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Marshall: Hey, Jess. Sorry I'm late for our meeting. Couldn't be avoided.

Jessica: I've been going over this case, and I strongly suggest --

Marshall: You know, I can't do any of this without a cup of coffee. It's amazing what having a teenaged daughter does to your schedule. But who am I talking to? Of course you know.

Jessica: Your client seems to have an extensive arrest record --

Marshall: You know, Iíve been trying to get in touch with the principal from over at Oakdale Latin. I just want to make sure that Sarahís transition goes smoothly, you know? But she didn't even make it to her first class yesterday.

Jessica: Did something happen?

Marshall: I mean, I think it's just a case of the first-day jitters. You know, butterflies and cold feet. But she's a Travers, right? She's smart, she's got charm to spare. I think it's just a matter of her having more confidence. It can't hurt for somebody to run defense for her. I know she has to learn how to do it herself, but -- I think it will do her good to know that she's got a father that's there to move mountains for her. That can't hurt her, can it?

Jessica: As long as she learns that she can move plenty of mountains on her own.

Marshall: She will. As a matter of fact, I got a feeling that school's gonna be a whole different experience for her today. And I can't wait to hear about it.

Bonnie: What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in school?

Sarah: I'm never going back to that place, Bonnie. The only reason I showed up this morning because my father totally forced me. I mean, he said he'd smooth things over and handle everything. And I believed him. Can you guess what happened?

Bonnie: What happened?

Sarah: Same thing as yesterday -- you know, laughing, pointing -- but I heard what they were saying this time.

Bonnie: What did you hear them saying?

Sarah: I don't know. I didn't get all of it, something about my father and your mother. You know what it is, don't you, Bonnie? Bonnie, you'd better tell me right now.

Rose: There's really nothing to say about me and Paul. Nothing that hasn't already been said.

Dusty: Really?

Rose: Yep. I handled everything.

Dusty: You got it handled, huh?

Rose: Mm-hmm. Everything's okay.

Dusty: You think it's okay?

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Dusty: I donít. Kissing another guy is not okay! Next time, I settle things the way I want to settle things.

Rose: You wanted to beat him up! Beat him up! What does that solve?

Dusty: Makes me feel better.

Rose: What about him? Paul would have loved that. Seeing you dragged out of there by the cops so you couldn't open your club in time. What was I supposed to do?

Dusty: You were supposed to see me -- when and where you said you were.

Rose: I should have called. I'm sorry. I got very busy. Things -- I got caught up in a lot of different things.

Dusty: Are you avoiding me?

Rose: No!

Dusty: Because it feels like you're avoiding me. And I don't like it when people avoid me. Especially my girl. Makes me think you got secrets. Like there's something I need to know.

Rose: You know everything, Dusty.

Dusty: Do I? Then let me ask you this. Why does Paul think he can get away with kissing you? What's the game?

Rose: No. There's no game with Paul. He's dead serious.

Dusty: About what?

Rose: He's not over me.

Molly: Let me get this straight. You want me to seduce Dusty so you can gain free access to Rose.

Paul: Everybody gets what they want.

Molly: Enough with the altruism. You just want all your pieces in place so you can get what you want, and you think that Iím so hot for Dusty that I'll play right along, right?

Paul: What I think is that you haven't gotten what you wanted in a long time, Iím guessing. And I'm giving you a chance to just kind of reach out and grab it.

Molly: Dusty is my partner, Paul.

Paul: Well, he was your lover, right? What, he can't be your partner and your lover?

Molly: Find somebody else to use. I have absolutely no interest in screwing my partner -- figuratively or otherwise.

Paul: Well, give it time. Listen -- on another note, if you're worried about confidentiality of this conversation, don't be. I won't tell anybody about it. This is just between you and me.

Molly: Don't be so sure about that.

[Imitating Ricky Ricardo]

Aaron: Lucy! I'm ho-ome!

