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Aaron: Luce?

Lucy: Shh, listen.

Aaron: What? Bird?

Lucy: I can hear his watch ticking.

Aaron: Oh, give it up, Lucy.

Lucy: No. Last night was supposed to be you and me alone. Then my father arrives.

Aaron: So he slept next door.

Lucy: Next door?! He might as well have been in our tent! That's why if he doesn't leave today, I'll kill him.

Craig: Did you hear that? They're fighting.

Rosanna: Wait. Where are you going?

Craig: I'm going to offer my daughter a ride back to Oakdale.

Rosanna: Oh, no, you don't, not if I have anything to say about it.

Craig: Rosanna, she's miserable. She didn't sleep at all last night.

Rosanna: Well, none of us slept at all last night, thanks to you.

Craig: Where are you going?

Rosanna: I am going to pack, because we are leaving this morning. You promised, do you remember?

Craig: I am happy to leave as soon as I get Aaron permanently banished from Lucy's sleeping bag.

Rosanna: Lucy's sleeping bag is none of your business anymore.

Craig: I'm her father.

Rosanna: And if you want to retain that title, you will back off.

Barbara: Okay.

Jennifer: Morning, mom.

Barbara: Well, good morning, sleepyhead. I ordered you up a little breakfast. I didn't know what you'd like, but I just assumed.

Jennifer: Coffee's always good.

Barbara: Oh, good, good. And the bank sent over these. Now, tell me, do you still take cream in your coffee, or do all you girls take black?

Jennifer: Mom, I didn't order these.

Barbara: No, of course not. You didn't have time. I ordered that up. The bank did me a favor and besides. You still have an account.

Jennifer: With no money in it.

Barbara: I made a little deposit, something to tide you over.

Jennifer: Mom --

Barbara: You can pay me back later.

Jennifer: I can't take these, okay? And not because I don't appreciate your gesture, because I do. But I can't take sides. If you and Paul insist on going to war, then you're on your own.

Will: The score's dead even. Munson looks Jordan in the eye. Okay, the knee. Oh, but he's too fast for the aging superstar.

Paul: Hey, Will. Yeah, unlike Michael Jordan, I am really here.

Will: Paul?

Paul: Come here, little brother. Hey. Oh. I'm never going to leave you like that ever again.

Susan: Hey, sweetie. Where's your sister?

Alison: I don't know. But I can tell you where Chris is. Um, his rounds are over, which means that he's about to go visit his father. You want to catch him?

Susan: Why would I want to catch him?

Alison: I thought that this was supposed to be my do-over birthday party.

Susan: Now? Oh, no, honey, this is just a -- a get-together with my daughters. But you're right. You're right. Now that everything is settled at the hospital, we'll have to plan another birthday party for you.

Emily: Hey, guys.

Susan: Hi.

Emily: Hi, Ali. So what's going on?

Alison: We have to re-plan my birthday party.

Emily: Oh. Well, that's good.

Susan: Uh, actually, the reason I asked you both to join me this morning is I have some wonderful news. Rick and I are getting married.

Emily: Really?

Alison: You're getting married? Why?

Chris: His heartbeat's stronger, respiration's almost normal, his color's better. I think he's coming out of it.

Kim: So now what do we do? Do we give him something or -- what, do we just wait?

Ben: You just keep doing what you're doing -- talking to him, reassuring him, holding his hand. If Chris is right, Bob's coming out of this. Might even be today.

Kim: Did you hear what he said, honey? Ben says it's time for you to wake up. Come on, you've got a captive audience here. Open your eyes, talk to us. What were you trying to tell us? What was so important?

Ben: Yeah, his neuro signs are getting stronger. Probably check on them hourly.

Chris: Great.

Chris: Excuse me. Hey, Dr. Decker.

Rick: Hey, Chris.

Chris: Hey.

Rick: I hear your dad's improving. That's great news.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Uh-huh. You back on the rounds already?

Rick: Well, we're short-handed, so I thought I'd pitch in. So is he responding to commands, opening his eyes?

Chris: Uh, no, no, not yet. But Ben thinks it could be anytime now.

Rick: Oh, good. I knew he'd recover. He's too strong and healthy not to.

[Pager beeps] oh. That's me. Tell your mom congratulations.

Chris: I will. Thanks.

Ben: He's definitely coming out of the coma.

Kim: Well, now does the scan -- will that tell you if he's had any damage to the brain?

