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Dusty: You know where the well is? Do you know where Steinbeck has Lily and Rose?

Barbara: When I heard James say "Tommy Stout," I, of course, remembered the Nursery rhyme, but I also remembered something I hadn't thought about for years.

Holden: Barbara, just tell us where the well is.

Barbara: When Paul was little, James used that rhyme to scare him -- "ding, dong, bell pussy's in the well" --

Holden: Right, right, we know the words, and the next line says something about a barn, which is why we thought the well might be on a farm.

Barbara: There was a time when James took Paul away from me and they went to live on a farm somewhere. And Paul was young enough that James was worried that he was gonna wander off, because there was an old well nearby, so he taught him that rhyme.

Dusty: Where was the farm?

Margo: Is this the old Stewart farm?

Barbara: Yes. James rented it for a summer.

Holden: It's south, on route 6. Come on.

Barbara: Lily and Rose aren't there. You won't find them.

Lily: Rose? Rose?

Rose: I'm almost to the top, Lily. I can see --

Molly: Okay, Hannah, which ribbon should I use, green or yellow?

Hannah: Yellow.

Katie: Oh, Mike -- can you hand me that basket?

Mike: Yeah.

Craig: What is it about weddings that drives otherwise rational women into a frenzy of pheromone?

Rosanna: What is it about you that cannot leave well enough alone?

Craig: Did I say anything?

Rosanna: The churning of your brain is making a rather loud sound.

Hannah: Katie, if you could check on Carly, we're trying to time this with the moon-rise --

Katie: Sure, yeah.

Rosanna: The answer is no.

Craig: You don't even know what I was about to ask. How can you possibly even -- oh, maybe you do. But at least do me the courtesy of hearing me out.

Jack: Ohh, okay.

Hannah: Oh, there you are. I thought we were gonna have to start without you. Parker, can I borrow your finger? I need you to tie some bows.

Molly: Hey, Jack. How you doing?

Jack: Good, good. Parker and I just did a little shopping.

[Sage crying]

Carly: Are you absolutely sure?

Dr. Banks: The man listed on that form is the biological father of your baby girl. There's no doubt about it. If he has any questions, tell him to call me.

Carly: Yeah, okay. Thanks -- thank you, doc.

Dr. Banks: Nice night for a wedding.

Carly: What?

Dr. Banks: Congratulations.

Carly: Thanks. I don't believe it.

Katie: Who was that? Carly, you're not dressed. You're getting married in like ten minutes! What's wrong?

Carly: Nothing -- everything.

Katie: Was it whoever that just was? I mean, did he do something?

Carly: Yeah. He gave me this.

Molly: That's gotta hurt.

Jack: Yeah, that's the way it is. What am I gonna do?

Molly: Nothing. Except we pray that Sage is yours.

Jack: Oh, and if she isn't, what then, Molly? Listen, I'm not even gonna go there. I've gotta concentrate on the big picture -- Carly, me and the kids. Parker's not mine, I love him, right? If Sage is -- if she isn't mine -- it'll be fine.

Molly: You can't even stand to see him pick her up --

Jack: Listen, I'll get used to it. Come on, I knew the score coming in. Right? I chose to come here, to ask Carly to be my wife, to move forward. It'll work. Look -- it's our birth-stones -- mine, Carly's, Parker's and Sage's. Carly's wedding present. I want her to -- I want her to know how I feel. We're a real family.

Molly: Sure. It's beautiful.

Craig: Mike Kasnoff knows almost 16 words. He's broke, he dresses like a dirty movie, and who would trust that smile?

Rosanna: Well, maybe it's the tool belt that's so attractive.

Craig: And yet, otherwise intelligent women seem to lust after that Neanderthal.

Rosanna: Well, my lusting days are over, darling. I married you.

Craig: I get your jokes.

Rosanna: Yes, I know, and it makes up for so much.

Craig: But I do not intend to stand by and watch him ruin Katie's life the way he has ruined Carly's and Molly's and yours.

