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Alison: Can I ask you a question?

Chris: Sure.

Alison: I was just wondering -- did it go the way that it was supposed to go? You didn't say anything, so --

Chris: Did you enjoy it? There's your answer.

Alison: Yeah, but -- I've never done this before. And you have -- which is a good thing, because one of us needs to know what to do, right?

Chris: There're no set rules. It's all about what feels good and being close to the other person. And you were warm and soft and giving -- and that made it comfortable for both of us. Thank you. You want some coffee?

Alison: Coffee?

Chris: Yeah.

Alison: Sure. Do you want me to get it?

Chris: I'm up. I got it.

Alison: I did it. I waited, and it was the right person. It was great. Way to go, Alison.

Margo: Wagga Wagga. I don't know, ma'am, it's your country. All I know is that the name is Frasier, and it's a farm outside of Wagga Wagga. Hold? Yes, I'd loved to be put on hold. I live to be put on hold. Never call Australia.

Jack: Katie fail to leave a number?

Margo: Katie failed to contact me, which can mean only one thing. That she's in trouble.

Mike: What're you looking for?

Katie: Well, a gun would be great. Or a knife, a baseball bat --

Mike: Why?

Katie: Why? Well, Mike, because Simon may have not gotten a good look at that picture, and not realized that he was running into a trap. Or, even if he did, Mordecai's not gonna let us go. We have to find something to defend ourselves, and maybe even come up with a plan.

Mike: We have a plan. Okay? We're waiting for Simon to call. When he does, we'll figure out if he got our message or not.

Katie: And what if he doesn't? Or, for some odd reason -- or what if Mordecai put a little note in with the picture saying "meet me somewhere else," and they've already met? And Simon's already --

Mike: Fortunately for us, Mordecai doesn't seem like the letter-writing type.

Katie: Yeah, well, the point is we need to find some weapons, do defend ourselves and maybe even launch an attack.

Mike: An attack?

Katie: Yeah, there's two of us, and one of him. This time, we get some weapons, and we still have the element of surprise. We'll nail him.

Mike: You're talking about jumping this guy again?

Katie: Well, you know what, Mike? I know this is new to you, but Simon and I? We've almost been killed, like, three times. When you're in a situation like this, you have to be creative, you have to find ways to defend yourself.

Mike: Okay --

Katie: Are you gonna help me, or are you going to stand there and chew your nails?

Connie: Ice cream for breakfast? You're either in trouble or in love. Or, knowing you, both.

Jennifer: Yep, I blew it last night. Thought I had Dusty right where I wanted him, and he was onto me the whole time. And now there is no way he will let me get near him.

Connie: Sorry, but I'm still confused. You wanna get next to Dusty, why?

Jennifer: So Rose'll break up with him and go back to Paul.

Connie: But Paul doesn't want her anymore. Which makes getting next to Dusty pointless. Unless -- oh no, Jen. No. You haven't gone and fallen for the guy, have you?

Dusty: So I wake up --

Rose: Oh, don't do that! Scared me -- sneaking up on me like that.

Dusty: Like what? Somebody who woke up expecting you to be there? And you were gone? What happened? Huh? I thought we had a good time last night.

Rose: Oh, we always have a good time. That's the problem.

Dusty: What's the problem? Huh? Is this a problem?

Rose: This is a problem when we skip the part about having a conversation.

Dusty: Conversation about what?

Rose: About Jennifer Munson. And was it her perfume that I smelled all over you last night? I mean, that was the conversation we were supposed to have when we got back to the Lakeview. But you pushed me up against the door before I could turn the lights on, and the next thing I know I wake up like -- I feel like I'm being two-timed. Am I?

Dusty: Rose --

Rose: Am I? Are you sleeping with Jennifer Munson? Yes or no.

Craig: Ah, the things you gotta do --

[knocking] good morning.

Paul: Is it?

Craig: You have time for a chat?

Paul: With you? No, not so much.

Craig: It's important.

Paul: Come on in.

Craig: We alone?

Paul: Why? You wanna make out?

Craig: No.

Paul: What do you want, Craig?

Craig: I wanna rethink our friendship.

Paul: We don't have a friendship.

Craig: Exactly. So what do you say about exploring a relationship? I think you'll find it mutually beneficial.

