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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/16/03

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Alison: My mom's been drinking again.

Chris: You don't know that.

Alison: This bottle's empty!

Chris: Look, you're jumping to conclusions.

Alison: My mom's been sober since before I was even born. This is all that psycho Rickís fault. He broke her heart and -- and made her feel like a complete fool. We should have never let her go see him in the loony bin!

Chris: Alison, your mother is a grown woman, okay? You can't control what she does and doesn't do.

Alison: I know. But if I had been here tonight -- what if she's driving? She could kill herself; she could kill someone else --

Chris: Alison, her car is in the driveway. All right? Why don't you go upstairs -- quietly -- and see if she's up there.

Alison: While I do that, could you do me a favor?

Chris: Anything.

Alison: Fix this. You saved me, Chris. Please, figure out some way to save my mom.

Craig: Like it or not, you married all of me -- good and bad. Worse.

Rosanna: But I don't know if I want to be married to someone who looks me in the eye and lies. It's like you're two different people. You're the person that goes to bed at night with me that is such a wonderful lover and a fantastic husband. And then you wake up in the morning, and I feel like Iím with a complete stranger.

Craig: The sun has set.

Rosanna: Come on. The whole situation with Monte Carlo was bad enough, but for you to call the police to get yourself arrested because you wanted to get out of adopting a child with me -- [Craig stammers] come on, who is this person?

Craig: This your husband, who loves you and who has apologized. So what do you want?

Rosanna: I want you just to be honest with me, all the time.

Craig: All right. I want to go to bed with you. How's that?

Rosanna: Oh, please. Don't trivialize me.

Craig: No, I --

Rosanna: Look, I want to give you a chance. So here's your chance. I'm asking you -- who is the person that dusty supposedly contacted to be your new investor?

Craig: But I told you I didn't know. Rosanna?

Rosanna: Hello, this is Rosanna Cabot. [Doorbell rings] if you'd like to leave a message, please do so at the beep. [Beep]

Paul: What?! Oh, no, no, no -- you got the wrong apartment, Barbara. I've got nothing to say to you.

Barbara: I want to see Jen. Please.

Paul: She's not here. And thanks to you, she doesn't trust either one of us.

Barbara: She moved out?

Paul: She didn't -- no, her things are here, but it's just a matter of time before she puts everything in a box and moves away for good. So go ahead, stand there on my doorstep and gloat. You got everything that you wanted.

Barbara: No. No, I don't want to gloat. I want to help you. Together we can work this out.

Paul: I would rather chew my arm off.

Barbara: Well, I hope you reconsider -- if you want to save your sister from Dusty Donovan.

Rose: Ah, finally, some highlights in that beautiful hair.

Lucinda: No more of that. No, that's enough --

Rose: Let me see. Let me see.

Lucinda: No.

Rose: It's gorgeous.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, don't you think that this is a bit too much? A little -- outrť?

Rose: And yet she comes back for another hairdo. What's that about?

Lucinda: Darling, boundless love does have some limits.

Rose: Ah! I leave the place open late for you for a hairdo. Next time you need a little do late at night, call somebody else.

[Phone rings]

Mitzi: It's probably Dusty again. Guy's called 50 times since you told that crumb to skedaddle.

Rose: Caller I.D. Telemarketer.

Lucinda: Am I to infer from that exchange that you have dumped dreadful Dusty?

Mitzi: Yes. You should have seen her, Ms. Walsh, okay? She was at her Jersey best. She found out that Dusty was busted for making book and that he was hanging out with Jennifer Munson on the sly. And she let him have it.

Rose: I didn't give him a chance to explain, which Iím thinking now might have been a mistake.

Lucinda: No! No, no, no, no! Don't you do that! Now, this boy has deteriorated, dear. He is nothing now but a scoundrel. And the first rule of scoundrels is don't give them a second chance. Okay?

Molly: Well, well. This certainly is an interesting return on my investment.