Rosanna: I thought Mike and Katie were friends.

Craig: They were sharing a sleeping bag.

Rosanna: Well -- what are you saying? Are you and Jack -- ?

Craig: What?

Rosanna: You were sharing a sleeping bag.

Craig: You're trying too hard.

Rosanna: Well, maybe it's the altitude. I'm just in a fine mood. You and Sierra spent your entire wedding, what, at sea level? Perhaps we should make a plan -- once a year, we must go to the mountains.

Craig: Will you talk to Mike Kasnoff?

Rosanna: About what?

Craig: About Katie.

Rosanna: Oh, Katie, yeah, I think -- she's helping Carly get ready, isn't she?

Craig: I know where she is -- it's where she's going that bothers me. She is my baby sister.

Rosanna: And I'm your wife and you haven't kissed me in at least an hour. I'm going to pout.

Craig: Oh, come here.

Jack: You're such a good girl. That's right, you got me. Molly's right, too -- I can't help it. I want you to be mine -- my little girl.

Carly: I gotta talk to Jack.

Katie: You're not changing your mind, are you?

Carly: No! No, of course not. I love Jack, I want to marry him more than anything else in this world. It's just -- the timing --

Katie: Yeah, well, speaking of timing, Hannah says you have got to be ready within ten minutes, because that's when the moon is gonna rise, and that's the most auspicious time for vows and promises. And not really that it's any of my business, but considering your track record, I think you need all the auspiciousness you can get.

Carly: And if Jack has told me once, he's told me a dozen times -- he wants to marry me, no matter what. Everything else will just have to wait.

Katie: Carly, what's on that piece of paper? I have a feeling that it's not just a note wishing you good luck on your wedding day.

Carly: No, it isn't. But it is my wedding day, and that is a very sacred thing, so what is on that piece of paper will have to wait. So come on, Katie -- let's get me gorgeous.

Holden: You just said that James rented the old Stewart place.

Barbara: That's right, but this well I'm talking about was at some hunting lodge that they found in the woods. Now, they never took me there, I don't know where it is. It was their little secret.

Margo: Okay, a hunting lodge --

Dusty: I say we go back and we force Steinbeck to tell us where it is.

Barbara: Haven't you learned that you can't force James Steinbeck to do anything?

Holden: Barbara, did Paul ever say anything about the lodge? Did they have to drive to it, walk to it? Was it near a creek, a lake?

Barbara: It wasn't very far away, I know that. They hiked to it. Paul said something about maybe a couple of miles. You know what, I'm going to call Lisa, see if she remembers anything at all.

Margo: Okay, you guys, this whole area, it's a wooded area with a lot of private land reserves, so we're gonna have to triple forces to cover the entire area.

Dusty: Not if we're only talking about a few square miles. I say we break it up, we assign somebody to each section. These things cover a lot of territory. They're all set to the same frequency as the walkie-talkie that Lily and Rose have.

Margo: That's great, we blanket the area and flood the frequencies.

Dusty: We've gotta find 'em.

Margo: Absolutely, they're gonna hear it. Now, we're just -- I need about a dozen maps here. We're taking a three-mile radius around the old Stewart farm off of route 6. Right?

Holden: Okay, now, that's the one that they found on Stanley, right?

Dusty: This one's the lucky charm. This one is the best shot at picking up Lily and Rose.

Holden: All right. Let's go.

[Lily coughing]

Lily: Rose? Rose! Oh -- Rose? Rose -- Rose, Rose? Oh -- Rose?

Lily: Rose -- Rose! Oh -- oh, thank God!

[Rose coughing]

Rose: You okay?

Lily: Yes. You were out cold.

Rose: Oh. I just remember this big bang. Wow, that's a lot of dirt. Yuck. Ow. The good news is, they dropped a lot of stuff this time. I can definitely climb out of here now.

Lily: No. They could start blasting again, Rose.

Rose: No, they're done for the day.

Lily: You don't know that.

