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Ben: Hey, Jess.

Jessica: Hi. I called a little while ago, and they said you were just finishing in the OR, so I thought I'd bring a cup of herbal tea, a freshly baked muffin -- and me.

Ben: Mm. Must be reading my mind.

Jessica: So, how's -- how's Bob?

Ben: No change, really. He's still deep in a coma.

Jessica: Poor Kim.

Ben: And how are you? You didn't come all the way over here just to bring me some tea and sympathy.

Jessica: So, you're a mind reader, are you?

Ben: Ah, yes, as a matter of fact, I -- ooh, you came here to invite me to dinner.

Jessica: At my place.

Ben: I'd love to.

Jessica: And I want you to spend the night -- the entire night.

Marshall : Wait a minute, young lady.

Bonnie: Are you out of your mind? Get your hands off of her! You can't go around putting your hands on people. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Marshall : Averting disaster and trying to teach this child some home training. Something she's obviously never had.

Bonnie: That's not your job!

Marshall : Do you know this little girl?

Bonnie: I'm her mentor.

Marshall : Oh, say no more. I should've known. Talk about the blind leading the blind. What are you teaching her? How to be an over privileged brat?

Bonnie: I should report you putting your hands on a defenseless girl.

Marshall : She deliberately poured ice-cold water all over my work.

Sarah: He yelled at me and -- and I freaked out.

[Bonnie sighs]

Bonnie: Why don't you go talk to the manager and tell him we'll be leaving?

Sarah: What about him?

Bonnie: Don't worry about him. Okay? Just tell the manager I will explain everything later.

Sarah: Bonnie, he's gonna fire me.

Marshall : I should hope so.

Bonnie: Go. Now.

Marshall : Wait, wait, not so fast.

Bonnie: Do you want to make more of a spectacle of yourself?

Marshall : No. But I do want to make something perfectly clear. I am fed up with this harassment. And if anything like this happens again, you will regret it. I'll make damn sure of it.

Barbara: Well, what do we have here?

Jennifer: Hi, Mom.

Barbara: Hi. You've been busy. I see your suitcases there.

Jennifer: Yeah, just some things Paul wanted me to bring up to his place.

Barbara: I wish someone would explain to me why Paul feels the need to move into Rosanna's penthouse. What is he gonna do with all that space?

Jennifer: I really have no idea, Mom. Maybe -- maybe he wants to breed racehorses.

[Barbara chuckles]

Barbara: Well, that better be the only reason, because if that misguided man thinks that you and Will are gonna move in with him --

Jennifer: Mom, we're not getting into this, remember? Because if you put me in the middle of this battle royale you've got going on --

Barbara: Innocent questions -- that's all.

Jennifer: You know, Paul isn't constantly asking me questions or making me choose.

Barbara: Really?

Jennifer: No, he understands that it's my choice where I want to live.

Barbara: Let me tell you something, Jennifer. Your brother would do anything to get you as an ally. Do you understand me? Because Paul and I --

Jennifer: Go on. Because you and Paul what?

Barbara: No, no, forget it. Okay?

Jennifer: You know, the best way to get me to move in with Paul is by lying.

Barbara: I haven't lied to you about anything, young lady.

Jennifer: But you haven't told me the truth. You and Paul are up to something, and I want to know what it is.

Rosanna: You have got some nerve!

Paul: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Rosanna: This is my property. I own it, and you are trespassing.

Paul: Did I mention that my lease makes my residency here legal and binding?

Rosanna: Did I mention I have a lot attorneys who specialize in precisely this type of dispute?

Paul: Oh, well, that's great. Well, you can call them, and they can explain to you in simple legal terms that you don't have a legal leg to stand on, let alone an overpriced penthouse to squat in. You know what? Here. Use my phone. I want to see the look on your face when they tell you that you have to leave. You just push that button right there.

Rosanna: I'm not going anywhere. And there's nothing you can do about it. You're smiling because -- ?

Paul: Well, because -- this is fun.

Rosanna: What have you done with the old Paul Ryan, and how do we get him back?

Paul: I'm -- I'm the same guy. You know, a little more charming. A little more unpredictable, I'd like to think, but same guy. So go ahead and call your lawyers, make your threats. But I'm not moving an inch.

Rick: Well, I -- I hope I'm not too late for my own wedding.