Lucy: I'm in here. These college applications are driving me out of my mind. Listen to one of these questions -- "evaluate a significant experience or risk you've taken and how it's impacted your life."

Aaron: Hmm. Well, I can think of one. How about the day your hairball boyfriend went to the barber and came out a changed man? What do you think?

Lucy: Oh, my God.

Aaron: I look like an idiot, right? Oh, my God. I knew it. Just say it. Say something. Say something, Luce. You don't like it.

Lucy: You look --

Aaron: You hate it, don't you? Go ahead. I can take it. Go ahead.

Lucy: Amazing.

Aaron: What?

Lucy: You look amazing.

Aaron: Yeah? Really?

Lucy: Yeah, I mean, you looked good before. But this is -- wow.

Aaron: You think?

Lucy: Trust me.

Aaron: Yeah, it's gonna take some time. But once I get used to the breeze around my ears and neck, it'll be much better.

Lucy: So-- so what happened? Did you cut your hair because of this job interview my dad set you up with?

Aaron: What interview? I already got the job.

Lucy: Aaron, that's great!

Aaron: I know.

Lucy: That's awesome. So where are you gonna be working? What is it?

Aaron: At your dad's club! Can you believe it?

Paul: Yeah, maybe you could just hear me out before you make any -- please, you don't want to make this call.

Molly: Why not?

Paul: Because you like to get what you want.

Molly: You're right. It's my favorite thing in the world. Problem is, you don't have a clue what it is I want.

Paul: Oh, no, no. I know what you want. I know what you're doing. And I know why you're doing it.

Molly: Oh, you think so?

Paul: Yeah.

Molly: Uh huh.

Paul: You had this hot, torrid affair with Dusty. And then he -- he tricks you out of a small fortune and then dumps you for another woman. And yet, here you are, ready to go back into business with the guy. There's only one reason for that -- Dusty. You've got it bad for this guy. So bad you're willing to do anything just to be in the same room with the guy.

Molly: Okay. You're so smart. Let's say you're right, for the sake of argument. Let's say I want him, I miss him, I just dream about him. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter one bit. Because he's in love with Rose.

Paul: Come on. A woman like you -- you know how to reawaken the man's emotions.

Molly: What if I can't?

Paul: Then I guess you're not the woman I always thought you were. As for Rose being any kind of a problem in all of this --

Molly: Oh, so you've already got a plan to get Dusty away from Rose?

Paul: Gee, I thought you'd never ask.

Dusty: So Paulís still in love with you. Well, now you know it, what are you gonna do about it?

Rose: Plenty. I just gotta talk to him one more time.

Dusty: No, talking's not gonna cut it. In case he hasn't gotten the message by now --

Rose: Oh, he's gonna get the message. But it has to come from me to make it sink in.

Dusty: I saw it coming. I saw how crazy he was about you when he got back to town. You guys were inseparable. And I don't like remembering it, so I choose not to think about it. But that was a big mistake.

Rose: I don't want to talk about this --

Dusty: You had a whole wedding day planned, didn't you? You were the best thing that ever happened to him. You made him happy. That kind of thing doesn't come along very often.

Rose: He hates me. He hates me --

Dusty: He hates you? It's a thin line between love and hate. You know that. But maybe it doesn't matter how Paul feels about you.

Rose: No, it doesnít. It doesn't matter at all.

Dusty: It only matters if you feel something for him. And check it out.

Jessica: You can tell your client that the DA's office is willing to make this offer, but it won't stay on the table forever. He's got 24 hours.

Marshall: Before we continue, there's something else we need to discuss.

Jessica: And what is that?

Marshall: Bonnie. I understand she's moved out and now she's staying here at the Lakeview.

Jessica: So what does that have to do with you?

