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Rose: Once I found out that Paul was alive, I felt like -- like I been pulled in a million different directions. Dusty wants me to stay away for a while.

Lily's: Thin....

Rose: Yeah, I know. He told me that. Hey, wait, how do you know that?

Lily: Dusty came by the house. He wanted me to tell you about Paul. That he was dangerous.

Rose: I told Dusty that we were done. But he doesn't want me going back to Paul.

Lily: I was very nice to him, since I wasn't with you.

Rose: If that's how you feel, but it doesn't matter you're more because Dusty's in Oakdale. So we can all get on with our lives.

Lily: Yes. Especially you and me. Come on. Let's get out of here; I'll get the check, as usual.

Dusty: Hey. I -- I wanted to talk to you in private.

Walker : Mrs. Hughes?

Kim: Walker Hi.

Walker : Hi.

Kim: Did you come to see Bob?

Walker : Yes, I did. I also came by to say bye to you.

Kim: Oh, really? Where are you going?

Walker : Well, my contract's terminated. I won't be working here after today.

Kim: Oh, Walker , I'm so sorry to hear that. Oh, Bob will be, too. He likes you so much.

Walker : Well, I feel the same way about him.

Kim: Oh, thank you.

Walker : You know what? Why don't I come back when he's up and around? He owes me a round of golf at the Country Club.

Kim: Oh, well, listen, no question about it then. We'll see you, soon.

Walker : Yeah bye.

Kim: It been -- it's been a real pleasure.

Walker : You stay close to him, Mrs. Hughes. Make sure he has friends around him at all times.

Kim: That sounds like a warning.

Walker : It is.

Kim: Are you telling me that Bob's in danger?

Walker : It's possible, yes.

Kim: Why?

Walker : I'm still not convinced that Dr. Gordo killed all those people, or that he killed himself. And since we believe Bob knows who the killer is -- there's a good chance somebody out there does not want Bob to wake up.

Judge Chaney: Rick?

Rick: Yes?

Judge Chaney: Repeat after me?" I, Eric Decker --"

Rick: I, Eric Decker --

Bob: Am a murderer.

Susan: Rick? Are you alright?

Bob: Go ahead, admit it.

"I, Eric Decker --"

Rick: I, Eric Decker --

Bob: Am a murderer. Go ahead, tell her. They're all waiting to hear it.

Susan: Rick?

Bob: Go ahead, tell them. Tell them what you've done. Tell them what you've been doing all along, that you're a murderer, a murderer.

Rick: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Susan: Rick! Oh, my God!

Emily: Is he alright.

Lisa: What happened why is he not hearing?

Susan: Rick, can you hear me? Rick? Rick? Oh, he's- he's running a fever.

Emily: Is it serious, Mom? Why would he just pass out like that?

Susan: Don't know. I don't. Could be anything. Rick - Rick, can you hear me? Can you hear me?

Rick: No!


Susan: Honey?

Rick: What happened? How did I get here?

Susan: You passed out, sweetie.

Rick: It must have been all the excitement. Changing the tire.

Susan: You're burning up. There's been a flu going around. It's possible that you may have it.

Rick: No I'm fine, Susan. Come on let's get married before it's too late.

Susan: What do you mean? Too late for what?

Jessica: Bonnie it's me again where are you? Why won't you pickup? Listen call me back and what ever you do, stay away from Marshall Travers.

Ben: Hey, there.

Jessica: Hey.

Ben: Ooh. Now is it me, or -- or is this sunlight and the water just doing awful things to your skin?

Jessie: I suppose it's you.

Ben: Yeah, well, can you blame me? I mean, it's a great day and I'm just walking on every step, lighter and lighter.

Jessie: Please, Ben. All I did was for us to spend the night.

Ben: Hey -- after months of-- of not being comfortable being close together, sometimes not even wanting to be touched -- now this is hard for you, Jess and -- I know that something's wrong

Jessica: It's -- it's nothing. It's nothing.

Ben: Look, if you're having second thoughts -- are you having second thoughts? 'Cause if you -- you are --

Jessica: List- ok, listen. It's Bonnie. She's going after Marshall again, and that can only mean trouble.