Susan: My God, Rick, what happened to you?

Rick: Oh, no, no, it's a long story. I don't want to bore everyone. I'll explain after the ceremony. So what do you folks say? Should we get this show on the road?

Hal: Now I'm kind of curious about what happened myself.

Chris: So am I.

Rick: Well, you know, I've already delayed things for so long, I just think that --

Judge Chaney: A few more minutes won't matter.

Susan: What happened, sweetheart? I was so worried!

Emily: You kept my mother waiting, scared half to death, Rick. I mean, the least you can do is tell her what's more important than being on time for your own wedding.

Susan: Rick?

Rick: All right, all right, already! I'll tell you. The reason I was delayed -- well, frankly, it was a matter of life and death. And I chose life.

Rosanna: Paul? There's something I'm just dying to show you.

Paul: You're not gonna push me off the terrace, are you? I'll scream your name the whole way down.

Rosanna: Oh, they all do. Do you see that lovely little building over there, with the Japanese roof garden on and the wrap-around terrace?

Paul: Oh, yeah. That tiny little one with the perpetual shade. What about it?

Rosanna: Well, I happen to be the proud owner of a three-bedroom, two-bath, cathedral-ceilinged masterpiece, with a health club and a state-of-the-art kitchen, discreet housekeeping services. And I am prepared to offer you a very attractive deal on the rent.

Paul: Mm-hmm. I'm sure everything you have to offer is attractive. Well, I hope you're happy there. And thank you for telling me, because now I won't stay up all night thinking about you. You know, wondering where you are, what happened to you, hoping that you have a place for you to rest your head.

Rosanna: Oh, I have a place to rest my head, thank you very much.

Paul: Yeah, I heard about that. So what happened? Fairwinds not enough for you? Or is it -- is it Craig that's not enough for you.

Rosanna: I believe we were discussing your inevitable departure, dear.

Paul: Right. Look, I'm not going anywhere. So you can stay here and enjoy the view, or you can go. Really, it's up to you.

Rosanna: Hmm. You know, you're almost amusing. Not one bit like your mother. Thank God.

Paul: Thank you.

Barbara: Jennifer -- no one knows better than you how difficult things have been with Paul and me since he's returned. It is killing me that I am fighting with him over you and Will.

Jennifer: All true, but there's more, isn't there?

Barbara: I most certainly hope not.

Jennifer: You said that there was no price that Paul wouldn't pay to win me over to his side, and then you dropped the subject like it was on fire. Why?

Barbara: Because you asked me to stop bothering you about Paul. I was merely doing what you asked.

Jennifer: That's your story, and you're sticking to it. Fine. Now if you'll excuse me --

Barbara: Going to see Paul?

Jennifer: That's the plan.

Barbara: Good, I'm coming with you.

Jennifer: Oh, why? So you guys can fight again?

Barbara: Is it all right if I spend a little time with my son?

Jennifer: No, not if you're if you're gonna go up there and get into another fight and make things worse.

Barbara: He is my child. I need to make things right with him. That's what a mother does. That's how I love.

Jennifer: Yeah. That's always been the problem, Mom -- how you love.

Susan: It was a matter of life and death, and you chose life? I don't understand.

Emily: What happened, Rick?

Rick: Well, I was driving back here -- probably going a little over the speed limit. Well, I didn't want to keep you waiting a minute longer. So, anyway, I'm speeding along, and suddenly, out of nowhere, there's a dog in the middle of the road. [Susan gasps] well, I know that it sounds sort of foolish under the circumstances, but, you know, I just couldn't bear the thought of hurting that poor creature, so I swerved to miss him. The dog is fine. He went off into the woods. But me? No. I'm in the ditch with two flat tires.

Susan: Oh, when it rains, it pours. You poor thing.

Rick: Well, so I got dirt all over myself trying to change my tires. And then when I realized I was fighting an uphill battle, I ended up walking all the way here.

Chris: You know, you could've called from your cell phone. We could've sent help or picked you up.

Rick: Well, I think -- I don't know. My cell phone must've gotten lost in the car during the accident, or maybe I left it at the hospital. Anyway, the blasted thing disappeared on me right when I needed it.

Susan: You didn't hear it ring when I called you?

Rick: You called me?

Susan: Only about a couple hundred times.

Rick: Must have been on vibrate.