Marshall: I hope this isn't an attempt on your daughter's part to worm her way back into Sarahís life, because if it is --

Jessica: I hope you'll explain to your client the ramifications of turning down this plea. It's a one-time offer. Take it, or he's looking at 10 to 20. Since that's all --

Marshall: Have you not heard a word I said?

Jessica: I thought I made myself perfectly clear to you, Marshall. My personal life is not a topic for conversation. But I'm glad you don't want Sarah around Bonnie. Because that means that Bonnie will stay away from you. And the further my child is from you, the better. In fact, I can't tell you how happy I am that your devout selfishness has finally paid off for the rest of us.

Marshall: Wait a minute. Am I that bad?

Jessica: Yes. You are. And the whole world would know it if the judge hadn't declared a mistrial and the jury could have found you guilty. You know what you are, Marshall. You know what you did. We both do.

Marshall: Jessica, that was a mistake in judgment. And I apologized.

Jessica: Oh, I see. So Iím supposed to dismiss it like some fender bender? An accident that is easily excused with an apology.

Marshall: It was a onetime occurrence, it will never happen again, with you or anyone else.

Jessica: It happened once. That was enough.

Marshall: All Iím trying to say is -- we were friends. We dated. It's not like I was some stranger who grabbed you off the street and dragged you into the bushes. That has to count for something.

Jessica: A stranger? A date? A friend? It doesn't matter. It's still a crime.

Marshall: Jessica --

Jessica: You know, that night used to haunt me. But not anymore. And in celebration of the fact that Iím moving forward with my life, I will share one final morsel of personal information. Ben and I have set a date.

Marshall: Have you? That's wonderful. I wish you the best.

Jessica: If you have any further questions about this case, you can call my office and leave a message. We're finished here.

Bonnie: What exactly did you hear them say, Sarah?

Sarah: I don't know. Just something like, "Marshall Travers" or "Jessica Griffin." Like there's some humongous secret that I -- I don't know.

Bonnie: Well, Sarah, I -- I've already told you that your father and my mother -- they had a relationship for awhile.

Sarah: So? I mean, what difference does that make to a bunch of high school snobs?

Bonnie: It shouldnít.

Sarah: But it does. I mean, they announced my name in assembly, and, suddenly, everybody starts laughing and pointing.

Bonnie: Honey, I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

Sarah: Don't tell me to ignore it, because I canít. And don't tell me it'll blow over, because I know it wonít. Just tell me the truth.

Bonnie: It's a long story, Sarah.

Sarah: Yeah, and everybody at Oakdale Latin knows it except for me. And if they know it, then the whole town knows it, right? You know what? Whatever. I'll look it up on the internet.

Bonnie: No. No, you definitely don't want to do that.

Sarah: Well, I want to know the truth. And I'm gonna find it out sooner or later.

Bonnie: All right. You know what? Grab your books. You're coming with me.

Sarah: Oh, wait, where are we going?

Bonnie: We are going to find you some answers. We're gonna go find your father.

Sarah: No! I've -- this is second time in a row that I've ditched school. He'll ground me for life. And when he sees you? Forget about it.

Bonnie: Look, Sarah -- trust me on this. Everything is gonna be all right. It's gonna be cool. It's gonna be fine.

Lucy: I thought my father was going to call one of his business friends and get you a job in an office. Like working for a corporation or something.

Aaron: Right. Me behind a desk? Yeah, that's gonna work.

Lucy: You behind a desk is worse than you behind a bar all night?

Aaron: Lucy, this is gonna be the hottest club in town.

Lucy: But I thought you told me my father gave you a business contact.

Aaron: Yeah, he did. Dusty Donovan. So I went to the club, met with Dusty. And in, like, five minutes I was hired.

Lucy: And the makeover was part of the deal?

Aaron: Yeah. Well, he told me to see a guy about getting a suit and -- well, of course the haircut.

