ATWT Transcript Friday 6/20/03


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/20/03

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Rosanna: So I told Cabot's chairman I'm taking a pass on this year's annual meeting.

Craig: That's nice.

Rosanna: To make mad, passionate love to my husband.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Rosanna: And when we're through, I'm going to follow you through town with the Oakdale all-male nude review.

Craig: Sounds like a plan.

Rosanna: You're not listening to a word I'm saying.

Craig: Great.

Rosanna: Where is your head at today?

Aaron: He's still looking at us.

Lucy: But we're not doing anything wrong. Besides, he's fine with us being together.

Aaron: He doesn't look fine to me.

Lucy: He's probably just upset about Rose and Lily. I am, too.

Aaron: Look, they're gonna be fine. Look, Holden would never let anything happen to Lily.

Lucy: I hope you're right.

Aaron: I am. I am right, Luce. I can't even imagine Lily not coming home. She's gonna be okay. We have to believe that. Both of us.

Craig: Shouldn't the lifeguard be blowing a whistle or something?

Rosanna: Why? No one's drowning.

Craig: Oh, really? Then why is Lucy needing so much mouth-to-mouth?

Rosanna: Just stop staring at them. You're making them self-conscious.

Craig: I'm making them self-conscious?

Rosanna: Just relax, sip your drink, and let Lucy have her fun.

Craig: It's Aaron's fun that I'm worried about.

Aaron: Luce, I can't do this. Let's go somewhere. Somewhere private.

Lucy: Do you want to go to the pond?

Aaron: No. I was thinking more like a vacation. I mean, once everything's okay with Lily and she's home safe -- we should go away, just me and you together.

Lucy: Where?

Aaron: Northern Wisconsin. Look, it's so beautiful up there. You know, trust me. My dad took me fishing one time there, in Door county. It's incredible. We could go -- we could go camping there for the fourth of July.

Lucy: That sounds great.

Aaron: Really?

Lucy: Aaron, I would love to go on vacation with you!

Craig: Well, look at that -- Aaron is actually capable of using his mouth to talk.

Rosanna: Oh, stop! You're insufferable. Stop it, stop.

Lucy: Daddy?

Rosanna: Oh!

Lucy: Aaron and I thought we'd join you for brunch.

Alison: Hey, what's going on?

Chris: I got a message to report to my dad's office. It sounded important.

Alison: Well, maybe they just want to ask you more questions about Gordo.

Chris: Maybe.

Bob: Chris, we're ready for you.

Alison: We? Who's we? What's --

Bob: Not now, Alison.

Chris: I'll call you.

Bob: Have a seat, Chris.

Chris: What's in the box?

Hal: We're not here about the box.

Chris: What's going on, dad?

Walker: Lieutenant Munson searched the doctors' lockers last night --

Bob: I gave him permission.

Hal: I found this in yours.

Walker: It's potassium chloride. The drug used to murder Nurse Krebs.

Hal: Do you have any idea how this stuff got into your locker, Chris?

Rose: Hello? Can anybody hear us? We're stuck down in this well, and we need help! Hello? I'll try in a couple of minutes. Hey, Lily. Hey. Come on, come on. Open up those beautiful green eyes. Let me see ya. Hey. Hey, that's better. How you feeling? How's your head?

Lily: How's it look?

Rose: Not bad.

[Loud sound]

Lily: What was that?

Rose: Oh!


Rose: It wasn't that bad this time. Just a rock and some dirt -- we're fine. We're safe.

Lily: Tomorrow, when they start blasting again, this well's gonna cave in, Rose.

Rose: That's why we're getting out of here tonight.

Holden: Dammit, why didn't they show?

Margo: There could be a hundred reasons.

Holden: I should have gone myself.

Molly: Oh, come on, Holden, the cops were invisible.

Holden: He got wind of something, Molly.

Margo: You didn't even know there was a presence till I told you.

Lucinda: And where is Lily?

Holden: McCann never showed.

Lucinda: What has happened?!

Molly: We waited all night, Lucinda.

