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Sarah: What's wrong with me? I feel so dizzy. Don't go, Bonnie, please. I'm scared.

Bonnie: Sarah, I'm not falling for it.

Walker: Sarah, are you all right? Oh, you're burning up. I need a doctor over here, stat! I got a patient in crisis.

Bonnie: You mean she's really sick?

Walker: Sick enough for me to get a doctor in E.R. to see her. Isaac, can you give me a chair? I'm gonna lift you up, all right? One, two, three -- there we go.

Bonnie: Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness, Sarah -- Sarah, honey, I'm so sorry. I -- I didn't know.

Walker: Can you stay around till I examine her?

Bonnie: Yes, of course. I'll be right here.

Bonnie: That poor girl -- she tried to tell me she was sick. She tried to tell me she was sick, and I didn't even believe her.

Isaac: How were you supposed to know if it was the truth or another con job?

Bonnie: First I spoil her rotten, and then I'm too hard on her. Am I ever gonna get this right?

Jessica: Six messages from Sarah, all for Bonnie. I told you this would happen.

Ben: You're not calling the shelter, are you?

Jessica: I just want to make sure Bonnie got the message to meet us here instead of the hospital.

Ben: Well, you said that Sarah left too many messages? No, no, no, no, no. Now, Bonnie's either gonna call, or she and Isaac are gonna show up here. Okay? Now, come on. I did not leave the hospital early to come over here and worry about Bonnie and Isaac.

Jessica: No, you left the hospital early to get away from Dr. Daniels.

Ben: No, I left the hospital early 'cause I wanted to have you all to myself. Maybe now's a good time for me to hear your ideas about our wedding.

Jessica: Oh, Ben, we have plenty of time to talk about that. Let me just find Bonnie --

Ben: See, there you go, changing the subject again.

Jessica: I'm not changing the subject. I just --

Ben: Jessica, come on. I can take it. I want to hear the truth. Iíve been here before.

Jessica: Been where?

Ben: Engaged to a woman who's having second thoughts.

Mike: I feel like something has been taken away from me. And there is no way that I can get it back.

Molly: Mike, I am so sorry. Here.

Katie: Oh!

Rosanna: Oh!

Katie: You almost gave me a heart attack!

Rosanna: I'm so sorry. Are Carly and Jack in there?

Katie: Oh, no, no, no. They're up at the cabin. Where've you two been? You've been gone for hours.

Craig: Well, we were --

Rosanna: -- In town. Buying gifts.

Katie: Oh. How? Because the general store's probably been closed for a long time.

[Rosanna laughs]

Craig: Why don't you take everything up to the newlyweds, and we'll be up in a few minutes, okay? Can you manage?

Rosanna: Yeah, of course I can manage. Will you take care of that other detail?

Craig: Ooh, leave everything in my capable hands.

Rosanna: You're so bad.

Craig: You're so good.

Craig: So, anything interesting happen while we were away?

Katie: Well -- only the fact that Jack and Mike found out who Sage's "Bio- Dad" is.

Craig: "Bio-Dad"? Really? So who's the lucky guy?

Katie: It's -- Jack.

Craig: J-a-a-a-ack. Well, that certainly uncomplicates things for Jack and Carly. How did the old buddy Mike Kasnoff take the news?

Katie: I don't know. He just shut down and shut me out. Now Molly's in there picking up the pieces, so -- that's that, right?

[Katie hugs Craig]

Craig: Hey.

[Katie sighs]

Margo: Okay, Iíve called the ambulance, and they're on their way. They should be here any minute. Where are Dusty and Rose?

Holden: Rose was supposed to be on her way to find help. You didn't run into her?

Margo: No. Dusty, either. What could've happened to him?

Holden: I don't know.

Lily: Maybe Dusty found Rose. They went for help together, maybe?

Margo: Well, I hope so, because I got a call from the station, and Brackett has apparently escaped police custody. I called Dusty a few minutes ago and told him.

Holden: Well, I hope that Dusty finds Rose before Brackett does.

Lily: Who's Brackett? Wait -- is Rose in some sort of danger? You got to find her.

Margo: You know what? We have got all available units combing the area.

Lily: You got to find my sister, Margo!

Holden: Margo, Margo, you go. Do your job.

Margo: Yeah.

Lily: Rose risked her life. She kept me alive down there. She almost lost her life. If anything happens to her, Holden --

Holden: Come on, don't worry, okay? Everybody's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be all right.

Dusty: Rose.