Rose: Look, I am not gonna sit here and wait for us to get buried alive. Now, you just relax and I'm gonna get out of here, get a manicure and a pedicure and I'll be right back for ya.

Margo: I know this wasn't easy for you, Barbara -- I mean, given the way you feel about Dusty and Rose.

Barbara: They killed my son. They have to live with that. But I'm not the one who should be punishing them.

Margo: You didn't always feel that way.

Barbara: After the fire, I was angry enough that I allowed myself to need James. But after seeing him in prison, watching people squirm is his only pleasure, and I won't end up like that -- a hunter, a torturer.

Margo: A hunter!

Barbara: What?

Margo: You know what? I think I know where to find the twins. You can take this prisoner back to his cell. We don't need him anymore.

Brackett: Something happen?

Katie: Hi, daddy. I know, it's been a while. Sorry. I just have a really important question this time. Where's Simon? Have you seen him lately? He's probably on some beach somewhere with a rich lady. A yacht -- that would be her yacht -- her villa. I just wanna know if he's okay. And don't tell him I'm asking. I mean, I guess if he wanted to be back here, he would be. I mean, not here -- Oakdale. But he's gone. I know he's gone. I just wanted to know if he's still -- that's the thing, right? He's never still, he's always going. And now he's gone. Uh, Carly? We have, like, t-minus two minutes until the moon rises.

Carly: Just a minute. Worth the wait?

Katie: Oh, man, do you clean up.

Craig: I thought we were going to be honest and above board.

Rosanna: It's not your methods I'm questioning, darling, it's your motive.

Craig: I'm looking after my baby sister.

Rosanna: I hate to say this -- I don't want to say this, but you're in danger of becoming a meddlesome fossil. Katie can take care of herself. She doesn't need you worrying about her love life. It's none of your business.

Craig: Well, then, maybe it is better coming from you -- "Mike, what are your intentions towards Katie?" That's all you have to say.

Rosanna: And he'd have every right to slug me.

Craig: Well, then, I would kill him and Katie would be safe.

Rosanna: Let me point something out to you -- one of the charms of being married is that you only have to worry about one woman -- me. Carly and Katie don't need your constant attention -- Lucy doesn't even need you so much anymore.

Craig: Are you feeling neglected?

Rosanna: I'm feeling exasperated. If you put half the attention and time into your business as you did into worrying about your flock, you'd be richer than me.

Craig: Well, then, you'd feel obliged to go back to Detroit and beat up on your board of directors and then where would we be?

Mike: Everything okay?

Rosanna: No! And I give up, officially. Nah.

Mike: What's the problem?

Craig: Well, since you asked --

Molly: If I were you, Craig, I would quit while I was ahead.

Craig: I'm not you.

Molly: If Jack found out that you might have insulted Mike and that Mike would have to punch you in the nose, then Jack might have to dis-invite you to the wedding.

Mike: My knuckles thank you.

Molly: No problem. A lot's happened since last time Carly and Jack did this.

Mike: Yeah? I'd like to think they're not the only ones who've gotten older and wiser.

Molly: I don't know, Mike.

Mike: Come on. If we both hadn't learned some things, we wouldn't be here right now, would we?

Molly: Thanks again for calling me. I wouldn't want to have missed this wedding for the world.

Mike: Carly wouldn't really feel married if you weren't here to witness it, so --

Molly: But I've never been to a native American wedding ceremony. It's legal, right?

Mike: Yeah, yeah. Hannah's like a tribal elder. She's got all the necessary clearances.

Molly: It's a good thing, because this wedding needs to go the distance. It's only fair, right?

[Sage fussing] how're you doing?

Mike: Well, when those DNA results come back, I'll be able to breathe a lot easier, but till then, weddings are cool.

Molly: Will you save me a dance? I'd really like to talk about what happened to us.

Katie: I would just like to announce that Carly is finally ready to make her appearance.

Hannah: Good. Tell her, her timing is perfect. If everyone could take their places, please.