Emily: Wow. That's incredible.

Susan: There are dogs everywhere. I almost hit one last week.

Emily: Are you hurt, Rick? Maybe you should go to the hospital.

Rick: Oh, no, no. I'm fine. I've never -- I've never felt more alive. I -- I'm just -- I'm disappointed that I didn't make it to the safe deposit so I could get your present.

Susan: Oh, sweetie, I don't care about that. You're my present. I'm just so happy that you're okay.

Hal: You know, I could send a cruiser and a tow truck out there to pick up your car.

Rick: Oh, no. You guys are all so nice. But it's really not necessary.

Hal: Are you sure? It's really no problem. I mean, especially since you're about to become a member of the family in a couple of minutes.

Rick: No, it'll be all right tonight. I mean, it's -- it's in a ditch on the side of the road. But thanks, Hal.

Hal: Well, then I could send a flatbed out there to pick it up.

Rick: I said thanks, Hal. I'll call the auto club in the morning. But right now, I have a little more important plans. Like marrying the woman I adore, so I can spend the rest of my life by her side. I'm sorry, sweetheart, if I upset you. I -- caused any undue anxiety about arriving so late.

Susan: Oh, please, don't give it another thought. I wasn't the least bit worried. We all knew that you'd have a logical explanation.

Rick: Well, how 'bout -- can you give me a few minutes so I can get groomed? If that's all right with you, then we can get started.

Judge Chaney: I'm ready when you are.

Rick: I'll be right back.

Susan: Okay. Oh, Rick, Rick, your boutonniere, it's gone.

Rick: Now how the devil did that happen? Well, looks like we're going to have to improvise, huh? Nothing is going to stop this wedding.

Emily: Rick -- did you happen to speak with a reporter?

Rick: A reporter? Um -- no, why?

Emily: Hmm. His name was Jeffrey something or other from The New England Journal of Medicine. He dropped by looking for you. Actually, he tracked you down all the way from San Francisco. He wanted a quote.

Susan: The New England Journal of Medicine? That could be quite a coup.

Emily: Yeah, I thought so, too. So I told him he could find you at Memorial.

Rick: Did you now? Well, I -- I guess we missed each other. I wonder what happened to him.

[Birds tweeting]

Bonnie: After what you did to my mother, you've got the nerve to --

Marshall : You know, your mother dropped the restraining order. Try dropping the attitude.

Bonnie: After you just stood trial for rape? I'm surprised they even let you in this place.

Marshall : Well, you know -- I guess they're making exceptions for both of us. Given the fact that you broke into my hotel room and shot and nearly killed your own mother -- and need I remind you who was instrumental in you not going to jail?

Bonnie: I didn't ask for your help. I didn't want your help.

Marshall : Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you know what? Think twice before you pick up the next stone. My aim is just as good as yours. Besides everybody knows what I am. My crimes are public record, but yours? We're merely scratching the surface.

Bonnie: Hi. I was just about to go talk to the manager.

Sarah: Done. I handed in my uniform, so we're out of here.

Marshall : Excuse me, young lady, what'd you say your name was?

Bonnie: She didn't. And it's none of your business. Why don't you go up front? I'll meet you there.

Sarah: Okay.

Bonnie: Let me tell you something you would want to put to memory. Stay away from that girl, my mother, and, Marshall , stay the hell away from me.

Ben: You want me to spend the night.

Jessica: Yes, well -- I mean, I don't know if I'm ready to -- what I mean is -- I just want --

Ben: You just want me to be close to you all night, just that and nothing more.

Jessica: Is that all right?

Ben: Of course it's all right.

Jessica: Any other man would --

Ben: No, we're not talking about other men. We're talking about me and you. And I love you. I like just -- just being close to you. Besides, it gives us something to look forward to on our wedding night, knowing the best is yet to come.

[Pager beeping]

Jessica: Duty calls.

Ben: See you tonight?

Jessica: Count on it.

Ben: All right.

[Phone ringing]

Jessica: Hello?

Marshall : This is Marshall . We need to talk.

Jessica: This had better be about a case.

Marshall : This is about your daughter -- and the girl she's taken such an interest in.

Susan: If you'll give him just a few more minutes, I -- I'm sure we'll be ready.

Alison: Do you think Mom will ever forgive me?

Emily: What? For thinking that Rick was gonna stand her up at her own wedding?

