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Mike: That's a lot of sugar, Alison. You here by yourself?

Alison: I'm by myself because my boyfriend's at Tom and Margoís with your girlfriend. You know, and how I drink my tea is my business.

Mike: Okay.

Alison: I'm just in a bad mood, okay?

Mike: All right, no worse than mine.

Alison: It's just that Chris and I are kinda new. And it's not that I don't understand about Katie -- I mean, her husband died. And Chris is just being a good friend. But it just seems like every time we try to get together, something terrible happens.

Mike: So what are you gonna do about it?

Alison: What do you mean?

Mike: Well, you could sit here and pour more sugar in your tea. Or you could get three ice cream sundaes, bring them over to Tom and Margoís.

Alison: Or you could.

Katie: Simon? Simon? Where's Simon?

Mike: Katie, thank God. I don't know. Get me off this thing.

Simon: Katie, where are you?

Katie: Simon, Iím coming. I'm here.

Mike: Hey, get me off this. This thing is gonna blow up.

Katie: Simon needs me.

Mike: I need you!

Simon: Katie? Katie?

Mike: Katie -- Katie! Katie!


Katie: Mike! No, Mike! Mike! Mike!

Chris: Katie, Katie -- Katie, wake up. You're having a bad dream.

Katie: Mike's hurt.

Chris: No, Mike is fine. Okay? He went home, remember? You're just having a bad dream. Everybody's safe, and you're okay.

Katie: No, I'm not. I'm not okay. I'm not okay.

Jennifer: I don't care if Rose hates Paul at the moment, she'll give in.

Barbara: And how can you be so sure about that?

Jennifer: Because Paul gets what Paul wants, and if he's decided to go after Rose, he'll win her back. And that will leave the field wide open for Dusty and me.

Barbara: Honey, I don't want to fight with you. I just want you to think. Okay? Please, Jen -- you've just come through a very difficult year. You have a lot of decisions you have to make. You have to decide where you want to live, what you want to do with your life -- you might decide you want to go back to school. I mean, think about Jen, everything's ahead of you. Anything is possible. You just have to dream a dream, and make it happen. And whatever you decide, we will support you -- whatever you need.

Jennifer: Except if I need Dusty Donovan. Then my whole family turns their back on me.

Barbara: Well, I can't speak for Will, but I promise you, the rest --

Jennifer: You can't speak for anyone.

Barbara: Poll them. I'm sure that you don't want to speak to your brother right now. But your father will tell you that Dusty Donovan is nothing but a very handsome man who lies to get what he wants.

Jennifer: Oh, kind of like Paul?

Barbara: Paul has been very hurt.

Jennifer: By you, and so have I. In fact, Dusty is the only one who hasn't hurt me.

Paul: The van --

Rose: You said the snoop-mobile was parked back here. Where is it?

Paul: I don't know. Where'd they go?

Rose: They? Who's they? You want to tell me exactly what's going on here? Paul?

Paul: I have no idea what's going on here.

Rose: You said they.

Paul: Yeah, because whoever found the bug -- I mean, Dusty or Craig or an electrician, for all I know -- I mean, I would assume that they were here with the van. But the van's not here, and they're not here. I gotta make some phone calls.

Rose: Hey, wait a minute. You set this up.

Paul: I already told you that I set this up.

Rose: Nah -- no, no, no, no, no. That's not what I'm talking about. I don't know what I'm talking about, but something stinks.

Paul: It's an alleyway. There's garbage everywhere.

Rose: Don't be funny with me. Donít.

Paul: I am as mystified as you are.

Rose: If Dusty gets in trouble because of this --

Paul: You'll go visit him in the big house.

Rose: I'm gonna hold you responsible.

Paul: What does that mean?

Rose: Oh, you know exactly what it means. If whatever's going on here keeps Dusty from opening the club or anything else, you're gonna wish that you stayed buried in the Atlantic Ocean.

Dusty: This is insane, you know that?

Molly: But it's fabulous at the same time, right?

Dusty: We can't do this.

