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Marshall: Aren't you going to eat?

Sarah: I'm not hungry.

Marshall: Well, you can't be late for school, honey.

[Sarah scoffs]

Sarah: I hate this stupid uniform.

Marshall: You look cute.

Sarah: I don't want to look cute. Maybe if I could just call Bonnie, she could -- I don't know -- do my hair the right way or tell me what to say to make the right friends. Why can't I just call her?

Marshall: Listen, honey, you're smart, and you're nice, okay? You'll figure it out. Look, you know what this is? This is just first-day-of-school jitters. All right? It happens to everybody. After a few minutes, you'll be just fine.

Sarah: You know what? I don't think I feel very well.

Marshall: Now, look, I've got a meeting. Okay? There's a car outside to take you to school. And I promise I'll try to pick you up afterward. Come on.

Sarah: Please don't make me do this. I already know what -- exactly what's gonna happen.

Marshall: Just relax. You're my little girl. You're gonna be fine. Okay? Have a good day, sweetheart.

Bonnie: Look, Iíd be happy to help you --

Marshall: Over my dead body.

Henry: All right, let's say that I pack Java underground with enough surveillance that you could hear a pin drop. What exactly is it you expect to hear?

Paul: All Iím trying to do is put some distance between Dusty Donovan and my sister. I think Jenniferís had enough heartbreak.

Henry: I'm touched, really. But the last time you asked me to tap into my technical talents, I barely escaped with my good name. I swore after that that I'd keep my nose clean. See, my freedom is worth a lot more --

Paul: This is a down payment. Now, you get that new club up and wired for sound, plenty more where this came from.

Henry: You know, I've always felt that brotherly devotion is such a -- such a beautiful, beautiful thing. Jennifer is so lucky to have someone like you looking out for her.

Paul: Right.

Henry: So how's this gonna work, huh? How do I get in? Do you have keys? Do you have someone on the inside?

Paul: You know what people say about you, Henry? They say, "that Henry Coleman, he is a resourceful young man." So do me a favor. Why don't you go somewhere else now and be resourceful? Use your creativity to come up with something and call me when you figure out what it is.

Henry: But, Paul --

Paul: But you've gotta go now --

Henry: Paul --

Paul: -- Because I'm very busy.

Henry: But I still Ė

Mitzi: Was that Jennifer Munson I just saw coming out of here? What'd she want?

Rose: What everybody else wants. To cause problems between me and Dusty.

Mitzi: Did it work?

Rose: She came all the way over here to tell me that Molly saw her kissing Dusty. But it was nothing. Nothing -- nothing to worry about.

Mitzi: You're kidding?

Rose: The nerve of that broad.

Mitzi: The -- the nerve of her? What about Dusty? He kissed Jennifer Munson? What are you gonna do about it?

Rose: Nothing. Because it never happened. She's been throwing herself at him ever since she came back to town.

Mitzi: Oh, yeah? Well, she's throwing, and he's catching. Are you sure that --

Rose: Yes. Yes, Iím sure. That little girl is Paulís little sister. She's only doing Paulís dirty work for him.

Mitzi: You, Rose D'Angelo -- you're gonna let Dusty get away with something like this?

Rose: I am not letting anybody get away with nothing! I know Dusty. And I can tell you one thing -- after last night, I am the only woman on his mind.

Dusty: It's about time. What took you so long to get back to me?

Jennifer: I always think anticipation makes everything so much sweeter. Don't you?

Dusty: I need to see you.

Jennifer: Name the place.

Dusty: I got a meeting at the Lakeview. You wanna meet me there?

Jennifer: I won't keep you waiting. Bye.

Molly: You called me about an emergency? Please tell me it's not about a date with Rose.

Dusty: It's not about a date with Rose. I got the health inspector coming over here any minute. And I got a meeting with our lawyer about the liquor license. And my good partner, Craig Montgomery is nowhere to be seen.

Molly: So, what do you need me to do?

Dusty: What do I need you to do?

Molly: Yeah.

Dusty: What am I doing? What do I need you to do? I need you to make sure that my crew has that kitchen spotless. I'm gonna be back when I can.