Chris: Extra milk, plenty of sugar.

Alison: Perfect. Black?

Chris: As long as it's hot, I'll drink it.

Alison: If this was my house? I would invest in a cappuccino machine, and I would put a table and chairs under those trees. And then we could drink coffee in the morning and watch the sun rise. Wouldn't that be great?

Chris: You'd get sick of me.

Alison: Never.

Chris: When is Katie coming back?

Alison: I don't know. But after everything that happened with my stepfather from hell, I don't want to leave my mom alone. So I'm gonna move back home.

Chris: That's probably a good idea.

Alison: Well, with you at home and everything, if we wanna be alone again, we need a place, right? Like -- the car, park, graveyard.

Chris: Graveyard?

Alison: Well, the grass is really soft. Well, there's mosquitoes, of course. And rain, sleet, hail --

Chris: Alison, I promise we'll be together. And it will be warm and dry and private.

Alison: When?

Chris: Let's just enjoy now. Worry about what comes next later.

Alison: But the thing is, is I've never done this before. And I don't know what comes next.

Jack: Did Craig hear anything?

Margo: Craig? Katie would call me before she'd call Craig.

Jack: And Katie went to Australia by herself why?

Margo: Because of Simon's letter, remember? As soon as she realized that Simon still loved her and that he was in trouble, but that she didn't wanna get Mike in danger as well --

Jack: She thought she'd take on Bartleby's crew by herself?

Margo: Well, of course she did. But now she doesn't have Simon to back her up. And if Mike hasn't found her --

Jack: Have you thought about going over there?

Margo: Well -- I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Mike: Are you questioning my manhood?

Katie: No, just your willingness not to believe how much trouble we're in.

Mike: I know how much trouble we're in. It's just this idea about jumping Mordecai -- I mean, how do we know there's not two guys like him right upstairs?

Katie: We don't. That's why we need as many weapons as possible.

Mike: Okay, you know what? You wanna look for weapons, we'll look for weapons.

Katie: Thank you.

Mike: Not a problem.

Katie: Oh! What about these?

Mike: Nice. You can do the tango on his head. Brilliant. Brilliant.

Katie: Wow, look at all these records. There's tons here. Oh, my God.

Mike: Oh, wow. My parents used to have some of these albums. Played them on a record player. Uh-huh, got a record-player, speakers -- there's gotta be an outlet around here somewhere.

Katie: What, you're gonna plug it in?

Mike: Yeah, watch out. Watch out. Here we go. Ha, ha, ha! Still works.

Katie: So what is the plan? We load a bunch of records on there and fling them at Mordecai's head?

Mike: No, the plan is to listen to some music.

Lucy: Here, mellow mint. It's supposed to calm you down.

Rosanna: Thank you. Will it undo the knots in my stomach?

Lucy: I'm so sorry, Rosanna. I just don't understand how this could've happened. I mean, Java Underground -- or whatever they're going to call it -- hasn't even opened yet. How could they already have gotten busted?

Rosanna: Because your father and his partner did something incredibly stupid. I just don't understand how they could do something like that. Especially after -- he knows how important it was that he keep a low profile.

Lucy: Well, have they figured out who turned them in?

Rosanna: Your father's blaming Paul Ryan.

Lucy: Well, that's weird. I mean, I know he and daddy don't get along because of Barbara. And Paul can't be crazy about Dusty with what happened to Rose. But calling the police?

Rosanna: Yeah, I really hope it wasn't him. That would really disappoint me.

Paul: I can't even imagine what kind of relationship you think could be mutually beneficial for you and me. I mean, I think that the "you" part pretty much guarantees that it wouldn't be a success.

Craig: Now, now, now, there is much to be gained here.

Paul: Oh, it's okay, Craig. I get it. You're threatened. Rosanna paid an awful lot for me at that bachelor auction. You just stopped by to make sure she wasn't still here. Rosanna! Darling, you can put down the egg-beater. Come on out, your husband wants to chat with you. I guess she must've left out the window.

Craig: I'm talking about Rose D'Angelo. And Dusty Donovan. Is that why you called the cops? To get even with Dusty? I understand. I am here to offer my services.

Paul: I didn't call the police.

Craig: I'm not asking questions. I'm offering to keep Dusty at bay. That way, you're happy, and I don't have to suffer your war over Rose.