Molly: Come on. It's crazy. We avoid each other for months. Then we get stuck in a van that's locked as it's being towed? I'd say it's meant to be.

Dusty: Baby, we don't even know where we're going.

Molly: I'm only worried about the moment we're in right now.

Dusty: I'm talking about the van. I'm talking about the van. You hear me? I mean, Paul Ryan -- I mean, he bugs my place, and then he has us towed. This guy's original. Where are we going?

Molly: Who cares? It's just you and me and the mattress.

Dusty: Do we have a mattress?

Molly: No, but I got a man here who used to want me. Who still wants me.

Police officer: Freeze!

Katie: I'm so glad you were here when I woke up. Oh, God, if I had been alone --

Chris: You're not alone. Okay, I mean, I know it probably feels like it right now. I mean, losing Simon is a terrible thing. You've got a lot of people who care about you.

Katie: Am I okay?

Chris: Well, you have the blood pressure of a woman that just had a nightmare. How 'bout a cup of tea?

Katie: Chris, you don't have to stay. I'll just watch TV or something.

Chris: Or Iíve got a better idea. How about a nice dull game of checkers and a cup of tea.

Katie: Okay.

Mike: I can't go over there, Alison. Katie needs some time.

Alison: Katie's a mess. She needs all the friends she's got.

Mike: Well, she asked me for some space, and I'm gonna respect that.

Alison: She doesn't even know what she's saying right now. Her husband just died.

Mike: And she blames me. And that's okay -- you know what, she'll get through it in time. But right now, that's where she's at, and I am not gonna go over there and upset her.

Alison: Well, how can she possibly blame you?

Mike: Because it's easier than dealing with what she lost.

Alison: Well, you saved her life.

Mike: And right now, her life isn't very much fun.

Alison: Well, what do you want?

Mike: Look, you just want me to go over there 'cause it's gonna make it easier for you.

Alison: So? Okay. Okay, I'm being clear here. Yes, I wanna see Chris, and your girlfriend's in the way.

Mike: She's not my girlfriend.

Alison: Right. She told you she needed space, but she's not your girlfriend. Look, look, if we go together, we have a chance. Separate, I mean, there's no chance. I look jealous, and you look desperate. So what do you say? Four sundaes, and we take a chance?

Barbara: I'm sorry if Iíve disappointed you.

Jennifer: You lied to me --

Barbara: Yes, I did.

Jennifer: And you'd do it again just to get what you want.

Barbara: What I wanted was to protect you from a man that your brother had brought back into your life.

Jennifer: Paul is no better than you. You're both control freaks.

Barbara: When have I tried to control you, Jen?

Jennifer: Oh, you're kidding, right?

Barbara: You have had more independence than any child your age.

Jennifer: I am not a child.

Barbara: When you didn't want to go to college, did I drag you down to the admissions office and force you to enroll? No. No, I let you go. I let you go to Europe to pursue --

Jennifer: You let me go?

Barbara: Yes, I let you go. Unlike a lot of other mothers, who would have forced you to adhere to their agenda. I let you go. I hugged you. And I kissed you goodbye, and I wished you well. And when I didn't hear from you, did I run off to Europe to drag you home? No, I didn't. I respected your choice. I sent you letters. I left you messages. And still you didn't come home. You didn't contact me. Even when I was on trial, and your little brother was in the hospital and we wanted you here, we respected your decision to have a career. So don't you dare tell me that I have controlled you, because that is just a lie.

Jennifer: Sorry, I'm -- I'm still back on you hugging me goodbye. We were barely speaking. You were holed up at Fairwinds with James Steinbeck.

Barbara: I'd had a breakdown --

Jennifer: So, as usual, none of this is your fault.

Barbara: I am sorry that I have not been the kind of mother that you and your brothers deserved, but I've been trying to make up for that. And if, along the way, Iíve cramped your style, please forgive me. I'm just trying to see you through a difficult time. All I've ever wanted is for you to have a happy life.