Molly: Dusty, wait! What if the health inspector shows up? I can't do this by myself.

Dusty: You're gonna be great, baby. Show 'em some skin.

Molly: But what if, Dusty --

Dusty: I know you can do it.

[Molly sighs]

Margo: Yes, well, Iím faxing a picture of my sister and the man she's traveling with now. Yes, bring them in for questioning. Thank you very much.

Hal: Did I just hear you tell the Sydney Police that Katie and Mike are fugitives?

Margo: Persons of interest.

Hal: That's cranking the heat up a little bit high, isn't it, Margo?

Margo: You know what? Katie said that she would stay in touch with me on a regular basis. She's in trouble, and I am not going to ignore my instincts one more minute.

Katie: Ow! Come on, you're hurting me!

Mordecai: Shut up and sit down.

Katie: My wrists -- please take these things off. They're cutting off circulation to my hands.

Mordecai: I'm gonna cut off circulation to your brain in a moment if you don't shut up.

Katie: Please? Please? I'm begging you. Please?

Mordecai: All right. All right. Your wish is my command. Happy --

Katie: Ow!

Mordecai: -- Now?

Katie: Where are we? What is this place?

Mordecai: Security office for a lumberyard -- the family business.

Katie: What's in the case?

Mordecai: Well, you'll find that out when your husband gets here. In the meantime, sit back, relax, watch some telly. When Simon arrives, then the real fun starts.

Ben: Excuse me. Looks like somebody's screaming for a second cup of coffee with their brunch.

Jessica: Thank you. I love the service here.

Ben: Oh, of course. Thank you. So, you didn't sleep much last night.

Jessica: I hope I didn't keep you awake.

Ben: Hey, just being close to you keeps me awake. I didn't mind it one bit.

Isaac: You know, that guy over there at the counter is taking up a collection to get you two a room.

Ben: Hey. Pull up a chair. Join us for some coffee, man.

Isaac: Well, normally, I wouldn't impose. But -- I got something important to tell you.

Ben: What's on your mind?

Isaac: I'm leaving town.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Isaac: Tonight.

Ben: Wait, wait, wait. For how long?

Isaac: For good.

Jessica: What?!

Ben: Whoa, whoa. Back up, back up, back up. Did I just hear you say that you're leaving town for good?

Isaac: I know it seems kind of sudden, and I don't like to spring it on you like this. But --

Ben: But -- but what? Why?

Isaac: But a buddy of mine in South Beach had a manager that left on him. And it's a great opportunity.

Jessica: Well, wait a minute. What about Bonnie?

Isaac: What about her?

Jessica: Well -- is she going with you?

Isaac: No. No. I'm probably the furthest thing from Bennieís mind.

Bonnie: How's Sarah?

Marshall: She's fine.

Bonnie: Today is her first day of school.

Marshall: And Iíve got everything under control. So just stay out of it and stay out of the way.

Dusty: Hey, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Dusty, hi. How are the renovations for the club coming along?

Dusty: It's coming along great. Thanks for asking. I mean, you wouldn't even recognize the place. You -- you and Isaac, you should stop by sometime.

Bonnie: That sounds great. Would you excuse me for a minute, please?

Dusty: What's up with our gambling charges?

Marshall: Actually, Iím on my way to the courthouse now. But don't sweat it. I know what I'm doing. That's why you pay me the big bucks, right?

Dusty: You better be worth it.

Marshall: I am.

[Dusty laughs]

Dusty: Coffee, please.

Jennifer: You sounded urgent on the phone. Must be important.

Dusty: Well, something I didn't want to leave on your machine.

Jennifer: Oh. Well, what can I do for you, Mr. Donovan?

Dusty: Opening night, I decided to pull back on my guest list. While I appreciate you inviting all your, you know, gorgeous, hot model friends, they're no longer going to be on the list.

Jennifer: No. No, no, no.

Dusty: Yes. And, unfortunately, neither are you.

Mitzi: I hate arguing with you!

Rose: I hate arguing with you, too. Hate it.

