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Marshall : You know, for reasons that continue to elude me, you stole a personal item from me, and now your protégée has taken up the same hobby.

Bonnie: Sarah? What are you talking about?

Marshall : Your little social work project helped herself to my date's wallet today.

Bonnie: I don't believe it.

Marshall : Well, she did. She tried to deny it, but then I pressed her, and then she turned the wallet over. Now my question is -- are you training her to steal, or is she training you, Bonnie?

Bonnie: I didn't know anything about this, Marshall .

Marshall : Right, right. Your apprentice torments me at every turn, and you know nothing? I mean, what did you say to poison her against me?

Bonnie: Nothing. Sarah knows nothing at all about you.

Marshall : You just keep that child away from me. I'm serious.

Bonnie: I will. As far away as I possibly can.

Marshall : You'd better. Because one more encounter with that kid, and I am definitely calling the police.

Bonnie: You do anything to her, and you will wish you'd never met me.

Jessica: Stop it! Whatever is going here, stop it right now.

Emily: You can talk to me, mom, you really can. What happened between you and Rick that's got you so upset? What did it have to do with Ali?

[Susan remembering]

Susan: Alison came by the house. She was in the house, Rick. And she told me that I was sleeping alone on that couch. You weren't there. Where were you? This is all backwards. I -- I shouldn't be dumping my problems on my daughter.

Emily: Why would you say that? It's not a burden. And, hey, let's face it. You know, you were right. I don't know Rick very well. I'm just trying to understand him more. That's all. What happened between the two of you, mom? Come on, I'm on your side. You know that, don't you?

Susan: Of course I do. But I'm sorry, I have to ask. Where is all this sudden concern for Rick coming from?

Alison: Let go of me.

Rick: No, don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you.

Alison: I'm just trying to do my job, and you keep giving me grief about why you weren't home the other night. I don't care.

Rick: I was home. And you just agreed with me, right? I know it really doesn't matter, but --

Alison: Well, then let me get back to work.

Rick: You see, no, there are people out there who would make trouble for me. And I just want to make sure that they don't get the wrong idea.

Alison: Who? Who's out to get you? Elvis? Get a grip. You sound like you're ready to go to the loony bin.

Rick: Listen to me. Don't you ever speak to me like that again. This is your last chance. I'm warning you.

Alison: Or what? What are you going to do to me, Rick?

Chris: Get your hands off her.

Rose: Hey, Dusty.

Dusty: And look at the cherry that just topped off my sundae. How was the reception, girl?

Rose: It was lonely. I hated not being there with you.

Dusty: Of course. But it was family, you had to go.

Rose: Yeah. I just hated that you talked me into that. You know? My pop always said the real family are the people you choose to love. My mom and pop chose me. Now I'm choosing you.

Dusty: That's it.

Rose: And Lily and the rest of her clan can go jump in a lake.

Dusty: Yes! And they might like it there.

Rose: Yeah, I don't know. They don't like much. Don't hold your breath.

Dusty: I won't. I never do. And soon -- this town is gonna see how it's done.

Rose: Hmm.

Dusty: 'Cause I already got the financing for this place.

Rose: Get out of here. That was fast. How'd you do that?

Dusty: I got a partner.

Rose: Really? Anybody I know?

Dusty: Yep. In fact, you know him pretty well.

Rosanna: Double espresso.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Rosanna: Is the room still spinning?

Craig: No. But only one of your heads looks like it loves me.

Rosanna: Well, the rest will love you after you have told Dusty Donovan that you cannot be his business partner.

Craig: What, what, what? It's a great opportunity.

Rosanna: For Dusty, perhaps. His business is fleecing people. You will not be his spring lamb. Not if I have anything to say about it.

Craig: You're being close minded.

Rosanna: The man is a mobster, a con artist with shady business associates in Chicago. That's what Paul Ryan said.

Craig: Paul Ryan told you this?

Rosanna: Yes, I went to see him after the christening.

Craig: Oh, really? Since when did you and Paul become such buddies?

Paul: You cut it out, dad. You got to stop that -- popping into my head like that. 'Cause it's just creepy. From now on, you're dead to me. Besides, what I did for Jennifer -- I did two things. I -- I showed her that the French fling she had was nothing but a money-grubbing creep. And I showed her that mother's even worse. See, so the ends -- the ends justify the means. And isn't that what you always tell me, right? The ends justify the means!

