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Bonnie: You can't be serious. You want me to tell Sarah?

Marshall: Bonnie, if -- if I can't find the words to make her understand --

Bonnie: Understand what? That you're a contemptible animal?

Marshall: She's a child. You know her, even better than I do.

Bonnie: I am not about to lie to Sarah. Or worse, make her think it's okay for a man to abuse her and hold her down and force himself on her.

Marshall: That's not what I am asking.

Bonnie: That rape -- it nearly destroyed my mother. She has emotional scars that, because of you, will never heal.

Marshall: If you want to hurt me, hurt me. But don't go through Sarah to do it. Bonnie, I just don't have the words to make her understand about that night. I don't even know where to start. I just thought if you care about Sarah half as much as you say you do, then maybe you'd spare her some of the emotional scars you keep talking about.

Chris: The only thing you need is your toothbrush.

Alison: Mm, it's an all-nighter?

Chris: I don't see why not. Tom and Margo are supposed to be in Hilton Head for at least a few more days.

Alison: Mm -- stop. I have to find my key.

Chris: We're gonna have the place all to ourselves.

Alison: I can't wait. Mm.

Emily: Oh. Okay, I'm gonna call Hal.

Susan: No! No, just throw it out.

Emily: This is evidence, mom!

Alison: What's going on?

Emily: It's nothing. Everything's fine.

Susan: It's just a bunch of old clothes.

Emily: No, this is not just a --

Alison: You guys, stop --

Emily: Everything is fine, okay? This belonged to Rick, which means the police are gonna --

Susan: I know who it belonged to!

Chris: Hold on. This suitcase belongs to Decker?

Susan: Oh, stay out of this, Chris! Rick is already in jail. It's not like they need more evidence to put him away.

Alison: Yeah, but Emilyís right. It might be important for the police.

Susan: Stop ganging up on me!

Emily: We're not ganging up on you, mom.

Susan: I just want this to be over! I've already made a first-class fool out of myself in front of the whole town! What else do you have to prove? What else do you want from me?!

Margo: You -- you sit right down there.

Mike: This is ridiculous.

Katie: I don't need a doctor.

Margo: Nobody is going anywhere until I say so.

Ben: Margo -- I got your page.

Mike: You paged Ben?

Margo: Yes, I did. He almost passed out in the car. We came in from the airport. He's dizzy and lethargic.

Mike: I didn't get any sleep. You know what? I'll catch up --

Margo: He's got a head injury. Look, I just picked them up from the airport. They flew in from Australia. I came straight here.

Mike: All right, I don't need a doctor.

Margo: And I need someone to look at Katie, please.

Katie: I wasn't hurt.

Mike: You know what? I'm gonna catch a ride home.

Ben: Wait, wait, wait. No, wait. From the look of you, man, you shouldn't be going anywhere for awhile. Nurse? Can you take Mr. Kasnoff to exam four? All right, Iím gonna get somebody to take a look at you, too, Katie.

Margo: Okay, thank you.

Ben: Yeah.

Katie: I'm outta here.

Margo: Wait, don't -- no.

Katie: You can't keep me here.

Margo: Yes, I can. I'm your big sister, and -- and I can. But, I mean, what is going on? You haven't said two words in the last hour. I mean, Katie -- I know that you're probably exhausted. I know that you've probably been through hell. But what's going on, baby? You're freezing Mike out. You won't even look at him. What is going on?

Katie: He killed my husband.

Dusty: Black. No sugar.

Molly: Ooh, you remembered.

Dusty: I'm a sentimental kinda guy.

Molly: You're a late kinda guy. Liquor supplier's sending love letters, Dusty.

Dusty: That guy's a little obsessive.

Molly: Yeah, well -- at least we're on track with all the other suppliers. And the electrician's supposed to be finished by tomorrow. We'll see.

Dusty: Why don't you relax for a second? Will ya?

Molly: With the grand opening a day away? Not a chance. Besides, Iím just a hands-on kind of girl, and I can't help it.

Dusty: Yeah, I know.

[Dusty sighs] about before, I --

Molly: Forget before. Friends still hug, right?

Dusty: Right.

Molly: You okay?

Dusty: Yeah. Pass me some bills, will you?

Molly: Ooh, my pleasure. Anytime.

[Cell phone rings] hello.

Paul: Hey, Molly. You alone?