Jack: You have the ring?

Mike: Safe and sound. Let's get you married.

[Jack sighs]

Hannah: And with the rising of the moon comes the bride.

Hannah: It's traditional for those who are witnessing the ceremony to offer their thoughts, a blessing --

Craig: Well, I've got something to say.

Holden: Hey, Margo. No luck so far.

Margo: I know where they are.

Margo: Oh! Susan, hi, excuse me. I'm sorry -- I have to ask you a couple questions. It's about Lily and Rose.

Susan: How can I help?

Margo: Your ex-husband, Dan, he was a hunter, right?

Susan: You could call it that.

Margo: What -- I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Susan: When we were married, he strayed.

Margo: Oh, no, I -- I don't mean that kind of -- a real hunter, he was a real hunter -- and there was a story about a bear.

Susan: Oh, that stupid bear. Dan and a couple of his cronies -- one of them might've been Bob -- they left an open keg of beer on the porch. And this poor old bear wandered up, helped himself, fell asleep right in front of the lodge.

Margo: A hunting lodge?

Susan: Yeah. Yeah. And Dan had a picture of himself taken, you know, with the --

Margo: Okay, do you remember if this hunting lodge -- did it have a well?

Susan: It used to, but I think it dried up.

Margo: Do you think that perhaps James Steinbeck might've known about it? I know they spent a lot of time on the farm with Paul.

Susan: Sure he knew. The picture of Dan with the poor drunk bear -- you know, the great hunter -- that was hanging over the fireplace. And Steinbeck must've heard the story. There was even an extra set of keys out at the farm to the lodge.

Margo: Really? Great, listen, do you think that you could find the lodge on the map here?

Susan: Oh, sure. I know exactly where it is.

Margo: Thank you, come here.

Brackett: If the taxpayers could see you now.

Molly: Hey. You look gorgeous.

Hannah: The spirit who lives in the earth, in the sun and the moon, in all living things, has called each and every one of us together to witness the union of Carly and Jack. Some of us have loved this couple -- others have tested their love -- or done a little of both. But you're all here to bless this union. Carly, Jack -- why are you getting married?

Jack: Well -- everyone here knows us. And everyone knows all about us -- the good, the bad, the beautiful. I love you, Carly. That's the simple answer. Because you make my life make sense. You're the reason why I get up every day, and why I always try to do the right thing. 'Cause no matter how many times we have been tested -- and let me tell you, we have been tested -- it always comes back to what we found, here in Montana. Life means something when we're together. And now that we're back where it all began -- so much richer, with all our friends and two wonderful kids and a chance to build a life together -- if you'll have me.

Carly: Oh. Of course I'll have you, Jack -- you know, the next time I design a wedding dress, I'm gonna put a pocket in it.

Jack: Oh, here. That's all right.

Carly: See? You always fix everything, Jack -- no matter how many mistakes I make. And some mistakes -- they turn out to be miracles in disguise. But you never know -- at least I don't. For all I know, I could've made just another doozy. No -- if Katie hadn't found me, I would've missed my own wedding. And that would've been my biggest mistake. Because you're my compass, Jack. You're my true north. When I look at you, I know exactly where to head -- home. To you and to Parker and to Sage. You accept who I am. And you love me, despite everything. And that's real love. That's the real thing. And I am honored and lucky and so happy to build a life with you.

Hannah: Uh, we haven't quite gotten to that part, Carly. Jack. Okay. Now, before I say a final blessing, it's traditional for those who are witnessing the ceremony to offer their thoughts -- a blessing, a gift. Anyone? No one has anything to offer?

Craig: Well, I've got something to say.

Holden: Lily? Rose? Are you there? Lily, Rose, can you hear me?

Dusty: Looks like we just did a three-mile circle.

Holden: We should've heard something by now.

Dusty: We'll find 'em.

Holden: Of course we're gonna find 'em. I don't care if we have to dig up the whole forest, we're gonna find 'em. I'm not going back home without my wife.