Jennifer: Paul?

Chris: Look, just 'cause you're her stepfather now doesn't mean you can manhandle her.

Rick: No, of course not. I apologize, Alison. I hope I didn't -- I hope I didn't hurt you. I guess the -- the stress from the last couple of weeks is finally -- finally catching up with me. Alison, all I was asking is, please; get your facts straight before you spread any gossip about me, all right? Oh, I saw your father a while ago. It's great to see that he's coming along. Any -- any brain activity?

Chris: No, nothing new.

Rick: Well, if anything changes, if he regains consciousness, I'd like to be there.

Chris: Yeah, sure. Are you sure you're okay? What happened?

Alison: He grabbed my arm, and he started going on and on about how people were out to get him. He was going crazy, Chris. You should have seen the look on his face.

Chris: No, I did. I mean, even when he was acting strange at the wedding, he didn't look like that. I'm just glad you're okay. I'm glad I showed up when I did.

Alison: You don't owe me anything, okay, Chris? I mean, you don't have to go on your white horse, okay? I'm fine.

Chris: No, you're not, okay? You're shaking like a leaf. Come on. Let's get you out of here.

Emily: I care about Rick because I care about you, mom. And I know I jumped to conclusions about him.

Susan: You admit it. You were very quick to accuse him.

Emily: I know, and I'm sorry. Look, I know I hurt you. Now I want to help.

[Susan remembering]

Rick: Things are different between us. Doubt is creeping in. I can see it on your face.

Susan: No.

Rick: Now, if things --

Susan: That's not true.

Rick: If things continue like this, we are not going to have much of a marriage left.

Emily: Mom?

Susan: Emily, it's nothing. I'm fine.

Emily: Are you sure?

Susan: Of course I'm sure. You were very quick to judge Rick, and now, I know it's hard for you to admit it, but can't we just let this be over?

Emily: Sure. Yeah, listen, I'm glad we talked. And you just remember, I'm here for you. Any time.

Susan: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Emily: Okay. I love you. Hal?

Hal: Any luck?

Emily: I lied through my teeth to get her to open up. And she almost did, but -- Hal, I need to see you right now.

Jennifer: You were talking to yourself, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, it's just, like, this little habit that I got into, you know, when I crashed my plane and died. Just, no one else to talk to. Believe me, sparkling repartee is really difficult when you're flying solo.

Jennifer: What were you saying about the end justifies the means?

Paul: Oh, that was just, you know, me thinking about what mom must have in her sick little head about what she did with André being for your own good. I mean, that woman can rationalize anything. Hey, you know what? Sit down here. Sit down. How are you?

Jennifer: I don't know. You know, I was wandering around and trying to find some sudden insight.

Paul: Into mother.

Jennifer: No. Andre. I just -- I can't get over how I totally reverted back to the idiot I was in Europe . You know? I started hoping that we'd actually have a future together. There is something wrong with me, Paul.

Paul: No, there isn't, and you -- look, I don't want to hear you say that. There's a lot of blame to go around on all of this, but none of it should go on you.

Jennifer: What did I think? That, you know, just because I was home, he wouldn't come back with all those old lines and play me for the fool again?

Paul: Look, I've got some advice for you, if you want it.

Jennifer: Sure.

Paul: Don't make the same mistake I made with mommy dearest when she stomped all over my life.

Jennifer: Don't pretend I'm dead?

Paul: No, it's -- actually, you know what? There's some merit in that plan. Though, in the end, you just kind of wind up lonely. But no, the -- don't -- I'm thinking more along the lines of don't let her suck you into the darkness.

Jennifer: So look on the brighter side of things.

Paul: You know, there is an upside to this. We can both start over. No more unhealthy entanglements with treacherous lovers.

Jennifer: Or mothers from hell.

Paul: Or mothers from hell. See, there's a lot to celebrate right there. Why don't -- you know what? We'll get a drink, right? I -- I could use one. Let's go.

[Jennifer sighs]

Jennifer: Have I told you lately how absolutely lucky I am to have you on my side?

Paul: Let's go.

Rosanna: Now I never said I was Paul Ryan's buddy.

Craig: So why'd you see him?

Rosanna: Well, I had to do a little damage control after you went over there and threatened the man.