Mitzi: Hey, you know, and, uh -- from now on, Iím just gonna keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself. No matter what.

Rose: Oh. Sure.

Mitzi: So, what else is new with Dusty?

Rose: Things are going very well with the opening of the club. And I had a great idea about bringing some of the girls from Atlantic City in for the opening, you know? A little ambience.

Mitzi: A little what?

Rose: Atmosphere. What do you think?

Mitzi: Sure.

Rose: Good.

Mitzi: I mean, a drink's a drink. And anything for a friend.

Rose: Thank you.

Mitzi: So, I'm gonna go make sure that we have Mrs. Dayton's hair color in stock.

Rose: Okay. Thank you.

[Phone ringing]

Molly: Hello. Club without a name.

Rose: Hey, Molly, it's Rose. Dusty around?

Molly: No, Rose, actually he ran an errand, so Iím here holding down the fort. Anything I can do to help you?

Rose: No, just tell him Iím working on the whole Atlantic City situation. He'll understand what that means.

Molly: Will do. Rose, I have to run, but Iíll make sure that Dusty gets the message. Bye-bye. Henry, we're closed.

Henry: Yeah, I'm just looking for one of the owners. Is Dusty or Craig around?

Molly: No, but I am. Owner number three.

Henry: Why, you don't say? Well, Molly, this is your lucky day. Meet your newest employee, boss.

Molly: You want me to hire you?

Henry: Molly -- Molly, I can build a martini that will make the Sears Tower look like a house of cards. My maiden's prayer? It'll make you blush all over. And my mojito? It's crisp enough for Castro. And my Manhattan -- and my Manhattan is a concoction that will make even the most jaded New Yorker stand up and take notice.

Molly: That's great. But, Henry, you want me to trust you behind the bar when I barely trust you in front of it? Nice try, but, no. Go home.

Henry: Wait, wait. Give me half an hour behind the bar. I'll mix a few drinks that'll put the curls back in your hair. And if you're still standing after --

Molly: Good-bye, okay, Henry? I mean it. Go. Now.

Inspector: I'm here to see Dusty Donovan.

Molly: Um, he's not here, but I'm his new partner. Molly McKinnon. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Inspector: Oh, from WOAK.

Molly: Yes, the one and only. That's me. So I understand you're here to see our brand-new, state-of-the-art kitchen? Don't let the door hit you on your way out, Henry. Right this way.

Henry: Well, I hope the health inspector doesn't mind a few bugs.

Jennifer: I am being tossed out before the club even opens?

Dusty: Look, try not to take it personally. I have really enjoyed your interest and input into this club. It's just that -- that's as far as it goes between us. That's it.

Jennifer: Give me one good reason.

Dusty: I've got a girl. And my girl doesn't want other girls getting comfortable in my life.

Jennifer: This has nothing to do with Rose.

Dusty: Do you have a hearing problem?

Jennifer: This is about our kiss. And the only person who's uncomfortable here, Dusty, is you. Because you liked that kiss. You liked it a lot. And now every time you look at me, it's all you can think about.

Rose: No, no, no. I'm not gonna be the girl that checks up on her guy. This's exactly what Jennifer Munson wants. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna be that girl.

Rose: Ow. You want a shampoo and a trim?

Paul: Uh-uh. I don't think I can trust you with sharp instruments just yet.

Rose: Yeah, you're probably right. So what can I do for you? You better make it quick, 'cause I got an afternoon full of appointments.

Paul: Yeah, you got it.

Rose: Okay.

Paul: I just came by. You know, thought I could clear something up.

Rose: Okay, we'll try.

Paul: So, you and Dusty -- you guys are in love, right?

Rose: We're in love.

Paul: You're sure about that, right?

Rose: Yeah.

Paul: Two-way street and everything?

Rose: That's right.

Paul: Could you explain something to me, then?

Rose: Sure.

Paul: Could you please explain to me why the guy that you're so crazy about is spending so much time with my little sister?

Margo: Okay, do I get that time off I asked for, or do I have to quit again?

Tom: Margo, do you remember when you called Simonís ranch and you heard the "mockingbird" song in the background and convinced yourself that something was wrong with Katie?