Ben: Kim, I just want to warn you not to expect too much at first. When Bob comes out of this, he'll probably be disoriented. He may even be aphasic. So we're just going to go slow with everything, okay? Give him some time.

Kim: Okay, okay. Actually, I'll just be so happy to see those baby blue eyes looking up at me.

Ben: I'm sure.

Ben: Well, if you'll excuse me --

Kim: Yeah.

Ben: -- I have to see another patient.

Kim: Oh, of course, go ahead.

[Monitor beeping]

Kim: I love you so much. Uh, sweetheart, I'm going out in the hall. I'll be right back. I'll be right back. Rick.

Rick: Hello, Kim. I hear he's doing better.

Kim: Oh, he is. Thank you, yes. I -- I think I owe you an apology.

Rosanna: I wish you realized that by trying to control her, you're just driving her away.

Craig: Why -- why is this always about me?

Rosanna: Because you are the only one who refuses to accept that she's growing up.

Craig: I let her spend the night with a guy in a tent.

Rosanna: While camping out just a few feet away. For goodness sake. I mean, they couldn't even have a conversation, much less make love without you --

Craig: Don't say that!

Rosanna: My goodness, it's quiet over there. I wonder what they're doing.

[Rosanna sighs]

Lucy: Do you hear that?

Aaron: What?

Lucy: It's just my father yelling at Rosanna. She probably used the words "sex" and "Lucy" in the same sentence.

Aaron: Sex and Lucy? I'm going swimming.

Lucy: Aaron.

Aaron: I doubt even your dad would come looking for us in the middle of the lake.

Lucy: No, I just -- I don't even want to see him.

Aaron: It's up to you.

Lucy: Well, I know. I promise I'll come swimming with you as soon as we get -- Aaron?

Aaron: You know, if you're going running, I'd wear some different shoes.

Craig: No, no, no, just stretching. So, how'd you sleep last night, you and Lucy?

Aaron: See those patch of leaves over there?

Craig: Huh?

Aaron: It's poison ivy. Yeah, you touch that, you won't be a happy camper.

Craig: Poison ivy.

Barbara: Now Jen, think. Why would I want to fight with your brother? He's just been through a terrible ordeal. No one knows what he has suffered through, though I will tell you, after the fire, I was consumed with rage. Perhaps he's going through something similar.

Jennifer: Mom, you hired his best friend to break up his relationship with Rose. You hurt him. He has every right to be angry with you. And if I take this money, it's like I'm saying I'm okay with it, which I'm not. It's inexcusable.

Barbara: But I did it because --

Jennifer: Because you hate Rose. And you have a right to your own opinion. But you have no right to run Paul's life.

Barbara: Not much chance of that. He's barely speaking to me.

Jennifer: Well, you're going to have to work that out with him on your own.

Barbara: Yeah, I know, and I'll try. Oh, and I appreciate your candor. And I'm sorry about the checks. I was just trying to be of help, you know. I thought maybe you could use a few things.

Jennifer: It's okay, mom.

Barbara: Good. And as for your brother, I won't put you in the middle of this. I won't make you choose. He is my problem, and I will solve it, because there's nothing I want more in this world than my family back together.

Will: You know, you look different.

Paul: That's what I hear.

Will: Did you know Jen's back?

Paul: Yeah, I know. I saw her last night. It was great. And it's going to be really great from now on, Will. You and me and Jen, we're going to spend a lot of time together.

[Hal whistles]

Hal: Hey, Will, is your bag packed? Your mother's going to be here any minute and --

Will: He's back, dad. Dad?

Hal: Paul?

Paul: Yeah. Listen, Hal, I'm really sorry to surprise you like that. It's just I wanted to have a word with Will before I saw you.

Hal: Surprise me? Surprised me?

Paul: Yeah, it's a big surprise. I was in a plane crash.

Hal: Yeah, the plane went down.

Paul: No, I'm okay. I'm all right. I'm here, and I got in last night.

Hal: Well -- come here. What can I say, but boy, is it great to see you. And boy, did we miss you, didn't we?

Will: Yeah.

Paul: Well, I missed you, too.

Hal: Wow, look at you. Does Barbara know?

Paul: Oh, yeah. Yeah. She welcomed me with open arms. You should have been there.

Will: Are you going to stay with her and Jen?