Lucinda: And where were your people, Margo?

Margo: He slipped under our radar.

Holden: If he was even there at all.

Lucinda: And where was Dusty?

Margo: Dusty was here all night.

Dusty: They got lousy coffee in here. Where's McCann?

Holden: You tell us. He never showed up.

Margo: Spangler's dead, and now McCann didn't show.

Dusty: They probably whacked him out.

Holden: Who are "they"?

Dusty: If I knew that, I'd find him myself.

Holden: Who else is out there?! Who else could have my wife?!

Margo: Holden! Holden, just knock it off.

Holden: This is the reason that my wife is missing!

Dusty: Get this guy out of my face.

Lucinda: Don't do that. Don't do that. Let's keep calm. It's not going to help Lily.

Molly: Margo, McCann was our one link left to the kidnapping.

Margo: Well, that link is gone.

Dusty: You blew it! And you have no chance now of finding Lily or Rose.

Craig: You two must have worked up quite an appetite.

Aaron: Yeah, I didn't have any breakfast.

Lucy: Aaron's been really worried about Lily.

Rosanna: Yes, we all are.

Aaron: Yeah, Holden's pretty wrecked, too. You know, with the kids being gone, the house feels so empty now.

Craig: Well, hopefully, the police will have a breakthrough soon.

Aaron: I wish I could help, but my dad wants me to stay clear.

Rosanna: Well, I think that's for the best. All we can do right now is just hope things will work out.

Craig: You have to have faith in Margo. She's not going let anything happen to Lily or Rose. I believe that. This will all be over soon.

Aaron: Thank you, Mr. Montgomery.

Rosanna: You know, sometimes you amaze me.

Craig: Only sometimes?

Rosanna: You know, since we're all getting along so well, I would like to propose an idea. Let's buy a boat. Think of all the fun we could have, sailing around together.

Lucy: I love sailing.

Craig: I love to be captain.

Rosanna: Oh, why am I not surprised?

Aaron: I don't know much about sailing.

Lucy: You can learn. It's easy.

Rosanna: We could take it out on the water, on the fourth of July. Just think -- fireworks, on the water. Well, I haven't done that since I was a kid.

Lucy: Well, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Aaron: Yeah, but we were kinda thinking --

Lucy: We kinda have plans for the fourth.

Craig: Oh, yeah, the traditional Snyder picnic on the traditional Snyder pond.

Aaron: Yeah -- no, actually, we were thinking about something different this year. Like a camping trip to northern Wisconsin.

Lucy: Just the two of us.

Alison: What happened in here?

Susan: Hal had our lockers searched.

Alison: Can he do that?

Susan: He had Bob's permission. They were looking for evidence.

Alison: But you don't think they found any, do you? Because Chris's dad wanted to see him in his office, and it sounded pretty serious.

Susan: Oh, I guess I should tell you. They found something in Chris's locker.

Alison: Like what?

Susan: I don't know. But it doesn't help to spread rumors, okay?

Alison: I'm not spreading rumors --

Rick: That's good to hear. There's enough of those flying around right now.

Alison: Well, what do you think that they've found? I mean, Chris wouldn't do anything wrong.

Rick: Well, I agree, but the police are desperate to find answers.

Susan: We all are.

Rick: Especially Bob. He's under a great deal of pressure. The investigation and the stress -- I'm just worried that the new medication just won't be enough for him.

Susan: You better check in on him later.

Rick: I plan to.

Alison: Well, what about Chris?

Susan: Honey, Chris is going to be okay. Listen, I've gotta get down to E.R., But try not to worry, okay?

Rick: I'll walk you down.

Susan: Okay.

Alison: If nobody will tell me what's going on, I'll just have to find out for myself.

Chris: It's mine. I put it in my locker.

Bob: What were you doing with potassium chloride?

Chris: It's not what you think.

Hal: What I thought was that you were set up -- and now you're telling us that you put this stuff in your own locker? Do you want to explain why you'd do something like that?

