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Katie: Quick! He's in the building! I just saw him!

Alison: You saw the killer?!

Mike: That psycho in the wheelchair came after her.

Katie: If Mike hadn't been there, I don't know what would've happened.

Cop #1: Where did this happen?

Mike: The Burn unit.

Katie: Yeah, the Burn unit. He might be around there.

Alison: That is so bizarre. Are you okay?

Katie: Yeah, I'm just scared. It's like everywhere I turned, there he was. He was just ready to kill me.

Emily: Well, what happened to him?

Katie: I don't know. He was there one minute, and the next minute, he was gone.

Mike: He was gone by the time I got there.

Alison: But where is he now? I have to go find Chris.

Susan: No! Absolutely not.

Alison: I'm not going to let him be the next victim, mom.

Emily: Alison, Chris went to his father's room, okay? There's a guard outside the door. You're not going anywhere.

Susan: I'm really worried about Rick. He should have been here by now.

Emily: Yeah. It sure is taking him a long time to get those discharge papers.

Susan: I don't like your tone. If you're accusing Rick of something, maybe you should just come out and say it!

Hal: I said, hands up! Cover me.

Hal: Elmer Gordon.

Chris: My God. What happened?

Hal: Looks like our serial killer has taken one last life. His own.

Dusty: I ought to give you ultimatums more often, you know? I figured you'd call, but your response time is record breaking. Here's the deal. From now on, we're going to take things nice and slow, okay? Right now, upstairs, I got Sinatra on the sound system. And I got some bubbles sitting on ice. Let's get outta here. No apologies to anyone for anything. You and me. That's it. Come on.

Rose: Wait.

Dusty: What's that? You got a better offer?

Rose: It's from a bartender.

Dusty: "Till death -- love, Paul." Where did you get this?

Rose: I just told you. A bartender gave it to me.

Dusty: And who gave it to him?

Rose: Isn't it obvious? Paul.

Dusty: Rose.

Rose: Yeah.

Dusty: Come on. A dead man did not send you a wedding ring. But I got a pretty good damn idea who did.

Paul: You going to invite me in or -- are you waiting for me to just kind of walk through you? Boo. All right. I'm going to make myself a drink. 'Cause, you know, coming back from the dead, it's just -- it's murder.

Barbara: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Paul, you're alive. My son is alive.

Paul: No, you know what? Yes and no. I -- Paul Ryan is alive. But your dearly departed lapdog of a son -- dead as a doornail.

Paul: Scotch? You look like you could use a drink.

Barbara: Oh, my God. My son is alive. I can see you, Paul. I can touch you, Paul.

Paul: No, no, no. You can't. Good old Paul went down in an airplane, and he's not coming back. And new Paul -- you know, I'm here, but I'm just here to take care of some unfinished business. And I'm not a son to you -- you or that psycho in maximum security. Not anymore.

Barbara: Is this all James' doing? Did he do this to make me suffer?

[Paul laughs]

Paul: It's all about you. It's always all about you, isn't it, mother? I guess I should start calling you "Barbara" now. Wouldn't that be more appropriate?

Barbara: You have no idea how I have prayed for this, Paul, how much I --

Paul: You asked me a question! You want me to answer you or not? No. This is not one of James' demented tricks. He didn't even know I was alive, until he lured me out of hiding with some nursery rhyme.

Barbara: "Tommy Stout and the well."

Paul: The guy is like human napalm as a father, but he's letter perfect on the mother goose. Go figure. Anyway -- I go to see the guy, right?

Barbara: You went to see your father?

Paul: Yeah, I needed some good, old-fashioned, well-intentioned parental advice.

Barbara: Oh, my God. I'm afraid to ask.

Paul: Oh. Vengeance. Capital "v." Dished out to all the people who ever hurt me.

Barbara: Is that why you're here? You want to seek vengeance on me, Paul?

Paul: Nah. That's James' gig. But I must say I'm tempted, given the stunt you pulled.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I am so sorry. You have no idea how horrible I feel about everything, and I can see that you are still upset. But, you know, I have just prayed to see you again. I have been longing for a second chance.

Paul: Yeah, well, you're going to have to keep longing, okay? 'Cause I didn't come back here to cleanse your polluted soul. I got better things to do with my time.