Jennifer: If that's true, if you really want me to be happy? Then there's only one explanation for your attitude towards Dusty -- who you've admitted is an extremely handsome man. You want him for yourself.

Dusty: Hey, we getting charged? 'Cause I get a call, and Iíd like to make a call. To my lawyer.

Cop #1: Take a seat, Romeo.

Dusty: I'm gonna kill Paul Ryan.

[Molly laughs] you think this is funny?

Molly: Yeah, actually, I do. "Romeo." They called you "Romeo." What? Oh, come on. You're angry?

Dusty: Yeah. Yeah, the guy bugs my -- my bar. He locks us in a rent-a-van -- the guy's got guts!

Molly: Trapped with a certain obliging, really cool chick. Gee, I don't know how you stand it. How long have we known each other, Dusty?

Dusty: Long enough, Molly.

Molly: Right. So from one friend to another, I'm gonna tell you that you have a really nasty habit of banging your head against a wall.

Dusty: With Rose?

Molly: Paul is never gonna give up. And Rose is never gonna make up her mind. Which leaves you, my friend, trapped in an endless game of "get Dusty." Now, you know, maybe you enjoy the life of a hockey puck. But I don't know. After tonight, I don't think so. I think that you enjoyed rolling around in that van with me. Or maybe Iím wrong. Maybe you enjoy suffering.

Dusty: You're a clever girl, huh?

Molly: No, I'm not. I just know how to take advantage of a good opportunity.

Dusty: Is teaming up with Paul a good opportunity?

Molly: Do me a favor? Next time I'm stupid enough to want to kiss you, remind me what a jerk you are.

Margo: Hey, so -- you wanna tell me what you were doing half-naked in the back of a rental van?

Dusty: It's a long story.

Margo: I got plenty of time.

Dusty: It starts and ends with Paul Ryan.

Paul: I'll call the cops, find out if they towed the van.

Rose: If Dusty found the van, it's taken care of, believe me. And he wouldn't appreciate you interfering.

Paul: What if he didn't find the van?

Rose: Then you're out one van.

Paul: What?

Rose: It's just -- he hardly ever has his cell phone on.

Paul: Why don't you leave a message?

Rose: And say what? That my ex did it again?

Paul: I was just trying to show you what your boyfriend is really all about.

Rose: Oh, yeah? Instead you showed me that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Paul: Hey, now hold on. That's not fair.

Rose: You bugged a bar -- I mean, that's got Barbara Ryan written all over it. What is the matter with you? And don't say it's because you were hurt. Yes, I hurt you. Fine. We get it. People get hurt, they don't manipulate and lie to other people.

Paul: Fine, you know what? I admit it. I have made some mistakes --

Rose: Oh, no, no, no. Don't be humble with me. Because I get it. The whole thing that's going on here? The emergency phone calls, the apologies, the kisses outta nowhere -- it leads to one thing. The hook 'n dump.

Paul: You forget, I don't -- I don't speak Hoboken.

Rose: Oh, I don't forget that. I don't forget anything. And that's what you're hoping for. That Iíll remember what it's like with us and I am gonna want you all over again.

Paul: Is that really such a bad thing?

Rose: Yeah, it is. For me. Because Dusty -- I mean, he's got a short fuse, we all know that. And you, you push him at every single turn. And then --

Paul: Look, I admit, I made some mistakes -- I probably shouldn't have bugged his bar.

Rose: He's gonna snap. I'm gonna run to you -- you're gonna have your arms wide open. And you're gonna look at me, and you're gonna spit in my face.

Paul: What?

Rose: Ah, the ultimate revenge. I'll be as hurt and as angry as you are. Oh, your father would be proud.

Katie: King me.

[Knocking at door] what time is it?

Chris: It's too late for visitors.

Alison: Candygram. Anyone up for some ice cream?

Chris: Alison, it's -- it's late.

Alison: Yeah, but Katieís still up. Hey, Katie. I -- I have some ice cream. I was at Al's, and look who showed up. We both needed a sugar fix, and we just figured that you'd need one, too.