Paul: Ah, the war's over. And I didn't call the police. So, you gonna follow your wife out the window, or would you like to leave through the front door?

Craig: What about Jennifer?

Paul: What about her?

Craig: Well, it seems your little sister has also developed an unhealthy obsession with Dusty. And I know how happy that must make you. So you want to talk about how to get her away from him before that gets out of hand, too?

Dusty: I'm not sleeping with Jennifer Munson.

Rose: There's something -- there's something -- I wanna believe you more than anything.

Dusty: Look at me.

Rose: No, I can't look at you, because then I can't think straight.

Dusty: You can't look at me?

Rose: No, and don't touch me, because that makes it even worse.

Dusty: You can't look at me, I can't touch you. You won't believe me, how do I convince you? Tell me.

Rose: That thing -- that thing that draws me to you from across the room, that magnetic thing -- I can't give in to it right now. Not when you're not coming clean with me. It makes me feel stupid. I feel used. Like you're using how we feel about each other to get over on me.

Dusty: I don't want you to feel like that. You know that.

Rose: Then be honest with me! I want you to talk to me like you touch me!

Dusty: What do you want to know?

Rose: Am I right? Was that perfume that I smelled all over you, was that Jennifer Munson's?

Dusty: Yeah.

Jennifer: I am not falling for Dusty. I'm not. Okay, what you're picking up right, I'm just -- I'm frustrated because no matter what Paul says, I know he still has a thing for Rose. And now that I've tipped my hand, Donovan'll never trust me.

Connie: I've met your brother. And if he still had a thing for Rose, he would've made his move last night after the party. But instead, he left with some skinny blonde.

Jennifer: Who?

Connie: Does it matter? The point is, he's over Rose, and you know it. So this game you're playing with Donovan, that's all about you, Jen. You're after him 'cause he's hot and you want him.

Jennifer: I never said he wasn't attractive.

Connie: You want him.

Jennifer: Fine. Okay, yes. All right, I -- I want him. But I am not falling for him.

Connie: Look, you wanna play games? Fine. But just get clear on the stakes. It's not about Paul. It's not about love. With a guy like Donovan, it's about money or status or a job, or forget it.

Jennifer: You know what this conversation is? It's a waste of time.

Connie: Why?

Jennifer: Because, I am never gonna be hurt by a guy who thinks I'm poison. Until I can convince Dusty that I didn't call the cops on him, I'm not getting anywhere near him.

Dusty: What's this? See this? This is why men don't tell the truth, Rose.

Rose: What is the matter with you? We finally get over Paul, and his fricking crazy mother! Now you gotta bring his sister into this?

Dusty: You want some more honesty?

Rose: Sure, why not?

Dusty: I got arrested for making book yesterday.

Rose: What?

Dusty: Yeah, somebody called the cops, and someone told them that Craig and I were soliciting bets within the club. And the cops came down and arrested us.

Rose: You're taking bets? You were taking bets?

Dusty: Well, supposedly we were, but we weren't really. There was circumstantial evidence that doesn't really support our cause, so --

Rose: Oh, this is the way you go straight? This is it? You open a legitimate nightclub, you use it as a front before the doors even open?

Dusty: The point I am trying to make, is that Jennifer saw the circumstantial evidence. She's the one who called the cops. Or she told her brother, and he called the cops.

Rose: Paul? No, Paul wouldn't do that.

Dusty: Oh, Paul wouldn't do that?

Rose: No.

Dusty: Because he's a crucified saint. And what am I? Guilty before I even open my mouth?

Rose: I never said that.

Dusty: I'm the one in trouble here, do you understand? And if you want me, you better start backing me up.

Rosanna: Look, Paul and I -- he's just been very sympathetic. He knows about my hysterectomy, he knows how much I wanna have a child --

Lucy: I didn't know you knew him that well.

Rosanna: Well, I don't, really. I mean, he's renting my penthouse, we've had a few conversations -- we're becoming friends.

Lucy: And he knows you're trying to adopt?

Rosanna: Yes. And he knows how stringent the adoption agencies are. So if he called the police, he did so knowing that it would ruin our chances of adoption. And I just can't believe he would do that.

Lucy: Have you asked him?

Rosanna: What? If he called the police? No.