Walker: Were you planning to inject it?

Chris: No. Of course not.

Bob: Well, then you better explain exactly what that drug was doing in your possession.

Chris: When I heard that Gordo tried to hide that vial at Alison's house, I was convinced that he was the killer. So I got this idea to plant another vial on him and let you guys find it, see his reaction, and gauge his guilt from there. If he tipped his hand, then we'd know for sure he was behind the murders.

Bob: You mean, you were trying to set up a colleague?

Chris: I just wanted to solve the case once and for all.

Bob: You're not running this investigation. That's up to law enforcement.

Chris: I know. You're right. That's exactly why I didn't go through with it. I was going to return the meds to the pharmacy, but you guys searched the lockers, and I never had the chance.

Walker: That's a very convenient explanation, doctor.

Chris: It's the truth! I know it was a stupid idea, and once I cooled off, I realized that.

Bob: I can't believe that you would even consider doing something so reckless.

Walker: You breached protocol, son, tampered with medication, conspired against another doctor --

Bob: Chris, I have no option but to suspend you. Three days, pending review -- starting now.

Chris: What about Gordo?

Bob: He will continue to perform his duties under strict supervision.

Walker: Without patient interaction.

Chris: So he gets to keep working here?

Walker: What Gordon does or doesn't is none of your business.

Chris: What if he's the one that injected Nurse Krebs and the others? Look, Hal, I made a bad call. I know that. But Gordo tried to get rid of evidence.

Walker: You were planning to plant it. I don't see the difference.

Hal: Don't worry, Chris. Dr. Gordon is still a suspect.

Chris: What happens after three days?

Bob: That's up to the ethics committee.

Chris: Is that the rest of my stuff in that box?

Bob: No, no. It's Nurse Krebs' belongings.

Chris: Are we done here?

Hal: I'll let you know if we have any more questions.

Walker: All right. Oh, Dr. Hughes -- don't go too far.

Molly: Wait a minute -- McCann had a sidekick. What was that idiot's name?

Dusty: Stanley. I already told the cops about him.

Holden: He worked for Spangler, too?

Dusty: It goes beyond Spangler. Somebody else ordered this job. Somebody a lot bigger.

Margo: We put out an APB. No one has seen or heard from this Stanley.

Molly: No, because McCann is the only one who made contact.

Margo: Well, we got a composite drawn up of both guys.

Holden: I say we get Barbara in here to question her. With Paul dead, she could be holding this grudge against Rose and these people could be doing her dirty work.

Margo: Hal already questioned Barbara.

Holden: Well, question her again. We're wasting time.

Dusty: If we're done here, can I call my lawyer?

Lucinda: Why? Do you have something you want to confess?

Margo: Please, let him use the phone in the interrogation room.

Holden: I still don't trust him.

Margo: Yeah, that's why he's still in custody.

Lucinda: Margo, the timing on the releasing of the composites. Come on, I want to get them into the City Times.

Molly: You know what, I'll get it on air. WOAK should do a mass appeal to the public, locally, nationally -- maybe somebody who's seen these people will come forward.

Margo: Molly, that is such a mistake. You do something like that, and you're gonna tie us up with a thousand false leads.

Lucinda: False leads are better than no leads at all.

Holden: I say we do it.

Molly: Yeah. Holden, we should do it from your house. It would make it way more personal for the public.

Margo: Holden, you're gonna scare this guy off.

Holden: If he's even alive.

Lucinda: We could offer a reward.

Margo: No. No reward.

Lucinda: Why not?

Margo: Because if you bring money into this, I'm going to have to bring extra people in to handle the lunatic fringe -- I'm already going to be following enough false leads as it is.

Holden: Okay, fine, we won't offer a reward.

Lucinda: I think you're making a big mistake.

Margo: I think I've already made a mistake by letting you go public with this appeal. But I'll get my tech guys over there, and we'll set up phone banks in a truck outside of your house.

Molly: Thank you, Margo. I'm going to go talk to Kim and get things started on our end.