Chris: You didn't say anything that the rest of us weren't thinking.

Susan: So, how's everything going over here?

Emily: We owe you an apology, Mom.

Susan: For what?

Alison: For making jokes about Rick getting cold feet, thinking that he skipped out on his wedding.

Emily: We really should've been more supportive instead of stressing you out even more. We're sorry.

Alison: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry.

Susan: It's okay. It's okay.

Emily: Aren't we, Hal?

Hal: Oh, I knew he'd show up. I mean, how could a guy skip out on a gal as beautiful as you?

Susan: It was easily the most terrifying hour or so of my life. And if I didn't have you guys giving me trouble and keeping me on my toes, I would've gone stark-raving crazy. So thank you. Thank you for everything. Especially for making my wedding day so fabulous and so memorable.

Alison: We just want the best for you, Mom.

Susan: Oh, honey, that's because you're the best.

Emily: Oh, Mom.

Susan: And -- and my becoming Rick's wife, it's just going to make everything fall into place, for all of us.

Emily: Well, that's what we want. We just -- we want you to be happy, okay?

Susan: Honey, I have been ecstatic since the day I met that man. Today is just icing on the cake.

Rick: So -- who's ready for a wedding?

Susan: Would you look at that man? Have you ever seen anybody so handsome?

Rick: Well, let's get married. You ready?

Susan: Ready. So does everybody know where they stand?

Alison: Yeah.

Rick: Okay, well, here, you just take your place here. Spectacular. Whenever you're ready.

Judge Chaney: We all know why we've gathered here today --

Bob: We are gathered here today to expose Dr. Eric Decker for the ruthless murderer he is.

Jessica: I don't appreciate being summoned.

Marshall : And I don't appreciate being harassed. What do you know about Bonnie and her new charge?

Bob: Today is the day that this nightmare is going to end.

Rosanna: So, you have a two-year lease? Please don't plan on staying any longer.

Paul: Bet you were lot of fun to play with when you were a kid.

Rosanna: Yes, I was. But I'm all growed up now. So I hope you are a model tenant, and you behave yourself, because you're still playing in my sandbox, dear. And I have very strict rules.

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: You can get that on your way out. All right. Jen -- on the list of things that I asked for you to bring to me from my suite, did it -- did it include mother?

Barbara: Hello, Paul. Rosanna, I didn't realize you were so hands on with your rentals.

Rosanna: Well, life is just full of surprises, isn't it, Barbara? Bye.

Barbara: Didn't realize you got along so well with Rosanna.

Paul: What are you doing here, Barbara?

Barbara: Oh, well, I ran into Jen, decided to tag along.

Jennifer: I brought some of the things up that you asked. And look -- your very first houseplant.

Paul: Yeah, that's great. I give it a month before it dies from neglect.

Barbara: Especially since no one else will be here to water it.

Jennifer: I'll put it on the terrace.

Paul: No housewarming gift from you, Barbara?

Barbara: Oh, of course I have a gift for you, Paul. It's the gift of knowledge. I wanted you to know that I'm on to you. You think that by leasing this penthouse, you'll be one step closer to winning our bet.

Paul: It's not all about winning, is it?

Barbara: You know what, son? You could lease the most fabulous mansion in town, fill it with the most gorgeous available men, the latest fashions and anything else a girl would want, and still, you would not be able to lure Jennifer here within a month. Now I certainly hope you have more realistic ambitions for the future, because there's no way you're going to win that million, because there's no way you're going to convince Jennifer to leave me.

Paul: Okay. Let's just get a couple of things straight, all right? First of all, you're the one that insisted on betting a million. I don't care about the money at all. I just want Jen to be happy. And second of all, I don't need to have a fancy place to get Jen to cut you off. You're gonna take care of that all by yourself. See, she's gonna realize that if she stays around you, you're gonna destroy her life.

Barbara: You love me, Paul. You can say the most heinous things to me, do the most heinous things to me, yet you love me. Just as Jennifer will always love me. I'm your mother.

Paul: My mother's dead. She died in the plane crash. Take it easy, Barbara.

Jennifer: Where'd mom go?

Paul: She went to the cauldron store to buy more newts.

Jennifer: Paul!

Paul: You're right. Look, not now. Don't lecture me, not now.