Jennifer: Well, mom, is this how you imagined it would look?

[Jennifer gasps] Paul?

Paul: Is that a B.R.O. Original? You don't waste any time, do you, Barbara? Hi, Jen. I am so glad I'm here, just in the nick of time.

Rose: I know what you're thinking, that I'm off my rocker. Trust me -- I'm starting to think I am myself.

Dusty: No.

Rose: But Paul never picked this ring up from the jeweler, you see? And then his plane went down, and I get a phone call that the ring is ready. But I couldn't bring myself to pick it up, so I just left it there.

Dusty: Until tonight.

Rose: Until Paul delivered it to me.

Dusty: Rose.

Rose: Yeah.

Dusty: Steinbeck is playing you. Okay? If you call the jewelry store right now and ask who picked that up, they'll tell you it was Paul Ryan, which it was not. It was the same guy that Steinbeck hired to rescue you at the cabin. Right? This is his big plan to keep us apart. All a part of his big revenge plan. But it's not going to work. Nobody tells us how to live. Not Lily, not Holden, Steinbeck, and especially not this joker who calls himself Paul Ryan. You with me?

Rose: Yeah. I mean, I want to be -- with you. Believe me.

Dusty: You got to prove it. You see this? Do you see what this says? "Till death." That's real. You should take that at face value and let things go. Cut it loose. Move on. Make love to me.

Susan: Oh, Rick! Oh, thank God you're all right.

Alison: Did you find the guy in the wheelchair?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, we found him. It was Gordo.

Katie: Oh, I knew it.

Chris: Apparently, he saved his last injection for himself.

Rick: He must have been so tormented by his demons that he finally had to put an end to it.

Mike: Guess the good news is the mystery's been solved.

Katie: Yeah, I guess. But that's so weird. One minute he's stalking me, and the next minute, he's killing himself?

Susan: Nobody knows how a mind like that works. I'll just be so grateful if we've finally gotten to the bottom of this. And then there won't be any more wild accusations.

Walker: Well -- I suspect you all heard.

Chris: Rick and I filled them in.

Susan: It's been quite a night. Could we please go home now? I know you're anxious to get out of here.

Rick: Yes, I am, I have to admit.

Walker : Well, I'm sorry, but that'll have to wait. You're not going anywhere, doctor.

Hal: I'll start with you, Mike. Where were you when the man in the wheelchair was purportedly terrorizing Alison and Katie?

Mike: I was in the Burn unit.

Walker: At this hour of the night?

Mike: Yeah, man. I was -- I've been out of town. I just wanted to check on the progress.

Katie: And Thank God Mike got there when he did, or you'd be talking about how much you miss me right now.

Mike: We clear?

Hal: Yeah, you two can go.

Mike: Come on, I'll drive you.

Katie: This is one time I wish I didn't live in the cottage in the deep, dark woods.

Mike: You're not ready to go home?

Katie: No.

Mike: Come with me. I know just the place to help you relax. Come on.

Hal: Chris, you were with your father, right?

Chris: Yeah. Until the lights went out. Then I went to check on the emergency generators to make sure they were doing their job. I didn't want a problems with the monitors, my dad's included.

Hal: Mm-hmm. Did you go back to your father's room?

Chris: I sat with him for a while. Then I went by the door to Dr. Decker's old room. And, well, you know the rest.

Hal: So, Dr. Decker, you weren't in your room, hmm?

Rick: No, I'd gone down to get myself discharged.

Hal: Mm. And I'm sure that there's someone in this vast hospital who can corroborate your story?

Rick: Actually, no, there isn't.

Rose: I want you. So bad. But I -- I -- I can't go upstairs with you tonight.

Dusty: Why is that?

Rose: Well, because I've been thinking about what you said. And you're right. I mean, it's got to be all or nothing for us. Forget Lily and Holden. I got to put my cards on the table. And if they can't deal with us, Lily and Holden, at least I know I tried. Okay?

Dusty: They're going to deal. Sooner or later, they're going to see how crazy I am about you.

Rose: I wouldn't hold my breath on that just yet.

Dusty: It's going to happen. I didn't say it'd happen overnight. But believe it. It's going to happen.