Margo: Holden. I think you can see that I have so many reservations about going down this road.

Holden: Yeah, well, so do I, Margo, but it's the only road we have left.

Dusty: Hey, John, I don't need a lecture from you. I need your help right now. No, it's not about money. It's about these cops who have no idea who took Lily and Rose. I want you to bring Barbara down to the station for me. Well, just hear me out! Would you hear me out one second? Now, she's done some pretty nasty things to Rose in the past. And if she is a part of this, she might be our only chance of bringing Rose and Lily home alive. You understand what I'm saying? I don't give a damn what you gotta do, John. Just get her down here before it's too late.

Alison: What happened with your dad?

Chris: I don't want to talk about it.

Alison: What are you doing? Is it about what they found in your locker?

Chris: How do you know about that?

Alison: Well, I don't know what they found or anything. I just heard that --

Chris: Alison, I don't want to talk about it.

Alison: Well, you're always telling me that we're just friends, right? So let me be your friend.

Chris: Alison, this has nothing to do with you, and if you can't understand that, then just get out! Alison, Alison, wait. I'm sorry.

Alison: No.

Chris: I'm sorry.

Alison: No, it's okay. I ask too many questions sometimes. I'll see you later.

Chris: Look, I didn't mean to yell. It's just -- I did something really stupid, and I got myself suspended. And now I'm just embarrassed.

Alison: That's great! No, I mean, well, I do stupid things all the time. So then we finally have something in common.

Chris: Look, don't run off upset, okay? I just -- can you understand if I need to be alone for a while to think things through?

Alison: How long?

Chris: I don't know.

Alison: So then this is a really big deal? Well, then take all the time you need to sort things out. I won't bug you with a thousand questions.

Chris: Thank you.

Alison: But when you're ready to talk, I'm ready to listen.

Chris: Is this really you?

Alison: I put your pager in the shaving kit. I didn't want you to think your razor was beeping.

Chris: Thanks for the heads-up.

Alison: Well, then I guess I'll just see you when I see you.

Lily: Rose?

Rose: It's okay, Lily. I'm right here. What's wrong?

Lily: Every time I close my eyes, I feel like I'm falling.

Rose: Well, the good news is, you can't fall any further, because you're at the bottom of a well. And the bad news is, is that you're at the bottom of a well. But not for long, because there's a pile the size of Mount Everest of rocks right behind me.

Lily: Is it high enough to climb out?

Rose: It's big enough to try.

Lily: Just be careful, please.

Rose: I'll just pretend there's some chocolate éclairs and a hot bath waiting for me at the top. There's just one thing that I don't like.

Lily: What?

Rose: Leaving you here. I tell you, it scares the hell out of me.

Lily: Well, I'll be okay. Just focus on climbing up on those rocks and getting out of here.

Rose: Okay. And I'm going to be back soon. And I'll bring help. I'll bring Holden. And I'll get you home. Love you, tiger Lily.

Lily: I love you, too. See you soon.

Kim: Okay, Josh, I'm going to need a sound check in two minutes. Holden, have you decided what you want to say?

Holden: Yeah, I have something prepared.

Kim: Good.

Lucinda: I still think we should have another go with Margo to get her to consider the reward. We can keep the amount confidential -- just say "sizeable amount."

Kim: I just think you're wasting your breath, Lucinda. I know Margo. There's no way that she's going to yield.

Holden: I really don't think it's going to matter, either. I mean, if we do this right way, I think people are going to want to help us whether we give a reward or not.

Kim: Yeah.

Molly: I'm going to go get changed, okay?

Kim: Okay, good. You, too.

Holden: No, I'm okay. I don't want to waste any time changing --

Kim: Excuse me. This doesn't seem important, but you really need to project the right image -- one that the audience will remember.

Molly: Kim's right, Holden. I really think we need to come across as the good guys. You know? So, go shave.

Lucinda: Just do it. It gives you a chance to go over what you're gonna say, you know?

Kim: My guys aren't ready, anyway. They're not set up.