Molly: I'm at the club.

Paul: Dusty there?

Molly: Pretty close.

Paul: Got it. All right, keep your answers short. I'll do all the talking. If you still want to be with Dusty, it's on. I'll take care of Rose. All you've gotta do is stay with Dusty. Don't question it. Don't even think about it. Just go wherever he goes.

Molly: Sure. No problem.

Paul: Hope you like surprises, Molly.

Dusty: Problem?

Molly: No. Just canceling some plans for later.

Dusty: Why?

Molly: Because I think that you look like you could use a friend tonight.

Henry: I'm the mole, remember? Moles don't show their beady little eyes.

Paul: Relax.

Henry: Relax? Every time I relax, I end up in a suite at the Oakdale PD.

Paul: Yeah, right. Did you take care of the van?

Henry: Yeah, it's clean as a whistle.

Paul: So there's no fingerprints on the bugs or anywhere in the truck?

Henry: No, Paul. Okay? It's so sterile, you could remove a kidney in there. All right?

Paul: Why --

Henry: Anyway, look -- according to rest of the world, the van has been rented to a Mervin R. Jackman, all right? And the bugs are -- the bugs are state-of-the-art. You can't track 'em. You can't trace 'em.

Paul: I'm very impressed.

Henry: Really? Aw, wow. Don't embarrass me. Of course, if you insist, I will take a performance bonus.

[Paul laughs]

Paul: Yeah. I'm afraid the curtain's going down on our little production tonight, Henry. We're gonna get caught.

Chris: Why don't you go upstairs and check on Susan while I go through this?

Emily: Okay. Okay, thanks.

Alison: No, maybe you should use, like, a glove or something.

Chris: Turning into a real pro.

Alison: Yeah, well, hang around Hal long enough --

Chris: Why don't you grab me a tissue or a rag or whatever?

Alison: Oh.

Chris: Thank you. Looks like pretty much just clothes.

Alison: Yeah, but they look a little funky for Rick.

Chris: What's this?

Alison: A luggage tag?

Chris: Who keeps the luggage tag inside the -- call Hal.

Alison: Why? What is it?

Chris: This suitcase belongs to Jeffery Starr.

Ben: Your x-rays show a couple of cracked ribs. I'm gonna want to do a full CT scan, maybe even an MRI. My guess is you've got a minor concussion. Hopefully, it's nothing more serious than that. Let me check you out here. Hey, man, what happened? Looks like you got pretty beat up. Well, I'm gonna keep you overnight for observation.

Mike: No way.

Ben: Okay, look, if things check out okay, you can go home tomorrow. Sure that Katie will nurse you back to health.

Mike: I won't be seeing Katie after today.

Ben: Maybe it's none of my business, but -- why not?

Mike: She hates me.

Ben: Katie hates you?

Mike: 'Cause I didn't let her die with Simon.

Katie: Simon was calling for me, and Mike wouldn't let me go to him.

Margo: Honey, he -- he couldnít.

Katie: Simon was in that warehouse. He said he was coming for me.

Margo: If it was Simon, you don't know -- you couldn't have gone after him, Katie. You would've died, too.

Katie: So?

Margo: "So?" Mike saved your life.

Katie: Simon was my life. He was pounding on the door. He was in that warehouse, Margo, and Mike wouldn't let me go to him. I wanted to die. I wanted to be with him.

Margo: Shh, shh. I'm so glad you werenít. I mean, as far as I'm concerned and mama and Craig and everybody in this family who loves you so much, baby, thank God for Mike. Thank God for Mike.

Carly: Hey, Katie. I just heard about Simon, honey. I'm so sorry, honey. Mike -- he called me. He asked me to come and pick him up.

Margo: He's in the exam room with Ben now.

Carly: Is he okay?

Margo: He's a little banged up, but I'm sure he's gonna be fine.

Carly: Okay, well, I'm gonna check on him. If you need anything, you let me know.

Katie: Thank you. Can we go now?

Margo: Yeah, I'm gonna -- Iím gonna call John and have him come over to the house and check you out. Okay?

Katie: Okay, whatever.

Margo: All right, you have everything you need? I mean, not that you came here with much.

Katie: Just these. Simon had them when he -- died.

Margo: I'm sorry. I'm gonna go get the car. I'll come around, pick you up. Okay?