Dusty: What do you mean your investment?

Molly: Obviously, Craig hasn't given you the great news. You're looking at the woman who's going to save your butt.

Dusty: You're covering the money that Rosanna pulled out?

Molly: But don't tell her. Craig wants to keep it a big secret for now.

Dusty: When did this happen?

Molly: I just wrote him a check today.

Jennifer: Oh, have you told Abigail yet?

Molly: No, Jen. I thought I'd send her a cocktail napkin as an announcement.

Jennifer: You know, I haven't e-mailed her in a while. What's she doing in L.A. ?

Molly: I'll tell you what I hope she's not doing -- kissing guys Dusty's age. Playing in the sandbox?

Dusty: Minding your business?

Molly: I'm gonna be blunt, Jennifer. This man is just too old for you.

Jennifer: Are you kidding, Molly? This man -- is just perfect.  

Craig: Now, why do you care who the investor is? You want to talk him out of the deal?

Rosanna: No.

Craig: Okay.

Rosanna: I don't work that way. But you do.

Craig: Ooh -- I hate to remind you, you have been a partner in my schemes to eliminate Aaron from Lucyís life.

Rosanna: Yes, yes, I went ahead and I played along with your game as I overlooked the smarmy tactics you used when we were getting to know each other because I thought -- once you loved me -- once you really loved me, and once I loved you, that it would all stop because we felt safe, because we trusted each other. But it isn't about that, is it? It isn't about feeling safe. It's all about power for you, isn't it?

Craig: Does it matter?

Rosanna: Yes, it matters. It matters a lot. Because somebody who just wants to have power doesn't know when to quit. For example, your own daughter, Lucy. You just never know when to quit with her. She loves you, and if you don't stop playing games with her, you're gonna drive her out of your life.

Craig: I'm not gonna drive her out of my life. She's my daughter. She loves me.

Rosanna: Yes, and maybe she has to put up with you. But you know what, darling? I donít. I can walk.

Craig: Yes, well -- but I -- I -- I would die if you walked.

Rosanna: No, you wouldn't.

Craig; Yes, I would.

Rosanna: No, you would find some other woman, and you would torture her just like you torture me.

Craig: Oh, is that what we're going to do tonight? Everything I say, you want to turn into a fight?

Rosanna: No, that is not what we're going to do tonight. It is not what we're going to do tonight. I am not going to have an argument again with you tonight. Because I'm leaving.

[Craig laughs]

Lucy: Daddy, what have you done?

Craig: Why am I always to blame?

Lucy: Because you are to blame.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: There's a new investor at Java and she -- she wants to know who it is.

Lucy: What did you tell her?

Craig: That I didn't know who it is.

Lucy: But you do.

Craig: And she knows I do. Somebody told her. And I think I know who. I think.

Carly: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Well, my horoscope said that today would present difficulties. And, boy, it was right.

Jack: Well, the day's not over yet.

Carly: I wish it was. I had a huge fight with Molly, Craig and Rosanna are fighting. Hal decided that he needed a Parker fix, so I had to drive Parker all the way over there. And then I realized that we were low on diapers, so I had to go get some diapers, and Sage -- and I'm late to feed Sage. She should be screaming!

Jack: No -- hey, relax. She's fine. She's fine. I fed her a bottle.

Carly: You did?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: Thank you. You know, you are a daddy straight from heaven. But still -- we need to have a nanny, Jack, so I think you're going to have to bite the bullet and just -- stop being so picky, you know? Why is it so dark in here?

Jack: I read somewhere that women like atmosphere.

Carly: For what?

Jack: You know what my horoscope said today? That it was the middle of September. A certain really great thing is supposed to be able to start again in the middle of September. Do you remember at all what that is?

Carly: Dr. Schiller said we could go back to having sex.

Jack: Yes.

[Sage crying]

Carly: Oh, the baby. Jack.

