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Jack: Perfect!

Carly: We can get the marriage license right away?

Jack: Apparently there's no waiting period in Montana.

Carly: Oh, Jack, that's great!

Jack: You hear that, Sage? Your mommy and daddy -- they're going to get their marriage papers today, whatever they are, right? We'll be signed, sealed and recommitted.

Carly: Before the results of the paternity test come back.

Jack: I want that, Carly. I want you to know that I'm here for you. For Sage. No matter what.

Carly: Oh, Jack, she's so new. I don't think I can stand the thought of taking her to the County Clerk's office with us.

Katie: Did I hear that maybe someone needs a babysitter or two?

Mike: That is, if you're okay with it, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, sure. You could use some alone time with the baby, Mike.

Rosanna: Oh, don't stop.

Craig: I must.

Rosanna: Why? Where are you going?

Craig: I'm going to call my secretary and have her clear my schedule and schedule you every hour. Hold that thought.

Rosanna: Oh!

Emma: Oh, Rosanna. Hello, hello.

Rosanna: Oh, Emma. Hello! How are you?

Emma: I'm okay.

Rosanna: Oh, it's so nice to see you! Are you meeting a friend here for lunch or something?

Emma: No, no, no. I'm -- well, actually, I'm here to cancel Lily's annual benefit party.

Rosanna: Oh, I'm so sorry. It's so upsetting. Has there been any news?

Emma: No, no, nothing. Oh, it's so awful. I really don't want to talk about it.

Rosanna: I understand. Do you -- I wish I could sit down with you a minute --

Emma: No, it looked like you were ready to leave just then. Anyway -- actually, I'm sort of in a rush myself. But I am very glad that I ran into you.

Rosanna: Oh, is there something you need?

Emma: Well, I got a call. A message from Jack from Montana today.

Rosanna: Oh.

Emma: Carly's baby was born.

Rosanna: Oh. Well, that's -- wonderful. How are mother and baby doing?

Emma: Very, very well. It seems that Jack delivered a very strong and healthy little girl. They're calling her Sage.

Rosanna: Sage. How western. Well, it's lovely, Emma. You have a new addition to your coterie of grandnieces and grandnephews.

Emma: And you also have a new little niece.

Rosanna: Yes, yes, I suppose I do.

Emma: Rosanna, sweetheart -- what is it?

Rosanna: Oh, it's nothing. I was just sitting here with Craig and with Lucy and Aaron, and it felt so wonderful. It was like a family. And now I have a niece -- a beautiful, healthy niece, apparently. And I just feel so --

Emma: What? What do you feel?

Rosanna: I can't stand that I feel this way. It's just the way that Carly constantly makes me feel, and I hate it. I'm jealous of her.

Holden: Any solid leads come in since we broadcast the appeal?

Cop #2: Only one legitimate-sounding call.

Holden: Did they have any information on Stanley or Mccann?

Cop #2: Mccann, but that's all I can tell you.

Holden: Why? Orders? You don't know? What?

Molly: Calm down.

Holden: Molly, why did Margo leave my house like that? Have you seen Detective Hughes?

Cop #2: No.

Molly: Let's let the police do their job, okay?

Holden: I have.

Dusty: If I am right about who I think is behind this, it doesn't matter how hard the Oakdale P.D. works, because they don't stand a chance.

Barbara: I don't know how this happened to this man, or how he got in here.

Margo: The suite is leased in your name, right?

Barbara: Oh, come on, Margo, we got here at the same time. And before that, I was down at the station. You know who he is, don't you?

Margo: His name is Mccann. He's on a short list of people we thought could help us to find Lily and Rose.

Barbara: I don't know anything. I'm not involved.

Margo: You may not have been, but you're up to your waist in it now, aren't you?

Hal: Whoa. Dr. Gordon, is there some sort of a hurry? What's the problem here?

Gordo: Even though I'm barred from treating patients, they keep me busy, anyway, lieutenant. So, unless you plan to arrest me for murder, I have to go.

Hal: I have no plans to arrest you for murder. Yet.