Bonnie: Look -- I apologize. The last thing I want to do is disturb you.

Marshall : You know, you're in my suite -- again. Do I need to call security or should I call Lisa and tell her goddaughter got her hands on a passkey?

Bonnie: Just wait a minute. Okay? This will only take a couple minutes.

Marshall : I don't have time for you, Bonnie. I've already told you to stay away from me. I even asked your mother to help you do it.

Bonnie: I'm not here by choice. I think you and I both know I would never be here unless it was extremely important.

Marshall : I'm going to regret this -- but what's your problem?

Bonnie: Mother, Marshall. She's in trouble, an only you can help

Jessica: Bonnie has this idea in her head that Sarah is Marshall 's daughter. I mean, she's even thinking DNA tests. You know, I'm just afraid she's gonna do something stupid.

Ben: Wait, wait. We all know that Marshall 's daughter is dead. How could Bonnie possibly think that is Zara?

Jessica: Walker has helped her make some sense.

Ben: So what are you saying? That you believe her?

Jessica: No. But let's not forget that James Steinbeck was involved in tracking down Marshal's daughter. And of course, anything is possible with him even the fact that she might be alive.

Ben: Okay. So what do you want to do?

Jessica, I've been calling Bonnie, trying to warn her to stay away from Marshall , but she doesn't pick up. So I'm just gonna have to go find her.

Ben: No, you're not.

Jessica: Ben, I have to, I don't want her getting involved with him again.

Ben: Ay, we have a better suggestion, one that's gonna make this whole thing a lot easier.

Jessica: Ay, I'm open to better suggestions.

Ben: You take a deep breath, you sit back, and you concentrate on yourself. And you let Bonnie handle this on her own.

Marshall : Are you carrying a weapon, Bonnie? Because the last time you were here, you threatened to shoot me.

Bonnie: That was a mistake

Marshall : I'm sure your mother would agree.

Bonnie: No, Marshall I am not armed today. I'm actually here to request a favor.

Marshall : Concerning some trouble you think your mother is in.

Bonnie: Tom Hughes just hired her as one of his lawyers. And she's very excited to be going back to work. As she should be. However, there is one problem. You.

Marshall : I've spoken to your mother, I've offered my congratulations. I don't begrudge her working in that office.

Bonnie: Oh, I've no doubt that you've civilized. But sooner or later, she's going to have to face you in the courtroom. And I don't really think she's ready for that.

Marshall : Bonnie your mother's a professional. She'll be able to focus on her job and forget about everything else.

Bonnie: She's gonna stand in that court room and try to focus on her case, Marshall . But she's gonna look over at you. And all that hurt and misery that she has had -- she's -- I don't-- she's gonna-- look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just worry about her so much.

Marshall : What, specifically, are you asking me to do?

Bonnie: My mother's very much fragile she'll admit , Marshall all I ask is that when you see her in the courtroom; just take it easy on her.

Marshall : Um -- are you asking me to throw cases because of your mother's emotional state?

Bonnie: No, of course not. I mean a man like you would never throw a case. I know you'd never do that but if you could just be a little more gentle and considerate and caring to a woman whose whole life has been ruined, based --? I -- I said I wouldn't do this. I said I wouldn't do this. I'--'m sorry. Um -- can I use your bathroom I just -- I think I need to throw a little water on my-- Please.

[Bonnie sobbing]

Marshall : It's right through there

Bonnie: Marshall thanks.

Lily: What are you saying Rose, Dusty? You need to borrow bus fare from Rose, so you can get out of town.

Rose: Lily.

Lily: You want me to go?

Rose: Just for a minute. Two -- tops.

Lily: Get your purse.

Dusty: Hey. It's good to see you. You look good.

Rose: Couldn't you have picked a better time? You know? Lily and I were just making up. I do not want you to come between us ever again.

Dusty: Sorry I ruined your lunch. I made a decision today. I thought -- I thought you should know about it.

Rose: What? No. Forget it. No, no. You know what? Don't tell me. Because once I get caught up in your gas, that's when I get in trouble so --

Dusty: It's not a shame. Decided to stay in town.