Jack: I will hire a nanny. I will hire a nanny. I will hire a nanny. If it's the last thing I do -- I will hire a nanny.

Rose: The only reason that I kicked Dusty out is because I didn't think that he loved me the way that I love him. And now look, he's calling all the time.

Lucinda: Oh, every hour, every day.

Rose: Yes, that counts for something, doesn't it?

Lucinda: Yeah. He wants to get you back in the sack.

Rose: Oh --

Lucinda: Yeah.

Rose: Well, there are worse ways to spend your afternoon. I have to tell you, when dusty is good, he's very good. And when he's bad, he is -- fantastic.

Lucinda: Okay, darling. You know, we've all known men like that. And they are fun at the start. But then something happens, and they're trouble in the end.

Rose: But he wants a different life. He does. I mean, wants to stay on the straight-and-narrow.

Lucinda: Dear, listen to wise words of experience. People are made the way they are made. They can evolve, but they cannot change. You know, I'm being serious. I really am, darling. So if you know what's good for you, just keep him out of your life. I like chunky highlights. Thank you, sweetheart.

Rose: I thought you might. Bye-bye.

Lucinda: Bye.

Mitzi: Did Ms. Walsh talk some sense into you about Dusty?

Rose: Yes.

Mitzi: Where you going?

Rose: To get my man back!

[Mitzi groans]

Paul: But don't get comfortable. You're only here to answer some of my questions.

Barbara: Please don't take that tone with me. Especially since Iím willing to overlook the mess you've made of things with Jen.

Paul: Oh, no, no, no, no -- you -- you are pathetic.

Barbara: What?

Paul: You. You are the only reason that there is any mess at all. The only reason we're protecting Jennifer from Dusty is because you brought Dusty here to get rose out of my life.

Barbara: Wait a second! Ever since she moved in with you --

Paul: Dusty wouldn't even be in Oakdale if it weren't for you. The only reason Jennifer is in any danger at all is because of you, so stop blaming me, and let's just get down to business. So what did -- what can you tell me about Dusty's life in between the time that he left Oakdale and the time that you lured him back here?

Barbara: Not much. He didn't give me a resume.

Paul: Was he married?

Barbara: I don't know.

Paul: Did he do drugs?

Barbara: I don't know.

Paul: Did he sell drugs?

Barbara: I don't know, Paul!

Paul: Well, he had criminal associations, we know that. Because he got Rose and Lily kidnapped. In fact, he could have been mixed up in just about anything. Now we know for sure.

Barbara: I suppose you're right.

Paul: But you didn't care, did you? You just -- you just sicced him on Rose without even really knowing what he was capable of. And now -- now, your dear, sweet daughter Jennifer is dancing towards the low-life, full of trust, just sure that he's nothing but a misunderstood stud.

Barbara: Which is why we have to get her away from him. Now, I think we can work this out together, Paul. I think you're onto something. We hire a private detective --

Paul: No, no, no, no, no -- there's no "we." You and I don't do anything together. Understand this -- you and I well never do anything together ever again -- never! Now get out.

Dusty: Here you go. You gotta go now.

Jennifer: What if I don't want to go?

Dusty: Well, it doesn't matter. I got business to discuss.

Jennifer: Okay. See you around. Tell Abigail I said hi.

Molly: Oh, will do. Sure you don't want to go chasing after her, grab one more smoochie-moochie for the road?

Dusty: She had a fight with her brother, she was upset, she needed to squeeze a tear, you know?

Molly: Oh, let me guess, you didn't have a hankie available, so you dried her tears with your tongue. That is so lame, Dusty. I'm not buying it, and neither will Rose.

Dusty: Well, Rose doesn't need to buy it, 'cause Rose isn't going to know. Can I trust you to keep your pretty little mouth shut or what?

Molly: I got to tell you, it's not Rose Iím worried about. It's Paul. He hates you. First, you steal his fiancťe, then you're making out with his sister -- do you have a death wish?