Susan: You're not the most popular guy around Memorial these days.

Hal: Well, it's an occupational hazard, Susan. Luckily, I don't care who likes me. I just want to catch a killer.

Susan: Who could be just about anybody who works here, from what Bob tells me.

Hal: Yeah, well, we're pretty sure that it's not you.

[Susan laughs]

Susan: Well, thanks for the vote of confidence. But you know it's Bob I'm worried about. He's very stressed out over this investigation, and I don't know if you're aware of this, but he's had some health problems in the last few months.

Hal: You mean the mini-strokes? Yeah, I know about that. But isn't Rick Decker treating him for that?

Susan: Well, with stress like this, that can compromise any treatment.

Hal: Susan, I feel for Bob. I really do. But there's going to be a lot more stress if there's another murder here and I've done nothing to stop it.

Bob: Well, thank you for being so prompt. I'm disturbed by something that I've been reading. Nurse Krebs' diary -- because of the unanswered questions in this investigation, I did something I wouldn't normally do. I read someone's personal diary. Nurse Krebs was very conscientious. She kept meticulous notes. In fact, just before she was killed, she was making an entry. She wrote down everything that she said and saw that day. Which leads me to one conclusion. You convince me that I'm wrong, or the next call I make will be to the Police department. And I will tell them who has been killing people at this hospital.

Barbara: I can't be in there with a dead man.

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Barbara: How could you think I had anything to do with this? This is someone's idea of a cruel joke.

Margo: Well, forgive me if I glaze over here, Barbara. But same old stories do that to me.

Barbara: I am sure that you didn't approve of how I tried to split up Paul and Rose.

Margo: My disapproval of you goes far beyond your latest gamut.

Barbara: But I loved my son. And I am in mourning for him. And all I want right now is a little peace in my life, okay? The last thing I would ever do is get involved in something that ended in violence. So, you go do what you have to do. Just tear my place apart! You find the evidence. You find fibers. You find out who did this. Because I'm going down to the lounge.

Margo: Barbara. Okay, you may be telling the truth. You may not know anything about this Mccann guy or Rose's kidnapping. But, like it or not, you've been dragged into the middle of it now. So if this is someone's idea of a cruel joke, as you say, who would find something like this funny? And why would they target you?

Barbara: I don't know. I have no idea.

Dusty: James Steinbeck.

Holden: That's who you think is behind this? How do you figure that?

Dusty: I talked to Barbara. She knows it, too, but she's not gonna go near it.

Holden: The cops already checked. He's solitary, 24/7 in the federal pen.

Dusty: All right, you asked. I told you.

Holden: Excuse me. Do you have any idea who's logging the calls?

Dusty: Steinbeck is the guy. He's behind all of this.

Molly: Do you believe that Steinbeck is capable of orchestrating kidnappings from prison?

Dusty: Of course. He's the only one who could. I mean, the reason why Holden and all these cops can't see it is because they're a part of the system, and this makes the system look like a joke.

Molly: Okay. Problem is, can you get proof that Steinbeck is behind this?

Dusty: Are you kidding me? I could get proof right now if I pull some strings. But I gotta get out of here.

Molly: Oh, no, no, no. No, not again. No, buddy.

Dusty: You know I'm not guilty. You said so yourself.

Molly: Because Mccann said so.

Dusty: And why? You believed it. Why? Because you know it's the truth. More than anybody, you know I'm innocent.

Molly: Which means what? That I'm supposed to lure yet another killer out of hiding? To risk my life for you?

Dusty: No. No, it means that you, more than anyone, can persuade Margo to let me out of here. Today.

Carly: Well, I pumped some milk. It's in the fridge. Just heat it up, but test it on your wrist first, okay?

Katie: We'll be fine.

Carly: And make sure that you burp her.

Katie: Okay.

Jack: Are you ready?

Carly: Yeah. Let's go get a marriage license. Okay, sweetie.

Jack: Are you sure that it's okay? You know, leaving the baby so soon --

Mike: Nah, it's okay. Don't worry, she'll be here when you get back. I'm just kidding. Geez.