Katie: What're you doing here?

Chris: Katie needs her rest.

Mike: Could you give us a minute?

Alison: Sure. Sure.

Mike: I don't want to make things worse.

Katie: Alison dragged you here, didn't she?

Mike: She wanted to see Chris. The reason I came, I just -- I didn't like the way things ended earlier at the hospital.

Katie: I don't know what to say, Mike.

Mike: You don't have to say anything. I mean, I understand how you feel. I just want you to know that nothing has changed for me. I still care about you, and I always will. You know, so if you need to talk or you just need me, Iíll be there.

[Phone rings]

Dusty: So, I'm sorry, you know, I said you were in with Paul. I'm frustrated, I'm ticked off. I guess I take it out on you because you're the only woman in this town that never gave me any grief. So, you know, I'm sorry I didn't trust you. You don't deserve it.

Molly: Wow. That was almost gracious.

Dusty: I can do gracious, if I have to.

Molly: I'm sorry, too. I took advantage of the situation.

Dusty: I knew what I was doing.

Molly: You always did.

Dusty: You're just so -- you're so dead on about Rose. The girl cannot make up her mind. And it throws me off balance, you know?

Molly: That's the thing about love. It's a little bit of bliss and a whole lot of pain. And from my experience, the only cure is pure, unabashed lust. So, you know, if you ever need me to lick your wounds, you got my number.

Margo: Okay, your story checks out. So let's go over to the bar and take a look at the devices.

Paul: You don't -- you believe that? That what I wanted all along was to hurt you?

Rose: You've been doing it ever since you got back to town.

Paul: You're right. You're right. This is all my fault. I said this is all my fault, all of it. Oh, boy, this -- this is a first.

Rose: What?

Paul: You. You've got nothing to say?

Rose: I'm -- surprised, that's all.

Paul: Look, I can't blame Dusty for going after what he wants when I won't even put up a fight. You want a drink?

Rose: The bar's not open.

Paul: You know why I fell in love with you, Rose?

Rose: Uh-huh.

Paul: Yeah, well, there's that. And also that you butcher the English language. But, no, I fell in love with you because you were a fighter. And I've been around fighters my whole life. I -- my mother, my father -- both of 'em fighters, brutal, rotten to the core. But fighters. But you -- you were a fighter, and you were good. That's a great combination. To life. You going to drink that?

Rose: No.

Paul: So -- I really should thank you for being with Dusty. You did me a favor. Because now -- now I can really love you.

Rose: You wonder why I don't believe you.

Paul: It's true.

Rose: You are drunk already.

Paul: Not yet.

Rose: Yeah.

Paul: But I love you, Rose.

Rose: I can't listen to this.

Paul: What, you don't believe me?

Rose: No, I don't believe you.

Paul: I told you before I loved you. I said it. I asked you to marry me. I wanted a life with you. A home, children, a whole life. And you believed me then. You believed what I said to you then.

Rose: Yeah, that was before.

Paul: Yeah, exactly. That was before. Before I learned that I have to be a fighter. See, that's me now, Rose. This is me fighting for you. I --

[Paul sighs] I can finally do it. I'm finally honest and free enough to fight for you.

Rose: You've done this to me before. You gave me that thing before, remember that? Week two, which is after week one, when you said you didn't want anything to do with me. Week two, you got sentimental. Week three, you're back on your iceberg again.

Paul: Right. But I didn't lie to you. I was lying to myself. I would look at you, and I would see you with Dusty. And it -- it would make me really angry. And the lie was that I could live with that. But I'd reach over in the middle of the night, and you wouldn't be there, and I would be up all night hoping that I could -- dreaming of holding you.

Rose: Why do this? I mean, assuming that you're telling the truth, what do you want me to do, just dump Dusty and go with you?

Paul: Yes. That is exactly what I want you to do.

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Mike: If there's anything I can do --

Katie: Mike, just stay away from me, please. Just go away.