Dusty: Look, I tried to get her out of here. She was upset. Like I told you, she was and needy, and she was all over me. Why you looking at me like that? She's the one that kissed me.

Molly: So sue her for sexual harassment. I'm sure any court in the land will find you the victimized male.

Dusty: She's an instigator.

Molly: Okay. All right. She may have instigated it, Dusty, but you were moving it right along from what I could see. Tell me again about how Rose is the love of your life?

Chris: Hey. How's your mom?

Alison: She's asleep.

Chris: Why were you up there so long?

Alison: Well, I tried to get close enough to smell her breath. But I couldn't smell anything. I couldn't smell any alcohol or anything.

Susan: Alison?

Alison: And she didn't look any -- mom!

Susan: I thought I heard voices down here. You guys back from your date already? What time is it?

Alison: You don't know, mom?

Susan: No, I -- I lost track. I was so wiped out, I guess I just passed out.

Alison: Well, what made you -- what made you pass out? Are you -- are you feeling okay, mom?

Susan: No, actually -- I feel lousy. I've got a pounding headache. I think I'm just going to take a couple of aspirin and go back to bed.

Alison: Mom, I could make you some black coffee and then, you know, we could talk. We could talk about stuff.

Susan: Why is my daughter acting so weird?

Chris: She's worried about you. Look, Alison, why don't you tell your mom why you're so wound up, and I'll get you that aspirin.

Susan: Thank you. What?

[Susan gasps] I knew it. Oh, I'm so sorry. Sweetie, you weren't supposed to see that.

Alison: Mom -- mom, why did you drink that vodka?

Susan: I didn't. I didn't -- not a drop.

Alison: I want to believe you so bad. But I don't know if I can.

Barbara: I am not going anywhere, son, until we have an agreement as to how we're going to protect your sister.

Paul: The first thing Iím going to do to protect Jennifer is to keep her away from you.

Barbara: And how are you going to do that when she's not speaking to you anymore? I mean, that doesn't matter anyway. She didn't take your advice about Dusty, did she?

Paul: The only reason Jennifer went anywhere near Dusty was because Dusty did me wrong. Jennifer was just trying to settle the score.

Barbara: Oh. And now you're saying that she has fallen for him? And you think you can do a better job than me? That you can push me aside as a parent, and you can protect her?

Paul: I can let her live her life.

Barbara: Until a train comes hurtling at her at 200 miles an hour? And you tell her to get off the tracks, and she stands there and says, "its okay. I know what I'm doing. I can handle it." And you stand there, and you watch her, and you hope she's going to change her mind before she gets run over?

Paul: No. Of course not.

Barbara: Of course not. You risk everything -- your life, your health, even the bond between you -- to protect her and save her from making a childish decision. And that's what I did with you. I tried to protect you. And even though it's killing me to know that you hate me now, I'd do the same thing all over again. Because I love you.

Paul: Lucky me. Look where all your mother's love has gotten me. Thank you, though, for that. You've convinced me, Barbara. I'm going to trust Jennifer to handle this all on her own.

Dusty: Jennifer doesn't matter to me. Rose matters to me. You understand?

Rose: Whoops.

Dusty: Hey.

Rose: Hey.

Dusty: I missed you. Did you -- did you get my messages?

Rose: Yeah. Yeah, I got them.

Dusty: Well, you look great. You know that?

Rose: Is that what you were just saying to her, too?

Molly: No! I'm just here, Rose, because I -- I -- you know what? Never mind, it's not important.

Rose: Nice. Excuse me.

Dusty: No, wait a second. Wait a second. Hold on, hold on. She's not saying anything 'cause she promised Craig that she wouldn't, so Iíll tell you. Rosanna pulled her money out of the club. And Molly's going to fill in as an investor.

Rose: So your ex -- whatever you guys were -- that's -- this is going to be your partner now?