Jennifer: I wasn't going to lecture you -- much. I just wanted you to know how glad I am that you're alive and that I have my big brother back.

Paul: Can I ask you something?

Jennifer: Anything.

Paul: When you came back, you didn't know that I was alive. So why did you come home, Jen?

Bonnie: Walker -- you found out what's been causing Sarah's illness?

Walker : When you told me that Sarah's place of origin was Brazil, I was able to confirm my suspicions about her condition.

Bonnie: Is it what you thought?

Walker: Leishmaniasis, yes. It's caused by the bite of certain type of sand fleas that are indigenous to South America. Sarah must have got it when she was in Brazil.

Bonnie: She left there when she was a little girl. Why is she just now getting sick?

Walker: Well, it's not uncommon for the illness to stay latent for several years before the symptoms manifest.

Bonnie: Is there a treatment or a cure?

Walker: Yes, there is. But it's not cheap.

Bonnie: But you can save her? I mean, no more fevers or rashes or anything like that?

Walker: She'll be on the road to recovery within a couple weeks.

Bonnie: That's wonderful news. That's great. That's wonderful.

Walker: Yeah. And if there's anything else I can do to help you --

Bonnie: Mm. You've already done so much. But maybe there is something you could do. God, I feel guilty for asking you already.

Walker: Well, it couldn't be that bad. Could it?

Bonnie: Well, it's not exactly on the level.

Walker: Oh.

Bonnie: And you've already gone out on a limb for Sarah. I mean, treating her fever when she collapsed and giving us medicine and ointment.

Walker: Just ask.

Bonnie: You have to promise me if anyone ever asks, this conversation never happened.

Walker: Bonnie, everything you tell me is confidential.

Bonnie: Good. Because I think I know who Sarah's father might be.

Jessica: I don't appreciate being summoned.

Marshall : And I don't appreciate being harassed. What do you know about Bonnie and her new charge?

Jessica: I didn't realize you knew her.

Marshall: Damn right I know her. I know exactly who she is. You can see it in her eyes. I'm not supposed to know who she is? What kind of idiot do you think I am?

Jessica: Marshall --

Marshall : She's the latest weapon in Bonnie's endless campaign against me.

Jessica: Well, now, what makes you say that?

Marshall: I came here to relax, get some work done and stay out of your way. Then Bonnie's secret weapon rolls up, pours ice-cold water all over me and my work. And then instead of apologizing? Blames it all on me.

Jessica: So what did you do to her?

Marshall: I didn't do anything to her. I was trying to teach that little child some manners. Then Bonnie jumps in, blows the whole thing out of proportion and then starts attacking me.

Jessica: Bonnie is very protective. And I suppose she didn't see the situation the same way that you did.

Marshall: She will never see any situation the way I do. And neither will you. You and your daughter will -- will never forgive me for what happened between us.

Jessica: Well, some people consider rape an unforgivable crime.

Marshall: I accept that. And whether you believe it or not, I'll never forgive myself. But Bonnie laying into me, hounding me both publicly and privately, that's a whole 'nother matter altogether.

Jessica: So what's your point, Marshall ?

Marshall : Send Bonnie a message. Tell her to cease and desist. Remind her who spoke up for her and gave her legal advice when she was about to go to jail. Tell her if she continues to play these games with me, I will make damn sure she pays the price.

Susan: Rick, darling, are you okay?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, of course. I'm fine. Just fine.

Susan: Did something upset you?

Rick: No, no, I'm wonderful, really.

Susan: Did you hit your head when you had that accident? Maybe you need a CAT scan.

Rick: No, what I need is to get married. And soon, before your family loses patience.

Chris: Dr. Decker, if you've been injured --

Rick: No, no, no, just my pride, Chris. I'm fine.

Judge Chaney: Then let's have a wedding. Do we have everything?

Bob: We have a bride. And we have a murderer. All we need is someone to tell the truth.

Rick: No.

Bob: Why not? I'm sure they'd all be interested. You've been killing people for a long time. An hour ago, you strangled a man with your bare hands to keep your secret. His body is probably still warm in the shallow grave that you dug. Tell them!

Rick: I said no!

Judge Chaney: But Dr. Stewart assured me that you were bringing the rings.

Rick: I'm sorry. I must have misunderstood you. I've got them here somewhere.