Margo: Yes.

Tom: And then she called, and everything was fine.

Margo: No, it wasnít.

Hal: How do you know that?

Margo: I just got off the phone with the captain who sent that constable over there -- Constable Brighton? Well, they just found Constable Brighton behind the ranch -- buried in a shallow grave.

Tom: Was he murdered?

Margo: Well, people don't self-bury. Mordecai's prints are all over the place. Now they need a set of Katieís prints to see if she was there, too. Now do you believe me?

Mordecai: Yeah, well, this is the last of it for you, so drink it slowly.

Katie: Did you leave water for Mike?

Mordecai: Water? No. I left him champagne and truffles.

Katie: You can't just leave him there to die. He was only trying to protect me.

Mordecai: What, the same way Simon was only trying to protect you when he killed my brother?

Katie: That's the tenth time you've checked your watch in the last two minutes.

Mordecai: Well, yeah. I mean, is your husband always in the habit of keeping people waiting?

Katie: When they're trying to kill him, he is. He's on to you, you know. That's why he wanted to change the location. He's gonna swoop in here and take you out when you least expect it.

Mordecai: Well, no surprises here. Because, as you can see, I have an eagle-eye view of whatever goes on in this place, huh? Hey, what was that?

Katie: What?

Mordecai: Did you see that?

Katie: Maybe it was the cops. You should get out of here. Get out of here before they get to you.

Mordecai: Shut up.

Katie: This is your perfect chance!

Mordecai: Another sound out of you, and I will make sure it's your last. Get me?

Katie: Come on! No, no, there's no way out of here. A weapon -- I need to find a weapon. As soon as he comes in here, I will just slam him -- oh, my God. A bomb.

Jessica: I'm ready to join my life with yours.

Ben: When?

Jessica: Now.

[Jessica laughs]

[Rose gasps]

Mordecai: Yeah, listen up, Frasier. I've got your wife down here. She's sitting on enough c-4 plastique to blow her to kingdom come.

Katie: Oh, my God. He's going to blow this place up. I've got to get out of here. No, no, don't touch me.

Mordecai: What the hell are you -- doing?! I can't leave you alone with anything, can I?

Katie: When Simon comes, you're going to leave us in here with a bomb?

Mordecai: Uh, yeah. She's finally catching on.

Katie: Was he out there? Simon, Simon! Can you hear me?

Mordecai: Shut up. All right? He's not here yet. But just think, when he does get here, you'll be the first to know.

Katie: He's not here yet 'cause he knows you're trying to set him up. He's gonna swoop in here out of the sky and surprise you.

Mordecai: Oh, good. I'd hate for him to miss what Iíve got planned. But if he does, I guess I can always send him the videotape.

Katie: If you hurt me, you better hope you die, too. Because as soon as Simon finds out I'm gone, he is gonna make sure you have nothing to live for.

Mordecai: Yeah, well, let's see about that. Huh? Out you go.

Katie: No.

Mordecai: Come on. Get out. I'm sick of listening to you.

Isaac: Like I said, what we had is over. Now, both of us knew the score. We both agreed it was time for me to move on. It's good the South Beach thing came up. It gives me a chance to start fresh.

Ben: I can't believe this.

Jessica: Bonnie and I had a terrible argument last night. And, now, with you telling her you're leaving town, too, I mean -- how did she take it?

Isaac: Let's just say there wasn't a bunch of fighting for me to stay on either side.

Ben: That's it?

Isaac: Yeah. What we have is over. And it's for the best, really.

Jessica: Wait a minute, Isaac. Maybe now that the situation with Sarah is settled, Bonnie could just --

Isaac: If it wasn't the situation with Sarah, it would have been something else. Now, this is for the best. Really, I'm okay.

Ben: And you're gonna be 1,000 miles away.

Isaac: Well, Mr. Sensitivity. You know, it wasn't too long ago, a few years back, you wanted me to be a few thousand miles away.

Ben: C'mon, man, things change over the years. Isaac, you've built a life here. Jess, will you tell him something? There is more than just Bonnie to keep you here. You've got friends. You've got family.