Dusty: It's business. All right.

Rose: Oh.

Dusty: We have an understanding. Nothing's going to happen.

Rose: Oh. Yeah, yeah. Could you excuse me for a minute? Because Molly and I need to make sure we have an understanding.

Jack: Carly, none of these women seem qualified to take care of Sage. None of them.

Carly: Sooner or later, Jack, you're going to have to let somebody look after our daughter.

Jack: In the next batch, I promise, I will hire a nanny.

Carly: All right. Well, we do have a lot of interviews tomorrow. And you're just going to have to pick one of those ladies. Or else, we won't have any time for this.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Hmm-mm. Hmm-mm. No --

Carly: No, I should get it. It might be Mary Poppins.

[Jack groans]

Craig: I asked you not to let Rosanna know I got a new investor for the club. And you did it anyway.

Carly: Right. And I would do it again.

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Dusty: You know how bad I want you right now.

Rose: I know that you want me, but I'm not going to be the dumb broad that doesn't know when a guy is cheating on her.

Carly: And while you're at it, maybe you could dab a little glue on Rosannaís heart, since you've broken it!

Craig: Wrong. You did that.

Susan: The minute I touched the glass, I knew what Iíd be losing -- you and Emily and Daniel. So, I dumped the whole thing in that plant. Then I hid the bottle in my purse. I was going to dump it on the way to work. I didn't want you to find it in the garbage and worry yourself sick. So you found it in my purse, and you worried yourself sick anyway.

Alison: I was so freaked, mom, I didn't know what to do. But I'm proud of you. I know that was a really hard thing for you to do.

Chris: Here you go.

Susan: Oh, thank you.

Chris: So, everything okay?

Alison: It's okay. It's okay.

Chris: That's great.

Alison: Mom, you're awesome. You're awesome.

Chris: You know, maybe I better get going.

Susan: Oh, no, no. Why don't you two go back out on your date, have a good time. Have fun.

Alison: Well, I guess we could.

Chris: It's not that late.

Susan: Go on, Iím just going to take this aspirin and go to bed.

Alison: Well then Iíll see you tomorrow morning, okay?

Susan: I'm just going to throw this out first. Night.

Chris: Hey, Ali, come on, let's go to Katieís cottage before Henry gets back.

Alison: I -- I don't think so.

Chris: What's the matter? You don't want to be with me?

Alison: You have no idea! All I think about is lying in your arms and kissing you and feeling your skin, but --

Chris: But?

Alison: But I have to stay here. I have to make sure my mom doesn't get drunk tonight.

Craig: You set me up.

Carly: Yep.

Craig: What kind of friend are you?

Jack: You want me to hit him now or later?

Carly: No, no, sweetheart, it's all right. Why don't you check on Sage? I can handle Craig.

Jack: Call me if you need anything, okay?

Craig: You could have warned me. Instead you let me swear to Rosanna I knew nothing about bringing in a new investor when you told her all along that I was the one who brought Molly in. What were you thinking?

Carly: I was thinking that Rosanna deserves to know the truth. If you wanted to keep the club, you should have told her. If you wanted Molly as an investor, you should have told her.

Carly: Why are you keeping secrets from your wife?

Craig: Because my wife doesn't want me owning a bar anymore.

Carly: Well, then why don't you get rid of the bar?

Craig: Would you like me to stay at home like a pussycat, too?

Carly: That's a good idea. And while you're at it, maybe you could dab a little glue on Rosannaís heart since you've broken it.

Craig: Wrong. You did that.

Rosanna: Lucy --

Lucy: You're leaving?

Rosanna: I'm sorry.

Lucy: Daddy screwed up again, didn't he? Well, you know, maybe I could help? You could tell me what you want him to do, and I will pout and scream and cry until he delivers.

Rosanna: Thank you. That's a lovely offer, and much appreciated, but this is between your father and me.