Rose: Dusty? Dusty, is that really you?

Dusty: Yeah, it's me. Don't move, okay? I'm gonna get you out of this.

Rose: No, no! Don't come in! Don't come in! Don't come in!

Dusty: Don't move.

Rose: No, no, no, no!

Brackett: You should have listened to her, Dusty. Now you're gonna be in worse shape than she is.

[Rose screaming]


Rose: Dusty! Help!

[Rose hyperventilating] I can't stay like this much longer. Oh, God. Oh, God.

[Rose gasping] No! I -- I can't die this way! Dusty! Help me! Dusty?!

[The chair gives way]

[Rose coughing]

[Rose breathing heavily]

Rose: Paul?

Rose: Paul? No, no, no. It can't be.


Dusty: Give me one more reason to blast you straight to hell.

Dusty: If something happened to her, you are a dead man. Do you understand the deal?

Margo: Don't do it. Drop the gun.

Dusty: He took Rose. She's inside with a rope around her neck.

Brackett: Twistin' in the wind by now.

Margo: Drop the gun, Dusty! Go take care of Rose. My prisoner. Where's my backup?

Dusty: Rose. Rose? Rose, do you hear me?

Rose: Dusty?

Dusty: Yeah.

Rose: Oh.

Dusty: Yeah, I'm right here. You're gonna be just fine. Okay? How'd you get down, sweetheart? Did the rope break?

Rose: Weren't you just here with me?

Dusty: Yeah, but I got taken outside with Brackett, trying to get his gun. Don't you remember?

Rose: I must have been hallucinating.

Dusty: Yeah, you're okay. Hallucinating what, hmm?

Rose: Oh, it doesn't matter.

Dusty: You're exhausted. You're in shock. It's okay. The emergency guys are on their way right now. All right?

Margo: Hey, hey, hey.

Rose: Hey, where's Lily?

Margo: Lily -- Lily -- Lily is fine. She's in the ambulance. And there's another one on its way. It'll be here in a few minutes.

Rose: Is she -- how is she? How is she?

Margo: She's okay. She's a little shaken up, but she's fine. She already told me that she wasn't gonna stay overnight at the hospital.

Rose: She's so stubborn, that one, huh?

Margo: Yeah, she is. So I guess that means I don't have to twist your arm to get you to go to E.R.?

Rose: How about you take me to the police station? And I'll tell you everything you want to know for a cup of soup and a hamburger.

Margo: Hey, why don't you go see if you can track down some water for Rose, huh?

Dusty: I'll look. I'll be right back.

Margo: So, Rose, you want to tell me what went on here?

Rosanna: Happy wedding from the Montgomerys!

Carly: No! What is this? Where'd you find the time?

Rosanna: Well, Craig and I put in a little order overnight, and then we just went into town to pick it up.

Carly: Oh, that's so nice.

Jack: Open it!

Carly: Yeah, okay.

Jack: Open it!

Rosanna: I know you wanted to keep things rustic, but I just thought a wedding should have a touch of class.

[Carly opens up a set of sheets]

Carly: Oh, Rosanna. Oh, they're beautiful.

Rosanna: Thank you. The thread count is insanely high. You'll just love it.

Jack: This is incredible. Caviar, smoked oysters? Amazing.

Carly: You do know that I just had a baby, right?

Rosanna: Well, Jack didnít.

Jack: Uh, actually, I -- I did. I just had a baby myself, too.

Rosanna: What are you saying? Are you -- you're Sage's -- are you saying you're Sage's daddy?

[Jack laughs]

Carly: Yeah, well, I found out right before the ceremony.

Rosanna: Oh, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you both -- especially you.

Jack: Thank you, thank you. Iíve got the most beautiful family a man could ever dream of, right? Yeah? I think the boys in this family are gonna go frog huntin' right now.

Carly: Oh, no.

Jack: What do you say?

Parker: Yeah!

Jack: Yeah. You two have fun. We'll see you soon.

Carly: Don't you even think of bringing any four-legged creatures back here.

Jack: Boys will be boys. Bye.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: These have been the best days of my life. Iíve got my sister back. Iíve got my cousin back. And the best man in the world is the father of my daughter.

Rosanna: Right. Well, I just have one question. Are you telling the truth? I mean, is Jack really Sage's father, or is this just more little fairy dust and wishes?

Katie: I knew it would kill Mike when he found out that Sage wasn't his, and I wanted to be there for him, you know? So he said he needed space, so I gave him space. And then the next thing -- I turn around, and Molly swoops in, and now she's comforting him, not me.