Isaac: And I always will. But it's time.

Ben: So there's nothing I can say to get you to change your mind?

Jessica: Oh, Isaac --

Ben: You know Iím going to miss you, bro.

Isaac: Now before we start getting all sentimental, please realize two things. One -- in Miami, they have phones. And they also have the post office.

Ben: Man, you are not gonna write. And I will be lucky if I can catch you on the phone.

Isaac: We will stay in touch. We'll stay in touch. And I expect you and Curtis down there for every vacation.

[Jessica clears her throat] like I said, I expect you and Curtis and the lovely Jessica at every vacation. And when are you two getting married, anyway?

Jessica: Well --

Isaac: Oh, it's time to clam up now -- is that what's going on? Please, what are you two waiting on? A sign from God? You already have it! You're sitting right here together. I mean, find someone -- a priest, a rabbi, a man walking the street with a collar -- and get married. You -- yes, you -- marry that woman.

Ben: Yeah, well. So, what? This is it, then, huh?

Isaac: Guess so. Well, you know how I hate to drag these things out.

Ben: All right. We're gonna see each other soon, right?

Isaac: Definitely. Love you, man.

Ben: I love you, too.

Isaac: All right.

Ben: You hang tough. And you remember you got a big brother right here.

Isaac: Yeah, well, I have an older brother. He's not quite bigger.

Ben: Not quite.

Isaac: You. You take care of this man. I do not want to have to come back and poke my nose in your business like only Isaac Jenkins can.

Jessica: You don't have to worry about that. Listen, you take care of yourself. And good luck with everything.

Isaac: Okay. You two -- get married. What are we waiting on, huh? 'Cause, truly, there is no more time.

Jessica: He's right. What are we waiting for? Let's set a date.

Rose: I don't know why you're trying to get me all worked up about Dusty and your little sister, but -- Iím telling ya, I'm a grown-up. Dusty is a grown-up. We don't need you or anybody else keeping tabs on us.

Paul: I'm just trying to figure out why he's spending so much time with her.

Rose: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'd like to know that, too, you know? And maybe somebody should tell her that it makes her look desperate when she shows up places uninvited.

Paul: Well, there must be something in it for her. Otherwise, why would she hang out with him?

Rose: Oh, she's not the innocent little virgin that you think she is.

Paul: And he's not the loyal little boy that you think he is. So, how are things going, you and Dusty? Going strong, everything's good?

Rose: Yeah, stronger than ever.

Paul: So is he just leading her on?

Rose: He is not. She's the one coming on to him.

Paul: Well, he must be getting something out of spending so much time with her. I mean, don't you want to know what's going on?

Rose: I'm not his mother. I don't grill him when he comes home to find out who he's been spending his time with.

Paul: Right. So you're afraid to know.

Rose: No, Iím not afraid -- of anything.

Paul: I'm just asking. Things with Dusty, they're -- you're fulfilled, thrilled, wouldn't change a thing, right?

Rose: What are you doing? What do you want? It's a relationship, you know. It's got ups and downs.

Paul: It's got other women.

Rose: Why am I talking to you about this, because this is none of your business?

Paul: You're right. This is none of my business. But could you do me a favor, right? Could you do one little thing or me? This is just a request. Whatever arrangement you have with your slimy boyfriend where you just keep your mouth shut and don't ask any questions about anything, could you make sure that that does not include my little sister?

Mordecai: That oughtta do the trick. And in case you get any ideas about tipping that chair over and squirming free --

Katie: Don't do this. Please, don't do this. I won't talk anymore. I won't move! I promise.

Mordecai: Yeah, well, this bit of explosive here is our little promise-keeper. Isn't it? So just be careful now, won't you?

Katie: I won't do anything.

Mordecai: Good idea. Because you never know when this wee bomb is going to go -- "tick, tick, tick, tick, tick -- boom!"

[Katie screams]

Katie: Mordecai, don't leave me here! Don't leave me here! Please, you don't have to do this! No, please! Why are you doing this to me?!

Margo: Yeah, you've got confirmation on that? Okay, that's all I need to know. I'm on my way.