Rose: Think I'm going to cross my fingers still with them. But there's something else I got to do in the meantime.

Dusty: What's that?

Rose: I got to say good-bye to Paul. Not the fake Paul that's got me running' around, scaring the daylights outta me. I'm talking about the real Paul. I got to go to his grave and somehow explain these feelings that I've been having. It's the only way I'm going to make peace with everything.

Dusty: Let me tell you something -- I am here for you. Paul is dead. If you want to go ease your conscience -- you do it. As long as you come right back to me.

Rose: Where else would I go?

Dusty: This is the key -- to my room.

[Dusty sighs] I'm going to be waiting there for you.

Jennifer: Oh, my God, Paul! Is it really you?

Paul: Hey, hey, hey. Come on.

Jennifer: Oh, my God!

Paul: Of course it's me.

[Jennifer sobbing]

Paul: Don't worry. Everything's okay now. I'm here.

Jennifer: Oh. Wait, I don't understand.

Paul: No, I know. I'm back from the dead. It's confusing for everybody.

Jennifer: But, Paul, you -- you -- your plane crashed, and I -- I came back and --

Paul: Yeah, no, you know what? I'll -- I'll explain everything. I promise. But for now, let me just look at you. You -- you're more beautiful than ever.

Barbara: Yes, she is. My two beautiful children. I never thought that I would see this sight again.

Paul: So what happened, huh? Things go wrong in Milan or wherever you were?

Jennifer: Let's just say -- I'm glad to be back with my family.

Paul: Yeah. Hey, and -- and who embodies family more than the mother of the year over there. Look at her. Barbara Ryan.

Barbara: Paul, please. Let Jennifer enjoy this moment, all right?

Paul: You're the one who's always honest and forthright. Don't you want to come clean with your own daughter?

Jennifer: Come -- come clean? What's he talking about? What -- one of you needs to tell me what's going on.

Paul: Okay, I will. It'll be my pleasure. But first, you need to go change your clothes.

Jennifer: What?

Paul: No, really, I'm not kidding. You need to get rid of that dress. You need to take it off and light it on fire. And then I'll tell you whatever it is that you need to know.

Jennifer: Look, Paul, okay, I know you've been going through a lot. But you're talking a little --

Paul: Yeah, it's crazy, right? Sounds all crazy. You know what's really crazy? Are you thinking that you can just waltz back into the life of mommy dearest over here without any, you know, apron strings attached?

Barbara: Paul, please. Please don't do this. Please.

Paul: Sorry, Barb. I've already started. Jen, I came back here for you. I came here so that I could save you.

Jennifer: Save me? From what?

Paul: The queen of conditional love. She's got plans for you. I mean, they were plans for me, but now that I'm dead, well, you're -- you're it.

Barbara: Please, I am begging you, Paul.

Paul: She will suck the life right out of you. If you don't give up this prodigal daughter thing, she'll get away with it.

Barbara: Please, Paul.

Jennifer: You know, Paul, I know you and mom had a misunderstanding. But just because your fiancée cheated on you doesn't mean that it's --

Paul: Oh, that's -- right. You know all about Rose and Dusty. Yeah, they made a fool out of me. I know mother, Barbara, she told you all about it when you had that little talk at my -- at my grave site.

Barbara: What? You were there? You were watching us?

Paul: I heard every lie. It was not a "misunderstanding." You neglected to mention the small, little detail that you paid Dusty to be with Rose. She paid my best friend to -- to sleep with the woman that I wanted to marry!

Barbara: I didn't want you to ruin your life!

Paul: You wouldn't let me live my life! It was my life. You wouldn't let me live it the way I wanted to. And now she's -- she's -- she's coming after you. She's realized that she's lost her son. She's going to pay the price. And now she's going to do everything she can to try and poison you the way she poisoned me. But I won't -- I won't let her, Jen. I promise you. So let's go. Let's get you changed and get your stuff and get outta here.

Jennifer: Where?

Paul: I don't care. We're just going to go. Get as far away from this woman as you can.

Paul: I'm going to do everything that I can to prove to you that I'm right about her. 'Cause I love you, Jen. I love you.

Mike: You're beautiful. The next guy who catches your eye is going to be a very lucky man.