Craig: He's the one who made the threats.

Rosanna: And what did you do in the meantime? Knit yourself a sweater?

Craig: I clarified for him what a mistake it would be for him to try to thwart you or me.

Rosanna: So you threatened him in my name. Thank you very much.

Craig: I'm evicting him in your name. But he's still as ignorant as his mother, even though he's back from the dead with a new hairdo and a chip on his shoulder.

Rosanna: Yes, he's changed, but can you blame him, really? After what his supposed best friend did to him, the same man that you want to go into business with?

Craig: We'll make great business partners.

Rosanna: Based on what, may I ask?

Craig: Distaste for Paul Ryan.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: That's ridiculous. That is the most ridiculous reason I've ever heard for wanting to go into business with someone, and as soon as you sober up, you will realize how silly it is.

Craig: Listen, you pour it good, they'll drink good.

Rosanna: Excellent. Fantastic business plan. You know what? Do what you want.

Craig: I intend to.

Rosanna: While you're at it, I hope that you're intending on doing it with your own money, because mine will not be involved.

Rose: You're gonna do business with Craig? How drunk are you?

[Dusty laughs] no, really.

Dusty: Come on. Remember this? He has money. I need money. He wants a project. I've got something in mind for him. Everybody's happy.

Rose: Mm. You know, he's the type of guy that doesn't stay on the right side of the law.

Dusty: That's ancient history. People change, remember?

Rose: Yeah, I know, but Craig doesn't. He doesn't. Look what he did to Barbara, having her kidnapped. He's a sleaze.

Dusty: Whoa, whoa, hold on, listen to what you're saying, baby. You're talking about Craig the way your family talks about me.

Rose: No, that's different. That's different.

Dusty: Let's not judge a man who's handing down an opportunity. I don't care about his past. I care about the color of his money.

Rose: His money or his wife's money?

Dusty: Whatever, as long as it's green.

Rose: Come here. You already know how crazy I am about you. Yeah?

Dusty: You mean in bed?

Rose: I told my family to go jump in a lake because I want to be with you. This business with Craig -- a little shady. I don't like it.

[Dusty laughs]

Dusty: Well, look what you signed up for. I don't really fit the Boy Scout profile, do I?

Rose: Oh, I think we talked about that. Your past stays in the past. So does mine. And the monkey business -- come on, it's got to stay in the past.

Dusty: And what does that mean?

Rose: Everything you do from now on -- it's got to be legit.

Dusty: Or what?

Rose: Or we don't have a future.

Marshall : I was accosted by Bonnie's little foundling twice. Today, she tried to steal my date's wallet.

Jessica: Oh, for good -- Bonnie, how many times have I told you to stay away from Marshall , keep your distance? And you, I mean, do you really think that was personal?

Marshall : Your daughter wormed her way into my suite to steal something, and now --

Jessica: Oh, yes, the case of the missing toothbrush.

Marshall : Right. And now she's got her little orphan Annie antagonizing me at every turn. I'm sorry, but that is personal. Last warning -- then next time, the brat gets arrested for harassment.

Bonnie: Warning to you -- stop calling her names.

Marshall : You know, not that very long ago, I had a bullet in my head. You know, my memory does funny things. If you're not careful, I'll remember that day that you walked into my suite with a gun in your hand.

Craig: Rosanna, I want to go into business with the guy, not go steady with him. Besides, you may find him distasteful, but he's crafty. He's gonna make a real go of that place.

Rosanna: He is piggish and rude.

Craig: He's gutsy and aggressive. Besides, he got the girl.

Rosanna: So?

Craig: Well, you got to love the guy who gets the girl. Huh?

Rosanna: Oh.

Craig: Look, I'm gonna work the contract so we have an out. Come on.

Rosanna: Say what you want about Paul Ryan, but the fact remains that Bar-bar hired Dusty Donovan to hurt her own son. I can't believe you'd want to have anything to do with him. I don't.

Craig: Why not? It'll be fun.

[Rosanna sighs] all right, all right. I'll do it myself.

Rosanna: Be my guest.

Craig: Or I could ask Sierra. She might enjoy it.

Rosanna: You wouldn't dare.

Dusty: Things are gonna be different for us from now on. Don't you want that?

Rose: Yeah. You know I want that so bad.