Lucy: Why not?

Paul: I'm not going to talk to you about my sister.

Craig: You have someone watching her? She's at the club all the time. And you know Dusty. Girl's an invitation. Especially a girl so willing.

Paul: So you would watch Jennifer.

Craig: No, I'd watch Dusty. And I'll let you know when he's about to -- strike.

Paul: What's the catch?

Katie: Mike, as much as I love music, I don't --

Mike: They got everything from Cole Porter to the Beatles in that box.

Katie: Yeah, but we're supposed to be looking for weapons. Guns, bats, knives.

Mike: I thought you said that you and Simon knew something about being creative?

Katie: Creative?

Mike: Look, we don't have any guns or knives or bats. Okay? The best we're gonna do is maybe a badminton racquet or a croquet mallet.

Katie: Yeah, works for me.

Mike: You know what? And I hope you find one. In the meantime, I'm gonna boost these speakers, get a nice loud tune so if Simon gets your message, comes down to the farm, we can crank this baby up, he'll know we're down here.

Katie: That's inspired.

Mike: It's called working with what you've got. Now look in there and see if you can find some Led Zeppelin. They're nice and loud.

Katie: Good idea. Oh, "Disco Duck?" If this is Simon's, I'm gonna have to rethink my vows.

Mike: There're worse sins than bad taste in music.

Katie: I didn't mean it literally, that I would change my view of my husband.

Mike: I know how you feel about him. Make sure those wires are connected.

Katie: You know, earlier, when I was nagging you, I didn't really mean it. I'm just really scared and frustrated. You've been really good through this whole thing.

Mike: Katie, I'm here because I wanna be here. All right? Because if anything happened to you -- that's just not something I'm prepared to live with.

[Bell rings]

Katie: Please be him. Please be Simon.

Mordecai: Hullo?

Margo: Yes, this is Detective Hughes calling from the States. I'd like to speak to Simon Frasier.

Katie: It's Margo!

Lucy: He shouldn't have been doing whatever he was doing.

Rosanna: It's not like he planned it. That would be unforgivable.

Paul: How about this? How about I clue you in on my own personal theory as to how the cops arrived on your doorstep. Are you curious? Are you interested? You oughta be. It involves you.

Rose: You can take revenge on Paul and his family, but I'm just supposed to sit back and take it?

Dusty: This has nothing to do with you!

Rose: Oh, you're an idiot! Get out!

Chris: It's not like there's some set way for things to go from here. Relationships are all different. It depends on the people, the situation, what they want.

Alison: Well, given that it's you and me? And we've been building up to this for a couple months?

Chris: Yes, and that's really good. A lot of people fall into bed before they even know each other. And, we're friends. We're more than that. And we've been through a lot together. So getting closer to you, making love, we're ready. Of course, it's going to cost you next time.

Alison: What do you mean?

Chris: Well, I figure last night was a thousand bucks. So next time --

Alison: And next time you pay me, doctor.

Chris: Oh, yeah?

Alison: Yeah.

Chris: Oh, yeah?

Alison: Stop it! Stop it, you know I'm ticklish!

Chris: You think?

Alison: No! You are so unfair.

Chris: And you are so great.

Alison: I am?

Chris: You know I'm crazy about you.

Alison: You are?

Chris: Yeah.

Alison: Well, it's about time.

Margo: Is this the Frasier residence?

Katie: It's really her.

Mordecai: Who'd you say you were?

Margo: I'm a Police officer out of Oakdale, Illinois. That's just outside of Chicago. I'd be happy to connect you with my lieutenant if there's a problem?

Mordecai: No -- no problem, officer. Yeah, this is the Frasier station. What's left of it. So, what did you say you wanted?

Margo: Simon Frasier. May I speak to him?

Mordecai: Yeah, Mr. Frasier has actually come and gone already. And I wouldn't know how to reach him.

Margo: And you would be?

Mordecai: The caretaker. I look after the place. And I'm actually a very busy man. So --

Margo: Actually, you know, I'm -- I'm looking for his wife. Katie Frasier. Have you seen her? She's young, blonde, very pretty?

Katie: I'm right here, Margo --

Mike: Shh, she can't hear you.

Margo: She would've arrived at the Frasier station some time in the last week or so? You sure you haven't seen her?