Molly: Right, and while those guys are still coordinating the phone lines -- so we have a few minutes. Come on, I'll pick out an outfit for ya.

Holden: All right.

Kim: I just don't understand how it's possible that we're not any closer to finding Lily and Rose than we were days ago.

Lucinda: I don't mind telling you, Kim. I'm really scared. Something is wrong, because I can feel it. And if this appeal thing, if it's a dud, I'm gonna lose both of them, you know? And --

Kim: Come on. Come on.

Lucinda: Thank you.

Kim: Chin up, kid. Chin up.

Barbara: I owe John a favor and this is the big payoff, so make it quick.

Dusty: You're on a short list of suspects in this kidnapping.

Barbara: Yet you're the one who's locked up, Dusty. Looks like neither one of us would win any popularity contests in Oakdale.

Dusty: Where are they?

Barbara: How should I know?

Dusty: No one else has to know that you kidnapped them. Your word is good with me. After all, I mean, Rose didn't do any time for kidnapping you, right? So fair is fair. Here's my promise to you -- I will keep you out of jail, if you bring Lily and Rose home safely.

Barbara: Oh, do you mean I could actually walk out of this mess a free woman?

Dusty: That's right. We'll cut a deal with the cops --

Barbara: We? Okay -- here's the truth. I hope that Rose D'Angelo rots in hell.

Dusty: Where are they?

Barbara: Let me tell you something. If you mention my name in the same breath as this kidnapping, I will add a defamation suit to your long list of legal problems --

Dusty: You wanna tell me who set me up? Who dropped a smoke canister when I'm trying to drop off a ransom?

Barbara: Smoke canister? I've had enough of your harassment. Do you know -- no, no, no. I'm not going to even go there. Because I've lost my son, and the only thing I can try to do to honor his memory is to try to muster up one little ounce of the grace and dignity he displayed his entire life.

Dusty: Good luck with that, lady.

Barbara: Now I don't know who dropped a smoke canister on your head, but when I find out, I'll send them a thank-you note.

Dusty: Yeah, send it to James. Steinbeck. Care of federal lockup. Why don't you do that? You guys are back at it, aren't you? Hmm? Didn't you get him to kidnap Rose? Let me tell you something. You want to avenge you son's death, look no further than me. You leave Rose out of this.

Lucinda: What is it? What is it?

Margo: We've got a break in the case. Excuse me.

Barbara: But I will never, ever put myself under James Steinbeck's thumb again. Not for her. Not for anyone.

Barbara: If James had anything to do with this, I know nothing about it.

Dusty: But it's so his style, isn't it? Kidnapping, murder, a little torture.

Barbara: I swear to you on my son's grave, I have nothing to do with what's happened to Lily and Rose.

Dusty: Then prove it. Help the cops.

Barbara: I can't.

Dusty: You can't? You can't? You can call James. Go to see him. Find out if he's in on this.

Barbara: No, no, no, no, no.

Dusty: For Paul? Paul wouldn't want you to help out Rose?

Barbara: How dare you use my son's memory after what you and that tramp -- I am very sorry about what's happened to Lily, but I will never, ever put myself under James Steinbeck's thumb again. Not for her. Not for anyone.

Aaron: You know, just say what you have to say, really.

Craig: Say what?

Aaron: That you don't mind Lucy going on vacation, as long as she doesn't take it with me.

Craig: Camping can be very dangerous.

Rosanna: And you know this from experience?

Lucy: Daddy, you heard what Aaron said. There'll be park rangers all over the place. We'll be fine.

Craig: Well, I'm not talking about the bugs and the bears and the wolves --

Aaron: There aren't any wolves, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Oh, no? "White fang"?

Rosanna: You know, I think your father has had a bit too much fun in the sun.

Aaron: Look, I would make sure that it's perfectly safe.

Lucy: And now that you're okay with us seeing each other --

Craig: You can see each other perfectly well right here. Why not just stay local?

Rosanna: Darling, the children are being perfectly reasonable.

Aaron: I have an idea.