Hal: So what's the news in Wagga Wagga?

Margo: The forensics report came back, and Katieís prints matched the ones that we sent in. They're all over the place.

Hal: So I take it you're headed to Australia.

Margo: She's my sister. And I'm worried about her.

Hal: You stay in touch, and I mean twice a day. Now, you go find Katie, and you go find Mike, and you bring 'em back here, okay?

Margo: Okay. Listen, you're not going to fight me on this, are you?

Tom: How about if I clear my schedule and hand all my cases over to Jessica?

Margo: You'd do that for me?

Tom: After what Katieís done for us over the last year? Try and stop me. If Katie needs us, neither wild horses nor a mad Australian is gonna keep us from finding her.

Dusty: Hey, hey, what are you doing? I love Rose. Now, Iím not telling you to stop being your hot, sexy, flirtatious self, but I've got to tell you -- as tempting as that poison is, Iím keeping my hands off.

Jennifer: Poison, huh? Well, maybe you didn't get a good enough taste. Is this really what you want out of your life? The same woman, night after night? Having to lie to yourself about who you are and what you really want?

Dusty: You think you know what I want?

Jennifer: I know what you like. And I know that we could have a lot of fun. And isn't that really what you want? Fun, with a woman who knows what you want? You like to look. Hmm? You like to touch, flirt, no questions asked, no promises made. You need more than Rose can give you. You know that. And she's gonna figure that out, and as soon as she does, then you can be the man that we both know you really are.

Dusty: Jennifer -- there's the door. Don't call me. Don't stop by.

Jennifer: Mm. I love it when you deny how much you really want me. Just makes it more exciting for when you finally give in to who you really are and what you really, really want. See you around, Donovan.

[Dusty exhales]

Marshall: Hey, partner.

Dusty: There's the man I'm looking for. So, how'd it go? We all set?

Marshall: You got a clean slate. Something everybody deserves. Your gambling charges no longer exist.

Dusty: Mr. Travers, I appreciate this. And I won't forget it. Stop by the club soon, will you?

Marshall: I'll do that. Take it easy.

Dusty: You, too.

Marshall: Sarah?! What are you doing here? Hey, what's the matter?

Rose: First your mother wants me to disappear. Then your father wants me dead. And now Jennifer -- she wants a piece of the pie. You know, I'm tired. I've had it with your family. Can't you just leave me alone and let me live my life in peace?!

Paul: You don't get to live your life in peace. If that's what you want, you chose the wrong guy.

Rose: You can't keep doing this to me. I made a choice. You think it's the wrong one. I'm sorry, you don't get a vote. Just get out and move on and let it go!

Paul: You don't have any regrets about choosing Dusty?

Rose: He makes me happy. And I deserve to be happy. Especially after everything that you have put me through.

Paul: No, you don't, Rose. You don't get to be happy, not you.

Rose: You're bitter. I know that. I got it. It's so clear. You like to see the world as a half-empty glass. I get it. But that's not me. That's not what I want, and that's not what I deserve. And I'm gonna get more because I deserve it.

Paul: No, you don't. That's what I'm saying. You don't get to be happy because you don't get a happy ending. You have chosen the big bad wolf.

Rose: You are a miserable, miserable, miserable person.

Paul: Me? What about you, Rose?! Look at yourself. I'm miserable? Look at yourself, huh? C'mon, you look at yourself, and you tell me what you see. Look at what he's done to you.

[Rose sobbing] c'mon. Look at what he's done to us. Look at that. Tell me honestly you're happy. Rose, look.

[Rose gasps]

Ben: You sure you're ready to set a date? Just because Isaacís leaving, I don't want you to feel pressured or anything.

Jessica: Benny, you have been amazing. So incredibly patient and understanding. But now I'm ready. I am ready to join my life with yours.

Ben: When?

Jessica: Now.

[Jessica laughs] the sooner the better.

Ben: How about -- thanksgiving? I mean, it'll give us a couple months to plan, and maybe get Bonnie and Isaac some time to get their act together again. And it'll give us one more thing to be thankful for.