Katie: Margo, wait. I changed my mind. I'm not ready to leave here. Not yet.

Henry: Um -- let me -- I just wanna make sure Iím clear on everything. You want Dusty to know that we broke the law and then wired his little watering hole, correct?

Paul: Correct.

Henry: So that then all the fingers will point back to you?

Paul: Correct again. Hey, you sure you know what to do with the doors on the van?

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Okay. Uh -- there's still the question and the matter of my final payment.

Paul: No, no, no. We agreed on cash.

Henry: Yes, cash. Small bills.

Paul: And you'll get it, as soon as the job is done.

Henry: Great, okay. Let me just -- hold on a second here, maestro! What happens if Dusty calls the police?

Paul: Then you and me, we got a lot of 'xplainin' to do.

Henry: Ha, ha! That's really funny. Explaining as in Iím the fall guy?

Paul: No, look. You don't have anything to worry about. Just do everything the way I am telling you to do it, and everything will be fine.

Henry: Right. Okay. And you've already cleared all of this with Detective Jack Snyder.

Paul: You don't need to worry about Jack. You don't need to worry about anything. Just do what I am telling you to do, and Iíll get in touch with you as soon as the job is done about the money. And Henry, if everything goes well, a bonus isn't out of the question.

Henry: Well, it's been good doing business with you. I'll get the bugs -- Iíll get the ball rolling.

Paul: Right.

[Phone rings]

Rose: It's Rose. Leave a message, and I'll ring ya back.


Paul: Hey, Rose, it's Paul. Listen, I know you don't want to talk to me, and -- and -- and -- this is important. It's not about us, though. This is about Dusty. I've done something that could ruin everything for him. And -- look, Iím home. And -- just come here as soon as you get this message.

Bonnie: You're right. This isn't about you anymore. It's about Sarah.

Marshall: Then you'll tell her?

Bonnie: No. But maybe I can help you find the right words to tell her the truth. To tell her it was wrong. It was evil. And to explain to her the damage that it did to my mother.

Marshall: She won't want anything to do with me. She'll probably run away again.

Bonnie: Well, at least, if she runs -- she'll run to me.

Marshall: Is this a setup so Iíll lose Sarah all over again?

Bonnie: Come on, Marshall, you asked me for my advice. So here it is. 'Cause you can't control how Sarahís gonna react to all of this. But, at least, if she runs away to me, you'll have the comfort of knowing she is safe.

Marshall: Wait a minute. I just got her back in my life. How can I risk losing her again so soon?

Bonnie: Fine. Then lie to her, Marshall. But she's gonna see through it. And you won't even have the dignity of an honest effort to fall back on. And then you'll be left with nothing.

Hal: Susan, this is Jeffery Starrís suitcase.

Susan: No, it can't be.

Hal: There's a journal entry in here about meeting Rick at the Old mill that day.

Susan: That's his journal? Oh, my God. Does he have family? Children?

Hal: He has a four-year-old son. I sent a squad car out to the mill to search the area.

Chris: He must have hidden the body there.

Hal: If he did, we'll find it.

Emily: Listen, why don't you go set the table. And I'll get dinner started, okay?

Susan: No. I'm gonna make dinner. It'll give me something to do.

Emily: You guys don't mind if we all stay, do you?

Chris: Emily, Alison and I already had plans.

Alison: Chris, I -- I should stay.

Hal: Don't worry. We won't leave Susan alone. Slocum, have all this stuff tagged, bring it down to the lab.

Emily: You know, Hal is right. You guys go and -- try to have a good time, okay? You take good care of her.

Chris: I'll try. Come on. Let's go.

Alison: This just -- this just feels so wrong, going out and having fun when my mom is a total wreck.

Chris: There's nothing you can do, Alison. Okay? Come on.

Mike: Katie didn't say a word to me, Ben. 20 hours in the air, not one word. You know how hard that is for Katie?

Ben: Well, you know, she's going through some stuff. Just give her some time, you know. She'll come around.

Carly: Hi. Did somebody call for a ride home? Mike, what happened to you?

Mike: Long story.

Ben: Look, it's -- we're still doing a workup, but he looks worse than he feels, I'm sure.

Mike: Would you grab my shirt?

Ben: No, no, no. He's not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere until I know what's going on in your head.

Mike: I'll come right back. I promise.