Craig: Two in one day?

Aaron: Why don't we all go together? All four of us -- we'll all go camping together on the fourth of July.

Bob: Hal, you know Chris. He's not a murderer.

Hal: Bob, I don't think for a minute that Chris is running around here killing people, but you gotta admit, his story's pretty thin.

Walker: Did you ever think your son was capable of planting evidence?

Bob: But he didn't plant it, once he realized it was a bad idea.

Hal: Bob, I know what it's like to have one of your kids under suspicion.

Bob: He just wouldn't do this!

Walker: Well, I'm sorry, Bob. This kind of evidence definitely puts him on the suspect list, regardless.

Bob: Walker, you just don't know him --

Walker: Well, that's why I can be objective. Now I'm not saying he's guilty, but I definitely have to investigate.

Hal: Which is why we retrace his steps. We look for alibi witnesses. We try to build a case that will prove his innocence.

Bob: All right, all right, but I just don't want Kim to know.

Hal: We'll keep it low key.

Walker: We still have to talk to people at the hospital. We can't control the rumor mill.

Bob: I understand that. I just want him cleared as a suspect as soon as possible.

Hal: I'll get my people on it, Bob.

[Knock at door]

Bob: Come in.

Rick: Excuse me, Bob. Do you have a second?

Bob: Sure.

Hal: Listen, Walker, I know this kid. This kid is a straight shooter.

Walker: I sure hope so, for his family's sake. But we can't give him preferential treatment, you know that. Where is this?

Hal: You lose something?

Walker: Yeah, my PDA. I was sure it was in here.

Bob: No, Rick, I'm not having any headaches. This medication seems to be working very well.

Rick: Bob, I've already told you how concerned I am with all the pressure of this investigation --

Bob: I'm fine.

Rick: Well, if anything changes, just --

Bob: I know, I know. I will check it out with my doctor right away.

Rick: Good.

Bob: Is there anyone else you want to interview?

Walker: No, not at the moment.

Hal: So we'll get out of your way. Bob, for the record, I want you to know that I'm looking to clear Chris, not implicate him.

Bob: Thank you, Hal.

Walker: I'll let you know what we find out.

Rosanna: Well, I'm game if you are.

Aaron: Yeah, it'll be great. We'll pitch a couple of tents.

Craig: Boys in one, girls in another?

Aaron: Yeah, whatever.

Lucy: Daddy, Aaron is trying --

Rosanna: Which is more than I can say for some people.

Lucy: You're being a crab.

Craig: By being a responsible parent?

Lucy: By making rude comments.

Craig: Have I been rude?

Rosanna: Does that require an answer?

Lucy: Why don't you trust me?

Craig: I trust you, sweetness.

Aaron: Look, Lucy, I think we're putting your dad on the spot here. How about me and you go for a walk and give them a chance to talk about it? We're going to give you a chance to talk about it. Would you guys excuse us?

Rosanna: Of course.

Aaron: Great.

Rosanna: You owe that boy a thank you.

Craig: For what? For allowing him to pitch a tent so he can have his oily way with my daughter?

Rosanna: For giving you some time to consider how to handle the situation.

Craig: What option do I have? You and Sierra have tied my hands. Either I let Aaron cavort with Lucy or she gets shipped off to Montega and you end up hammering out a tidy little property settlement.

Rosanna: We never said you had to agree to everything Lucy wants to do. You are perfectly entitled to your opinion.

Craig: That's right, I didn't hear you object to starring in this remake of "deliverance."

Rosanna: Look, as much as you don't want to hear this, I'm just gonna say it, anyway -- your objections aren't over a camping trip. They're about sex.

Craig: Yes, you're right. I don't want to hear about it.

Rosanna: Lucy and Aaron have already had sex.

Craig: You and I know that, Aaron knows that, Lucy has heard about it, but she doesn't remember it. So you want me to let them go to the wilds of Wisconsin so he can refresh her memories?

Rosanna: Lucy doesn't have to go anywhere if she wants to have sex with Aaron.