Paul: I want you back, Rose. We deserve another chance. We're not gonna get that chance unless you push Dusty out of the way.

Barbara: You think that I -- this is so ridiculous.

Jennifer: You picked Dusty. You tracked him down, as you call it, because you thought he was attractive, and you propositioned him.

Barbara: I did no such thing.

Jennifer: Well, I don't know what else to call it. You offered him money for sex.

Barbara: But not with -- this is absurd.

Jennifer: You pimped him out, mother. You set him on Rose, and mission accomplished. And now you want him for yourself.

Barbara: Why are you doing this? I have never purposefully hurt you.

Jennifer: I'm not trying to hurt you.

Barbara: Then why are you trying to imply something like this, Jen, when you know what Iíve been through and you know that I'm all alone?

Jennifer: Well, that's exactly the point, Mom. You're alone. And you can't stand the thought of me making love to a man that you want.

Barbara: Yeah, I'm alone. You think that's fun? Do you think I enjoy that? Empty bed? No one to talk to? No one to hold me, love me? Look how you felt when Andrť walked out. You were devastated. And yet you -- you are young, you are beautiful. You have your entire life ahead of you. It's not the same for me. Most of the men I meet are married or not marriage material. And, yes, I am lonely. It takes every ounce of confidence I have to get up in the morning and try to make myself look attractive so I can walk out the door by myself and face the world. But I don't need you to tell me that I am all alone. I know that I am all alone.

Jennifer: Mom -- Mom, Iím sorry.

Barbara: And I do not want you to think that I would ever try to compete with you or take something from you that you wanted.

Jennifer: Mom, I didn't mean --

Barbara: I would give my life for you, you know that.

Jennifer: I know. I didn't mean that --

Barbara: No, you didn't think. You're angry, and you're frustrated, and I understand that. But you have to understand that I know what I'm talking about. Dusty Donovan is poison. He may be very attractive and very persuasive, but so was Andrť. Be cautious. I don't want you hurt.

Chris: Alison, this was a really bad idea.

Alison: What's the problem? They're talking.

Chris: And not ten minutes ago, Katie was completely sobbing on the couch. All right? I'd just gotten her calmed down.

Alison: Well, what are you saying? You're the only one she can talk to?

Chris: No.

Alison: 'Cause that's what it sounds like.

Chris: Look, what Iím saying is, she's been through a completely traumatic experience.

Alison: And so has Mike. And he's her boyfriend.

Chris: Look, considering she's grieving for her husband, that's quite a stretch.

Alison: Yeah, and her husband walked out on her almost a year ago. And yes, it's very sad that he died. But Mike's her friend. He's been more than her friend for -- for, like, months. So don't make it seem like he doesn't belong here. They care about each other, Chris.

Chris: I know they do.

Alison: You can't save Katie. And the more that you try, the harder you're gonna make it for Mike.

Katie: As angry as I've been with you, part of me understands why you did what you did. I probably would have done the same thing. Mike, I only feel like that a couple seconds a day.

Mike: Well, that's okay.

Katie: No, it's not. I keep getting ambushed. I finally fell asleep earlier, and I dreamt about the warehouse. I can smell the oil and the burning plastic and burning rubber -- that sickening, horrible smell. And I'm scared to go to sleep again because I know Iím going to be right back there.

Mike: I'm sorry that you're still dreaming about Simon. All right, if there's anything I can do --

Katie: Mike, just stay away from me. Please, just go away.

Mike: All right.

[Katie sobbing] just know that you can count on me.

Rose: So you want me to leave Dusty just -- just like that?

Paul: Yep. I don't know how you can stay with the guy, really, feeling the way you do?

Rose: Wait a minute. Don't tell me how I feel, please.

Paul: From the second I saw you in that airport, Iíve been able to look at you and know exactly what you feel. You could always do the same to me. You could see right through me. You liked what you saw.

Rose: Not lately.

Paul: I've hurt you, I know.

Rose: Yes.

Paul: I pushed you away.

Rose: Yes.