Paul: No. As a matter of fact, I was thinking, Will, maybe you and Jen could come stay with me. But mostly it's--

Barbara: I understand how very angry your brother is with me. And I accept that. I'm also going to give him enough space, enough room to work through that until he remembers that he loves me, and I love him. And who knows, I mean maybe, once B.R.O. is up and running and he sees how happy you are, he'll remember that, you know, mom's not so bad to live with.

Jennifer: Is that what this is all about? You're using me to lure him back to B.R.O.?

Barbara: No, no. No. What I'm hoping is maybe you will help build a bridge to his heart. Jen, I admit that I interfered in his life, but it was Rose who broke that heart. Now, come on. Let's get dressed, okay? We'll go get Will, go tell him that his big brother is alive.

Jennifer: Let's get dressed.

Barbara: Yeah.

Jennifer: I can't wait to see his face.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: I'm getting my family back.

Hal: Speaking of your mom, is your bag packed or not?

Will: No, but --

Hal: No buts. Go pack your bag right now. Oh, and put your mitt in there. You've got practice first thing in the morning.

Will: Are you still going to be here?

Paul: Oh, I'll be here.

Hal: Well, Paul, it's a real miracle that you're alive, and I can't tell you how happy I am to see you. But what the hell do you think you're doing?

Paul: Just trying to save my little brother.

Hal: From his mother?

Paul: She doesn't deserve to be called that.

Hal: No matter what you and I think of Barbara, Will loves her.

Paul: We all loved her. Look what happens.

Hal: Look, you're angry. Believe me, I've been there. I understand. But Will has a different relationship with her.

Paul: The woman eats her young, and anyone else who gets in her way. And this whole act -- this "poor me, poor Barbara" game is over. Now you want to placate her, really, that's your business. But from now on, Will and Jennifer, they're my business.

Hal: Paul -- Barbara is Will's mother! Now he is bound to her, emotionally and legally! Now you tangle with that, and you put Will at risk! Now I am telling you that as Will's father, I am not going to let that happen! Do you understand me?!

Paul: Hold on, Hal, no. I am so sorry. I did not mean in any way to imply that you didn't have Will's best interest at heart. It's just -- look, I know how the woman operates.

Hal: Well, then you should understand that she is never going to let you take Will away from her, shouldn't you?

Susan: Rick is a wonderful guy. Look what he's been through lately. He's been suspected, accused and then attacked. He almost died.

Alison: So this is like a pity marriage? What? I don't get it! Why get married to the guy? You're already living with him. It's not like you're pregnant or anything. Are you?

Susan: No, I am not pregnant. Which is never a good reason to get married. A good reason is when you meet a guy like Rick. You could learn something from him. Look how he's handled some really tough situations lately with a lot of patience and strength.

Alison: So now he's a role model?

Susan: He is a fiancÚ. He is my fiancÚ, and I'm going to marry him whether you like it or not!

Alison: Then why did you even tell me? Why don't you just go and do it?

Susan: What about you? The silence is deafening.

Emily: I'm just waiting my turn, I guess, taking it all in. All right, look, as you know, Rick and I already talked about this, okay? I had my suspicions. I know you care about this man, okay? But you've only known him a few months. It's not like he lives in Oakdale, or Chicago for that matter. We know his history, right?

Susan: Is that your way of saying you don't trust my judgment?

Emily: No, that's not what I'm saying. Look, Ali and I know that you are very much in love with this man, and that brings its own wonderful madness. And that's why we need to be the rational ones here, because he might seem great, and that's terrific, but who knows? We don't want you to get hurt.

Susan: I've already been hurt -- by you two.

Emily: Oh, come on. Stop. You had to know we had questions, mom. Don't do that.

Susan: Oh, sure -- about bridesmaids' dresses and bouquets. I even thought somewhere along the line I'd hear somebody say, "congratulations, mom."

Emily: Mom -- oh.

Rick: There's no need to apologize, Kim. If you feel more comfortable with Ben --

Kim: Actually, I'm not apologizing for putting Bob under Ben's care. It's -- it's just the way I handled it. You are the one, who diagnosed Bob's micro-strokes, and you found the perfect medication, and he was doing very well. And I should have acknowledged that.

Rick: Well, we were all a little shaken with patients dying. You had to protect your husband. There are no hard feelings. All I want is for Bob to recover, and if there's anything I can do to help, just give me a call.