Rose: Where'd you come up with that idea?

Dusty: Well, you can thank your sister for it.

Rose: What is that supposed to mean?

Dusty: She came a bum. She told me no woman would've taken me seriously -- I decided to change. I'm gonna become a member of the community.

Rose: Oh, okay. Don't stay because of me.

Dusty: No?

Rose: No.

Dusty: Some people would be flattered.

Rose: Well, I not one of those people.

Dusty: Lily's not around. Neither is Holden or Paul. Nobody who can come between us. So why don't you be honest with me? With me and yourself.

Rose: Honest to you means tell you want you want to hear.

Dusty: Well, you're talking out the same thing. You want me -- as nearly as I want you.

Susan: Did you hear what I said? I asked you what you meant by getting married before it's too late.

Rick: Sorry I confused you, Darling I just meant we should -- we should get married before the Justice of the Peace has to leave.

Susan: Oh, well we don't have to worry about that right now.

Rick: Oh, come. Are you kidding, there's nothing more important than marrying you.

Hal: Take it easy. Easy, Rick.

Rick: No, no, no. I'm fine I'm fine, really.

Emily: Maybe we should open a window, get some fresh air in here.

Susan: That's a good idea. Alison?

Alison: I got the window.

Rick: No, please. I'm completely recovered. -- Was a little woozy there for a minute, but I-- I'm over it now.

Susan: Rick, don't want you rushing yourself; the important thing is that you're all right.

Rick: Now listen, the only way that I'm going to be all right, is if I get to marry the woman in my arms. Don't let that little episode scare you off.

Susan: Don't be silly. But I'm worried about you. I don't think we should get married today if, we are fighting.

Rick: Do you believe this woman? I mean, one little fainting spell, and she's -- she's ready to let me go.

Susan: We can reschedule. It's not like there's a rush.

Rick: No, no, no. You're not- you're not getting away from me that easily, honey. Oh, come on folks. What do you say? Who wants this wedding to proceed as planned? Hmm? Fine. I know you're -- you're worried about my health. But I assure you that I'm all right now. Emily? Hal? Know that Susan would listen to what you have to say. Hmm?

Emily: Um- Mom, you know, we're -- we're all here. You know, what?

Hal: We came for a wedding, and if you two don't do it, well, I guess Emily and I will be on our way.

Rick: Chris, is there anything you'd like to say?

Chris: Whatever you decide is fine with me.

Alison: Me -- me, too. I -- I just want Mom to be happy.

Emily: And safe.

Rick: All right, Susan the crowd has spoken. Come on, sweetheart. Let's tie that knot alright

Kim: You have a theory who the real killer is right?

Walker : I don' think that would be appropriate to say.

Kim: Come on, Walker . This is no time to be bashful. We're talking about my husband's life.

Walker : My gut tells me it's Dr. Decker.

Kim: Do you have proof?

Walker : Nothing concrete. I wish I had more to say, Mrs. Hughes but I still felt that if I was right, you should know.

Kim: What do you think I should do?

Walker : Don't trust Dr. Decker. Not even for a second.

Kim: I -- I guess I -- thank you. Thank you.

Walker : Why don't you thank me when Bob's had a full recovery, and the killer's behind bars?

Kim: All right.

Walker : Okay?

Kim: Yes.

Walker : Excuse me.

[Walker sighs] Feel better my friend. We'll talk soon. You take care, Mrs. Hughes

Kim: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Jessica: It would just make things so much simpler if she would just return my phone call.

Ben: Well, she's not. And you chasing after her all over town is only going to make things harder.

Jessica: well, I am open to another suggestion.

Ben: Okay. Let-- let's just go back to your place. That way, you'll be there if she comes home, or if she calls home or calls your cell phone and you can talk to her about it later.

Jessica: And what if she doesn't call?

Ben: Then make your own calls. Track her down from the comfort of your own living room. And I will be cooking us some chicken and spaghetti ready for our evening together.

Jessica: You severed chicken?

Ben: Smothered chicken.