Carly: Remember how proud I was of you before when you were so generous with Mike? Don't blow it. It's going to be okay. All right. Okay, bye. Good-bye.

Emma: Now aren't you being a little hard on yourself?

Rosanna: Other women have given up dreams of motherhood. I should be able to welcome my own niece into the world without drowning in self-pity.

Emma: Listen, it's a very big sacrifice. I mean, how long has it been since you've had your surgery, huh? It's been about two months only. Now why don't you try forgiving yourself for being human?

Rosanna: If only it were as easy as Carly can have a baby, and I can't. Like I said, I am happy, and I am blessed, and I am just going to focus on that.

Emma: Good girl.

Rosanna: Now what else did Jack say?

Emma: Well, I have to admit, I'm a little confused by his message. He said that he and Carly are divorced, and now they're thinking about getting married again. In Montana.

Rosanna: Those two.

Emma: Yeah, and I know that they would really love to have Parker with them when they got remarried.

Rosanna: Mmm, Carly does love Parker. I'll give her that.

Emma: You know, I would ordinarily take him out myself. You know, surprise them, a chance to get away. But with all this happening with Lily and Rose, I --

Craig: If you haven't seen the big sky in June, you ain't seen nothing. I think Rosanna and I would be proud to escort Mr. Parker up to his mother's wedding. Huh?

Kim: Hal, I'm glad I found you. Hi, Susan.

Hal: Oh, hi, Kim. Is there a problem?

Kim: Oh, yes. I just had a message from Dr. Decker. He says he's getting very concerned about the kind of stress that Bob's being put under by this investigation.

Susan: We're all concerned. That's what we were just discussing.

Kim: Oh, good, because I need your support.

Hal: If I can --

Kim: I need to have you help me convince Bob that this investigation can go on without him for at least a couple of weeks, right? I mean, I take him out of town, maybe it'll help him. Please?

Chris: Don't worry, lieutenant, I'm not trespassing. I'll be out of here as soon as I clear out my locker.

Kim: Leaving in the middle of the day? Why?

Chris: Ask him.

Kim: Wha -- what's this all about?

Hal: Bob didn't want you to know, Kim, and he'd prefer that I didn't tell you. But he had to suspend Chris for three days.

Kim: Why?

Hal: A bottle of potassium chloride was found in his locker.

Kim: So, that's some kind of contraband or something?

Hal: No, it's not, but it is our serial killer's weapon of choice.

Kim: They found that in my son's locker?

Hal: Yes, they did.

Kim: Well, what was his explanation?

Hal: Chris claims that he had it because he was going to try to use it to force a confession out of a fellow intern, Dr. Gordon.

Kim: Gordo? His friend Gordo?

Hal: Well, until recently, his friend Gordo was our prime suspect.

Kim: And now Chris has inherited that honor?

Hal: I didn't say that.

Kim: Oh, for heaven's sakes. This is ridiculous! Susan, you know there's somebody setting him up. Somebody's trying to use him. It is not the first time that that's -- honey -- sweetheart, are you all right?

Hal: Bob?

Kim: Honey?

Hal: Bob? Bob? Bob? Bob! Bob!

Kim: Oh, my God! Are you -- Bob!

Susan: Code blue! Code blue! I need a crash cart over here. Get me a bed in ICU, stat!

Kim: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Please, honey.

Susan: His pulse is racing.

Kim: Oh, my Lord, I think he's lost consciousness.

Hal: Kim, give Susan room.

Kim: Stay with me!

Hal: Give her room.

Kim: Honey, please stay with me.

Hal: Give her room.

Kim: Please!

Rick: What happened?

Kim: He collapsed.

Susan: His pressure is elevated, but his airway is clear. His breathing is normal.

Chris: One of the nurses just told me --

Kim: Chris. Oh, Chris --

Chris: Mom, what happened?

Kim: I don't know. I don't know. He was just talking, trying to tell Hal something, and then he collapsed. And now he won't wake up.