Craig: You're afraid they're just gonna pick up where they left off?

Molly: You okay?

Mike: Yep.

Molly: What are you gonna do now? You gonna move?

Mike: I thought about it. Especially after you and I broke up. Then Carly got pregnant, so I stayed. And -- I don't know. I'm -- I'm sort of used to having roots. You know? Having a place that feels like home.

Molly: Does that mean you're gonna stick around?

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna stick around. I mean, I like my house, you know? My job. And -- there's just some friends that I would miss if I left now.

Molly: By "friend," are you talking about Katie?

Mike: Yeah. I don't know how it happened, but she's become a very good friend to me. You know? And I like that. I like her. So -- I'm staying.

Craig: Whatever you -- you are with Mike Kasnoff, whether you're friends or --

Katie: I know.

Craig: -- Something --

Katie: No.

Craig: -- You'd be crazy to run away from it. I know I'm hard on the guy, and I know I'm giving you the third degree, too.

Katie: So what's changed?

Craig: Maybe the fact that I'm not entirely an insensitive, stupid big brother. You know, obviously you like the guy. I mean, just make sure he knows it.

Katie: No. I promised myself I was never gonna run after and chase after some guy the way I did with Simon. And, besides, I'm not gonna chase after my friend.

Craig: Oh, is that a rule I don't know about?

Katie: Yes.

Craig: All right. Well, listen -- if you wanna go hold his hand while he talks about his other women, make sure you bring plenty of tissues. But can you give me a hand here? I got some stuff in the car.

Molly: It's not gonna happen for us, is it? I guess this is where I'm supposed to say good-bye to you. But I'm really pathetic at that. So, um -- I'm just gonna say, "See you around, Kasnoff." Bye.

Mike: Later, McKinnon.

Isaac: Look, I don't wanna start a fight, but Iíve worked with kids like Sarah. I grew up just like Sarah. And what she needs, no one, including yourself, can give.

Bonnie: I know that, but --

Isaac: But what happens when -- when Sarah gets out of the hospital?

Bonnie: I don't know. Troy's probably gonna go on and on about rules and getting her back to the shelter. Look, if you don't want to stay around, honey, I completely understand.

Isaac: I'm staying.

Bonnie: What about dinner?

Isaac: Maybe I should go rustle us up some sandwiches, so we don't starve, huh?

Bonnie: Isaac? You didn't turn out so bad. Somebody must've made a difference in your life.

Isaac: But nobody can change your life. That starts inside. You have to want to change. And then you have to make it happen. Think about that.

[Bonnie sighs]

Bonnie: Dr. Daniels, how's Sarah?

Walker: I'm not sure. Besides the fever, she has some kind of rash. I wasn't able to determine the cause. Under normal circumstances, I'd recommend a specialist, extensive tests. But I can't do that.

Bonnie: Why not?

Walker: Sarah's a ward of the state. Not only does she not have the insurance coverage, we don't have the authority from the state to take care of her.

Bonnie: Bottom line?

Walker: Although we'd like to care for Sarah here, our hands are tied.

Ben: Are you having second thoughts about marrying me?

Jessica: No, of course not. I want to marry you very much. That hasn't changed.

Ben: What is it?

Jessica: Well, it feels like -- you're rushing me, you know? I mean, every time I turn around, you want to make plans. I mean, we're engaged, right? You're committed to me. I'm committed to you. What is the hurry? And I feel such pressure, you know? And I'm starting to resent it.

Ben: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're starting to resent that I'm excited about wanting to marry you?

Jessica: No, I resent that you don't care what I want. Ben -- how do I make you understand this? I just -- I need time. You know, I -- I can't marry you right now. I'm just not ready. And I don't know when I will be ready.

Carly: Would you like to see the DNA test results for yourself? Would that make you happy?

Rosanna: No. Look, I'm sorry I asked, all right? I shouldn't have. I'm sorry I doubted you.

Carly: Sage is 100%, without a doubt, Jack's daughter. And we are very happy.

Rosanna: Good. And you should be, and I want you to be, and I'm sorry. I mean it.

Carly: Okay.

Rosanna: How is Mike taking it?

Carly: Well, that's the only rotten part. Jack and I got our happily ever after, and Mike got a dream ripped away from him. He came to Oakdale for Molly and stayed because of the baby. Now he's got neither one. And I was sort of hoping that -- that he and Molly would -- would make things work, but -- I think that ship has sailed.