Rick: There was a power failure, it makes sense.

Susan: It makes perfect sense. But is it good enough for the two of you?

Emily: Mom, they're just doing their jobs.

Hal: Well, Dr. Decker's story certainly is consistent with the power outage.

Alison: Then we can finally forget about this whole creepy thing?

Hal: We're not entirely through here yet. I want to do a thorough search of this hospital. And until I speak to John, security will stay in place, just for everybody's safety. But there will be no more questions tonight. Thank you for your patience.

Alison: Some birthday. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Susan: Oh, sweetie, we'll make it up to you.

Chris: Listen, Alison -- I need to take off.

Alison: But I thought that we were going --

Chris: No, I'm sorry about your birthday party. But I'm really wiped.

Alison: Well, me, too. So maybe we can just, you know, go someplace quiet and just hang out.

Chris: Yeah, thanks, anyway, but I need a few minutes alone. I hope you understand.

Alison: Sure, I understand.

Alison: Well, the day from hell just got even worse.

Susan: Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. Ugh. Could we please go home? I need a change of scenery.

Rick: Amen.

Emily: I'll take care of the birthday presents and balloons, mom.

[Susan gasps]

Susan: Oh, what am I thinking? You still need to get discharged.

Rick: No, look, now that the power's on, I think that I can handle that.

Susan: Oh, no, no, no. Allow me. Please. I'll be back in just a second. I can't wait to get you home.

Rick: Well, I'm sure that you want to get home, too, Emily. I -- I won't keep you. Good night.

Emily: Rick -- I just wanted -- what Alison said earlier -- you know, things have been so weird around here lately. We really didn't know what --

Rick: You're preaching to the choir on this one.

Emily: Yeah. I guess I am. But I -- I still feel like that I need to --

Rick: No, I understand.

Emily: Alison and I have hardly been in your corner, Rick.

Rick: Emily -- if someone I was dating was in love with a serial killer, I'd have something to say about it, too. Now that we know the truth about Dr. Gordon, I'm hoping that we can put the past behind us. I just hope that you and Alison can change your minds about me.

Emily: Well, I know that my mom -- well, she's crazy about you.

Rick: Well, I feel the same way, too. And maybe -- maybe a wish of mine will come true.

Emily: What's that?

Rick: To become a permanent fixture of the Stewart family.

Emily: What are you saying, Rick?

Rick: Well, it's not official yet. And I know that Susan wants to talk to you and Alison. But I love your mother very much. And all I want is a chance to spend the rest of my life making her happy. That would be a lot easier if you and I could be friends.

Rose: Paul? What is the matter with me? What do I -- do I think you're going to appear outta nowhere? I know you're not really here. I know you're in heaven. Yeah. With my ma. Where you belong. It's just that I got nowhere else to go. If I need to talk to you -- which I need to talk to you real bad. Real bad. Something tells me that you know wh --

[Rose gasps] what kind of sicko would do something like this? Steinbeck.

Paul: Come on, Jen. The sooner we get you outta here, the better.

Barbara: Sweetheart, listen to me, okay? I wanted to tell you about my involvement in what happened to your brother, but I thought that, if I did, then you --

Paul: She would find out that you were a sick, manipulative, co-dependent mess.

Barbara: You are alive, Paul. That's all that matters. And I know, someday, that you will forgive me. Maybe not today. Maybe not next year. But it will happen. I love you, and I know that you love me. And I know that we can work through this.

Paul: Hmm, with a chain saw maybe. Come on, Jen, let's go.

Jennifer: You know, you can't expect me to go anywhere with you until I get some answers. Paul -- what happened after the plane crash?

Paul: I paid some fisherman who found me $10,000 to tell everybody that I had been killed.

Jennifer: You didn't think that that was a little bit cruel to let all of us think that you were dead? Oh, my God. Who do you think you are?

Paul: Right now? I think I'm the best friend that you've got.

Jennifer: Oh, really? Well, you -- you might want to take a look in the mirror. You think I need saving? You might want to try to save yourself first.

Katie: You know where I wish we were?

Mike: Where?

Katie: Back under that Montana sky. Everything just felt safe there, you know? Like nothing bad could ever happen. Or I could just shut my unbelievably insensitive mouth. I'm sorry.