Dusty: All right, good. Good. We've got something to drink about. To new beginnings for Rose and me. For all of us. I want to pull one of your finest cases of champagne. Can we do that, Charlie?

Rose: Oh, that's expensive.

Dusty: That's okay.

Rose: Craig writing checks already I didn't know about?

Dusty: Forget about it. I have faith.

Rose: Faith? You're gonna have a big bar tab and a headache when you sober up in the morning.

Dusty: Headaches are for people who have time for them. I am inspired by life. I've never been happier. Let me tell you something.

Rose: Good.

Dusty: I have a new venture. I have a new life. I have --

Rose: Thank you.

Dusty: -- The woman I love.

Rose: What did you just say?

Dusty: That I'd like to make a toast -- to the only woman I love.

Dusty: Move us to find a way to, you know, at least in public, try to bury the hatchet.

Paul: Do I need to tell you where I think you can bury it?

Jessica: Marshall has drawn a very clear line tonight. If you cross it, he will make trouble for you.

Paul: Doesn't that just make you tingle all over?

Jennifer: You know, Paul, let's get out of here. There's plenty of other places.

Paul: Oh, no, no. I'm not gonna let them chase me away.

Rose: Why did Paul have to see that?

[Dusty chuckles]

Dusty: Come on. I'm glad he saw it. He's got to get used to it, you know?

Rose: He's staying here. He's staying. We -- you know, let's just -- let's just go. Come on.

Dusty: What? Us?

Rose: Yeah.

Dusty: I'm the new owner of this place. We ain't going anywhere. People have got to understand this, especially this punk. In fact, I think I'll make him understand right now what's going on.

Rose: Oh, no, no, no. Dusty --

Paul: So, is this a private party or can anybody join in? Because Jen and I would really like to wish you happy newly-whatevers a lifetime full of bliss.

Dusty: No, you're welcome to join. We were just celebrating the fact that I'm going to be the new owner of this place. So yes, you're welcome to stay. Can I get you some champagne or what?

Paul: No. Tell me, who did you swindle to get the money for this place?

Dusty: What's the deal, partner? Do we have to do this?

Paul: Do what?

Dusty: Our friendship's over, but I mean, at least, can't we try to be civil with one another?

Paul: Why would I do that?

Dusty: For Rose, you know? You might want to try to be a gentlemen, for her.

Jennifer: You know, you got some nerve asking my brother anything after what you did.

Paul: No, no, no. It's fine. Jen, really. I've known Dusty a long time. You know, he makes a suggestion like that I should at least consider it, think about it. Okay, I've thought about it. No. Do me a favor, get away from our table. You don't own this place yet. And I don't think anybody here has asked you to stay.

Dusty: Hey, Paul? We got to live together in this town. So, I think it would behoove us to find a way to, you know, at least in public, try to bury the hatchet. What do you think?

Paul: Do I need to tell you where I think you can bury it? Jen, I think it would behoove us to maybe find someplace else where we can get a drink.

Rose: Hey, it won't always be like this. Okay?

Bonnie: Sarah can change, mom. She can. It's not like she's some hardened criminal.

Jessica: Bonnie, I don't expect a child who's been in and out of group homes to have perfect social graces. But stealing? That's unacceptable.

Bonnie: I know that. I know that. But what she needs is -- is just guidance, one-on-one with someone. And I could help her with that.

Jessica: And that's why I pulled a few strings when I was in Springfield.

Bonnie: You did? You looked at me becoming her foster parent?

Jessica: Nothing is definite. But it looks promising.

Bonnie: Mom, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank --

Jessica: Now wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Before you get all excited, I want to make one thing perfectly clear.

Bonnie: Okay.

Jessica: Marshall has drawn a very clear line tonight. If you cross it, he will make trouble for you.

Bonnie: I'm not afraid of Marshall .

Jessica: Well, maybe you should be. Bonnie, you have an assault record now. If he decides to open that case, your chances of getting Sarah will be slim to none.

Bonnie: Okay. All right. So what exactly should I do?

Jessica: Keep Sarah out of trouble. No more stealing. And both of you, just stay away from Marshall . No running into him by accident, or on purpose. Just don't bother him, including illegal DNA tests. I certainly hope you kept that part of your bargain.

Bonnie: As far as I'm concerned, mom, from what you've just told me, I am Sarah's only parent from now on.