Katie: I've gotta find a way to signal her.

Mordecai: Katie, of course. Simon's bride.

Margo: So you've seen her?

Mordecai: Yes. She was here. But I told her the same thing I've told you.

That Simon had taken off for parts unknown. And she took off after him.

Katie: No, I didn't! I'm still here!

Mordecai: So if that'll be all --

Katie: Don't hang up!

Margo: Actually, though, I have a few more questions, Mr. -- I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.

Mordecai: Mordecai.

Margo: Mordecai, and is that your first name or your last name?

Mordecai: Look, look, I've got a truckload of hay that needs baling --

Margo: Listen, was Katie traveling with a dark-haired man?

Mordecai: Simon's wife, traveling with another man? I certainly hope not.

Margo: No, no, no, no, sir. He's a friend. Perhaps he was waiting in the car?

Mordecai: Not that I noticed. Now, look, excuse me, I do have duties that need to be attended to.

Mike: What're you doing?

Katie: We have to send Margo a message. Yes!

Margo: Did Katie happen to mention where she was headed?

Mordecai: No, she didn't.

Jack: A hotel? A guest house?

Margo: Or maybe where she was staying?

Mordecai: Look, as far as I know, she wasn't planning on staying anywhere. She just came in one day, asked to see Simon, I told her he wasn't here, and that was that. Now if you will excuse me, detective, I do have to get going.

Mike: Hurry up.

Katie: Don't hang up, Margo.

Jennifer: You know, it is so unfair, because he's blaming me for something I didn't even do.

Connie: Jennifer, you've been playing this guy from the jump. So, okay, you didn't call the cops on him. But you've been trying to break up his relationship. Why should he trust you?

Jennifer: Okay, little Bo Peep.

Connie: You know what? This is so not a good time.

Jennifer: Where're you going?

Connie: Back to New York. You want to waste your time on a bartender? You're on your own.

Jennifer: He owns the club.

Connie: So you'll get what? Free matchbooks?

Jennifer: Connie --

Connie: I came here to party. Not to watch you throw yourself all over someone else's guy.

Jennifer: Connie!

Rose: I was not defending Paul. All I was saying was that he would never call the cops. So you better look for somebody else, because I know Paul. He would never drop a dime on his worst enemy. You know, you -- you gotta start giving me the benefit of the doubt.

Dusty: Are you kidding me? Are you giving me the benefit of the doubt?

Rose: Let's just say I showed up smelling like Paul's aftershave? I know how this would go down.

Dusty: Jennifer came over to my club, wasted. She was all over me.

Rose: Oh, you gonna open a night club, you better learn how to handle drunks.

Dusty: Oh, okay, so I'm the one to blame?

Rose: You're blaming Jennifer the drunk for you getting friendly? Come on!

Dusty: Friendly? She called the cops on me.

Rose: Wait a minute, wait -- you don't even know that.

Dusty: Oh, I don't know that?

Rose: No!

Dusty: Well, it couldn't have been Paul, right? 'Cause he wouldn't rat out his own enemy. Which leaves us with who? His sister.

Rose: Oh, you're -- you're fixing the club, you got people coming in and out. Construction people, delivery men -- they could've seen that "circumstantial evidence" and called the cops!

Dusty: No way . Jennifer is the one, believe me.

Rose: Then why would you give her the time of day?

Dusty: I'll give her anything she wants until I prove what she did!

Rose: Anything she wants?

Dusty: That's right.

Rose: Anything she wants and to hell with me!

Dusty: Did I say that? Did I?

Rose: You come home smelling like her perfume, I'm supposed to roll over and take it because you got a score to settle?

Dusty: Rose, you need to trust me.

Rose: I need to trust you? I need to close up my shop, and you need to get outta here!

Dusty: Oh, you want me to get outta here?

Rose: Oh, yeah -- go to Jennifer Munson, and you tell her that you're available now. Because it is over between us! Rose is done.

Dusty: You're kicking me out?

Rose: That's right. Out of my life.

Dusty: Wait a minute -- wait a minute --

Rose: For what? For you to change your mind? I don't think so.

Dusty: What, about you? No, never.

Rose: You think you know me so well? Then you should know that I don't like being told what to do.

Dusty: When have I ever told you what to do?

