up.

Dusty: You know who's gonna end up killing you and Rose? Check the mirror, pal.

Katie: Mike? Mike -- Mike, wake up.

Mike: Hey.

Katie: Hi.

Mike: What are you doing here?

Katie: You were having a bad dream.

Mike: Yeah?

Katie: Was it about the accident?

Mike: Thank you for waking me up. You take care of yourself, all right?

Katie: Oh. Okay. Sleep well, I guess. But I'm gonna give you fair warning. I'll be back. And I'm gonna keep coming back until you stop trying to shut me out. I'll see you later, Mike.

Katie: Glenda, hi. Glad I got a chance to see you.

Glenda: Oh.

Katie: Listen, I spoke with Ben -- Dr. Harris -- and he's brought me up to date with everything. So I just wanted to say I'm glad you're gonna be there to make sure Mike keeps off his feet for the first few days.

Glenda: He's a real go-getter, huh?

Katie: Well, being kind of helpless like this is totally not his thing. So, it would be great if you could just show me everything you're doing so I can pick up where you leave off, when you leave.

Glenda: Oh, I don't think I'll be leaving for quite some time.

Katie: Why do you say that?

Glenda: The guy is drop-dead gorgeous. Even in a hospital bed, he makes most other guys look sick.

Katie: Right, well, once he realizes how long his recovery's gonna be, trust me, he's gonna be a handful.

Glenda: Trust me, I won't mind having my hands full. And I'm just dying to see this lake house of his.

Katie: Sounds like you're moving in.

Glenda: It does, doesn't it?

[Phone rings]

Rose: Yeah, Rosieís Roller Palace.

Paul: Uh-oh. What's wrong?

Rose: Just had a head-on collision with a woman who thinks she runs the world. Comes with the territory.

Paul: Well, then it's a good thing we're changing territory.

Rose: You still want to marry me after last night?

Paul: Aw, come on, Rose. We've had a lot of arguments.

Rose: I know, but we never argued like that before. I'm so sorry. I never, ever, ever meant to get Will involved like that. You know I love that kid.

Paul: Yeah, no, I know that.

Rose: And I am so crazy about his brother.

Paul: Really? Well, I'm crazy about you, too.

Rose: Yeah?

Paul: Yeah. I've been thinking about you all morning.

Rose: You know what they say. Great minds think alike.

Paul: I'll be there as soon as I can.

Rose: No, actually, you know what? Why don't -- things are crazed around here right now. Why don't I just meet you back at the penthouse? I promise I will make it worth your wait.

Paul: Yeah, sure. That sounds great. I'll see you then.

Mitzi: Oh, yeah, we're completely crazed around here.

Rose: I didn't say we were crazed. I said things are crazed, and they are. That broad just got finished using me as a scratching post.

Mitzi: Oh, that broad, Paulís sister, who's gonna be your sister-in-law very soon.

Rose: I can't -- I'm so sick of every single one of them. I cannot wait to get out of this town and away from all of them.

Mitzi: But they're Paulís family, Rose. You know what they say. You can't choose your family.

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Mitzi: You could even say you hate them. But if somebody from the outside starts in on them? You're gonna protect them till your last breath. And you -- you know that.

Rose: Nah. Barbara's a monster. Jennifer is a shrew.

Mitzi: And they're Paulís blood. There's nothing you can do about that.

Rose: Maybe not. But I can beat them at their own game.

Mitzi: Uh-oh. How you gonna do that?

Rose: You got to cover the shop for me. I got to make some calls.

Dusty: Why'd you bail me out, anyway?

Molly: Why did you show up at the hospital to check on me after Mike got hurt? Why did you hold me when I was upset about Bridget and Michele and Abigail?

Dusty: Oh, I get it. This means we're friends now or something?

Molly: Or something.

Dusty: Thank you, baby.

Molly: Pleasure's all mine.

Dusty: Don't count on it. You blushing?

Molly: No. I -- I have to call the PR people.

Dusty: For what?

Molly: To make sure that your adventure in illegal gambling doesn't drive the customers away.

Dusty: Well, we probably don't even want those kinds of customers around here, anyway, do we?

Molly: Can you just manage to stay out of trouble? At least until I get back?

Dusty: I'm not making any promises.

Molly: You never do, Donovan. I'm getting used to it.

Jennifer: Dusty, hey. I was hoping you could spare a moment or two.

Dusty: Depends. About what?

Jennifer: Breaking up Rose and Paul.

Chris: Flowers? One of your patients have a crush on you?

Bob: No, I caught them at a wedding. They were delivered to the wrong Dr. Hughes.

Chris: Me? Who? Alison.

Bob: Aren't you going to read the card?

[Chris sighs]

Chris: Yeah. She wants to meet me later. She says it's a surprise.

Bob: What are you going to do?

Chris: Stop leading her on.

Alison: What do you think?

Emily: I think that dress looks fantastic on me. The question is, what do you think you're gonna do with it?

Alison: I need it for tonight. Please?

Emily: Oh, Alison.

Alison: Please, please, please?

[Cell phone rings]

Alison: Oh, it's Chris. Oh. He must've gotten the flowers that I sent him.

Emily: Aren't you gonna answer it?

Alison: No, that would ruin everything.

Emily: How?

Alison: Well, if we talk, then he'll cancel. I just have to dodge him until our date.

Emily: Okay, so, what if he doesn't show?

Alison: No, believe me, he'll show. And when he does, I'm going to show him a night that he'll never forget.

Katie: Down, boy.

Henry: You beckoned bubbles?

Katie: What did you find out about Margoís investigation?

Henry: Okay. I got -- hey, look, wait -- wait a second. You know how it is when you're tailing cops. All right? They got nothing. You got nothing. The point is who is that gorgeous creature that just went into Kasnoff's room?

Katie: Mike's therapeutic nurse or orthopedic something. I don't know whatever.

Henry: Are you kidding me? That lucky little boy. What, he's laid out. He's helpless. He's in need of constant care. What's her name?

Katie: Glenda.

Henry: No, oh, that is so beguiling. Is she a good witch or a bad witch? Hmm? You know, I'd gladly go out and break some of my bones for the extreme pleasure of having her kiss my wounds.

Katie: I would gladly break them for you.

Henry: Okay, all right. Well, why don't you just tell me what our next move is, huh?

Katie: This Glenda that you find so -- whatever you said -- beguiling?

Henry: Yes.

Katie: We get rid of her.

Paul: Hey, Rosanna, it's Paul. Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is I got to break my lease. But the good news is your wonderful, beautiful penthouse is all yours once again. I got to leave town. I don't think I'm coming back this time. So listen -- if you're ever in Paris, look us up. All right, Rosanna? Take care.

Rose: Hey, it's me. I just wanted to make sure that matter that we discussed earlier is being taken care of. Great. I look forward to hearing from you. Ciao.

Jennifer: Paul and Rose had a fight. A big fight, huge, ugly. And they're both pretending that it didn't even happen and that it doesn't even matter.

Dusty: I'm so sorry to hear it. Jen -- why are you telling me this?

Jennifer: Because you are just the man to nudge them over the edge. With a little effort, you can drive them apart for good.

Dusty: I don't know. Rose and Paul say it's impossible.

Jennifer: Anything is possible. Hmm? With a little help from your friends?

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Jessica: I want you to re prosecute T. Marshall Travers on felony rape.

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