Hal: Maybe you lost 'em in the woods when you were fixing the tires. That'd be a story for the grandkids.

Rick: No, never fear. We have the rings.

Chris: Are you sure you're okay? Maybe that accident affected you more than you think. I mean, you could have a concussion or worse.

Susan: If you're not all right, we don't have to do this right this minute.

Bob: But you're not all right, are you, Rick? You haven't been all right for a very long time.

Rick: That's not true.

Bob: You killed my patients. You killed my nurse. You killed my intern. You put me in a coma. You killed that newspaper man. You'll never get the blood off your hands. Look at them. They're covered with blood! No, Rick, you can't hide from the truth. Soon, everyone will know. Everyone will know you for the psychopath you are.

Susan: Rick? Are you sure about this?

Bob: Tell her!

Susan: Rick?!

Rick: I -- no -- I'm just -- I'm just -- I'm just a little shaky. You know, it's not every day that a man gets to marry the woman of his dreams.

Bob: Today is the day that this nightmare is going to end.

Walker : The man in question -- is it someone whom Sarah knows?

Bonnie: They've had words. They've met, but, no. They don't know each other. I mean, he doesn't even know her name.

Walker : Are you and the father close?

Bonnie: If murder were legal, he'd be dead.

Walker : That bad?

Bonnie: On a good day. But this can all be a coincidence, right? Her name, her birthplace, her age, the fact that both of her parents went to Boston University --

Walker : Do you think Sarah would be better off not knowing this man?

Bonnie: Oh, trust me, Walker, we all would.

Walker : But you need to know if your suspicions are correct.

Bonnie: If he isn't her father -- great, terrific. I'll know what I'm dealing with. But if they're a match? Then I have to take the steps to make sure he never finds out who she is and possibly block him from ever making any legal claim on her.

Walker : To be sure, somebody would have to run a DNA test.

Bonnie: Yes. Someone would.

Walker : Oh, boy. Bonnie, is this -- is this important to you?

Bonnie: I've never had to be responsible for anyone. I never thought I would want to. I mean, it's a lot of work. But she needs me. And in order for me to protect her, I have to find out the truth. And that means not letting the man in question know about Sarah or what I'm doing.

[Walker sighs]

Walker : All right. I will run the DNA test for you.

Bonnie: Yes! Thank you! Thank you so much.

Walker : Okay, well, don't thank me yet. There's still a lot of work to do, and it's -- it's all on you.

Bonnie: Okay. Name it.

Walker : Well, no matter how much you hate this man, you're still going to have to get a viable DNA sample, without him knowing what you're doing or why you're doing it.

Rosanna: Please tell my property manager, and you may quote me, next time, bring these matters to my attention, or you will be managing mud huts in Botswana. Got that? Lovely. I'll check in with you later.

Barbara: Rosanna, what a surprise, twice in one afternoon.

Rosanna: Barbara, this hardly qualifies as a surprise, as I was just speaking to my assistant, and she mentioned that you had called her, asking where you could find me.

Barbara: Oh, dear. You found me out. Well, that's okay. I really just wanted to see you so and let you know how pleased I am that you and Paul are making new friends.

Rosanna: Is that what he called me? His new friend?

Barbara: Well, not exactly. But I just have to tell you, when I saw him at your penthouse today, it was the first time that I've seen him smile in I don't know how long. I mean, after this unpleasant business with Rose and Dusty and -- well, he's not really talking to me much about it.

Rosanna: Hmm. You know, I'm not really aware of the Dusty/Rose/Paul situation.

Barbara: We are letting bygones be bygones. But if you and Paul are becoming friends, I mean, he is loyal, trustworthy, dependable.

Rosanna: Not the Paul I dealt with.

Barbara: He can be, with people he cares about. I just don't happen to be one of those chosen few these days. So I'm hoping that I can rely on you to let me know if there's anything that Paul might need or that I can do for him. You understand how it is.

Rosanna: Oh, yes, yes, I understand. You want me to spy on your son.

Paul: You gonna tell me why you came back to Oakdale? You know, you can tell me, or I can start guessing.

Jennifer: Tell me, all mighty one, why did I come back to Oakdale?

Paul: Oh, gee, I don't know. Oh, it had something to do with a guy.

Jennifer: I hate it when you're right.

Paul: You want to tell me about it?

Jennifer: There's not much to tell.