Kim: Oh, thank you so much. I hope that Bob's going to be here thanking you himself, and soon.

Rick: How are you holding up, Kim?

Kim: Oh, I guess I've been better. But you know, the truth is, once Bob recovers, I'm going to be just fine.

Rick: Why don't you go get yourself a nice, hot cup of tea, hmm?

Kim: Well, actually, that's not a bad prescription. I think I'll take you up on it.

Rick: Good.

Kim: See you later.

Rick: Yeah. Sorry, old man. If you wake up, I've got a problem.

Ben: Dr. Decker? What's going on?

Paul: I'll always be here for you.

Barbara: So there's no problem.

Paul: There is a problem -- you.

Rick: Welcome back, Bob. I'm going to take good care of you.

Lucy: Rosanna?

Craig: Sweetness.

Lucy: I'm not speaking to you.

Rosanna: Neither am I. Come with me, darling. Let's commune with nature.

Craig: Flapjacks in half an hour! How was the lake?

Aaron: Cold.

Craig: Well, why don't you grab your towel and rub yourself briskly all over?

Aaron: Nah, I'll just sit in the sun.

Craig: No, no, no. Here you go. Right -- right here. Sit on this, right here. So where did you find your rod this morning?

Aaron: I had it in the car. I used to do a lot fishing in Seattle .

Craig: Oh. I used to do a lot of fishing with my son.

Aaron: Yeah, Lucy told me that you -- you and Bryant did that deep sea thing, huh?

Craig: Yeah, we also did a lot of lakes and streams, too.

[Reel whirring]

Craig: Bryant was a good fisherman.

Lucy: Why is daddy doing this? I mean, doesn't he know by now that I'm not going to give up Aaron?

Rosanna: I know it's not logical. Your father isn't logical. But I -- I think he sees you growing up, and it scares him.

Lucy: But Aaron is such a great person. He'd never do anything to hurt me.

Rosanna: It's not Aaron he's worried about.

Lucy: Well, what then? That I'll get pregnant? I mean, we're using protection.

Rosanna: Good, good. I'm glad to hear that. Uh, no. Um, it's probably difficult to understand, but your dad sees you growing up and taking care of yourself, and I think that he's afraid that you won't need him anymore, that you won't love him.

Emily: I knew it. I knew it. Deep down, I knew she invited us here to announce her engagement. I knew it.

Alison: Well, look, she's making a mistake. You know it, and I know it.

Emily: Honey, we hurt her feelings. She did not deserve that.

Alison: Yeah, I guess you're right. But she is -- she is pretty old. I mean, what are the chances some great guy is going to come along and marry her, right?

Emily: Well, I wouldn't exactly put it that way, Ali. But you're right. I mean, the field narrows as you get older.

Alison: Most decent guys are either married or they're dead.

Emily: It's not like she doesn't come with her own set of baggage, so --

Alison: Yeah, but she is -- she's a dynamite woman. I mean, she's a surgeon. She's -- she's got style. She's a great mother. Don't you dare, ever tell her I said that.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Cross my heart. All right, what are we going to do about it, Ali?

Alison: Well, she seemed really into the whole bride thing.

Emily: Yeah, the bride thing. I've got it. I've got the perfect idea. Let's go.

[Alison laughs]

Rick: Ben, I'm glad you're here. I was going to call you. I glanced in at Bob, and I thought I saw his hand move. I was taking a closer look before I paged you.

Ben: Let me take a look.

[Monitor beeping] you're right. The coma's lifting.

Rick: I'll call Kim.

Susan: Well, somebody's jumpy.

Rick: No, I'm sorry. I was just so focused on -- on Bob. Ben thinks he's coming out of the coma.

Susan: That's wonderful. Does Kim know?

Rick: We spoke earlier. No, she doesn't. She apologized.

Susan: See, I told you.

Rick: Well, I appreciated it.

Susan: But?

Rick: Well, I know it's foolish, but I was hoping that she'd put me back on the case, at least let me consult with Ben.

Susan: Did you ask her?

Rick: No. It felt awkward.

Susan: Let me ask her. She might even say yes.

Paul: I'm not afraid of Barbara.

Hal: You should be. I am.

[Paul laughs]

Paul: Oh, that'll be the day.

Hal: I'm afraid for Will. I've seen what she can do to him in the name of love.

Paul: Well, then you can understand why I want to get him away from her.