Rosanna: Mm. Well, you know what they say. Sometimes a little change is good for a person.

Jack: Hey! Oh, I'm sorry, Mike. I didn't know you were in here. We're looking for a bucket or something to catch a few frogs.

Mike: Oh, come on. You guys aren't gonna spend your night ankle deep in pond water, are you?

Jack: Uh --

Mike: I'll take him frog hunting. You know? If he doesn't mind.

Jack: You don't have to do this, really.

Mike: No, no, I want to, man. You want -- you up to it? You wanna do it, buddy?

Parker: Yeah!

Mike: All right.

Jack: All right.

Mike: We'll see you in a few.

Jack: All right. Hey, thanks. I appreciate it. Well, you have a good time, Parker. Remember -- bring mommy back a big, fat, juicy one, all right?

Parker: Okay.

Jack: Thanks again.

Mike: Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Mike: Wanna go round up some frogs with us?

Katie: Oh, no. I keep kissing them and winding up with warts, so I'll pass this time.

Mike: All right. Looks like it's just us guys, all right?

Parker: Yeah.

Mike: Let's go.


Craig: You sly old dog, you.

[Jack laughs]

Craig: Huh?

Jack: What?

Craig: You knew about the baby all the time. That's the whole reason you married Carly.

Rose: Hey, how's Lily?

Margo: Oh, Lily is just fine. The doctors have her all stitched up and band-aids all over her. And she's already making noises about going home.

Rose: Ah, that's right. That's my Lily. She -- can't keep her down. When do we get sprung?

Margo: I still have to debrief you about Brackett.

Rose: Brackett? I don't know. What -- what do I know? I was stuck at the bottom of a well. Why don't you tell me? Was -- why was he working with Spangler to frame Dusty?

Margo: It seems that both Spangler and Brackett were working for someone else.

Rose: Who?

Dusty: James Stenbeck.

Rose: Paul.

Margo: Hey, can I have a few minutes alone with Rose?

Dusty: Yeah, I'll be right outside. Just tell me when you wanna leave, all right?

Margo: So -- Rose, you sure you're okay? You don't want to go to the hospital for that checkup?

Rose: No, it's just the whole Stenbeck thing, you know? It's hard to take in.

Margo: Yeah, well, there's more. The two guys that were working for Spangler, McCann and Stanley, they were murdered, too.

Rose: By who?

Margo: Well, by Brackett, as far as we can tell.

Rose: So that guy had no intention of keeping me and Lily alive.

Margo: No. You're pretty lucky ladies.

Rose: How did you know where to find us?

Margo: James Stenbeck dropped some pretty helpful hints that led us to you.

Rose: So James Stenbeck saved my life?

Margo: Any idea why?

Lily: Excuse me. Hi. I'm looking for Rose D'Angelo.

Dusty: She's in the Interrogation Room with Margo. She's gonna flip when she sees you. I can't tell you how good it is to see you.

Lily: It's a pity I can't say the same about you. What the hell are you doing here, Dusty?

Jack: You think I married Carly because I knew the baby was mine?

Craig: How'd you find out? Did you bribe the lab?

Jack: Oh, Craig. You know, I'm in too good a mood to do what I ought to do to you for saying an asinine comment like that. You know? You want a reason for why I married Carly? Is that what you want? I'm gonna give you one. Listen close. I married Carly because I couldn't live another day without her. Because I didn't care who the DNA test said the daddy was. I loved that little girl from the moment I saw her. You got that? Want me to go on or --

[Craig laughs]

Jack: You know, 'cause I could keep this up all night. I could.

Craig: No, I gotcha!

Molly: Can you guys stand to hear even more good news today, huh?

Jack: Lay it on us.

Molly: Okay. Well, I just got a call from Holden from Memorial Hospital.

Katie: What's going on?

Molly: They found Lily and Rose. They're okay. They're safe, and they're on their way home.

Katie: Oh!

Jack: I gotta call Margo at the station and congratulate her. Carly -- she's gonna flip when she hears this! You better raise the roof beams, people. This man's living large! This day keeps getting better and better and better. It's amazing!

Craig: Well, hey, listen. Why don't you grab something and hang it from the rafters, slap it on the walls. You know, make it sparkle. Huh?

Molly: How'd you know that was my specialty, Craig?

Craig: Yeah, okay.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: I -- talked to Mike.

Katie: Oh, did you? I hadn't noticed.

Molly: I think he's gonna be okay.