Rose: What are you talking about? You can see Jennifer Munson anytime you want to. You can take revenge on Paul and his family, but I'm just supposed to sit back and take it.

Dusty: This has nothing to do with you!

Rose: Oh, you're an idiot. Get out! Get out!

Mordecai: Look, the truth of the matter is, Mrs. Frasier also caught me at a rather busy moment, so we only had time to exchange a few words. And that was all. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help to you, detective.

Margo: Can you think of anything?

Jack: Ask him to contact you if he hears from any of them.

Margo: Thanks. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Mordecai. Listen, if you do hear from Katie or Simon -- or her friend, Mike -- would you have them contact Margo Hughes, Oakdale P.D.?

Katie: No, no, no! It has to be this song. Wow, that's loud!

[Music playing, "mockingbird"]

Mike: It's not loud enough. Crank it up.

Mordecai: What the hell?

Margo: Mordecai?

Jack: What's going on?

Margo: There's loud music all of a sudden.

Jack: So he's not alone.

Margo: No, and it's ticked him off. Mordecai? What is that song you're playing?

Mike: What did she just say?

Katie: I don't know. I can't hear. C'mon, Margo, remember --

Mordecai: Yeah, that's just -- that's -- that's the blasted television. I've gotta go.

Margo: Wait -- wait, Mordecai, that song.

Margo: He just hung up on me.

Jack: So he doesn't know where Simon is. Or Mike. Or Katie. And he's not a big fan of music.

Margo: Yeah, that's about it.

Jack: Not a lot to go on.

Margo: No.

Jack: So what's bothering you?

Margo: I don't know, maybe I'm nuts, but -- I think my sister just sent me a message.

Mordecai: What the hell do you think you're doing? I said, what the hell do you think you're doing?

Katie: Dancing?

Mike: There's not a lot to do down here.

Katie: Mike! What the hell did you do that for?

Mordecai: Because I'm sick of your stupid little games. Now, do it again and I'll kill you!

Katie: Are you okay? Is it broken?

Mike: No, he caught the muscle, not the bone.

Katie: I'm so sorry.

Mike: It's all right. At least we know we got through.

Katie: What, you mean you think he heard it upstairs?

Mike: No, Margo heard the music.

Katie: You think?

Mike: Only reason he'd be that angry.

Katie: Oh Mike, you're a genius.

Mike: Oh, okay -- okay!

Katie: Sorry, sorry.

Mike: Let's save the hugging for another day.

Katie: I'm sorry.

Mike: Thank you.

Katie: I just want you to know that there's no other man on this earth that I'd rather be stuck with.

Mike: Except Simon.

Katie: Right. Except Simon, of course.

Craig: I have two sisters. And much as I enjoy Dusty, I wouldn't want either one of them near him.

Paul: So you would just watch Jennifer out of the goodness of your heart?

Craig: No. I'm gonna watch Dusty. And I know that this relationship you don't want to progress. And that you're probably gonna do whatever it takes to derail it. Given my partnership with Dusty, that could cost me money. So, we take care of the problem, I think it makes life more agreeable for both of us.

Paul: Do I get free drinks from now on?

Craig: From small glasses.

Paul: Can I throw up on your shoes?

Craig: No.

Paul: No. Okay, so let me get this straight, I get free drinks from now on, in very small glasses. But I can't throw up on your shoes -- ah, you know what? I'm gonna have to pass on this.

Craig: Are you thinking of your sister?

Paul: Oh, absolutely. And I know exactly how she would react if I allowed a piece of scum to follow her around and spy on her. No offense. Aren't you a stand-up guy? Coming over here and insulting me like this? I'll tell you what, to return the favor, how about this? How about I clue you in on my own personal theory as to how the cops arrived on your doorstep. Are you curious? Are you interested? You oughta be. It involves you.

Lucy: You should just call him and ask him. "Paul, did you report my husband to the police?"

Rosanna: Well, I could do that, but it just sounds so rude. I mean, it sounds like I don't trust him. And besides, the damage is done. Our chances of adopting through a legitimate agency are practically nil at this point.

Lucy: Well, there's gotta be other ways to adopt.

Rosanna: Well, perhaps, but your father and I have to make sure we're on the same page at this point.

Lucy: Look, I know he's impossible, but he loves you.