Ben: Forget about it, man. I already called upstairs. They're a little backed up, but I'm gonna get to you soon. You're not leaving this hospital until I know exactly what's going on with you.

Carly: Absolutely. I mean, the doctor is absolutely right. There's no way Iím gonna let you pass out sitting next to me on the expressway.

Mike: Well, Iím sorry you came all the way out here for nothing.

Carly: Since when are you nothing? Rosanna's with the kids. And I'm gonna be here until Dr. Harris gives us the all-clear.

Ben: Uh-huh. Now, you see? Somebody who speaks sense, somebody who knows what's good for you, even if you don't. I promise you, man. I am going to release you as soon as I can. All right? Fair enough?

Mike: Thanks, Ben.

Ben: All right. You got it, bro.

Carly: So maybe I should talk to Katie and tell her that you're gonna be here a little bit.

Mike: She's still here?

Carly: Yeah. I assumed she was waiting to see how you were.

Mike: Will you grab my sweatshirt?

Carly: Well -- you heard what Dr. Harris said, though --

Mike: I'm not gonna go anywhere. I promise.

Carly: All right. Good thing. 'Cause if you try, Iím gonna make --

Mike: Okay.

Carly; Sorry.

Mike: It's all right.

Carly: I'm gonna make sure that these are the least of your injuries.

Mike: Can I talk to you for a minute? Alone. What are you still doing here? I don't know -- I had this crazy idea that maybe you were hanging around to see how I was. Maybe not. Katie, if there's any part of you that cares about what happens to me, I need to know. All right, if there is a chance we could become friends again, please tell me.

Dusty: All these numbers are making my eyes cross.

Molly: Yeah, I know. Me, too. We haven't even made a dent.

Dusty: You want a drink?

Molly: Later.

Dusty: All work and no play makes Molly a really --

Molly: Careful the way you choose your words, buddy. Because I seem to remember you saying that when you tried to get me into bed once.

Dusty: Oh, yeah?

Molly: Yeah.

Dusty: Well, I better work on my technique, then.

[Loud tapping sound]

Molly: Did you hear that?

Dusty: What?

Molly: I heard something. It sounded like it was coming from the back.

Dusty: Relax. Baby. The place is ---

[loud tapping sound]

Molly: Again, did you hear -- you heard it that time, right?

Dusty: Stay here, all right?

Molly: No. No way. I'm going with you.

Dusty: Stay there. Hey. What are you doing?

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. Don't hit me.

Molly: Henry?

Henry: Hey. Easy, easy. Please don't hit me.

Dusty: Want me to turn your head into a fly ball up the middle?

Henry: No, no, look -- I'm just -- I'm just doing a little work here, okay?

Molly: You've never done an honest day's work in your pathetic life.

Dusty: What kind of work, pal?

Henry: Honest? Honest? I never said honest.

Dusty: What kind of work?

Henry: Okay, all right. Look, I bugged the place, okay? I just wired it six ways from Sunday.

Dusty: For who, you moron?

Henry: For kicks, okay? I'm a little bored, you guys. All right? I don't live this kind of colorful, mysterious life that you do.

Dusty: Molly, Molly. Take a walk. I think it's time for batting practice.

Henry: Wait a minute, wait a minute! Okay! It was Paul Ryan, all right? He hired me. Okay? He's behind the whole thing!

Alison: Well, we're here. So where do we have sex?

Paul: I wanted to prove to you that Dustyís all wrong for you, so I kind of bugged his club. As far as allergies go,.

Dusty: Why would you want to listen in on my business? What's Paul Ryan after?

Henry: I don't know.

Dusty: You don't know?

Henry: No, I don't know, okay? He wouldn't tell me anything, all right? And then I got cold feet. So I came down here. I thought maybe he was gonna sell me out, I wanted to get rid of all the surveillance.

Molly: You know what? I'm calling the cops.

Henry: No, wait, wait, wait! No cops. No cops. No cops. Okay, listen. Let me tell you what I can do for you, all right? Tell me where you live, I'll come over to your place, Iíll wire the whole place for free --

Dusty: Henry, you got nothing to offer me.

Henry: -- A nice house theater system? Okay, let me show you where all the bugs are --

Dusty: Let's go.

Henry: A nice little -- wait, I'll give you a nice tour of where everything is.