Rick: All right, we need to get him onto a cardiac monitor. Now Bob told me he was taking his medication regularly. From what you've observed, would you say that's true?

Kim: Yes, yes, yes, yes. He's very conscientious. He keeps his medicine with him.

Rick: Okay, Chris, I need you to go into his office and see if the pills are in his jacket.

Kim: Please, go!

Rick: Please, we need to know.

Kim: I'll stay here with him. I'll stay.

Rick: Get the code team ready in ICU.

Susan: Okay. Let's get him to ICU.

Walker: What happened to Bob?

Hal: Unexplained collapse.

Walker: Does Decker think it was related to his mini-strokes?

Hal: I don't know. But what I do know is, just before it happened, he was trying to tell me something.

Chris: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Mike: You are so pretty, you know that? That's a good smile. A little strong one, aren't you, hmm? Wonder where you got that from?

Katie: How are you two?

Mike: Could you take her, please?

Katie: Sure. Oh, it's okay.

Mr. Hessel: Congratulations. This could be the adventure of your young lives. Take it from me, marriage is a long road. Sometimes rocky, but always with great rewards.

Jack: Yes, so we've heard.

Mr. Hessel: Do you have any I.D.?

Jack: Yeah.

Mr. Hessel: Any evidence of previous marriage or divorce?

Jack: Yes.

Mr. Hessel: Oh, well, there must be some mistake. This has your same names on it, and it's dated only five days ago.

Carly: That's right. That's why we need to get married. Because our baby was just born. Or she might be our baby. You see, my ex-husband here, he wants to get married before the results come back from the paternity test. It's sort of proof, you know, of his commitment to me. It's awfully romantic, don't you think?

Mr. Hessel: Alberta! Come out here! You gotta hear this one!

Molly: Dusty, I already told Margo that I thought you were innocent, okay? I'm not getting on my knees to plead your case again.

Dusty: Come on, you're my only hope here.

Molly: I am not some cheap chick that you can have fun with, dump, and then come crawling back to for favors again and again.

Dusty: Well, who said you are? Have I ever, you know, betrayed who we are or betrayed our trust? Well, do you doubt that I'm always in your corner?

Molly: No.

Dusty: No. Because we've made each other feel really good through tough times. With no regrets, no strings attached, no nonsense. We've been there for each other, like adults. Like friends.

Molly: With benefits.

Dusty: That's what I'm talking about. So are you going to help me out of here, or what?

Molly: How are you going to prove that Steinbeck's involved?

Dusty: Through Barbara Ryan.

Molly: And why do you think Steinbeck's involved?

Dusty: Because he wants to even the score in Paul's death. I mean, that guy's got his hands on everything. And the one thing that he hates to lose is control.

Molly: So you're saying that he wants to hurt Rose for hurting Paul.

Dusty: And me, and Barbara.

Molly: And Lily?

Dusty: She's caught in the crossfire. I'm going to get to Barbara, Barbara's going to get to Steinbeck. But you got to get me out of here. What do you say?

Rosanna: You are not setting foot in the same state as Carly Tenney without me.

Dusty: You will visit James in prison.

Barbara: I would rather die first.

Rick: He's slipped into a coma.

Kim: Oh!

Molly: Okay, you want me to convince Margo that you're everybody's last, best hope.

Dusty: What have you got?

Holden: Margo, where did you go?

Margo: There's no easy way to say this. I'm just gonna say it. Mccann is dead. I found him at Barbara Ryan's.

Holden: You were supposed to be watching her.

Margo: We were. Unless she can kill telepathically, she didn't do it. I was there when he was discovered, and she was here before that. So someone is using her -- setting her up.

Molly: Just like somebody set Dusty up when they stabbed Spangler in the back.

Dusty: I think that we can all agree now that someone a lot bigger than Spangler is calling the shots.

Molly: Holden, think about it. Dusty's been behind bars 24/7, and somebody still got to Mccann.

Dusty: Mccann -- the only guy left who knew where Lily and Rose are. And he is dead.