Katie: Why don't you finish up here? You can have these all to yourself. I know how much you love taking over.

Bonnie: So, what? You're just gonna send her back out on the streets?

Walker: It's the shelter's responsibility to get Sarah medical care. But in the meantime, I just gave her one of these. She's gonna need another one in eight hours. The directions are on the side. That should take care of the fever and whatever infection is causing it.

Bonnie: Thank you. What about her rash?

Walker: Open your purse. These are samples of topical ointments to rub on the rash.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Walker: You're welcome. But she's still gonna need to get into the free clinic tomorrow for tests.

Sarah: Are you taking me back to the shelter right away?

Bonnie: Dr. Daniels, don't you think it'd be better if Sarah stayed with me for the night?

Sarah: For real?

Bonnie: Of course! That way I could make sure you get your ointments and your medicine and all that kind of good stuff.

Walker: I think that would be a great idea, Bonnie.

Sarah: Thanks, Dr. Daniels.

Walker: I'm glad I could help. You stay healthy.

Sarah: Thanks.

Sarah: Are you sure it's okay for me to come home with you?

Bonnie: Of course I'm sure. We were just about to have some dinner, and knowing Isaac, he probably bought enough for an entire army. So I think there's always room for one. Right, honey?

Jessica: I don't know how long this is gonna take. I -- I don't know when I'll be able to be intimate with you again. And -- you know, I can't live like this, and I certainly can't expect you to.

Ben: Jessica -- I love you. And whatever you go through, we go through as a couple.

Jessica: But I cannot pretend that it's good when it's not. Now, if we got married tomorrow, I would be inventing excuses not to come to bed.

Ben: And we'll work through that.

Jessica: But what if it doesn't change? I mean, what if, every night, for the rest of my life, I wake up in the night reliving the night I was attacked?

Ben: I will be patient.

Jessica: And when your patience runs out? When months go by, and I'm still pushing you away? When months go by, and I still can't respond to your touch? I mean, it's not fair. It's not fair to you, Ben, and I don't want to put you through that.

Ben: Is it all right if I hold you? I'm gonna take you in my arms, and I'm gonna hold you. I'm just gonna hold you. And while I'm holding you, there's only one thing I want you to do. I want you to listen.

Ben: I understand that you feel like you'll never get through this. You'll never have your life back. But I know that you will. Now I don't expect it to happen tomorrow. But as time goes by, and -- and we talk to each other, or you find somebody to talk to, then the memories of what happened that night will start to fade. And little by little, day by day, you're gonna feel more secure and safe. And you will open up to me. I know I can't fix this. It's gotta be fixed from the inside. But it's gonna happen. Because I have faith in God and in you. And I will do whatever I can to help you through this. I'm not gonna push you. I will help you through this.

Jessica: You are so good to me.

Ben: I'm never gonna stop wanting to marry you. So unless you have some other reason for not wanting me to be your husband --

Jessica: I can't think of any.

Ben: I think you're stuck with me.

Jessica: But I will need time, Ben, I --

Ben: Hey, you got it. You got it.

Bonnie: Hello! We're home.

Jessica: Hi.

Bonnie: Hi.

Jessica: Hi. How are you feeling, Sarah?

Sarah: I'm okay.

Jessica: Okay.

Ben: Did Dr. Daniels give you an exam?

Bonnie: Yeah, he actually wanted to admit her, but he couldnít. Some technicalities. Anyway, he gave her some antibiotics, and he loaded me down with a bunch of ointments for her rash. And -- oh, she's gonna stay with us tonight.

Jessica: Oh.

Ben: Oh, well -- if you want, I can check her out, make sure her fever's coming down.

Bonnie: Would you?

Ben: Sure.

Bonnie: That would be great. That would be great. Okay, well, then we'll be right back after we get Sarah all settled. Come on. I'll show you your room.

Isaac: Don't look at me. I thought once Bonnie's deal was done with the community service thing, she'd be through with Sarah, too. But what's she doing, instead? Trying harder, digging herself deeper and deeper. And I'll tell you what -- I'm just about through with the both of 'em.

Carly: Iíve really liked having my sister around these last few days.

Rosanna: Yes, it's been nice, hasn't it? It's too bad it has to end.

Carly: No! No, there's no way this is gonna end.

Rosanna: What are you suggesting? Craig and I pick up and move to Montana?

Carly: No. Of course not. But -- we have to spend time together. We have to sit and listen to each other.