Mike: It's okay.

Katie: It's just that Montana was open and clear and beautiful to me. And for you --

Mike: It was -- it was the same thing for me. We had a lot of fun out there. When you smiled, it just -- it brightened up my whole day. And believe me -- many times I know that smiling was the last thing that you felt like doing.

Katie: Was that a veiled reference to my runaway husband?

Mike: I know it wasn't easy watching Jack and Carly get married. I mean, how would you not think about Simon? But I know this now. Whatever reason he left you, he did it out of love. Because there is no way any man in his right mind would leave you, unless he was forced to. Look at me. You are beautiful. And you have a great personality. And you're a lot of fun to be around. The next guy who catches your eye is going to be a very lucky man.

Alison: Hey. Is Gordo -- I mean, the body, is it still in there?

Chris: Yeah. You know -- it's hard to believe. He was my friend. You know, he wasn't always -- well, he wasn't this, whatever he turned into.

Alison: It must be a really confusing time for you.

Chris: Well, yeah. I keep thinking about my dad. You know, he really liked Gordo. He cut him a lot of slack. But maybe he knew.

Alison: That Gordo was the guy with the needle?

Chris: Think about it. I mean, Nurse Krebs' diary went missing right around the time my dad had a stroke. If it even was a stroke.

Alison: You really think Gordo tried to hurt your dad?

Chris: I guess we'll never know.

Alison: Wow. Whatever that was for, do it again.

Chris: I'm just glad you're okay, Alison.

Alison: Well, I'm glad that you're glad I'm okay.

[Alison sighs] well, who would've thunk it? The night of my birthday and all we're doing is talking about dead people.

Chris: Not quite the evening you had planned, huh?

Alison: Well, I -- I thought that -- I mean, now that we're getting to know each other so much more, so much closer, that -- well, I hoped it would -- I don't know -- be a big night for us.

Chris: Super-size fries and a chocolate shake?

Alison: You know. You know, I mean, you've obviously had way more relationships than I have, but -- being with you, I really think that I'm finally ready.

Chris: Ready for what, Alison?

Nurse #1: Dr. Hughes, it's your father. Hurry!

Rose: I'm confused! All right? First that thing happens at the cabin, and then the ring. I'm wondering to myself, you know. You come back from the dead, or you got your sicko father playing tricks on me? But, see, either way, Paul, I mean, you're still holding onto me. And you can't. Anymore. You got to let me go. You know, I'm so sorry about what happened. You know that. See, this -- this thing happened with Lily at the bottom of the well. I made this pr -- I made this promise to her, a promise that I never should've made. See, Dusty, Dusty -- he's got a good heart. And that heart cares about me. So now I got to tell Lily that I can't keep the promise, but -- I can't pull it off. Because of you. Yes, you. You -- I got too much guilt in me. That's why I'm here. I got to say good-bye. I've cried all my tears. And I'm going to cry more. But right now, this moment right here -- I got to say good-bye. I know a part of you will always be with me. Just as a part of me will always, always be with you.

Rose: Till death. You may be dead, but I will never, ever forget you.

Rose: I did love you. I did.

Dusty: Hello?

Rose: It's me.

Dusty: How'd it go?

Rose: I think Paul and I settled things.

Dusty: That's good. When are you going to talk to Lily?

Rose: Soon. Have you been missing me?

Dusty: Get over here, and I'll show you just how much.

Rose: I'm on my way.

Barbara: You know who you sound like, Paul? Your father.

Paul: You know, it's funny you mention that maniac. Because when I was talking with him, when I was visiting with him, he actually did say one thing that made sense. He said that my biggest mistake was walking away from Will and Jen.

Barbara: Oh, I see. So now you're here to turn them against me.

Paul: No, I'm here to protect them.

Jennifer: We don't need your protection.

Paul: Okay, you haven't been around for a while, so you -- you don't remember what mother is like. I mean, she -- she -- she lied to my face. She pulled my life out from right underneath me. She reduced me to nothing. And don't think that she won't do the same thing to you.

Barbara: Okay, okay. You stop it!

Paul: She will build you up. She will promise you fame and fortune and convince you that she actually loves you. Because that's what, you know, normal mothers do. But then, it'll all change. You'll do something that she disapproves of.