Emily: She was holding something back tonight. I know it.

Hal: You're sure that it was about Rick?

Emily: Yes, of course, it was about Rick. But the way my mother was holding back, it was different.

Hal: How?

Emily: I don't know. She wasn't pushing me away out of blind love for him. You know, it was more like, in her heart, she knew something wasn't right with Rick, and she just couldn't tell me.

Hal: She could have doubts and still defend the man?

Emily: If knowing something in your gut and doing the right thing about it were easy, my mother wouldn't have spent all those years in a bottle, Hal.

Hal: Gotcha. So?

Emily: So what if she protects him until death do them part?

Susan: You're back. I didn't hear the door. You still running a fever?

Rick: I -- I hope I'm not getting another migraine. How was your talk with Emily?

Susan: Fine. I think we're on the mend.

Rick: Good. Did you mention that l wasn't into a fistfight, but -- it'll be okay, I guess. Why don't I go upstairs and get you some --

Rick: No, no, no. Stay here. Don't leave.

Susan: What? What?

Rick: The only medicine that I need is you here with me, huh?

Susan: Okay. Maybe those migraine episodes and the stress at the hospital has upset you a lot more than we realized. Maybe you should talk to someone.

Rick: A psychiatrist?

Susan: Just to sort through the anxiety. I --

Rick: Don't ever say that again.

Alison: And I can't thank you enough for standing up when Rick was freaking out on me, but that's not gonna change what I told you before. I don't want to do this anymore.

Chris: "This"?

Alison: This -- this you/me, we like each other maybe kind of thing. This -- [Alison sighs] don't get too close, but then don't get too far away. You're a girl, but you're a woman. It just seems to me like every time we take one step forward, something always sends us two steps back, and I just don't really feel like I'm very important to you. And I don't want to feel that way anymore. What?

Chris: Look, I know I've let you down. Okay? And I'm sorry. You are special to me, Alison. I just have a hard time showing it.

Alison: Yeah, Chris, but isn't that the point? To be with someone who will show that?

[Pager beeps]

Chris: Damn. I got to go to the hospital.

Alison: I understand. Go. Go.

Chris: All right. But before I do, I want you to know something. Okay? When you -- when you walked away from me earlier, I -- it hurt. And even though you may be giving up on me, I'm not giving up on you.

Alison: Unbelievable. The ball is actually in my court for once.

Rick: I'm sorry, darling, I -- I just had a -- I had a bad experience with a psychiatrist some years ago.

Susan: Is it anything you want to talk about?

Rick: No.

Susan: All right. Why don't I go get you those aspirin?

Rick: No, wait, wait. Please, please. Don't leave. I'm sorry. I can't believe myself. I can't believe how badly I'm behaving. I'm sorry; I can't believe that I jumped on you like that.

Susan: I'm not sure I can believe it myself.

Rick: Do you know that you are my life force? Do you know that you're the only thing that keeps me going? Do you know what I was thinking before you came downstairs?

Susan: What?

Rick: I was wishing that there was no one else in the world -- just you and me.

Craig: I thought it would be fun for both of us, but if you're not interested, then --

Rosanna: Why should I support a venture when I don't like the partner involved?

Craig: Because I'm excited by it. And I want you to be excited, too. It'd be fun for both of us. You know how much fun it is when we do things together at the same time.

Rosanna: Oh -- Kay. Okay. Own a nightclub, be Dusty Donovan's partner. Together, we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Oh. [Rosanna laughs] stop.

Craig: You will not regret this.

Rosanna: I will. I already do.

Craig: Oh, no. [Craig blows raspberries]

Dusty: You want to make a bet?

Rose: I'm a gambling girl, sure.

Dusty: I bet in 30 seconds, Paul Ryan will be the furthest thing on our minds.

Rose: What about our celebration party?

Dusty: I got a different kind of party in mind.

Rose: Oh, yeah?

Dusty: Yeah.

Rose: Hmm.

Dusty: I mean, I've already told half the town how I feel about you. So why don't I just take you home? And show you?

Jennifer: You know, it's my turn to tell you what you've been telling me. It'll get better, Paul.

Paul: No, it's fine. Really. I'm glad I was there for Dusty's declaration. 'Cause you know what? I really -- it's time to move on. I know that. Besides, we've got more important things to think about.

Jennifer: Like what?