Rosanna: Me and Craig and Lucy and you and Sage and Jack and Parker all sitting around a big family dining table, telling jokes?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Yeah. How do you think Craig and Jack'll take it?

Rosanna: Oh, they'll love it.

[Carly laughs]

Rosanna: I think we should begin immediately. As soon as we get home.

Carly: It's a deal.

[Both laughing]

Jack: Uh-oh. You two are plotting something, aren't you? Some mighty big smiles there.

Carly: Well, it looks like they're contagious. What's up?

Jack: I just got word that Lily and Rose are safe, and they're on their way home.

[Carly gasps]

Carly: No way.

Jack: Yeah.

Rosanna: That's marvelous!

Carly: Oh, Jack. Oh, I love this day! If I were any happier, I would scream.

Rosanna: Well, cover your ears, Jack, because it's going to be a doozy.

Carly: What? What are you talking about?

Rosanna: Just come with me and prepare to be amazed.

[Jack laughs]

Carly: Get the baby.

Jack: All right, I will.

Holden: Why don't you go check on Rose? I can handle this.

Margo: What makes you think that James is haunting you?

Lily: Who's ready for a five-course meal made by the famous Emma Snyder?

Rose: Lily! Oh, Lily! You look great!

Lily: Give me a week. I'll look great. Right now, I'm alive, and that's all that matters.

Rose: They said you were going home after the hospital.

Lily: We are. We're taking you with us.

Margo: I -- I still have some questions for Rose.

Lily: Oh. The bad guys are in jail, right?

Margo: Yeah. Most of them.

Lily: Well, can she have the night with her family? She'll be back tomorrow.

Rose: We've been stuck in a well for, like, forever. So could you cut us a break? Can I just go home? I really need to go home.

Margo: Okay, fine. Go, go. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Dusty: Yeah, I'll gladly stay away from you and your family. No sweat. But Rose is a grown woman, you know? If she wants to see me, she'll see me.

[Holden sighs]

Holden: Don't you have a shred of decency left? You come to town. You ruin your friends and family's lives. And now you want to stay and finish the job on Rose? Why don't you just do us all a favor? Leave Oakdale and don't bother coming back.

Holden: You ready to go home and see your kids?

Lily: More than you know.

Dusty: Rose, what do you want to do? I'll take you anywhere you want to go.

Craig: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have the honor of presenting Mr. and Mrs. Jack Snyder?

[Cheers and applause]

[Parker laughs]

Jack: What were you and Rosanna plotting on the porch?

Carly: Oh, nothin'. We think we ought to start having family dinners together. You know, all of us sitting around the same table, breakin' bread. Sounds like paradise, doesn't it?

Katie: Hey.

Mike: Hey.

Katie: I'm sorry about the baby. I wanted to talk to you about it, but I saw you talking to Molly. And I know you guys have a lot of history, so --

Mike: I'm glad we talked. You know, we settled things.

Katie: Great. No, that's really great.

Mike: Yeah, we came full circle, you know? Made some decisions.

Katie: What did you decide?

Mike: That it doesn't make any sense for me to move. I'm gonna stay in Oakdale.

Katie: Are you?

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, thank God! That is so amazing. I mean -- everybody'll be so excited. Everybody would've really missed you.

Mike: I'd miss you, too.

Parker: Wanna dance, Molly?

Molly: Oh, my gosh, Parker. You have made my day. I would love to dance with you. Get up here.

Rose: I think I'm gonna head home with Lily. I really think I should be with the family right now. You -- you understand that, right?

Dusty: Yeah, of course. So, yeah, Iíve made mistakes. Someday, you'll see I'm not the man you think I am.

Lily: Should we go now?

Holden: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Margo: Rose, I'm sorry. I just -- I just have one more question before you go. Because if I don't ask you, it's just gonna keep me up all night.

Rose: What? What is it?

Margo: Can you explain to me how it is that you got out of that noose while your hands were tied?

Rose: No. Couldn't tell you. I have no idea. Don't have a clue. Sorry.

Paul: Yeah, I need the number for the federal penitentiary. Yeah. Yeah, you can connect me. Thank you. Hello. Hi. I need to make arrangements to visit a prisoner there. His name is James Stenbeck. My name? My name's Ryan. Paul Ryan.

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Dusty: If Rose is Stenbeck's target, then I gotta know that now. I am not backing down until I know what Stenbeck is after.

James: You know what's absolutely amazing? The lengths a man will go to get his own flesh and blood just to pay him a visit.

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