Lucy: So my father makes you get a haircut and a new wardrobe and --

Aaron: No. It wasn't your dad. It was Dusty. And plus, it was my choice, Lucy -- a chance for me to learn a lot while the people around me are having a great time. I mean, if I can manage a club, then I can manage other stuff -- a restaurant, a hotel. I mean, I can make this into a career, you never know.

Lucy: Aaron Snyder and his chain of luxury resorts?

Aaron: Yeah, why not? I could learn a lot from this Dusty guy, make the right connections, you know, see what it takes to run a business -- how can this be a bad thing, Luce?

Lucy: Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this.

Aaron: Mm-hmm. Yeah, you wouldn't believe how much time you have to think about your life when you're watching your hair fall in a big, fat pile. You gonna be okay with all this?

Lucy: Well, Iím trying to be. I don't know. Maybe I'm just surprised is all.

Aaron: Lucy, listen, this is gonna be the best for both of us.

Lucy: How?

Aaron: How? I'm gonna be able to pick up stuff that I can use anywhere. I mean, once you graduate and go to grad school and find some amazing job, Iíll be working in the same city with you. No matter where you are.

Lucy: You know I want that. But --

Aaron: But you still wish I hadn't taken the gig. I'm sorry, Lucy. I just don't see what the problem is.

Rose: There is nothing between Paul and me. And you know that.

Dusty: No, I donít.

Rose: Yeah.

Dusty: I mean, if it weren't for me, you guys would probably be together, maybe married.

Rose: That's all in the past.

Dusty: Let's talk about now. For example. The kiss. How did it happen? Did he kiss you? Touch you? When he was doing it, did you like it?

Rose: No.

Dusty: Why didnít you stop?

Rose: I don't know.

Dusty: Why did you start?

Rose: Because we were arguing about you!

Dusty: Oh, man. It was wrong of me to come between you and Paul. For all the wrong reasons I did it. And now you're telling me you've got feelings for him that need exploring. Well, that's okay. I can understand that. You got some unfinished business that needs tying up. So -- the truth. Did the kiss mean anything to you?

Rose: Nothing. It meant nothing.

Rose: The kiss meant something to Paul, but it didn't mean anything to me. He knew it. I knew it. Now I need you to know it.

Paul: All you have to do is give Dusty a little taste -- remind him of what he had and what he lost and what he could have again. Folks here appreciate things

Ben: Hey, Walker. I'll have those test results sent by your office as soon as I get them back from the lab.

Walker: Thanks. Hey, you know what? Before I forget, did I overhear you talking to one of the nurses earlier? Something about Isaac leaving town.

Ben: Yeah. He's gonna be running a club down in South Beach.

Walker: Wow! That's great, man. Hey, listen -- did Bonnie happen to go with him?

Nurse: Dr. Daniels? One of your patients is asking to see you.

Walker: All right. I'll talk to you later.

Ben: What brings you here?

Jessica: I was on my way to the courthouse, and I just needed a little bit of that for luck.

Ben: Well, take as much of that as you like.

Jessica: Oh, and listen, listen -- I cleared my schedule for tomorrow so we can look at wedding bands.

Ben: All right.

Walker: Whoa! Wedding bands?

Ben: Yeah. We've finally set a date!

Walker: All right. Congratulations. So that's what that glow is about.

Jessica: Yeah, yeah. Well, listen. We haven't exactly told anybody that we set a date yet, so --

Walker: Say no more. Your secret's safe with me. Best wishes.

Jessica: Thanks. Walker, listen, wait a minute -- before you go, Iíd like to ask you a favor.

Walker: Uh-oh. Favor? Last time I did a favor without knowing what it was, I ended up in a bachelor auction. What did you have in mind?

Jessica: It's about Bonnie.

Marshall: What is it now, Bonnie? I've asked you to stay out of our lives, and if this is going to take legal intervention --

Bonnie: Look, Marshall, we need to talk about Sarah. She's outside. Right now.

Marshall: She's where! In the middle of the school day?