Lucy: Is it about Java Underground?

Rosanna: Well, no -- yes, but it's much more complicated than that.

Lucy: So does this mean you're leaving daddy for good? Don't you love him?

Rosanna: Yes, I do. I do love him, very, very much.

Lucy: Well, he loves you, you guys can work this out.

Rosanna: Sometimes, Lucy -- love doesn't conquer all. You will always be very precious to me though, okay?

Molly: Rose, I am not after Dusty.

Rose: Well, that guy, Dusty, ripped you off, and you can't stand Craig. There's got to be some reason you want to invest in this joint.

Molly: Well, it's not because I'm after your boyfriend. Okay, Dusty and I -- we had a good time, but I need more than a good time right now. I need a real reason to stick around.

Rose: And this place is going to do that for you?

Molly: It was pointed out to me recently that when the going gets tough, I get going. And I'm just hoping that owning a business will give me ties I can't run away from. I need to stay put to find out if I can hang tough when life gets ugly.

Rose: And that's it? You're not leaving out anything? The part about Dusty, maybe?

Molly: Nothing you won't figure out. Donovan, tomorrow morning -- early -- you, me and Craig.

Dusty: See that? Our partnership is just motivated by greed, that's all.

Rose: You were listening?

Dusty: When you're talking, yeah, always. Are we cool now or what?

Rose: Well, it depends. Java Underground -- is it a legitimate business now?

Dusty: Do you think Molly would get involved in anything shady?

Rose: No, we're not done. No.

Dusty: Well hurry up, 'cause I want to make out with you.

Rose: Oh, no. Those lips aren't doing anything but talking first -- about Jennifer Munson.

Barbara: Liar. You'd rather let Jen swim with the sharks than run off with Donovan.

Paul: I'm sure she'll come to her senses before she does anything like that. You know, I trust her judgment. And I think it would probably be really nice for Jennifer if her own mother could do the same.

Barbara: Jennifer has to be protected. And if her big brother won't do it, well then her mother will.

Paul: No, no, no -- the last time you pulled a stunt like that, you pushed her even closer to Dusty. That can't happen.

Barbara: Okay. Okay, I'll back off. As long as I know that you are paying attention. But if you drop the ball, I'll be back in the game. Playing to win.

Carly: I most certainly did not break Rosannaís heart. You did that all on your own!

Craig: No, you did. And doesn't our long and purposeful friendship mean anything to you?

Carly: Craig -- not everything in this world is about you. Now, go. Go! Go, go, go -- be gone. I have more to do tonight than sit around talking to you.

Craig: Oh, all right. Just give me some way to calm her down. To bring out her warm, nurturing side.

Carly: Well, you can't borrow my children, so don't even think about it.

Craig: I only need one. Huh?

Carly: All right, Jack, you can throw him out now. I'm done.

Jack: Nighty-night, Craig.

Craig: Just tell her I love her, and Iím going to fill her in, and, you know --

Jack: You feel better?

Carly: Well -- I kind of want it to work out for Rosanna and Craig. You know, they love each other. He's a big jerk, but they do love each other.

Jack: I know another that loves each other. And I can guarantee you this guy's not a jerk at all.

Carly: Why don't you go and pour us a little something to drink, and I'll go get changed. Oh, oh -- speaking of which -- aren't you wearing a lot of clothes for such a hot guy?

Jack: Oh, yeah.

Alison: You're not angry at me?

Chris: No.

Alison: Well then why were you making that face at me?

Chris: Because I was just remembering when I first met you that you were too young for me to date.

Alison: But Iím a lot more mature now.

Chris: I know. And you just proved that by putting your mother's needs first. Okay? It's very impressive.

Alison: Well, it wasn't that hard. Especially seeing her reach for that vodka bottle.

Chris: I know. And staying here tonight is what you should do. And I'll stay with you.

Alison: My mom!