Craig: Please, stop using that word.

Rosanna: Look, maybe she's ready and maybe she's not. Who knows? The poor girl has been through so much. But one thing I know --

Craig: He's ready.

Rosanna: What I was going to say is, I know Aaron would never press Lucy to do something that she's not entirely ready to do.

Craig: He's already set a deadline. The fourth of July -- complete with fireworks.

Rosanna: No, you are the one that set that deadline. You are assuming that that's what this trip is all about.

Craig: Let me know when you return from dreamland, will you both?

Rosanna: I'm not saying that they won't make love again, but when and if they do, it will be because Lucy feels it is the right time. And whether that's in a tent or it's in your own backyard --

Craig: You need to stop now.

Rosanna: Our job as parents is to make sure that Lucy is sensible and responsible. And the Lucy Montgomery I know is already all of those things.

Susan: How'd it go with Bob?

Rick: Well, something was going on in his office. He tried to cover it, but he seemed pretty upset about something.

Susan: Maybe you should talk to Kim.

Rick: No, I don't think that he would want me to upset her.

Susan: Well, she wouldn't want him pushing himself.

Rick: Maybe you're right. I'll call her later. Look, I've got a consultation. I'll see you in a minute.

Susan: All right, darling.

Alison: This is the last time I do anything mature.

Susan: What's wrong?

Alison: Chris. He was really upset, and I wanted to help, but he just wanted to be alone.

Susan: So, what did you do?

Alison: The mature thing. I told him when he's ready to talk, I'm ready to listen.

Susan: You really said that?

Alison: Yeah, now our so-called relationship is over before it even started.

Molly: We interrupt our regular programming schedule to bring you a developing news story. Several days ago, prominent Oakdale citizen and socialite, Lily Walsh Snyder and her twin sister, Rose D'Angelo, were abducted. The police had hoped for a break in the case last night, but so far, all attempts to locate the two women have failed. So now the police are asking the help of the public by releasing composites of two men that they believe could have been involved in the abductions. If you know these men, if you have seen these men, please call the number at the bottom of the screen. The family is seeking any information possible to ensure the safe return of Lily Snyder and her sister. Right now, we are standing in the home of the Snyders, and Lily's husband, Holden would like to make a statement on behalf of his family.

Holden: Please, I'm asking whoever abducted my wife and sister-in-law to return them safely. Lily is the mother of three small children. Our youngest was born just this past Christmas, and the children are confused. They have no idea where their mother is. So, we're ready to pay the ransom that you demanded, but we need you to contact us. Please call the number on the screen. We're also asking for the public's help. If you have any information on the drawings, please come forward. Your privacy will be protected.

Cop #3: Detective, we've got something. But the guy will only talk to you.

Holden: No questions will be asked. And all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Margo: Detective Hughes.

Voice: McCann is with Barbara Ryan.

Margo: How do you know his name? Do you have the women? See if we picked up anything on the trace. You -- call the station. Have Mendoza and Russo meet me at the Lakeview, now. Oh.

Lucinda: What is it? What is it?

Margo: We've got a break in the case. Excuse me.

Lucinda: Oh. Wherever you go,

Lucy: Where's dad?

Aaron: He's probably off hiring a hit man.

Rosanna: Stop -- he's probably off buying some new golf clubs or something.

Lucy: In other words, blowing off steam.

Rosanna: Darling, your father isn't angry with you. He just isn't comfortable with the two of you taking a trip together. I think it's perfectly reasonable for him not to agree with all of your choices.

Lucy: Well, maybe he just needs a little more time to get used to the idea.

Rosanna: Yes, and maybe he's not the only one who needs a little more time, hmm? Lucy? What do you think?

Aaron: Lucy, I'm cool with that. Look, we don't have to go anywhere. There's tons of stuff to do here in Oakdale.

Craig: Oh, don't cancel your trip on my account. Although Rosanna and I won't be going, I have a surprise. I've called a rental agency and ordered a foldout camper for you to tow to Wisconsin.

Lucy: You did?