Rosanna: I don't mean to upset you. I mean -- look, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm upset myself. Okay?

Lucy: I know. And I want you to be able to talk to me. It makes me feel close to you.

Rosanna: You're so great. You know, you're the reason I wanna have another child.

Lucy: But I'm just like my father.

Rosanna: But I love your dad. I love him so much, I just wanna kill him right now.

Lucy: I understand. He shouldn't have been doing whatever he was doing. But it's not like he planned to get caught, right?

Rosanna: No, you're right. It's not like he planned it. That would be unforgivable.

Craig: So you're saying you know who called the police?

Paul: Yes. And I think that you do too.

Craig: Now, now, now, now, now, now. Why would I inform on myself to the police?

Paul: Because you know another arrest would ruin any hopes you had of adopting. And you'll do anything it takes to keep another child from coming into the fold.

Craig: Entertaining, but groundless.

Paul: Rosanna doesn't think so.

Craig: Oh, really?

Paul: Really. Tell you what, why don't you run home now, ask your wife all about it.

Connie: Oh, sorry. I didn't know anybody was home. Excuse me.

Paul: Give your wife my warmest regards.

Craig: I will. But I want you to think about what we were talking about.

Connie: Hi, it's me.

Jennifer: Hey, I thought you were leaving Oakdale?

Connie: Oakdale just got interesting. I just overheard your brother accusing some tall guy of calling the cops on himself.

Jennifer: Brush cut? Pricey suit? Smug attitude?

Connie: That's the one.

Jennifer: Thanks, Connie. Why would Craig Montgomery want to call the cops on himself?

Dusty: Hey, hey, hey -- come on. Get a grip on yourself. You don't even know what you're saying right now.

Rose: You wanna bet, gambler? Come on!

Dusty: Look, you're upset, we'll talk about it. Don't start giving me ultimatums. All right?

Rose: This is not a threat. This is how I feel. I want you to go.

Dusty: Rose, you feel this way right now. Right? But I guarantee later, you're gonna have regrets, we're gonna miss one another. Come here --

Rose: I'll keep telling myself what a fool I am. Get out!

Dusty: You don't wanna talk?

Rose: Get out!

Dusty: All right. Whoa, hey --

Rose: You think you're tough? You ain't seen tough! It's over.

Dusty: Rose --

Rose: It's over!

[Mike groans]

Katie: Well, he didn't break the skin. I just wish we had some ice.

Mike: Oh, I'll survive.

Katie: Here, let me help you.

Mike: So, I take it Margo knows that song you played?

Katie: It's a long shot, but I'll tell you what -- if we get outta here I'm gonna play it every day.

Mike: We're gonna get outta here, Katie. I promise. You're gonna have to get a new recording, though, this one's busted. I take it Margo knows that song you played?

Katie: Yeah, something I sang to her once. This version's a little different, but it's the words -- oh, I just pray Margo heard those words and made the connection. It's asking a lot, but if anyone can do it, it's my sister.

Margo: Okay, this guy can't wait to get me off the phone.

Jack: It's a natural reaction.

Margo: Because I'm a cop? But I don't have jurisdiction in Wagga Wagga.

Jack: Still, Margo --

Margo: Yeah, still -- this really loud music erupts -- and, you know, I have teenagers at home, I know loud music. But this is really loud -- I can hear it over the phone.

Jack: Right, so a cat jumped on the stereo.

Margo: And then he swears and he hangs up.

Jack: And swats the cat.

Margo: Right, I'll buy all that. But, Jack, the music that erupted out of nowhere? It was "mockingbird."

Jack: And that's supposed to mean --?

Margo: That's the song that Katie sang to me before I went into surgery last summer. That's something that only she and I would know.

Rosanna: There's nothing that anybody can do.

Paul: Well, it might help to know who actually did make the call.

Rosanna: Well, it wasn't Craig, all right? He didn't do it. He wouldn't do something like that. He knows how much it mattered to me. He just wouldn't.

Margo: Did you find out who made the call?

Hal: This is a copy of the transcript.

Jack: Now, you know I trust your instincts, so if you really think Katie's in danger, I'll book a flight for both of us.

Margo: That works for me.

Policeman: What was that?

Mordecai: Ah, what was what?


Katie: Here it -- here it goes!

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