Bonnie: You can yell about it later, Marshall! But right now, your daughter is on the verge of finding out about the rape. Those kids at that school, they keep whispering all about it. Now, she knows something happened between my mother and you. And Marshall -- I think she should hear it from you. Here she is now. I assume you want to take her upstairs to talk to her about it?

Marshall: There's no good place to tell her. I might as well just tell her right here, right now.

Sarah: Listen, I know you're really angry at me for skipping school. And I'm really sorry, but if you knew what it was like at that place, you couldn't deal with it, either.

Marshall: Listen, Sarah. I understand. All right. And I'm gonna talk to your principal and to your teachers. I'll take care of everything.

Sarah: Just like that? Well, this secret must be really serious, huh?

Marshall: Yes, it is. I think this is gonna be the most difficult thing Iíll ever have to tell you. And I hope that somehow -- somehow you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.

Paul: What if I told you that I could arrange a meeting between you and Dusty, where you are alone -- I mean completely alone -- blissfully alone, without interference from Rose or any other outside forces?

Molly: You'd do that? Ooh, you'd really do that? Give me a break. If you want me to work with you, you're gonna have to come up with something a little more substantial than that.

Paul: I'm going to arrange it so that all these circumstances leading up to this meeting would be completely accidental, and then it would just be the two of you -- you and Dusty with nothing but time on your hands. We'll see then who can resist temptation.

Molly: You're a little sick. It's like your own science fair experiment or something. Take man "a," woman "b" -- put 'em in a test tube, shake, mix, stir -- and presto, they go at it like lab rats.

Paul: The guy's got the hots for you. And he's weak in the knees.

Molly: It doesn't matter. Because once Rose came into the picture, all the rules changed. Besides, you know, you have been trying to drive a wedge between those two for months with no success. What makes you think Iíve got the magic touch?

Paul: There isn't a man in Oakdale who would --

Molly: Easy. Choose your words carefully.

Paul: There isn't a man in Oakdale who would turn you down if he had the chance. All you have to do is give Dusty a little taste, remind him of what he had and what he lost and what he could have again.

Molly: No. No, this little meeting of the minds is officially over.

Paul: It could work.

Molly: Not without me. See ya.

Paul: Wait, Molly -- you know, I hate to keep harping on this. But promise me that you won't tell anybody about this little conversation.

Molly: I can't make promises when Iím not sure that I can keep them.

Paul: Okay. Fine. Guess I'm just on my own then.

Rose: What I meant was the kiss meant something to Paul, but it didn't mean anything to me. He knew it, I knew it. Now, I need you to know it. Now, I need to hear you say that you believe me.

Dusty: Sure, I believe you.

Rose: So we okay now? Because if it didn't mean anything to me, then it shouldn't mean anything to us.

Dusty: No, you're right.

Rose: Forgotten?

Dusty: Forgotten.

Rose: Good.

Dusty: Well, I -- Iíll let you get back to work, I gotta get back to the club.

Rose: All right.

Dusty: I'll see you soon.

Rose: Can't wait.

Dusty: Oh, Rose. Why are you lying to me?

Lucy: You know I love you. And I love my father. And I hate being the voice of doom here, but if you go to work for him, then you have to answer to him. And you won't be able to protect yourself. I mean, it's not like my father to offer you a job without a reason. And knowing him, Iím just nervous as to what that reason could be.

Aaron: And I've thought about that, too, Luce. I mean, that's why I made a few rules for myself. Number one, is Iím going to watch your father like a hawk. Okay, if it feels like something's up or he's up to something like a setup, Iím out.

Lucy: Number two?

Aaron: Number two -- is that I'm mostly working for Dusty Donovan. Dusty Donovan is the one who pretty much runs the club, and he's got no beef with me.

Lucy: Yeah, but everybody I know -- people Iím related to, people I love have a problem with him -- Rosanna, my grandmother, Lily, your father.