Craig: It's my little contribution to your little getaway.

Lucy: Daddy!

Aaron: Sweet.

Lucy: Thank you.

Craig: I don't want my princess sleeping on the cold ground.

Aaron: Thanks, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: You just make sure she's safe, Aaron.

Aaron: Oh, yeah, of course. Come on, let's go back to the farm. I got some stuff we can use.

Lucy: You don't mind, do you?

Craig: No, no -- plan away.

Aaron: Okay.

Rosanna: Bye. A camper?

Craig: Yeah, she's a beauty. Folds right out, and the walls are all screens -- so it lets all that fresh Wisconsin air in. None of that pesky claustrophobia. You can see out just perfectly.

Rosanna: Ah, and I suppose you can see in just perfectly, too.

Craig: Absolutely no privacy whatsoever.

Rosanna: A lovely gesture.

Craig: Well, someone very shapely and wise once reminded me that I have a sensible and responsible daughter.

Rosanna: Well, if I'm so wise, what am I doing sitting around the pool, when I could be home seducing my lovely husband?

Craig: What about your lunch?

Rosanna: Oh, I think I found something better on the menu. Make room for mama.

Hal: You okay?

Chris: I was just leaving.

Hal: Look, Chris, I know you're steamed, but you really need to settle down.

Chris: I didn't kill anybody, Hal.

Hal: I never said you did. But you broke the rules, so you get a three-day pass. Why don't you just take it and settle down?

Chris: You know what? I don't want a pass. I want to find out whoever's behind these murders.

Hal: You stay out of this investigation, Chris. I mean it. It's too dangerous. Serial killers have a pattern. He broke it with Krebs because she stumbled onto something. Now if you stumble onto something, no matter how small, you could be next.

Chris: Yeah? Well, I'm not afraid of getting hurt --

Hal: Well, you should be afraid. You've got two choices, kid. You stay out of this, or you spend the next three days in jail for tampering with an ongoing criminal investigation. What's it gonna be?

Bob: It's me. I'd like to see you in my office right away.

Rose: Maybe we should try this thing again.

Lily: It's no use.

Rose: Look, we've got Holden, Dusty, Lucinda, the whole town of Oakdale looking for us. Maybe we could pick up a trucker.

Lily: Rose, what if it was Dusty that fired that shot last night?

Rose: It wasn't.

Lily: You don't know that.

Rose: I do. He's one of the good guys now. He wouldn't leave us down here -- no. Not for money, not for nothing. Don't ask me how I know this, Lily, but I do. Can anybody hear me? Is anybody out there? Can somebody please come in? Please?

Holden: Where's Margo?

Kim: She just left --

Lucinda: She's following a lead.

Holden: What kind of lead?

Kim: She didn't say.

Holden: Well, why didn't she tell you what it was? I mean, if it's a break, I should know about it.

Molly: Holden, she'll call in --

Holden: She should have pulled me off the air!

Lucinda: No, no, no, it's because of what you were doing. That gave her something to go on.

Molly: Lucinda's right.

Holden: I certainly hope that's the case, because if anything happens to Lily, I'm going to track that monster down myself and kill him with my bare hands.

[Knocking at door]

Barbara: To what do I owe the honor?

Margo: I have a few questions for you.

Barbara: Why didn't you do that down at the station?

Margo: We're following a new lead, Barbara.

Barbara: And your lead leads directly to my door? Did Dusty Donovan implicate me in this?

Margo: It wasn't Donovan. Now, may we go inside and talk, or should I take you back down to the station?

Barbara: You know, this is absolutely ridiculous. Somebody jaywalks in this town, and suddenly it's my fault? Come on in, okay? Come on and take a look around -- I have nothing to hide. You will see that there's nothing in here that will lead you to what happened to Rose and Lily.

Dusty: You will visit James in prison.

Barbara: I would rather die first!

Dusty: But are you sure you want to take two missing women with you?

Jack: What are you getting at?

Mike: I'm getting at the fact that I want Sage to live with me.

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