Hal: I do understand, Paul. I'm just telling you that it's not possible. Look, I have visited every option. I have swallowed my pride more times than I care to admit. Now we finally have an arrangement here that spares Will and gives him as comfortable a life as possible. Now, I do not want that disrupted. Do you understand that?

Will: Think fast. Good catch.

Paul: Thanks.

Hal: You all packed?

Will: Uh, almost. Only I can't find my hat.

Paul: You know, I -- I was thinking, maybe you and I could go down to the batting cages in a little while, see if you haven't figured out a way to keep your elbow down.

Will: Um, shouldn't we wait for mom?

Paul: I'll drop you off at her place. I just thought maybe we could play catch for a little while.

Hal: Paul -- today is Will's day with his mother.

Will: Well, we can ask her when she gets here.

Paul: She can survive without him until dinner. I mean, look, we haven't seen each other in months. And I just feel like we've got a lot of catching up to do.

Rosanna: I've found over the years that sometimes dropping your guard is the first step towards making peace. And if you want your dad to go home --

Lucy: Desperately.

Rosanna: -- Then it would behoove you to make the first move.

Lucy: And you don't think he will use that against me? Or Aaron?

Rosanna: You know, I think your dad's attitude towards Aaron is a lot more complicated than you might think.

Aaron: Bryant must have been a great guy.

Craig: Yeah, he was.

Aaron: Lucy talks about him all the time. It's too bad. I would have really liked to hang out with him.

Craig: Lucy talks about him, huh?

Aaron: Oh, yeah. About how tight you guys were, and how much you really miss him.

Craig: Don't -- don't touch that.

Aaron: Why?

Craig: It's Lucy's favorite towel.

Aaron: She let me use it the other day while we were out laying in the dock.

Craig: What do you mean "laying in the dock"?

Aaron: In the sun.

Craig: With or without clothes?

Aaron: Oh, Mr. Montgomery, get over yourself.

Craig: All right, all right, you want to use the towel? Go ahead.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Sweetness. How are you?

Lucy: Fine. Aaron, if you could give me a minute alone with my dad.

Aaron: Okay.

Rosanna: Aaron, why don't you help me pack the car so we could leave?

Aaron: Sure.

Rosanna: This way.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: We have a lot of room in the car if you want to ride back to Oakdale.

Lucy: I'm going to stay here with Aaron. Why don't we take a walk?

Craig: Why?

Lucy: So I can tell you I still love you.

Barbara: Well, I'm sure you're all packed, aren't you, honey?

Will: Yeah, Paul said he'd drop me off at the Lakeview after we went to the batting cages.

Paul: Just wanted to spend some quality time with my little brother.

Barbara: Oh, I'm sure you do. And I'm sure that Will was just as surprised and thrilled to see you as we were. Did you okay this plan, Hal?

Hal: No, I did not. I did not even know Paul was alive till I walked out here.

Barbara: I see. So Paul took it upon himself to disrupt our plans.

Will: It's okay, mom. Paul just wanted to see me.

Paul: Will and Hal had nothing to do with this, so you can drop your little coiled viper routine.

Jennifer: Paul --

Barbara: It's okay, honey. I understand that Paul's made a decision to abandon all of his manners.

Paul: If that's what it takes. I told you, Barbara, I only came back to town to look after my brother and my sister.

Jennifer: I think what we all need to do is stick to the plan. Will, maybe you and I can get together with Paul tomorrow.

Barbara: Yes, because tonight, it's just the three of us. Paul's going to have to wait in line.

Susan: Bob, your gorgeous wife is sitting here just dying to take you to dinner. Time to wake up and smell the veal parmesan.

Kim: Well, I don't know about the gorgeous wife, but the veal parmesan should get him. Right, sweetheart? You hear what Susan says? It's time to wake up.

Susan: And he will -- soon I hear.

Kim: Listen, Susan, I wanted you to know that I've talked to Rick. I do credit him with stabilizing Bob's condition before all this happened, and I really think that that's why he survived.

Susan: I know that he was happy under Rick's care.

Kim: Well, you know, under the circumstances, I made what seemed like the best decision at the time. I have no idea if Bob would agree with me or not.

Susan: You could always put Rick back on Bob's case. Bob would wake up happy, and Rick would certainly appreciate the gesture. After all, a reputation is all a doctor has.

Kim: Yeah.

Susan: Bob, I'll be back in an hour with a mariachi band, so get ready.