Jessica: I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Ben: You better watch it now. You're starting to sound like me.

Jessica: Let's go.

Ben: Ok.

Bonnie: Thank you. I'm sorry, Marshall I didn't mean to get emotional

Marshall : That's okay. I've seen your tears before.

Bonnie: Oh and, um --I guess I've said all that I have to say. Thank you for listening and I hope that this all makes some sense to you.

Marshall : Then tell me why you're really here.

Bonnie: I already told you. I'm concerned about my mother. She's not as strong as she used to be.

Marshall : I spoke to your mother a couple hours ago. She's just poised and as powerful as she always is.

Bonnie: Well, that's an act. She won't admit it to herself but she's still not herself yet. And I guess she has you to thank for that, when I think about it.

Marshall : All right, all right.

Bonnie: You know, once a woman has been raped --

Marshall : You know what? Bonnie: I am losing my patience with you. Alright? You've been messing with me since you walked in here.

Bonnie: I am very sorry that the truth is hard to accept... are you Marshall .

Marshall : Not so fast.

Bonnie: Let go of me!

Marshall : Not until you tell me the truth what is this about? Huh? Is this about a case? Are you spying on me for the D.A.?

Bonnie: Tom Hughes would never do that!

Marshall : Then what is it? Huh? You must be here looking for something. Is? That's it, isn't it; you came here to steal something from me.

Bonnie: That is absurd. You have absolutely nothing that I would want. Trust me.

Marshall : What'd you take, Bonnie? Huh? Answer me.

Dusty: No one happens between us... regard you as well, you know, give in to it, start enjoying it.

Marshall : You know, Bonnie we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way, trying to find out why you came here.

Emily: The look on Rick's face when he came in --

Hal: And from the look on yours, you're not about to let this go, are you?

Rick: When the ceremony is over, I'll run up straight to bed and get my wife take care of me. I'll then go to Memorial for a full work-up, if that's what you want. But let's finish what we started. All my whole life to be with someone. I don't want to wait a minute longer.

Susan: Me, either. Sorry, everybody, to keep you in suspense but Rick is fine, and ceremony will continue.

Judge Chaney: Excellent, excellent. Gather 'round, everyone. Let's build a cocoon around the happy couple.

Alison: A cocoon? I'm -- I'm sorry. So it does kind of make sense. Rick is kind of a worm.

Emily: All right, something's really off. Rick's behavior is bizarre.

Hal: Look, Rick isn't the first guy to fail at his own wedding I mean, the screaming at no one was an interesting touch, but Susan loves him.

Emily: You know it's not even that. And think about it. What about the writer who was looking for him, never bring to follow up?

Hal: Maybe he changed his mind.

Emily: After traveling across the country to find him, showing up at the front door?

Hal: You think Rick's hiding something too?

Emily: I'd bet money on it.

Rose: I've been very confused lately. I can't make a promise.

Dusty: Am I next on your list ?

Rose: And you broke a few yourselves.

Dusty: Yeah that, too. You know, I really see I don't need anybody taking care of me the way you took care of Paul.

Rose: I never did that. Paul would never stand for that.

Dusty: He loved it. He loved it. Loved the way you stood up to his mother, 'cause he was too soft to do it himself. Loved the way you worried about hi...

Rose: You have no idea what Paul and I meant to each other.

Dusty: You don't think I know? I think I knew it. I.. that's the difference between me and Paul. I don't want a baby-sitter. I want a lover. And a friend, you know?

Rose: I don't know if I can be those for you. Maybe. But now that Paul's back, I got to find out if there's anything left there between us.

Dusty: All right, I'll wait. Tell me when you're ready; if you're ready, give me a call.

Rose: That's it?

Dusty: Well, I'm not writing poetry, you know? And I'm not sending love letters. That's not the way I operate. You want me? It's up to you.

Rose: What if I don't, what if I don't even want to call you? Even on your birthday?

Dusty: Well, I never thought about that. Because that's not gonna happen.

Bonnie: You know, I am only here because -- give me that!

Marshall : Back off!

Bonnie: You have no right to -- you piece of -

Marshall : Here.