Dusty: That's -- that's the old Holden I remember.

Holden: Lily? Rose?

Dusty: I tell you, it's almost like when we were back --

Holden: Dude -- don't get chummy with me, okay?

Dusty: Okay.

Holden: We are not friends and we will never be friends. This is your fault -- all of it. No matter how it pans out, I will never forgive you for it.

Lily: Rose? You almost there? Rose?

Rose: Just gotta pull myself -- aagh!

Lily: Rose, what happened?

Rose: You okay, Lily?

Lily: Yes, I'm fine. What happened?

Rose: I'm a klutz is what happened. Come on, Jersey, let's go!

Lily: Rose? Rose!

Rose: I made it! Lily! I made it out! I'm okay! I made it!

Lily: I knew you would.

Rosanna: Sweetheart, is this really necessary?

Craig: Yeah, I have something that needs to be said.

Katie: Craig, please don't ruin this wedding.

Jack: Let the man talk.

Craig: Now, thank you, Jack. Now, what you said before about obstacles -- I realize that I haven't been the only one. And yet, despite my efforts, and those of others who shall remain nameless, you have prevailed. Flying into the face of reason, nothing could stop you. Was it kismet or fate, dumb luck? Dumb, or just the fact that you're both too stubborn to know any better? Well, you have my blessing, Jack and Carly. And my respect for your tenacity in the face of insuperable odds.

Jack: I'll take it.

Craig: You earned it.

Rosanna: If I might add something.

[Katie mutters]

Katie: A muzzle?

Rosanna: I think that my husband had a very interesting point to make, and I'm glad he made it.

Craig: That's why she married me.

Rosanna: And now you can shut up.

Craig: Huh?

Rosanna: Kiss. Oh. Ah. There. All right. Well -- it's no secret that Carly and I have had our share of difficulties. I've certainly seen my sister through some extraordinary times. I've seen her miserable, I've seen her stubborn, and I've seen her just as tenacious as my husband said she is. But I have never, ever seen her this happy. And that is what I wish for you. I truly do. You and Jack -- I wish you both joy.

Carly: Thank you.

Molly: I just want to say that I am really glad to be here. Not just here in Montana, 'cuz, but in your heart. Because without you, my world's a really lonely place. And it's like you always say, none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. And you can either take those mistakes and stand on ceremony, or you can try to forgive. And that's you and Jack. You have faith in people, in what love can do, and in forgiveness. And that is a blessing that you both give me and everybody, every day. And so I'm just here to remind myself of that, and to thank you both for your faith.

Carly: I love you, 'cuz.

Molly: I love you. I know you love me.

Carly: Jack, if you could -- do you have another handkerchief?

Mike: No, I got it.

Katie: I think I have something to say. You know what I think the most important thing is? The way people treat each other. And Carly and Jack -- they're friends. I've seen that again and again since I got here. When they talk to each other, they listen, and care so much about each other. They're safe, and you can feel it. They're on the same team, they're committed. That's exactly what counts. 'Cause you can love someone so much, but if they're not committed -- well, Carly and Jack just have what all of us want -- someone to love who loves us back.

Carly: Katie, thank you.

Molly: Okay, you know, Parker, you can say it. You've been dying to say it. Go ahead.

Parker: Food!

[All laughing]

Molly: Parker says that Carly and Jack have the greatest food.

Carly: That's because mama knows where to shop.

Jack: Oh, he's so cute.

Mike: Look, what you all have is love. And -- I've just been envious. You know, in all the past few months, the ups and downs, that's what it's always come back to. But I believe that for right or for wrong, it's always been about love. And I wish you the best.

Hannah: So, these are your blessings -- tenacity, joy, faith, commitment, food --

[everyone chuckles] and love. Well said. You may exchange your rings.

Jack: I love you.

Carly: Get on there.

Hannah: And now, through the power of the great spirit and the sanction of the great state of Montana, Carly and Jack's spirits have been joined. They are husband and wife. And now, you may kiss the bride.