Paul: Guy have a name?

Jennifer: Andre. Andre Pearin. We met on a shoot in Paris. We fell in love. He followed me back to Rome . And a few months later in Venice, he proposed. But then we broke more than the dishes in Athens . We fought about everything. And then, finally, the piece de resistance -- in Marseilles , I found him in bed with another woman. So that was the end of André.

Paul: You were engaged.

Jennifer: Wild about someone who was wild about someone else?

Paul: Did you love him?

Jennifer: I was crazy about him. But he was crazy about my money. And when the money was gone, so was André. I really -- I really thought he loved me. I just feel so stupid, Paul. I should've known. I should've seen it coming! 'Cause I really loved him.

Paul: Hey, come on. It's all right. It's okay now. Everything's gonna be all right.

Barbara: I would never spy on any of my children, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Oh, please, Barbara. Don't insult my intelligence.

Barbara: Now I don't know what Paul has told you --

Rosanna: Now I don't know what games you and Paul are playing, nor do I care to know. But as I am keenly aware of your modus operandi, I believe that spying is the least of your crimes, and I don't want to be involved.

Barbara: I'm merely asking you a favor. It's not as if I was --

Rosanna: What? Asking for my company? You just want me to betray your son's confidence. Am I close?

Barbara: A little tense for a newlywed, aren't you? Trouble at Fairwinds? Is Craig treating the latest Mrs. Montgomery well?

Rosanna: Whatever you are trying to elicit from your son, be it his goals, his dreams, his private thoughts, his bank account number, find someone else to do your dirty work. I'm busy.

Barbara: If I must, I must.

Jennifer: I'm fine, really.

Paul: Are you sure? I'm sorry.

Jennifer: I have four men in my life, and that's enough -- my brothers and my father. Besides, I'll be working with mom. And that'll keep me busy enough. I won't even have time to think about guys. Oh, speaking of work, I have some errands I need to run.

Paul: You can't let her do that, okay? The more you do for her, the more that she's going to expect for you to do.

Jennifer: Paul, mom is not gonna make a meal out of my life. She's not going to do to me what she did to you.

Paul: Give me one good reason why not.

Jennifer: Because she is paranoid about losing me. She is not going to invent something that's gonna drive me away. Won't happen.

Paul: See you later?

Jennifer: Bye.

Paul: Bye.

Jennifer: And congrats on your new penthouse.

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: This place rocks.

Paul: Yeah, you can. I need the number for an André Pearin in Paris , please. No, that would be the Paris in France .

Jessica: Bonnie? Listen -- Marshall just told me about running into you and Sarah at the Country Club. Sweetheart, this is not a request. Stay away from Marshall Travers. And as for this whole absurd idea about Sarah being his daughter, just drop it. Do you want him jumping to conclusions about who she is, where she came from, and that she might, I repeat might, be his? We don't need Marshall sniffing around. So if you want to protect Sarah, stay away from Marshall .

Marshall: The last time you broke in my suite, your mother left on a gurney. I can't imagine what you have planned for an encore.

Judge Chaney: Repeat after me -- "I, Susan Stewart, take you, Eric Decker, to be my wedded husband."

Susan: I, Susan Stewart, take you, Eric Decker, to be my wedded husband.

Judge Chaney: "To have and to hold --"

Susan: To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer --

Judge Chaney: "In sickness and in health --"

Susan: In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till we are parted by death.

Judge Chaney: Rick? Rick? Repeat after me.

Rick: Yes.

Judge Chaney: "I, Eric Decker --"

Rick: I, Eric Decker --

Bob: Am a murderer.

Susan: Rick, are you all right?

Bob: Admit it, Rick. Go on, say it. "I, Eric Decker --" Rick: I, Eric Decker -- Bob: "Am a murderer." Go ahead, tell her. They're all waiting to hear it.

Susan: Rick?

Bob: Come on, Rick. Say it. Tell 'em what you've done. Tell them what you've done all along, that you're a murderer!

Rick: Stop it!

Bob: A murderer!

Rick: Stop it!

Bob: A murderer.

Rick: Stop it!

Bob: A murderer.

Rick: Come on, let's get married before it's too late.

Susan: What do you mean? Too late for what?

Bonnie: My mother -- she's in trouble, and -- only you can help her.

Dusty: You want me as badly as I want you.

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