Molly: Dusty has a hunch. Let's let him play it out before it's too late.

Katie: You like that? Oh, she's settling down now. You want to tell me what happened out there?

Mike: Well, I was just sitting there holding her, and I just -- thought maybe I shouldn't be bonding with her.

Katie: Why?

Mike: I don't know. It felt good. What if it turns out it's not mine? I don't want to get used to it. I thought of something.

Katie: What's that?

Mike: The only other baby that I've ever really held for any extended period of time was J. J.

Katie: Oh, you mean the baby that Jack thought was his?

Mike: Yeah. And he had to give that little boy up after all those weeks of getting close to him? Well, that had to be painful.

Katie: Yeah. But when Jack found out he wasn't his, he didn't take off, did he?

Mr. Hessel: So, you've got a baby, and you don't know who the daddy is, and you just got divorced and want to get remarried?

Alberta: So, where's the baby now?

Mr. Hessel: Oh.

Carly: Oh. Well, the other man, who might be her father -- he's baby-sitting. With a friend.

Alberta: Oh, I have read about young people like you. I think it's healthy as heck, how you're handling this. Get it all out in the open, I say!

Jack: Do you think you could just tell us if there's anything else we're gonna need?

Alberta: Do you have any more interesting divorces?

Mr. Hessel: They're here to get a marriage license, Alberta, not just to entertain us. As for the license, we'll need any other divorce decrees that there are, and plus your birth certificates. Any problem in that?

Rosanna: Emma knows perfectly well that we would never take Parker all the way to Montana for a wedding. She would never even suggest that, would she?

Emma: Not in a million years -- but, since Craig suggested it, I think it's a very good idea.

Rosanna: Emma!

Emma: No, I mean, really, sweetheart, now you think about it. I mean, you and Craig get along so well with little Parker, it'd be fun. I mean, it might give you a chance to reconcile a bit. You know, get resolved about some of those feelings you were talking about earlier.

Rosanna: What makes the two of you think that I would be in the least bit welcome there?

Emma: Craig, I think that the two of you can probably work this out together here. Look, there's their address, just in case. And I know that you're going to make the right decision. So long, sweetheart. Toodle-loo. Bye, Craig.

Rosanna: Oh, I'm glad you find this amusing.

Craig: Well, there is something amusing about you when you try to hide that generous and forgiving heart of yours.

Rosanna: Oh, stop. I have enjoyed us being together this time. I have relished the fact that Carly has been miles away and the two of us have been able to be newlyweds.

Craig: I think there's room for another set of newlyweds in this great big, beautiful world, don't you?

Rosanna: I don't want to see my sister again, and I don't know if I ever will.

Ben: Kim. I heard about Bob.

Kim: Oh, my God. This is awful. It happened so fast.

Rick: Excuse me. Kim?

Kim: Yes. Oh, is he all right?

Rick: Well, he's not worse, but he's not stabilized yet. I just came out to tell you you should wait around.

Walker: One moment, Dr. Decker.

Rick: Excuse me, I'm busy with a patient.

Walker: One moment. With Dr. Hughes indisposed, Dr. Dixon is in charge of the hospital, correct?

Susan: Yes, John is second in command. Why?

Walker: I'm going to put a call in to him.

Ben: Is there a problem?

Walker: Not if he takes my recommendation, no.

Ben: What's that?

Walker: I'm going to recommend that you, Dr. Harris, assume responsibility for Bob Hughes's care. I want Dr. Decker here taken off the case.

Gordo: Get off me! Get off!

Hal: Hey! Hey! Break it up. Break it up, you two! This is a hospital, not a barroom! Now what the hell is going on in here?

Gordo: He jumped me.

Chris: I found him going through my dad's things.

Hal: Is that true?

Gordo: I was just trying to look at my personnel file. I know Dr. Hughes had it, and I wanted to know what it said about me.

Hal: Why would you want to look in your personnel file?

Gordo: What, are you kidding me? I heard what you said, lieutenant. You think I'm the one who's been going around killing those patients! You're going to trash my career.