Paul: Like getting little Will away from the dragon lady.

Jennifer: Will is still dependent on mom.

Paul: Yeah, but mom's not dependable. That's why we've got to get Will here with us.

Jennifer: You know, if you try to get him here, you're looking for a big, complicated fight on all sides.

Paul: I don't think so. You know, I got a feeling. I don't know, maybe I'm overconfident, but my gut tells me that things are going to work out just fine for the three of us.

Jennifer: You know, I love the way that you care about me and Will, and how you'll do anything for this family, but you need a romantic life, too.

Paul: No. Romance is fiction. Love is overrated.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, damn it.

Paul: What?

Jennifer: I think I left my bracelet at the Java.

Paul: You probably just left it in the car.

Jennifer: No, no, I don't remember having it after the Java. I'm sure I left it there.

Paul: All right. We'd better go get it before Dusty Donovan sells it on the sidewalk.

Jennifer: No, no. You know, you stay here, okay? You've seen enough of Rose and Dusty's bliss for one evening, okay? Okay, Paul. You did a favor for me, now I'm doing one for you, whether you like it or not.

Susan: How did things get so complicated? Maybe we just moved too fast.

Rick: No, we didn't. I loved you from the first moment I saw you. I wouldn't -- I wouldn't change a thing.

Susan: But we were like a speeding train. My family never got to hop on board, or even catch up. But they will. I know they will.

Rick: Lie down with me. I'm cold.

Susan: Oh.

Rick: So cold. Promise me that you'll never leave me, my love.

Susan: I promise.

Jessica: Promise me, Bonnie. Thank you.

Bonnie: I promise. I promise, I promise. I promise I will not do anything whatsoever to upset Marshall .

Jessica: Not just Marshall . Any kind of trouble.

Bonnie: Okay. I will make sure Sarah understands that, as well.

Jessica: Good. I don't want to guilt trip you or anything, but I did go to considerable effort to push those papers through for you.

Bonnie: I know you did. And I certainly appreciate it. And from now on, I also promise to be the best parent Sarah could ever hope for.

Marshall : Yes, do me a favor. There's this kid. I believe she lives in that shelter down on Durbin Street. Her name is Sarah. Check her out. I don't know her last name, but find out everything you can about her and get back to me. Thanks.

Imaginary James: It's very disappointing. You are very disappointing, and you were doing so well.

Paul: Go away, will you? I want you gone.

Imaginary James: Don't you have any backbone, Paul, hmm? You ran away tonight like a sniveling, spoiled child who wasn't invited to play with the big boys and the big girls. Don't you have any testosterone left? Donovan says, "let's be gentlemen." You should say, "You're going to pay for what you did to me."

Paul: No. No, I just want it done. I want it over. I want it over with Rose, and over with Dusty, and over with mom, and over with you. I can't -- I can't move backwards. I have to move forward. I have to.

[Paul sighs]

Dusty: Let's go home.

Rose: Yeah. Yeah, like five minutes ago.

Dusty: Let me -- I got to try to find Isaac.

Rose: I'm gonna use the ladies' room, and then I'll meet you by the front door in like two minutes.

Jennifer: That looks good. I'm sorry Paul was so unwilling to let bygones be bygones.

Dusty: Why are you sorry? You hate me, don't you?

Jennifer: No. I hate what you did to Paul.

Dusty: Why'd you come back here?

Jennifer: I lost my bracelet. I thought it might be at the table.

Dusty: It's not.

Jennifer: Too bad. You know, Paul's anger is going to destroy him. Okay, for his sake, it's better if we just let all this hostility go.

Dusty: Paul made a choice.

Jennifer: Paul's suffering. It was rough on him to find you and Rose here tonight. But he's gonna get over it. Trust me on that.

Dusty: Okay. Thank you, Jenny. I mean, thank you for saying that.

Jennifer: Let me know if you find that bracelet. See you around. Well, Mr. Donovan, I've got your attention. I'm doing this for you, Paul.

Hal: So why don't you just say what it is that's on your mind?

Barbara: It's about Paul. He's not going to take my youngest son away from me. I swear to you, he's not.

Bonnie: I stole a toothbrush from Marshall 's hotel room, and I got a DNA test done. And now I don't know what to do, because I really need your help.

Carly: Would you like to join us?

Paul: It's really up to my landlord.

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