Barbara: That's not what happened here!

Paul: Or bring home some guy that's not worthy. Anything that makes the hold that she has on you smaller. And then it will all change! And the lying and the scheming will begin. And she will divide and conquer. And you will lose friends and lovers that you didn't even know that you had!

Barbara: They weren't your friends, Paul!

Paul: And all of this will come right out of the blue! You will be completely blindsided! I'm giving you a chance, Jen. You can walk out right now with me. Or you can stay here, and she can suck every ounce of self-respect out of you that you ever had!

Barbara: No, I have had it! I have had it! I've had enough! I've heard enough, Paul! You get out of here!

Jennifer: What's happened to you, Paul? She was out of her mind with joy to find that you were alive and look what you've done to her.

Paul: I know that you can't believe me right now. Okay, I get that. But I am going to do everything that I can to prove to you that I'm right about her. 'Cause I love you, Jen. I love you. And she never will.

Barbara: Oh, honey.

Katie: Oh, listen to us. Must be the drinks.

Mike: Hey. I meant every word that I said. Do not forget how special you are. Deal?

Katie: Deal. Right back at you, Kasnoff.

Katie: You're staying, right? Don't you know I feel I mean, you promised that you'd stay in Oakdale, and I'm holding you to that.

Mike: I'm not going anywhere.

Katie: Even if you get some incredible offer somewhere else?

Mike: Even then.

Katie: Good. Then I can keep making you incredible dinners, and you keep fixing things around my house. We'll continue to have drinks together. And if one of us needs a shoulder to cry on?

Mike: The other one'll be there.

Mike: It's getting late. I should get you home.

Katie: Yeah, good idea.

Mike: I'll grab the check.

Katie: Okay.


Katie: Thank you, God, for keeping him around.

Susan: You told Emily about your marriage proposal?

Rick: Well -- yeah, I told her that we were leaning in that direction. You're upset?

Susan: No. No, it's just that I made such a big deal out of not being able to give you an answer until I consulted with Emily and Alison. But -- I was wrong. I love you. And I don't need their permission to -- to show you how much. I want to be your wife, as soon as you'll have me.

Hal: Hello.

Alison: Does anybody know how Dr. Hughes is doing?

Hal: Bob Hughes? Why? Did something happen?

Alison: Well, I was just with Chris, and this nurse came running in, saying that there was something going on with his dad.

Rick: Well, I hope that his condition hasn't deteriorated.

Alison: Chris! I was just asking about your dad. Is he okay?

Chris: Yeah, he's fine. He's more than fine. He's coming out of the coma.

Alison: What?!

Chris: Yeah.

Alison: That's incredible!

Hal: Well, good news for a change. That's refreshing.

Chris: Thank you.

Walker : Congratulations, doctor.

Hal: Come on, doc. Let's celebrate. I'll buy you a doughnut.

Susan: Chris, I'm so happy for you!

Chris: Thank you. Thank you, Dr. Stewart.

Rick: Even though your father's no longer my patient, I still felt responsible.

Chris: No, it looks like he's on his way out of the woods, and that's all that matters.

Rick: Indeed.

Chris: Yeah. I'm about to call my mom and tell her the good news. You want to come?

Alison: Sure!

Chris: Yeah, okay.

Susan: What a perfect end to this day! I'm going to drop in on Bob. And then you and I are going to go home, and we're having a celebration of our own.

[Rick chuckles]

Rick: Perfect. Just perfect.

Jennifer: You know, Mom, obviously Paul's not himself today. He's been through a horrible experience, and he's lashing out.

Barbara: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Paul loves me. I mean, I know that. I know he does. It's just going to take a little time. And we'll be a family again. I know we will. What? What is it?

Jennifer: You know, Paul was very cruel to you today, but -- from what he said, it sounds like you've been every bit as cruel to him. He loved Rose so much. How could you hurt him like that, mom?

[Bell dings]

[Bell dings]

Rose: Give me that.

Paul: All that grief and all that guilt -- so glad it hasn't stopped you from having a good time.

Dusty: My name's Dusty.

Jennifer: The same best friend who betrayed my brother for a pocketful of my mother's silver.

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