Hal: Eavesdropping and breaking into files? Sounds to me like you're doing a pretty good job trashing it yourself.

Gordo: What about planning to plant potassium chloride in someone's locker? Didn't think I knew about that, Chris?

Hal: Hey, hey! Hey! Knock it off you two, or I'm going to throw you both in lockup. I mean it.

Chris: What are you looking for in there, lieutenant?

Hal: Nothing I'm likely to find now. Right?

Gordo: Look, we'd better relax. Neither one of us needs another mark on our record. Truce?

Chris: I don't think so. I can't trust you. My dad's in ICU.

Gordo: Why?

Chris: For all I know, it's something you did to him.

Gordo: Or maybe it was you.

Kim: Just a minute. Why would you even think about taking Dr. Decker off of this case? He is the primary specialist in his field. He is also the only one who is familiar with Bob's condition.

Rick: This has nothing to do with my skills, does it, Dr. Daniels?

Susan: Why are you doing this?

Walker: We're in the midst of an investigation.

Rick: I'm still a suspect, right?

Walker: You are the most recent hire at Memorial, yes.

Kim: What does that have to do with anything?

Walker: Standard procedure. This substitution is for Bob's protection.

Ben: Oh, whoa. Whoa, look -- unless Dr. Decker has been charged with a crime, or you have some kind of concrete evidence that he's been anything less than a top-notch clinician, I will offer only my professional opinion. Unless |Dr. Decker or Kim requests it.

Susan: Do you have any evidence of wrongdoing on Rick's part?

Walker: No, I don't.

Kim: All right, look. I can tell you that Bob is extremely comfortable with Dr. Decker. And I, as his proxy, would really prefer to have him stay on this case. Now I understand you have protocols. Would it be helpful to you if I had my lawyer send you a written request?

Walker: That won't be necessary.

Rick: The test results that I ordered are probably back. If you'll excuse me? Will you join me, Dr. Harris?

Ben: Yeah.

Kim: All right, I can't. I can't stand around here waiting for them to tell me nothing.

Susan: Well, let's go find Chris.

Kim: Okay. All right.

Hal: I couldn't get a good look at Bob's office.

Walker: Why?

Hal: Chris Hughes and Dr. Gordon decided to lock horns in there and turn the place upside down.

Walker: That was inevitable.

Hal: Maybe, but the last thing I need is to be playing referee for those two. I need to find out what happened to Bob just before he collapsed. I have to find out what he was trying to tell me.

Barbara: Margo? Margo? Margo, are you still here?

[Barbara gasps] how did you get out of jail?

Dusty: New evidence. A dead guy on your doorstep. Now even the D.A. had to admit -- it couldn't have been me, you know? But you can't deny that James -- James, the big man -- must be behind these murders, the kidnapping, all this good stuff, right?

Barbara: Will you leave me alone? You leave me alone!

Dusty: Finally, finally he's after you. Thank God I'm here to fix this!

Barbara: I've already told you that I am not doing anything.

Dusty: You will visit James in prison.

Barbara: I would rather die first.

Dusty: Well, that very well might happen. But are you sure you want to take two innocent women with you?

Mike: You're still mad at me, aren't you? For saying that I'd leave town if that baby isn't mine.

Katie: Well, yeah.

Mike: Maybe I'm not like Jack.

Katie: No, you're not like Jack. Jack has established roots. And you? You've just moved around your whole life. You've told me how restless you've always been.

Mike: Do you think I enjoy not having any roots?

Katie: No, you don't like it, but you never stay around in one place long enough to establish any.

Mike: I stayed in Oakdale longer than any place else.

Katie: Yeah, and every time you get disappointed, you pack the bags and ready to leave. Without even finding out if maybe something good could have come out of that disappointment. Now you know why I'm mad?

Mike: Do you want to hit me again?

Katie: Not with a defenseless baby in my arms.

Mike: Let me hold her.

Katie: You sure?

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: You gotta stay with the bottle.

Mike: Oh, okay. You got your mother's eyes, you know that?