Bonnie: Now, are you satisfied?

Marshall : Only a long shot. Bonnie, I know you're up to something. All right? And I know you took something. That's why you are in here.

Bonnie: I am doing mother a favor. Once that's done, I said my peace, and I don't need to stick around.

Marshal: Empty your pocket

Bonnie: No.

Marshall : Would I shove my hand in there and empty 'em myself? Know, Bonnie, we either do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way, I'm going to find out why you came here.

Bonnie: Fine. You want to see what's in my pockets? Okay. Here. Take a look. It's a pack of chewing gum. My keys. Ticket to the dry clears and, ah, to-do list. Would you like to take a look at it, Marshall? Because no where does it say I plan to steal anything from you.

Marshall : Don't play insulted with me. I know you're up to something!

Bonnie: Okay, what, Marshall? Do you want to frisk me? Maybe a strip search is more of your liking, huh?

Marshall : I like women, Bonnie. Not spoiled children who don't think the rules apply to them.

Bonnie: I know how much you like women, Marshall. I've seen it every day mother sat on her couch and reminisced about what you did to her.

Marshall : All right, that's enough.

Bonnie: I'm going to leave. Yeah, I'm going and if you so much as try and stop me or lay a finger on me, so help me, I'll press charges.

Marshall : Please, go. And don't come back. Because next time, Bonnie, I won't be so easy on you.

Bonnie: One DNA sample, on the way to Walker Daniels.

Rose: Got news for you, Dusty. It's gonna be a long time. Even that I come knock on your door.

Dusty: We'll see. It's going to happen between us, as we start enjoying it.

Lily: Time's up, I can't imagine you had much to talk about.

Dusty: No, we did. Think we understand each other real well.

Lily: What did he want?

Rose: Um -- nothing much. He's staying in Oakdale. He figures that if he waits around long enough, I'm gonna go right running back to his arms

Lily: Well, is he right? Is that what would happen?

Rose: Kidding? Been down that road. That ship has sailed. Look where it got me.

Dusty: Molly, it's Dusty. I need a -- I need your help to make a decision about my future. Now that I have one, I would like your advice.

Susan: I have many blessings in my life -- rewarding career, healthy children. But true love has eluded me for a very long time. So long, in fact, that I'd decided that I was never going to find it again. And then I met you. I love you today, and I will keep on loving you for as long as I live.

Judge Chaney: Dr. Decker

Rick: Every man needs deliverance. Everyman has an angel to land on his shoulder and guide him toward the light. But you're all the bounce of life I'll enjoy, I never found deliverance, ever saw an angel, until I met you. You may not have wings of an angel, but you've reached deep inside me and made me a better person. Take my heart. Shield it with your own. I need you, Susan. Today, tomorrow, forever and ever.

Susan: That was so beautiful, Rick.

Rick: I meant every word.

Judge Chaney: Rick, Susan, by the power vested in me by the state of Illinois , I now present to the world, Mr. and Mrs. Decker. You may now --

Rick: No, way ahead of you.


Bonnie: Who me? It's me. I got your message. Is everything all right?

Jessica: I was about to say the same thing about you. Where have you been? I've been calling you for an hour.

Bonnie: I went to the movies. And so, of course, I had to turn my phone off so that I wouldn't disturb anyone.

Jessica: Listen, Bonnie, Marshall has threatened to take action if you don't stop stalking after him.

Bonnie: I wasn't coming after him.

Jessica: Well, that's not how I see it. Now you've got to back off.

Bonnie: I know that...

Jessica: You did?

Bonnie: Yeah. I decided it doesn't really matter who Sarah's father is. I'm just going to see that she is as far away from Marshall as possibly.

Jessica: Well, I really ------to you stay

Bonnie: Yeah well, I'm just trying to be smart about things. I know, just take it easy for ever. Speaking of which, is Ben there with you?

Jessica: Yes. Yes, he is.

Bonnie: God. Okay we, then I won't keep you a minute longer. You have a wonderful evening. And I will stay out tonight so I don't interrupt you. Ben might not even --

Bonnie: Bye.

Jessica: She says she's got to stay away from Marshall.