Chris: I'm not going to make love to you in your mother's living room. Okay? But hugging, kissing -- all those other good things --

Alison: You will?

Chris: Yes. Because you, Alison Stewart, amaze me.

Alison: Well, all those things you were saying? The kissing and hugging? Can we start now?

Dusty: What do you want to know about Jennifer?

Rose: What she means to you.

Dusty: Nothing.

Rose: What do you mean to her? Are you guys done playing footsie?

Dusty: Yeah. I'm not playing anything.

Rose: Does she know that? I mean, molly's a grown woman. When a grown woman says she's done with a guy, she means it. But Jennifer -- she's a little girl. She doesn't understand the word "no." What if she keeps coming after you?

Dusty: Then Iíll tell her to, you know, get out of the way. 'Cause Iím in love with Rose D'Angelo.

Rose: I hate admitting this, but I love hearing you say that.

Dusty: Do you know how bad I want you right now?

Rose: I know that you want me, but I'm not going to be the dumb broad who doesn't know when a guy's cheating on her.

Dusty: You think I'd hurt you? Do you think Iím lying to you when I tell you I love you? Do you think Iím going to kiss you?

Rose: Not if I kiss you first.

Craig: Where's Rosanna?

Lucy: She's gone.

Craig: She say when she'd be back?

Lucy: She's gone, daddy. As in gone. As in packed a bag and left.

Craig: Oh, well, she probably went to Emmaís or something for the night, I guess.

Lucy: Emma's out of town.

Craig: Well, then a -- a hotel. I'll -- I'll check the Lakeview.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Just a second.

Lucy: Rosanna is really upset you lied to her. So upset, in fact, Iím not sure she -- Iím not sure it matters she loves you anymore.

Craig: Yes, it does. Yes, it does, Rosanna -- you know it does.

Paul: Go away, Barbara.

Jennifer: I don't have my keys.

Paul: Jen? I'm really glad you're here.

Jennifer: I just need a place to sleep.

Paul: Well, the maid was here today, Iím sure there's clean sheets on your bed. And tomorrow we get a whole delivery of flowers, from all over the place.

Jennifer: You know, don't bother. I doubt I'll be staying here past tonight.

Paul: Sweet dreams. Sweet dreams, little sister.

Dusty: Why'd you come back to me?

Rose: Because you called 50 times.

Dusty: 47.

Rose: The first one, I almost died, I missed you so bad.

Dusty: What about the other 46?

Rose: I thought maybe you were dying too.

Dusty: Let's get out of here.

Rose: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's gonna cost you. 47 of these.

Dusty: Well, I'm no good at counting backwards, so -- I think I'm gonna be a while --

Rose: It's okay, I'll take care of the counting.

Alison: Thanks for staying.

Chris: I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Alison: Chris?

Chris: Mm-hmm?

Alison: My family has a reputation of screwing up. And I just want you to know that we're okay. What Iím trying to say is you don't have to worry. My family stuff isn't going come in between us being together.

Chris: Alison, you know who else has a reputation for screwing up? Me. Maybe that's why you and I are such a comfortable fit. See you tomorrow.

Alison: Tomorrow sounds good.

[Sage crying]

Carly: Ah, where were we?

Jack: Like you could ever forget.

[Doorbell rings] mm-mm -- no.

Carly: Yes.

Jack: No more interruptions. Please!

Carly: Yes, Jack. We have to get that. It might be Hal. Parker might need something. Get the door!

Jack: Rosanna.

Rosanna: Hello, Jack. I hope Iím not interrupting anything. I -- I just needed a place to stay. See, Emmaís out of town and I didn't want to stay in a hotel.

Carly: Come on in.

Jack: Sure, Rosanna. Come on in, by all means. Have some cider.

Carly: Hey, what happened?

Rosanna: I left Craig.

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Rosanna: I'm asking you to give up this club. For me. For our marriage.

Craig: You want a divorce?

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