Aaron: Okay, Luce, that's between them. Okay, I stay out of it. That's their business.

Lucy: Fine. But we still don't know what my father had in mind when he told Dusty to hire you. I just don't want you to get pumped up about this and then have it backfire.

Aaron: Luce, this isn't perfect, and I know this. Look, if you don't want me to take the job 'cause you're uncomfortable, then I wonít. That's why Iím here. If you honestly feel that I should back out of this, then Iím going to back out of it.

Paul: All right, don't even bother telling me to go, because I'm not going anywhere. I can't -- I can't just leave things, Rose, the way we left things.

Rose: I don't think there's anything left to say.

Paul: There is a lot for us to say! There's plenty for us to say.

Rose: Okay, if I let you say it, I mean all of it, will you just go then, please?

Paul: Yeah, fine, if that's what you really want.

Rose: Yes, yes. Good. Please, talk.

Paul: Okay, you know, I let things build up for a long time, and for me to unload everything like that all at once -- maybe I came on a little strong.

Rose: Maybe? Maybe?

Paul: But it was all the truth. Rose, you can't expect me to just get over you. I mean, you know, I know just because my feelings haven't changed, that doesn't give me the right to lay everything at your feet like that. It wasn't fair.

Rose: No, it wasn't fair.

Paul: Well, what do you want me to do? You want me to lie about it, tell you that that kiss didn't mean anything? You know what, that kiss -- it was gross. I couldn't wait for it to be over. It meant nothing to me.

Rose: No, Iím not asking you to lie to me. Just don't tell the truth for truth's sake when it doesn't change anything. I mean, what we had together -- it's over. It's done.

Paul: You told me that. You've moved on. I know everything we had together is just a distant memory.

Rose: I didn't say that. It's not distant. It's just over.

Paul: And that kiss -- it doesn't bring things, you know, just a little closer?

Rose: It doesn't matter.

Paul: Since when does what you feel not matter to you?

Rose: I can't do this. I won't do this anymore. I can -- you just have to leave me alone -- for your good and for mine.

Molly: Hey, heavy D. Just when you think you've heard it all -- but remember Iím just the messenger here -- hey, you okay? Did you see Rose? Did she explain why she never showed up? Do you want to talk about it?

Aaron: So what do you say? Hmm, do I take the job at your dad's club? Or am I gonna be the best-dressed mechanic in Bertís garage?

Lucy: If you want the job at the club, then you should take it.

Aaron: You mean it?

Lucy: Yeah. I mean, we can't always be in fear of what my father might do, right?

Aaron: That's what I'm always saying.

Lucy: And we love each other, and nothing's going to take you away from me.

Aaron: Great minds think alike.

Lucy: You know what else I was thinking?

Aaron: What?

Lucy: Rosanna's still at Carly's, my dad's out of town for a few days and the staff has the day off.

Aaron: Hmm, so we got this big old mansion to ourselves? Hmm, but aren't you supposed to be working on that essay question for your college application?

Lucy: Yeah.

Aaron: What was it again? Evaluate --

Lucy: Evaluate a significant experience?

Aaron: Well, I can probably help you out with one or two.

Lucy: Well, we should get started on that.

Aaron: Maybe we should.

Lucy: Come on.

Ben: I know that you and Bonnie could fight until the world ends, and you'd still love her more than words could say.

Jessica: Of course.

Ben: Of course. I mean, I understand that. But if you're so determined to let your daughter live her own life, why are you asking Walker to do favors for her?

Jessica: Well, it's part of my process of letting go. Trust me.

Ben: Always.

[Pager beeps] duty calls, again.

Jessica: Yeah.

Ben: See you later.

Jessica: Uh-huh.

Walker: Sorry about that. So what did you want to ask me about?

Jessica: Isaac Jenkins left town.

Walker: Yeah, I heard.