Dusty: If you ever show your face in here again, you're gonna be begging for a jail cell. You understand me?

Henry: Yeah, I understand, okay?

Dusty: Get out of here!

Henry: And the Oscar goes to -- Mr. Henry Coleman. Move over, Mr. De Niro, there's a new kid in town.

Molly: I really think we should call the cops.

Dusty: Not till I figure out what Paul Ryan is after or at least what the guy has heard.

Molly: Okay, then. What do you want me to do?

Dusty: Help me kill some bugs.

Bonnie: Walker.

Walker: Hey. How are you doing?

Bonnie: Hi. Good.

Walker: You all right?

Bonnie: I just told Marshall to be honest with Sarah about the rape. But I don't think he's gonna be able to pull it off.

Walker: I see. Why did you tell him to?

Bonnie: Because he should be the one to tell her. And of course, he's gonna do it all wrong. But at least she'll know exactly what happened.

Walker: Marshall, he's pretty good with words.

Bonnie: Yeah, at twisting them. But Sarah is gonna see right through it. And after today, she's not gonna want to have anything to do with him. Sarah is gonna come to me. And Marshall will finally start paying for what he did to my mother.

Marshall: Look, Iím sorry it's taken me so long to figure out how to tell you this. But I know you've heard a lot of rumors, and there are still a lot things you don't understand about me. And that's my fault. I haven't been completely honest with you, and -- and that's not fair.

Sarah: Honest about what?

Marshall: About something that happened between me and Bonnie's mom. Sarah, I was -- I was accused of raping Jessica Griffin.

Sarah: Rape?

Marshall: Yes.

Sarah: But you didn't do it, right? I mean, you were -- you were innocent?

Chris: All clear.

Alison: Great. Well, we're here. So where do we have sex?

Chris: What are you doing?

Alison: Well, we came here to do it. So let's do it.

Chris: Alison, if you wanted to stay at your mom's, you should've said so.

Alison: Well, I did say so. But then I let everybody talk me out of it.

Chris: No, all we did was assure you that she wouldn't be alone. Okay? Emily's there.

Alison: Yeah, but that's not the same.

Chris: Susan will be fine.

Alison: Yeah, maybe for tonight.

Chris: Okay, fine. You want to go back home, I'll take you home.

Alison: No, no. No, no, Chris -- I don't want to go back home.

Chris: You know what? I give up. All right? You don't want to be with me. You don't want to go home.

Alison: No, no. I do want to be with you. I'm sorry. It's just -- I just hate this.

Chris: Hate what?

Alison: All of it. I'm 18, and I'm crazy about a wonderful guy. But do I get to be with him? No. I get a suitcase full of evidence about a dead guy. And I just want to be with you and pretend I never even heard the name Rick Decker.

Mike: All right, fine. You don't want to talk? I will. Katie, everything I did, I did for you -- to help you find Simon, to help you get your husband back. You know, I just wanted you to be happy. And I failed. And I have to live with that, but I cannot live with the silence.

Katie: I know you tried, Mike. You just tried all wrong.

Mike: Do you have the ring and the cross with you? Let me hold onto them for a second? I'll give it right back. Please just trust me this one last time.

Katie: Why won't Ben let you leave?

Mike: He's running some tests.

Katie: What kind of tests?

Mike: Doesn't matter.

Katie: Mike, I'm the reason you're hurt. The least I can do is stick around --

Mike: No. I didn't get hurt because of you. I got hurt because I did it all wrong. Okay? But keeping you alive was not wrong. And I don't care how much you hate me for it. 'Cause that is the one thing that I did right. You look tired. Just go home and get some rest, let Margo take care of you. Keep these two things close to your heart. You wanted Simon. And I -- I couldn't give him to you. You wanted to die with him, and I couldn't give you that, either. Now you want me out of your life. Well, that's the one thing I can give you. Good-bye, Katie.

Carly: How you doing?

Mike: Katie gone?

Carly: Yeah. She and Margo left a little while ago.

Mike: How'd she look?

Carly: Like your basic train wreck. But you know something, Kasnoff. As cute as you are, I would probably hate you right now, too, if I were her.

Mike: So you're here to cheer me up?

Carly: If she didn't blame you for losing Simon, she'd have to blame herself. Try living with that. You're just the easy target, pal.