Ben: Well, it's progress.

Jessica: She's gonna spend the night at Isaac's house. We have the house all to ourselves.

Ben: Hey -- just the two us. Whatever you want to do is all right with me I can stay here. I can go home.

Jessie: No. No--

Ben: Whatever makes you comfortable.

Jessica: Well, what if -- what if my ace isn't as slow as you think?

Ben: I won't have a problem with that.

[Doorbell rings]

Ben: Don't answer that.

Jessica: I have no intention.

Lisa: Jessica? It's Lisa -- I have news about Bonnie.

Lisa: Honey, I am so -- hell I'm really sorry to intrude, it's just that I have some stressing news about Bonnie. I just saw her coming out of Marshall Travers' hotel room over at the Lakeview.

Jessica: What? That's impossible.

Lisa: No, no, believe me. I know my -- my goddaughter. I've known her since the day she was born. It was Bonnie. And she looked very pleased with herself.

Walker : I got your message. What's with all the secrecy?

Bonnie: Take a look at that. It belongs to Marshall Travers.

Walker : How'd you get

Bonnie: I have my methods.

Walker : Did he give you this?

Bonnie: Not exactly.

Walker I know you found out he's Sarah's father, but breaking the law's not a good idea.

Bonnie: Well, it's certainly not what I want to do. But if it is the only way, then I'm willing to take that chance.

Walker : Why, Bonnie? Why is it so important to you?

Bonnie: Marshall Travers is a dangerous person. If he is Sarah's father, then I, we've got to keep her away from him. Are you willing to help me?

Walker : Seems like a good cause.

Marshall : This is Mr. Travers. Can you please have someone send up another toothbrush. I must've thrown it away by mistake. Thanks a lot.

Bonnie: Can I use your bathroom. I need to throw a little water on my face. Please?

Marshall : Couldn't be. What would she want with my toothbrush?

Lily: Calls you? What if he calls?

Rose: I got a beauty shop to run. I got a business to build up. If he happens to come by, I will say that I am busy, which I'm hoping I'll be.

Lily: Good. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you and don't worry about your business. It's gonna do great.

Rose: It's very competitive, Lily. I need a way to get people in there.

Lily: I've got an idea. At breast cancer fund that I've been doing volunteer work with? Remember?

Rose: Yeah?

Lily: We're doing a bachelor auction fund-raiser. A lot of publicity. We don't have a place to hold it. Maybe we'll do it at your shop.

Rose: Yeah it's a great idea. The shop is great, it's colorful, it's different. It'll be great for it. It'll be greater for you, too.

Rose: I love it. Yeah. Great, let me know everything. I'll start working out right away. Good good.

Lily: I'll pay the check.

Rose: Dusty. Oh why'd you have to stay in town?

Alison: Well, congratulations, Mom and I really do want you to be happy. Welcome to the family.

Rick: Thank you, Alison.

Chris: All the best.

Rick: Thank you, Chris.

Alison: Bye.

Emily: You look beautiful, Mom.

Susan: Thank you. Talk to you in the morning.

Hal: You are one lucky guy.

Rick: Don't you know it?

Hal: And you are beautiful, dear - congratulations.

Rick: You're disappointed aren't you?

Susan: Don't be silly, I've never been happier my whole life but you, no more excuses. You're running a fever. You've got to go to bed.

Rick: Whatever you say, Mrs. Decker.

Hal: Well, that wedding was damn near as crazy as ours.

Emily: Yeah, well, I wasn't kidding about what I said earlier. The look on Rick's face when he came in with --

Hal: Yeah, and from the look on your face, you're not about to let this go, are you?

Emily: No, I'm not.

Hal: What are you gonna do about ?

Emily: The writer looking for Rick is named Jeffrey Starr. I'm gonna find him and get him to tell me what is going on.

Emily: I've been checking up on Jeffrey Starr. Only, he's not a medical writer.

He writes about murder.

Kim: Dr. Daniels thinks that Rick is the serial killer.

Rick: Are you going to keep on pounding away at me until you get what you want? Because if it is, we might as well call it quits right now!

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