Jessica: I had always pictured Bonnie being my maid of honor and Isaac being your best man. But with the way things are now, I mean, who knows if they'll even be around to stand up for us.

Ben: If there is anything that we have proven, it's that if things are meant to be, they will work out in the end. We did.

Jessica: Indeed, we did.

Marshall: Sarah, what's the matter? What happened?

Sarah: Nothing!

Marshall: Honey, you're supposed to be at school. Why are you not at school?

Sarah: I'm never going back there again!

Marshall: Okay, wait a second. Look, let's try to calm down and talk about this, okay?

Sarah: There's nothing to talk about! I went to assembly, and I smiled, and I tried to fit in. But all the stupid brats could do was point and laugh and whisper behind my back. Okay, I'm never --

Marshall: Look, it's always tough the first day.

Sarah: I told you this would happen. But you wouldn't listen to me.

Marshall: Sarah? Sar -- Sarah!

[Marshall sighs]

Bonnie: Is this what you call having everything under control? Keep up the good work, Marshall.

Henry: That's it. We should be transmitting loud and clear. Hope you find what you're looking for, Paul.

[Molly laughs]

Inspector: That's quite a kitchen you and your partners have.

Molly: Thank you. We like it.

Inspector: You know, with the right chef, this place could really clean up.

Molly: Well, why don't you come by opening night and let us know how we do, huh?

Inspector: I'll do that. Very nice meeting you, Molly.

Molly: Oh, no, the pleasure's all mine, Barry. Bye-bye.

Dusty: Barry?

Molly: The health inspector.

Dusty: How'd it go with Barry?

Molly: We passed! We're perfect! He loves us!

Dusty: He loves us?

Molly: Yes, he loves the place. He loves me -- he really loves me. And he loves the idea of food here. So, how'd it go with the lawyer?

Dusty: Well, the charges were dropped. We're in business.

Molly: Oh, baby, that's fantastic!

Dusty: Yes.

Molly: Whoo!

Dusty: Isn't it? You're my good luck charm, you know that? We pulled off the impossible. This is just -- just the beginning.

Molly: Yes, it is.

Dusty: You did real good. Real good.

Molly: Yes.

Mordecai: Yeah, listen up, Frasier. I've got your wife down here with me here at the warehouse. I thought you'd like to know. She's sitting on enough c-4 plastique to blow her to kingdom come. So you've got just less than ten minutes to get down here, grow some spine and show yourself. Otherwise, she goes up in smoke.

Mike: One move, and I will cut you open so wide they'll know exactly what you had for breakfast. Do it. I dare you.

Katie: Simon! Simon! Don't come in here! Please, just stay away!

Rose: Please get out. Before I hit you again and do some real damage.

Paul: I guess I should be lucky, right? You didn't use your famous right hook.

Rose: Yeah, don't tempt me.

Paul: Believe it or not, Rose, I did not come here to fight with you.

Rose: That's all you want from me now. Yeah.

Paul: No. I came here 'cause I wanted to know what was going on with you and Dusty. I want to know if you're in love with the guy or if this is just some kind of a temporary thing or -- but you clearly have no idea.

Rose: You don't know anything about Dusty or me. It's very complicated.

Paul: No, it's not complicated.

Rose: Yeah, it is.

Paul: It's not. It's very simple. You've given him everything. You give him all of yourself, and in return, he gives you confusion and doubts.

Rose: He loves me!

Paul: Right. Just keep telling yourself that. You know, all you're doing is justifying having cut out everybody else in the world who really does love you. The people that really matter.

Rose: Just leave me alone.

Paul: You're trying to convince yourself, Rose, that you're the only woman in his life. You're not the only woman in his life. You never will be. And he knows that, and I don't know why you don't. You don't belong with him, Rose. He doesn't know you. He doesn't know what you want, doesn't know what you need.

Rose: Yes. He does.

Paul: Not like I do. You need the truth. You do. You need someone that's gonna give you his whole heart. A man who'll look you right in the eye and tell you, "I love you. Not just today, but tomorrow, and 2 million tomorrows after that."

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Dusty: What happened between you and my girlfriend?

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