Mike: So I guess in some weird way, Iím supposed to be thankful that she hates me.

Carly: Exactly. She's grieving. She needs time to work this through.

Mike: Time won't fix this, Carly. When we were in Australia, everything Katie did was about finding Simon. She can't look at me without seeing that explosion or hearing Simonís voice for the last time. You don't get past that.

Carly: Did they give you stupid pills in here or what? The woman just lost her husband, and now her very best friend is gonna -- is gonna lay down and play dead, too?

Mike: Katie wanted to die with Simon. She's gonna think about that guy every day for the rest of her life. And if not being around me just makes her life just that much better, then I'll keep my distance.

Walker: Bonnie, I respect the fact that you want Sarah in your life. But I mean -- she's awfully young to handle all this.

Bonnie: Well, the kids at school have already started rumors. They've been whispering and teasing her.

Walker: So you sent Marshall to talk to her? Without you?

Bonnie: Well, Iím gonna be right here when Sarah needs me.

Walker: Bonnie, kids -- they get angry all the time. They say rotten things to their parents. They get past it. Sarah deserves the same chance with her father to forgive him -- even for the rape.

Bonnie: It's not gonna happen.

Walker: Haven't you ever -- had your parents do something or say something that made you so angry that you wanted nothing to do with them?

Bonnie: Walker, I know where you're going with this, but it's not the same thing.

Walker: How do you know what kind of father Marshall is gonna be for this girl? Huh?

Bonnie: He's not going to change.

Walker: Kids change people, Bonnie. At least that's what my friends tell me.

Bonnie: Well, from my experience, Marshall is Marshall. He's not gonna change for anybody, not even Sarah. And after today, if she wants to be with me, I am going to do everything I can to keep her as far away from that man as possible.

Sarah: Well -- people get accused of doing things that they didn't do all the time.

Marshall: You're right. That's true.

Sarah: I mean, this girl at the shelter -- she was -- she was mad at her boyfriend for breaking up with her. So she said he raped her. But he didnít.

Marshall: Jessica -- Jessica wouldn't do that, Sarah. She's not like that.

Sarah: So what she said was true?

Marshall: Yes. It was.

Sarah: Well -- if what she said was true, then why aren't you in jail?

Marshall: Well -- though I forced Jessica to have sex with me, when we were in court, I didn't have the courage to admit it. Then something called a mistrial happened, and I wasn't convicted.

Sarah: Oh, my God.

Marshall: Look, I know I did a terrible thing. All right, I wish it hadn't happened, Sarah, but it did.

Sarah: That's why Bonnie hates you so much.

Marshall: Yeah. She and her mother will never forgive me.

Sarah: Well, who else knows? I mean, the truth.

Marshall: Just Jessica, Bonnie and now you. Now, Sarah, I don't expect you to understand --

Sarah: Oh, I don't!

Marshall: I'm just hoping that you can somehow forgive me.

Sarah: I need to talk to Bonnie.

Marshall: No, please. Don't go. Not yet, okay? Just -- Sarah, please, just tell me what you're thinking.

Sarah: I'm thinking that I really need to talk to Bonnie.

Marshall: All right. All right. I know where she is. I'll take you to her. Come on.

Paul: Thanks for coming, Rose.

Rose: What's with the message?

Paul: Right. Come on in.

Rose: No. Thank you. No.

Paul: All right. You want us to just talk in the hallway?

Rose: Doorway. You on that side. Me on this side.

Paul: Come on Rose, this is silly. Come on in.

Rose: Do you see me laughing? I'm not laughing. You can keep your lips right there. Where they're safe.

Paul: Right. I see. You just -- you can't control yourself.

Rose: You know -- forget it.

Paul: No, no -- come on, come on. Come on. It's just a joke. It's -- it's hard, Rose. You know, I convince myself that Iím over you. And then when I see you --

Rose: You said something about ruining Dusty. Can you please just talk? Get it over with.

Paul: Look, this is all kind of hard for me to talk about. So if you want to hear what I have to say, I want to say it in private. That's the price that you pay for hearing what Iím about to tell you. So please. Come on in, and I'll tell you everything.

Sarah: Bonnie, we need to talk.

Bonnie: Okay --

Sarah: Why did you lie to me?

Bonnie: Lie? What?

Sarah: You didn't tell me what my father did to your mother.