Paul: I tried to make you miserable only because I was miserable. But all of that changed when you kissed me.

Rose: Everybody's lives just don't change because of one, stupid kiss.

Paul: It's not a stupid kiss. That's the problem, Rose. That kiss -- it said 1,000 different things. The kiss had history.

Rose: Yeah. Yeah, we got history. It will always be there. But now we just gotta leave it alone.

Paul: Can't.

Rose: You can't do this to me. You can't force me to feel something and then use it against me.

Paul: You're right, maybe I can fly off to Paris, marry somebody's daughter. But I don't think it would make me happy.

Rose: Whose daughter are you talking about?

Paul: There, you see?

Rose: See, that's what I'm talking about. Just reeling in -- just let me go.

Paul: All right, relax. I'm not going to kiss you again.

Rose: Wait a minute. Did I ask you to kiss me?

Paul: I know exactly what you want. Every cell of you is asking for me to kiss you. But now is not a good time for me right now because I need for you to listen to me. When I asked you to marry me, I meant that. I wasn't just, you know, asking you to go to the movies or spend a long weekend with me or, hey, let's spend New Yearís eve. It was forever. I want you back, Rose. We deserve another chance. We're not gonna get that chance unless you push Dusty out of the way. Could you give me a chance?

Margo: Okay, a complaint has been filed. Apparently someone trespassed on this establishment and planted an electronic bugging device.

Dusty: Read this punk his rights, and get him out of my place.

Margo: Can I ask a couple of questions? Is that okay?

Paul: I'll save you the trouble, Margo. I'm guilty. Dusty, I owe you an apology. I'm sorry.

Chris: You make it sound like there's something going on. All right, Katie and I are just friends.

Alison: Well, was I jealous because you were hanging out with Katie tonight? Kinda. That's just because I wanted to be with you. Because you're my guy. Just like Mike is Katieís guy. Or -- or he could be, if she would give him half a chance. See? He has to be the one she turns to, not you.

Chris: Just, I don't think now's the time to play Cupid.

Mike: Katie's resting. I'm gonna head home.

Alison: I'll see you tomorrow.

Mike: Thanks for taking care of Katie.

Chris: Not a problem. Look, the Java underground -- or whatever they're going to call it -- is re-opening. Why don't we go?

Alison: Really?

Chris: Yeah, we'll have some fun, and then afterwards we'll go someplace.

Alison: Like where? We can't go to the Lakeview, everyone'll see us there. And forget the lonely pine hotel.

Chris: Okay, well how about Bay City? I know this sweet little hotel right on the water.

Jennifer: Paul? I just talked to Mom. You bugged Dustyís bar? Paul, if this is your idea of protecting me -- Paul? Dusty? Dusty, it's Jen. Call me on my cell phone as soon as you get this. Don't -- don't call the home phone. I don't want you anywhere near Paul. I'm sorry, he's an idiot. I had nothing to do with him bugging your bar. It's his fault, and I apologize, but -- I don't know what to do until I figure all this out. So just call me.

Margo: You just confessed to a crime.

Paul: Yeah -- no, I know. In fact, I just confessed everything to Rose. It was her idea, actually. She wanted me to come down here and tell everybody everything.

Dusty: I don't buy it.

Rose: It's true. He called me and told me about bugging the place, and that he had second thoughts about it. I told him to come down here and tell you himself. And we got down here, and the bugs were gone and the van was gone.

Margo: The van -- the van was towed by the city. It'd been sitting there for days.

Dusty: Whether he confessed to you or not, Rose, that doesn't concern me.

Margo: Do you want to press charges?

Dusty: Definitely.

Rose: Dusty, Dusty, Dusty --

Dusty: Breaking and entering, trespassing, bugging my place. Whatever you can slap him with.

Rose: Margo, can I have a minute with him?

Margo: Please. Please.

Rose: Don't do this.

Dusty: Don't do what? The guy broke into my place and put bugs everywhere.

Rose: And you take the bait and we're never gonna be rid of him, you know that.