[Kim laughs] anything I can get you?

Kim: Oh, no thanks. Thanks very much. Uh, Susan, if you happen to see Rick, ask him if he'd stop by and talk to me, okay?

Chris: Whoa. You want to fill me in?

Alison: I don't want my mother to see me.

Chris: Yeah, no kidding. What's going on?

Alison: Well, it's a surprise. But if you stick around later, maybe you might find out. I'm really happy about your dad.

Chris: Yeah, well, don't get too happy yet. He's still got a ways to go.

Rick: Kim? You wanted to see me?

Kim: Oh, yeah, I did. I -- I was wondering if you would feel all right about working along with Ben Harris on Bob's treatment.

Rick: I would be honored. Thank you.

Kim: All right, good. Well, then why don't I go and tell Ben and make the changes.

Rick: Great. Thanks.

Nurse: Excuse me.

Rick: There's no need to rush. Now that Kim has given me access, I've got all the time in the world.

Rosanna: Quack like a chicken.

Aaron: I got everything in the trunk of Craig's car.

Rosanna: Oh, thank you so much, Aaron. And again, I apologize for the intrusion.

Aaron: It's not your fault.

Rosanna: I'll make sure that he doesn't come back.

Aaron: That would be good.

Rosanna: Listen, why don't you show me that dock that Lucy was talking about?

Aaron: Okay. Come on.

Lucy: I know you're not always crazy about my choices. I'm not always crazy about a lot of yours. But you can trust me. You and mom taught me to be responsible, and I am.

Craig: I hope so, sweetness.

Lucy: And no matter how grown up I get or how many dumb things you do, I will always love you. Are you okay?

Craig: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just -- a little chilly. I had a sweatshirt around here somewhere. Rosanna must have packed it.

Lucy: Well, then it's probably in the car. Do you want me to go get it for you?

Craig: No, no, no, no, no, no. One of these will do.

Rosanna: Well, we all set?

Lucy: Yes. Thank you.

Rosanna: Oh.

Aaron: And I'll -- I'll get your tent checked to the camp store.

Craig: Thanks. Aaron, I know you and I have had our differences. Lucy will always be my baby, and I want you to be careful with her.

Aaron: I will.

Rosanna: Well, lovely. We should go. Darling, would you mind grabbing the towels?

Lucy: Have a good trip back. We're going to head down to the lake, do some fishing.

Rosanna: That sounds great. We will see you in a couple of days.

Craig: Yeah. Call me.

Lucy: I will.

Rosanna: Well, wonderful, I think we are all set, ready to go.

Craig: There was a towel that touched poison ivy.

Rosanna: Lucky I'm immune. Come on, I hear the Jacuzzi calling.

Craig: Call of the wild.

Hal: Will, we're all really, really happy that Paul is alive. And like Jen says, maybe the two of you can do something really fun, do it tomorrow, 'cause your mom is right. Today is your day with her.

Will: And you'll still be here tomorrow?

Paul: I'll always be here for you.

Barbara: So there's no problem.

Paul: There is a problem -- you. You can't wait to get my little brother away from me and turn him against me. You want to poison his mind.

[Monitor beeping]

Susan: Hey.

Rick: Hey, there you are. I was just about to go looking for you. You know, on top of everything else, you are a miracle worker.

Susan: Did she hire you back?

Rick: Yes. Well, now all I have to worry about is if you still want to marry me.

Susan: The physician in charge of the chief of staff? I certainly do.

Emily: Oh, where is she? Here.

Alison: She's in ICU.

Emily: Okay.

Chris: I'm almost afraid to ask.

Alison: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Emily: No, out of the way. We got work to do. Come on. All right, get ready.

Both: Congratulations!

Emily: Mama bride! Beautiful bride.

Alison: So beautiful.

Emily: We love you, Mama.

Susan: Thank you, guys.

Emily: Love you so much.

[Monitor beeping]

Rick: Welcome back, Bob. I'm going to take good care of you.

Ben: Hey, what's going on in here? Bob's monitors are going crazy.

Rick: I'm not sure. I just got here myself.

Barbara: I just came here to pick up Will to take him to a family dinner.

Paul: Yeah, but I got here first, okay?! Because you are never going to get the best of me ever again!

Rose: What? Is that what you think? You think Paul's --

Dusty: No, I don't think it. I'm sure of it.

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