Rosanna: I mean, they named the poor child Sage.

Craig: Sage? Sage. How herbal. And wise. And that wise little bundle is going to love seeing her auntie Rosanna, too.

Rosanna: And when it's meant to happen, fate will intervene.

Craig: Ah, you don't believe in fate.

Rosanna: Nonsense. We're very old friends.

[Cell phone ringing] your phone's ringing.

Craig: Hello?

Carly: Craig?

Craig: Carly? Hey, I hear --

Carly: Craig, I want you to know that I'm only calling you because you are an absolute last resort. I need a huge favor, and I can't reach Molly and, heaven knows, I couldn't call Rosanna.

Craig: Well, shoot.

Carly: Jack and I are getting married.

Craig: Why?

Carly: Very funny. Listen, I need copies of all my divorce decrees, and my birth certificate.

Craig: I think you misdialed. I think you want the County clerk.

Carly: No, no, no. It's all at the Monte Carlo office, unless you've chucked everything.

Craig: I haven't touched a thing.

Carly: Well, good. Do you think that you could get them to me overnight? Some place -- some way really safe and fast? Maybe Worldex?

Craig: I can do my best.

Carly: Great. Look, thank you very much. I'll give you the address.

Craig: No, you know what? I can get it from Emma.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, okay. Thanks again.

Craig: Oh, and, Carly -- I did want to tell you -- congratulations on the baby. We're really happy to hear she was born healthy and sound. And Rosanna and I are really happy for you.

Carly: Oh. Well, thank you very much.

Rosanna: All right, all right. What just happened?

Craig: Your old friend fate has intervened. I think uncle Craiggie and auntie Rosanna are going to Montana.

Mike: She's been a really good girl.

Jack: Me?

Craig: It is perfect synchronicity. We deliver the papers to Jack and Carly, we surprise them with Parker -- and you, my delicate hammer, can extend an olive branch. Oh, come on.

Rosanna: We haven't even been invited to this wedding, you know.

Craig: That's a mere formality.

Rosanna: They may not want us there.

Craig: We deliver the papers, and we surprise them with Parker -- we will see open arms. Well, all right. If you really feel like you can't make the trip, I suppose I could take Parker to Montana myself.

Rosanna: Absolutely not. Are you out of your mind? You are not setting foot in the same state as Carly Tenney without me.

Craig: As you wish, mon petit passport. Let's go. Time's a-wasting.

Rosanna: Hey!

Craig: Forgive my haste. After you.

Chris: Dad's in good hands with Rick, mom. Okay? I know he's going to be all right.

Kim: Can I speak to him now?

Rick: He hasn't regained consciousness.

Kim: You -- what did you do? Give him a sedative?

Rick: We don't give patients in this condition sedatives. Kim, I'm sorry.

Kim: What? What?

Rick: Bob has slipped into a coma.

Kim: Oh!

Barbara: I am sorry about Lily and Holden. And maybe I'm even a little sorry for Rose. But I can't go to James.

Dusty: But you will.

Barbara: He's already taken everything from me. I can't open myself up to him again.

Dusty: He knows where Lily and Rose are.

Barbara: You don't know that.

Dusty: But you're gonna make sure. You're gonna talk to him. Connect with him. You lost a son together. Come on.

Barbara: You don't know what you're asking of me.

Dusty: No? But you owe it to your son, don't you?

Barbara: You shut up about my son! Get out of here, okay? Get out of here. Just get out.

Dusty: Huh? Is it your fault?

Barbara: There's nothing we can do for Paul!

Dusty: You killed him. You did it, and you know it. And you live with it. You live with it. Now, if you find Rose, the one woman that Paul really loved, it'll be something. Not much, but something, sweetheart. Go to James. Will you do it for your son?

Barbara: Yes.

Dusty: If Paul were here, right now, he would tell you to pull yourself together and help Rose. He'd tell you to get down to that prison and find out what you can from Steinbeck.

Lily: If we make it out of here, you have to promise me that you will stay away from Dusty.

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