Dusty: Oh, yeah? Is that what you were talking about when I walked in here? Getting rid of him? Rose? 'Cause you looked kinda funny. Like you got caught with your hands where they're not supposed to be.

Rose: I was worried about you. I came -- I came down here, the bugs were gone. That's it. Let's just let it go.

Dusty: You wanna let Paul walk away like nothing happened?

Rose: Hey, hey, you gotta keep your eye on the prize. You and me and the club. What's it gonna look like, people come here, the doors are all locked up 'cause you couldn't make your deadline? Let Margo read him the riot act, a restraining order, whatever. But you got the club. You got me. You gotta fight with Paul, too?

Dusty: I got you?

Rose: Yes. Absolutely.

Dusty: I decided I don't wanna press charges.

Paul: You're a peach, Dusty. Honestly, I think a lesser man --

Margo: All right, all right, all right! That's enough. That's --

Dusty: If he wants to press charges, you know where to find me.

Rose: Dusty?

Molly: You know, you deserved that.

Margo: Oh, yeah. That and more. If he had pressed charges, with your confession, you'd be serving time.

Paul: I know. Well, then, I guess I've learned my lesson, ladies, huh? The next time you bug a bar, you don't tell anybody about it.

Molly: You think this is funny?

Paul: Well, maybe a little. Mostly, though, I think I just screwed up.

Chris: I'll take that as a yes?

Alison: Going out dancing and then to a hotel in Bay City? Are you kidding?

Chris: It'll give us a chance to be alone --

Alison: Oh, won't it be great?

Chris: You know, I'm off the day after the opening. So, if you want, we can stay in the hotel all day.

Alison: Do you have to ask?

Chris: Okay, that's it.

Alison: Okay, well, we should really go. But we should check on Katie first.

Chris: Okay. You'd better go before the neighbors call the police.

Alison: Which, if you think about it, is either my sister's husband or Margo.

Chris: Let's go check on Katie.

Alison: Walk me to my car?

Chris: Okay.

Mike: That'll be two dollars for those cherries, ma'am. Come back to me, Katie.

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Hello?

Dusty: It's Dusty.

Jennifer: Hey, you got my message, right? I had nothing to do with bugging your bar.

Dusty: I need to see you. Not at the bar. I'll call you tomorrow, we'll set up a time.

Jennifer: Dusty -- this is all your fault, Paul!

Margo: I don't know what you thought you were accomplishing here tonight, but I can tell you that it was illegal. And if I thought that it would put an end to your little feud with Dusty Donovan, I'd prosecute you myself.

Paul: I thank you for the consideration.

Margo: You know, you've got one productive option here -- drop the rope. It's a tug of war. Nobody --

Paul: You're very poetic, Margo.

Margo: You haven't heard a word Iíve said.

Paul: No, not so much.

Molly: You could've warned me.

Paul: About what?

Molly: You locked me in the surveillance van.

Paul: Hey, you said you wanted to be alone with the guy.

Molly: Not like that.

Paul: Well, Iím sorry that you didn't like the accommodations --

Molly: I was hauled into the police station, Paul.

Paul: It's not my fault Oakdaleís finest doesn't have anything better to do? I didn't -- I didn't tow the van. I'm sorry you didn't like the accommodations, so next time maybe we can get you a little bubble bath or something.

Molly: There won't be a next time.

Paul: Oh, come on, Molly. It worked like a charm. I got some face time with Rose. You got rack time with Dusty. I mean, it would have been better if Rose had actually caught you two in the clinch, but, hey, maybe we'll get lucky --

Molly: I'm out.

Paul: What?

Molly: Read my lips -- you wanna bait your hook? Try somebody else. I won't do this to Dusty.

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Carly: Do you mind terribly if we switch partners?

Mike: Guess you're stuck with me.

Molly: Thought you didn't chase women.

Dusty: Unless they need to be rescued.

Molly: And what makes you think Rose wants to be rescued from Paul?

Rose: I shouldn't be this close to you.

Paul: Yeah, but you are.

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