Molly: Whoo! Yee-hoo!

[whistle blows]


Craig: Get up, because what time is it?

Parker: Time to eat!

Craig: Yeah! That's for sure. All right, come here.

Rosanna: That was one of the most moving ceremonies I've ever had the honor to witness. I wish you both the best.

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: Thanks for being here.

Jack: Yeah, and for bringing Parker and keeping the tall guy in line.

Rosanna: I try.

Molly: That was the best wedding ever.

Jack: Well, hopefully it was the last wedding ever.

Katie: Yeah, right?

Carly: You don't want to do this every year?

Molly: That's why they invented anniversaries -- so we can get together and party every year.

Mike: That's right, and we will be there. Congratulations.

Jack: Thank you, Mike.

Carly: I need to talk to you.

Rosanna: Ah, yes, so we should all set up, right? Let's set things up.

Katie: Oh, yes, I forgot to put the extra champagne in the fridge.

Rosanna: Oh, yes -- yes, yes, do. And -- you have your -- assignment? Okay, good. Darling, we should get the binoculars, right, out of the car? You want to look at the constellations with Hannah?

Parker: Yeah!

Rosanna: Yay! And sweetheart, hm? Isn't it time for us to prepare for our --

Craig: I'm way ahead of you. Okay, listen, we'll be there in about half an hour, and remember, it's a surprise.

Rosanna: A surprise? Oh, okay. Let's go.

Jack: Oh, she's a good girl. She was good through the whole ceremony.

Carly: Yeah. Well, I guess she's gotten used to the excitement -- which is a good thing, with us as parents.

Jack: Right.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: The ring fit?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, it's perfect.

Jack: Good.

Carly: Yeah. It's back where it belongs. We worked it out. Jack --

Jack: Hey, I've got something that goes with it. Hold on a second.

Carly: Oh, it's beautiful!

Jack: It's our birth-stones -- you, me, Parker and Sage. I wanted the whole family --

Carly: Oh, Jack --

Jack: What's the matter, what'd I do wrong?

Carly: No, nothing. You're perfect. I have something to tell you. And I've been waiting all day. Jack, I love you so much.

Susan: Okay, here's the ridge. Here's the creek.

Margo: Uh-huh. You're sure now?

Susan: I'm positive. We used to go backpacking in there when we were feeling ambitious. We'd follow the ridge down along the creek, and it's right here. That's before they paved the trail. You can drive in there now, except you have to -- you have to hike from the creek.

Margo: That's fine, thank you so much, Susan.

Susan: Anything I can do to help.

[Pager beeping] oh, that's me. I'm due in surgery.

Margo: Okay, go, go, I got it from here.

Susan: Let me know if anything pans out.

Margo: I will, absolutely. Absolutely.

Dusty: You think that I wanted any of this to happen?

Holden: I think that you don't give a damn about anybody but yourself.

Dusty: Whoa, you're wrong about that.

Holden: Tell that to Paul. Lily? Rose?

[Cell phone rings]

Holden: Yeah?

Margo: Holden?

Holden: Hey, Margo. No luck so far.

Margo: I know where they are.

Lily: Rose? Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself climbing out?

Rose: No, I'm okay.

Lily: Where are we?

Rose: I don't know. We're in the woods, somewhere. Look, you just sit tight, okay? I'll be back. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Brackett: The hell you will.

Katie: Oh, my God.

Carly: I love the necklace, Jack. And I love you. You've given me so much -- your patience, and your willingness to try over and over and over again --

Jack: Hey, I wanted that mailbox. It was no hardship.

Carly: I have something for you, too.

Jack: Yeah, she's a beauty.

Carly: Yeah. I think she looks a lot like her dad.

Jack: Her -- her dad?

Mike: This is from the doctor?

Lily: Yes, it's me.

Holden: Hear that? She's alive. It's Lily, she's alive. Lily.

Brackett: We have unfinished business here, Rose.

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