Jessica: He and Bonnie had been together for a couple of years, so I know it's not easy for her right now. Couple that with the fact that she just moved out of the house -- I mean, we both needed our own space, and I guess it was time -- you know, so -- well, with Isaac gone and her living on her own, I was just wondering if maybe you'd check in on her.

Walker: Jessica, me and Bonnie are already friends. I'd be happy to be there for anything she needs.

Jessica: Great, 'cause I know she trusts you. And if she needs somebody to talk to -- you know, I'd really appreciate it.

Walker: Yeah, I mean, 'cause she's been through an awful lately. She lost her boyfriend, her job, her home, Sarah -- you know, so she's probably feeling pretty rocky right now.

Jessica: Yeah, definitely, definitely. But, you know, there is one good thing that's come out of this.

Walker: Oh, what's that?

Jessica: I know Bonnie loves Sarah, but having that child out of her life is the best thing that could happen to her right now.

Sarah: Listen, like I told Bonnie, I can deal. You just have to tell me the truth.

Marshall: Sarah, this is very difficult for me to say.

Sarah: Well, you're a lawyer. You're supposed to be able to talk your way out of anything, right? You can tell me. Whatever it is, I can handle it.

Marshall: I don't think -- I don't think I can do this.

Sarah: Why? Is it because you think I'm going to hate you or something?

Marshall: That's a big part of it. Yeah.

Sarah: Well, how do you know I don't hate you already?

Marshall: What?

Sarah: You took me away from my home, my friends, you won't let me see my only best friend. You stuck me in a school where all the girls laugh at me all day. I mean, how worse could it get? You should just tell me what it is.

Marshall: Um, it's a really long story, all right? And I think I need some time to think before we get into it. So why don't you go upstairs and get changed, and we'll talk about it later?

Sarah: Fine, but I'm telling you one thing. I'm not going back to that school until you tell me the truth.

Bonnie: Any good reason why you didn't tell her?

Marshall: I just couldn't. I looked into her eyes, and I couldn't find the words.

Bonnie: Well, Marshall, you need to try. She deserves to know.

Marshall: I know. But I think I'm going to need your help.

Dusty: I'm sorry.

Molly: Sorry for what?

Dusty: I'm fine.

Molly: You don't seem fine.

Dusty: Well, I'd better be fine or we're going to be serving nothing but seltzer on opening night. I gotta go through some job applications. And I need a chef. You got any leads yet?

Molly: I'm -- Iím working on it.

Dusty: You'll make magic.

Paul: You can't keep doing this to me. It's just not fair. In one breath you tell me that you're not over me, and the next breath you tell me that I gotta stay away!

Rose: This is the way that it's gotta be.

Paul: It doesn't make any sense, Rose. 'Cause there's a part of you that still wants me.

Rose: I am with Dusty now.

Paul: So what does that make us?

Rose: Finished. We're not -- I mean, we're not lovers.

Paul: If you say friends, Iím going to throw up.

Rose: No, friends don't kiss each other the way that we kissed each other.

Paul: You kissed me. Okay, if I kissed you, at the very least you kissed me back. I felt that. That's what scares the hell out of you, isn't it? You can't even look at me. That's why you can't have me coming around here. Because every time you see me, it reminds you of what we had, of what we should be.

Rose: But this is the way that it is. I mean, if Dusty sees you --

Paul: I'm not afraid of Dusty.

Rose: I think you gotta go. I mean, we're not friends. We're nothing. So if you know what's good for you, you would just go now. Please? Please?

[Phone rings]

Paul: Who is this?

Molly: It's Molly.

Paul: The same Molly who walked out on me and threatened to blow me out of the water? What do you want?

Molly: I've changed my mind. I'm in.

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Chris: We're gonna have the place all to ourselves.

Alison: I can't wait.

Mike: If there's any part of you that cares about what happens to me, I need to know. All right, if there is a chance that we could become friends again, please tell me.

Paul: Come on in, and Iíll tell you everything.

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