Bonnie: That's because it wasn't for me to say so. I wanted to --

Sarah: Bonnie, you said you loved me. You said we were like family. I don't know much about family, but I do know that you're supposed to be honest with each other!

Bonnie: Sarah, I love you. You know I love you --

Sarah: Yeah, but not enough. Not enough to tell me the truth? My father told me everything. He could have ducked it easily. But he had the guts to come clean.

Bonnie: Then I guess your father -- he loves you very much, Sarah.

Sarah: Yeah, well, now I know who I can trust and who I canít.

Chris: I think it's time I took care of you.

Alison: But you do.

Chris: Yeah, but sometimes -- sometimes I get selfish. Like tonight, I admit, I just -- wanted to be alone with you so I could hold you, kiss you --

Alison: It's not like I don't want that too.

Chris: Yeah, but I want to be the guy that makes you happy. I want to put a smile on your face. I want to make you forget that whole nightmare with Decker ever even happened.

Alison: Which way to the bedroom?

Chris: You sure? You told Emily you'd be back in a couple of hours.

Alison: So why are we wasting time talking?

Katie: Margo, I really will be fine back at the cottage.

Margo: Okay, great. So if you want to move back to the cottage, I'll pack a bag, and I'll move in with you.

Katie: No. No, you shouldn't even be here. Your husband and kids are in South Carolina. You belong with them.

Margo: Tom is a grown man. He can take care of himself. Once I heard you were coming back from Australia, Iím not gonna go on vacation. Tom needs to spend time with the boys -- whatever you were gonna say, don't bother.

Katie: I forgot how stubborn you could be. All right, well, I just don't want you to worry about me, because no one ever died of a broken heart.

Margo: Yeah, I know someone who's come real close. Okay?

Katie: Okay, fine. You want to help me, maybe you could call and check on Mike?

Margo: No. No. Why don't you do that yourself?

Katie: No. Once I find out he's okay, I can forget I ever met Mike Kasnoff.

Mike: How long can a few test results take?

Carly: No, no, no. Don't change the subject. Katie needs you. This is no time to try and be noble. Go to her.

Mike: And say what? Hey, Iím sorry Simonís dead? I tried that. She knows how sorry I am. I had nothing to do with it. What she doesn't know is that I would trade places with Simon in a second for that woman. I'd do anything. I love her.

Paul: That's rude. Do you want to join me?

Rose: Oh, no, no. I'm not here for cocktail hour. You said something on the phone about ruining Dusty. You wanna use those lips, use 'em to talk, hot shot.

Paul: See, I miss that.

Rose: Miss what?

Paul: The way you just kind of cut to the chase. All right. When you stormed out of here, that was kind of like a wake-up call for me. And I get the message. I can see how in love you are with Dusty. And I don't know why I thought I could change that with a kiss. I don't know why I thought I could change it by trashing Dusty's life.

Rose: Trashing his life? What did you do? What did you do?

Paul: I wanted to prove to you that he was lying to you, that he hadn't stopped using the club for an illegal gambling operation.

Rose: Well, he's not. I mean, he says that he's not doing that.

Paul: Look, whether he is or he isn't, it's not important. What matters is what Iíve done. And it was all wrong. But it's gonna stop. It's stopped.

Rose: What? What stopped?

Paul: I just -- I wanted to prove to you that Dusty's all wrong for you. So I kind of bugged his club.

Dusty: Well, that's one down.

Molly: Yeah, question is, how many more?

Dusty: 100. It's gonna take a week to find them all.

Molly: You know, I think we should drag Henryís butt back in here.

Dusty: I'd rather beat it out of Paul instead.

Molly: Oh, well, then Iím going with you.

[High-pitched buzz] what the hell's that?

Dusty: You know, I think I shorted the system and set the other ones off.

Molly: Let's get to work.

Dusty: Do you hear this?

Molly: Yeah.

Dusty: This place is loaded with them. You hear this?

[High-pitched ringing]

Molly: You got it? Wait, there's another one. It's over -- over here somewhere. Bingo. You think this is the last one?

Dusty: What, are you kidding me? Hey, Paulie, if you're on the other end of this, I want you to know I've gotten rid of all your bugs. I'm gonna find you, and I'm gonna shove 'em down your throat. Watch your back, pal.

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Dusty: Nothing, baby.

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